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by Lord Yami Shuryou

| ____  __       ___   __  ___   _____      ___    ___      __  ___  __   __  |
|    / /  \|\  ||     /  \|        |  |   ||      |   |\  ||  \|    |  \ |    |
|   /  |  || \ ||---  |  ||---     |  |---||---   |---| \ ||  ||--- |--/  \   |
|  /___\__/|  \||___  \__/|        |  |   ||___   |___|  \||__/|___ |  \ __|  |
|                                                                             |
|             __________________              __________________              |
|            |                  |            |                  |             |
|            |                  |            |                  |             |
|            |                  |            |                  |             |
|            |                  |            |                  |             |
|            |                  |            |                  |             |
|            |                  |            |                  |             |
|            |                  |            |                  |             |
|            |                  |            |                  |             |
|            |                  |            |                  |             |
|____________|                  |____________|                  |_____________|
   _____        ___    ___    __ _____    __   ___                    __   __
     |   |   | |      |    | |     |     /  \ |      |\    /|   /\   |  \ |
     |   |---| |---   |--- |  \    |     |  | |---   | \  / |  /__\  |--/  \
     |   |   | |___   |    | __|   |     \__/ |      |  \/  | /    \ |  \ __|

			ASCII Credit of LivingNightMare185

Table of Contents
The section is what information on the game corresponds to the number. The
completion is how much of that section has been completed.

Now, what about the password? Well, press Ctrl + F, and you'll open up a Search 
Box. Enter the Password in, and it'll take you to the section that you so 

	Section		     Completion	       Password
1.  Story		|	100%	  |	1STORY
2.  Walkthrough		|	100%	  |	2WKTGH
2a. Bonaparte III	|	100%      |	2ABIII
2b. Mars Prison         |       100%      |     2BMPRS
2c. Sphere/Hospital     |       100%      |     2CSOHS
2d. Robin's Place       |       100%      |     2DRBPL
2e. Semyl's Orphanage   |       100%      |	2ESMOR
2f. BIS Outside         |       100%      |     2FBISO
2g. Downtown Riots      |       100%      |     2GDTRI
2h. Frame Factory       |       100%      |     2HFRFC
2i. Frame Factory II    |       100%      |     2IFFII
2j. Downtown Executions |       100%      |     2JDTEX
2k. Military Server     |       100%      |     2KMLSV
2l. Mars Angels         |       100%      |     2LMRAN
2m. Hellespontos BC     |       100%      |     2MHLBC
2n. Zephyrs' End        |       100%      |     2NZPEN
2o. Downtown Riots      |       100%      |     2ODTRI
2p. Headquarter Frontier|       100%      |     2PHQFR
2q. Ned's Return        |       100%      |     2QNDRT
2ra. Dark Half          |       100%      |     2RADRH
2rb. Harmony and Strife |       100%      |	2RBHAS
2sa. Red Earth          |       100%      |     2SARDE
2sb. Waves              |       100%      |     2SBWVS
2ta. Missing Line       |       100%      |     2TAMSL
2tb. Island of Destiny  |       100%      |     2TBIOD
2ua. Faint Light        |       100%      |     2UAFTL
2ub. Nosferatu          |       100%      |     2UBNSF 
2va. Heaven-Bound Wings |       100%      |	2VAHBW
2vb. Violated Wishes    |       100%      |     2VBVLW
2wa. Fulfillment        |       100%      |     2WAFLF
2wb. God Save Us!       |       100%      |     2WBGSU
2xa. Pharsti		|	100%      |     2XAPHA
2xb. Promised Reunion   |       100%      |     2XBPRU
2y.  Reunion            |       100%      |     2YARUN
3.  Battle	   	|	100%	  |	3BTTLE
4.  24/25 Scene Paths   |       100%      |	42425S
5a. Mech Reference      |       100%      |     5AMCRF
5b. Character Reference |       100%      |     5BCHRF
5c. Terminology         |       100%      |	5TRMNL
6.  Version Updates	|	 -	  |	6VSPDS

|1STORY+   			    1. Story			       +1STORY|

	"Most of the Earth's natural resources had finally been exhausted, and
the tiny planet was unable to support the soaring population of humans. In 2045
mankind began to look beyond Earth for solutions and built the first 
Earth-space track orbital elevator. The "Space Age" had officially begun, and
countries all over the world dove into countless research projects and space
development plans. 

It was then that the human race created and discovered several new tools that 
would change life forever; the LEV, a pilot-controlled interspace robot; the 
resource Metatron, excavated from the Jupiter Moon, Callistoe; and the Urenbeck
Catapult, a device which, by manipulating space, enabled hyper-speed travel. 
The discovery and invention of these so-called "tools" expedited the progress 
of the space development project resulting in an exodus into space; in the 
span of a single century, more than 20 million people took up residencies in 
colonies on the moon, Mars, and as far as Jupiter territory. The transition 
from Earth to space seemed to be going smoothly - however, new conflicts were 
just beginning to materialize. 

Human beings left on Earth began to refer to these colonists as "Enders", a 
derogatory term for those "living at the end of civilization", expressing their
prejudiced attitudes toward non-Earth inhabitants. In response, these 
immigrants, who were subject to discrimination on top of living in harsh 
environments, bonded together in their bitterness against Earth... and tensions
between the two groups would only be magnified as time passed. 
In 2158, anger on the immigrant side culminated in the founding of BAHRAM, an 
anti-Earth military unit based in Vacilia County, Mars - and its subsequent 
clandestine invention of the Metatron "Orbital Frame", an entirely new type of
LEV-like machine. 

From there, it was one tragedy after another. The Deimos Incident. Anterior 
Intervention. The threat of orbital elevator destruction. Since the advent of 
BAHRAM and the Orbital Frame, the already precarious equilibrium keeping the 
peace betweeen Earth and space was rapidly falling apart. And in 2173, amidst 
the political turmoil, another ship filled with immigrants left Earth for the 
Zone Of The Enders..."

|2WKTGH+   			 2. Walkthrough			       +2WKTGH|

Some notes on the walkthrough. READ before going on.

-This guide is NOT SPOILER FREE. If you want something that IS spoiler free,
 erase all the none-TACTIC parts in each scene.
-For information on the 24 Scene/25 Scene path, refer to section 4. 24/25 Scene
-I have no plans to retell the story word for word. Between each scene, I will
 give a brief update on the story that's happening so far, and that WILL be it.
-I am assuming you have your IAS on by default, so that you can actually cause
 damage quickly enough. Otherwise, many of the feats that this walkthrough
 lists for you to do would be impossible.
-My apology with associating LEV with Frame, but since it registers in my mind
 as the same thing far too often, I sometimes use one term where the other is
 supposed to be used.

|2ABIII+   		       2a. Bonaparte III		       +2ABIII|

You'll be introduced to your main character; Cage, a young blue-haired boy 
working on the ship Bonaparte III. At the beginning, there'll be some confusion 
as a man confronts Cage and accuses him of stealing his wallet. Cage's friend 
Ares will show up and stop the fight that is about to happen, and the man will 
give Cage the "Handy PC" after some shady things happen. Ares will be 
exasperated at how easy Cage gets in trouble.

Afterwards, the ship is about ready to begin it's landing. On a cutscene away 
from Cage, you'll learn that the ship is carrying a 'mystery cargo', when the 
pilot and his captain report something huge coming their way that's not showing 
up on radar.

Afterwards, Cage will spot a mysterious blue-haired girl. As he finds her, the 
ship will be rocked with a hit from the unidentified object, and the ship wll 
begin to malfunction. With no time left, Cage will get into a large LEV that he 
found in the hangar, learning the girl's name in the process (Myona Alderan), 
and they'll take off....Only to fight....

				   SCENE ONE
			   On the Battle God's Palm
			   VICTORY: Defeat the Black Frame!
			   FAILURE: Cage's Frame destroyed!

The Bonaparte will explode, and the autopilot detects 42 living. The autopilot 
introduces itself as a navigation system, then notes the orbital frame coming 
their way. Afterwards, we fight.

TACTICS: This battle is a good time to get yourself introduced to the battle 
system. I'll be giving you a somewhat condensed version of how to fight. Start 
off by pressing the A button on the blue machine, and with it, move it onto one 
of the blue panels next to the red machine. Once you're in position, press 
Attack, and choose your only available option, the Rusty Lancer. Choose the red 
machine next to you to attack.

Now, you'll have eight seconds to attack the enemy Orbital Frame. You do this 
by trying to get the crosshairs you have on the screen over the Orbital Frame, 
and then pressing A to fire (If you have IAS disabled, you will automatically 
fire). However, do you see that red spot on the Orbital Frame? If you can get 
your crosshairs within that red spot, and you fire, the enemy unit will take 
critical damage.

Afterwards, move your cursor on the map away from any Orbital Frames, press A, 
and choose PhaseEnd. You'll then move on the defensive, and the enemy will 
attack. Here, you'll have a crosshair again, but instead of trying to hit the 
enemy Orbital Frame, you want to move it away. The enemy will shoot out his own 
crosshairs, and if they run into your crosshair, you'll be damaged. If he 
misses and time runs out, you'll avoid the attack.

Fight until you bring the enemy Orbital Frame to a low amount of HP. 
Communication will cut off as the enemy says something, and after evading an 
attack, Cage decides that he can't let himself be defeated. He'll then defeat 
the Orbital Frame, and the enemy Orbital Frame will run off. However, Cage wll 
be pulled down to Mars below by the gravitational field...

|2BMPRS+   		        2b. Mars Prison		  	       +2BMPRS|

We'll learn that said girl has amnesia, and the navigation program will 
interrupt and introduce itself as Pharsti. In the Mars wasteland, three Martian 
police will come out and arrest Cage, saying he's destroyed public property. 
Meanwhile, in some room elsewhere, we'll hear two people talk about a Plan 261, 
and also discuss political turmoil.

Back at the ranch, a security personnel will call Cage a liar when Cage tells 
his story, and shows a news report that says everyone on the Bonaparte was 
dead. When put back in the cell, Cage will reveal a button that plays music he 
got from Ares, which seems familiar to Myona. Ares will suddenly show up, and 
when he tries to open the lock, another figure gives Ares the combination. 
Afterwards, they'll run away.

				   SCENE TWO
			       Perpetual Motion    
			   VICTORY: Defeat all enemies!
			   FAILURE: Cage's Frame destroyed!

Cage will introduce Myona to Ares, and the new figure introduces himself as 
Deckson. Two security LEVs come in, and Cage will take off with Pharsti.

TACTICS: Wait out the first turn, so that the enemies will move closer to you
         but still not be in hitting range. Once your first turn is out and
         you're into your second turn, hit the enemy within attacking range
         with your Tear Bullet, and eliminate the same enemy a turn later with
         at least one critical hit between the two attacks. Afterwards, focus
         your fire on the other unit, until that LEV is down.

Afterwards, the security guard from before, whose name is Frazer, will show up 
with eight of his own men. However, one of those men will be destroyed as some 
of Deckson's friends show up. We'll also get our new objective; direct Blade, 
the vehicle-like LEV, to the flashing spot on the map.

			   VICTORY: Defeat all enemies!/Direct
				    Blade to the flashing spot!
			   FAILURE: Cage's Frame destroyed!/
				    Blade is destroyed!

TACTICS: With your first move, put Blade left and out of harm's way for the
         time being. Next, concentrate your fire on one LEV at a time over with
         Razma and Semyl, picking off one unit a turn. Next, have Cage follow
         along with Blade as an escort, stopping to take on anybody who decides
         to have a run-in with Blade. With Frazer's units lagging behind and
         the Razma and Semyl duo taking care of their targets, Blade should be
         able to make it to the flashing spot without a problem, thus ending
         the mission in a victory.

Afterwards, a member of the UNSF Special Task Force Acemos, Nadia Candido, 
shows up and ridicules Frazer. Afterwards, you'll receive your rewards for the 
mission. Of special note right now is that you can use the Garage during 
intermission, and can upgrade your LEV's HP, Shell, and Weapons Attack power.

|2CSOHS+   		        2c. Sphere/Hospital	  	       +2CSOHS|

At the Born in Space hideout, Deckson will introduce their organization to 
Cage. We'll learn a bit of background, and see some more of Semyl's and Razma's 
personality. However, Phil will rush in and inform us that the UNSF is raiding 
the hospital. Apparently, another BIS member named Yukito is there, and the 
UNSF is raiding the hospital to steal a drug and sell it at a higher price.

			       A Hopeless Hope   
			   VICTORY: Defeat all enemies!/Approach
				    the hospital with Edge!
			   FAILURE: Cage's Frame destroyed!/
				    Edge is destroyed!

Ned Noashim and his crew will raid the hospital, and demand some unrealistic 
demands. At the same time, two UNSF soldiers will stop the transport of the 
drug, but Yukito will show up and bust them up. Deckson, Cage, and everyone 
else will show up, and Deckson will offer to deliver the drug, showing he isn't 
a terrorist. Afterwards, we'll have to battle.

TACTICS: You need to get the Edge vehicle within the range of the flashing
         squares. First and foremost, send out Cage's LEV, Yukito's LEV, and
         Semyl's LEV out to the front lines, and have Edge and Blade follow
         them in behind. Once you're in a tactical position with the
         short-range fighters facing in front against the incoming vehicles and
         the long-range fighters behind them, wait for each of the enemy LEVs
         to approach, and pick them off one by one. With this, one of the
	 conditions will have been fulfilled.

Afterwards, Ned threatens to destroy the hospital and turn it into propaganda 
against BIS. However, Cage spots a Morse code and buys time, and Razma appears, 
sniping down Ned.

			   VICTORY: Defeat Ned!
			   FAILURE: Cage's Frame destroyed!/	
				    Edge is destroyed!

TACTICS: You have a free shot at Ned with Razma right off the bat. Next, move
         up all your other units to encounter Ned. Ned will more than likely
         move down to Razma, but he'll be far enough so that you have another
         hit at him. If you got both hits critical ratings, Ned will go down.
         Otherwise, he should still fall after a bit of a beating.

Afterwards, Ned will make meaningless threats, then recognize Cage. After 
thinking something about Plan 261, he'll run off. Afterwards, the Hospital 
Director apologizes to BIS, because he can't have them around any longer. 
Deckson will philosophise over how if they win there's no applause, and if they 
lose, they're terrorists. Afterwards, we'll head back to BIS Headquarters.

Here, we'll be formally introduced to Yukito. Deckson reveals that many 
atrocities on Mars are covered up, and BIS merely protects people's rights. 
Suddenly, Myona will remember stuff about her family and a fire, and faint. 
Afterwards, Semyl gives Myona a speech and tells her that if she wants to 
remember, Semyl will help her out and she should just take it easy. Afterwards, 
you'll receive your prizes for the mission.

|2CSOHS+   		       2d. Robin's Place	  	       +2DRBPL|

We'll learn that Myona was supposedly a stowaway on the Bonaparte III, and that 
a "Logistic Lewy" was on the Barnaparte III. Myona's parents are dead, too, it 
seems. Deckson then asks Ares, Myona, and Cage to join Born In Space, and the 
three will accept. However, Myona will then fall sick. Phil appears and reveals 
that UNSF framed BIS for destroying the hospital, when UNSF has apparently set 
off an explosion at Saint Mars Hospital. Deckson then tells the other two about 
Robin O'Connell, who's their funder and supporter in one. 

			   VICTORY: Get Edge to the flashing spot!/
				    Destroy Ned's LEV!
			   FAILURE: Edge is destroyed!

It'll be shown that Ned is burning Mars civilian homes. Deckson will then 
direct Cage's attention to a factory, after saying something worrisome about a 
possible leak. Your goal will be to get to the flashing spot over by the 

TACTICS: Start off by moving Edge chiefly upwards. Afterwards, your own forces
         will come out, with Yukito, Razma, and Semyl to the right, and Phil
         as well as Cage's LEV to the left. Once this is done, pick out the
         forces on the right side using your long-range guns, while Phil and
         Cage's LEV take on their own enemies. All the time, continue moving up
         Edge to the flashing spot. Pit Cage's LEV on frontal combat, while
         leaving Phil on long-range; if Cage's LEV gets damaged, Phil can fix
         it. Once Edge begins to get close to the factory, make sure all your
         opponents have been destroyed, then get all your other units near
         Edge. Afterwards, continue moving forward with Edge until you get to
         the flashing spot.

Afterwards, Robin will come out, aghast at what Ned has done, but Ned will 
suddenly appear and make some threats. However, Robin's assistant Mebius will 
appear behind Ned with another LEV, and damage Ned. Ned will then run off, and 
summon another platoon of frames.

			   VICTORY: Destroy Ned's LEV!
			   FAILURE: Edge is destroyed!/
				    Cage's Frame is destroyed!

TACTICS: Band your forward fighters together, and keep the long-range fighters
         right behind them. These enemies here are new, and while they're a
         lot smaller, they have a lot less HP; as a result, a more powerful-end
         attack or even a single critical hit can mop up each enemy. By keeping
         your long-range attackers just behind your short-range attackers,
         the enemies will come to try and attack one of the units. From there,
         you can pick off said nemesis and then turn your fire to another
         enemy on the battlefield. After the platoon is down, concentrate your
         fire on Ned, and hit him from all sides.

Afterwards, Nadia will show up, and say something about a higher figure, and 
order Ned to follow orders. Afterwards, the BIS members will head back to base.

At BIS, introductions will be made around, and Robin will explain the Robin 
Foundation to Cage. Afterwards, Mebius gives Myona a stuffed animal and warns 
her about Razma (xd). After a brief talk about the Orbital Frame that Mebius 
had and what the UNSF is doing, Ares suggests the possibility of traitors in 
the Born In Space. Afterwards, we'll go elsewhere.

Here, we'll see a scene between Nadia and her superior Lieutenant Bolozof, 
where it's suggested that they are lovers but Bolozof is using Nadia to his own 

|2ESMOR+   		     2e. Semyl's Orphanage	  	       +2ESMOR|

Phil will break in, and get in a brief fight with Razma. Afterwards, Phil 
brings the news; heavy taxes will be imposed on custom duties on commodities. 
Robin will call out her secretary Twede; the tax is limited to the county BIS 
is located in. Semyl will get angry over UNSF deliberately trying to starve 
people, and Razma will give her a going-down. Robin decides to go and find the 
force behind this incident, and afterwards, Twede will intervene to reveal that 
a supposed BIS-owned Frame operated by a pilot named 'Den' is creating chaos at 
Pandora Frettum - where Semyl's orphanage is located.

			   A Voice from Far, Far Away  
			   VICTORY: ???
			   FAILURE: Attack any enemy frames!/
				    Cage's Frame is destroyed!

'Den' will be making the orphans feel bad, when BIS shows up. 'Den', who's 
really Ned, will reveal to the BIS members that the children are in orbital 
frames that will approach the BIS on auto-pilot and attack them; but if BIS 
attacks the orbital frames, they will explode. He later reveals that the 
orphanage will explode if he is attacked.

TACTICS: First and foremost, DO NOT ATTACK ANY ENEMIES. If you do, explosions
         will happen, and you will lose the game. Instead, move your units up
         about five panels each, and then wait for three turns, dodging any
         attacks that may be thrown at you. After your three turns are over,
         a mysterious new Frame will appear, operated by a pilot named Warren.

Ned will be shocked at Warren's arrival, and it's revealed that Ned works for a 
person named Zephyr. Warren tells Cage he'll disarm all the bombs.

			   VICTORY: Destroy all enemy LEVs!
			   FAILURE: Durandal II is destroyed!/
				    Cage's Frame is destroyed!

TACTICS: Immediately, bring Warren to your guys, and guide him toward the
         bomb-armed LEVs. Basically, what you need to do is have Warren move to
         a panel RIGHT NEXT to one of the LEVs with bombs on them, and he will
         disarm them. Once they are disarmed, you can go and attack said LEV
         without the bombs exploding. DO NOT ATTACK NED. Once all three LEVs
         have been destroyed, it's good.

Ned will threaten to nuke the orphanage, but Ares will appear with his own 
Orbital Frame Vjaya and disarm the bomb in the orphanage. Ned will then go mad, 
retreat, and bring in more forces to battle against.

			   VICTORY: Ned's Frame destroyed!
			   FAILURE: Cage's Frame is destroyed!

TACTICS: Start off by moving Vjaya (with it's large movement frame) down to
         where all your other guys are, and your enemies will start following
         you. From here on in, start picking off the enemy units that come in,
         as now is a very good time to start gaining some experience. Be sure
         to test out Warren's Absolute and Vjaya's two attacks; you'll be
         surprised to find out how powerful they are. Once the line has been
         broken, mopup the remainders with Edge, Blade, and Razma along with
         Semyl, and bring your other guys (Cage's LEV, Vjaya, Durandal II,
         etc.) forward to block Ned in and take him out for once and for all.

Afterwards, Ned threatens to set off bombs that are on the collars of the 
children. Pharsti will suggest to Cage that she can stop it, and Cage will take 
it. Suddenly, Cage's LEV will turn into the Orbital Frame Testament! Pharsti 
and Cage will then destroy Ned's LEV, and kill Ned along with it. Cage will be 
mournful as he realizes what he has done. Afterwards, Deckson orders everyone 
to get back to BIS as the Security Keeping Force is on its way.

|2FBISO+   		         2f. BIS Outside	  	       +2FBISO|

Bolozof and Zephyrs meet, and Bolozof warns Zephyrs that the political 
situation could come tumbling down on Zephyrs. Zephyrs then warns Bolozof about 
Nadia, saying that her naivete could make her a dangerous double-edged sword. 
After, Zephyrs will speculate on something called a Vale and the Animus Series 
of Orbital Frames.

Back at BIS, talk will be made between people, and it'll be decided to let Cage 
come to terms on his own. Afterwards, the BIS members will get worried over 
what Earth is up to, stating that now that they're constructing Orbital Frames, 
Mars could lose the battles for freedom for sure. Twede enters and reveals 
Zephyrs is behind all this. After some theories are made, turns out Cage has 
opened the outer hatch and is gone. Damn.

With Cage, he'll run into Myona, who'll comfort him a bit as to his situation; 
apparently, Cage just wanted to lead a quiet life. Myona then reveals some 
stuff she remembers, and gives Cage a moral speech. However....

				   SCENE SIX
			       One Wing's Promise  
			   VICTORY: Destroy all enemy frames!
			   FAILURE: Cage's Frame is destroyed!

UNSF forces appear and order Cage to disembark. Myona forces Cage to stay on, 
and just as UNSF forces are about to fire, the other Born In Space members show 
up and counterfire. After a bit of chit-chat, everyone will throw their support 
forward for Cage (BTW, this is perhaps the BEST MUSIC EVAR in the game).

TACTICS: Move Semyl and the three support vehicles in a cross position, with 
         Semyl on the back (if you can, however, fire at the enemy craft
         instead). In the same turn, move up Yukito and the three Orbital
         Frames so that they're close enough to attack next turn, and make sure 
         Vjaya takes out one of the enemy UNSF LEVs. After the UNSF forces are
         done their attacks, take them out with your long/short-range cross
         formation forces, and move up Yukito and the Orbital Frames to take 
         care of them on the short-range zone.

Afterwards, everyone throws their words of support towards Cage again, and 
Razma calls in by radio, and the orphan kids thank Cage for his help in 
stopping Ned earlier. Razma also gives Cage a speech, but is suddenly 
interrupted, saying something first about how 'they' are here. The BIS members 
will rush to the city.

In the city, we'll meet up with Bolozof and Nadia, whose forces are destroying 
the orphanage. Nadia will question Bolozof's orders, but the BIS forces will 
show up. Bolozof will order them captured, but Razma will show up and eliminate 
all the LEVs except for Bolozof and Nadia. Bolozof offers Razma a position, but 
Razma refuses. Bolozof insults Martians, and then Cage wishes Pharsti were 
around...and summons her in doing so. Some foreshadowing later, Cage takes 
reign of Testament, and Myona leaves on the spare Blade.

                           VICTORY: Destroy all enemy frames!
                           FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!

TACTICS: Start off by moving down your Orbital Frames just next to Razma, and
         have Razma fire off at an enemy LEV. Once that's done, move everyone
         else down, following the Orbital Frames. After the next turn, the
         regular UNSF LEVs will follow up, but none of them will be in firing
         range yet. Take this opportunity to devastate their forces, and try to
         leave no LEV living. Once they are all gone, Nadia will have started
         her ascent upwards to the top, so wait it out until she gets in range, 
         then surround her in one turn from all sides. Once Nadia is down for
         the count, Bolozof will come after you. Use the same strategy as you
         did with Nadia - wait for Bolozof to come up to you, then surround
         him from all sides with short and long-range combat units.

After, Bolozof will retreat, and Cage thanks Pharsti. Afterwards, Cage explains 
that he now knows that he cannot run away from reality. After some 
foreshadowing, Cage apologizes to Pharsti for placing blame on her, and we 
learn that Testament was named after the deal between the two, and that Cage is 
Pharsti's unconditonal master. Back at BIS, Myona will comment to Ares that 
Cage is a strange boy, and he has something that she just can't pull herself 
away from.

In a secret conversation elsewhere, two people talk about progression of 
events, Pharsti, and Mars' freedom.

|2GDTRI+   		      2g. Downtown Riots	  	       +2GDTRI|

Robin will be doing tests on Testament, and Cage will leave. Meeting up with 
Myona, they'll have a little chat, and Robin tells Cage afterwards that Pharsti 
is very mysterious. After Cage and Myona leaves, Twede comes out; it appears 
the two are working for another employer.

In the meeting room, Deckson explains that there is another demonstration 
downtown later on, and it appears that an earlier 'demonstration' where 
civilians were injured was really the early BIS-Bolozof fight, edited to seem 
like a civilian demonstration where civilians fired first. After, Deckson 
decides to wait in ambush for any anti-Mars forces.

			        Opposing Tracks  
			   VICTORY: Destroy all enemy frames!
			   FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!

The security forces will be worried about the Earth UNSF forces, and then the 
protestors show up, demanding equal rights for Martians. Down below, Razma 
explains to Cage that some things can only be seen from on the ground. They'll 
meet with Nadia, and a suspiciously unconscious child. After their brief 
confrontation, the two head back up to the LEVs.

Up top, Nadia will fire in guise of a civilian LEV, and UNSF forces will show 
up. Turns out the security forces were set up, and UNSF will destroy the two 
security LEVs and a protestor. After, the Born In Space members will show up, 
and tell the protestors to move south.

TACTICS: The main goal of this battle may be to stop all the UNSF forces, but
         remember that you have to escort the demonstrators out of here. Start
         off by sending Testament and Durandal II on the left side down to take
         care of the four UNSF units here, and the other three units on the
         left should snipe down the remaining UNSF forces coming in on their
         side. Everything going down ideally, the left side should be
         eliminated totally within a maximum of three turns. On the right side,
         send Yukito down to meet the incoming forces, while Vjaya, Blade and 
         Orcrist fend off the three units up top, then send them down to Yukito 
         if help is required. Now, see that square with a vortex-like icon on 
         the right side? Send one of your Orbital Frames there in the second
         turn. It'll collect data that will be useful for later. Afterwards,
         do whatever you need to do on the southern front, and make sure Razma
         comes down if you have him up there.

After, Bolozof will come out of hiding, along with Nadia. Nadia orders Cage to 
give back the Testament, and decides she'll have to take it by force instead. 
More men appear to fight you.

                           VICTORY: Lower Bolozof to 30% HP-!
                           FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!

TACTICS: Start off by organizing your BIS members into a single unit; the UNSF
         forces are going to be coming at you in full force. Once they do, meet
         them with open force, and take out your most powerful weapons to
         destroy them in a single shot or two. Eventually, Bolozof and Nadia
         will make their way down. When this happens, stop whatever you are
         doing; Bolozof is the most important target here. Once Bolozof is
         within striking range, take four of your close-range units and
         surround him so he can't get out, and strike at him in turn with each
         of your LEVs. Once he is reduced to 30% HP or less, Cage and co.
         will escape from him.

Afterwards, Bolozof will be angry, because apparently BIS thinks they spared 
his life.

Back at BIS, we learn stuff about Acemos, and how they're a dangerous group, 
along with Bolozof. It also seems Zephyrs is the power behind Acemos. Razma 
says he has a lead, and leaves to go look into it. After, Ares says that the 
human hearts have become like the vast territory they have claimed (empty), and 
Phil gets brushed aside once more.

|2HFRFC+   		       2h. Frame Factory	  	       +2HFRFC|

Back at BIS, Razma will return and show pictures of a private OF-manufacturing 
factory. After learning Razma put a tracer on Nadia, Yukito points out that the 
factory is owned by the Ryan Corporation, and is likely to have high security. 
Ares will be for invading quickly, and after Warren asks why, explains that all 
that is needed now is proof of Earthling involvement and data from the local 
server to bring a verdict against Zephyrs. After, Twede shows up with a battle 

			   Darkness Dyed by Darkness  
			   VICTORY: Find the right entrance!
			   FAILURE: You are spotted!

Yukito will explain that if an enemy LEV gets within 3 spaces of you, you need 
to take it out immediately. Afterwards, Deckson says he's sending Ares and Phil 
on the Blade since they're the best hackers on the group. Twede will disable 
the security system, sending Nadia off elsewhere, and now we'll have the 
perfect opportunity to infiltrate the factory.

TACTICS: The most important part to note in this scenario is that if you get
         within three panels of an enemy LEV, they will spot you. The only way
         to prevent your game from ending is to eliminate that LEV before your
         turn ends. Because there is no penalization for being seen, you could 
         ideally take out every enemy with two groups of three units each, or a
         single large group, and then search out for the correct entrance.
         Speaking of the correct entrance, the correct one is the    
         upper-right-most entrance. What you will likely want to do, however,
         is send one group up to your left and one group up to your right,
         and eliminate one enemy LEV at a time. Once you hit the upper-right
         corner, you can go into the flashing panels there, and end the battle.

Afterwards, Razma takes a sleep, and Cage hopes Ares and Phil make it.

|2IFFII+   		      2i. Frame Factory II  		       +2IFFII|

Nadia sees Bolozof about the war likely to break out on Mars, and Bolozof gives 
Nadia a ticket to Earth. He then discovers the tracer on her, and calls a 
security alert. Back with the BIS members, they decide to go back in and rescue 
Ares and Phil.

                           VICTORY: ???
                           FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!

The BIS forces will appear on the battlefield, and start waging combat with the 
security forces.

TACTICS: Wait two turns, until Ares and Phil appear on the Blade craft.

Ares and Phil will show up, but as they try to escape, Nadia appears with a 
platoon of LEVs. Bolozof appears and tells Nadia to take care of the BIS 
members, and then leaves.

                           VICTORY: Bring Blade to the bottom of the screen!
                           FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!/
				    Blade is destroyed!

TACTICS: Move Blade down to the left, and then go down, keeping out of the
         firing and moving distance of the enemy LEVs with your superior
         speed. At the same time, on the bottom, start taking out the first
         LEV platoon with the BIS forces, and once the second turn is over,
         start bringing Testament, Durandal II, and Yukito's LEV up and to the
         left to start taking on the forces that are chasing Blade.

Once Cage moves during the fifth turn, Pharsti will alert him that the factory 
is set to explode on the sixteenth turn. Thankfully, this is more than a 
sufficient amount of time to accomplish the mission, so don't worry too much 
about it.

                           VICTORY: Bring Blade to the bottom of the screen!
                           FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!/
				    Blade is destroyed!/
				    Sixteenth turn comes!

TACTICS: With the remaining BIS members at the bottom mopping up forces, start
         moving more of them up and to the left to help out Blade. All the
         while, Testament, Durandal II, and Yukito's LEV all wield powerful
         attacks, and should use them as such. With luck, you'll get some
         critical hits down, destroying the enemies in single attacks. After a
         while, you'll end up fighting against Nadia's Bizac. Depending on if
         you can or cannot defeat her within the time given, the aftermath of
         this mission will vary slightly. Thankfully, she isn't that hard, as a 
         single critical hit of Testament's Nail Laser can destroy her Bizac. 
         During the fighting, make sure you bring Blade down to the bottom,
         although if you want to gain as much experience as possible, keep
         Blade just above the bottom panels until you destroy all the enemy
         LEVs within the area.

Afterwards, Cage will go and drag Nadia out of the factory before it explodes. 
Outside, the BIS members will ask Cage why he let Nadia go, Ares says the 
hacking was easy, and Ares comforts Phil after Phil is brushed aside once more. 
Afterwards, Nadia ponders over her life.

|2JDTEX+   		    2j. Downtown Executions  		       +2JDTEX|

Yukito and Warren are gone to the gym, the girl trio to shopping...Cage and 
Warren decide to go annoy people at the hangar. There, Ares cannot decode the 
data that he got, but Pharsti gives it a go with her capabilities, and decodes 

With Zephyrs, he and Ryan, leader of Ryan Corporation, are talking about 
finding "it", and Ryan warns him not to go too far, and offers to take care of 
the factory incident. Zephyrs decides to give permission to Bolozof to carry 
out a plan.

Back with Cage and co., Pharsti hands over the data, which turns out to be data 
on experiments on human subjects. The rest of the data needs to be opened up 
with a proper password. Twede then shows up and shows a live news update where 
UNSF blames the factory explosion on BIS, and have taken random people off the 
streets to execute as BIS members - including Mebius, Semyl, and Myona. BIS 
decides to go rescue them, while Twede tells Robin that it isn't in the plans 
of the 'higher-ups'.

				    SCENE TEN
		      A Pure Heart...And the Price It Pays  
                           VICTORY: Free hostages!
                           FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!/
				    Units with freed hostages are destroyed!

Semyl, Mebius, and Myona are being tied to posts, and Semyl tells Myona the BIS 
forces will come. Nadia, also tied, says if somebody did that in the military, 
they would lose their position. Bolozof comes in and introduces Amante, his new 
assistant, and Amante taunts Nadia, as well as tearing up her ticket to Earth. 
Zephyrs comes in and expresses his disbelief at Nadia collaborating with the 
terrorists; and Myona seems to know who Zephyrs is. One of the executioner LEVs 
will begin to fire when the BIS forces come in and destroy said LEV. Now it's 
time to fight.

TACTICS: At the start of the battle, look to your right. You should see another
         server here. Move Vjaya right to go over the server on the second
         turn, and in the meantime, start breaking through enemy lines with
         your other men. Make sure that you keep Razma's LEV supplied - his
         Calamity Kiss attack can take out a single LEV in one turn, and will
         be very handy in this battle. After turn two is over, Warren and
         Yukito will show up, so have them move right and cut off any support
         that the enemies are offering to the forces taking on Cage and co.
         Once that little part is done, continue moving up, and put Durandal II
         and Testament over the three sets of people tied up. Before getting
         all three done, make sure to move up any forces that are still on the
         bottom of the screen up a bit and into place. Once you liberate all
         three sets, this round is done.

After the four ladies are rescued, Mebius will give Nadia a piece of her mind. 
Frazer then comes in to take Nadia away, saying that as her teacher, he needs 
to save his pupil, and reveals he's no longer part of UNSF or any security 
force. Nadia then gives the password to the coded files - ARIEL.

After they disappear, Bolozof, Amante, and some Acemos forces appear. Cage 
tells Bolozof he's not going to get away. Bolozof answers he doesn't care about 
people dying, and tells Amante that if she can defeat the Animus, then the 
Animus isn't worth caring about.

                           VICTORY: Defeat all enemies!
                           FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!/
				    Units with freed hostages are destroyed!

TACTICS: Hopefully, you have all your units concentrated in the northern center
         part of the map. Anyways, get as much a jump on the Acemos forces as
         you can, focusing on the regular LEVs. In the next turn, you'll have
         to survive a brief onslaught from the Acemos units, but after that,
         you're in the clear - you should have enough power to take out all
         the regular units, and cause severe damage to Amante and Bolozof. Once
         you're in position, don't let them get away. Amante will go down only
         after she's been defeated entirely, but Bolozof will run off after
         being dwindled to 30% of his max HP. After that, mop up any enemies
         left in the area. If any of your units that picked up hostages are
         close to being destroyed, pull them out behind everyone else quickly;
         letting them be destroyed here is an automatic game over.

Afterwards. everyone will head back to BIS. Here, Semyl and Razma will get into 
another fight with each other, and the three ladies head off. Everyone else 
goes to have a rest. At the hangar, Robin will speculate over Pharsti and 
metatron, and we'll see a scene with one of the shadow portraits.

|2KMLSV+   		      2k. Military Server  		       +2KMLSV|

Robin's deciphered the rest of the data with the ARIEL password. Turns out 
Zephyrs did make the Testament. Ares will say some stuff about roots of words, 
and we'll learn Zephyrs was working on a system that had total symbiosis 
between frame runner and machine - but at the risk of somebody invading the 
symbiosis and controlling the runner. Thankfully, Testament isn't equipped with 
said system. Ares has an idea, though, as Myona gets out of bed...

                                  SCENE ELEVEN
		                  Double Deal  
                           VICTORY: Defeat all enemies!/
				    Last Ten Turns!
                           FAILURE: Edge is destroyed!

It's explained that Edge is going to hack the server here and obtain some proof 
of Zephyrs' involvement, then escape. However, Amante will then show up with 
several LEVs, sans Bolozof. After some more Martian taunting by Amante, we 
learn we need to wait out ten turns or defeat all the enemies.

TACTICS: You're actually given nearly the perfect position to fight in your
         starting positions. The only thing that you really need to do is to
         bring Durandal II to the southwest, where there is a server on one of 
         the panels out there. Once that's done, rush Durandal II back up. At
         the same time, Amante and her men will be coming left; put Mebius and
         Yukito in front, and the other three behind. When the enemy LEVs start
         getting close, fire at them with no mercy. With a packed defense line,
         you should be able to clear out any enemy troops as soon as they come
         in. Since you're likely to defeat Amante and her various men before
         ten turns are up, you're most likely to win that way.

Afterwards, Deckson calls on everybody to evacutate, as the password has been 
changed. Outside, it turns out they were a decoy to let Ares, Cage, and Myona 
get into the main facility. After, Warren notes that he has a hunch about Ares 
being a bit unusual.

With Robin, turns out her real name is Dana Anderson. Twede comes in and talks 
to her a bit about their superiors, and this scene ends.

|2LMRAN+   		        2l. Mars Angels  		       +2LMRAN|

The facility is empty thanks to Deckson's crew, and Myona begins to think that 
Ares seems familiar. Inside, the only one who can go out the vent is Myona, and 
she volunteers to head out, after taking Cage's bell. Afterwards, an alarm 
rings, but it's due to a problem outside. Cage goes ahead and goes outside.

		            Between Good and Evil 
                           VICTORY: Defeat all enemies!
                           FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!

Out here, we'll see three ladies who say a whole lot of gabblegook in LEVs, and 
will destroy two of the three UNSF LEVs that appear. The third one will run off 
as unmanned LEVs come in, along with Cage. Cage and the three girls, known as 
the Mars Angels, will at least fight together for this battle.

         depending on whether you or the Mars Angels destroy more units in this
         battle, later on in the game, you will get either a good side of
         scene paths, or a bad side. If you destroy more units, you get the
         good side. If you destroy less units, you get the bad side. The second
         important part here is the server to the left of where Testament is
         placed, so be sure to head there. Once the second turn starts, Warren
         and Mebius will show up, so now you have three units to wreak havoc
         with. Since more units should've gone up your way, take care of them 
         quickly, while the Mars Angels defeat their enemies. If you want the
         bad side, then pull out a bit, and let the Mars Angels defeat your
         enemies as well.

Afterwards, Palme gives Cage the data log for the Bonaparte, and the Mars 
Angels will leave. Meanwhile, Pharsti will detect four people within the 
facility. Inside, we'll see Myona fighting Zephyrs, whom will confess that he 
really is responsible for the Bonaparte III's destruction. He also calls her 
Subject #479, suggesting some implications, as well as mentioning something 
about Myona's brother. Myona will be paralyzed, but Cage's Button will play, 
and this time she'll have the force of will to do what she needs. Two UNSF 
soldiers will come in, but it turns out it's Razma and Semyl, and they'll pull 
a sleep-bomb on Zephyrs and then escape. Outside, Myona will wonder who she is, 
and gives the BIS forces the data log. And Yukito will be jealous of Cage for 
meeting the Mars Angels.

|2MHLBC+   		   2m. Hellespontos Broadcasting	       +2MHLBC|

Turns out we're going to leak this stuff to the press, and the Hellespontos 
Broadcasting company. Besides doing this, we're going to have to be on the 
lookout for counterattacks. Because of tightened security, Deckson and Mebius 
are heading out alone, with Twede for backup.

In Zephyrs' room, he meets up with a partner named Irving, and mentions that 
he's given up on obtaining the Animus. He then meets up with somebody who is 
supposedly one of the terrorists that has information.

Back at BIS, Phil informs the other members that Deckon is not calling back, 
and it seems that Zephyrs' men has Deckson and Mebius trapped. Yukito decides 
they need to plan a strategy, whether it starts a battle or not. He also says 
that each LEV has a new feature before we have to head out.

                                 SCENE THIRTEEN
		                    The Gift     
                           VICTORY: Bizac S is destroyed!
                           FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!

Apparently Deckson has escaped, but Bolozof still has Mebius. Yukito's father 
asks to see the disk of fabrications and lies BIS had, but Bolozof refuses, 
saying it has national security at stake. Bolozof calls the search for Deckson 
off as the rest of BIS appears. Deckson appears to BIS, and he and Myona goes 
to infiltrate the broadcasting tower, and Bolozof tells Cage and co. that they
will not escape from here.

TACTICS: Your forces will be quite outnumbered in this encounter, but that is
         no cause. You'll still have a fairly good chance at defeating them.
         Although all you have to do is defeat Bolozof in battle, you may as
         well take down everyone else for some experience. Anyways, start
         moving everyone left until you get close to the double lane street.
         Out here, put your Orbital Frames and Yukito at the front of the
         battle formation, with the longer-range fighters right behind, and
         take on the onslaught of forces that are coming at you. Sometimes
         during the skirmish when the enemies begin to slow down momentarily,
         take Vjaya and move it left and up some more, and access the   
         information from the server.

Afterwards, Bolozof reveals Mebius, about to jump off the top of the tower. 
Bolozof orders all the BIS units to power down. Outside, son and father Yukito 
will meet, and Yukito Senior will give paid justice and hurt his son with 
words. However, he also reveals that Myona is just about to start her program 
on the Broadcasting channel, and she ends up starting it. BIS 1, Zephyrs 0.

|2NZPEN+   		       2n. Zephyrs' End	                       +2NZPEN|

Zephyrs shows his superior General Jaeger blueprints for a HarutMarut LEV, and 
says they already have a prototype. Jaeger tells Zephyrs that it's come to his 
attention Zephyrs has been abusing his status, and makes a metaphor between the 
two of them and a dog and it's master. Unfortunate for Zephyrs, Jaeger catches 
wind of Myona's speech, and watches as she denouces Zephyrs and his actions.

                                 SCENE FOURTEEN
		              The Card Turned Down  
                           VICTORY: Defeat all enemies!
                           FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!

Mebius will be making herself feel all guilty when Deckson comes on deck. 
Deckson starts blaming himself, but saves Mebius from suiciding, although he 
takes fire from an UNSF soldier.

Down below, Yukito Senior informs Cage and co. of how events have been leading 
up, and reveals that they had to set things up so that it would not look like 
Yukito authorized the story to go on. He also apologizes to his son for his 
earlier words. Mebius calls in and says Deckson is hurt, and while the truth 
about Zephyrs is out, Bolozof still has aims to defeat the BIS members. 
However, Twede will arrive and unrestrain all the BIS members.

TACTICS: This fight is easy. Your first turn is really more or less a turn of
         "Beat the shit out of as many enemy LEVs as you can" turn. And with
         the exception of Edge, and *maybe* Caliburnus and Vjaya, all your
         LEVs and Orbital Frames should be able to take out one of the opposing
         LEVs with one shot. In the enemy's first turn, you'll have to face a 
         round of dodging a lot of attacks, but once you get the gauntlet back
         again, the enemy will drop like flies once more. Unable to stop the
         bleeding, you should be able to have totally eliminated enemy forces
         by the time the third turn is over. Of course, you'll likely want to
         go into a fourth turn, as there is a fight ahead, and all the units
         that moved in the last turn will still be out of combat until the next

Afterwards, Bolozof shows up. He calls out Amante, who says that now that 
Zephyrs is over, her job is over too. She also reveals that she isn't exactly 
supportive of Earth either...she's a member of BAHRAM. Angry that he was being 
used, Bolozof swears to take out BIS for once and for all.

                           VICTORY: Bizac S is destroyed!
                           FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!

TACTICS: This is actually a very simple fight. If you waited until round four
         of the last battle, you should only have one unit not able to operate
         until the next turn. To commemmorate this moment, surround Bolozof,
         and pepper fire at him until he finally goes down.

Afterwards, Bolozof exclaims that he will not be killed by them, and self-

Inside the studio, Myona is revealing more of Zephyrs' crimes. Yukito Senior 
then calls Zephyrs and gives him an opportunity to prove himself innocent. When 
Zephyrs tries to make Myona's speech look like lies, he is tricked into saying 
too much. Jaeger and Irving then reveal a Handy PC, which has evidence that 
Zephyrs was indeed behind the Bonaparte III destruction. Zephyrs slays them in 

Back at the studio, Phil reports Zephyrs coming their way, and Ares offers to 
take Myona out of here. Outside, Zephyrs will say stuff about Pharsti amidst 
all his ramblings, and reveal his intentions to destroy the TV station.

                           VICTORY: HarutMarut is destroyed!
                           FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!/
				    HarutMarut approaches the TV Station!

TACTICS: Move your forces to the north-right of the TV station, long-range in
         the back, short-range ahead. Once the upgraded Unmanned LEVs start
         pouring in, start firing at them without an end. By the time Zephyrs
         makes it over to you with the HarutMarut, the Unmanned LEVs should be
         for the most part eliminated, with one or two units left to mop up.
         With HarutMarut as the primary enemy, surround him at the very least
         on the left, right, and bottom sides. Although he has 10000 HP, he
         bleeds life, and the fact that he has three large critical hit spots
         doesn't help. Once you down him, he'll come back as an Orbital Frame
         with 20000 HP. This time, concentrate all firepower on him if there
         are still Unmanned LEVs left, until you finally take down HarutMarut.

Afterwards, Zephyrs mentions something about a person named Vale and associates 
it with the Animus, then moves to the broadcasting tower where he sets 
HarutMarut on self-destruct mode. However, Vjaya comes out and destroys the 
Orbital Frame before it succeeds in doing so. Just as Cage and Ares talk over 
old times, the Black Frame comes out! Ares calls it Iblis, and it promptly 
attacks him, killing him in the process. Alternatively, Zephyrs will accuse 
Ares of blowing up the Bonaparte III, but Ares will self-destruct to stop 
Zephyrs as Zephyrs runs away.

|2ODTRI+   		       2o. Downtown Riots	               +2ODTRI|

Deckson is stable, Zephyrs is alive. With Myona, she goes to see Cage. Cage 
asks for his button back, but when he plays it, all the while speculating on 
how he feels alone, Myona needs it shut off. Phil then comes in and tells the 
two to come to the conference room. Back in here, it's learned that riots are 
happening over the place, what with the recent revelations, and they need to 
stop it. Robin suggests that they need to add fuel to the fire by helping the 
rioters, but Warren rebuffs, saying that doing so would cause a catastrophe. 
After the BIS members leave to stop the riots, Twede confronts Robin over stuff 
about the higher ups and himself.

                                 SCENE FIFTEEN
		       The Darkness That Came From Light
                           VICTORY: Destroy all rioting and UNSF forces!
                           FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!

Rioting LEVs will take out an UNSF LEV, then a protesting citizen LEV. However, 
more UNSF forces will come to repress the civilians. The BIS members then show 
up and reveal how they intend to stop both rioter and UNSF. Time to turn to the 
Dark Side, young one </wit>.

TACTICS: What to do...what to do....actually, it's quite simple in this case.
         What you should try to do first is just wait a turn. During this time,
         the civilian and UNSF LEVs will start attacking each other, doing some
         substantial damage. During the second turn, bring Testament and 
         Orcrist down to the left side, and a second turn of the UNSF and
         rioting LEVs beating the crap out of each other will occur. On the
         third turn, have Testament and Orcrist get over the server, then bring
         your other forces down a bit so they're within a reasonable attacking
         range. From here, wait some more for UNSF and rioters to fight each
         other, and eliminate all those whom stray off the path to fight you.
         Once one side begins to ultimately lose, step in and take out everyone
         you can in one turn, then mop the rest up in the next turn.

After, the civilians will run off, and Pharsti notes the burned city. Cage will 
suddenly go mad and laugh his head off, mocking his achievements, and stating 
his life is worthless. Back at BIS, the members discuss Cage and what is 
causing this, and they'll notice Myona missing. In the hangar, Cage will tell 
Myona to leave him alone, and Pharsti will talk to Myona. Something very odd 
will happen, and the scene ends.

|2PHQFR+   		    2p. Headquarter Frontier	               +2PHQFR|

Cage will be in his room pondering over earlier words of Myona, when the base 
is attacked. In the strategy room, we learn that the rioters are out for 
revenge due to yesterday. Cage will come in and ask what he did to deserve 
this, and Warren and Razma will give him downing speeches, as they inform him 
of Testament's and Myona's disappearance.

                                 SCENE SIXTEEN
		               Uncertain Future
				Paradise Lost  
                           VICTORY: Leader's frame is destroyed!
                           FAILURE: Edge is destroyed!

Out here, it's figured out that the enemies are using stealth abilities. Yukito 
then reveals everyone has anti-stealth programs installed, and reveals two 
enemies. The leader is also revealed, and it's decided to take him out.

TACTICS: Start off by moving all units left except for Yukito, whom should
         battle the two units that he discovered. You'll encounter a nest of
         four enemies. Once they're down, go left some more to fight three more
         enemies. Once you've taken out eight enemies, all the enemies will
         throw away their stealth, and Twede will show up in Vjaya. From here
         on in, plow through the enemies to your left, and head over to the
         leader. If you don't want the experience at the moment, take out the
         leader right here and now. If you do, however, want some experience,
         you should instead go and take on the other LEVs first before coming
         back and destroying the leader.

The rioters will run off, mentioning something about a leader of their's. If 
you've got the Paradise Lost scene, you'll also see a scene with Tim Frazer.
Inside, Twede refuses to give Robin's location, and says the Robin Foundation 
can no longer support them. Nevertheless, he'll help them escape. Razma and 
Twede turn the conversation to Cage, and self-guilt will make Cage quit. Before 
Cage leaves, Warren tells him to never put blame on somebody else, and that 
Cage should act for himself.

|2QNDRT+   		        2q. Ned's Return	               +2QNDRT|

At the airport, Cage will meet his correspondent, Raiah. Raiah will give Cage 
new clothes and a false identity. Cage will then play his button, and he gets a 
message from Myona, and changes his mind about many things. Raiah reappears and 
reveals that his former friends are fighting to buy Cage time to go to Earth. 
Cage then decides to head back on to his friends.

                                SCENE SEVENTEEN
				  A Bow Drawn
                           VICTORY: Destroy all BAHRAM forces and Ned/Zephyrs!/
				    In the case of A Bow Drawn, reduce second
                                    form HarutMarut to 50%-!
                           FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!

Unfortunately, the hideout is gone, and Cage will dismiss Raiah, saying that 
staying here is good for him. Four civilian rioters will then appear, and 
decide to make sport of Cage when they spot him - until the BIS forces appear 
and destroy them. After some general chit-chat and apologies both ways, Cage 
asks to be able to rejoin BIS. However, out comes a man whom is supposed to be 
dead - Ned! Yukito will show on the screen to counter Ned's presence (In A Bow 
Drawn only, Zephyrs will show up on the screen and talk a bit). Ned will 
then try to go and squash Cage, but Cage calls on Pharsti, who unfortunately 
does not have Myona with her. BAHRAM forces will appear to aid Ned, and now 
it's a war of anti-Earth faction against faction.

TACTICS: For the time being, concentrate all your fire on Ned before he can be
         a threat. You have the easy advantage on your side; Ned is in the
         middle of enemy territory, and you can quickly surround him and take
         him out in a manner of only a few mere attacks. Yes, he really is that
         easy. (However, if you're playing A Bow Drawn, he'll run off and be
         in Zephyrs' HarutMarut, so follow after Zephyrs and fight him. The
         first time he falls, he'll rise again, and you'll have to take him
         out again. Attack him head on with a few close-combatants, such as
         Yukito and Cage, and leave the long-range attackers behind to take
         out the incoming LEVs. HarutMarut 2nd form will fall at less than
         50% HP).

After, the operator of Ned's LEV is...a brain! Turns out that Ned's brain is 
operating the LEV, and is his real body. Twede will then appear, with 
explosives on his LEV, ready to take out Ned's recuperated body. Robin will 
then appear with an old transport vessel, and note that Testament's right hand 
has changed. Robin reveals Twede locked her up, and tries to play the guilt 
card on Twede, trying to convince him not to suicide. Twede will then pilot to 
Ned, and self-destruct; but he's escaped mere seconds before. Now we have to 
fight the rest of the enemies off before we can board the Saoshyant.

                          VICTORY: Destroy all BAHRAM forces/
                           FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!

TACTICS: This is a pretty simple fight from now on, though it might be a tad
         on the more difficult side for those not skillful at IAS. You will
         basically have a lot of BAHRAM forces from all sides, so start off by
         bring your forces to the lower right part, the place with the lowest
         concentration. Defeat the enemies that are here, then turn around and
         take on the enemies coming in from the left, and finally start
         defeating the enemies that are coming from the upper-left area - the
         group with the highest concentration. Once you've defeated that part,
         you've won the battle. 

	 If you're in A Bow Drawn, more likely than not you've got your forces
         concentrated in the upper-right corner, so take out who you can when
         you're given free reign again, and move your anti-HarutMarut forces
         down. The next turn should be the decisive hits, and after that, the
         turn the enemies get will barely do anything. From there, you can do
         a simple mop-up and win the battle.

Afterwards, we learn that the Saoshyant is really the hideout, and the hideout 
was a freight ship buried underground. Deckson's also up, and after some words 
between him and Cage, we fly off to a hiding point. If you were on A Bow Drawn, 
Cage offers Phil an apology and Yukito mentions that there were strange 
characters on the anti-stealth chips he installed, which Deckson takes a look 

READ: From now on, depending on who eliminated more enemies in Scene 12, you
      will take either a good ending path or a bad ending path that is more  
      drastic in differences than earlier scenes. Moreinformation is available 
      in Section 4.

|2RADRH+   		        2ra. Dark Half	        	       +2RADRH|
Good ending only (Must have defeated more units than the Mars Angels).

After learning that the Saoshyant is hidden from sensor, Ares is shown on TV! 
Under the name of Vale Shatner, he's raising resistance to Earth for Mars' 
freedom, and is the leader of the organized rioters. Phil then comes in and 
reveals that Razma and Warren, who were doing patrolling, are not responding. 
The BIS members will then head outside.

                                SCENE EIGHTEEN
		                   Dark Half 
                           VICTORY: Destroy all enemy forces!
                           FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!

After Phil runs off, enemies show up with stealth frames.

TACTICS: For the first turn, go down and take out the only enemy that you can
         get a chance to take a jab at.

Ares/Vale will show up in the Black Frame, and reveals that he was the one who 
directed the Black Frame, called Iblis, to sink the Bonaparte III. He also 
reveals that his entire family was used for Zephyrs' experiments, and his 
parents were killed by Zephyrs. After some more taunting, he calls out Phil, 
who's switched sides. Phil is ticked at Cage for taking credit all the time 
(and Myona taking Cage over Phil doesn't help), and he attacks the imprisoned 
Razma and Warren to prove he means business. After, Ares/Vale leaves, dropping 
a hint that he knows where Myona is. Pharsti also reveals more enemies are 
laying in ambush.

                           VICTORY: Lower Phil's HP to 20%-
                           FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!/
		                    No battle with Phil's frame by Turn 11

TACTICS: Start off by taking out the enemies that are right near you. Next,
         start moving left, and you'll encounter another nest of foes to take 
         out. Once you eliminate the four frames that are here, continue on 
         left to the upper-left corner of the screen, where you'll encounter
         a third screen of three Raptors. Take them out, and then head down to 
         where Phil is. After a brief chat, you'll have to encounter him in
         combat. Don't give him any mercy - take him out as soon as possible
         before he can become too much of a threat.

Afterwards, Phil reveals that he hates Cage because Cage got liked too fast, 
and Phil wants to prove his worth with an Orbital Frame. Deckson will suddenly 
intervene in communications and tells Phil to stop, but Phil will run away. 
Nevertheless, Razma and Warren are still alive.

Back at BIS, Razma and Warren are OK, and Razma asks Semyl if she's over Ares. 
Robin will then explain Phil's earlier accusation about her being an agent of 
NUT: Until recently, she was a member of an NUT division that basically covered 
up incidents that could bring down the company. She also funded BIS to get 
battle data and fuel the fires for anti-Earth tensions, perfect for NUT. 
However, she's quit now, and is helping out BIS without any lies. Cage will end 
the scene wondering if things could ever be what they once were.

|2RBHAS+   		    2rb. Harmony and Strife	       	       +2RBHAS|
Bad ending only (Must have defeated less units than the Mars Angels).

Jaeger talks to Zephyrs about the HarutMarut, and orders him to terminate 
plans. Ryan and Irving will come in, and Zephyrs will kill them all as a 
mysterious man named Jimmer comes in, and orders Zephyrs along. Back at BIS, 
it's learned that apparently Myona operated Testament without using Pharsti, 
and they thus cannot locate her.

Yukito's father will then communicate with BIS, and inform them of a military 
movement on the trans-Mars railroad - and civilians with military LEVs are 
moving to stop it. Cage and co. decides to go. Phil will ask Cage about Myona, 
and decides to be happy for the two of them.

                                SCENE EIGHTEEN            
		      Hearts in Harmony, Hearts in Strife
                           VICTORY: Defeat all enemies + Defuse
		                    all bombs by Turn 11!
                           FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!/
		                    Bombs not defused by Turn 11!

Deckson begins his time of riding Vjaya, and Phil shows off his new transport 
vessel - an upgraded Blade called Calibur. It's also figured out the enemies 
are using stealth. A civilian LEV will then show up, and after some talk, we 
learn we have to defuse some bombs by Turn 11 and take out some civilians too.

TACTICS: Start off by sending Yukito, Cage, Deckson, and Warren in their
         respective frames up north. Send the other four units up-rightish.
         Once the former four get up to the train line, they should start
         heading right, and uncover a nest of enemy rioting LEVs. At about the
         same time, your second group should be near up to the LEVs. The first
         unit should start off by directly going head-to-head with the rioters,
         uncovering more enemies on the bridge at the same time, while the
         second group should act as a thorn in the rioters' side. Once the
         guards are cleared out, start moving onto the bridge, and try to
         maneuver Testament so he gets onto one of the bomb-panels and still be
         able to cut down enemies at the same time. Just to reference, only
         Testament can defuse bombs.

Afterwards, the BIS forces will back off to watch the incoming train. More 
rioters will come out with bombs, but the train will start, supposedly having 
gotten a warning ahead of time. The two sides will begin to fight, but 
suddenly, Ares shows up on TV! Apparently, he's the leader of the rioters. 
After, Ares shows up in person, and directs a giant beam of light that destroys 
the entire UNSF force. Ares will leave, and Cage will try to follow him, only 
to be stopped by Bolozof! Bolozof talks about Mars becoming a battlefield, and 
Nadia shows up to accuse Cage of taking the anti-stealth chips from Frazer, and 
is bloodlust. Bolozof and Nadia will leave, and the BIS members with them.

Back at BIS, Ares is on TV again, where he denounces Earth's policies, 
declares Mars independent, and asks all Martians to join him against Earth or 
else. After, Ares contacts BIS, and tells them he needs Testament. He then 
reveals some important details, and says that he's at the oxygen plant at West 
Hellespontos. After, Deckson tells Cage to make the choice, saying that he 
can't, since he always believed that he mirrored Mars' will.

|2SARDE+   		        2sa. Red Earth	        	       +2SARDE|
Good ending only (Must have defeated more units than the Mars Angels).

It's decided that another motive is influencing events here, and we also need 
to put an end to the rioters before they can get out of hand, and Mars is 
turned into a battlefield. It also seems an LEV shipment from UNSF is coming 
in, and a battle will start soon. Robin's also done some work on Blade, 
upgrading it into the transport vehicle Calibur.

                                 SCENE NINETEEN
		             Clawing the Red Earth  
                           VICTORY: Destroy all enemy forces!
                           FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!

Rioters will show up, and it's decided that we have to stop them.

TACTICS: This is actually a very simple fight. For the first turn, take the
         front line of units and move them right one space each. After the
         enemies have each moved twice, they'll be one or two panels within
         range of attacking you in the next turn, but they'll have wasted their
         turn; thus, on your turn, you can use your frames' most powerful
         attacks on the rioting LEVs, taking out a good number of their forces.
         Whatever is left (probably not more than 3 if you're a good fighter
         and operator at the IAS) will make meager attacks against you, and
         then you can return in favor and destroy the rest of their forces.

Afterwards, Pharsti will detect the UNSF LEVs, and Myona will then show up. She 
tells Cage that she had a good time with him, and then Amante shows up and does 
something to Myona. Cage tries to go to her, but Phil intervenes and stops him. 
Myona then lets out a giant burst of light. The UNSF LEVs are listening to 
Ares'/Vale's speeches on TV about the Earth's tyranny, when the burst of light 
destroys them all. Back to Cage, the other three are gone, and Pharsti suggests 
leaving, saying that her circuits were burned in the battle.

Back at BIS, Ares/Vale is on TV again, where he denounces Earth's policies, 
declares Mars independent, and asks all Martians to join him against Earth or 
else. After, Ares/Vale contacts BIS, and tells them he needs Testament. He 
reveals that Pharsti is really Myona - Myona was supposed to take Testament off 
of the Bonaparte III, but when she met Cage, she subconciously wanted to help 
him, put a part of herself in Testament, and lost her memory. See, Myona is one 
of those able to communicate with machines through brainwaves, and another of 
Zephyrs' test subjects.

After, Deckson tells Cage to make the choice, saying that he can't, since he 
always believed that he mirrored Mars' will.

|2SBWVS+   		           2sb. Waves	       	               +2SBWVS|
Bad ending only (Must have defeated less units than the Mars Angels).

Robin will go to talk with Deckson, asking him if Frazer is dead. Deckson shows 
proof otherwise in the form of the code on the anti-stealth chips, revealing 
that he and Frazer were, in a way, childhood friends. Deckson will speculate 
over his life and the cause of his actions to Robin, and reveals that he knows 
her Dana Anderson of NUT identity. After some more chit-chat, they get back to 
the bridge. At the bridge, Cage wants to stop Ares, because he thinks taking 
Mars' independence by revolution leads to a very bleak future. When approached 
with Myona, Phil mentions something about her being a test subject, and our 
destination is the oxygen plant. Semyl will give the cue to head off.

Elsewhere, we'll see Myona approached by Jimmer, in a room that has a Self-
Binder in it, and Jimmer reveals that they need to control Myona for their own 

                                 SCENE NINETEEN
                           VICTORY: Defeat all enemies!
                           FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!/
		                    Enemies approach Saoshyant!

After some tactical discussion on the seawater, a new type of enemy unit will 
show up, and we'll have to fight them.

TACTICS: Keep your units locked in the cage that they're in at the beginning of
         the battle, and take the initial attacks against the enemy. Once they
         start moving in and get their first attack in, unleash hell against
         them. They'll get a second semi-strong attack in, but after that,
         they'll finally all fall.

Nadia will then show up, intent on avenging Frazer and helping out Bolozof.

                           VICTORY: Defeat Scarmiglione!
                           FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!/
		                    Enemies approach Saoshyant!

TACTICS: Form your units into two different lines, both guarding the Saoshyant.
         Move right, and take out all the Raptors that get right into your
         path. Continue right, and send a single of your Orbital Frames off
         your blockade to get onto the server. Once you approach Nadia, reroute
         your own forces and surround her from four sides so she cannot escape.
         From here, merely blast the hell out of her until she falls.

Afterwards, Nadia will not deign to surrender, but Bolozof will call her back. 
Pharsti says that Scarmiglione has the same feel as Testament, and Cage 
believes it to be a self-binder.

Back at the Saoshyant, we learn that BAHRAM is backing Bolozof up, and a bit of 
history will come up about BAHRAM. BAHRAM is still quiet over the recent 
incidents, and Robin tells Cage that Ares might truly not be what he was like. 
Warren and Mebius will have a private conversation where Warren reveals he was 
once like Cage, not wanting to suspect his friends. Cage asks Pharsti what it 
means to be a friend, and they too get a bit of talk together.

|2TAMSL+   		       2ta. Missing Line	       	       +2TAMSL|
Good ending only (Must have defeated more units than the Mars Angels).

Deckson will speculate over his life and how he's growing old to Mebius, and 
what his actions have caused. Mebius tells him that they're not perfect, and 
that they should make up for what they've done. At the bridge, Cage wants to 
stop Ares, because he thinks taking Mars' independence by revolution leads to a 
very bleak future. Semyl then pressures him into answering the question of 
Myona; Cage will rescue her no matter what, no matter how idealistic it seems. 
Deckson recaps, saying Ares will attack West Hellespontos if Testament is not 
handed over, and Twede shows up with a list of strategic locations to fire the 
beam from. Robin then reveals she got NUT to back up BIS with funding again, 
through anti-BAHRAM officials and flirts. Yukito will have a toast, and Twede 
will then take Saoshyant to the main location.

However, on the way, we'll intercept SOS signals and land in one of the 

                                 SCENE TWENTY
		                 Missing Line
                           VICTORY: Destroy all enemy forces!
                           FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!

Here, we'll meet up with Amante, and Mebius will be shocked with the 
destruction. Phil will also show up and ignore Deckson's words, saying the 
battle's between him and Cage.

TACTICS: For the first turn, move Vjaya to the left and the rest of your units
         up to where Phil is coming in from. For the second turn, move Vjaya up
         closer to the server, but out of range of the enemy LEVs' attack. By 
         this time, Phil should have been attracted to your main task force, 
         thus trapping him inside your field of range. In the third turn, place
         Vjaya over the server to download the new attacks, then start raining
         fire on Phil. For extra experience, try to attack some of the other
         enemy LEVs so that your last possible attack defeats Phil, as the
         mission ends when Phil is defeated. Of course, you could ideally also 
         go over the third turn and try to defeat all other enemy forces before
         taking on Phil, but it can be real painful due to a lot of enemy LEVs
         being on the battlefield.

After, Ares/Vale reveals that Phil's escape pod is stuck and that his OF is set 
to explode in a 1 km radius, and the rest of the rioters will leave. Deckson 
goes over to Phil and moves the Orbital Frame after a telling-off of Phil, but 
dies in the resulting explosion. Back at BIS, Calibur has been abandoned, and 
Phil is nowhere to be found. Twede suggests heading to the spot the enemies 
will attack from soon, and Robin comes in. Everyone will decide to go stop 
Ares/Vale and co. right now, after some mourning over Deckon.

|2TBIOD+   		    2tb. Island of Destiny   	               +2TBIOD|
Bad ending only (Must have defeated less units than the Mars Angels).

At the oxygen plants, the UNSF and West Hellespontos civilians are discussed, 
and motives are strengthened for stopping Ares quickly enough. Phil then 
identifies a high amount of heat waves in the area, presumably the Marlblanke 
beam. Afterwards, everyone heads down.

                                  SCENE TWENTY
		               Island of Destiny
                           VICTORY: Destroy all enemy forces!
                           FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!

Phil will be unable to identify Marlblanke's location, Cage hears a ringing in 
his ear, and a crapload of BAHRAM forces show up. Afterwards, Cage realizes the 
Metatron in his frame are resonating.

TACTICS: Don't move right towards the enemies. Instead, assemble a 4x2 line of
         units, with the long-range attackers in the front, short-range
         attackers in back. The Raptors will be the quickest units of all, and
         due to their characteristic of going ahead too far, they'll be easy
         pickings before the other units can come in and aid them. Once the
         Raptors are done for, move the short-range fighters ahead of the
         long-range fighters IF the other enemies are still on the move. If the
         rest of the BAHRAM force is in position, go and take them on with the
         more powerful short-combat units, and those that have useful 
         long-range attacks (ie. Yukito and ZZ Grenade) should stick behind
         and cause damage where he can do the most good. The enemies will get
         one harmful shot at you with a lot of might, but that'll be it; the
         next turn will see their forces scoured, and the turn after that
         should more likely than not be their downfall.

Afterwards, Pharsti tells Cage that Ares is probably along a ways, and we head 
out a bit. Out here, we meet Ares, who laughs at Cage talking about friendship. 
Cage asks for a chance to talk to the real Ares, and gets it if he can defeat 
the new Orbital Frame.

                           VICTORY: Nerokerubina is destroyed!
                           FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!

TACTICS: This is really a very easy battle. Merely let Ares and the
         Nerokerubina approach you, and after his second movement, use one of
         the Testament's attacks (Halberd should be open to you) against him to
         make the first damage. When he moves a third time, he should be within
         firing range of most if not all of your units, and will fall very
         shortly afterwards thanks to this and his single-unit approach.

After, Cage's button plays, and Ares comes back to his senses. Ares mentions 
something about Pharsti when Bolozof comes in and tries to attack Cage. Ares 
takes it, and lives although his Orbital Frame is destroyed. Zephyrs then 
appears and reveals some things, including that he was using Cage for battle 
data, and Nadia appears with Testament-lookalikes - the Ifrit. Zephyrs and 
Bolozof then leave, giving Nadia orders to stop Cage long enough for the 
factory to explode.

                           VICTORY: Scarmiglione is destroyed!
                           FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!

TACTICS: Unfortunately, Nadia's force can possibly move in perfect unison.
         However, once they get near Cage and co., they'll break up and fall 
         apart. Take advantage of this by arranging your forces and gunning 
         down the Raptors and Ifrits as they come. Several of your BIS members
         will be able to take an Ifrit down with one shot (Testament's
         Halberd, Orcrist's Bounder, Yukito's ZZ Grenade, Durandal II's
         Avelcaine), so try to take an Ifrit out when you get the chance.
         Otherwise, have the Raptors as your primary target, then take out the
         Ifrits, and lastly, Nadia. Or, if you wanted to, you could just
         defeat Nadia before anything else and win the battle quickly.

Afterwards, Pharsti will indicate that Nadia's frame is the object that has all 
the explosives in. If Scarmiglione explodes, the oxygen plant will be damaged. 
Deckson then goes and takes Nadia's frame away, speculates to Cage over life, 
and dies in the explosion.

Back at BIS, Razma will get his anger out of the way, then everyone decides 
they have no time to mourn after getting some of it out of the way. BIS then 
decides they have to stop BAHRAM.

|2UAFTL+   		       2ua. Faint Light	        	       +2UAFTL|
Good ending only (Must have defeated more units than the Mars Angels).

The Orbital Frame to fire the attack is being disguised by stealth. The Born In 
Space members will get themselves motivated, and talk over life a bit before 
heading down.

                                SCENE TWENTY ONE
		         A Faint Light from the Depths  
                           VICTORY: Ravana is destroyed!
                           FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!

Ned appears, and is revealed to have the stealth control device. It's decided 
to take out Ned for once and for all, and stop Ares/Vale's plan to destroy West 
Hellespontos in the meantime.

TACTICS: Simply move north-west in the direction that Ned's Orbital Frame is
         in. On your way, you'll encounter a nest of five enemy LEVs. Once they 
         have been dispatched, continue on your way to Ned. Once you reach Ned,
         you'll uncover his personal bodyguard of four Raptors. Take care of
         these enemies, then go and converge your units on Ned until he finally

Unfortunately, Ned will run away again. Myona will then appear, and when Cage 
tries to call to her, Amante appears and tells him she's a puppet. Amante makes 
Cage feel guilty and tells a bit of what Myona is doing, then reveals that to 
stop the attack, Cage needs to destroy the cockpit of the Nerokerubina.

                           VICTORY: Approach/Fight Nerokerubina!
                           FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!

TACTICS: Let the Raptors and Amante's Orbital Frame come to you instead of
         going to them. Once they get within shooting range, fire at them. Once
         all four have been eliminated, take Cage and head over to where the
         Nerokerubina is.

Pharsti will ignore Cage and try to attack the cockpit; however, Phil comes in 
and severs the link between energy flow and Orbital Frame. With the energy 
gone, Myona is slowly become a bit more sane. However, Amante comes out and 
kills Phil, but as a result, it makes Myona snap out of it. Amante then steals 
Myona out as the broken Nerokerubina begins to self-destruct. Everyone else 
retreats before it can hit them.

Back at the Saoshyant, Twede confirms the destruction of Marlblanke, and 
everyone will mourn the deaths of Phil and Deckson. Cage go talks to Pharsti, 
and learns that the Myona personality in Myona/Pharsti is beginning to fade.

|2UBNSF+   		    	2ub. Nosferatu   	               +2UBNSF|
Bad ending only (Must have defeated less units than the Mars Angels).

Phil reveals that military facilities have been attacked by armed civilians and 
are unable to counterattack. Phil then gets an emergency signal from a civilian 
town, and it's decided to head over there.

                                SCENE TWENTY ONE
                           VICTORY: Defeat all enemies!
                           FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!/
		                    Attack Raptors containing children!

A civilian LEV will show up and try to give BIS some children, but then Ned 
appears as a part of BAHRAM and destroys him. Twede then shows up in Vjaya, and 
gives us background information on Ned's past. Raptors carrying children show 
up with Self-Binder programs; we have to defeat them by standing right next to 
them and then attacking them.

TACTICS: You should really stay in the formation you're kept in. The Raptors
         that will come to you will attack Testament first, and merely by
         attacking you, they also surrender the children that they're holding,
         taking away a task that you might have to do later. Once they've been
         disarmed, you can shoot them long-range with your other units, or
         otherwise bring a few more units up to fight them hand-to-hand while
         keeping Testament ahead of the bunch. Once the Raptors and LEVs have
         been taken care of, the Mummyheads and Cyclops and Ravana will come
         down. At this point in time, send Twede right, and up as the enemies
         start attacking your main chain. Once the Mummyheads and Cyclops are
         down, Vjaya should have gone right and up to get to the server, and
         downloaded some new moves. After that, move Vjaya back to your main
         group as you take down Ned and the Ravana.

Afterwards, Ned will bring in three more Raptors that have the children from 
Semyl's orphanage. They run away as three Cyclops come in. Unfortunately for 
Ned, his frame is beyond repair, and he's been backstabbed as he doesn't count 
as a frame runner. He tells Cage that people will only judge him by appearance, 
they will betray him, and reveals that Myona's in the factory ahead and is 
performing experiments with the children and self-binders. Finally, he explodes 
and dies a permanent death.

                           VICTORY: Defeat all enemies!
                           FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!

TACTICS: This is a pretty simple fight, considering it's just three Cyclops.
         Wait for them to come to you, and then converge on them and destroy
         them to end this battle for once and for all.

Afterwards, Pharsti confirms a jammer, meaning she doesn't know where the 
children have gone. Twede doesn't know anything either, thanks to all the 
confusion. After Warren acts up, Razma talks Semyl up, and says he might know 
where the children are.

At a lab, Jimmer and Zephyrs will talk about Ned while Zephyrs exposes Jimmer's 
real identity, and Zephyrs then calls in Bolozof to shoot Jimmer. Bolozof 
shoots Zephyrs instead, but feels an immense pain while he's at it. Zephyrs is 
still alive, but encounters a mysterious figure.

|2VAHBW+   		    2va. Heaven-Bound Wings       	       +2VAHBW|
Good ending only (Must have defeated more units than the Mars Angels).

Ares/Vale is on TV again, and shows the accuracy of a (second) Marlblanke by 
hitting a surveillance satellite. Twede then traces the origin of the beam to 
the Hellas Sea's oxygen plant. It's decided to go over there to stop Mars 
forces, though it'll waste Saoshyant's energy. Yukito also exposes Warren's 
liking for Mebius a bit, and after some rough-housing, we're off.

We'll see Amante meet a mysterious man named Jimmer.

                               SCENE TWENTY TWO
		              Heaven-Bound Wings  
                           VICTORY: Defeat all enemies!
                           FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!/
		                    Enemies approach Saoshyant!

Saoshyant will be ambushed, and the BIS members will surround the defenseless 
Saoshyant, hoping to defend it, Robin included. Myona will appear, and Cage 
tells her he will get the real her. Pharsti will do a small amount of thinking 
as well.

TACTICS: What you need to do here is protect the Saoshyant at all costs, and
         your best bet at succeeding in this is to keep in the defense ring
         that you are placed in at the beginning of the scene. Your first turn
         will consist primarily of shooting long-range. The enemies will then
         close in on you, with about half of them in striking range; endure it.
         Once your turn comes by again, demolish as many as you can, and then
         take the rest of the raptors out in the third turn. From here on in,
         set up a line of six of your units so that they guard the bridge, then
         advance forward with two units in front (preferably OFs) until you
         hit Myona. Strike her once.

Zephyrs will appear once more in his HarutMarut, and call Myona over, 
commanding her to destroy the BIS members. More Raptors will appear along with 
a new unit called the Cyclops, and Pharsti reveals that stopping Zephyrs will 
cause Myona to snap out of it.

                           VICTORY: Defeat all enemies!
                           FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!/
		                    Enemies approach Saoshyant!

TACTICS: Keep your line in place, and this time, hold it and wait for the
         Raptors and Cyclops to come to you. When they do that, eliminate them
         at point-blank range, and do NOT let them past your line. Once the
         regular task force has been decimated, take out Vjaya (and replace it
         if it was in your line) and send it east towards the server to 
         download some new moves. Besides that, keep your line steady, and
         fight Myona when she comes - once she drops below 50%, she'll retreat.
         With her out of the way, Zephyrs will come to you at last. Eliminate
         him for once and for all.

Zephyrs says the abilities granted by Metatron will elevate humanity to a new 
level. After some philosophical talk, however, he finally dies in a self-
explosion. Pharsti reveals him to only be alive thanks to Metatron. Back in the 
Saoshyant, Twede reveals things a bit more on Zephyrs, and Robin reveals their 
interest. After, everyone is more determined to stop Ares.

|2VBVLW+   		      2vb. Violated Wishes   	               +2VBVLW|
Bad ending only (Must have defeated less units than the Mars Angels).

Razma and Yukito have set things up so they can hack into the Earth 
surveillance satellite, and respond to tracers Razma put on the children 
earlier back when he thought something like this might happen once more. After 
Phil and Semyl express their disgust and then change their minds, Phil suddenly 
detects an enemy coming their way.

                               SCENE TWENTY TWO
		                Violated Wishes 
                           VICTORY: Defeat all enemies!
                           FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!/
		                    Enemies approach Saoshyant!

We'll finally meet up with Jimmer, and he admits that BAHRAM did not plan on 
what Ned did. He also says he merely helped Ares sink the Bonaparte III, and 
reveals that ten years ago, Zephyrs tested military weapons on a ship, killing 
most of the passengers; except for two siblings, Vale and Pharsti Shatner. 
After some more talk about the Animus series, Bolozof shows up with four 
Ifrits, revealing that he used the resonance of Testament to find Cage. Twede 
will need three turns to hack the satellite, Jimmer will leave, and now we

TACTICS: First and foremost is the note that Testament can act twice in a turn
         from now on. Anyways, bring your units in downwards to surround
         Saoshyant, and leave an opening only in the south-right corner. Take
         out the two Raptors that come at you right away, then wait for the
         four Cyclops to hit you from four sides. Take them out quickly, then 
         when the Mummyheads come in from the top, send Durandal II up to stop
         them in their tracks. At about this time, the Saoshyant will be able
         to retreat, so take everyone else and focus them on the Ifrits coming
         in from the southwest. Like the last time you faced the Ifrits, they
         should not be too hard to take time, especially considering that your
         OFs are stronger now, and that Testament has two turns instead of just
         one. Once they're done, wait on the Grafficane to come in, and
         also another Ifrit from the northwest, and then once you're done
         defeating both of them, there's another victory in for you.

After Bolozof falls, he realizes that the BIS members have grown stronger, but 
refuses to believe it. Jimmer then appears and summons Bolozof, revealing that 
the Grafficane had a self-binder on it. Bolozof will be renewed with interest 
to defeat BIS, and Jimmer will disappear again. Also, when you defeat Nadia in 
that last Ifrit, she will be satisfied with serving to the death, finally 

                           VICTORY: Defeat all enemies!
                           FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!

TACTICS: If you haven't defeated Nadia yet, do so now, and then wait on Bolozof
         to come back down in his Grafficane. Once he does, surround him and
         give him no forte; destroy him quickly.

Bolozof's frame will explode and Bolozof will finally die. Everyone will get 
into the Saoshyant as we see a mysterious figure remain behind. Back on the 
Saoshyant, Jimmer is revealed as being the mastermind behind this whole thing, 
and some speculation is put forward as to who or what Pharsti and Testament 
really are. Saoshyant will then head forth to where Myona is.

Cage and Pharsti then have a talk, about being partners and friendship.

|2WAFLF+   		         2wa. Fulfillment      	       	       +2WAFLF|
Good ending only (Must have defeated more units than the Mars Angels).

After a discussion on maintenance and spiritual conflicts, Yukito gets Cage to 
define friendship. Afterwards, Warren and Twede reveal that they will be 
jumping off from the Saoshyant to the oxygen plant, via using the Orbital 
Frames to put the regular frames on the ground. To solve the problem of 
Calibur, Twede's locked up Robin to keep her safe. Nevertheless, Robin will 
have a few tricks up her sleeve.

                              SCENE TWENTY THREE
		           Fulfillment of a Promise
                           VICTORY: Ravana is destroyed!
                           FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!

After landing problems are smoothed out, Robin comes down in a parachute with 
Calibur. Ned will then show up, a bit surprised that Zephyrs is dead, and once 
more swears to take out BIS, revealing that Ares is in the back in the 

TACTICS: Move your units around so that you have a strong line-up, and then
         wait for the combination of Raptors, Cyclops, Armored LEVs, and the
         new unit called Mummy Head to come to you. Once they come, get into
         position and start firing. In the second or third turn of battling 
         (depending on whether you want to defeat Ned quickly or leave him for
         last), take Vjaya and go northwards and onto the server. Once he
         downloads the data, move it back down, and continue the fighting with
         Ned and his forces until Ned has been eradicated.

Afterwards, Ned will try to switch LEV bodies, but will suffer a communication 
failure and be destroyed. After that, Amante will come in and after offering 
some word poetry, tries to stop Cage.

                           VICTORY: Scarmiglione is destroyed!
                           FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!

TACTICS: Form into your protective line again, and wait for the Grafficanes
         coming down from the northeast. When they come in, start peppering
         fire at them, and when Amante and her Cyclops come in, divert your
         force into two groups - one to take on the Grafficanes, the other on
         Amante. If you want to end this battle swiftly, take out Amante as
         soon as possible to win the battle. Otherwise, take out the 
         Grafficanes and Cyclops, then take out Amante.

Afterwards, Amante reveals she always had boyfriends who only cared about how 
she looks. She convinces Cage to help her into death, but changes her mind, 
giving him some wisdom, then dies with the explosion of Scarmiglione. Cage 
heads on to find Ares.

After warnings of high energy, Ares comes out in the Marlblanke. Cage asks what 
he would do with Testament, and Ares reveals that Testament is equipped with a 
special Mindflow System that can be used by anyone, and is the only one in 
existence. Cage will then play his button, and reveals that Ares is being 
controlled. We'll then fight after some more chat.

                           VICTORY: Iblis' HP reduced to 50%-!
                           FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!

TACTICS: For the first two turns, hold your position, only moving your units
         around to accomodate the enemy forces that are coming to you very
         soon. Once they do come, take out the Raptors first, then focus on the
         Grafficanes. At the same time, Ares/Vale will have come down in Iblis;
         ignore him until the majority of the Raptors and Grafficanes have been 
         eliminated. After that, you can choose either between eliminating
         Iblis, or mopping up the rest of the Raptors and Grafficanes along 
         with the incoming Cyclops, then taking out Iblis.

After, Ares will be back to normal, but warns Cage off, saying he doesn't want 
to see him. Myona appears and tells Cage to back off, and that if he follows, 
it really is goodbye between the three of them. After, Pharsti forces a retreat 
on Cage.

Back at BIS, Razma feels something missing, but unfortunately, there will be no 
final battle. Warren tells Cage that Ares has made his own decision, and Cage 
heads off to find Pharsti. Talking to Pharsti, they'll talk about 'home', and 
they'll decide to fly out. Warren intervenes, but Cage retorts; he's just 
making his own decision and following his own destiny. The rest will hope.

|2WBGSU+   		      2wb. God Save Us!   	               +2WBGSU|
Bad ending only (Must have defeated less units than the Mars Angels).

From now on, everything is kept spoiler-free.

                              SCENE TWENTY THREE
		                 God Save Us!
                           VICTORY: HarutMarut2 is destroyed!
                           FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!/
	                            Ifrit's with kids on them are attacked!

TACTICS: At this point in time, this is beginning to be a bit ridiculous.
         The Ifrits will present a difficult problem, and trying to keep track
         of which Ifrits have the three children on them will be a chore. 
         If you're not willing to try and go on a big expedition of killing
         and all, there IS one thing you can try and do, and that is to take
         Testament, whom still has a double-attack-per-turn movement, and move
         it up to HarutMarut2 while running away from resistance, and taking
         out many of the enemies on your way. Meanwhile, the rest of the group
         can follow, taking out their own enemies. Once HarutMarut2 is
         destroyed and reappears, take that out too, while the rest of BIS
         comes to Testament and concentrates on picking off the enemies (with
         the exception of the Ifrits bearing the children).

|2XAPHA+   		        2xa. Pharsti       	       	       +2XAPHA|
Good ending only (Must have defeated more units than the Mars Angels).

Out in the Hellespontos Mountain Range, Cage and Pharsti will talk a bit. 
Pharsti will detect Iblis, and start following after it. However, a mysterious 
man will intercept Cage.

                               SCENE TWENTY FOUR
                           VICTORY: Approach Nerokerubina with Testament!
                           FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!/
				    Nerokerubina is destroyed!

Cage will meet with Jimmer of BAHRAM fame, who will go into auto-bastard mode. 
Myona will appear as Jimmer appears, and tells Cage he must be stopped. She 
then reveals up ahead is Zephyrs' secret lab, with a Metatron Lab, Ares, and 
the second Marlblanke. From here, Ares can wipe out the entire planet, and 
believes it right because of the Martians' inability to stand up. A giant force 
of BAHRAM forces is then summoned, but the BIS members will then show up to 
help out.

TACTICS: Wait out the first two turns, arranging your forces into three
         different groups; Testament, a Yukito + Durandal II + Vjaya group,
         and a sniping group with the rest of the members. Using them, have
         Testament act as a single unit, plowing through everything that gets
         near it. The Vjaya group should also do the same thing, but with more
         coordination between the three members, and the snipers should stay
         out of the central conflict area. Of course, there's more to this
         battle than what you think there is at first; both Testament and
         Vjaya will be able to act twice per turn during this battle. This
         means that a fully powered Testament could take out two units per 
         turn, and Vjaya will be no piece of cake either. The first 
         counterattack from the enemies will be brutal, though; but once you 
         withstand that, your own counterattack should be decimated. Once you
         feel you've accomplished enough here, go and approach the Orbital
         Frame Nerokerubina with Testament.

From now on, I'm going into my stance of not spoiling end game story. For now, 
go to the right OF (though it might be random), and stuff will occur.

|2XBPRU+   		     2xb. Promised Reunion   	               +2XBPRU|
Bad ending only (Must have defeated less units than the Mars Angels).

                               SCENE TWENTY FOUR
		                Promised Reunion
                           VICTORY: Defeat all enemies!
                           FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!

TACTICS: Move Cage up a miniscule amount, and wait for the Ifrits to come to
         you. With his double attack, he should be able to clear out two or
         three of the Ifrits before reinforcements arrive. When they do, have
         them concentrate on taking out the rest of the Ifrits, and direct Cage
         up to the northwest and into the large mine that's up there.

After you defeat all the units, more units will arrive.

                           VICTORY: Iblis is destroyed!
                           FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!

TACTICS: Start moving your BIS units up to the mine, but take Cage and sneak
         him past all the Ifrit guards and up to Iblis, along with Twede in the
         Vjaya. Reaching Iblis, you should take the Black Frame out as quick
         as possible, while the rest of the units take out the Ifrits that get
         close to them. Once you finish off Iblis, your victory is complete.

More units show up.

                           VICTORY: Grafficane is destroyed!
                           FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!

TACTICS: Reorganize yourself, and wait for the Mummy Heads and Cyclops to show
         up. You can take them out if you wish; however, this is the final
         battle, and Grafficane, being naturally faster than the Mummy Heads
         and Cyclops, will stray ahead of the former. Once he gets within
         shooting range, bust a cap on his ass and never look back.

After, enjoy your ending.

|2YARUN+   		         2y. Reunion       	       	       +2YARUN|
Good ending only (Must have defeated more units than the Mars Angels).

                           VICTORY: Destroy the Ravana!
                           FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!

TACTICS: That's quite the mighty force there. Set up all your forces so that
         the mightiest of your close-combat units are up front, and keep your
         long-range very close so that they can take out enemies before they
         can hit your lines. Because once they do, it will be hell when the
         forces under Jimmer launch their counterstrike. When you survive the
         chaos that his men can do to you, take them out as fast as possible, 
         and don't let up; sacrifice an opening if you have to to eliminate
         your enemies. But don't take out Jimmer fast, either. If you wait,
         you'll have to do a routine mop-up of the rest of the forces
         afterwards, so take out the Ravana's supporting forces first, then
         the Revana itself.


                           VICTORY: Destroy the Iblis!
                           FAILURE: Testament is destroyed!

TACTICS: So, here it is....the final battle at once....Mop up any forces you
         left behind from the last battle, and then let the Iblis come to you
         rather than move your forces over to Iblis.

|3BTTLE+   			  3.  Battle			       +3BTTLE|

Battling in this game is rather simple, so I'll try to keep it short.

When it's your turn, your units on the map should be colored blue. Hover the 
cursor over one of them, and press A. Doing so will allow you to select this 
specific unit, and you can choose to move your unit. Panels around the unit 
will flash blue - this is the range of the area that your LEV/Frame/Vehicle can 
move within the current turn. Once the unit has ended it's turn, it will turn 
grey, signifying it's inability to do any more for the turn.

Attacking is easy, along the lines of Moving. You select your unit, and you can 
do two things; if, at the start of the turn, you are within range, you can fire 
a long-range attack at an enemy. If not, you can alternatively move right up to 
the enemy, and then attack them with a short-range hit.

Some of your weapons may be lacking ammo. If this is the case, then you merely 
have to move a Blade straight up to said unit and supply it with the ammo so it 
can fire with more attacks available.

However, the actual attacking is something that's out of the usual. Instead of 
the game calculating seeds and stuff to determine damage, you instead are 
thrust into a semi-action battle. The enemy will be placed against a 2D 
backdrop, and it will move around. You will have a cursor that acts as 
crosshairs, and you must move it around onto the enemy and press A to cause 
damage. Additionally, a red heart exists in the center of the enemy unit, and 
if you can hit it, you will cause critical damage.

In the intermission between most scenes (but not all, such as 13 and 14, for 
storyline reasons), you will be able to access a garage. In this garage, you 
will be able to upgrade the components of the LEVs and vehicles (but not the 
Orbital Frames). By using money gained from destroying your foes, you can 
strengthen your defense, HP, and the attack power of seperate weapons.

|42425S+   		     4.  24/25 Scene Path		       +42425S|

Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars has two different paths that you can take. 
What causes the decision of which side is Scene 12. If you defeated less units 
than the Mars Angels in Scene 12, you'll immediately start getting different 
story happenstances starting in Scene 14 than if you defeated more units, and 
from Scene 15 to 17, you have different scenario names. From Scene 18 to 24, 
you will follow an entirely different story path, and if you defeated more 
units than the Mars Angels, you will have 25 scenes instead of 24.

Defeated less units than the Mars Angels
Harmony and Strife > Waves > Island of Destiny > Nosferatu > Violated Wishes > 
God Save Us! > Promised Reunion

Defeated more units than the Mars Angels
Dark Half > Red Earth > Missing Line > Faint Light > Heaven-Bound Wings > 
Fulfillment > Pharsti > Reunion

|5AMCRF+   		       5a. Mech Reference		       +5AMCRF|

Cage's LEV
Category: LEV

The LEV used by Cage in his escape from Bonaparte III. Higher-grade than the 
average LEV, it is equipped with Pharsti, the A.I. who is a source of support 
to the inexperienced Cage.

Category: Orbital Frame

The true identity of Cage's LEV. Secretly tested and built by Zephyrs, Bolozof 
should have been its frame runner. Limitless capacity. Named "Testament" by 
Pharsti, which may refer to the convenant between Pharsti and Cage...But there 
seems to be a deeper underlying meaning to its nomenclature. Zephyrs and his 
crew call it the "New Model Animus."

Category: Orbital Frame

OF used by BIS, whose composition allows for ninja-like agility and speed. 
Comparatively lower in offensive ability, but can perform two types of burst 
attacks. Rare model.

Category: Orbital Frame

First-ever OF used by BIS, designed as mid- to long-range backup support. 
Lacking in durability.

Durandal II
Category: Orbital Frame

OF used by BIS, designed specifically for close-range combat. Durable, and 
reserved for the best frame runners in the galaxy. Durandal I (LEV) was 
destroyed by Warren.

Category: LEV

LEV used by BIS. Much more agile than the average LEV, and excels in combat 
involving the "leg" area. "Justeen," along with "Dreizehn," was the nickname 
given these machines by Yukito; the official name of this LEV is "Francesca."

Category: LEV

LEV used by BIS. Better at long-range sniper-style shooting than the average 
LEV. "Dreizehn" is a nickname, meaning "thirteen" in German. Official name: 

Category: LEV

LEV used by BIS. Contains stronger defense structures than the average LEV, but 
a bit sluggish. Ability to attack and/or serve as a backup support unit. Name 
means "steel" in Latin.

Category: AFV

Tanker used by BIS, designed as a means of transporting humans. Since defense 
mechanisms and other devices are kept to a bare minimum, it is unfit for 
battle. Replenishment system on board.

Category: AFV

Tanker used by BIS, designed as a means of transporting various goods. 
Maintenance resources on board. Moderate defensive capacities, but inadequate 
for combat.

Category: AFV

Tanker used by BIS with replenishment system, the base of which is the Blade 
model. Robin's customization of replenishment utilities and weapons has made 
its operation complicated, but these changes are necessary in the complexities 
of warfare.

Security Force LEV A
Category: LEV

Slightly older-model LEV for Security Force use. Features handgun for close 

Security Force LEV B
Category: LEV

Slightly older-model LEV for Security Force use. Features machine gun for mid-
range combat.

Regular Force LEV A
Category: LEV

New-model LEV for UNSF use. Not that fit for battle. Features machine gun.

Regular Force LEV B
Category: LEV

New-model LEV used by the UNSF. Able to attack at great distances by missile.

Reinforced LEV A
Category: LEV

New-model LEV with modifications further fortifying its defensive and offensive 
features. Equipped with machine gun.

Reinforced LEV B
Category: LEV

New-model LEV with modifications further fortifying its defensive and offensive 
features. Equipped with missiles.

Reinforced LEV C
Category: LEV

New-model LEV with modifications further fortifying its defensive and offensive 
features. Equipped with beam bullets.

Category: LEV

New-model LEV customized by Ned. Features include the terryifying Death 
Masquerade, a maneuver in which a laserblade continually slices everything with 
which it makes contact.

Bizac S
Category: LEV

Modified LEV used by Special Task Force Acemos. Bolozof's pride and joy, it 
uses technology developed by Zephyrs. Thick outer shell equipped with blades.

Category: LEV

Modified LEV used by Special Task Force Acemos. Basically identical to the 
Bizac S, but with a thinner outer shell and reinforced thruster unit.

Category: Large LEV

Large LEV utilizing metatron advocated by Zephyrs; used mostly in riot control. 
Roughly 2-3 times the size of the average LEV, assistance intelligence 
installed enables complex maneuvers to be handled with ease, even by just one 
pilot. Looks like an octopus, jellyfish, or other similar deep-sea creature. 
(Interior is a direct plagiarism of Tempest.)

Category: Large LEV

The HarutMarut after reconstruction following damage; also known as "Number 
2." Unlike previous models, the inner mechanisms are based on Zephyrs' research 
of the Tempest.

HarutMarut II
Category: Large LEV

The HarutMarut with still more improvements. Although the spherical cover parts 
have been removed, it possesses great durability and a solid defense mechanism. 
Just like "I," it features self-binder and has the capacity to control itself.

Unmanned Fighter A
Category: Fighter

Unmanned fighter machine widely used by UNSF. Effectiveness moderate.

Unmanned Fighter B
Category: Fighter

Unmanned fighter machine widely used by UNSF. Effectiveness moderate. Equipped 
with missiles for long-range attack.

Black Frame
Category: ???

The mystery machine that destroyed Bonaparte, the spine of which is a bony 
structure reminiscent of a bird's wing. Completely black, conjures up images of 
the devil.

Category: Orbital Frame

The true identity of the Black Frame. An older model of the Animus series, it 
is equipped with Versino Alpha of the I.D.O. Mindflow System, making it an 
imposing enemy even for Testament; it is possible, however, for the pulse to 
flow backwards and kill the frame runner inside.

Category: Orbital Frame

Unmanned OF devised by BAHRAM. Endless variations in programs, outer shell, and 
other options.

Mummy Head A
Category: Orbital Frame

Unmanned OF devised by BAHRAM with tremendous attack potential. Equipped with 
phalanx, a shooting weapon.

Mummy Head B
Category: Orbital Frame

Unmanned OF devised by BAHRAM with tremendous attack potential. Equipped with 
halberd, a shooting weapon.

Category: Orbital Frame

Unmanned OF devised by BAHRAM. Lacking in durability, but has the ability to 
approach its target quickly and undetected.

Category: Orbital Frame

OF used by BAHRAM, and Ned's latest machine. Metatron in interior enables 
automatic self-repair. Unmanned combat mode also available. Has distinctive 
hands with knives at the ends.

Category: Orbital Frame

OF used by BAHRAM which resembles a large praying mantis. Both hands equipped 
with gillius, razor-like clamps with which it seizes enemies and slices them in 

Category: Orbital Frame

OF used by BAHRAM, same base as Grafficane. Beautiful red exterior, features 
cat's claw-like weapon, beatrice, for close-range combat.

Category: Orbital Frame

OF used by BAHRAM. Same class machine as the "Tyrant," but features the 
addition of the Mindflow System as well as extensive interior renovation to 
counteract the Marlblanke Effect. Equipped with gigantic bullet barrels on 
either hand, it excels in both long- and close-range combat. The two weapons 
compatible with this model are called "crime" and "punishement."

Category: Orbital Frame

The last of the "Animus Series," modeled after the Testament battle data found 
by Zephyrs in the enzyme factory. I.D.O. Mindflow System Version Gamma 
installed. Features the latest in OF technology. Named after the genie in the 
magic lamp, it fulfills Zephyrs' every desire.

Construction LEV
Category: LEV

Widely used by civilians for construction purposes, the Construction LEV has no 
battle features but is the only means of fighter unit for most.

Mars Angels LEV
Category: LEV

LEV driven by the Mars Angels. Exterior identical to the average LEV, but all 
the Angels have customized various parts to suit their tastes. Easily 
discernible by pink stripe on wing.

|5BCHRF+   		    5b. Character Reference		       +5BCHRF|

Cage Midwell
17 years old
Blood Type O

A kindhearted, gentle youth. Began working on baord the Bonaparte III along 
with Ares, whom he met a year earlier. Born 17 years ago to an unknown mother 
on the cargo deck of the Midwell, which was smuggling illegal immigrants, Cage 
was raised on the ship by the Captain, who took the boy under his wing. Though 
he was treated well by fellow Midwell staff, Cage always harbored a feeling of 
loneliness and isolation in his heart, which translated into low self-esteem 
and overly passive behavior. When the Captain died and Midwell was deemed unfit 
for flight, Cage boarded Bonaparte III, where he met Ares. His new friendship 
with this boy, who was the same age as him and yet seemed so mature, had a 
profound effect on Cage, and helped him recover from his psychological wounds. 
However, the knowledge that he owes his rebirth to Ares has proven problematic 
in itself, as Cage depends on Ares entirely, and suspects that he will never be 
able to exist independently of him.

Ares Enduwa
17 years old
Blood Type AB

A co-worker of Cage aboard the Bonaparte III, a colonist spacecraft linking 
Earth and Mars. Having already worked on Bonaparte III for 4 months when Cage 
first boarded a year earlier, Ares showed Cage the ropes. Something of a 
genius, the normally taciturn Ares met Cage late one night after work, when he 
was playing a "piano" that he had conjured by altering a program on a PC in the 
ship's lobby. Cage happened upon his improptu concert and was so moved that he 
began talking to him. At first, Ares was irked by the intrusion, but he 
eventually gave in to Cage's perseverance and found himself, much to his own 
surprise, becoming Cage's friend and looking after him. Fellow Bonaparte staff 
dubbed the unlikely pair "The Eighth Wonder of Bonaparte."

Myona Alderan
17 years old
Blood Type A

A mysterious girl found hiding in a storage room on board the Bonaparte III. 
Since the accident involving the unidentified object, she sticks with Cage and 
his group. Having suffered retrograde amnesia since the incident, what little 
personal information that is known of Myona has been pieced together based on 
occasional hints about her past. Though she sometimes hints at a determined and 
headstrong personality hidden deep inside, she is shy and rarely acts 
aggressively. Serious yet somehow flighty, she also seems slightly imbalanced, 
which may have something to do with her loss of memory....

Pharsti (Artificial Intelligence)
The "Navigation Program" installed in the vehicle boarded by Cage and Myona 
immediately following the Bonaparte III's collision with the unidentified 
object. In these days, when voice-activated OSs are a dime a dozen, he (she?) 
is special, incorporating highly advanced technology not found in other 
programs found on LEVs. What secrets could possibly lie hidden in its creation?

Semyl Shambrow
16 years old
Blood Type O

A robust girl who, for some reason, speaks in street slang. Constantly aware of 
the fact that she is short. Has a love-hate relationship with Razma. Although 
she grew up in an orphanage, she displays the healthy outgoingness of someone 
who had a very happy childhood. In reality, her childhood was difficulty, 
having been subject to Ender prejudice by humans from Earth. Joined the 
Resistance early to regain respect for herself, and also to help ensure a 
happier future for her "siblings" at the institution. Lost a friend recently to 
some trouble associated with a romantic relationship with an Earthling human. A 
responsible big sister at the orphanage, underneath it all, she's just a 
sensitive 16-year-old.

Mebius K. Lylekraft
26 years old
Blood Type B

A mature lady whose soft, kind demeanor belies her skilled, sharp strategic 
abilities. Mebius moved to Mars with her husband, who died in an accident while 
on his way to buy a toy for the couple's unborn baby; she then lost her baby 
(who was to be named Tia) due to a miscarriage. It was then that Mebius, 
despondent over the loss of her loved ones and waiting for death's embrace, met 
Deckson, who was conducting research into the very accident which killed her 
husband, in an attempt to prove that an Earthling General was responsible for 
the tragedy. Hurt and angry, she joined BIS, where she works alongside Deckson. 
It seems that Mebius has deeper feelings for Deckson than just trust, but she 
either does not realize this, or she is in denial as they work together and as 
she remains loyal to her dead husband.

Razma Cascade Jr.
19 years old
Blood Type A

The skirt-chasing troublemaker of BIS, he is surprisingly reliable where it 
counts. Somewhat childish, but also remarkably perceptive sometimes. A gifted 
sharpshooter with excellent hearing and eyesight. Seems to have a thing for 
Semyl, but nothing has materialized as of yet. His only family is his sick 
mother, who tells him that his father was a "high-profile Earthling"; however, 
they have never spoken with one another. Obsessed with the idea of the father 
he never met, he may have found a paternal figure in Deckson...

Tadamichi E. Yukito
24 years old
Blood Type AB

Ardent fan of and expert in old-school sci-fi, low-budget movie stars, and 
20th-21st century Japanimation. Deeply involved in his own world, he is 
fiercely individual and mature in his self-assurance. Raised in a very proper, 
traditional family consisting of his father and his siblings, he ignored his 
family's wishes for him to join the corporate pack, stating, "Suits don't 
become me," and left home. The rest is history.

Warren Lumenlux
33 years old
Blood Type A

Prudent and overly cautious, he is often the butt of jokes; regardless, he is 
trusted for his knowledge and experience. A former mercenary, he always wears 
black sunglasses and does not speak much, giving him the aura of the 
"consummate professional." Once an expert gunman, he gave up his profession 
after an accident in which he mistakenly shot a young female hostage. Following 
the event, he wandered from place to place, eventually ending up in BIS on 
Mars. Has romantic feelings for a certain BIS member, but, not being very 
suave, has not yet succeeded in winning her over.

17 years old
Blood Type AB

Full name "Philbright Westriverside Warehouserock XXVI." Excels in household 
chores such as cooking, cleaning, and laundry. Easily frazzled. Because of his 
long, beribboned blond hair and his high-pitched voice, he is often mistaken 
for a girl. Phil owes his long name to his "father," who believed an old 
superstition that luck comes to people with long names. He grew up in a happy 
family among many unrelated siblings, but tragedy struck one day when his 
"father" sampled a medication which induced a sudden fit of insane violence. 
Confused and horrified, Phil was able to defend himself from the savage attack, 
but when he came back to his senses, his entire family, including his father, 
was dead. The manufacturer of the medicine attempted to cover up the incident 
and lay the blame on Phil, at which time Deckson rescured the unfortunate youth 
and took him under his wing. Now a BIS member support officer, he has a crush 
on Myona...

Deckson Geyse
42 years old
Blood Type O

Founder and father figure of BIS. Believing that he merely lent a hand to the 
Mars Resistance movement, he does not realize the full extent of his influence 
in Martian politics, although he would gladly give his life to support the 
cause. A family man, he used to be an officer in the UNSF, where he enjoyed 
moderate success, but was divorced by his wife due to long work hours. Having 
lost his main motivation in life and besieged with guilt over his participation 
in the Enders, he left the UNSF and began to research the strange goings-on 
brought on by Earthlings, earning him both friends and foes along the way. His 
support base continued to grow, and eventually formed BIS.

Robin O'Connell
33 years old
Blood Type O

BIS's main sponsor. Roughly 90% of BIS capital comes from the Robin Foundation, 
an underground group run by Robin herself. Boasting a wide network of 
connections and tremendous resources, the group does whatever it can to assist 
BIS, from procuring power source units and other parts for army machine 
prototypes to finding maintenance experts and catching fugitives. A beautiful 
but tough businesswoman-type, she is nurturing and motherly toward BIS members.

Twede Grey
Blood Type Unknown

Robin's secretary. Cloaked head-to-toe in black with dark glasses and black 
gloves, he rarely speaks and almost never reveals any of his emotions. Keen and 
observant, he is almost psychic in his understanding of people; he is precise 
and swift in his work, often getting the job done before others even think of 
asking him to take care of it.

Lance Jimmer
Blood Type Unknown

Man of mystery. Has razor-thin slits for eyes, and is somewhat reptilian. 
Although he gives the impression that he is always smiling, his eyes are eerily 
expressionless. In fact, his face is like a creepy mask. Nobody really knows of 
his origins nor his motivations, but it is clear that he does not champion the 
Martians' cause.

Dezeele Zephyrs
49 years old
Blood Type B

High-ranking officer from Earth. Has a tendency to look down on others, but 
will not tolerate others doing the same to him. Convinced that he is better 
than anyone, he is self-centered and feels no guilt for all the suffering he 
has caused in his career. Born to a poverty-stricken household as the youngest 
child, he harbors a resentmemt toward all people who are rewarded with money 
and opportunity despite a profound lack of talent. This resentment caused him 
to turn his talens toward getting ahead at all costs. After gaining success as 
a scientist, he quickly moved up the hierarchy to his current position as Lab 
Supervisor. While he is disliked, nobody dares cross him because he is as 
influential as he is unpleasant.

Ned Noachim
27 years old
Blood Type O

Zephyrs' assistant. Completely lacks any sort of leadership skills, but thanks 
to Zephyrs, has achieved a degree of status in the army. Views Martians as 
subhuman and repeatedly commits racist crimes against them. Also prejudiced 
against woman, who find him loathsome. He attributes his complex to past 
experience without realizing that it's no excuse to be a pig. Used to be called 

Bolozof Velasgo
29 years old
Blood Type A

Silver-haired and lithe, with glittering eyes that hint at a soul full of 
malice. Cold and robotic, he escaped to Mars to avoid trouble he spawned when 
he permanently injured some colleagues in training. Views Martians as nothing 
more than salves to be bent to his will. He follows the orders of Zephyrs, 

Nadia Candido
19 years old
Blood Type A

One of Bolozof's assistants, as well as his mistress. The fact that the 
Martian-hating Bolozof keeps her at his side leads her to believe mistakenly 
that Bolozof recognizes her talent and loves her. A hard-working and earnest 
military employee.

Amante Furlair
16 years old
Blood Type Unknown

Like Nadia, an assistant of Bolozof. Under her youthful and innocent appearance 
lurks the heart of a cruel, vicious demon. The wicked look in her eyes betrays 
something of her true nature. Numerous men have approached her, judging her 
wrongly by her harmless looks, only to find themselves used and dumped in the 
end. Looks to be about 16, but her actual age is unknown.

Tim Frazer
38 years old
Blood Type A

Mars Army officer. Looks older than his years due to endless problems with the 
Resistance, which may have something to do with his being forever single. No 
star qualities, but a nice guy nonetheless. Has caught the BIS leader Deckson 
on a number of occasions, but has never been able to keep him. Has one half-

Cubick Noyce
29 years old
Blood Type B

The eldest of the "Mars Angels," she zips around space in her custom-built LEV 
in pursuit of eligible bachelors. She is naturally beautiful, but her looks are 
also a product of unthinkable effort and an arsenal of makeup. Complains a lot. 
Not too fond of Palme, and calls her "Ms. Palme." Height: 5'9" Favorite stone: 
champagne-colored fancy diamond. Dislikes: sweat. (source: Mars Angels Fan Club 

Palme Winston
24 years old
Blood Type AB

Introverted middle "sister" of the Mars Angels. (The Mars Angels are not 
related by blood.) Good-looking, but can't seem to land a boyfriend due to 
personality issues. Well-trained in hexes and divination, she remembers every 
person who has done her wrong, what they did, and when. Mysterious, but with a 
unique charm about her. Height: 5'6". Weight: ?? 36-27-38 Ideal Man: Aleister 
Crowley. Dislikes: direct sunlight. (source: Mars Angels Fan Club Newsletter)

Digit Carlyle
19 years old
Blood Type O

The youngest of the Mars Angels. High-pitched voice, loudmouthed, talkative. 
Idolizes Cubick. Not afraid to speak her mind, even mouths off to Palme. 
Height: 5'4". Weight: Not telling!. 34-25-30. Likes: Anything you can east with 
your hands. Dislikes: being hungry. (source: Mars Angels Fan Club Newsletter)

Ryan Stewart
65 years old
Blood Type AB

CEO of the Ryan Corporation, which comes (a distant) second after NUT. Gives 
off a personable first impression, but has no qualms about committing heinous 
acts against his enemies.

Takahiro E. Yukito
53 years old
Blood Type B

Father of Yukito and CEO of the Tide Company, a holding company with many 
subsidiaries. Wears glasses.

Johnny Irving
43 years old
Blood Type O

High-ranking officer in the Mars Army. He is a pushover who was bullied into 
cooperating by Zephyrs. Emotionally weak, scrawny, and always has a look of 
consternation on his face. He and Zephyrs call each other by name, but there 
doesn't seem to be a real friendship between them.

Patrick Jaeger
55 years old
Blood Type A

High-ranking officer from Earth. Lets nothing escape unnoticed. He has escaped 
death on numerous occasions, and seems kind but is actually not as soft as he 
looks. His age is starting to show.

Jordy Jones
11 years old
Blood Type O

Nickname "Jojo." A simple and innocent young girl from the same orphanage that 
Semyl grew up in. In stark contrast to her dark past, she is outgoing and free 
of issues. Wants to marry Cage when she grows up.

Gilbert Kelly
12 years old
Blood Type B

Playful yet shy boy from the same orphanage that Semyl grew up in. Going 
through an awkward almost-teenager stage, he has a little crush on Semyl and 
dislikes all males that make passes at her.

Pauly McLaud
10 years old
Blood Type A

Well-behaved child from the same orphanage that Semyl grew up in. Polite and 
religious, he is always carrying a crucifix.

38 years old
Blood Type Unknown

The self-styled "#1 Broker on Mars." Rumor has it he moved to Mars due to some 
trouble at home. Overly sensitive about the topic of his blonde-haired, well-
built, family man father for some reason.

31 years old
Blood Type B

A.k.a. "Logistic Lewy." Surprisingly well-known as a mover and shaker, he 
specialized in petty crime, even trying to score some change off of Cage on one 
occasion. Perished with the rest of the staff and passengers on board Bonaparte 
III. Oh well.

|5TRMNL+   			 5c. Terminology		       +5TRMNL|

Urenbeck Catapult
Derived from metatron technology, the Urenbuck catapult utilizes the distortion 
and potential energy of space to enable travel at great speeds through space. 
Because tremendous amounts of electricity and power are necessary to activate 
this device, it is not used for regular commercial purposes. Currently, the 
Catapult can be found at L2 on Earth and Deimos near Mars. There is also a 
catapult at the L2 on Europa near Jupiter, which is used as the gateway to the 

Laborious Extra-Orbital Vehicle. Developed to facilitate the building of space 
stations and colonies. Manned vehicle used for transportation in space.

Refers to an inhabitant of space in the area between Mars and Jupiter, the "end 
of the world" - the term connotes a country bumpkin. For Earthlings, the word 
is used to describe inhabitants of Mars; for Martians, it points to those 
living in Jupiter territory.

Orbital Frame
Known as an OF. Battle unit invented and used by BAHRAM. Because it runs on the 
precious resource metatron, it is much faster and stronger than an LEV.

SSA (Self-Supporting Armor)
Found on the outer shell of Orbital Frames. Derived from metatron technology, 
the metatron alloy coating on the exterior simultaneously gives it pliability, 
strength, and hardness exceeding that of ceramic components. Also able to self-
repair using its own energy and metatron alloy.

Deimos Incident
Terrorist attack by anti-Earth officials of BAHRAM. The Orbital Frame, which 
was being tested by BAHRAM, was seized, the UNSF was assaulted, and Deimos 
Station was engulfed in a terrible tragedy. Since then, the Orbital Frame has 
become public property, and tensions between Earth and Mars have been on the 

Refers to the act of "downloading" on a metatron computer. On a von Neumann-
type computer it would correspond to "file transfer," but in this case the 
actual circuits comprising the file are physicall transported to a new location 
and the old circuits expunged.

Nereidum Universal Technology. Major conglomerate which began a space 
development program in the early 21st century. The largest manufacturer of 
LEVs, as well as the inventor of the Orbital Frame. Headquarters located in 
Nereidum County, Mars.

Refers to those born in Martian territory.

Considered one of the two greatest discovers in space development, along with 
the LEV, this mineral ore was found on Callisto, a moon of Jupiter, in the 
early 21st century. Widely researched and applied in a number of different 

Metatron Computer
An enormous improvement upon the previously popular von Neumann digital 
computer, this quantum computer, which incorporates metatron-based integrated 
circuits, is both compact and exceedingly quick. Memory and programs are 
managed on a single, constantly changing set of circuits, so that both of these 
operations take place simultaneously and constantly. In terms of quantum 
physics, it operates in a different dimension.

Cage's Button
An outdated model of wearable player containing the recording of Ares' 
impromptu performance. Can be clipped onto one's garments for easy mobility, 
and includes basic features such as playing, recording, and voice memo.

Handy PC
Mobile device given to Cage by Lewy. Although small, it has the largest memory 
allocation in its class and can even play memories.

Floating space garbage comprised of satellites and other flotsam. Very 
dangerous, as it can move at speeds of up to several kilometers per second.

Burst Attack
Highly effective type of attack in which the output of the fighter unit is 
increased temporarily.

UCM (United Colonies of Mars)
Congregation of county representatives on Mars. There are a total of 16 
counties, each corresponding to a country on Earth and each with its own 
governing body. The board of politicians makes decisions concerning the 
counties as a whole, such as the use of UC Dollars as currency.

Peacekeeping Force
The army of the United Colonies of Mars, which is actually under the direct 
command of the UNSF. Most members are Martians, but the force is controlled by 

Hellespont County
One of the 16 counties on Mars. Nestled between the Hellespontos Mountain Range 
to the north and south and a desert to the west, the county does not play a 
major role in Martian affairs, but the bulk of Mars' population is concentrated 
there due to its proximity to the Hellas Ocean to the east.

Semi-autonomous political division on Mars. There are 16 counties in total.

United Nations Space Force. Military unit composed mainly of troops from 
Security Council member countries. Includes the Martian Peacekeeping Force 
under its jurisdiction.

Special Task Force Acemos
Unit of the UNSF under the direct leader of Zephyrs. Composed chiefly of 
Earthlings who are especially anti-Ender.

Anti-Terrestrial League BIS
Official name "Born in Space." Resistance Group founded by Deckson Geyse. Uses 
a complex network of underground tunnels as its secret headquarters. Supported 
by the Robin Foundation.

Arkjet Engine
Electric power source. Used as propulsion system in LEVs.

Anti-Proton Reactor
Technology which uses metatron to considerably reduce fuel consumption. The 
Orbital Frame owes its smallness, lightness, and power to this concept.

Pandora Frettum
A region in Hellespontos; the location of the Sphere which housed Semyl's 

Psychology term. Refers to deeply repressed masculine traits in females. 
Zephyrs uses this term as a code name for his new invention.

Ryan Corporation
Ranking a distant second after NUT in the tech manufacturing industry.

Local Server
Computer memory terminal. During the game, it is possible to obtain new weapons 
or abilities by accessing the local server.

Refers to "Artificial Intelligence", or any computer in which a human-like 
intellect has been installed. Pharsti is an example of an A.I.

Hellespont Broadcasting. The largest broadcast network in Hellespontos. Owned 
by Yukito's father.

Military unit composed of Martians living in Vacilia County. The Orbital Frame 
was developed as an anti-Earth weapon in Vacilia Country, where anti-Earth 
sentiment is stronger than anywhere else on Mars.

Anti-stealth Sonar
Mechanism which counteracts stealth, weakening it or negating it entirely. In 
this game, it will activate within a set distance from the enemy.

Robin Foundation
Patron of BIS, having donated 90% of BIS capital. The "Foundation" is actually 
just a front for an elusive underground group - which, while not an official 
corporation, boasts impressive financial connections and influences. Also 
supports other groups besides BIS.

Vacilia County
Home county of BAHRAM.

Refers to Malgalityfel County, the central county on Mars.

West Hellas
Largest Nest of Hellespontos, located near the shores of the Hellas Ocean.

A gathering of Spheres.

Dome-encapsulated city on Mars.

Oxygen Plant
Terraforming facility that supplies oxygen to Spheres and Nests.

A type of life-sustaining structure found on Mars. Rendered obsolete due to the 
widespread construction of Spheres.

|6VSPDS+   		      6. Version Updates		       +6VSPDS|

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-Got all of the MechReference done.
-Got about half of the CharacterReference done.

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-Done the Bad Ending Path.

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-Done up to Waves on the Bad Ending Path.

25/05/05	Version 1.5	96 KB
-Good Ending Path done.

23/05/05	Version 1.4	90 KB
-Walkthrough done up to and including the Fulfillment of a Promise scene.

21/05/05	Version 1.3	61 KB
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18/05/05        Version 1.2     36 KB
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