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Yu-gi-oh! GX Duel Acadamy

Yu-gi-oh! GX Duel Acadamy Cheats for Gameboy Advance

We have 8 cheats on Gameboy Advance

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Glitch: Burst Stream of DestructionAdded 19 Jun 2011, ID #13496
There also seems to be a glitch with Burst Stream of Destruction, though it's better. It will work even if BEWD is not on the field, but will still allow your monsters to attack. However, if BEWD is on the field, it still cannot attack.

you cantAdded 28 Jun 2009, ID #12803
I tried putting in F.G.D.(fyi in america it's called five headed dragon) and it said "You can not obtain this card through the password machine" so it's in the game but you can't use the password machine to get it.sorry )-=
Getting all E-MailsAdded 22 Sep 2008, ID #12378
When you start the game, you have seven slots in your E-Mail that can be filled so that you can challenge people whenever you want.
Those slots belong to:

Here's how to get them all:

Jaden, Syrus, and Chumly: Simply, when the game starts, you'll be taken to the Slifer Red dorm where you'll meet Jaden Syrus and Chumly. After a brief chat, you'll get all three addresses.

Bastion: Also easy. When you finally get to your first day, go to the Ra Yellow dorm when there's a question mark to meet Bastion. He'll give you his E-Mail after a short chat.

Alexis: A little more difficult. Wait until durring the week, you hear some Obilisk Blue students talking about someone sneaking near the girl's dorm at night. At night on a weekend after hearing this chat, go to the girl's dorm to find Alexis and her two friends. They'll confront you and all challenge you to a duel, thinking that you;re the perv. You may be able to lose, but I did it by beating all three of them. Once they're done, Alexis will give you her E-Mail.

Chazz: Be a Ra Yellow and defeat Chazz 10 times. Durring the week, Crawler will tell you that you will have a duel with Chazz because you beat him so many times. Defeat him, and you'll be promoted to Obilisk Blue, regardless of your rank, and be allowed to skip the next exam! Chazz will disappear for a while before returning under the wing of another school, and you'll fight him in a duel for a tournament. Defeat him for the three ojama cards, Ojama Delta Hurricane, Ojama Trio, and his E-Mail.

Zane: Wait until you get an E-Mail talking about Syrus hanging out near the river in the morning. When he's at the river in the morning, go talk to him, and you'll be pulled into an unrefusable duel. After the first draw, it will say: "A few turns later" and syrus will draw a card, and tell you a story about Power Bond. After that, he'll use Polymerization to make Steam Gyroid and attack you directly. On your turn, use Polymerization (You'll always have the same hand, regardless of your deck) to make Elemental Hero Thunder Giant, use his ability to destroy Steam Gyroid, and attack Syrus directly. After the duel, Zane will appear, and challenge you to a duel the next day. When that day comes, duel Zane. Whether you win or lose, you'll get Zane's E-Mail.

Happy dueling!
How To Get The Card NumbersAdded 13 Sep 2008, ID #12369
If you have a real Yu-Gi-Oh! Card that you want to obtain in the game, just look at the bottom left of your card, there, you will see the card's number and type it in-game, but if you don't have the card you wanted, just search the card's picture on the internet then look at the bottom left part.

Note: Not all card numbers are accepted in the game especially the new released ones.
How to get sacred beastsAdded 15 Jul 2008, ID #12221
To get the sacred beats in the game you must beat the game 99 percent then you duel the chancelor.
Elemental HerosAdded 20 Jan 2007, ID #10176
Input codes in password machine at shop.

21844576 Elemental Hero Avion
79979666 Elemental Hero Bubbleman
58932615 Elemental Hero Burstinatrix
84327329 Elemental Hero Clayman
35809262 Elemental Hero Flame Wing Man
20721928 Elemental Hero Sparkman
61204971 Elemental Hero Thunder Giant
63035430 Skyscraper
F.G.D and Master of Dragon Soldier???Added 20 May 2006, ID #8154
Hello, Can anyone tell me what the codes are for the Five God Dragons (F.G.D.)?
Can you also tell me what the Master of Dragon Soldier code is as well. One more thing, How much will you have to pay in order to get them??

Please reply to the following E-mail address: [email protected]

Thanks to all that helps. P.S. Try to give the correct one please. (check the codes, make sure they work)
P.S.2 Also, does anyone have the V. 3.2 Action Replay code for inf. DP?
P.S.3 Same as #2 except for Have All Cards?
Copycat has unreachable power!Added 17 Mar 2006, ID #7735
You need the following cards on the field: Elemental Hero Avian, Mechanicalizer,Copycat.You need the following equip cards: Axe of Dispair, Malevolent Nuzzler. Equip these equip cards to Avian. Your opponent must be someone you know with Scape goat or Stray lambs. But this stategy changes. You need four monsters with scapegoat(not adding Copycat) with two monsters it will be 291, something and I don't know about scapegoat though.

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