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by RockyStarPro

Full Game Walkthrough

Author: Mark Sada
E-Mail: [email protected]
Version 0.25

Table of Contents
1. Important Legal Notice
2. Introduction
3. Controls
 a. Overgrown Undergrouth
 b. Half Acre Wood
 c. White Knuckle Water
 d. Redwood Heights
 e. Cutting Edge Inc.
 f. Spider Caverns
 g. Tumbleweed Tomb
 h. Spook Ville
 i. Voodoo Choochoo
 j. Pontoon Panic
 k. Fossil Fuel Fun
 l. Oil Slick Side
 m. Laser Maze
 n. Chain Reactor
 o. Maggie's Nest
5. Bonuses
6. Arcade *Tips*
7. Last Message/Credits

1.Important Legal Notice
My Guide should only appear on this website, no other without my permission:

GameFaqs (

If you are really desperate to copy on your site, just ask. But if you just 
want to copy the FAQ onto your desktop, feel free to do it. Why only Gamefaqs
because that is the only trusted Video Game website I know and don't want it
on another website that I don't know.


Hello to all those people who are having trouble on the Gameboy Advance game
Zapper. I will take you step by step beating every level on this game. There
are 15 levels in the game and they start from Easy and get Harder and Harder
as you progress.

If you encounter a bug in my guide, feel free to E-mail me and ill fix it plus
I will put you in my Credit Section. If you also don't understand a part in my
guide, again do the same as above, E-mail me and I'll make whatever is bugging
you much clearer and easy to understand.


A: Fire Electric
B: Long Jump
L: Face LEft
R: Face Right
Start: Start Menu

4.A Overgrown Undergrouth

When you start Go up past the Hand and collect the egg. You won't be needing
the Blue Coins known as orbs now so progress forward, turn right and then up.
Once you see a warp point, hop on the log and Long Jump past the Rabbit and
into the warp to come to a room with an egg and Yellow Coins. Collect the
Yellow coins in the oder they flash (BEWARE: if you do it wrong, you must
restart the level). After you collect the Yellow orbs in order, collect the
egg and the Helmet for protection at the bottom of the room before going back
into the warp point. Hop over the Rabbit and keep going until you find another
egg, collect at least 10 orbs and get the Electric in stars before zapping
both Blue boxes and collecting the eggs in the warp and where the other box

You should have 4/5 eggs so far if not go back and look for them. Keep going
forward avoiding the Rabbits and collecting your last egg 6/6. Just keep going
until you see a Blue sqaure, once you go inside it, you have finished the

After you complete the last 2 levels of this world, go back and collect the 
orbs in this level. YOU must have collected all the Yellow orbs in order and 
press the switch near egg 5. Also killing the Blue enemies in shells contain
Orbs so kill them aswell. 

4.B Half Acre Wood

When you start Turn Left and Press B to collect the 2 Orbs before you 
progress. Keep going until you see 3 Orbs Face them and Long Jump to collect 
them and back onto the path. Collect the Orbs infront of the hands not getting
hit. Do the usual, collect the Orbs below you and go forward. Again get the 
Orbs while watching out for the hands and go into the next room. In this room
there is the Yellow Orb room so collect them in the flashing order. Don't
forget to make sure you got everything, you must at least have 26 orbs and 2
eggs before you leave the room. Zap the Rabbit along with the Blue crate and 
collect what is inside and prepare for another room with hands patrolling
Orbs. Keep going until you collect the 3rd egg Turn facing Up avoiding the
Sharks and the enemy walking after you longjump to the next piece of land.

Once there collect the Blue Orbs and the helmet, you should have 44 Orbs and 4
eggs at this point. Keep going, not falling in the Water and jumping,
collecting everything in the room before long jumping onto the next island of 
platforms but do not forget the Orbs on your left so make sure they are with
you. Get the lighting power up and longjump forward and then again after you
make a jump right and collect the 2 Orbs in front of you. If you encounter a
enemy walking, Zap him and go back getting another Zap power up. Zap the Blue
box and go forth in the room watching out for another walking enemy, avoid him
while collecting everything in the room. After that room you should have 76
Orbs and 5 eggs, if you don't go back and look for them until you have 76 and
5. If you do have them Zap the box and collect the 5 pack, get the Zap power
up and zap the Blue box.

Get the Extra Life avoiding the enemies and then Zap the Normal Box to collect
the Orbs. Climb the ladder and collect the Orbs on the playground looking
thing but you should avoiding falling, just go down the way you came from. Do 
the same for the stair and longjump to your left which contains a Red Slide.
Go down the slide and collect all of the Orbs on it, destroy the remaining
boxes which both contain 10 Orbs. You should have 100 Orbs and all the eggs
now. Jump to the floating platform and longjump all the way right avoiding the
Sharks. Jump to the win to complete the level.

4.C White Knuckle Water

You will need to be very quick in this level or you will either miss an Orb or

When you start, longjump left and left again. Collect the Orbs on the log 
lift. Proceed and turn left, Zap the box to collect the orb and go back the
way you came from this time go up and Zap the box to proceed. Once you come
back to land collecting the Orbs on the log lift, longjump foward and take out
the boxes and collect the things inside them. You should have 9 Orbs and 1 egg
so far, longjump twice and collect the Orb that awaits on the next platform.
Back to the log lifts once again and longjump to the log below and collect the
Orbs on them becareful not to miss one.

Collect the Orb in the box and hop back on the log lifts and make sure you
collect everything on it. Take the right log if you want to collect 
everything. Collect the egg at the bottom, you should have 22 Orbs and 2 eggs 
at this point. Go back on the logs, and take the top log if you want to 
collect everything. When you are about to finish take the left route and
collect the Orbs on it. When you are done again take the left route collecting
every Orb going the straight way and then going right on the floating 

Navigate the whole place and collect the Power up before heading all the way
straight and Zapping the Blue box. You should have 42 Orbs and 3 eggs. Hop
back on the log lifts collecting the Orbs and then the 4th egg. 50 Orbs and 4
eggs at this point. Longjump left and collect the 5 pack before another one
left and then down collect the next 5 pack and proceed, BEWARE don't go up,
go straight with the log lift until you go to another platform with land and
Power up. Zap the Blue boxes all the way and collecting what is in them before
heading back down to where the Power up was and proceed. Back on the log lift,
collect everything on your way and go up before the log sinks at the end.
Collect your 5th egg, 79 Orbs and 5 eggs. Go forward onto the next log and
when you come into another one quickly jump on it and then long jump onto land
before you die. Proceed forward and go left into the room with the Yellow Orb
and collect them in the order watching out for the enemies. You should have 
89 Orbs now, out of the warp and proceed forward onto the log. Collect your
last egg and into the little field of platforms. Explore it and collect
anything you encounter. Before you head into the log, you have to have 98 Orbs
and all your eggs.

After the log ride, collect the 99th Orb and back onto the log. Once you get
the last Orb head into the win to complete the level.

Make sure you have collected all the Yellow Orbs in the world. If you have, go
back to Overgrown Undergrouth and collect every Orb in it. Remember, the Blue
Slug contains an Orb so kill him. You should activate the bridge near the 5th

4.D Redwood Heights

When you start collect the Orbs on your row before longjumping onto the leaf
ontop of you. Here just keep going and collecting the Orbs on your way to the
door. Here is a simple part, just keep going forward and longjumping over the 
long holes. You should find your first egg for the level. 1 egg, 29 Orbs. Here
watch out for the Flying Birds, wait until the nearest Bird flys away and then
longjump onto the leaf above and wait for the Bird to fly away and then go to
the elivator at the end of this room. In this room pass the eating plants and
collect the Orbs and the Extra life at the end of this room before heading
back and longjumping up the leaves ontop of you. 2 eggs, 40 Orbs. Head into
the door after collecting the egg and collect the Orbs on any side first. 

You must quickly jump onto the row with the Bee, collect the 2 Orbs and down. 
Re-apply with the other side. You should have 48 Orbs now. Cross onto the
elivator and into the door, longjump across the plant and collect the 3 Orbs
and the egg. 3 Eggs and 51 Orbs. Past the plant and into the bottom door, in
this room watch out for the running enemy. When he passes on the right, make
a run to your left as well as getting all of the Orbs in this part. Through
the door and into the next room, In here you quickly go left because a Bee 
chases you and collect the Orbs on your way. Longjump up the leaves and
collect your 4th Egg. 4 Eggs and 58 Orbs at this stage.

Up the elivator and another part of just heading right right away because
there is a Bee chasing you. Collect the Orbs and longjump to the elivator, 
In here you must be quick Longjump left and then quikly right standing on the
single leaf. Jump right quick and then to the left and stay on that single
leaf. Here you must keep going the way the top left enemy is to collect Orbs.
When he is not there quickly longjump up to the row and collect the 2 Orbs. 
Once he passes again continue the way you were going and longjump to the extra
life and back avoiding the enemy. Longjump right and collect Egg number #5.
5 Eggs and 72 Orbs. Into the door and longjump and hop everywhere collecting
your last Egg and some Orbs. Up the 2 elivators and it is another Bee chasing
part so quickly go right and longjump over to the elivator, you are now in the
Yellow Orb room.

As usual collect the Yellow Orbs in order and becareful not to fall into
another one and ruin the thing. Here is a part where there is a Bee guarding 
the area so collect the Orbs on your side and longjump to the leaves and onto
the otherside and collect the Orbs on that side. You should have 100. Go up
the elivator and into the door to beat the level.


5. Bonuses

6. Arcade *Tips*

7. Last Message/Credits

CJAYC for creating this website and putting my guide up.

Yoshifav For helping me and giving me suggestions

Cousins/Friends for playing with me and having lots of fun.

My Parents and Brother: For loving me and encouraging me to write this FAQ

You for reading this guide.

Mario1997 For being one of my mates on GameFaqs

Last Message:
Well my first quarter of the guide is finished and I hope you enjoy reading it
from the first level to the fourth. Im going to go now and type the rest of
this FAQ. Enjoy!!!!!