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Follow the dark path or use the light
Animal Crossing Pack Shot

Animal Crossing


HRA Guide

by Hi Mom

HRA Guide
By Me

Legal Info:
This is my guide! I wrote it, and it belongs to me. This guide can only be put on
If I find it ANYWHERE else, it must be removed, or I will have it removed myself.

Guide History:
Version 1.0 - Guide finished

Table of Contents:
Intro (Hra1)
Sets, Series, and Themes (Hra2)
House Logic (Hra3)
The Grading Chart (Hra4)

Intro: (Hra1)
Hello again, AC Lovers! This is me, once again, bringing you yet another guide. This time, it's about the HRA, which stands
for Happy Room Academy. The HRA are a really annoying bunch of people (or animals...) that barge into your house, snoop
around, and then criticize you on how bad they think your house is. Rude, isn't it?! I made this guide out of spite, and I
will teach you how to fool this group of no-gooders into giving you free things, and having a "good" house. Did I say "free
things"? I think I did! Just 3 sentences ago! I guess there is an upside to these fools.

Sets, Series, and Themes: (Hra2)
I still get these pesky buggers mixed up. So, I'll try to explain these as best I can.

Theme: A group of matching items with a Wallpaper and Floor, but no chair, table, bed, etc. Example: Chess Theme
Series: A group of matching items with a Wallpaper and Floor, have chair, table, bed, etc. Example: Blue Series
Set: A group of related items, with no specific Wallpaper or Floor, that may have a chair, table, bed, etc. 
Example: Pinapple Set

Got that straight? Good. If you blend these groups of items, like a Modern Bed and a Kiddie Wardrobe, the HRA will deduct points! That's never good... so, remember: Pineapples and Black n' White DO NOT MIX!

House Logic (Hra3)
Ok, in order to get at least 20 HRA points, you need an IQ of at least 30. Sorry to those of you who don't. That is because
if your chair is against a wall, and is unusable, those HRA "geniouses" that don't tolerate comedy, or High School dropouts,
those meanies (meanies?) will deduct points. If you have a dresser facing a bed, that's more lost points. They deduct per
item, so a crazy, pointless room will be pretty bad... sorry...

The Grading Chart (Hra4)
The HRA has to give points before they can take points, right? So, this is the grading chart for your house. They will only
rate the main room, and the upstairs, so if you need to have that chair facing a wall, do it in your basement. Your basement
is free to be whatever you make it, because it won't be rated.

I'm sure your wondering, what are necessities? Well, the necessities are a bed, table, chair, wardrobe, and dresser OR
bureau .Any Series will have these all.

Group Of Items:                                               _______
Completed Furniture series                                    48,000| 
Wallpaper and carpet of same series                           10,000| 
Wallpaper or carpet of same series                             4,800| 
Complete necessities from same series                         16,000| 
Complete necessities from different series                     4,400| 
Themed furniture (per piece)                                   7,000| 
Themed furniture (bonus for complete set)                     15,000| 
Wallpaper and carpet from same theme                          10,000| 
Complete furniture set (per piece)                             3,000| 

Per Item:
Items bought from Tom Nook                                        51| 
Items bought from Crazy Redd                                     412| 
Items from Saharah                                               412| 
Items from Wendell                                               412| 
Items from Gulliver                                              412| 
Items from Igloo resident                                        412| 
Items from Tortimer (that can be bought)                         412| 
Items from Tortimer (that can't be bought)                      1111| 
Items from Jack                                                 1031| 
Items from Jingle                                               1224| 
Items from Snowman                                               888| 
Gyroids                                                          821| 
Tom Nook Lottery prize                                          1029| 
Limited time items (Harvest series, etc.)                        700| 
Clothes/Fish/Insects                                               3| 
Fossils (after appraisal)                                          3| 
Birthday Cake                                                   1000| 
Completing museum collection                                    1111| 
Starting a savings at Post Office                               1111| 
Maxing Happy Room points                                        1111| 
Winning Fishing Tourney                                         1111| 
Items from Animal Island                                        1300| 
NES games from Animal Island                                    1983| 
Secret Furniture (e-Cards)                                      1000| 
Other NES games                                                 1000|
If it's over 1000, be sure to look out for it!

HRA Rewards: (Hra5)
I do believe I mentioned rewards! I suppose they aren't really to grand, but then again, it's the HRA we're talking about.

70,000 Points - Two Story Model
100,000 Points - Manor Model

Models? That's it? I guess so...

Conclusion (Hra6)
Like I said, I wrote this out of spite at those HRA fools. Now that you know their secrets, you can manipulate them to get 2
rare models for your catalouge. Insults aside, thank you for reading this guide! I had a lot of fun writing it, actually.
It let out a lot of emotions.