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Follow the dark path or use the light
Animal Crossing Pack Shot

Animal Crossing


Money Making Guide

by Hi Mom

Money Making Guide
By Me

Legal Information: This guide was created entirely by me, Hi Mom. Any reproduction of this guide besides for personal use is
prohibited. This guide is allowed on the following sites:

If I find this guide on another site, it must be removed by my say, or I will contact that site.

Guide History:
Version 1.0 - Finished Guide
Version 1.1 - Fixed Line problem, added Table of Contents, and Guide History, added Tyrant to Money Making Methods
Version 1.2 - Added Borders to new subjects, fixed typos.

Table Of Contents:
Intro ($1)
Most Important Lesson! ($2)
Basic Money <aking Techniques ($3)
Fishing ($4)
Bug Hunting ($5)
Bee Hunting ($6)
Fruit Guy ($7)
Hoarding ($8)
Trading ($9)
Doppelganger ($10)
Time Traveling ($11)
The Stockmarket ($12)
Helping Hand ($13)
Treasure Hunter ($14)
Tyrant ($15)
Conclusion ($16)
Thanks to ($17)

Intro: ($1)
Hi everyone! My name is Hi Mom, and I have played Animal Crossing for almost 3 years. In that time, I have payed off my debt
fully, and gotten almost every item. Do you want to find out how? Well, in this guide/FAQ, I'll show ya! Also, there are
codes that you can tell Nook or send to Neighbors to get you items. But I disapprove of these codes, so none are in my
guide. I hope you still read my guide even though there are no codes.

Most Important Lesson! ($2)
"Without cash, you have nothing" Hi Mom, 2007. Anyways, it's true. If you want to buy every possible
item for your catalogue, how do you intend to do that? You can't waltz in and take them! Or can you.... Back to the point,
you simply have to buy them. And how can you buy them without cash? Same thing goes for your debt to Mr. Nook. You can't say
"I'm done" and you get that top floor! You have to get the cash. But how can I get that kind of cash? That's my point.

Basic Money Making Techniques: ($3)
Ok, here are some ways to get some Cha-Chingz, Bells, or Moola. But to do any of these, you have to finish working for Nook so you can buy and sell stuff to him.


Bug Hunting

Bee Hunter

Fruit Guy




Time Traveling

The Stockmarket

Helping Hand

Treasure Hunter


Ok, now you've seen those. But what on earth are they? Wanna find out? I'll explain them all below.

Fishing: ($4)
As simple as it gets, right? First, you buy a Fishing Rod from Nook for a simple 500 bells. Now, walk by your river
or lake, or by ponds. If you run using B, L, or R, it scares them away, and thus scares away your cash. To catch a fish,
look for a silhouette(a blackened shape of a fish) in the water. When you see one, turn towards it and cast out your rod. If
it was a good cast, it will take the bait. You will see it make a few small tugs, but when it goes under and you here a
"plop", hold A. If you did it right, you will pull on the rod, and out comes a fishy! There are many different kinds of
fish, with a bigger variety of prices! So here's the list:

Angelfish- May-Oct / 4pm-9am / river, reservoir / 3,000 Bells

Arapaima -July-Mid Sept / 4pm-9am / river, reservoir / 10,000 Bells

Arowana -June-Sept / 4am-9am,4pm-9pm / river, reservoir / 10,000 Bells

Barbel Steed- All year / All day / river, reservoir / 200 Bells

Barred Knifejaw-Mar-Nov / 4am-9am,4pm-9pm / ocean / 5,000 Bells

Bass -All year / All day / river, reservoir / 300 Bells

Bitterling -Dec-Feb / All day / river, reservoir / 1,300 Bells

Blue Gill -All year / 9am-4pm / river, reservoir / 120 Bells

Brook Trout- All year / All day / reservoir / 150 Bells

Carp -All year / All day / river, reservoir / 300 Bells

Catfish- May-Oct / 4pm-9am / river, reservoir / 200 Bells

Cherry Salmon- Mar-Jun, Sept-Nov / 4am-9am, 4pm-9pm / river, reservoir / 1,300 Bells

Coelacanth -All year / 4pm-9am(Only in rain) / ocean / 15,000 Bells

Crawfish -April-Mid Sept / All Day / pond / 250 Bells

Crucian Carp- All year / All day / river, reservoir / 120 Bells

Dace -All year / 4pm-9am / river, reservoir / 200 Bells

Eel -Jun-Sept / 4pm-9am / river, reservoir / 2,000 Bells

Freshwater Goby-All year / All day / river, reservoir / 300 Bells

Frog -May-Aug / All Day / pond / 250 Bells

Giant Catfish- Jun-Aug / 4pm-9am / reservoir / 3,000 Bells

Giant Snakehead- Jun-Aug / 9am-4pm / reservoir / 6,500 Bells

Goldfish -All year / All day / river, reservoir / 1,300 Bells

Guppy- Apr-Nov / 9am-4pm / river, reservoir / 1,300 Bells

Jellyfish- 2nd half of Aug / All Day / ocean / 100 Bells

Killifish -Apr-Aug / All Day / pond / 300 Bells

Koi -All year / All day / river, reservoir / 2,000 Bells

Large Bass- All year / All day / river, reservoir / 3,000 Bells

Large Char -Mar-June, Sept-Nov / 4am-9am,4pm-9pm / waterfall / 10,000 Bells

Loach -Mar-May / All Day / river, reservoir / 300 Bells

Pale Chub- All year / 9am-4pm / river, reservoir / 200 Bells

Piranah -June-Sept / 9am-4pm, 9pm-4am / river, reservoir / 6,500 Bells

Pond Smelt- Dec-Feb / All Day / river, reservoir / 300 Bells

Popeyed Goldfish- All year / 9am-4pm / river, reservoir / 1,300 Bells

Rainbow Trout -Mar-June, Sept-Nov / 4am-9am, 4pm-9pm / river, reservoir / 650 Bells

Red Snapper -All year / 4pm-9am / ocean / 3,000 Bells

Salmon -September / All Day / river, ocean, reservoir / 650 Bells

Sea Bass- All year / All day / ocean / 120 Bells

Small Bass- All year / All day / river, reservoir / 200 Bells

Stringfish -Dec-Feb / 4pm-9am / river, reservoir / 15,000 Bells

Sweetfish -July-Sept / All Day / river, reservoir / 1,300 Bells

Bug Hunting: ($5)
Eww! Bugs! Well, ok, they aren't that bad. Actually, they can make you rich! To start hunting these nasty
creatures, buy a net from Nook for 500 bells. Plain and simple, right? Ok, now you have to find a bug. Bugs can be in the
air, on the ground, in a tree, on water, and more! First, when you see one, hold A. Now you will start walking slowly with
your net above your head. Don't let go! Now walk to the bug, and when it is barely away from your feet (Not too close),
release A. Bam! There's a bug! Now, bugs are just as diveerse as the fish, so here's yet another list:

Ant-All Year / All Day / Attracted to candy and turnips / 80 Bells

Bagworm- Oct-Mar / All Day / trees / 250 Bells

Banded Dragonfly- July-Aug/ 8am-5pm / anywhere / 4,500 Bells

Bee-All Year / All Day / trees / 4,500 Bells

Bell Cricket- Sept-Oct / 5pm-8am / in grass / 430 Bells

Brown Cicada- July-Aug / 8am-5pm / trees / 200 Bells

Cockroach- Mar- Nov / All Day / on trees, flowers, attracted to turnips / 5 Bells

Common Butterfly- Mar -Oct / 8am-5pm / anywhere / 80 Bells

Common Dragonfly- May-July / 8am-5pm / anywhere / 130 Bells

Cricket- Sept-Nov / 5pm-8am / in grass / 130 Bells

Darner Dragonfly- June-Aug / 8am-5pm / anywhere / 200 Bells

Drone Beetle- July-Aug / All Day / trees / 80 Bells 

Dynastid Beetle- July-Aug / 7pm-8am / trees / 1, 350 Bells

Evening Cicada- July-Aug / 4am-8am,4pm-7pm / trees / 850 Bells

Firefly- June / 7pm-4am / Near water / 250 Bells

Flat Stag Beetle- June-Aug / 7pm-8am / trees / 2,000 Bells

Giant Beetle- July-Aug / 11pm-8am / trees / 10,000 Bells

Grasshopper- Aug-Sept / 8am-5pm / in grass / 130 Bells

Jewel Beetle- July-Aug / 8am-4pm / trees / 3,000 Bells

Ladybug- Mar-July, Oct / 8am-5pm / on flowers / 130 Bells

Long Locust- Aug-Nov / 8am-5pm / in grass / 200 Bells

Longhorn Beetle- June-Aug / 8am-5pm / anywhere / 200 Bells

Mantis- Aug-Sept / 8am-5pm / on flowers / 430 Bells

Migratory Locust- Sept-Nov / 8am-7pm / in grass / 1,350 Bells

Mole Cricket- Nov-May / All Day / underground(it makes the chirping sound) / 200 Bells

Mosquito- May-Sept / 8am-11pm / anywhere / 130 Bells

Mountain Beetle- July-Aug / 7pm-8am / trees / 2,000 Bells

Pill Bug- All Year / All Day / Under Rocks/ 250 Bells

Pine Cricket- Sept-Oct / 5pm-8am / in grass / 100 Bells

Pondskater- June-Sept / 8am-7pm / on the ponds / 130 Bells

Purple Butterfly- June-Aug / 8am-5pm / anywhere / 2,000 Bells

Red Dragonfly- Sept-Oct / 8am-7pm / anywhere / 80 Bells

Robust Cicada- July-Aug / 8am-5pm / trees / 300 Bells

Saw Stag Beetle- July-Aug / 7pm-8am / trees / 2,000 Bells

Snail- Apr-Sept / All Day / on flowers / 250 Bells

Spider- Apr-Sept / All Day / trees / 300 Bells

Spotted Ladybug- Mar-July, Oct / 8am-5pm / on flowers / 200 Bells

Tiger Butterfly- Apr-Sept / 8am-5pm / anywhere / 200 Bells

Walker cicada- July-Sept / 8am-5pm / trees / 400 Bells

Yellow Butterfly- Mar-Oct / 8am-5pm / anywhere / 80 Bells


Wow, so many bugs! Better start swinging!

Bee Hunter: ($6)
So, when you shake trees, what can happen? You can get a free makeover! From a swarm of bees... not so pretty,
huh? Well, there's a way to get profit from this torture! First, buy the net from Nook for 500 bells. Now, don't hold it
yet. Go to a tree with no fruit, and shake it. If a bee falls out, run to the edge of the acre. Now, skid in the opposite
direction. Halfway through the skid, when the puff of dirt comes up, pause and get out the net. Take a deep breath, get your
lucky charm, and unpause the game. Now, when the swarm is 3/4 of the way through the screen, click a, and you caught a bee,
worth 4500 bells! This isn't the best method, being that you get 3 bees a day, but it all adds up when you do this with bug
hunting or something else.

Fruit Guy: ($7)
Ok, this requires nothing, but maybe a shovel and an axe, which can be bought from Nook at 500 for the shovel, and
400 for an axe. Now, this would be simple with 2 memory cards, or a friend who has foriegn fruit. Ok, get foreign fruit
(there are Apples, Cherries, Pears, Peaches, Oranges, and Coconuts) and plant it around Nook's. Note that Coconuts can only
be grown slightly above the beach at the south. Now, at first, don't sell the fruit. Plant it and get at least 20 of those
type of trees. When you have a good amount, pick the fruit and sell it to Nook for 100 for the starting fruit, and 500 each
for whatever you didn't start with. Now how do you obtain these massive moneymakers? Here are some ways...

-For Coconuts, you need to go to your island using a Game Boy Advance Sp or Regular Advance with your Gamecube/Gameboy cable.
 Hook up the Gameboy to the end that it fits into, and the other end into Controller Slot 4. Turn on the GameBoy. Now go to
 the dock, and talk to the duck in the boat. He will take you to an island with Coconuts. Also, if you are standing in the
 acre with the dock at the time when you turn on the GameBoy, he will not come. Leave the acre, and come back. Now he's


-You can get from friends in your town


-You can travel to another town and take one of theirs

-Generally, if you send a neighbor a fruit, they will send you a fruit, so tinker with that

Hoarding: ($8)
This takes a basement, or a room full of dressers. A basement you can get from paying off 4 debts, and dressers you
get from Nook. Or, just drop stuff on the floor. To do this, you simply check the Police Station and the Junk Yard every
single day and grab all the furniture. Keep it all in your house or put them in letters and save them at the Post Office. Do
this until you get tons of junk. Now, sell everything you don't care about to Nook. Boom, easy thousands! But, where do you
get such valuables? Ah, young grasshopper, if you ask, you shall recieve...


-Do favors for your neighbors and keep the furniture, carpeting, and wallpaper


-Get things from holiday events


-Get them through the mail


-Talk to neighbors, campors, and igloo...ers....


-Take from Booker at Police Station and Junk Yard


This is also a decent way to fill up your catalogue. Clothes and Paper aren't to good for cash, so don't even try them.
Either way, I would recommend picking them up, and dropping them, just for the sake of getting them into your catalouge.

Trading: ($9)
Ok, this needs people who play with you on the same memory card, or friends who can invite you to their houses or
vice-versa. Ok, in the game, you need a decently filled catalouge. Now, as awkward as it is, ask your real life friends or
family what they need for furniture. If you have what they need in your catalouge, buy it and sell for an outrageosly high
price. You spent maybe 3000 bells to make 20000 instead! Pretty good, huh? This is a good moneymaker, but not everyone has
the advantage of fellow ACers.

Doppelganger: ($10)
Ok, for this you need tons and tons of bells, and your house fully paid off. It's only for those who need tons
of cash. Ok, to do this, put all of your cash into the bank (you get when your debt is paid off). Now make sure there isn't
a memory card in your Slot B. Go to Slot B, and it will create Travel Data. Now, turn the game back on, and play your
person. When it asks if you want to use travel data, say No. Ok, now you have a funky face. Cool, huh? Now, go to the bank
and withdraw all of your money. Go outside, and drop it all on the ground. Save, and turn the game back on. Now play with
the Travel data. Go to the where you dropped the cash, and pick it all up. Go inside, and you still have all of the cash you
started with. You just doubled in cash!

Time Travelling: ($11)
This takes nothing at all. To do this, go to the main menu, and say "Before we go..." and select Other
Things. Now change the clock to a holiday, like New Years, and collect the gift. Do this over and over again, and sell it
all to Nook. But please be aware that to much of this glitches your game! I have glitched mine pretty bad. If you do it, all
of the people in town suffer. Some things are


-Fruit takes monthes to grow back


-Trees never fully grow up


-You can only hear music within a certain range of the stereo playing it


Those are all of my glitches. Here is a list of all of the holidays that can give you gifts:


New Years, January 1


Groundhog's Day, February 2


Spring Sports Fair, March 20 & 21


April Fools, April 1


Cherry Blossom Festival, April 5 - April 7


Nature Day, April 22


Mothers Day, May 13


Fishing Tourney, Every Sunday from June 3 to 24


Grauation Day, June 8


Father's Day, June 17


Hometown Day, Random day in July


Fireworks Show, July 4


Morning Aerobics, July 25 to August 31

Meteor Shower, August 12


Harvest Moon, Random day in September (make sure to go, big prize!!!)


Labor Day, September 3


Fall Sports Fair, September 23


Explorer Day, October 8


Mushroom Season, October 15- October 25 (sell mushrooms to Nook)


Halloween, October 31


Fall Fishing Tourney, every Sunday from November 4 - November 25


Mayor Day, November 6


Officer Day, November 11


Harvest Festival, November 22


Sale Day, November 23 (buy grab-bags and sell stuff back to him for more)


Snow Day, December 1


Toy Day, December 23


Visit from Jingle, December 24 & 25


Not as many as you might hope, but still.

The Stockmarket: ($12)
Here's a big one! To do this you need cash. Every Sunday, Joan the Turnip Boar runs around selling turnips.
Spend as much cash as you like on these turnips, and keep them. Check in every day at Nooks, and see how much he's buying
them for. If he's buying them for barelt ovr 100 bells each, pass it up. Anything more than 175 bells each is a yes. When it
comes up, sell all of the turnips, and you make tons of cash! Do this over and over again until you are a multi-millionare, which should take a month or 2.

Helping Hand: ($13)
This ties in well with Hoarding. This is when you talk to animals and do favors for them to reap the rewards.
You talk to an animal, and if they have a job, they will tell you to get/give something to another neighbor of yours. Run to
that neighbor, and talk to them. A new 3rd option will appear at the top. Press A, and you will talk to them. It will either
send you to another animal, or send you back to the person you started at. talk to them, and you get your reward, which
ranges from clothes to cash. It isn't to big of a money maker, but it still helps you Hoard those items

Treasure Hunter: ($14)
To do this, you need a shovel, which you can buy from Nook for 500 bells. Now, run around and lok at the
ground. In some spots, it will have a shiny golden ring, or a funny little cross-shaped mark. When you see the ring, dig it
up. You will get 1000 or 10000 bells for no work at all. But wait! Don't leave the acre. If you have an extra shovel with
you, bury it in that ringhole that you got the cash from, and a sprout will come up. If you're lucky, a golden shovel tree will grow. When you shake it, a golden shovel falls out, which will randomly dig up cash. Or, when you dig up the 100 money bag, if you bury the money bag you got, a sprout will come up. Sometimes, it will survive and become a money tree that drops cash. If its a funny cross shaped mark, dig it up. You will get a fossil or a gyroid. Gyroids sell for 878 bells all around, any kind. But fossils very. To identify the little gray square, send it to the museum using a letter, and putting the fossil in it. (free paper can be found in the junkyard or police station) The next day, you will get it back as an identified fossil, which you can donate to the museum, or sell. Fossils come in tons of different shapes and sizes, so here is the list. Please note that most pieces of a fossil link with 2 or 3 more to create a dinosaur. Anyhoo, here's that list I
 promised you:

Fossil: Amber 
Selling price: 1,200 Bells

Fossil: Ammonite 
Selling price: 1,100 Bells

Fossil: Apato Skull 
Selling price: 5,000 Bells

Fossil: Apato Torso 
Selling price: 4,500 Bells

Fossil: Apato Tail 
Selling price: 4,000 Bells

Fossil: Dinosaur Egg 
Selling price: 1,400 Bells

Fossil: Dinosaur Track 
Selling price: 1,000 Bells

Fossil: Mammoth Skull 
Selling price: 3,000 Bells

Fossil: Mammoth Torso 
Selling price: 2,500 Bells

Fossil: Plesio Skull 
Selling price: 4,000 Bells

Fossil: Plesio Neck 
Selling price: 4,500 Bells

Fossil: Plesio Torso 
Selling price: 4,500 Bells
Ptera set:

Fossil: Ptera Skull 
Selling price: 4,000 Bells

Fossil: Ptera Left Wing 
Selling price: 4,500 Bells

Fossil: Ptera Right Wing 
Selling price: 4,500 Bells

Fossil: Stego Skull 
Selling price: 5,000 Bells

Fossil: Stego Torso 
Selling price: 4,500 Bells

Fossil: Stego Tail 
Selling price: 4,000 Bells

Fossil: T-Rex Skull 
Selling price: 6,000 Bells

Fossil: T-Rex Torso 
Selling price: 5,500 Bells

Fossil: T-Rex Tail 
Selling price: 5,000 Bells

Fossil: Tricera Skull 
Selling price: 5,500 Bells

Fossil: Tricera Torso 
Selling price: 5,000 Bells

Fossil: Tricera Tail 
Selling price: 4,500 Bells

Fossil: Trilobite 
Selling price: 1,300 Bells

There are far to many names and all that, so I'll just give you the basic names of the Gyroids









































Wow! And there are about 3 in every set of those! In all, there are 127 different Gyroids. Remember, they all sell for 828
each! That totals up to 111,508 if you sell the whole set to Nook. Not very much considering all of the work, but it all
adds up if you Hoard these.

Tyrant: ($15)
I paid a TON of my debt off using this trick. All you need are some rare fruit, a shovel, and 2 memory cards, both having
Animal Crossing towns on them (One of them needs to be unused).  I'll refer to your best town as Town 1. The other one needs
to be private to you. Now, check Town 2's local fruit. I'll say Town 2 has Cherries. Now, on Town 1, get every fruit besides
Cherries, and grab your shovel. Now head over to Town 2. Plant those fruit near Nook's Shop in Town 2. Wait for them to grow.
Since this town is most likely only yours, it may be a good idea to leave a Shovel in Town 2, by the Train Station. Once
those grow, Town 2 is going to become your own private plantation, if you will. Every day, when you pick all the fruit,
finish Fishing or Bug Hunting, and dig up all the fossils, go to Town 2, and pick all the Fruit, and dig up the Fossils in
that town. This way, you can repeat almost all the steps in this guide, twice per day! It's an easy double-the-money scheme
that made me rich.

Conclusion: ($16)
Animal Crossing isn't a storyline game. It is a game you can grasp in any way you like, you can twist and turn,
or you can stick in the center and hold on. Anything can happen in the creative mind of Animal Crossing, so embrace the game
and make it your own. Get that upstairs, or fill the museum, the choice is yours. Have fun with Animal Crossing, and I hope
this guide helped you make it all the more fun.

Thanks To: ($17)
Credit goes to ACC for inspiration to make this guide. It is this site that got me back into Animal Crossing, and I have
never regretted joining it. Thanks ACC!!! WOO!!!
I also thank my Brother, for helping me test this guide, and for inspiring me to add certain sections by watching how he made
Thanks to both of my Families, for inspiring me to continue when I got bored of writing. They incourage me to continue
forward in my guide-making.

Thank you for reading!