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Follow the dark path or use the light
Animal Crossing Pack Shot

Animal Crossing


Rumor Guide

by Hi Mom

Rumor FAQ

Guide History:

Version 1.0 - Guide finished
Version 1.1 - Added Guide History and Table of COntents
Version 1.2 - Whale proved true

Table of Contents:

Intro (Rmr1)
The Whale (Rmr2)
Blanca Kissing RUmor (Rmr3)
Silver Key (Rmr4)
Boxing Gyroids (Rmr5)
Brutus/Rufus (Rmr6)
Mastersword Rumor (Rmr7)
Resetti's House (Rmr8)
Deathwing (Rmr9)
Conclusion (Rmr10)

By Me

This guide is for use only on

If I find it elsewhere it MUST BE DELETED!

Onto the guide:

Intro: (Rmr1)
Hello again everybody! This is me again, writing another FAQ on Animal Crossing, one of my personal favorite games. This time
though, instead of inforcing facts, I'm going to be busting down some. There are a lot of flase rumors about hidden content
in Animal Crossing, including demented naighbors who kill your game data, fish that reset the game, and a way to make
Gyroids fight. So, without further ado, it's time to kill some rumors!

The Whale: (Rmr2)
TRUE! There is a whale, that is absolutely HUGE. It lives out in the ocean. It is very very rare, but there is proof that it
exists. However, it is uncatchable. It's pretty cool, actually. Go to to see it. You can only see it
when sailing in Kapp'ns boat, so it can't be caught, even with action replay. It is 8 times the size of the boat. It makes
the Arapaima look absolutely tiny!

Blanca Kissing Rumor: (Rmr3)
Must I even say it's FALSE!? It's a rated E kids game, for Pete's sake! Blanca kissing you? In addition to the fact that it's
just plain wrong for a kids game, who's to say you drew her with lips? It makes no sense!

Silver Key: (Rmr4)
FALSE! If you sell 5 Giant Stag Beetles, Nook will give you the key to the lighthouse, where you can discover
millions of bells, and rare elusive furniture! Sorry to kill your hopes, but it won't be happening. This is a easy one to
test, which I did, and to no avail. Just some meager cash. Sorry, no Light House adventures unless Tortimer tells you so.

Boxing Gyroids: (Rmr5)
FALSE! If you have the full Boxing theme, and toss in 2 Gyroids into the ring, and ring the bell, they will
start a Punch-Out style boxing match! Not! First off, you can't even put Gyroids up there to begin with! You can't watch
Animal Crossing stylke mushroom-fungus fight eachother, sadly. It'd be extremally fun to see though!

Brutus/Rufus: (Rmr6)
FALSE! This character has haunted the minds of AC players since release. Supposedly, if you see a black or
purple wolf/dog figure, and talk to him, he will meniacly laugh, and you can only watch as he melts you game data, so you
have to start over. Gladly, he doesn't exist. Wouldn't it be a bit scary to 8 year olds, who play the game? Why aren't there
pictures? Why hasn't Nintendo recalled the game if it's true? I don't know who the demented fool who made this up was, but
no fear, he's only a lie. There are no real sightings of Rufus or Brutus, no pictures, and no notification from Nintendo, thus it's a total lie.

Mastersword Rumor: (Rmr7)
FALSE! By having certain wallpaper and a matching carpet, the Mastersword is yours to wield when you
remove it from it's rock. Imagine, the Animal Crossing Massacre by sword? No, not happening. This is a lie. There is
absolutely no proof to this what-so-ever to this. Swords in Animal Crossing would have no benefit to start with. It'd be
cool for a little, but alas, no luck. Link has the Mastersword, and unless they twist Legend of Zelda, it will stay that

Resseti's House: (Rmr8)
PARTIALLY TRUE/FALSE! Yes, it has some truth. By running around smashing rocks with a shovel, you may get
lucky and fall into Resetti's house. Unless you own the Japanese version, this isn't true to the American version. It'd be
awesome, but it's a Japan only feature, I'm afraid.

Deathwing the Fish: (Rmr9)
FALSE! There is an evil fish swimming around. It is back with red eyes, and evil fangs. If you get it, it
will instantly reset your game. Or so you may think. What benefit would this have? If it were a glitch, it wouldn't have a
name. It'd be 5fg48he[][][] or something like that. It'd scare the little kids that this was intended for anyways. Who
thought of this mess? A vampire fish that resets the game? Please, don't be ridiculous...

Conclusion: (Rmr10)
I just killed 8 of Animal Crossings most menecing rumors. I didn't prove many, only 2, because I was aiming to eliminate the crap,
and restore this to sense. Rufus, and Deathwing never happened. It was a lie, like the rest of the crazy ones. Hopefully you
can rest easily
now, and safely talk to new neighbors, instead of frantically looking for their pictures in books to see if they are real.

Enjoy AC!

---P.S. Deathwing may have originated from the black dragon Deathwing in World of Warcraft, perhaps?