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by Lisanne


 888888888    88888      88888      8888888  88     88  88888888     8888888 
 888888888.  8888888    8888888    88888888. 88.    88. 888888888   88888888.
  .....88..  88...88.   88...88.   88....... 88.    88. 88.....88.  88.......
      88..  88..   88  88..   88  88..       88.    88. 88.    88. 88..      
     88..   88.    88. 88.    88. 88.        88.    88. 88888888.. 888888888 
    88..    88.    88. 88.    88. 88.        88.    88. 88888888.  888888888.
   88..     88.    88. 88.    88. 88.        88.    88. 88.....88  88........
  88..       88   88..  88   88..  88         88   88.. 88.    88.  88       
 888888888   8888888.   8888888.   88888888   8888888.  888888888.  88888888 
 888888888.   88888..    88888..    8888888.   88888..  88888888..   8888888.
  .........    .....      .....      .......    .....    ........     .......


Version: 1.21
Status: Complete.
System: GameBoy Advance. This guide is NOT compatible with the GameCube
version of this game.
Author: Lisanne (Lisa Harrison)


This guide is Copyright 2004-2007 Lisa Harrison (Lisanne).

This document may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
distributed publicly without my advance written permission. Use of this guide
on any web site other than the sites listed below or as a part
of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright owners.

Please send any e-mails concerning the contents of this guide, questions about
the game, requests for permission to put it on your site etc to:

[email protected]

If you are requesting permission to put it on your site, please ensure that
you put the URL of the site concerned into your e-mail as otherwise the answer
will be no. Please note that it may take me up to a week to respond to e-mails.
At present, this guide may only be shown on the following sites: and its affiliated sites

If you are viewing this guide elsewhere, it is without my permission, in which
case I'd appreciate it if you could notify me immediately through e-mail 


Title art appears courtesy of Math Murderer.


1. Introduction
2. Controls
3. Menu
4. Single player Classic
5. Single player KO
6. Single player KO Blind
7. Everything else (random information)
8. Things I learned while writing this guide


ZooCube is a puzzle game, but if you're reading this then I guess you should
already know that. A game of this type needs no walkthrough, as one would be
impossible to write and to understand since the game is what you make of it,
but rather, this guide is intended to help you get the most out of the game
and proceed through the various stages of difficulty with greater ease. There
is only so much I can tell you though, since success in this game is down to
a combination of luck and skill, and knowledge really does not factor into it.

The basic principle is to match up pairs of shapes as they float towards a cube
which sits in the centre of the playing screen. The cube can be rotated using
the D-Pad to get the shapes to land on the side you want them to. As you match
up pairs, they disappear. You can stack up to five shapes on each side of the
cube (which has eight faces on which you can stack shapes), but once you reach
five on one side, the shapes will turn grey and you'll have to match a pair on
that side to see the colours again. If you exceed this maximum, the game is

Remarkably, there is a story in this game, which you can see by leaving the
game alone from the start screen and waiting. This will bring up the story,
which is basically that there is a mad scientist who has trapped animals in
shapes and you have to free the animals by matching up pairs. Sound familiar?
The story is virtually identical to that in the Sonic The Hedgehog games, so
that's why it may ring more than a few bells. The story element really has no
bearing whatsoever on the game though, since this is a puzzle game so it isn't
necessary. Still, nice of them to include some sort of story to explain your
role in the game rather than just providing a cube and leaving you to it!


Select the "Control" option from the main menu in order to change the default
control layout. By default, the game will be set to "Config 1" which is the one
I have used for this guide. This is the control configuration that I am going
to detail here.

 Up:       rotate cube up
 Down:     rotate cube down
 Left:     rotate cube left
 Right:    rotate cube right
 Up + L:   rotate cube in
 Down + L: rotate cube out
 A:        accelerate falling shapes
 B:        juggle shapes on cube up
 R:        juggle shapes on cube down
 L + R:    use smart bomb


After pressing the Start key on the main screen, the following menu will
appear. To select an option, press A. To cancel a selected option, press B.
Options that you can select will appear in green, whereas those you can't yet
select will flash red.

  Selecting this option will enable you to play the game in single player
  mode. Upon selecting this option, you will access the "Game Select"
  sub-menu. Use the D-pad to navigate up and down and use the A button to
  change the highlighted part of the menu. Note that some sections will not
  be available to be changed until you have progressed enough to unlock them.
  Each section has a variety of choices. I will list them from the top down:
  o TYPE - this option allows you to select the type of single player game to
    play. You can choose from Classic, KO and KO Blind, all of which are
    explained in their respective sections of this guide.
  o LEVEL SELECT - appearing as a list of seas and oceans, you can only choose
    to start the game from levels which you have already beaten and therefore
    unlocked in the type of game that you wish to play. Remember though that
    the primary objective is to rack up absurdly high scores, so the later you
    start, the less your head start when it comes to scoring.
  o START GAME - self-explanatory.
  o TUTORIAL - selecting this will show a basic tutorial video. Once accessed,
    you can end the tutorial by pressing the A or Start button.
  When you select this option, your GBA will automatically check to see whether
  there is another player linked up for play. If not, the message "No players
  found" will appear. If this happens, unlink your GBAs and restart them and
  try again.
  Selecting this option allows you to play a co-operative game alongside a

  When you select this option, your GBA will automatically check to see whether
  there is another player linked up for play. If not, the message "No players
  found" will appear. If this happens, unlink your GBAs and restart them and
  try again.
  Selecting this option allows you to play a competitive game against a friend.

  Select this option to change the in-game settings. Upon selecting this
  option, the following sub-menu will appear:
  o SOUND - the options are "SFX", "BGM", "OFF" and "ALL". "SFX" means that
    only the sound effects will be played. "BGM" means that only the background
    music will be played. "OFF" means that no sound will be played. "ALL" means
    that both background music and sound effects will be played. Toggle through
    to the desired option by highlighting the "Sound" section and pressing the
    A button.
  o CONTROL - view and change the default controls here. To see the default
    controls, please see the section on "Controls" above.
  o SPEED - enables you to customize the speed that the shapes will drift to
    the cube. You can choose from:
    "Milk Float" (very slow)
    "Bus" (slow)
    "Freight" (quite slow)
    "Normal" (speaks for itself)
    "Express" (a little faster)
    "Rocket" (fast)
    "Supersonic" (mind the caffiene)
    "Light Speed" (now you're just being masochistic)
    "Warp Speed" (shouldn't you be talking to the voices in your head and
    setting fire to your padded cell with your imaginary matchstick friends??)
  o HUD - Choose from "1" (default), "2" or "none". I'm not sure what "HUD"
    stands for, but the numbers you choose affect the number of shapes you can
    see on the left hand side of the screen during play in advance of them
    appearing on the main part of the play screen. If you know what's coming
    next, it can help you to prepare for it.
  o HIGH SCORES - display the high scores. High scores for all types of game
    play show in the same chart.

  Self-explanatory. View the list of people who made this game happen.

                        ~~SINGLE PLAYER CLASSIC~~

This is the default mode for a single player game, and the only mode you can
use when you first start playing (other single player modes have to be
unlocked to play them). As you keep playing, you will also unlock other areas
to choose from when you start the game. Until these are unlocked, you have to
start right from the beginning level. As you progress, the levels get gradually
more difficult, as you would expect.

When the game starts, you will find that you begin with your cube in the centre
of the screen. Shapes will slowly drift towards it (assuming you're starting
out from the beginning) and you should rotate the cube using the controls
listed in the Control section above to get the shapes to land on the faces of
the cube that you want them to. The key is to match up pairs of shapes. Netting
a pair will get you 25 points, but don't despair as there are plenty of other
ways to accumulate points in this game.

Matched a pair? Got your 25 points? Feel the need for an "I'm a big boy, I am"
Freudian large score moment? Then you'd better learn how to get nasty...

There are several ways of making your score balloon faster than Veruca on
Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Method number one is to achieve lots of
"balance" bonuses. Every time you achieve "balance", the game awards you 1000
points. Simple! You can do this by merely allowing one shape to attach to each
face of the cube. Then match a pair and let the next shape attach to the side
you just cleared, rinse and repeat ad nauseum.

Similar to the above method, you can also take advantage of the "Juggle"
bonuses. Each time you match a pair, a little circle will appear on the side
you matched from in its stead. Land another shape on this circle and you will
receive a bonus, the value of which changes according to the colour of the
circle you landed on.

Whenever you clear the cube of all shapes, you will notice that a variety of
random objects will appear around the cube, hovering above each face. When this
occurs, you should try to collect as many of them as possible by letting the
next shapes to approach the cube drift right through them. Be quick, as these
bonus objects disappear fast! The slowest ones to disappear are the green
lollipop and the rocket, so if you're still using the slower speed settings or
at the lower levels, don't bother aiming for the rest - just head straight for
these ones, as they are the easiest to hit and also the highest-scoring.

Often though, rather than simply getting the bonus shapes, you will access a
"KO Round". This involves a selection of shapes heading straight for the cube,
your task being to match them against the incoming shapes that follow with a
view to clearing the cube entirely. A meter will appear on the right-hand
side of the screen. When it fills, you will have achieved a perfect round and
get more bonus shapes for the level that follows! If you don't achieve the
"perfect", then you lose the points you accumulated playing this bonus and go
back to the main game with nothing gained. Note that you will only be given
the exact shapes that you need to clear the cube - nothing more, nothing less.

To succeed at this game, you will need a lot of luck, fast fingers and nerves
of steel. If things aren't going your way, don't panic! Remember that you have
three smart bombs available to use - to trigger one, press the L and R buttons
together to blow up one shape from each side of the cube. Make sure you don't
waste these bombs as you may need them later in the game.

If one side of the cube gains five shapes, the shapes on that side will turn
grey in colour. Whilst this isn't a major hassle in terms of seeing what's
there (since you'll still be able to see the outlines of the shapes and they
will turn back to their true colour anyway when a matching shape is drifting
towards them), it is a pain in several other ways. Firstly, with a chain as
long as that, it won't be long before a shape drifting towards the cube will
attach to it since it will reach that side faster than the others. So if you
make a wrong move, you could be in trouble. You will have to think fast and
plan ahead. Make sure to press the B button to get the shape you want at the
end of the line and then quickly move it to face an incoming matching shape to
pair them off and regain proper control.

Try to memorize the controls for turning the axis in all the possible ways as
quickly as possible. Ideally, you want to be able to perform these moves on
instinct without even thinking about them. Once you have mastered the controls,
you have essentially mastered the game.

Good luck!

                           ~~SINGLE PLAYER KO~~

In this game type, rather than having shapes drift towards the cube and trying
to match them into pairs as they come, you start each sub-level with a few
shapes gravitating instantly onto the cube. Shapes will then move slowly
towards the cube as in the classic game type, but the shapes will be designed
to match against the shapes which start off on the cube. Sound confusing?
That's because it's hard to explain!

For example, in the first sub-level of the Mediterranean stage, three shapes
will hit the cube at the start - typically brown, red and blue. Next, three
shapes will drift towards the cube and you have to match them off against the
ones already on there. Each level, more shapes will be added at the start to
make life more difficult. All in all though, this is a very easy way to play
the game.

As in the classic mode, the difficulty increases when a larger number of shape
types appear, the speed quickens and more than one shape starts heading for
your cube at once. As in the classic mode's bonus levels, there will be a
guage on the right hand side of the screen which will start empty and gradually
fill up as you pair off the shapes. If you fill the guage completely during the
course of finishing a level, then you get a "perfect" round and the same bonus
shapes will appear around the cube. See the "Everything Else" section for the
full list of bonus shapes and the scores you get for clearing them.

As in all modes, PLAN AHEAD! This is the best way to keep on top of the game.
If you know you're not going to match all the shapes in this mode, don't panic.
Just keep your cool and write off that round, trying to match as many of the
remaining shapes as possible.

See the tips in the classic mode section for more ideas. There really isn't
much you can do though except memorize the controls and keep on practising
until you have mastered the game.

                          ~~SINGLE PLAYER KO BLIND~~

This mode works in a very similar way to the Single Player KO mode as detailed
above, but there is one major difference - you cannot actually see the colours
of the shapes that initially hit the cube - only the colours of the shapes that
drift towards it as you play. 

Now, this is actually a pretty easy challenge to deal with - most of the shape
types are rather distinctly different, and as soon as you rotate the correct
side of the cube to match off a shape with an incoming piece, you will see the
shape appear with its pattern if you are correct anyway. So if you have no
idea what to choose and you're fast enough to do it (in later levels), then
you can just try trial and error and chances are you'll succeed.

Since this mode is so similar to the Single Player KO mode, I won't go into
the tactics needed here. Read the above sections for more hints, but beyond
what I have said there is really nothing to explain.

                            ~~EVERYTHING ELSE~~

Here's all the stuff that didn't really fit elsewhere in the guide...

  The levels are all named after seas and oceans of the world. The numeric
  rating next to the level name is really the difficulty indicator, so the
  names themselves have no bearing on gameplay whatsoever, but I thought I
  ought to include a list anyway. Note that levels are the same for all modes
  of gameplay.
    1. Mediterranean Sea
    2. China Sea
    3. Arabian Sea
    4. Arctic Ocean
    5. Atlantic Ocean
    6. Indian Ocean
    7. Pacific Ocean

  Clearing a level of all shapes, or emptying a KO or bonus stage with a
  perfect run, will cause a variety of small objects to appear next to the
  faces of the cube. Allowing an approaching shape to pass through one of these
  objects before they all disappear will net you the bonus score that object
  carries. Get some fast D-pad action in to net multiple bonus objects with
  just one shape - this is a good way to get extra points, since they fade away
  so quickly!
    1. Turquoise swirly snake thing - 250 points.
    2. Red and white candy cane - 500 points.
    3. Orange ice lolly - 750 points.
    4. Ice cream cone - 1000 points.
    5. Green lollipop - 1500 points.
    6. Rocket - 2000 points.


 o Warp Speed mode makes my eyes bleed. Not literally...

 o Kronenbourg lager really DOES make my bladder weak.

 o Animals can become trapped in shapes quite often. Be responsible - always
   keep your trash wildlife-safe by cutting through the plastic rings that
   hold beer cans together and removing the lids from tins completely.

 o ASchultz inspires me. Thankyou for taking my fledgling writer self and
   turning me into something halfway resembling legible!