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Follow the dark path or use the light
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Pack Shot

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

PLEASE!!! can somebody give me a walk through for ..

add360 asks:
Added Mar 28th 2005, ID #24355

Question for The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

PLEASE!!! can somebody give me a walk through for the forest haven temple. The entire bit. Also can someone please stop writing the same questions over and over. I have used up all my printer paper.

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Then just select the questions you want to print out - use the check boxes to select each one then look for the printer friendly options above.



Best Answer

dark eagle answered:
Added 27th Dec 2006, ID #163939

The Forbidden Woods is a long and grueling dungeon, and it's size and
Isolation gives it's travelers an eerie sense of solitude. While the scenery
Shift from Dragon Roost Cavern is quite dramatic, it shares the same basics
As any other cave; a mini-boss that guards a new item, and a larger boss at
The end that must be defeated with that item. There is a lot of grass in the
First room, and many green ChuChus. They can be a pain to deal with,
Especially in such great numbers. It is best if you thoroughly scour the
Room's every corner for concealed ChuChus before you try to do anything else. Remember to use the Deku Leaf or the Grappling Hook to stun them when they
Are in their puddle-like form. There is a path on the right side of the room
That takes you up to a treasure chest. Already you'll be able to obtain the
Dungeon Map from it. Also, there is the first in a small series of warp
Cauldrons below the ledge to the right of the door in the back of the room. This door is your exit from this room. However, like many doors and chests
That you will find in the Forbidden Woods, it is blocked by a strange vine-
Like flower. The vines that hold the door shut can be broken, but they
Regroup almost instantly. You must destroy the central flower itself in order
To destroy the entire plant. The only problem is that the flower will shut
Itself when you get too close, rendering it impervious to attack. The
Solution is to hit it from afar by throwing something at it. In the room's
Left corner, you'll find a Deku nut that can be picked and carried. Deku nuts
Disintegrate slowly after they are picked, but they grow back afterwards. Stand in front of the door with the Deku nut in hand, but far enough away so
That the vine flower's blue core is exposed. Now toss the nut and hope that
It hits the flower. When it is finally destroyed, proceed through the door.

The second room is enormous. Start by dropping down to the very bottom. Use
The Deku Leaf to fall gently so that you don't take damage, and avoid contact
With the thick, thorny vines waving around on the walls. The forest floor is
Home to a few Boko Babas. The plants often mimic Baba Buds, and they will
Even turn into Baba Buds after they are defeated sometimes. Boko Babas are
Also the primary source of Boko sticks and you will usually find one left
Behind after the plant is defeated. In the back of the room, you will see a
Former Korok dwelling. Inside this hollow tree structure is a treasure chest
Sealed by a vine flower. The quickest way to destroy the flower is by
Defeating one of the Boko Babas first, and then using a burning Boko stick on
The flower. Even if the vine flower is closed, the burning stick will still
Destroy it instantly. Use one of the torches next to the Korok dwelling as a
Flame source. Open the chest to get a Knight's Crest. Also while you're down
Here, use the Deku Leaf to blow away the piles of leaves lying around. You
May uncover stuff like rupees, or even a Fairy. To escape the forest floor,
Use the Baba Bud on the stump near the front of the room.

The first Baba Bud will let you reach a second Baba Bud just east of it. Use
This one to reach another Baba Bud on the other side of the first one, but
Much higher up. The launch alone will not get you to the Baba Bud, so you
Must use the Deku Leaf to sail the rest of the way there. Fortunately, the
Magical properties of a Baba Bud refill your magic meter in small portions
When you enter them, so you don't need to worry about running out. Use this
Baba Bud to get to the one on top of the Korok dwelling, and then go to the
One in between the two thorny vines on the east wall from there. Directly
Across from this one is the final Baba Bud, which will launch you to a ledge
On the north side of the room. This ledge contains another Baba Bud, but
Using it is of little point unless you have the new item that you will
Acquire soon. The door on the ledge is held fast by a vine flower, and to get
Rid of it you can use the explosive bomb flower in the grass. Green ChuChus
Will attack you when you get close to the bomb flower, but you can wipe them
All out quickly by triggering an explosion next to them. Once you've blown up
The vine flower, exit through the door.

The next chamber is nothing more than a bottomless pit, containing a cable
Platform that you can use to get across. The platform is operated by the
Wind-powered lever on the wall to your left. Blow it with the Deku Leaf to
Make the cable platform come to you. Once you jump on, blow the second wind
Lever in the upper right corner with the Deku Leaf to send the cable platform
Across the gap. Jump off the platform and use the door ahead.

In the next room, two Peahats will attack you. Use the Deku Leaf to stun them
Before you kill them with your sword. Peahats sometimes drop Golden Feathers,
But you might want to grapple them to make sure you get one. There are also
Three Boko Baba plants in the back of the room. As with the Peahats, the Deku
Leaf can be used to stun the Boko Babas and expose their vulnerable stems. The rightmost Boko Baba will convert into a Baba Bud after you defeat it, and
You'll need to use it to reach the room's upper story. If you want five
Rupees first though, climb onto the ledge in the back left corner of the
Room. Also, you can find a chest with a red rupee in it by using the Baba Bud
And the Deku Leaf to float to a small alcove in the large tree in the back of
The room. Afterwards, hop into the Baba Bud to launch yourself to another
Ledge that contains another Baba Bud. Use this one to get to a door sealed by
A vine flower. The easiest way to get rid of it is by grabbing the Deku nut
In the alcove on the opposite side of the room. Use the Deku Leaf to hail the
Cable car that will take you to it and back. Exit once you are finished.

The door at the end of the next passage is also blocked by a vine flower, but
Luckily the Deku nut you'll need to destroy it is just ahead. Unfortunately,
As soon as you get near it, a ring of thorny vines will burst from the ground
To block it off from all sides. The solution to this puzzle is simple; blow
The nut along the ground with the Deku Leaf so that it is no longer trapped
Inside the circle of thorns. Then pick it up and destroy the vine flower as

The next room is larger than any other in the Forbidden Woods. It is the main
Hub, extending into all five floors of the dungeon and containing a total of
Six doors. As soon as you enter, turn to the right and follow the ledge up to
A grapple point. Use the Grappling Hook to swing across the gap by the
Overhanging limb on the wall, to another ledge up ahead. From here you can
Jump onto the moving plantlike structure sticking out of the wall. This flat
Vine moves from side to side in a snakelike motion. Use it to move across to
Another flat vine, and then again to a ledge with a locked door on it. The
Deku nut on this ledge is needed to open the west door, blocked as usual by a
Vine flower. Pick it up and then carry it across to the enormous flowerlike
Organism hanging from the ceiling (grab a few rupees inside it if you wish),
And then jump to the ledge with the west door. After you destroy the vine
Flower, ignore the door for a moment and instead jump ahead to a pair of
Vertically-moving flat vines on the wall. The vines will take you to a
Simple, seemingly empty ledge. Use the Deku Leaf to blow the pile of leaves
Away and expose the second warp cauldron. Now jump/float/ride back down to
The west door and enter it.

The grassy passage ahead has a trench about halfway through with a treasure
Chest in it, which in turn contains a yellow rupee. By the time you reach it
However, you will have most likely grabbed the attention of several dozen
MORTHS. Morths are the spiky larvae of another creature that you will
Encounter soon. They are harmless, but by sticking to you they can hinder
Your movement. One or two of them clinging to you won't make much of a
Difference, but a large group of them can really slow you down. To shake them
Off, roll while you walk, or use a spin attack to destroy them. After you get
Rid of them, enter the door at the end of the passage.

The final chamber along this passage seems empty at first, but as soon as you
Walk in you will be stopped by a barricade of thorny vines that emerge from
The ground. The vines form a maze all around the room that you must navigate
Carefully. If you go too fast, there is a good chance that you will run into
A wall of harmful vines. Make an S-formation around the first set of vines on
Your left so that you end up next to a bomb flower. Use the bomb flower to
Blow up the wooden planks up ahead. There are two sets, but you'll only be
Able to get close to one of them because of the wall of vines. Still, you can
Throw a bomb flower at the farther set and blow up the wooden planks so that
You can get whatever is in the alcove when you find another way around. The
First alcove contains the long-awaited Compass. Now work your way back to the
Entrance and through the rest of the maze, which continues to the right of
The door. As you make your way through the treacherous labyrinth of harmful
Vines, you may find a pile of leaves that cover several green rupees, along
The north wall. When you finally reach the second treasure chest, open it to
Get the small key that will open the locked door in the large hub room. Now
Use the Baba Bud near the chest to launch yourself into the air, where you
Can safely sail over all the vines and to the exit. There are also a few jars
Sitting on top of the platforms that can be broken open for health, magic and
A Joy Pendant.

As you make your way back, be prepared to fight a few green ChuChus as well
As the renewed swarm of Morths in the connecting passage. In the hub room,
Jump from the first platform over to the enormous hanging flower, and then
Again to the locked north door. Use your new key to go inside.

This next room is filled with water, and the only way across is by using the
Cable platform and it's dual set of wind-powered levers along the wall. There
Are two Peahats in this room too, and they can get incredibly annoying due to
Their immunity in this room. Killing them is hard because if you stun them
With the Deku Leaf, they will simply be blown into the water where you can't
Reach them. They'll bob in the water until their propellers grow back and
They continue their attack. If you fall in the water, use the ladder near the
Entrance to escape. Blow the wind lever once to bring the platform over. After you get on it, blow the same lever again to move halfway through the
Room, where you can hit the second lever to move the rest of the way through. Exit the room before the Peahats return.

Soon after you enter the next chamber, you will be spotted by an agile and
Deadly MOTHULA. Mothulas are the adult version of Morths and they are far
More dangerous. Their pincer attacks are quick and sudden, so keep moving to
Stay out of danger and use your shield when you can't avoid it. If the
Mothula points it's rear end at you, it is about to eject a fresh swarm of
Morths. The good news is that Mothulas don't have a lot of stamina, and a few
Hits will be enough to kill one. If you manage to parry it's attack, you can
Kill it in a single hit. The bad news is that there is an even deadlier type
Of Mothula that you'll have to defeat in the very near future....

After defeating the Mothula, you'll still have two Boko Babas to deal with on
The ground and a few Peahats up above once you make your way up to the second
Level. The Boko Babas both convert into Baba Buds after they expire, and
There is an additional bud deeper in the room that you can use as well to get
Up to the upper level. This level is made up of foliage platforms that grow
From the room's trees. Kill the Peahat, and then jump over to the Baba Bud
Growing up here. It will send you up to the third and final story, where
Three more Peahats can be found. Now use the one of two doors that isn't
Blocked by a pair of vine flowers.

As Link enters the next room, the door will seal behind him and a strange
Dust will fall from above. Link looks up to see the beautiful but deadly
Mini-boss of the Forbidden Woods, the winged Mothula! Winged Mothulas are
Even more of a terror than their wingless forms, because they can soar
Through the air with their four powerful wings. Also, the winged Mothula can
Only be damaged once it is grounded, and to do that you must hack off all
Four of it's wings. Like wingless adults, this Mothula can eject a large swarm
Of Morths to distract you while it flies overhead. Its pincer attacks are
Also a thing to be feared, though they aren't as quick and sudden as it's
Wingless kin. The most distinctive attack that the winged Mothula has is it's
Rocket-powered charge. With a burst of fire, the Mothula will swoop down on
You and strike, releasing Morths as is goes. This attack is difficult to
Counter, so keep your distance from the Mothula. Because the Mothula will be
Flying around the room, it will be hard to get close enough to attack it with
Your sword without getting hurt yourself. The easiest way to remove it's wings
Is by stunning it with the Deku Leaf. Once stunned, the Mothula will drift
Slowly towards the ground. Take this opportunity to attack it. Remember to
Cut down the grass around you for hearts if your health gets low, and use a
Spin attack every once in a while to shake the Morths off you when they
Accumulate. If you need cover, hide behind one of the large trees in the
Room. After the Mothula's wings have been removed, attack and defeat it as if
It were a regular wingless Mothula. It will take longer to kill than a normal
Wingless adult, but it's attack patterns and movements will be the same. Just
Make sure you kill it as soon as you can, because it will grow it's wings back
Eventually if you don't.

After you triumph over the Mothula, a chamber will open in the back of the
Room, containing a large treasure chest. Inside it is the amazing BOOMERANG. The Boomerang is your first true projectile weapon, and it's one of the best
Items in the game. Manually, it can be used to strike up to five different
Targets. It is the game's most efficient way to stun enemies, leaving them
Open for attack and making things like ChuChus and Peahats so much easier to
Kill. Because of this, the Boomerang remains a useful item even late in the
Game. You will need to use the Boomerang to get out of the room, since the
Only door out won't unseal even after you kill the Mothula or open the large
Chest. Above the door there are two diamond-shaped switches that you must
Target at the same time with the Boomerang. Hitting them both in one shot
Will unseal the exit. Before you leave with your new prize, shatter the
Mothula's remaining treasure sphere for rupees, hearts and a Golden Feather.

Peahats and Boko Babas won't stand a chance against the Boomerang, since you
Can lock on to your targets and dispatch them quickly with your new weapon. In fact, Boko Babas will be killed in only a single hit! Destroy any Peahats
In the previous room before looking for the Grappling Hook point in the
Northwest corner. After you hook onto it, climb up the rope and stand on top
Of the beam. By doing this you can grapple onto another beam further up. Instead of climbing this one however, simply use it to swing to the ledge
Below it. Now jump over to the flat vine moving up in down in front of the
Ledge. When it hoists you up to the second flat vine, jump to it and use it
To get to another ledge. Cut down the trees that block the treasure chest,
And then open it to get a Joy Pendant. Now glide back down to the previous
Level of the room. Apart from the winged Mothula's room, there is another
Door in the room's third story. It is blocked by two vine flowers however, so
Use the Boomerang to target them both and destroy them. Once the door is
Free, use it to get to the water-filled room.

There aren't any Peahats in the upper level of this room, but there is a
Large amount of hanging pods that you have to get rid of before you sail over
To the other side with the Deku Leaf. Use the Boomerang to cut down five at a
Time until a path is clear. When you float over to the opposite ledge, open
The chest on your left for another Joy Pendant and use the unblocked door.

This door will put you at the very top of the main hub room. Ahead of you,
You'll be able to see five blue vines that the enormous flower hangs from. Take out the Boomerang and target all five of them. When they are cut at the
Same time, the massive plant will fall to the forest floor and crash through
It, revealing the dungeon's basement through the gaping hole. Before you jump
Down though, sail down to the warp cauldron to return to the first room of
The dungeon, and then walk to the second room.

When you enter, you should see a Baba Bud in front of this previously-
Explored room. Use it and the Deku Leaf to reach the other buds that will
Take you to the opposite grassy ledge. The Baba Bud here will launch you up
To a new Baba Bud on the west wall. Launch yourself straight over the thorny
Vine waving around and glide to the ledge with yet another Baba Bud. The
Ledge contains a chest, but it's sealed by a vine flower. Only with the
Boomerang can you destroy it and acquire another Treasure Chart. You can use
The Baba Bud on the ledge to reach the opposite ledge, but you'll have to
Watch out for a live Boko Baba when you get to it. Rummage the nearby
Branches and jars for rupees and a Joy Pendant, but avoid the green ChuChus. After you are satisfied with what you have, return to the hub chamber and
Drop down to the basement. Try to fall through the opening so that the large
Flower cushions your fall. When you reach the basement, ignore the Baba Bud
And the wind lever and use the door instead.

Walk forward and use the Boomerang to kill a Peahat and several Morths
Sitting on the islands in the water ahead. The room forks into two
Directions, but the only path you can take is to the right. Jump across the
Pond via the islands and then hurry through the grass. Several tentacle-like
Plants lurk in the grass, and while they aren't dangerous, the creepy plants
Can grab onto your head and prevent you from moving, draining your magic
Power as well. You can cut them down, but they grow back in a matter of
Seconds. You'll also want to avoid the green ChuChus. Use the door at the end
After you get through the enemies.

When you reach the next room, you'll see another large flower hanging from
Four vines ahead. Before you cut it down, use the flower as a platform to
Reach the opposite ledge. Open the chest here for a yellow rupee. Now turn
Around and cut down the flower's four vines with the Boomerang. The bottom of
This room is filled mainly with water. Watch out for the Octorok shooting
Stones at you from the west tunnel. If you need to get back up to the
Entrance for some reason, use the ladder on the north side of the room. On
One shore you will see a bomb flower, while on the opposite one there is a
Door blocked by wooden boards. Jump over to the bomb flower and then quickly
Carry it across the large flower so that you can blow up the wooden boards. The room beyond the door is optional, but it contains a Treasure Chart so
Enter it anyway.

From the entrance jump from platform to platform until you get to the central
Island, killing Peahats and Boko Babas along the way. There is a treasure
Chest inside of the hollow tree in the middle, and you can enter it by
Crawling through a small tunnel in the back, but there is no way you'll be
Able to destroy the vine flower that holds the chest shut once you are
Inside. There just isn't enough room to stand back far enough to hit the
Flower while it is opened. Instead, look for a platform with Morths directly
Behind the tunnel entrance. Kill it's occupants and then jump over and defeat
The Boko Baba plant on the next platform. It will transform into a Baba Bud;
Use it to reach the north ledge up above. From here, call the cable platform
Over by blowing the lever on your left with the Deku Leaf. The cable platform
Won't move afterwards though, so you'll have to ferry yourself across
Manually. Turn to face north and blow yourself across on the platform with
Gusts of Deku Leaf wind. When you reach the south ledge, pick the bomb flower
Growing there, turn and then toss it into the hollow tree down below. The
Explosion should kill the vine flower guarding the treasure chest. Hop down
Into the hollow tree and open it to receive a valuable Treasure Chart. Now
Exit the room.

Once again, defeat the Octorok and cut down the flower hanging from the
Ceiling in the previous room. Obtaining the optional Treasure Chart also
Taught you a valuable lesson; how to use the Deku Leaf as a propeller to push
Yourself across distances. You can do the same here by using the large flower
As a raft. Face east and then ferry yourself through the river with gusts of
Wind. The river will turn to the left, and you'll have to fight two more
Octoroks as well. Jump onto the ledge at the end, which is too high to reach
From the water otherwise. Enter the door on your left before the ChuChus and
Magic-draining tentacles reach you.

As soon as you enter the dark room ahead, thick, thorny vines will block the
Entrance, trapping you inside. The Korok dwelling in the back of the room
Contains a treasure chest, but access is blocked by a wooden gate that won't
Lift itself until you hit five diamond-shaped switches in the room with one
Toss of the Boomerang. Use the spiral ramp around the Korok dwelling to get
On top of it. Sweep the Boomerang around the room in a circle until it
Targets all five diamond-shaped switches around you. A large tree in the
Northwest corner will disrupt the Boomerang's path through the air, so you
Should probably begin and end the sweep with the switches that are on either
Side of the tree. Once the gate to the Korok dwelling is lifted, go inside
And open the chest for the Big Key. Of course, you still need to find the
Boss's room.

As soon as you emerge from the dwelling with the Big Key, two Kargarocs will
Fly over head and drop two Moblins into the room to challenge you. While
Fighting two at a time is obviously harder than just one, the advantage to
This is that the Moblins will often damage each other with their far-reaching
Spears. Also, this time you have the Boomerang to even the odds. You can use
It to stun the Moblins, leaving them open for attack. After they are
Defeated, climb back onto the Korok dwelling and use the Grappling Hook to
Reach the new exit door (the thorny vines won't remove themselves from the

This is the room where you first encountered the grabbing tentacles. You will
Emerge from the southwestern entrance this time, so walk forward and jump off
The first ledge. Defeat the ChuChus in the grass and make sure to kill the
Morths from afar before making your way over to the east door.

To escape from the basement, stand on the patch of land in front of the door
And send a gust of wind from the Deku Leaf to the wind lever on your left. This will create an updraft that will blow from the large flower you cut
Loose earlier. The updraft will only last for little more than ten seconds,
So quickly jump into the Baba Bud next to you and use the Deku Leaf once you
Are airborne to float. When you glide into the updraft, it will push you up
To the first floor. The path that leads to the boss's lair is beyond the
Unused east door up here blocked by a pair of vine flowers. With the
Boomerang, destroy the vine flowers and enter the door. This new passage will seal itself with thorny vines as soon as you set foot
Into it. Not long afterwards, you will be attacked by a pack of Mothulas. The
Boomerang will make fighting them easier, but that's no guarantee that you
Won't get hurt. After defeating them both, the thorny vines will retract into
The ground and a treasure chest will appear along the south wall. It only
Contains yet another Joy Pendant (don't worry, you will find use for them
Soon enough). Shake off the Morths and use the door at the end of the

This is the final room before you face the Forbidden Woods' boss. There are
Around fifteen pods in this room that you can break, and it's a lot of fun
Doing so with the Boomerang. Watch out, because some of them conceal ChuChus
Or Morths, but others hide valuable items like Fairies, rupees and other
Refills. The third warp cauldron is also in this room. If you plan on using
It, grab a Boko stick from the jar and light it on fire using one of the
Torches in front of the boss door. Use the burning stick to burn off the
Wooden covering on top of the cauldron. Save your game before you enter the
Boss's chamber.

Unexpectedly, Link finds not a boss inside this large chamber, but Makar!
Suddenly however, a blue man-eating plant appears behind the young Korok and
Swallows him whole! With a wicked cackle, the plant hoists itself onto the
Ceiling with it's many ropelike vines, flailing it's dangerous tentacles about. The boss of the Forbidden Woods is named KALLE DEMOS. This giant flower
Possesses a host of vicious tentacles that do it's bidding, and all the while
The boss remains invincible while it is protected by it's enormous magical
Petals. Offensively, Kalle Demos will slash, flail, whip and jab at you with
Its many tentacles, and the best way to avoid them is to keep moving at
Almost all times. Because they surround Kalle Demos on all sides, it is
Nearly impossible to get out of range of the savage flower. If you see the
Tentacles bury themselves underground, get ready to run. In mere moments they
Will begin to track you down beneath the undergrowth and burst from the
Ground when they reach you. Luckily, while you can't see the tentacles
Themselves, you can see the disturbances in the soil that they make while
They move underground. Killing Kalle Demos will require the Boomerang. As
Long as the boss's petals remain closed, you won't be able to hurt it's
Vulnerable head, so you must use the Boomerang to cut it down from the
Ceiling. The many vines that support Kalle Demos can be severed easily with
This weapon. Try to target five at a time so that you get them all cut
Quicker and the amount of time you spend standing still is lessened. The
Vines also grow back if you don't sever them all soon enough, but once you
Do, Kalle Demos will fall to the ground and open it's blue petals. Quickly run
Forward and begin hacking at the plant's head. Kalle Demos will only last a
Few seconds on the ground before it pulls itself up again with renewed vines. If it's petals close with you still inside, you will suffer a lot of damage
And be spit back out. However, it may be worth it to stay inside just to deal
More damage to the boss's head. If you do, you may be able to kill Kalle
Demos in only two rounds. After the plant replaces itself on the ceiling,
Simply repeat the same process as before with the Boomerang. It shouldn't
Take more than three rounds to destroy Kalle Demos. If you run low on health,
Cut down the grass around the edges of the room for hearts. After disuniting
The boss's head once and for all, Makar will be regurgitated and you will be
Rewarded with another Heart Container! Makar will give his grateful
Appreciation, but insist that both he and Link return to the Forest Haven as
Soon as possible to complete the annual Korok ceremony. Use the magical
Portal that appears in the center of Kalle Demos's corpse to escape the
Forbidden Woods.

Back in the Forest Haven, the Great Deku Tree forgives the young Makar for
His mischief, and rewards Link for rescuing him with FARORE'S PEARL. Finally,
The Koroks and the Great Deku Tree begin their annual ceremony. Makar begins
By playing his violin, and the other Koroks join in chant. Eight magical Deku
Seeds fall from the Deku Tree's canopy, and eight of the Koroks fly up to
Receive them. With a final farewell, they set off across the Great Sea to
Plant their seeds and begin new forests.


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