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Follow the dark path or use the light

Digimon Rumble Arena 2


Agumon Character FAQ

by ninjasan8

Digimon Rumble Arena 2 (GC) Agumon Character FAQ
Copyright 2006 Mitch Frizzell
June 27, 2006
Version Final

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Character Introduction
3. Level Strategies
4. Generic Strategies
5. Author's Notes
1. Introduction
Digimon Rumble Arena is the second game in a SSB clone featuring (obviously)
characters from the hit anime series Digimon. This guide covers one of the
characters, Agumon. I have every combo, special, and tip I've found for said
character, and his two digivolutions, Greymon and WarGreymon. Enjoy!

Because of the amount of time that was put into this guide, please don't rip me
off and use this without my permission. If you want to use this guide on your
site, please e-mail me and I'll think about it. As of now this guide is to be
seen only at these sites:

For any questions, doubts, flames, and/or anything else please e-mail me at
[email protected] or drop me line at my wesite: (go to the contact me page)

2. Character Introduction

Who is Agumon?
Agumon is the main character's partner in season one of Digimon. Agumon is a
very open digimon, and is often the first into combat, when the situation
arises. Very quickly in the series, Agumon digivolves into Greymon to stave off
the attack of the veil Shellmon. Towards the end of the series, Agumon
digivoles into his Mega state, WarGreymon to help save the digital world from

Agumon is one of the most well known digimon, and appears on most digimon
paraphanelia. If you still don't know who he is, check out his full bio here:

3. Move List
Here's a key for the abbreviations I use:

A: The (A) button
B: The (B) button
^: Up on the control stick
V: Down on the control stick

Here's a little legend to help you understand this part a little better:

Name: Move or combo name
Combo: What buttons are used to activate (see key above)
Usefulness: On a scale of 1-5, how useful the attack is
Note: My own personal notes

3.1. Agumon
Name: 3 Hit Combo
Combo: AAA
Usefulness: 3/5
Note: Great combo with good damage, but there's other longer combos that you
      should use instead.

Name: Pepper Breath
Combo: B
Usefulness: 2/5
Note: Good projectile, but range and damage done are too little to make this
      better. Stick to putting this on the end of a combo.

Name: Claw Attack
Combo: VB
Usefulness: 3/5
Note: Great special, not only should you use this to do good damage, you should
      also use this at the end of combos to do maximum damage.

Name: Claw Uppercut
Combo: ^B
Usefulness: 2/5
Note: Good special if you need to incapaciate your enemy. Otherwise, leave this
      one at the bottom of your deck.

Name: Uppercut
Combo: ^A
Usefulness: 3/5
Note: A good attack, can be used to easily juggle the opponent.

Name: Roundhouse Kick
Combo: VB
Usefulness: 4/5
Note: Great combo starter, and good to incapacitate the enemy if needed.

Name: Side Kick
Combo: A (in midair, also ->A, and <-A)
Usefulness: 4/5
Note: The best midair attack, the side kick can be used to knock the enemy off
      a platform, or to stave off a powerful attack, or even just to dwindle
      the enemy's health away.

Name: Butt Bounce
Combo: VA (in midair)
Usefulness: 1/5 - 5/5
Note: The higher you are when this attack is activated, the more damage it'll
      do, thus the varying usefulness. If you activate this attack from the
      highest point possible, it'll also stun the enemy.

Name: Mid-air Uppercut
Combo: ^A (in midair, obviously)
Usefulness: 2/5
Note: Although it's an okay attack, the only place you can really use this at
      is when your opponent is on a ledge above you.

Name: Triple Hit Pepper Breath
Combo: AAA, B
Usefulness: 4/5
Note: Great combo, and easy to pull off. Hit A three times, and hold down B
      before the 3 hit combo finishes to pull this one off.

Name: Triple Hit Claw Attack
Combo: AAA, VB
Usefulness: 4/5
Note: Also a great combo, this one is slightly harder to pull off, this attack
      does more damage. Once again, hold down VB while the three hit combo is

Name: Triple Hit Uppercut
Combo: AAA, ^B
Usefulness: 5/5
Note: Great combo, has the potential to be used infinitely. If you smash your
      opponent against a wall, you can use this over and over to easily dispose
      of your enemy.

Name: Ninjasan8's Ultimate Combo Of Death
Combo: ^B, AAA, ^B, AAA, VB
Usefulness: 10/5
Note: My own homemade combo. If you can pull this one off, then there's no
      stopping you. Claw Uppercut, Three Hit Combo, Claw Uppercut, Three Hit
      Combo, and a Claw Attack all in one. If you find it too hard, you can
      take out the first Claw Uppercut if you want.

3.2. Greymon
Name: Three Hit Combo
Combo: AAA
Usefulness: 3/5
Note: Although slower than Agumon's three hit combo, Greymon's is still one of
      the best combos you can use. Use this by itself, or to start off a longer

Name: Nova Blast
Combo: B
Usefulness: 4/5
Note: Great special that can be used indefinitely by holding down the (B)
      button. Although it won't knock over your opponent like Agumon's Pepper
      Breath, it does great damage, nonetheless.

Name: Horn Mash
Combo: VB
Usefulness: 3/5
Note: Good special that can be used for a number of things. Not only can you
      it by itself (obviously), but you can also combo it, and use it to shoot
      yourslef onto a ledge if you're too far away for a double jump.

Name: Grey Horn Attack
Combo: ^B
Usefulness: 2/5
Note: Good special, but it's usefulness is limited because you shoot up and to
      the left/right, so you sometimes fly off an edge, or shove the enemy onto
      a ledge when you're not prepared.

Name: Three Hit Nova Blast
Combo: AAA B
Usefulness: 2/5
Note: Okay combo, but it's only really good if your opponent is cornered, and
      he can still hit you if you prolong the Nova Blast.

Name: Three Hit Horn Mash
Combo: AAA, VB
Usefulness: 4/5
Note: My personal favorite combo for Greymon, abuse this combo if you plan to
      use Greymon a lot.

Name: Three Hit Horn Attack
Combo: AAA, ^B
Usefulness: 3/5
Note: Good combo that can be used to link to other combos or specials for max

Name: Ninjasan8's Ultimate Combo Of Awesomeness
Combo: AAA, ^B, AAA, B, AAA, VB
Usefulness: 10/5
Note: If you can even pull this one off, you will never again have to look at
      a guide ever again. Try to smash your enemy against a wall, and try to
      pull this one off, and you're sure to succeed.

Note: Greymon's normal attacks (^A VA, etc.) are similar enough to Agumon's to
      not need another mention here. See Agumon's section for more info.

3.4. WarGreymon
Name: Three Hit Combo
Combo: AAA
Usefulness: 3/5
Note: Once again, the three hit combo. Use this attack to do damage, or to
      launch longer combos.

Name: Terra Force
Combo: B
Usefulness: 4/5
Note: Possibly the best projectile in the game; Terra Force not only has power,
      also has the longest range of any of Agumon's projectiles. Spam this one,
      especially to hit attackers in the air.

Name: Fire Tornado
Combo: VB
Usefulness: 5/5
Note: Without a doubt, WarGreymon's best special. WarGrey spins to his left or
      right, hitting the enemy many times in the process. The closer you are to
      your enemy, the more damage it'll do, and the more Digi balls you'll get.

Name: Fire Tornado
Combo: ^B
Usefulness: 3/5
Note: No, it's not a misprint, WarGrey has two Fire Tornados. This one,
      however, shoots WarGrey vertically, instead of horizontally. Although it
      does good damage, this one is limited to combos where the enemy is
      cornered, or to hit enemies in the air. You can also use this to launch
      yourself higher in the air to keep from dying.

Name: Three Hit Terra Force
Combo: AAA, B
Usefulness: 2/5
Note: Great combo if you need Digi balls, but otherwise, keep this one for the
      Rookies you'll fight.

Name: Three Hit Fire Tornado
Combo: AAA, VB (also AAA, ^B)
Usefulness: 4/5
Note: Great combo starter, and great damage. Use this one a lot.

Name: Ninjasan8's Ultimate Launcher Combo
Combo: ^B, VB, AAA, VB
Usefulness: 10/5
Note: If you corner your opponent, you can spam this one easily. If you want,
      you can take out the first ^B.

Name: Ninjasan8's Ultimate Combo Of Mashing
Combo: AAA, VB, AAA, ^B, B
Usefulness: 10/5
Note: Excellent combo, can easily kill a Rookie with one run through. Wait
      until you hit the ground to use the last Terra Force.

Note: joshuaspaceman tells me that I missed WarGreymon's Special and Ultra
      attacks. He says:

"His Special Attack is War Driver, His Ultra (same button as digivolve) is
 Ultra Tornado."

If you have any information about these attacks, please send them over.

3. Level Strategies
Here you can find some specific strategies for certain levels.

Jungle Ruins
This is the most simple stage in the game, and there's nothing in the stage
itself that can hurt you, so focus on the enemy here. However, if you don't
find every little special little secret in this stage, you'll get whooped.

First of all, close to where you start, there's a bridge; almost every time you
fight here, there's a pickup that increases your digi meter to max. As soon as
you can, start throwing punches at the enemy on the bridge, and it'll soon fall
so you can grab the pickup.

Also, to the left of the bridge, there's a few trees with a stony path below.
The trees are destructible, but they regenerate quickly. The stones, whoever,
aren't, but they have their own little secret. Do a butt bounce (VA in midair)
on one of the stones, and if you do it from high enough above, you'll bounce
really high in the air.

Rubber Tree Falls
There's really only one thing to say about this level. Whoever owns the air,
will, without a doubt, win the match. Use the trees to each side to bounce high
in the air, and land on the swinging bridge; this is where the powerups spawn.
From the bridge, you can easily hop off one side, and butt bounce the enemy
from really high up (VA in midair). The higher you bounce them from, the more
damage it'll do. Like I said before, if you own the air, nothing can stop

It's also woth noting that barring a full digi meter powerup, you probably
will stay in your Rookie form for most of the battle.

Danger Gulch
This level is a western style ghost town level. There's a lot of things to
point out here. First of all, you might have noticed the barrels all around the
level. These barrels are filled (I suppose) with gun powder, and will explode
with even the weakest attack. These barrels can kill you easily if you're not
careful; but they can also really aid you in your triumph. Three hit combo your
enemy (AAA) into the barrels, throw them into the barrels (X), or even throw
the enemy onto the barrels (X).

The second thing to notice is the set of double doors on the bottom right of
the stage. If you enter, or knock your enemy into the doors, you'll disapear
for a second, and shoot out the windows slightly above the doors. Although this
can realy suck when you get a really good combo started, and the enemy flies
through the doors, it can also help you when you're low on health, and you
need a quick escape.

Finally, there's two other things here to notice. First is the big billboard
on the top of the stage. Randomly during the match, the billboard will fall,
and if you're under it, you'll get hurt. Be careful of this. The last thing to
notice here is on the middle level all the way to the left, there's a large
window. You can break this window, and if you enter in this little area, you'll
fall down to the first floor. Altough there's no real advantage to this, it's
worth pointing out.

Lava Lake
This level is a sucker. It's composed of a lava lake (obviously), and a few
bridges above to keep you save from the dangers of the molten liquid. During
the battle, stick to the bridges, and try to make your enemies stick to the
rocks below. One thing to look out for here is the Iron Fist pickup, it really
helps when you're trying to kick the enemy into the lava.

Some time during the stage, you'll see some rocks fall in the background,
that's your opportunity to get on the bridges if you're not already there. Soon
after, you'll see a rock face spew lava, and shortly the level will fill with
said lava. Use this to your advantage; knock the enemy as many times as you can
into the lava, and you'll win easily.

Pier 47
This stage is very simple, there only one thing that you need to know before
tackling enemies here. The moving platforms are easy to predict, but a lot of
times you can't jump onto them from below. If you're in the stage long enough,
the platforms will stop moving, and posstion themselves one in each corner of
the level. Then, the bottom floor will drop out, so you'll have to stick to the
platforms from here on in. This is also a good oportunity to throw your enemies
down to their deaths.

This is a very simple level, the only thing really worth noting here is the
steam valves. Every once in a while, they shoot out fire; stay away from this
as it'll easily kill you. Some other times it'll shoot out blue flames, these
don't hurt you, they just shove you the way they're blowing.

If the enemy ever respawns on the small platform to the left, or ever heads
over there, get over there with him quickly, and throw him off. This is the
easiest way to get KOs on this level.

The Cannery
The most idiotic level in the game, bar none. There's 4 tubes positioned in
each corner of the level, and there's also a hole in the bottom of the stage.
If you fall in/are thrown in/jump in any of these openings, you will promptly
be turned into a can. Whilst in can form, you can't attack (except for your
butt bounce (VA in midair), making you very vulnerable.

The best strategy for this level is to stay in the very middle, and throw/combo
your opponents into the tubes. When they're cans, you can easily kill them.
However, try not to fall in the tubes yourself, as you'll die very quickly.

Twisted Toy Town
This level is unique in that it resembles an old Mario game. The screen is
constantly moving, and it's very possible to get stuck behind an object and
get instantly KO'd. Twice in the level, the screen stops moving, and a "boss"
appears, testing your dodging skills once again.

The first stop features a chicken like robot who spews flames. Simply jump over
or duck under them to avoid damage. The second stop features a turtle like
creature, just jump to avoid his attacks also.

Ice Palace
This level is simple, but there's a few things worth ponting out. First of all
is the obvious ice; it makes you slide when ever you run, so be wary of it.
Also, in the middle of the stage, there's two platforms with icicles on the
bottom. If you jump up and hit these icicles, you'll take damage. But, you can
also butt bounce on top of them, and send the icicles down to hurt your
opponents. The only other thing in this level is the spikes to the right and
left of the stage. Use theseto your advantage by throwing your enemies on top
of them.

joshuaspaceman sends the following tip for Ice Palace:

"If you butt-bounce on the chandelier at the top, it will fall and shatter the
 ice at the bottom, and instantly KO anyone in its way."

Chaos Wasteland
This stage is awesome, and is also the main boss stage in the story mode. It
consists of 7 platforms that float indepently of each other, and randomly
use elemental damage to try to kill you. When one of these attacks is being
prepared, the platform will light up, so get away quick.

The best strategy here is to simply grab your enemy and toss him off one side.
This is the best, since once you throw him, the enemy has no chance of getting
back up.

4. Generic Strategies
4.1. Agumon
Short-Range Strategies
As soon as the match starts, rush to your enemy, and start spamming three hit
combos, specials, and other combinations. If you can, corner your enemy, and
spam specials to gain more and more digi balls; enemies can't collect these
while they're down. On two or three enemy matches, constantly change targets,
not only to keep your enemies on their toes, but also to dwindle down each
enemies' health equally.

Long-Range Strategies
Kinda hard with Agumon, but not impossible. The best strat here is to spam
mid-range Pepper Breaths, and rush in to grab digi balls whenever possible.
If the enemy looks like he's gonna rush you, hit him with a Claw Attack,
and run away again to start the whole process over again.

4.2. Greymon
Close-Range Strategies
This one's fun. ^_^ Keep your enemy cornered, and use your three hit combos,
and especially your Nova Blast to wash the enemy down the drain. If the enemy
tries to run away, simply chase after him with a Horn Mash, and start the
Nova Blast over again. Really simple with Greymon, as he's really strong
physically. Stick to close range with Grey, as he has no really long range

4.3. WarGreymon
Close-Range Strategies
One word: Fire Torando. (^_^) Stick close to your enemy, and really spam three
hit Fire Tornados, picking up the digi balls when you get a chance. Make sure
you mix up the horizontal and vertical Fire Tornadoes to keep the enemy

Long-Range Strategies
Once again, one word: Terra Force. Terra Force is the game's best long range
attack, so stick to it, launching from the ground and in the air. Never stop
moving, and you should be fine. If the enemy is coming towards you, use a
Fire Tornado, and run away to once again spam Terra Forces.

5. Author's Notes
5.1. HELP!
Although this guide is in it's final version, don't hesitate to send me any
tips, combos, and mistakes you might know. For combos, please use the following


5.2. Version History
Version 0.0:   Made the skeleton FAQ, and wrote down all the combos.
               (June 27, 2006)

Version Final: Wrote the Level Strats, Generic Strats, and this section.
               (June 29, 2006)

Version Final: Updated the guide with my new look.
               (November 11, 2006)

5.3. In the Next Update
* Any user submitted info.

5.4. Thanks
* God, for my salvation, and the church I go to where I met my awesome friends.

* My parents, for taking me to Movie Gallery, where I rented this game from.

* digimonking for the new look's inspiration.

* joshuaspaceman for the Wargreymon tips, and the Ice Palace tip.

This guide, in its entirety, is copyright 2006 Mitch Frizzell