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Animal Crossing Pack Shot

Animal Crossing


Bug Hunting Guide

by Hi Mom

Bug Guide
By Me

Guide History:
Version 1.0 - Guide completed
Version 1.1 - Line error fixed, added Guide History and Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Intro (Bg1)
Basics (Bg2)
The Bugs (Bg3)
The Bee (Bg4)
The Mole Cricket (Bg5)
What to do with your Bugs (Bg6)
Golden Net (Bg7)
Conlusion (Bg8)
Credit to (Bg9)

This guide was made entirely by me. This guide is only allowed on the following sites.

Should this guide appear on any site besides the ones stated above, it will be removed.
On to the guide.

Intro: (Bg1)
Guess who? That's right, it's me once again, here to bring you another guide. This time, it's bug catching. Wow... actually,
yes, wow! Bug ctaching is another profitable way to get money! I tend to use fishing, since the worthwhile bugs are scarce,
but hey, that's just me. Anywho, here we go!

Basics: (Bg2)
So, first off the bat (or should I say, net) buy a Bug Net from, who else, Nook. Now, hold it. Simple, isn't it? Now,
look around your town SLOWLY (same thing with bugs as fish, if you run, they run faster) and look for bugs. You can see the
bugs in clear site, or sometimes, you have to shake trees, hit rocks, or even dig! I'll tell you guys about the more exclusive bugs later. Anyways, when you find your bug, hold down A to poise yourself. Don't let go of that button! Notice
that you hold your net, not thrust it. Now, move towards the bug with your net still up. If you release it to close, the bug
will run. Now, get a reasonable distance away, and release A. Bam, hopefully it landed on it, and caught it. I'm betting you
got a Cicada, beetle of some sort, or Locust. I'm telling you, there are some elusive bugs out there. And here's the list of

The Bugs: (Bg3)
These are the bugs. I have caught them all on only 1 character, so that proves they are a bit tricky... but don't give up!

Ant-All Year / All Day / Attracted to candy and turnips / 80 Bells

Bagworm- Oct-Mar / All Day / trees / 250 Bells

Banded Dragonfly- July-Aug/ 8am-5pm / anywhere / 4,500 Bells

Bee-All Year / All Day / trees / 4,500 Bells

Bell Cricket- Sept-Oct / 5pm-8am / in grass / 430 Bells

Brown Cicada- July-Aug / 8am-5pm / trees / 200 Bells

Cockroach- Mar- Nov / All Day / on trees, flowers, attracted to turnips / 5 Bells

Common Butterfly- Mar -Oct / 8am-5pm / anywhere / 80 Bells

Common Dragonfly- May-July / 8am-5pm / anywhere / 130 Bells

Cricket- Sept-Nov / 5pm-8am / in grass / 130 Bells

Darner Dragonfly- June-Aug / 8am-5pm / anywhere / 200 Bells

Drone Beetle- July-Aug / All Day / trees / 80 Bells 

Dynastid Beetle- July-Aug / 7pm-8am / trees / 1, 350 Bells

Evening Cicada- July-Aug / 4am-8am,4pm-7pm / trees / 850 Bells

Firefly- June / 7pm-4am / Near water / 250 Bells

Flat Stag Beetle- June-Aug / 7pm-8am / trees / 2,000 Bells

Giant Beetle- July-Aug / 11pm-8am / trees / 10,000 Bells

Grasshopper- Aug-Sept / 8am-5pm / in grass / 130 Bells

Jewel Beetle- July-Aug / 8am-4pm / trees / 3,000 Bells

Ladybug- Mar-July, Oct / 8am-5pm / on flowers / 130 Bells

Long Locust- Aug-Nov / 8am-5pm / in grass / 200 Bells

Longhorn Beetle- June-Aug / 8am-5pm / anywhere / 200 Bells

Mantis- Aug-Sept / 8am-5pm / on flowers / 430 Bells

Migratory Locust- Sept-Nov / 8am-7pm / in grass / 1,350 Bells

Mole Cricket- Nov-May / All Day / underground / 200 Bells

Mosquito- May-Sept / 8am-11pm / anywhere / 130 Bells

Mountain Beetle- July-Aug / 7pm-8am / trees / 2,000 Bells

Pill Bug- All Year / All Day / Under Rocks/ 250 Bells

Pine Cricket- Sept-Oct / 5pm-8am / in grass / 100 Bells

Pondskater- June-Sept / 8am-7pm / on the ponds / 130 Bells

Purple Butterfly- June-Aug / 8am-5pm / anywhere / 2,000 Bells

Red Dragonfly- Sept-Oct / 8am-7pm / anywhere / 80 Bells

Robust Cicada- July-Aug / 8am-5pm / trees / 300 Bells

Saw Stag Beetle- July-Aug / 7pm-8am / trees / 2,000 Bells

Snail- Apr-Sept / All Day / on flowers / 250 Bells

Spider- Apr-Sept / All Day / trees / 300 Bells

Spotted Ladybug- Mar-July, Oct / 8am-5pm / on flowers / 200 Bells

Tiger Butterfly- Apr-Sept / 8am-5pm / anywhere / 200 Bells

Walker cicada- July-Sept / 8am-5pm / trees / 400 Bells

Yellow Butterfly- Mar-Oct / 8am-5pm / anywhere / 80 Bells

Well, that's a lot of bugs! Sadly, the prices don't get as high as fish.

The Bee: (Bg4)
I'm sure you've seen one. Those bees that you find in trees? Well, I'm gonna tell you how to catch one!
Walk around without your net on, and shake the fruitless trees. Yes, it must be fruitless. Once you see the Beehive fall out,
run to the nearest edge of the acre, be it north, south, east, or west. Now, skid by directly switching directions. During,
or even a second before the skid, pause the game. Now, equip your bug net, and take a deep breath. Think to yourself, "Am I
ready?" When you can say yes, unpause the game, and click A when the bees are about 3/4s through the acre. Hopefully, if
well timed, you caught yourself a bee.

The Mole Cricket: (Bg5)
Yes, the Mole Cricket. First off, have you ever heard chirping sounds? Well, where do the come from? No
idea, huh? Well my friend, that would be the elusive Mole Cricket. Now, who else is a mole? Mr. Ressetti? How does he
appear? From underground! Get the picture? Now, get your shovel, and when you here chirping, dig everywhere in the area
where it's the loudest. Boom, your Mole Cricket.

What To Do With Your Bugs: (Bg6)
You can do one of 3 things, just like the fish. You can:

1: Sell them to Nook for a well earned profit

2:Donate them to Blathers, the museum owl

3: Keep them as pets

Just like with fish, if you find a bug that you like, just drop it in your house, and it come with a cage.

The Golden Net: (Bg7)
Yup, there is a Golden Net too, and it is just as acclaimed as that Golden Rod. Unlike the Rod, this one adds
and extra .5 to the size, making it longer, and wider. As such, bugs are a breeze to catch. To get the Golden Net, catch
every single bug at least once, just like fish. You have to prove that you are capable of catching bugs to aquire such a
great net. Now, asume you just caught the last bug that you needed. Head to the Wishing Well, and talk to Tortimer. He will
bestow upon you the glory of a Golden Bug Net.

Conclusion: (Bg8)
That's Bug-Hunting, in a nutshell. I have made a small amount of cash using this method, but nothing extraordinary. I would reccomend going after those Bees, otherwise go with Fishing, or some other method. Anyways, that's my 2 cents on the matter, whatever works for you, works for you. See ya later!

Credit Goes To: (Bg9)
Nintendo, obviously