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Follow the dark path or use the light
Sword of Mana Pack Shot

Sword of Mana


Hero Game Script

by Total_Addiction

                       Sword of Mana Game Script (Hero)
                               Version 1.00
                           By Total_Addiction
                         Started: 22nd August 2007

|---------------|[|                                                         \\
|--- [TBoC] ----|[|               Table of Contents                          >
|---------------|[|                                                         //

(i) Version History . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [VERH]|
(ii) Introduction. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[INTD]|

Opening Scene . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [OPSC]|
The Beginning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [BEGI]|
Escaping Granz Castle! Destiny Awaits! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[ESDE]|
The Journey Begins At Topple Village... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[TJB]|
The Master Of Vinquette Hall . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[TMOV]|
The Marsh Cave...It Leads To Wendel! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [TMC]|
Heroine's Kidnapped! Finding The Mythril . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[HKFT]|
Half Way There...Gaia Cave And The Airship Await! . . . . . . . . . . . [HWTG]|
Amanda Stole The Pendant...? Heading to Jadd . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[ASTP]|
The Never-Ending Jadd Desert...Chasing Medusa! . . . . . . . . . . . . .[TNEJ]|
Assault On Devius Manor! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[AODM]|
Cascade Cave And Mt. Illusia Lead To Granz Castle! . . . . . . . . . . .[TRTG]|
The Return To Granz Castle...Revenge Is Near! . . . . . . . . . . . . .[TRRIS]|
The Beautiful Desert Of Glass...A New Objective . . . . . . . . . . . . [TBDO]|
The Frozen North...The Fate Of Lorimar Castle . . . . . . . . . . . . . [TFNT]|
Heading Into The Unknown...The Path Opens... . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[HITU]|
Subsea Volcano...The Resting Place Of The Sword Of Mana . . . . . . . . . [SV]|
Heading To Dime Tower...Going Through The Sealed Cave . . . . . . . . . [HTDT]|
Ruined Passage Is The Path To Dime Tower... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [RPIT]|
The Old Dime Tower...Reaching The Mana Sanctuary . . . . . . . . . . . .[TODT]|
The Sacred Mana Sanctuary Is Where Julius Hides... . . . . . . . . . . .[TSMS]|
The Showdown With Julius . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[TSWJ]|
Ending . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [EDG]|

Credits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[CDT]|
Legal Disclaimer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [LDS]|
Contact Information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[CFO]|
|---------------|[|                                                         \\
|--- [VERH] ----|[|                 Version History                          >
|---------------|[|                                                         //

Version 0.0 (22nd August 2007) - I started the script.
Version 0.1 (9th September 2007) - Completed Sections 'Opening Scene' up to
                                  'The Master of Vinquette Hall'.
Version 0.5 (25th September 2007) - Completed Sections 'The Marsh Cave... It
                                    Leads To Wendel!' up to 'Half Way There...'
Version 0.6 (14th October 2007) - Completed Sections 'Amanda Stole The 
                                  Pendant...?' to 'The Return To Granz Castle'.
                                  Fixed some minor errata.
Version 0.7 (22nd December 2007) - Completed Sections 'The Frozen North' to 
                                   'Subsea Volcano'.
Version 0.9 (5th January 2008) - Completed sections up to 'The Sacred Mana 
Version 0.95 (16th January 2008) - The 'Showdown' section took up so much time,
                                   I felt a version update was in order.
Version 1.00 (17th January 2008) - The ending was oddly short...
                                   BIG question: Will GameFAQs FINALLY accept 
                                   this script?
|---------------|[|                                                         \\
|--- [INTD] ----|[|                  Introduction                            >
|---------------|[|                                                         //

Welcome to this Game Script of Sword of Mana. I decided to write it because I 
noticed that there wasn't one, and it probably would be useful for players to
read through it to understand the story fully. Please note that this is only 
HERO'S side of the story.

* Please understand that I am NOT going to list all the conversations in the 
  game; just the ones which are like cutscenes (important to the main storyline
  but not sidequests). I will also omit parts such as finding Popoi's Notebook
  because they are not strictly related to the story.*

Also, the Hero and Heroine can be named. I have decided to call them Hero and
Heroine to avoid confusion. Also, when another character refers to them, their 
name will be bracketed. For example:

Lord Granz: Thanks for your praise, (Hero). Your words are magic-- and a 
            great encouragement.

In this case, (Hero), will be replaced by whatever name is chosen for him at 
the beginning.

|---------------|[|                                                         \\
|--- [ABSC] ----|[|                   Opening Scene                          >
|---------------|[|                                                         //

(Image of a tree in the background)

Narrator: Long, long ago, there was a goddess.
          She cherished all life and turned herself into a Mana Tree to watch
          over the world.
          Thus the legend began.

(Image changes to a picture of a man standing, arms open, in a garden)

Narrator: As time passed, memories of the goddess faded from people's hearts...
          One day, a man crept into the sanctuary where the Mana Tree 

(Image becomes a castle under a pink sky)

Narrator: With the power of Mana, he built a powerful civilization. But this
          marked the dawn of a terrible age of darkness...

(Image becomes a battle scene, lit by orange fire)

Narrator: The man forced the world to kneel to his will.
           his name was Vandole.

(Image becomes Vandole mounted on a lion, battling two swordsmen and a mage)

Narrator: When souls were trapped in the darkness of despair, a glimmer of hope
          shone in the hearts of a few brave youths.
          The fighting was fierce, but they would not give up. One wielded a 
          holy blade that gleamed as brightly as the hope in their hearts.

(Image becomes the three youths standing victorious over Vandole's body in the 
midst of a cheering crowd)

Narrator: Powerless before this light, the darkness was vanquished. The power 
          of Mana was reclaimed from human hands and restored to its rightful 
          place. But now...

(Image reverts to that of the original tree)

Narrator: The people have forgotten the goddess once again...     

|---------------|[|                                                         \\
|--- [BEGI] ----|[|                 The Beginning                            >
|---------------|[|                                                         //

(Black screen)

Hero (Dreaming): This dream again... Oh, don't make me watch it again!

(Image of a tree in the background appears)

Narrator: In the beginning, the world was void. Then the goddess appeared.
          In her left hand, she held the light of hope, and in her right, she
          held the Sword of Mana. The goddess summoned spirits to assist in the
          creation of life. Finally, to maintain peace, the goddess cast away 
          the sacred sword. It is said the sword rusted the moment it left her
          hand. The goddess then transformed herself into a great tree that
          would sustain and watch over the world. A mystical power guards the 
          sanctuary where the tree stands to this day...

(Screen changes to a sepia image of the Hero standing in a hall, in
front of a man)
The Hero takes a step towards the man.

Hero: Whoa! What a song! I could practically see the Mana Tree...!
Lord Granz: Is that so?
Hero: Your voice is so unusual... It's like I'm dreaming.
Lord Granz: Thanks for your praise, (Hero). Your words are magic-- and a 
            great encouragement.
Hero: Magic, you say? Not at all! I'd rather hear you tell your story...
        about how the Gemma Knights defeated the evil Vandole Empire!
Lord Granz: Unfortunately... I cannot sing songs about myself.

Hero steps away from Lord Granz.

Hero: Why not!? I wanna know the truth! Other minstrels just sing about stuff
        they've heard from other people... They get the story all wrong.
Lord Granz: Hahahahaha! A story's just a story. No matter the truth, no matter
            who tells it, it's still a story.
Hero: Then I'LL sing! YOUR story! Oh, I just remembered... we have a lute at 
        home. I'll go get it!

Hero leaves.

Lord Granz: Such a good-natured child...

(Screen blacks out and re-appears in front of the hall. The Hero is standing 
in front of a guard)
Guard takes a step towards Hero.

Castle Town Man: You should get home. The consul might be angry if you dawdle.
Hero: Dad won't be mad. Today's my singing lesson with Lord Granz!
Castle Town Man: Wow, I'd heard that Lord Granz quit singing after he lost his

Hero shakes his head.

Hero: Nuh-uh! Lord Granz hasn't quit singing!

Hero walks past Castle Town Man and leaves the scene.
(Screen blacks out and re-appears in front of the hall, this time with two 
enemy soldiers and an evil person) The Hero sneaks into the bushes at the
top-right of the screen and watches the scene unfold.

Black Knight: Break it down!

One of the enemy soldiers takes a step forward.

Realm Soldier: But Dark Lord... This is Granz Realm Consul Hermann's estate!
(The Black Knight) Dark Lord: So what? Because he's consul, we should allow him
                              to harbour heretics?
Hero: (Heretics in my house? Did something happen to Mom and Dad?)
Realm soldier: Most certainly not! But Sir Hermann is a friend of Lord Granz!
               To suddenly barge in with soldiers seems unthinkable!
Dark Lord: Anything else to say?
Realm Soldier: Sir... Are you telling me to step aside!? At the very least, let
               us get Lord Granz's permission. It's thanks to him we enjoy
               peace now!
Dark Lord: Leave if you object. I have my ways. And that's that.
Hero: (Oh, no! I've gotta tell Dad right away!)

Hero sneaks out of the scene.
(Screen blacks out and re-appears in a castle room. In the centre, two men sit
at either end of a table) The Hero rushes in through a door in the top-right 
corner of the screen. It looks like another room in Sir Hermann's estate.

Hero's Father: Hey! I told you not to come in that way! We have guests.
Hero approaches the man at the left of the table.

Hero: Dad! Big trouble! We're surrounded by soldiers!
Hero's Father: What? 

The Dark Lord enters the room from the bottom door. All three people turn to 
face him. Hero's Father and the guest stand between him and the Hero.

Hero's Father: Prince Stroud!? What is all this about?
Dark Lord: You will refer to me as Dark Lord. As a servant of the Realm, surely
           you know the consequences of harbouring heretics!
(The guest speaks) Military-type Man: Hermann, it's just as I told you! This 
                                      masked man is the one who burned down 
                                      Mana Village! This man is insane!

Hero's Father looks from one man to the other several times before addressing
Dark Lord.

Hero's Father: Now, Prince Stroud-- I mean, Dark Lord-- surely there must 
                 be... This can't be true...
Dark Lord: Heretics... I vividly remember how Vandole used them to pull the 
           wool over the eyes of the entire nation. I won't allow you to 
           protect them!
Hero's Father: Of course not! I'm not the one to protect subversives! If 
                 things are as you say--

The Military-type Man steps towards Dark Lord.

Military-type Man: That Granz... He's not a real man. How does one raise such a 
                   foolish son?
Dark Lord: Pph, pph, pph. That's enough of that. If you've got something to 
           say, let your sword do the talking.

Hero's Father takes another step towards Dark Lord.

Hero's Father: There must be some mistake, Dark Lord! Put your sword away,
Dark Lord: Out of my way!

Dark Lord moves to strike, but Hero's Father moves back and the Military-type 
Man comes forward and blocks the blow.

Military-type man: The idea that the Mana Clan are heretics is simply 
                   laughable! I don't know what excuses you'll make. But your
                   sins are severe! I'll make you pay! 
Dark Lord: Pay? You're the one who'll pay, Bogard!
Military-type man: What?
Dark Lord: Knowing all you do, still want to play hero!? I'll show you! I'll 
           show you the truth!           

Two Realm Soldiers appear at the doorway, behind Dark Lord.

Realm Soldier 1: Traitor!
Realm Soldier 2: Protect Dark Lord!

Dark Lord moves to the side and the two Realm Soldiers surround the 
Military-type man.

Military-type man: Run, Hermann!

Hermann and the Hero leave the scene.
(The screen blacks out and re-appears in a corridor. The Hero is 
standing next to Hermann) The door in front of them opens and a woman enters.

Hero's Mother: Hermann! What is happening?
Hero's Father: I don't know! Prince Stroud mentioned something about the 
                 Mana Clan being heretics...! I have no idea!

Dark Lord and his two bodyguards appear at the end of the corridor. All three
turn to look at him.

Dark Lord: The heretic girl is here. Go get her.
Hero's Father: (Go out the back! Take (Hero) and the girl... Don't let
                 anyone see you!)
Hero's Mother: Y-yes!
Hero's mother and the Hero run down the other side of the corridor and 
leave the scene.

Hero's Father: I have no choice... I'll take you to her.

Hero's Father leads Dark Lord the opposite way from the way Hero and his 
mother escaped. The bodyguards stand guard in the corridor.
(The screen blacks out and re-appears in the girl's bedroom. Hero and his 
mother appear in the door. The girl is sleeping in the bed.)

Girl: Mother... No, don't leave me!

Hero and his mother approach the bed.

Hero's Mother: Wake up! You must flee NOW!
Girl: What...? What's wrong...? Where's Sir Bogard...?

Girl gets up and goes to Hero's Mother.

Hero's Mother: No time to explain! [To Hero] Take her with you! Hurry! Go!
Hero: ??? Who's she...? What's going on...?
Hero's Mother: Keep quiet! Just get going! I'll deal with them!
(From outside the room) Realm Soldier: Open up!

Hero's Mother takes a step towards the door. The girl moves towards the 

Hero's Mother: One moment, please! I'm dressing for bed! [To Hero] Go!
Girl: But Ma'am...
Hero: No, I won't! You come too!

Hero's Mother goes to Hero.

Hero's Mother: You're a big boy now. Take care of her!

Hero nods.

Hero: I'll try!

Hero and the girl exit the scene through another door in the bedroom.

Hero's Mother: Don't worry about your father and me. Prince Stroud is such a 
                 nice man. I'll tell you about it later.

Dark Lord and his bodyguards enter the bedroom. Hero's Mother backs away.
(The screen goes black, then sepia and shows the two children running.)
The Hero falls over, and the girl stops a few paces on.

Hero (Dreaming): Oh. no... Not this dream again...

The girl runs on, and three Realm Soldiers approach behind the Hero.

Hero (Dreaming): Don't...make me watch... Ooooh...

(Screen blacks out and re-appears, finally, in full colour, in a dungeon, with
the Hero one of three prisoners)

|---------------|[|                                                         \\
|--- [ESDE] ----|[|       Escaping Granz Castle! Destiny Awaits!             >
|---------------|[|                                                         //

Hero: Whoooooooooooaaaaaahhh!

Hero sits up, panting, shakes his head, then stares at the ground.

Willy: Whoooooooooooaaaaaahhh!

The prisoner lying next to him wakes up and sits up, panting, then stands up
and looks at the Hero.

Willy: What's up with you, shoutin' like a banshee!? For once I was havin' a 
       pretty sweet dream... Until you interrupted!
Hero: ...

Willy walks over to the Hero.

Willy: Hey, (Hero), what kinda dream were you havin'? Want me tell ya what 
       it means?
       Were ya eatin' a Rabite? Or maybe a Mushboom? I hear they're a lot 
       tastier than ya might think!
Hero: A girl...
Willy: A chick? ...Whoa! The same one as before?
Hero: I couldn't protect her... Only I was left... She... After that, she...
Willy: Aw, get real, will ya? It wasn't your fault. Times are tough. A kid like
       you couldn't protect her. What couldja do?
Hero: Her name was...

(Name character screen appears. For this script, I'll just call her Hero 2)
After choice, Hero shakes his head.

Hero: It was (Heroine)...
Willy: (Heroine)!? Did you say (Heroine)!? Nah, nah, can't be. (Hero), 
        after we're outta here, ya can tell me the whole story. In detail! For
        now, just hold that thought.

Willy turns away for a second, then turns back with an arm outstretched.

Hero: !? Hey, is that bread...?
Willy: Hah! I got extra. And it's primo stuff.

Hero moves forward.

Willy: That chick... I hope she's alive... I mean, I'm sure she's alive. No 
       doubt about it.

Hero looks at Willy's arm.

Willy: Awright, eat up! We're still alive, too! Ya wanna see that (Heroine) 
       chick again, right? I'm gettin' pretty interested in her, too!

(At this point, another prisoner who's been standing at the cell entrance, 
listening, speaks)

Slave: "See that chick again"? You're not still thinkin' about escapin', are 
Willy: Hmph! I'm serious this time. One of the soldiers told me.
Slave: Your last escape plan was a disaster!
Hero: Another escape plan?
Willy: Oooooh, yeah! Seems there's a way out through the monsters' holding 
Hero: He's pullin' your leg.
Slave: last time, they even punished US with no food for a week!
Willy: The guy's legit, I swear!
Hero: Ya believe the guy 'cause he gave ya bread?

Willy shakes his head.

Willy: No, it's not that. His song...
Hero: Song?
Willy: he sang this sad song.

Hero looks at the ground sadly.

Hero: Lord Granz's songs were pretty sad, too...
Willy: That's it! Lord Granz turned into a soldier to help us!

Hero looks up.

Hero: Pffft! You wish!
Willy: Trust me! The Goddess loves me!

The Hero walks away from Willy.

Hero: The Goddess, eh?

The Hero then walks around the cell, talking to the prisoners Slave and Willy
as well as another prisoner called Amanda, who tells him about the Mana Goddess

Slave: It's almost time!

(The screen goes outside to the arena, a Colosseum-like arena and slowly pans
up from the ground to the Emperor's seat, where a Realm Soldier is standing)
Realm Soldier: The Realm Monster Bouts are about to begin. But first, a word 
               from our leader. Welcome, Dark Lord.

Dark Lord walks in from the shadows and steps forward. The Realm Soldier moves 
back. Dark Lord acknowledges the people by waving his arms once.

Dark Lord: Beloved citizens! Your daily struggles are appreciated. Heretics 
           still prowl outside the towns, but have no fear!
Crowd: (Is he talking about the Mana Clan?)
Crowd: (If that's what they are, let's get them!)
Crowd: (After all, they control Mana power, right? Pretending to be weak, 
       they're just like the Emperor Vandole.)
Dark Lord: We advance ever onward to victory! A victory led by our own 
           strength. Are we not more powerful than those who rely on the Mana
           Goddess's strength!? Without any effort, not breaking a sweat, 
           wanting only glory for themselves. Will people such as this be 
           victorious!? What we need is not Mana power! The Emperor Vandole was
           manipulated by Mana power and was destroyed! Let us not make the 
           same mistake. We must be strong of mind and heart!
Crowd: Strong mind and heart... Dark Lord rules!
Dark Lord: Tales of the three Gemma Knights from the Dark Age of the Empire are
           old news now. Do not rely on Legends! We must shape our fate by our 
           own hand. We shall not lose! The victory is ours for the taking!

Dark Lord raises his arms to the skies.

Crowd: Long live Dark Lord! Long live Granz Realm!
(Screen blacks out and returns to the cell) Willy walks over to the Hero.

Willy: They're sure fired up.

The cell entrance opens and a Realm Soldier enters.

Realm Soldier: Willy, (Hero)! You're up!
Willy: It's a "bout" time!

The two boys walk to the entrance, and Amanda gives them a thumbs-up on the way

Willy (to Soldier): Thanks for the bread!
Realm Soldier: So are you going through with it?

Willy nods.

Willy: You bet! Let's do it, (Hero)!
Hero: Right!

They leave the cell and enter the arena.

Realm Soldier: Release the jackal! Now fight!

Two huge gates open opposite the heroes and a HUGE chained jaguar-thing goes
towards them. Basically, Willy hides and the Hero kills it. Confetti falls on

Realm Soldier: Here are your winners... Willy and (Hero)!
Willy: Now's the time! Play it cool and smile at the crowd!
Hero: Gotcha!
Willy: Long live Dark Lord! (Under a very big rock...)
Hero: Long live Granz Realm! (Under new management...)
Crowd: Long live Dark Lord! Long live Granz Realm!

The two heroes casually stride out through the monster's cage, onto a big 
bridge. (weird cage...)

Willy: We did it! We're really gonna get outta here! Mana Goddess and Granz, 
       hats off to ya! (Hero), we are FREE! We can go anywhere! We can do 
       anything! We can eat till we hurl! (Hero), whaddaya wanna do?

Hero steps away from Willy and looks at the ground, then turns to Willy.

Hero: I want to... get Dark Lord...

Hero looks at the ground again and Willy steps towards him.

Willy: Oooookay... No comment here. By the way, (Hero)... about that chick 
       (Heroine)... I know that name too.
Hero: You do???
Willy: yeah... but I'm not sure whether the (heroine) you're talking about is 
       the same (heroine) I used to know or not. No use gettin' all serious 
       here! Okay, yeah. That's it... Let's go to Topple! They have lots of 
       Mana believers. We can talk there.
Hero: Okay. So we're off to Topple!

Right on cue, Dark Lord and his two bodyguards surround the bridge.

Dark Lord: You made it this far. Not bad.
Willy: !!! Wha-! Dark Lord! Uh! We, um... just wanted to get some fresh air!
       Out with the bad air, in with the good. Aaaah, that'll do me... Whaddaya
       say we head back? When's the next bout!?
Hero: ...Dark Lord!
Dark Lord: Good fighting skills, smart enough to escape. Too bad you're slaves.
           How about it, you two? Why not work for me? We're short on Heretic
Willy: Well, I, um...
Dark Lord: What's the matter, boy? Jackal got your tongue?
Hero: Work for you? You murdered... my father and mother... And (Heroine), 
Dark Lord: Murdered? What do you mean? The law is the law. Even the laws I made 
           are out of my hands-- they've been set into motion. There's no point 
           in bellyaching to me.
Willy: (H-hey, (Hero)! Play along!)
Hero: Do what you want, Willy. Go be a Realm Soldier. But count me out!
Dark Lord: The lawless prefer the sword to the law. I can play that way, too. 
           Come on!

Hero draws his sword.

Hero: This is for my parents! Say your prayers!

Hero runs at Dark Lord and attacks. Dark Lord stops the sword single-handed.

Willy: H-he stopped the sword with one hand!?
Hero: What the-! What ARE you!?
Dark Lord: Pride comes before a fall, foolish fencer!

Dark Lord hits the Hero with a sword, and the Hero falls off the bridge 
into the waterfall.

Hero: Wooooooooaaaaaaaahhhhh!

Willy runs to the side of the bridge.

Willy: (Hero)! (Hero)!! Mana Goddess, save (Hero)! Break his fall!

At a riverbank, a large rabbit is fishing, when he feels a tug on the rope.

|---------------|[|                                                         \\
|---- [TJB] ----|[|           The Journey Begins At Topple Village           >
|---------------|[|                                                         //

Niccolo (the rabbit): Hoo-hoo! I've got one! And it's a biggie! It'll be a 
                      feast tonight! 

Niccolo pulls the unconscious Hero out of the river.

Niccolo: !?

Niccolo stares at the river, then at the Hero. There is a pause as he stares 
at the ground.

Niccolo: ... Not remotely fishy... Not even edible...
         Hmmmmm. As I recall... Grandpappy always told me that being a good 
         Samaritan is good for business.

Niccolo revives the Hero. The Hero sits up.

Hero: Ouch! ...Where am I? Oh, yeah... I got knocked off the bridge by Dark 
        Lord. Blast it all! And what happened to Willy?

Hero stands up and looks around.

Hero: Were you the one who rescued me? My name's (Hero). Thanks for saving 
        me. I really appreciate it.
Niccolo: ...That's right! I saved your life! I'm Niccolo, the travelling 
Hero: Where the heck is this?
Niccolo: Truth is, I just got here myself. If you ask me where we are, all I 
         can say is... We're here! 
Hero: I'm trying to get to Topple Village. Do you know it? 
Niccolo: !!! I've heard of it.
Hero: Really!? Which way is it!?
Niccolo: Beats me. I told you, I just got here. Pay attention, willya?
         Well, I'm going home. Don't worry-- I'll make sure you pay me back 

Niccolo leaves. As the Hero moves to follow him, he hears a shriek.

???: Eeeeeeeeeek!
Hero: !? Someone's in trouble? Look out!

The Hero saves the girl.

Hero: Are you okay? Are you hurt?
Traveling Girl: No, I'm fine. Thank you very much. I'll be on my way...
Hero: It's too dangerous for you to go by yourself. I can take you where you
        need to go.
Traveling Girl: No, really. I'm okay! I can get back home on my own.
Hero: But what if you get ambushed by a monster again?

Traveling Girl looks at him.

Traveling Girl: You, you're from... Granz Realm, aren't you?
Hero: Do I LOOK like I'm from Granz Realm? Wait...! What was that sound?
Traveling Girl: ... Oh, all right. if you could take me to Topple...
Hero: Topple? Great! I was just looking for it myself. We can go together!
Traveling Girl: Okay. Topple Village is northeast of here.
Hero: My name's (Hero). What's yours?
Traveling Girl: I'm (Heroine). Nice to meet you.
Hero: ((Heroine)? The same name as... No, it can't be.)

The duo journey to Topple Village. They enter the village and the Heroine 

Heroine: Thank you for taking me this far. Well, then...
Hero:  Sure, anytime.

The heroine leaves.

Hero:  No, she couldn't be...

And so the Hero enters one of the houses.

Topple Grandfather: We're HERETICS!? You gotta be kiddin' me...
Hero: ???

The Hero approaches the old man, who turns around.

Topple Grandfather: !? Wh-who's there!? What are you doing, sneaking in here 
                    like that!? Y-you won't find anything! Anything at all! Go 
                    ahead-- check the whole place! W-we don't believe in the 
                    M-Mana Goddess! You can leave now!
Hero: ???

As the Hero leaves the house, a small boy stops him.

Topple Boy: What were you talkin' to Grandpa about!? Awww, you don't have to 
       tell me. I already know! Go ahead. Ask! You're from the Realm... You've
       come to arrest us Mana Goddess followers!

The old man comes outside and scolds the boy.

Topple Grandfather: What nonsense are you babblin' about? Don't bother the nice 
                    soldier! We don't believe in that Mana Goddess 
Topple Boy: No! I'm not gonna keep on living a lie! I believe in the Goddess! 
            And if that's not okay with you, then you can go right ahead and 
            kill me!
Topple Grandfather: Sir! please forgive the boy his childish nonsense! Please
                    overlook it!
Topple Boy: So kill me, already! Go ahead. I dare ya! Hurry up and get to it!
Topple Grandfather: Oh, sweet mother of Mana, we're done for... It's all 
Hero: ...
Topple Boy: ...
Topple Grandfather: ... C-could it be that you're NOT a... Realm Soldier?
Topple Boy: ...
Topple Grandfather: ... Oh... I thought you were one of Dark Lord's... Oh, 
                    my... I guess you're not... Well, then. Why don't you come 
                    on inside?

They go inside.

Topple Grandfather: You may already know this, but Dark Lord is...
Topple Boy: Quit making excuses!
Topple Grandfather: ... it's not that... it's just that Dark Lord has been 
                    rounding up Mana believers with his Heretic Hunters. Topple
                    Village has the most believers out of anywhere. And because
                    of that, we are a marked people.
Topple Boy: It's a scary story...
Topple Grandfather: ...
Hero: So tell me...
Topple Grandfather: Tell you? Tell you what?
Hero: How can I defeat Dark Lord?
Topple Grandfather: Defeat Dark Lord? You can't be serious! YOU!? Face him 
Topple Boy: You're gonna take out Dark Lord!? Awesome!
Hero: I've got... issues with him, too.
Topple Grandfather: It won't be easy... with his legions of minions and 
                    superhuman power. It would take the mightiest of swordsmen 
                    to do it... I don't think it's possible without the Sword 
                    of Mana.
Hero: The Sword of Mana...? What exactly is that?
Topple Grandfather: Well, well, well. Your eyes glowed at the mention of the 
                    sword... Cibba the Sage over in Wendel can tell you all you
                    need to know.
Topple Boy: Wendel is two mountains away from Topple. It's the biggest town 
Hero: With the Sword of Mana, I could beat Dark Lord... I'm off to Wendel, 
Topple Grandfather: Give it your best!
Hero: Thanks, Mister!
And so, the Hero decides to leave for Wendel. But he finds out two things 
which stop him: 1. The tunnel to Wendel has been sealed by the master of 
Vinquette Hall and 2. A legendary swordsman lives nearby, in Cascade Cottage.
The hero decides to go see him to get tips on defeating Dark Lord.

Hero: Cascade Cottage... Isn't that where the swordsman I heard about in 
        Topple lives?
The Hero enters. It is empty.

Hero: Hm!? ... A letter?
        (Picks Up Letter)
Letter: Head to Wendel and we'll meet up there.

Just then, Heroine walks in.

Heroine: So you ARE one of the Realm's Heretic Hunters!
Hero: Heretic Hunter!? With the Realm!? Wait a minute! What are you talking 
Heroine: What have you done with Sir Bogard!?
Hero: I haven't done anything!
Heroine: You're lying!
         (Hits Hero with staff)
Hero: Ow! Ow! Ow!
Heroine: Why don't you draw your sword? Just like you did when you destroyed my
Hero: Hold on! You've got it all wrong! My only enemy is Dark Lord! And if
        you're one of his minions, I WILL draw my sword!
Heroine: Me? Work for Dark Lord!? Get real! Dark Lord is the sworn enemy of my 
Hero: Okay, so neither of us works for Dark Lord. Let's calm down or we won't
        get anywhere.
Heroine: So you hate Granz Realm too? 
Hero: Um, here... It's a letter I found. It must be for you.
Heroine: Huh? Is it a letter from Sir Bogard?

There is a flash, and a spirit appears.

Hero: Wha-!?
Light Spirit Wisp: Hey ya! I'm Wisp, a light spirit! Recovery from attacks and
                   such is my speciality. How d'ya do?
Hero: That's a... light spirit, isn't it? Can you actually use spirit magic!?

Wisp disappears.

Heroine: You've never seen a spirit before? They won't appear to bad people. So 
         I guess you're... probably not too bad. Okay, then. I'll teach you how
         to use magic.

(She teaches him)

Hero: Spirit magic, huh? So I can use it too. Oh, that's right! I forgot the
        letter. I didn't know it was for you when I read it... Sorry about 
(Hands her the letter)

Heroine: Just as I thought. It's Sir Bogard's handwriting!

(Reads on)

         He's all right! Oh, good... I'm going to have to visit Wendel.
Hero: If you're going to Wendel, would you mind if I tagged along?
Heroine: How come? 
Hero: There's a sage in Wendel by the name of Cibba.
Heroine: Yes, I've heard of him. Are you going to see him?
Hero:  Yeah. There's something I need to ask him.
Heroine: ... Alright then. let's go to Wendel together.
Hero: The master over at Vinquette Hall sealed the cave to Wendel. We've got
        to go to Vinquette Hall before we can get anywhere.

|---------------|[|                                                         \\
|--- [TMOV] ----|[|              The Master Of Vinquette Hall                >
|---------------|[|                                                         //

The duo reach Vinquette Hall, Hero finding a bow on the way,
and as they go into the evil-looking gate, the Hero steps forward. 
It is night-time.

Hero: Am I the only one who has a bad feeling about this one?
Heroine: Oh? Are you afraid?
Hero: Me? Afraid? Are you kidding?
Heroine: Hey! Over by that tree! Something was there!
Hero: YOU'RE the one who's scared, aren't you?

Heroine hides as a mystery man approaches.

Mystery Man: Move, you're in the way!
Hero: What!? Say that again!
Mystery Man: The master's a vampire: He snatches women and sucks their blood.
             But you're a guy... and you're in the way. So go home.

Mystery man leaves.

Hero: A vampire? No way!

Heroine comes out of hiding.

Heroine: I, I, I...
Hero: Huh? What's wrong?
Heroine: I'm telling you, I saw something! It was a ghost!
Hero: Suuuuuure ya did.
Heroine: I definitely saw it! It was the ghost of a sad-looking man.
Hero: Are you sure it wasn't just a tree branch? You're awfully high-strung,
        you know. Okay, let's get going.

As they enter Vinquette Hall, thunder and lightning crash outside. A butler 
welcomes them with a bow.

Ebony Butler: Welcome to Vinquette Hall.
Hero: We're sorry to visit you so late, but we'd like to meet with the master 
        of the hall.
Ebony Butler: The master... Perhaps I may be of some assistance.
Hero: Actually, in Wendel...
Heroine: It's very important, so we'd prefer to speak to him directly.
Ebony Butler: Unfortunately, the master is asleep at the moment. I'd be happy
              to be of service in some way.
Heroine: No, that's all right. We'll just come back after he wakes up.
Ebony Butler: Regrettably, our gate is only open at night. Wouldn't you prefer
              to wait here until he awakes?
Heroine: But, this place is... a bit...

A guest walks in.

Overnight Guest: Guests? How unusual...
Ebony Butler: Welcome back, Ms. Isabella. How is your room? Is there anything I
              can do to make your stay more pleasant?
Isabella: Not a thing. I've made myself quite at home.
Ebony Butler: You are much too kind.
Isabella: Are you both staying, too? Be sure not to disturb the count.
Ebony Butler: What do you wish to do?
Hero: We'll take up your offer and stay here tonight.
Ebony Butler: Very good. Then I shall go and prepare the room.
Heroine: WHY did you say that!?
Hero: WHY are you so huffy!?       
Heroine: I told you, this place is certifiably creepy! It's crawling with 
Hero: You're just seeing things! And what would our gracious hosts say if 
        they heard you spouting off about spooks?
Heroine: I'll tell you what, buster. I still don't trust you. If this is a 
         trap, I'm taking you down with me!
Hero: A trap? Oh, and what would be in it for me? We came here to get the 
        caves unsealed, in case you forgot.
Heroine: Well, don't you try pulling any funny business while I'm sleeping!
Hero: Who'd want to?
Heroine: Hmph!

Butler returns.

Ebony Butler: Everything is ready. Your room is upstairs to the left.

They are ushered up to their room. They cross the hall and enter Isabella's

Isabella: Oh? The overnight guests...
Hero: Are you, um, staying here too?
Isabella: Please call me Isabella. And yes, I am currently residing in this 
          hall... Did anything unusual happen?
Hero: Well... I heard some odd gossip.
Isabella: Teeheehee... Oh, I'm sorry. You're worried about the vampire gossip?
Hero: Well, um, yeah.
Isabella: Not to worry. His tastes have changed since moving in here.
Hero: So you know the master, then?
Isabella: I'd say yes, I know him fairly well... Better than anyone else...
Heroine: So are you two... dating?
Isabella: Dating? Teeheehee, that'd be nice. Now let me guess: You two have
          come to get him to unseal the caves leading to Wendel.
Hero: Yes, that's right.
Isabella: I thought so. Very well. Since I'm his girlfriend and all, I'll ask 
          him for you.
Hero: Would you really? Thank you so much!

They return to their room.

Hero: Ahhh... It's been years since I slept in a bed...
        (Lies in a bed)
Heroine: Hey, don't be so eager to nod off! You heard Ms. Isabella say that the
         master's a vampire!
Hero: Hmmm...? Yeah... right... vampi... (snore)
Heroine: Don't fall-- oh, never mind!
         (Walks to second double bed)
         Whew... Today sure was tiring... I'll rest a bit, too...
Hero: ...
Heroine: Asleep already? Tsk, no sense of urgency.
Hero: (Reminds me of home... Aww... That means nightmares again...)

(Both fall asleep)

(The screen goes black and shows the two children running.)
The Hero falls over, and the girl stops a few paces on.

Hero: Don't worry about me, just run!
Heroine: No! I won't leave you!
Hero: I twisted my ankle... You run ahead!
Heroine: But...!
Hero: Mother told me to protect you, so RUN! My parents and I will catch up
Heroine: Got it! We'll meet up later!
Hero: Yeah.
Heroine: For sure!

(She runs on, and Realm Soldiers close in around him)

The girl runs on, and three Realm Soldiers approach behind the Hero.
The Hero wakes up. Heroine is gone.

Hero: Whoooooooooooah! That dream again... She's gone...!? Where'd she...?
      (Goes out into Hall)
Ebony Butler: That girl does look quite promising! The count will be pleased.
               (Exits through left door in hallway)
Hero: Do they mean... (Heroine)? They said the master is a vampire... Better
        go save her QUICK!
        (Goes into Isabella's empty room)
        Could she be, too...?

He reads her diary:
                              Isabella's Diary
                       Zan Biye Month, Salamander Day
That cad. I thought I'd get to see him, and then he runs off to the human 
world. What nerve! Aristocratic devils-- what ARE they thinking? In other news,
I heard that three Gemma Knights brought down the Vandole Empire and ushered in
Among the three Gemmas was a minstrel named Granz with a magical voice, which
reminds me... That primate princess was going to look into that human, Granz...
Did something happen to her in the human world? Either way, this must be

Hero: It's a diary... Is it Ms. Isabella's? Hold on. The Gemma Knights...
        They were active twenty years ago in Lord Granz's time... How old is

The hero stumbles into the basement and destroys a spike metaball in the 
fireplace. There is a bright flash.

Hero: There was a spirit trapped inside!?
Salamander: Hotcha! I'm free! I'm Salamander, a fire spirit! Are you the one 
            who removed the metaball? Now I'm freeeeee! Hm? I should repay 
            you... After all, you're the one I owe my freedom to!
            Whateeeeeeever ya need! Woho! Ignite to remember! I'm cooking with
Hero: Great! I can use magic now!

The Hero journeys on, into the second basement, eventually finding himself in
a huge room filled with coffins. He sees a mystery man in the middle, opening
coffins, revealing sleeping women inside.

Mystery Man: Not here either...
Hero: What're you doing!?
Mystery Man: (closes coffin)
             ??? What are YOU doing? I'm merely looking for the vampire's
             fiancee. Leave me alone. Hm, hm, hm. Oops... Hell hounds do have
             quick reflexes... I'll be off now.

Ebony Butler enters.

Ebony Butler: Since you have set eyes on this room, I'm afraid we cannot let 
              you live. All part of my duties. Nothing personal.
Hero: !!! What's with this guy!?

Ebony Butler transforms into a Black Wolf. The Hero defeats him.

Ebony Butler: Tch! How careless of me! Ooh...
Hero: Incredible... He's still breathing. Definitely different from arena 
        monsters... What IS he!? Now, where could (Heroine) be? Is she past 
        that door?

The Hero enters the Great Hall and sees the count with Heroine.

Hero: Great! Just in time!
Heroine: (Hero)! Ms. Isabella... Count Lee tried to...!

The screen pans forward, and shows Isabella floating unconsciously in mid-air.

Hero: Hmmm... Lemme guess! YOU'RE the one who takes the women and sticks them
        in coffins, huh!?
Count Lee: A prognosticator, eh!? Look closely. They're sleeping peacefully,
           right? As long as they are at my residence, I shall keep them safe,
           as shall be the case with Isabella. And now, this girl as well... I
           will protect them all!
Heroine: Who gave you the right!?
Count Lee: I promised a friend that I would protect the Mana Women. This mess
           with Dark Lord was all brought on by the Mavoles. I'll resolve it.
Heroine: How dare you! And how do you think these women feel!?
Count Lee: Until this chaotic world has settled, they'll stay asleep. You, 
           too... And no harm will come to you. 
Hero: That's no kinda logic!
Count Lee: Even if by force, you will be mine...

He turns into a giant bat-thing. Hero and Heroine defeat it and he turns back 
into his normal self.

Hero: Release Ms. Isabella! And the others, too!

Just then, a bat comes down and turns into a ghost, which looks surprisingly 
like Lord Granz.

Ghost: Don't blame the count... It was I who asked him to protect the Mana
       Women from the Heretic Hunters...
Hero: !? Lord Granz!? How did you... !?
Ghost: (Hero)... I remember... that time you...
Heroine: That ghost I saw... It was Lord Granz!?
Count Lee: Granz! How did you get here... !? You've been alive all this time?
           Or... are you an apparition?
Hero: You mean you two know each other?
Count Lee: We're the best friends! I'm only doing this as a favour for him.
Hero: Lord Granz... Did you really ask him to... ?
Heroine: Even if you were trying to protect... How could you... !?
Lord Granz's Ghost: My apologies... There really was... no other way... 
                    (Heroine)... We must keep you alive... There's a reason you
                    must not die... No matter what, you must survive... 
                    (Hero)... Protect her...
Count Lee: Then you're better off leaving this place. Dark Lord's underlings
           are lurking about. It's not safe here.
Heroine: What about Ms. Isabella?
Count Lee: She'll be fine. She'll wake up soon.
Hero: Lord Granz! So are you still alive? Or are you... ?
Lord Granz's Ghost: Forget about me. Just get going. Realm Soldiers could be 
                    here any minute. 
Count Lee: If you go to Wendel, beyond Marsh Cave... befriend the water spirit
           along the way. The fire spirit you have will break the firestone 
           seal at the entrance.
Hero: Marsh Cave water spirit... Got it. Thank you, Lord Granz, Count Lee!
      Let's go, (Heroine)!
Lord Granz's Ghost: Take care of each other. 

Hero: We will!
Hero and Heroine leave.

Count Lee: They're being hunted, Granz. perhaps they should have hidden out in 
           Mavolia for a while.
Lord Granz's Ghost: No... they are making their own way through this. They need
                    to believe in their own power...
Count Lee: I suppose that's true...
           (Goes over and revives Isabella)
Isabella: Lee, why are you crying? Were you reminded of Medusa again? Let me
          share your burden of sorrow...

Hero and Heroine are running through the wood... Looks familiar.

Hero: (This feeling... Oooh... It's just like before... Gotta stop thinking 
      about it...)

They reach a clearing, but Hero presumably is thinking of the dream. It shows
Heroine, looking at Hero on the ground, and running away.

Hero: I knew it! You ARE (Heroine)... the girl who was at my house! You're
      alive! I'm soooo relieved.
Heroine: (Hero)... I'm so very sorry! It was my fault that your parents--

Hero: Don't be ridiculous. The one who killed my father and mother was that 
      rat, Dark Lord! I’m the one who's sorry. I'd promised my mother I'd 
      protect you...
Heroine: You don't hate me? If I wasn't there, no-one would have died! Your 
         father and mother...
Hero: I'll never forget my grudge against Dark Lord! But knowing you're still
      alive, I can throw away my painful past. (heroine), we've got to look 
Heroine: Is it okay? Do you forgive me? Thank you... Then... then let's go to

|---------------|[|                                                         \\
|---- [TMC] ----|[|          The Marsh Cave... It Leads To Wendel!           >
|---------------|[|                                                         //

The duo set off for Marsh Cave to make friends with the water spirit.
Along the way, Hero falls down a cave.

Hero: Whoooooooooooooooa!
      (Blacks out)

He wakes up to find Heroine crouching next to him.

Heroine: Are you okay?
Hero: Oh, I'm all right...
Heroine: Something's here! Please be careful!

They venture deeper, Hero finding a flail as they go. Finally, they get to a
huge cavern, with a mirror perched on a cliff. The Hero goes to examine it.

Heroine: What's this? This mirror... gives off a strange light... Let's take it 
         back and show Ms. Isabella.

They take it and a huge earthquake occurs.

Hero: Wh-what is it!?

A huge hydra rears out of the poison. They kill it. Then, a small spirit 

Heroine: The water spirit? The poor thing... It's grown weak from the marsh's
         poison. Maybe if we give it water it'll come back to life...
         Isn't there some clean water near Scaly Lair?
Hero: That's right. Let's find a clean spring around there.

So they take the spirit, Undine, and leave Marsh Cave. They visit a small 

Hero: Let's try to revive the water spirit here!
      (Puts it in water)
Water Spirit: Thought I was a goner. Thanks for saving me! My name's Undine.
              I'm a girl, and proud of it! I hope you don't mind if I shower
              you with thanks! My "deep"-est gratitude!

The duo then set off for Vinquette Hall to consult Isabella about the mirror.

Isabella: Ooh, both of you made it safely.
Hero: Ms. Isabella, do you know what this is?
Isabella: Oh, that? Why it's the Moon Mirror! The Moon Mirror... It's a magic
          mirror that sees into the hearts of humans. I heard it's from the
          dowry of a Mavole princess.
Hero: A mirror that sees into human hearts?
Isabella: You kids... Is there any chance you'd let me have it!?
Hero: You want it?
Heroine: That's fine with us.
Isabella: ...Whew... I was just thinking of something stupid.
Heroine: ...?
Isabella: Pardon me... I lost my head. Relying on such things... I have no 
          right to belittle humans.
Hero: Ms. Isabella...
Isabella: You two keep the Moon Mirror. It might come in handy sometime.

Thus, the two leave for Wendel once more. They quickly pass through the cave 
and reach a beach, which they follow to Wendel.

Hero: So this is Wendel, home of Cibba the Sage.
Heroine: And we got here safely!   
Hero: Whew, finally made it. ...(Heroine), I guess you'll find Bogard now.
Heroine: And, (Hero), you're going to meet Master Cibba, right?
Hero: I'll meet Master Cibba and hear all about the Sword of Mana. Okay, let's
Heroine: Okay.

They walked into the northern side of town towards the Cathedral. On the way, 
they see a crowd of people around a minstrel. They join in and watch.

Minstrel: His magical voice sings "Mavolia, open your doors to friendship with
          this world."  His magical voice sings "People, open your hearts to
          the love of this world!" Granz, himself, the man with the magical
          voice. The peacemaker. The Gemma Knight, without a sword.
Wendel Gentleman: Great song!

Several people walk away now the song's finished.

Wendel Boy: Sing some more later!

Now only the duo and a stranger are left.

Hero: Lord Granz's song!
Gray-haired Man: A wonderful voice. I must know your name!
Minstrel: Thank you very much. My name is Lester. I am on my way to Granz 
Gray-haired Man: Granz Castle, eh? in some cases, that could cost you your 
                 life... Still want to go?

Hero and Heroine stand between Lester and the stranger.

Hero: "Cost you your life"!?   
Gray-haired Man: Minstrels are special. Those with talent are invited to the 
                 castle. That doesn't sit well with a lot of folks.
Heroine: Special, huh...
Hero: This guy reminds me of someone...  
Lester: Invited to the castle... I haven't been, but... I thought if I go sing
        a few songs...
Gray-haired Man: Yes. Your song has heart. But Dark Lord is critical of Granz.
                 He won't be terribly fond of songs praising him.

The duo continue on to the Wendel Cathedral, and enter to see Bogard and an odd
hunched guy.

Heroine: Sir Bogard!
Bogard: (Heroine)! I'm glad you're okay!
Strange Old Man: Heeheehee! I told ya, didn't I? Folks protected by the Goddess
                 don't die easily!
Bogard: Hm? Who's that with you? Is it the kid who... !?
Heroine: That's right! He's alive! And I bumped into him!
Hero: I'm... (Hero), the son of Hermann, Consul for Granz Realm... Good to see
      you again.
Bogard: How good of you to remember me.
Strange Old Man: Consul Hermann's son?
Hero: I'll never forget it. The day that should have been the best day of my 
Bogard: ... But because of me, it turned out to be the the worst. My deepest
Hero: It wasn't your fault. I know that much for sure. It's all because of Dark
Heroine: I'll reintroduce you. This is Bogard, one of the three Gemma Knights 
         who defeated the Vandole Empire.
Hero: A Gemma Knight!? W-wait a minute here! Why would one of the Gemmas come
      to my house? Then, is Cibba... ? Did he teach the Gemmas about Mana and
Strange Old Man: That'd be me. I'm Cibba. The Gemma Knight legend... I don't 
                 talk much about that anymore, though. I haven't seen that look
                 in anyone's eyes in a while.
Hero: Meeting someone as amazing as you... It's an honour! Actually, I came here
      to ask you about the Sword of Mana.
Cibba: Ooh, the sword, eh? I bet you want it more than anything.
Hero: Yes, sir! So I can beat Dark Lord!
Cibba: ... The sword is part of the Tale of Gemma. You think you'll be a hero 
       if you get it, eh?
Hero: A hero!? I didn't think of it that way...
Heroine: That's not why (Hero)'s looking for the Sword of Mana!
Bogard: Hahahahaha! (Hero), Cibba's right! Real life doesn't turn out like
        Granz's songs.
Heroine: Don't laugh! (Hero) is serious! Both of his parents were murdered by
         Dark Lord! How can you laugh at something like that?
Hero: Darn it!
Heroine: Wait! Where are you going? 
Hero: Does it even matter?
Heroine: But--
Hero: Lemme go!
      (Goes outside)
      Nobody understands how I feel!

A GIANT shadow crosses over the Cathedral.

Wendel Grandfather: What's that?
Wendel Maiden: It's the Granz Realm Military Airship!
Hero: The airship!? What are they planning to do... ?

There is a crash, probably as the airship lands.

Wendel Gentleman (approaching): Realm forces are making an assault!
Wendel Grandfather: Impossible! Are you joking?
Wendel Gentleman: It's no joke! Dark Lord's leading them!
Wendel Man: Run away!
Wendel Maiden: Eeeeeek! 

(They all leave, except Hero and Lester)

Lester: Do Realm forces plan to wage war on the town!?

Dark Lord, Mystery Man and a Realm Soldier approach.

Dark Lord: Enter the cathedral! Skilled swordsmen are inside, so be on guard.
Realm Soldier: Yes, sir!
Hero: Dark Lord!
Dark Lord: Hm? Ah, my friend, the foolish fencer. You've teamed up with them?
           Interesting... Apparently, you're serious about doing me in.
Hero: Of course I am! Draw your sword, Dark Lord! You'll pay for my parents!

Realm Soldier begins to advance.

Dark Lord: Hold on! (Realm Soldier stops) If you were saved from your fall...
           you must have had some help.
Mystery Man: Dark Lord, we mustn't forget our objective.
Dark Lord: I know, Julius. You mean the heretic girl. I'll be done soon.
Julius: If that's the case...
Dark Lord: Stand back, all of you. I'll cut any in my path!
           (They fight)
Hero: Aargh... Wh-why don't you finish me off?
Dark Lord: Ah, I do admire that fighting spirit of yours. Forget your petty 
           hatred and join my army. You can be a knight.
Hero: Take that job and s--

Julius uses magic and knocks Hero backwards into the Cathedral.

Hero: Whoooooooooooooaaah!
Julius: Was that really necessary?
Dark Lord: Decidedly so. Now storm the Cathedral!
Julius: Yes, sir!
Hero flies backwards and lands on the ground just in front of Heroine and 

Heroine: (Hero)! Oh no!!! The Moon Mirror's been shattered!
Cibba (seeing Julius): Vandole... ?
Dark Lord: Greetings and salutations, gentlemen. Now if you'll just hand over
           the heretic girl...
Bogard: Long time no see, Dark Lord. If you want the girl, you'll have to go 
        through me first!
Dark Lord: Tsk, tsk, tsk. Challenging me with a single sword... Don't make me 
           laugh, Bogard! The airship circles Wendel as we speak. If I'm not
           back soon, they'll raze the town.
Bogard: Afraid of me, are you? I'm old enough to be your father. En garde,
        (Draws sword)
Heroine: No! I'll go.
Bogard: Don't be a fool, (Heroine)!
Cibba: Bogard, under the circumstances, we have to trust (Heroine). Dark Lord
       means business. We can't sacrifice the whole town.
Dark Lord: Your wisdom spares you. I, too, have no wish to shed blood 
Julius: Right this way...

Heroine approaches. Hero makes one last attempt to kill Dark Lord.

Hero: Hiyaaaaaaaaaah!
      (Is hit by Dark Lord)
Cibba: Oh, now you've done it.

Realm soldiers line up behind Dark Lord.

Realm Soldier 1: Defend Dark Lord!
Realm Soldier 2: Arrest the resisters!
Hero: Drat...
Dark Lord: The Realm's only enemies are the heretics who use Mana power for 
           evil. My soldiers have no other cause to invade Wendel. Rest 
           (Julius steps forward and stuns Heroine)
Heroine: What...
Julius: Dark Lord, shall we depart?
Dark Lord: Very well.
           (Soldiers part and Julius and Heroine begin to leave)
            (to Hero) I'll ask once more. Be one of my knights.
Hero: Ask all you like. The answer's the same!
Dark Lord: How unfortunate.
           (Knocks Hero out)
           Julius, let's go!
Julius: Yes, sir!
Hero: Ugh...

(Screen blacks out, resuming the dream Hero always has from where it left off)

Hero's Mother: You're a big boy now. Take care of her!
Hero: I'll try!

Hero wakes up in an inn room filled with caged birds (Devius's room). Bogard 
and Lester are also there.

Hero: Uh-oh...
Lester: Ah, you're awake at last.
Hero: (Heroine)!?
Bogard: She was taken away by Dark Lord. She's on the airship by now.

Hero smashes his fist off the bed.

Hero: I've failed again... And I promised... !
Bogard: If you focus on the past, you won't get anywhere. If you want to see 
        the future, better get moving. Time waits for mo man.
Hero (getting off bed): What's the situation? What do I need to do to save her?
Bogard: Lester, I'm sorry, but would you mind?
Lester: Not at all. Both of you please be careful.
Bogard: Please convey our thanks to our host.
Lester: Certainly. (Leaves)

Hero goes to Bogard.

Hero: What's the situation? What do I need to do to save her?
Bogard: What a pickle. Any way you slice it, (Heroine)'S up in the air.
Hero: Drat! How can we reach her if she's in midair? 
Bogard: ... Okay, let's go. (Begins to leave)
Hero: Go? Go where?
Bogard: To the cathedral. Cibba's there and he can help us. He always comes 
        through in a pinch. (Leaves)

Hero heads for the cathedral, but stops for a quick chat with Devius and 
Lester outside the inn.

Lester: Are you hurt?
Hero: No, I'm fine. Thanks.
Devius: I'm glad my room could be of help.
Hero: No, it's we who can't thank you enough.
Devius: It was nothing.
Lester: That girl... I'm so sorry I wasn't of use. I regret leaving you, but I
        decided to go to Devius Manor in Jadd. Jadd's a famous gathering place 
        for minstrels... I thought I'd see some people and talk things over.
Hero: No, we regret getting you mixed up in this... Sorry.
Lester: I'm sure you'll make it all work out.
Hero: When do you leave?
Lester: Right away...
Devius: That reminds me. Could I ask you to set my birds free? I don't need 
        them anymore. Do you mind?
Hero: Sure. Just free them, right? Got it.

Hero returns to the room and sets the birds free, then heads to the cathedral. 
(Hero enters)

Cibba: Ah, you're here.
Hero: Master Cibba, please tell us how to save (Heroine)!
Bogard: Alright, Cibba! Let's hear your plan. C'mon, get to it. If we handed
        (Heroine) to them that quickly, seems to me that we should have already 
        had a plan.
Cibba: When it comes to Mana Women, you never could think clearly. You're
       troubled about Mana, am I right?
Bogard: Well, yeah...
Cibba: Bogard... You won't believe it, but this incident... involves Vandole.
Bogard: Vandole!? You don't mean the Vandole Emperor who was crushed twenty 
        years ago?
Cibba: When the Moon Mirror broke, didn't you see a vague reflection of him?
Bogard: Don't tell me... No, you're reading too much into it.
Cibba: If only that were true. I'll investigate further. As for the airship, it
       will dock at Westlake. You can rescue (Heroine) when it lands there.
Hero: Are you sure about that?
Bogard: Your magic probably isn't strong enough to reach the airship... Did you
        use a spirit?
Cibba: I expect that (Heroine)'s Wisp is wreaking havoc on the airship right 
       about now.
Hero: For real!? So where is this place called Westlake?
Cibba: To get to Westlake, you must get through Gaia Cave. Gaia Cave's a cavern
       with a mind of its own. It may not let you through that easily. (Hero),
       I'll give you a light spirit. Take it with you.
Wisp: Hey ya! I'm the light spirit, Wisp! You're my kinda people.  How d'ya do?

(They all go outside)

Cibba: Gaia Cave might take some effort to get by. It's a roundabout way, but
       Bogard, approach it from Granz Castle. I've got some research to do on 
Bogard: Got it. Okay, to Granz Castle.
Hero: Through Gaia Cave and attack the airship! (Heroine), don't worry, I'm 
      coming for you!
Cibba: May the Goddess protect you!
Bogard: You hang in there, too!
The three go separate ways.
(Screen blacks out and words appear on-screen)

Thus, Mana flows, and fate comes round again.

(The background changes to show Lester and Devius camping, when Dark Lord and
his cronies show up)

For those who meet...

(The background changes to show Isabella leaving Vinquette Hall)

For those who part...

(The background changes to show Willy fighting a chained Jackal)

Memories revive...

(The background becomes Niccolo standing in a town as a Realm Soldier walks by)

All things moving...

(Background becomes black again)

...towards the future.

(The screen changes once more to Isabella walking through a wood, when Dark
Lord shows up ALONE for once)

Isabella: Not bad, considering you're human...
Dark Lord: And I've got a feeling... You're not human. Are you Mavole?
Isabella: I am indeed. I haven't sensed an aura like yours in this world since
          the three Gemma Knights.
Dark Lord: The three Gemma Knights? Don't compare me with those old-timers.
Isabella: I'm looking for a strong man. I was so excited about coming to this
          world... Medusa... Lee... The greatest Mavoles all ended up here.
          How dull Mavolia became without them.
Isabella: You're Dark Lord, right? Feel like trying to control me?
Dark Lord: Control... ? You... ? Pph... Funny way to flirt.
Isabella: Yeah, that's right. Go ahead. Control me, become king and make me 
          kneel before you.   
Dark Lord: You're Isabella, right? Strange creature... But if that's what you
           wish, I'll oblige. Come with me, Isabella.

(The screen goes black again)
Words flash across the screen:

Mana power flows. 
Earth moves on.
People's destinies...
like great rivers...
overlap one another.

(The screen goes back to Hero)

Hero: Hold on, (Heroine)! I'll rescue you for sure!

|---------------|[|                                                         \\
|--- [HKFT] ----|[|     Heroine's Been Kidnapped! Finding The Mythril        >
|---------------|[|                                                         //

Hero sets off through Mushboom Forest towards Gaia Facade, the entrance to Gaia
Cave. The entrance is covered by a giant stone face.

Hero: Great sculpture. Looks so lifelike. But how do you get in? Hmmm, won't
      open, huh?
Gaia: Achoo!
Hero (Knocked over): Bless you...
Gaia: Hmm? What was that noise... ? I'm imagining it... Okay, back to 
          dreams of yummy mythril.
          (Goes back to sleep)
Hero: Ooowwww... Huh? Did I hear something... ? Nah, can't be! I could've sworn
      I heard "mythril"... I'll go back to town and check it out.
Hero stumbles on, eventually reaching a Dwarf Workshop, where he talks to the
head dwarf, Capo.

Capo: Came to forge your sword or your face? What do you want?
Hero: I want to get into Gaia Cave, but it's closed... Do you know a way in?
Capo: Noooooooo! That's no way to ask somebody a favour... piiiiiiiinhead.
Hero: I'm so sorry! I would like to find a way into Gaia Cave! Could you 
      please tell me how to get in!? 
Capo: Bring mythril. That'll getcha in.
Hero: Mythril? How do I get my hands on some? I mean... Where would I be able 
      to find some mythril?
Capo: Well, I s'pose... there's some at the scary Abandoned Mine.
Stylish Dwarf: You're going to that dangerous place alone? You're too funny.
Curly Dwarf: You'll end up dead.
Gruff Dwarf: If he croaks, dibs on his sword!
Hero: A friend of mine... She's in trouble and needs my help. I don't care what
      kind of place it is. Can you tell me how to get there?
Bushy Dwarf: A friend, eh?
Swarthy Dwarf: Friends are important.
Stylish Dwarf: Ya gotta help 'em. 
Burly Dwarf: But I don't know... The Abandoned Mine...
Gruff Dwarf: yeah.
Capo: A pal, huh... The Abandoned Mine is north of here.

(Everyone stops and stares at him)

Burly Dwarf: He SAID it!
Swarthy Dwarf: He TOLD him!
Stylish Dwarf: He'll wind up dead like Watts did!
Capo: Naaaaaaah! Watts ain't dead! See, our buddy Watts went to the Abandoned
      Mine and ain't come back just yet. If ya don't mind, wouldja look for 
Hero: Certainly.

Hero finally reaches the Dwarf Mine.

Hero: The entrance is crumbling. How can... Hm? Something's here... THERE it 
      is! (Slashes entrance)

Dudbears come out.

Dudbear 1: Grmph!
Dudbear 2: Grmph!
Dudbear 3: Grmph!

They are followed by a dwarf.

Hero: Wh-what is it?
Strange Dwarf (To Dudbear): You got us lost again! No dinner for you!

Dudbear: Guuuu.
Strange Dwarf: Get going!
Dudbears and dwarf leave.

Hero: What was THAT!?

They reappear next to the hero.

Strange Dwarf: ...
Dudbear: ... Mph?
Strange Dwarf: Uh-oh... My mythril mine... How'd they find out about it? People
               are supposed to fear the Abandoned Mine. And all Dudbears say is 
               "Grmph," so it ain't them! News leaked somehow, and this hotshot
               showed up. (All look at him)
               Hm? No, must be a mirage. I've been workin' too hard. Nobody
               ever comes near this mine!
Hero: Excuse me... Is your name Watts?
Strange Dwarf: Wow, a talking mirage. Either way, I'm Watts.
Hero: My name's (Hero). I came to get mythril to get past Gaia Cave.
Watts: And it wants mythril... Pretty convincing mirage.
Hero: I'm not a mirage.
Watts: Alright, then. Pinch me! Yeah, go ahead and pinch me real hard on the 
       (Gets pinched)
       Ooooooooouuuuuuuuch! Don't rip it off! Don't rip it OFF! Heeeeey!
       (Dudbears step aside)
       Hohohohohohohohohohhooho! You're not a mirage! Woohoo! A companion!
       Thank you, Goddess!
       (To Hero) I'm the great dwarf blacksmith, Watts. I'm here for mythril to
       make an Ultra Sword.
Hero: An Ultra Sword... That's impressive. 
Watts: Around here, this mine's the only place you'll find mythril. Inside it's
       crawling with monsters, so nobody comes near...I had no choice so I had
       the Dudbears dig a path through. Well, how about it? Feel like going 
       with me, kid?
Hero: You bet!
Watts: When we find the rare mythril, we'll split it fifty-fifty! Right down
       the middle!
Dudbear: Garumph.
Watts: You guys do whatcha want!

They look for mythril in the mine, Hero finding a sickle on the way. Finally,
they strike it lucky.

Watts: Hey! A mythril lode! I finally FOUND it!
Hero: Amazing!
Watts: I can make LOADS of weapons with this much mythril!
       (Runs forward)
       Look at that! I've never seen such juicy mythril! Not that I'd eat it.

Unknown Voice: Ankheg, my servant... expel the intruders. Protect the mythril!
Hero: What was that voice?

There is an earthquake. Ankheg, a giant centipede attacks, but is killed by 
Watts and the Hero.

Watts: That was my best fight in years!
Hero: Not for me.
Watts: Now we can get the mythril without any trouble. Okay! Let's get to work!
       (Dudbear appears)
       Ah, so they dug a shortcut! They do come in handy! Let's go, (Hero)!
Hero: Even so, what was that voice... ? (Leaves)

They return to the Dwarf Workshop.

Stylish Dwarf: Watts is back!
Curly Dwarf: Yippee! Hooray!
Dudbear: Grmph!
Capo: Sorry I didn't go help you. You were a friend in need. I'm such a coward.
      Thanks a bunch for rescuing Watts!
Watts: What!? No such thing! (Hero) and I beat the monster together! Now we can
       go back and get mythril safely.
Gruff Dwarf: Just the two of you beat the monster?
Burly Dwarf: Wooooow...
Capo: What a blessing! Now we can make even more weapons for the Realm.
Hero: You sell weapons to Granz Realm?
Capo: Yeah, we do. What's wrong?
Hero: Granz Realm is killing the Mana Clan as heretics...
Swarthy Dwarf: So what?
Bushy Dwarf: That's not good?
Dudbear: Mph... ?
Hero: Your weapons are being used to kill innocent people. Do you want to sell
      weapons to people who do that?
Capo: As you can see, other than mining ore, we don't get out much. We don't
      know about the outside world. We make our living making good weapons for 
      people to use. Are you criticizing our way of life?
Hero: ... I'm not sure. Anyway Watts. Can I have my share of the mythril? I 
      have to go to Gaia Cave.
Watts: Sure thing, partner! I figured you would! Take all ya want!
Hero: Thanks...
Watts: (Hero), tell me something. Weapons are for fighting. You guys use 'em, 
       and those of us who make 'em don't know how. You've got a weapon. What 
       do you use your weapon for?
Hero: I'm not sure, but... I've got a hunch Realm Soldiers are taking innocent
      lives. We have to stop them. I don't have a sword for evil purposes. My
      friend, (Heroine)... I would draw my sword to save her.
Watts: ... ... ... Yup, I LIKE you! I'm gonna make you an Ultra Sword!
Swarthy Dwarf: But you promised the wandering swordsman one!
Bushy Dwarf: Ya did! Ya did!
Burly Dwarf: Can a dwarf break his promise?
Bushy Dwarf: Ya did! Ya did!
Dudbear: Mph!
Watts: Just like the Sword of Mana picks its user, I'm gonna pick the folks I 
       sell to! I got a feeling I can trust you with an Ultra Sword. Will ya 
       take it?
Hero: Of course!
Watts: If I make ya a sword, I'll need a place to work and raw materials. Oh!
       That cactus! Inside is a blacksmith's room where I can work! Custom 
       orders and repairs! Just wait and see! (Leaves)
Dudbear: Mph... ?

And so Watts joins Hero (and Heroine)'s cause. Hero returns to the stone head
with mythril.

|---------------|[|                                                         \\
|--- [HWTC] ----|[|  Halfway There... Gaia Cave And The Airship Await!       >
|---------------|[|                                                         //

Hero: They say I can go through with mythril, but how do I use it? Ooph!
Gaia: Oooooh! What a brilliant shine! Such appetizing mythril!
Hero: Huh? It's really alive!? Whoooooooooooooa!
      (Gets eaten)
      Oooowwwwwww... Hm? Am I inside Gaia?

Hero goes through Gaia Cave until he runs into a small green elf hat lying on
the ground, sleeping. He touches it.

Gnome: Wahyahya! First human I've seen in a while!
Hero: Is it a spirit!?
Gnome: Heeeeeeeey... It's a guy...
Hero: ...
Gnome: Gaia swallowed me over fifty years ago... I've been here the whole time,
       and never got to see any ladies... But I suppose I could go with you if
       you really wanted to.
       Wahahahahaha! I'll rescue you. Don't you worry! I need to get out of
       here ASAP!
Hero continues out of Gaia Cave and reaches Cibba's camp.

Hero: Cibba! How can you be taking it easy!?
Cibba: Hmmmmm? It's you who's taking his time, no? I've been here waiting for
       you. Learned a thing or two?
Hero: On the way here, I met some dwarves. They said they sell weapons to the
Cibba: That's their life.
Hero: I criticized the dwarves. How could they sell weapons to the Realm...
      But then they asked me,” How come you carry a weapon of your own?" "What
      do you use it for?"
Cibba: Mm-hmm. And then?
Hero: I realized... They don't see me any differently than they do Dark Lord.
      Weapons and Mana power are only tools. They become what the heart of the 
      user makes them.
Cibba: Hmmmm... Seems you've grown up a bit, haven't you?
       The airship is going to set down at Westlake. Seems they had some 
       trouble onboard. Leave it to (Heroine). Well, then. What do you say we
       get going? Oh, before that. Come out all of you.
       (Rabites come out) 
       Alright, come closer. Eat respectfully, for the life sacrificed. Life
       courses through each one of you... Through monsters, Mavoles and humans
       alike. Everything in the land has its being in Mana. No life is useless.
       Never forget that.
Hero: I won't!

Hero and Cibba defeat the airship guards and Hero picks up a pair of knucks.
They enter the airship just as it takes off.

Cibba: I think we've lifted off.
Hero: No turning back now...

They enter a cabin with a window.

Hero: We can get out if we break that window...


Cibba: Hold your horses. I can feel magic coming from that room!

(Inside the cabin, Heroine is tied before Julius)

Julius: Well? Feel like telling me where the key is yet?
Heroine: Do I have anything to say to you?
Julius: An obstinate girl. But now I see your true colours.
Heroine: My... true colours?
Julius: Hm? Ah, so it appears you don't even know yourself. Pph, pph, pph. You
        mean to tell me, you don't even know your real mother?
Heroine: Mother... ? The key... ? My real mother is... Is she at the Mana 
         Sanctuary... ?
Julius: Tell me where the key is and nothing will happen to you. 
Heroine: I'll NEVER... give you the key!

(Julius zaps her with magic)

Heroine: Uh-oh!
Julius: It seems all Mana Women despise Julius... That's fine by me! I'll kill 
        you, just as you wish! Burn with my fire, Mana girl!

Hero and Cibba appear at the window.

Cibba: (Heroine)!

Cibba hits Julius with magic.

Julius: Aargh! This sacred magic... It must be Cibba!
Cibba: Indeed... it's been twenty years... Your magic power's stronger than 
       before. I can see this won't be as easy this time.
Julius: I'm not surprised... Your magic power is different from mine.

Julius shoots Cibba with magic and Cibba falls.

Hero: Cibba! Drat! (Heroine)! Hold on! I'm coming for you!
      (Breaks window)
Heroine: (Hero)! You came for me!
Hero: Sorry I'm late...
Julius: Oh, no you don't... !
hero: Time to bolt!
Heroine: No!
         (Throws something to Hero)
         Take it and run!
Hero: What do you mean? We'll both run!
Heroine: It's the key to Sanctuary. My mother gave her life for it. PLEASE! For
         the sake of my poor mother... !

Hero nods, but Julius hits him with a magic attack and Hero falls off the 

Hero: Whooooooooooooooa!
Heroine: (Hero)!

Meanwhile, where Hero lands:

Mystery Woman: Wuuu! What the!? it's raining men! This guy... It IS you, 
               (Hero)! What a relief. You're still alive! Anyways, I'm 
               takin' you home.

Hero re-awakens in the Mystery Woman's house.

Hero: Where am I... ?
mystery Woman: This is Menos Village. You, uh, fell outta the sky. You always 
               were lucky. Good ta see ya again, (Hero). We used to arm-wrestle 
               in the slave quarters.
Hero: Amanda... ? Are you the Amanda from back at the arena?
She nods. Hero tries to get up.

Hero: Ugh!
Amanda: Don't overdo it... You fell outta the sky. No matter how strong a 
        gladiator you were, you've gotta be hurt.
Hero: I gotta get going! (Heroine)... !
Amanda: (Heroine)? Who's that? Anyways, you're better off staying put for now.
Hero: Aw, c'mon! It's just a scratch... Ooh! Ow ow ow...
Amanda: Seeeeee? I told ya. Take it easy now or you'll never get well.
Hero: (Is Cibba okay... ? He wouldn't go down without a fight...)
Amanda: (Hero), it's amazin'! Who'da imagined we'd meet like this!
Hero: You got that right. But how did you manage to escape from the slave 
Amanda: The place went crazy when you guys bolted. I just took advantage of the 
Hero: I see... How about Willy? Do you know what happened to him?
Amanda (looking down): When I took off... I saw Willy being led away by 
                       soldiers... I couldn't do a thing for him...
Hero: ... Oh.
Amanda: But I'm sure he's fine! It's not like Willy's gonna pass away without a
Hero: Yeah, you're right. ... I hope so, anyway.
Amanda: Never mind that, (Hero). You need some sleep. You gotta get better.
Hero: Got it... Thanks for your help, Amanda.
      (Goes to sleep)

He dreams of heroine being hit by Julius's magic.

Hero: (Heroine)! (Heroine)!
Amanda: Hang in there, (Hero)! You can't die!
Hero: Ugh!
      (Tosses and turns)
Amanda: I gotta do somethin'. You'll die like this! What should we-- Who's 

Devius enters.

Devius: The villagers said there was someone sick... Sorry to barge in. My name
        is Devius. I live in Jadd. And you are Amanda?
        (He comes closer and Amanda draws her spear)
        Amanda, I have some medicine that'll save him. Care to make a deal?
Amanda: You can save him? You can save (Hero)!? Really!?


Amanda: I'm sorry, (Hero)...
        ... I can't just let ya die! And when we get hooked up again...

Amanda leaves and Heroine and Bogard enter.

Heroine: (Hero)! Whew! You're all right! ... I'm sooooo glad...
Hero: Hmm... Huh? (Heroine)!? Is that you, (Heroine)!?
Heroine: Yup, it's me! Sir Bogard was the one who rescued me!
Hero: You're both okay! ... Great! But... Cibba and I got separated... Any news 
      about him!?
Bogard: He won't be done in so easily. More importantly, do you have the 
Hero: I've got it right... ...Hm? It's gone!
Heroine: You don't think... it was stolen, do you?
Bogard: There was a girl who came running out of this house just now...
Hero: You mean Amanda? No... she wouldn't... I'll go and find Amanda!
Bogard: Calm down a minute, (Hero). Did this girl Amanda rescue you?
Hero: Yeah. She was a slave... Always energetic and worried about her brother.
      Has a mouth on her, though. I'll check in town to see where Amanda went.

He rushes out and asks everyone. Then he rushes back to tell Heroine and 

Bogard: Did you find that Amanda girl?
Hero: It seems she's headed for Jadd...
Bogard: Jadd, eh? That's too far to be going for just a stroll... We'd better  
        get to Jadd.
Hero: You two go on ahead to Jadd without me. I'll catch up with you after I 
      leave a note for Amanda.
Heroine: Everything'll be fine. I bet Amanda just wanted to try the pendant on 
         for fun. I mean, I'd want to try it on, too. To see how it looked on 
Bogard: Alrighty, we'll get a head start to Jadd. Let's get going, (Heroine).
Heroine: Sure... Okay, be careful, (Hero). See you in Jadd.
|---------------|[|                                                         \\
|--- [ASTP] ----|[|    Amanda Stole The Pendant...? Heading To Jadd          >
|---------------|[|                                                         //

Hero travels to Jadd and approaches Devius Manor. Birds fly by.

Hero: Hm? Are those the birds set free in Wendel? They seem to be doing pretty 

Hero enters Devius Manor and enters Lady Medusa's room.

Amanda: (Hero)!? Have ya recovered? Whatcha doin' here?
Hero: I came looking for you, Amanda. !!! (trying door) Hey, it's locked!
Amanda: Sorry, (Hero), about... disappearing and all...
Hero: Don't worry about it. Say, Amanda... I've got to ask you about that 
Amanda: Yeah, I'm the one who swiped the pendant... But you gotta realize, I 
        did it to save your life... That creep Devius sneaked up on me. Said
        he'd trade the medicine that would save you for the pendant... 
        I shouldn'ta just handed it over without asking ya... But... I thought
        I'd never see ya again... And whaddaya know, (Hero)? The Mana Goddess
        fixed it so we'd meet again! ... Man, I hate goodbyes.
Hero: Amanda...
Amanda: Hah... Not like me, huh? All melodramatic 'n stuff. Forget about it.
Hero: Don't sweat it, Amanda: We aren't slaves anymore. We can always be 
Amanda: Ya mean it? Hey... in the slave quarters, you always used ta go on 
        about some girl. Have ya seen her yet?
Hero: Amanda, I--
Amanda: The pendant belongs to her, right? Oops... Sorry! Hah, hah, hah. I
        must be gettin' soft. Awright! Let's go get that pendant back!
Hero: Thanks, Amanda... Y'know, back at the slave quarters, there were times 
      I'd lost all hope... But your smiling face was the one ray of hope that 
      cheered me up.
Amanda: Aw, don't make me blush. Anyways, let's get the heck outta here!
Hero: Right! Say, umm, Amanda... Who's your friend over there?
Amanda: Oh! That's Lady Medusa. This is her room. She's so pitiful. Let's see 
        if we can convince her to let us outta here...
Hero (to Lady Medusa): Umm... We'd like to get out. Do you think you could ask
                       them to let us leave?
Amanda: Lady Medusa has a broken heart. Poor thing... She musta had an awful 
        time of it.
        (Caged bird starts to sing)
        Hm? That bird! It's singing my brother's song!
Hero: That song... It's an ode to Granz that I heard in Wendel... Was that your 
      brother... Lester!?
Amanda: You know Lester, (Hero)? Medusa was wailin', but now she's stopped. 
        D'ya think... this bird... nah.
Hero: Lester!? Is that bird Lester!?
Amanda: Does that mean that the other minstrels are... ? I can't believe it!
        How could something like this happen... ?
Hero: C'mon, we gotta let him out of that cage.
Amanda: Outta the way! (Hits cage) Once more, with feeling! (Hits again)
Medusa: My birds...
Hero: Uh-oh!
Amanda: Yikes!
Hero pulls her out of the way just as Medusa shoots magic at them. It misses 
and hits a Rabite behind them.

Hero: Amanda! Are you okay!?
Amanda: I've... been better...

The Rabite becomes a bird.

Hero: ... It turned into a bird...
Amanda: Lady Medusa turned my brother into a bird... ?
Medusa: If I had wings, I could fly to be by his side. If I had a beautiful 
        voice, I could sing like him. 

Two maids enter.

Maid 1: Lady Medusa!
Maid 2: You two! You have discovered Lady Medusa's secret! You shall not live!
Medusa: He's calling...
Maid 1: Lady Medusa, please settle down. We wouldn't want that outside air to 
        touch your skin...
Medusa: I must go... to the Altar of Time where he waits for me...
       (She hits both of the maids with magic and knocks them unconscious, then 

Hero takes the birdcage key and frees Lester.

Amanda (as Lester flies away): Oh! ... Lester!
Hero: Follow him!

They leave Devius Manor.

Amanda: Lady Medusa said she was going to the Altar of Time. The Altar of 
        Time... That's where Lester must be! 
Hero: Okay! Let's bolt! To the Altar of Time!

|---------------|[|                                                         \\
|--- [TNEJ] ----|[|   The Never-Ending Jadd Desert... Chasing Medusa!        >
|---------------|[|                                                         //

Amanda and Hero journey through the Jadd desert. Eventually, they reach a 
purple part of the desert.

Unknown Voice: Humans... I envy them...
               Living things... How I envy them...
               You should be deprived of life as we were.
Hero: Do the Grudgies make this toxic mist?

They double back, trying to find a way to de-toxicate that area, Hero 
acquiring an axe on the way. Finally, they find a boulder with a spirit 
trapped in it. They touch it.

Jinn: You sssaved me! I was attacked by a Cockatrice and turned into a ssstone!
      For ssso many years, ssstuck as a ssstone! You’re a sssaviour! How can I
      repay you? Take me with you!
      Thanks ssso much! I'll make you proud. You'll be sssurprised!

With Jinn's help, they reach the Altar of Time. Inside, Medusa is sitting in
a circle of three birds.

Medusa: Oooooh... Stop...
Amanda: Lady Medusa!
        (Birds fly away as Amanda comes near)
        C'mon, Lady Medusa! Please change my brother back to normal...
Hero: The sand has stopped... And that hourglass...
      Amanda, wait! There's something funny about this room!
Amanda: I'm begging you! Lester's all the family I've got!
Hero: What's this lute... ?
Amanda: Don't take Lester away from me! Put him back the way he was before!
Medusa: Stop... Don't take my time. Don't take my memory.
        (Attacks Amanda)
Hero: Amanda!
Medusa: Don't take my family memories... Don't take Granz and my children from
Hero: Lord Granz... !?
Amanda: Lady Medusa... ?
Hero: What the-- !

Medusa becomes a giant head with snakes for hair. They kill it. Just then, 
Bogard and Heroine enter.

Bogard: (Hero)! is she... Quickly! (Heroine), help her!
Heroine uses Wisp magic to heal Medusa.

Medusa: Oooooh... Bogard...
Bogard: Medusa... Don't talk. You'll hurt yourself. It's over for me. My
        husband's lute... where is it?                          
Hero: Here. This is Lord Granz's...
Medusa: you knew him well... I will pass his lute into your care.
Hero: Lady Medusa...
Medusa: And then... I'll let my winged friends partake of my blood. That way...
        they'll go back to the way they once were.
Medusa: Lester... Thank you for your lovely songs. Through your music... my
        buried memories were slowly resurrected. I could recall... My beloved
        Bogard, is Granz... ?
Bogard: He had his hands full with Stroud, so he's tired, but otherwise he's 
        fine. Don't worry about him.  
Medusa: Oh, good...
         Bogard... Granz and... the children... Take... good... care...
         (She dies)
Hero: Why did this happen... !?

Devius and Dark Lord enter.

Devius: What are you all doing here!? 
        (Sees Medusa)
        ... ! MOTHER!!!
Dark Lord: Bogard! And the heretic girl...
Medusa's body disappears.

Amanda: Oh, no! Medusa's blood! How will we change Lester back now?
Devius: Stroud... Mother is gone. Here, just take the key to Mana Sanctuary and 
        be on your way.
Dark Lord: Gurnda-- I mean, Devius-- That won't do! The Mana Clan betrayed our 
           mother once before... We can't let them get away with THIS!
Devius: Stand aside, Stroud! Don't let your feelings cloud your judgement! I'll
        settle the score... I'll show these fools what Hell is really like!
Dark Lord: I did leave Mother's affairs to you... Alright then, Devius. You
           may resolve my grief...
Devius: Now, which of you curs killed my mother?
        (Bogard disappears)
Hero: Bogard! Don't go...
Heroine: Sir Bogard!
Devius: You insolent wretches killed my mother for no reason! Before I kill 
        you, you shall taste my pain... Come to my manor, and be sure to bring 
        your anger and sadness... I'll be waiting!
        (Amanda has pink lightning bolts briefly course round her, then Devius 
         disappears and the bolts stop)

Amanda collapses.

Hero: Amanda! What's wrong? You've got to stay strong!
Amanda: I was bitten by Medusa. And now... Arrrgh! My blood! It feels like it's 
Hero: How can... !?
Amanda (to bird): Lester...It hurts... Help me, Lester!
                  (Attacks heroine)
Heroine: No!!! ... Amanda!
         (Backs away)

Hero stands between Heroine and Amanda.

Hero: Stop it, Amanda! It's me! It's (Hero)! You’ve got to remember me!
Amanda: Ugh! Aaaaargh...
        Aah... Lester's song...
        (Hero)... It's like there's someone inside of me... that wants to 
        destroy you... (Hero), quick. Leave with her... now... Before I... kill
        both of you...
Hero: You can't mean that! Amanda! We can't leave you! ...We promised, right? 
      We'd always be together! let me see that smiling face of yours, Amanda!
Amanda: (Hero)... It's no use... But I'm glad I could see you again before I 
        ... (Hero), do me a favour... It won't be too long before I become like
        Lady Medusa... become a monster... that hurts and kills innocent 
        people... (Hero)... Please, put me out of my misery... I know you 
        won't... deny me... my last... wish...
Hero: Amanda... !
      (Kills her)
      (Heroine)! Try to bring her back!

Heroine tries.

       More! MORE!

Heroine tries again, and revives her.

       Amanda! Are you-- ?
Amanda: (Hero)... Give my blood to Lester...
Hero obliges and Lester turns into a human again.

Lester: Sis! Hang on, sis!
Amanda: Lester... Thank heavens, my Lester... I'm sorry Lester... Just when I
        was free and we could be a family again... 
        (Hero)... Thanks for doing what I asked... looks like I broke our 
        promise to be together from now on... I'm sorry... Take good care... of
        the girl...        
        (Dies again)
Hero: AMANDA!!!
      Blast it... ! BLAAAAAAAAAAST IT!!! Why... Why couldn't I save her... ?
Heroine: (Hero), don't blame yourself... It's not your fault... There was 
         nothing we could do! (Hero), you did everything you possibly could for 
         Amanda, right? And she would have done the same for you... I'm sure
         she doesn't have any regrets...
Lester: (Hero).. After my sister came home, you were all she talked about. She 
        was so happy to see you again...
Hero: Lester...
Heroine: Look... Amanda has such a peaceful expression on her face...
Lester: She certainly does. She looks so happy... There's... there's nothing we
        can do for my sister now. (Hero), shouldn't we go find Sir Bogard?
Heroine: (Hero), we have to set aside our grief for now. There are things we 
         have to do for Amanda.
Hero: Amanda... I'm going to make sure no-one else suffers like you did...
Hero: We'll rescue Bogard, then it's time to finally put a stop to Devius and 
      Dark Lord!

They go to Devius Manor.

Heroine: Lady Medusa was Lord Granz's wife... And Devius called Medusa his 
         mother... As did Dark Lord. So Devius and Dark Lord are brothers...
         Dark Lord murdered my father and mother... But... but his mother died 
         by my hand... Before I knew it, I'd done the same thing he did...
Heroine: (Hero), believe in yourself... I believe in you. You’ve chosen your
         path. And no matter what happens along the way, I'll still believe in 
Hero: Thank you, (Heroine). Say, if we don't fix this Amanda situation, we 
      won't be going on ANY path!
Lester: My sister's blood... Here, it's for you... I know you loved her. 
        Please take it.
Hero: ...
Lester: This blood was the very life's blood of my sister and Lady Medusa. And
        it has the power to change the birds back. It must not be spilled in 
Heroine: We have to rescue Sir Bogard, too.
Hero: Amanda, you won't die in vain! You'll pay, Devius!

|---------------|[|                                                         \\
|--- [AODM] ----|[|                Assault On Devius Manor!                  >
|---------------|[|                                                         //

They enter Devius Manor and start climbing the clock tower. They reach the top
to find a lavish room with Bogard caged in the centre.

Hero: Bogard!
Bogard: (Hero)! Is everybody okay!?
Hero: Everyone but Amanda... Hold on, Bogard! We'll get you out!
      (Slashes it)
      No good!
Bogard: Devius's powerful magic locks the cage... The spell won't break until 
        he's defeated.
Hero: Drat!
Bogard: Don't worry about me! This is just more payback for abandoning Medusa.
Hero: Payback?
Bogard: If I'd used Mana power without hesitating... she might have been 
        okay... But sacred Mana power... It can't be used to help only one 
        person! Otherwise, the fabric of society unfolds...
Hero: Would that really...
Bogard: I made up my mind. Though I tried to do the right thing, I was wrong...
Hero: ...
Bogard: From Devius and Dark Lord's perspective... the Mana Clan and I are
        enemies who hoarded the power of Mana...
Hero: Bogard...

Hero goes on and reaches an arena, where Devius is standing.

Devius: So nice of you to come, you wretched human!
Hero: Devius!
Devius: Now that my mother has passed on... I have no reason to stay in this
        world! Before I depart... I would like to clean up a certain matter.
Hero: Devius! You’ll pay for what you did to Amanda!

Devius becomes a huge flying squid-thing. Hero defeats it and Devius takes
up his normal form again.

Devius: Wretched human... Finish me off!
Hero: No. Now we're even.
Devius: I told you to finish me off! Are you leaving me wounded so I will taste
        fear and pain? That's just as well...
Hero: Hey, that's not it at all! But I--
Mystery Man's Voice: Devius... Shall I end it for you... ?
Hero: That voice!
Devius: Julius...
Julius's Voice: Please forgive these foolish humans. This is their idea of 
                justice... To let you live with nothing but pain left!
Hero: No! Stop talking like you know everything!
Julius's Voice: Then why not take your sword and grant his last wish? End his
Hero: But, I... I couldn't...
Julius's Voice: Or you could... heal his wounds. I happen to have some elixir 
                of life. I'll even let you have a sample.
Devius: I refuse! I am the proud son of the Medusa family.
        I'LL decide my own fate! Aargh! 
        My boy... Hesitate not when you take up arms... If you have even an 
        ounce of uncertainty, you have no right to raise your sword at all.
Hero: Hesitate not...
Devius: With that resolve... you may one day wield the legendary Sword of 
        Mana.. (Dies)
Julius's Voice: Is he dead? What an idiot. Heh.

A big slash appears in thin air and a freakish type of Grim Reaper comes out.

Goremand: His life! I get his life!
          (Sucks it out of Devius and eats it)
          A bitter, aged soul, blending deep despair with profound suffering...
Hero: What is THAT!?
Goremand: Hya, hya, hya, hya! Hyaaaa, hya, hya, hya!
          (He and Devius disappear)

The screen blacks out and re-appears outside Devius Manor. 

Heroine: Devius...
Lester: Sis...
Bogard: Medusa...
Hero: Amanda... In the end... we... we weren't able to save ANYBODY! The anger
      and sadness over losing Amanda... It all exploded when I took revenge on
      Devius... But even then, my heart didn't feel lighter... I'm beginning to
      understand what Cibba meant... It's laughable to think a guy like me 
      could ever use the Sword of Mana...
Lester: (Hero)... Do you mind if I sing a song? For my sister... and for Lady
        Medusa and Mr. Devius...
Hero: Would you use this, Lester? It's Lord Granz's lute. It was the favourite
      memento of someone who loved him very much...
      (Song starts playing)

The screen blacks out.
Words appear across it:

	Lester's haunting melody echoes through the town...

Background changes to Jadd.

	Hearts are touched...

Background becomes Vinquette Hall, then the Poison mist in the desert.

	Even the hearts of the fallen are moved...

The mist disappears.
Background becomes Granz Castle ramparts.

	The melody even reaches as far as Granz Castle...

The screen returns to Devius manor. The head maid, Genoa, comes out.

Genoa: Mr. (Hero), before you go...
Hero: Genoa...
Genoa (as a spirit appears): Lady Medusa had a special place in her heart for 
                             this spirit. I entrust it to you.
Hero: ... Genoa, I have no right to accept this...
Genoa: It's all right. Please take it. Think fondly of Lady Medusa whenever you
       use it.
Hero: But... !
Genoa: Please go quickly... before my bitterness gets the best of me...
Hero: Genoa...
Luna: I'm Luna. That's 'cause I'm a moon spirit, y'know!
Hero: Pleased to meet you.
Luna: You know what? lady Medusa had high hopes for you and the future!
Hero: The future...
Luna: And you know what else? You can't live in the past. Got to look ahead. 
      That means you have to THINK ahead! If you're planning to step into the 
      future, I'll go with you. Can't sit here moping forever, can you?
Hero: Thanks, Luna.
Bogard: I'm sorry, but can all of you leave me alone for a while so I can clear
        my thoughts... ? Go on ahead to Granz Castle without me.
Heroine: (Hero)... I'll stay behind and wait for Sir Bogard. You and Lester go 
         on. Granz Castle is past Miasma Glen.
Hero: Okay. Try to keep Bogard's spirits up. Let's go, Lester.

|---------------|[|                                                         \\
|--- [TRTG] ----|[|   Cascade Cave And Mt. Illusia Lead To Granz Castle!     >
|---------------|[|                                                         //

They journey on through Cascade Cave, which lies at the other side of where the 
poison mist used to be. Hero sliced through vines blocking their way as they 
went. However...

Hero: It's no use! I keep cutting it down and it keeps growing back!
Lester: This vine is alive. Maybe we could find a way around... ?

They attempt to take a side route, but end up in a sinister hallway.

Julius's Voice: So your hands have been tainted by blood as well... Tsk, tsk, 
Hero: Julius!
Julius's Shadow appears.

Julius's Shadow: With that much blood on your hands, you're almost qualified to 
                 join me. Well, how about it? Care to rebuild the Vandole 
                 Empire with me?
Lester: This man's evil intentions... are painfully obvious.
Hero: The Vandole Empire!? Why would you want to resurrect that despicable old 
Julius's Shadow: Hahahahahaha! Despicable? You're so simple-minded! Dark Lord 
                 understood far better than you!
Hero: What!?
      (Slashes at Julius's Shadow, which disappears)
      Drat! It's an illusion?
Julius's Voice: That's right. It's in your nature to fight. I'll give you 
                plenty of opportunity... Door of Darkness... open up and let my
                servant pass...

A big evil plant attacks. Hero, obviously, kills it. A small part escapes and 
joins up to a huge plant and attacks Hero again. Hero kills it AGAIN. A spirit

Lester: That's a spirit, if I'm not mistaken.
Hero: Who're... ?
Dryad: I'm... um... Dryad, a wood spirit> If we, uh, hang around spelunking 
       all day, we might get snatched up... I can't catch a break. These days
       I don't have a lick of luck...
Lester: Someone's been draining your energy, poor guy...
Hero: I want to get to Granz Castle, but with all these vines blocking the way, 
      I can't get out of this cave. Would you give me a hand?
Dryad: "Wood" I? Er, if there's anything that, um... I could do... I'd be happy 

They return to the living vine.

Hero: This is it, but...
Dryad: Um... yes. I see... Everything'll be... fine... yes. 
       (Cuts it)
Hero: Thanks. You were a big help.
Dryad: Um... Excuse me. That's about all I can do... Um... I guess... I'll make
       like a tree and, um, "leaf".
Lester: No, don't leaf--er, leave. Come join us.
Dryad: ... that okay? You don't mind me... lumbering along with you?
Hero: Sure, why not? Get your trunk in gear!
Dryad: I don't know if I'll... be much help, but... Um... at least I won't be 
       "board", logging time with you guys.

[Thank GOD that's the end of the wood puns!]
They leave cascade Cave and begin to climb Mt. Illusia, and on the way Hero 
acquires a mace. They climb on, and eventually reach that fateful bridge where
Hero fell back at the beginning of the story.

Hero: Granz Castle... So many bad memories...
Lester: But isn't this where you met my sister?
        (Hero nods)
        Shall we go, (Hero)?
Hero: Yeah, let's do it!

|---------------|[|                                                         \\
|--- [TRRIS] ---|[|   The Return To Granz Castle... Revenge Is Near!         >
|---------------|[|                                                         //

They cross the bridge and walk to the drawbridge.

Hero: Is it... Ms. Isabella!?
      (She finishes drinking and draws her weapon)
      What are you doing here?
Isabella: My mission is to guard this castle. That's all there is to it.
Hero: Ms. Isabella, we don't want to fight with you. Why are you making us do 
Isabella: For my beloved... Does that strike you as a legitimate reason? You'll
          have to beat me to get by me! Lets get to it!
          (She attacks. Hero fends off the blows)
          Not half bad!
Hero: Ms. Isabella! Step aside! Please!
Goremand: Madame Isabella, please do as he says...

The doors behind them open and Goremand steps out.

Isabella: What do you mean, Goremand?
Goremand: Dark Lord's orders. Please go back inside.
Isabella: Is he too proud to have a woman bail him out... ?
Goremand: The rest of you... Dark Lord awaits. That is, of course, assuming you
          can reach him alive.
Isabella: ... I'd like to see with my own eyes just how good you all are.
Goremand: Well, you've managed to squeak by. I'm disappointed I must postpone 
          my feast... Hya, hya, hya, hya... HYAAAA, HYAAA, HYAAA!!!
          (Disappears by tearing another hole in thin air)

They enter the Castle.

Hero: We're locked in!
Goremand's Voice: Dark Lord insisted I give you a proper welcome. He's waiting 
                  for you inside. You won't need a way back, will you?
Hero: You...
Goremand's Voice: This way, lemmings. I'm looking forward to devouring your 
                  souls... Hya, hya, hya, hya!!! 

Hero and Lester enter the dungeons. 

Hero: Huh? Is that you... ? Willy? Willy, it IS you!!!
Willy: (Hero)? ...Is it really you, (Hero)!? So you ARE alive, ya lucky devil!
Lester: Shall we open it?
Hero: hold on, Willy. We'll getcha right out. ...Drat!
Willy: But what are ya doin' here, (Hero)?
Hero: I'm here to defeat that creep, Dark Lord. Willy, hold on a sec. I'll go 
      find the key.
Willy: Don't worry about me. Take care of that slimy Dark Lord first. It's been
       a long time comin', hasn't it? I'm here for ya.

So Hero and Lester continue through Granz Castle's gauntlet, and Hero "borrows"
a Realm lance. They enter Lord Granz's room.

Lester: Where are we now?
Hero: We're in Lord Granz's room.
Bogard: There's a special barrier. This room'll be safe.
Hero: Bogard! You're okay! How's (Heroine)?
Bogard: Relax. She's on her way.

Heroine enters with Willy.

Heroine: (Hero)! Good thing we caught up with you again!
Bogard: Seems everyone's okay.
Heroine: So you two know each other.
Willy: We go WAY back! The two of us've been through hell and back again. Oh, 
       and you'll love this. The day we escaped, Amanda bolted too. Did ya bump
       into her on the outside?
Heroine: ...
Hero: About Amanda... She didn't make it.
Willy: Whadja say!? ... Tough break. And she always was so cheerful... 
Hero: We have to do something quick... So we don't lose any more friends like 
Lester: William, Amanda is my sister.
Willy: Huh? You're her brother?
Heroine: We met over in Wendel. He's a really good singer.
Lester: My name is Lester. I am a minstrel.
Willy: So you're the brother she was so proud of... You'll have to sing for me
Lester: Of course. I'm always singing! Even when I don't get requests. While 
        we're here, we should look for clues to see if Lord Granz is still 
        alive. I've got a feeling he is...
Bogard: Back in the old days, when Granz was in jail, I once heard him singing
        in his cell. Even if it's a dream, if there's the smallest possibility
        he's alive, we have to keep believing. Never lose hope.
        (Hero), you're the one to stop Stroud-- I mean, Dark Lord-- for us. For
        the sake of Granz and Devius, and for Medusa too...
Hero: Bogard...
Heroine: (Hero)... We're the only ones who can stop Dark Lord. It's up to us.
         Let's go!

They climb up to the ramparts.

Heroine: What? A monster!?
Hero: Here it comes!

A giant bird with a goat's head (anticlimax or what...?) attacks, and is 
killed. The duo continue onto the next rampart, where Dark Lord, Goremand,
Isabella and lots of spikes await.

Dark Lord: You've done well to come this far. Allow me to offer my heartfelt 
Hero: Mom, Dad, and Amanda, too... You've made so many people miserable, and 
      all for what?
Dark Lord: And what of it... ? Consider it a prelude to greatness. Every war
           has its casualties. And don't tell me your hands haven't been 
           bloodied yet.
Hero: You... !
Dark Lord: My little hypocrite... How could you possibly preach at me when your
           own hands are tainted?
Hero: I realized after having said so many goodbyes... Violence solves nothing.
      I finally understand what Lord Granz meant!
Dark Lord: It's (Hero), correct? If you're the son of the consul general, you
           should be well aware of how many people die every day from war and
           famine. You are satisfied with this miniature garden, this "Granz
           Realm", that was given to you, are you not?
Hero: What are you talking about?
Dark Lord: You who are satisfied with what you have been given have no right to
           stop me from getting what is mine! After all, the world cannot be 
           united without... ... sacrifices.
           (to others) None of you are to interfere.
Isabella: Understood.
          (Disappears, as does Goremand)
Dark Lord: Alright, draw your sword! Let's settle your little grudge once and 
           for all!

They fight, and Dark Lord falls.

Isabella: Dark Lord!
Hero: Dark Lord!
Dark Lord: Isabella... Come closer... Take off my mask...
           What do you think? Just like my brother...? The same face, but... 
           treated as if I were never there at all... And it's all Granz's 
Hero: I never wanted to kill you, or Devius, or Lady Medusa, or Amanda, or, or,
      ANYONE, for that matter! how did this happen!?
Dark Lord: I know... Everyone knows... I'm sure my father did his best, too. It
           was almost comical... how hard you tried... But it wasn't enough.
Isabella: Dark Lord... Don't speak...
Dark Lord: Isabella... You have to... stop Julius... for...
Isabella: ... You leave Julius to me.
Dark lord: I'd wanted to travel the globe with you... (dies)
Isabella: Dark Lord!!!
Goremand (appearing): Ah, at last... This is even more than I'd hoped for. Hya,
                      hya, hya, hya! Wellll? I have no plans to share the 
                      spoils, so... go take a hike, all of you!
Hero (hit by something): Wha--? M-my body...!
Goremand: I prefer to dine in solitude. You all will have to behave until I'm 
          finished. And, Madame Isabella... Now be a good girl and hand me the
Isabella: The pendant? Goremand, just whom do you think you are ordering about?
Goremand: Hya, hya, hya, hya!!! The pendant, the pendant! That's right. I'm 
          talking to you, Ms. Isabella!
Isabella: Have I sunk to the level of one of Julius's pets? You fool!
Goremand: For now, my desire is a strong, wounded soul. I can already smell the 
          fragrant fumes of death. And now to finally partake of his soul...
          Hyaaaaaaahahahahaha! I can't take it anymore! It's just too yummy!
Isabella: Silence! You low class Mavole...
Goremand: Mmmm, the pungent aroma of hatred... Hate becomes you. makes you 
          beautiful... And that beauty... fills my empty belly...
Isabella: Stop. NOW.
Goremand: (Eats soul) Wohohohoho. I'll have both brothers rolling around 
          inside! Well, Madame Isabella? Don't you hate it? Don't you hate ME!?
Isabella: That's it, freak! You're toast!
          (Turns into a big, evil bunny)

Screen blacks out, except for a single bird.
Words flash across:

	Without seeing the conclusion of the heated battle...

The screen shows a bird flying across a desert, and a woman finding Hero and
Heroine unconscious.

	Without protecting a single soul...

The dream of Hero being trapped by Realm Soldiers appears.

	(Hero) is ever haunted by nightmares...

They close in, then the screen shows Hero lying on a bed.

Hero: Dad... Mom... Lord Granz... Amanda...

The screen returns to colour.

	Good friends finally put the nightmares to rest...

Screen blacks out. The shows Hero waking up and seeing Bogard, Heroine, Willy 
and Lester.

	(Hero) awoke to see the faces of the people he loved...

Cibba and a woman enter, and the screen blacks out again, reappearing in the
same room, with Cibba and the woman listening to Lester's singing.

	A momentary happiness... If only it could last. Or so they all hoped.

Hero wakes up.

|---------------|[|                                                         \\
|--- [TBDO] ----|[|  The Beautiful Desert Of Glass... A New Objective        >
|---------------|[|                                                         //

Cibba: You're looking even better than before. I'm glad you're feeling better,
Hero: Cibba, I...
Cibba: You had us all worried. You should let the others know you're all 

Hero speaks to them all, then Cibba calls a meeting.

Hero: Cibba, I couldn't get the pendant back. And as for Lady Medusa, Devius,
      Dark Lord, even Amanda... I couldn't save a single one of them... Not a
      single one rescued by my hand. I'm powerless!
Cibba: I didn't know Medusa was alive either. Granz was alone... No... He and
       his friend Count Lee shared the pain... At times like this... I wish I
       knew everything. If I did, then even someone like me might've been able
       to save them.
Hero: Cibba...
Cibba: I feel the same as you... a powerless human. A sage in name only.
Willy: Hey, looks like the sandstorm's clearin'!
       (A bird comes in) 
Cibba: Mm-hmm? The bird told us that Julius got his hands on the pendant. It's 
       the key to open the path to the sanctuary. The Mana Women risked their
       lives defending it. It's only a matter of time before Julius gets Mana
Hero: Cibba... please tell me where the Sword of Mana is. I don't know if... 
      I'm ready for the Sword yet or not...
Cibba: The Sword of Mana... sleeps underneath the Subsea Volcano. But be 
       aware... The Sword of Mana chooses its user.
Willy: Julius was the one... He wasted Mana Village and killed women and kids.
       That's the guy to use the Sword on. The Sword of Mana'll stomp his butt
       into next Gnome day!
Cibba: It's our fault Medusa and Devius lost their lives. Shouldn't we take
Heroine: Lady Medusa... Devius...
Bogard: If we look at this through Julius's eyes, we're all doing pretty much
        the same thing.
Cibba: You'll know the answer to that when you hold the sword. The way to 
       Subsea Volcano won't be easy.
Hero: I know, Cibba. I have no proof I can use the sword... But there's no time
      for second-guessing. I'm off to Subsea Volcano!
Willy: Time to boogie, (Heroine)! Subsea Volcano, here we come!
Heroine: Huh? You're coming with me, Willy?
Willy: Whaddaya mean by that? Don't think ya can depend on me!? We'll be fine!
       I got it covered! Even if that twit Julius shows up, he ain't gonna lay
       a finger on ya, that's for sure!
Cibba: Tut, tut, tut! Doubts about Willy, eh? I'm the one who asked him. It 
       should be easier for a Mana Clan member to find the Sword of Mana, 
Bogard: Willy, take care of (Heroine) for us.
Willy: You got it! Leave it to me! I'll guard (Heroine), even if it kills me!
Hero: Then I'll head to Subsea Volcano with Lester.
Lester: Shall we go, (Hero)?

They head to the armoury and meet Professor Bomb, who offers to shoot him (Via 
the cannons) to Lorimar Castle.

|---------------|[|                                                         \\
|--- [TFNT] ----|[|    The Frozen North...The Fate of Lorimar Castle         >
|---------------|[|                                                         //
They accept Professor Bomb's offer and proceed to snowy tundra. They 
journey north, and eventually reach Lorimar Castle.

Hero: Looks like we've reached Lorimar Castle. It gives me the creeps...

They go inside anyway. Everyone is frozen solid, except the King.

Hero: What the-- 
King Lorimar: Our first guests in how many years... ?
Hero: Who are you?
King Lorimar: I'm King Lorimar... though I'm the only one in the castle right 
              now. Welcome to the Kingdom of Lorimar.
Hero: Why is everyone frozen?
King Lorimar: Have no fear. They are not dead...
Hero: Not dead, eh? And how come you're still at room temperature?
      (A woman approaches)
King Lorimar: Marley!? Marley, it IS you!
Marley: This man sold his own people to the Vandole Empire so he could get Mana
King Lorimar: Don't spread such lies! I did it for the good of the people...
Marley: Vandole gave him an old, evil spirit, which King Lormiar sacrificed his
        people for. And now he's the only one left in his whole kingdom...
Hero: I don't get it. What about all the frozen people... ?
Marley: Not knowing that they'd been deceived by Vandole, they had followed the
        spirit's wishes...
King Lorimar: I had no choice! There was no other way!
Marley: If that spirit had been so easy to tame, Vandole never would have let 
        him go... 
King Lorimar: You be quiet... We've heard enough from you, Marley!
Marley: have you no shame? Even your beloved son, poor Prince Durac!
King Lorimar: Ohhh noooooooooooo...
Marley: I'll... NEVER forgive you! ... (sniff, sniff) ...
King Lorimar: OOOOOOOOOHHH...
Marley: Travelers, such is the state of our country. You would do well to pass 
        through this country without looking back...
Hero: Well, we're on our way to Subsea Volcano.
Marley: To reach Subsea Volcano, you must pass through Rocky Wilds. But on the 
        way there, I fear the armoury has icy devils of its own.
Hero: Say what? Does that mean we can't get there?
Marley: There is perhaps one way... The evil spirit who froze the people is 
        called Malyris. If you defeat Malyris, you may also dispel his magic...
Hero: We can't stand around here all day. Let's get to it. Where's Malyris?
Marley: That look in your eyes... I can tell you are determined... Malyris has 
        made a den in Kahla Peaks. I shall give you this key. You are free to
        move around the castle.
Hero: Thanks a lot, Marley!
Marley: Do be careful. That gleam in your eyes. It just might give me hope 

Thus, the Hero and Lester journey through kahla Peaks and eventually happen 
upon Malyris, a spider-like spirit, whom they kill.

Malyris's Voice: Is it so? I came to this world to see tomorrow... But before I
                 knew it, I forgot my purpose and just floated aimlessly... 
                 Thank you, youngsters...
                 (The screen turns a reddish colour)
Hero: A mist of blood...

(The background becomes a reddish colour, and words appear across it.

	The pent-up magic became a thick fog, which traversed the sky... 

(The background becomes the entrance to Malyris's lair, but in a reddish hue)

	Crossing the mountains and turning to rain...

(Background becomes a snowfield in a reddish hue)

	Crossing the snowfield and turning to rain...

(Background becomes Lorimar Castle in the rain, in a reddish hue)

	Torrents of rain spoke of the years gone by and those who were 

(Background becomes the entrance hall of Lorimar Castle in a reddish hue)

	That rain of blood rode the wind all the way to the castle...

(The background becomes the frozen people in a reddish hue, and changes to 
them in colour)

	The people awoke and realized what had happened...

(The people go towards King Lorimar)

	Freed from the ice, they sought the truth and blamed the king...
King Lorimar: I'm sorry, Durac. You may not be able to think of this old 
              fool as your father anymore, but... Durac, will you succeed as 
              Lorimar's king today?
Durac: Father... Your sin is great... Malyris was defeated by warriors from 
       outside the kingdom. Let us dispense with hatred and sadness and 
       rebuild Lorimar together. That will be your atonement, Father.
       (Marley leaves and Durac follows)
       ...!? Just a moment! I... know someone very much like you...
Marley: ... You are mistaken.
Durac: Oh, my apologies! You are... Pamela, are you not?
Marley: Surely you jest... I am Marley, handmaid in service to the Granz Realm.
        I am old enough to be your mother. Please release me!
Durac: Wait a minute! ... Pamela, wasn't it just yesterday that we spoke 
       tenderly under the stars...
Marley: ... Your heart is as pure as ever. But as for me, I have grown more 
        tainted with each passing day... Nothing is more cruel than the passage
        of time... I... pamela watches over Lorimar from a distant land... What
        matters now is that you become a most excellent king!
(Durac crouches down and the screen blacks out. Words flash across)

	The rain of blood melted not only the outer shell, but the inner core 
        of the people as well. Thus they forgave the king, and the young prince
        ascended to the throne. Yet as a king was born, an old love was lost...

(The screen becomes Hero and Lester standing at the gates of Lorimar Castle,
when Marley rushes out)	

|---------------|[|                                                         \\
|--- [HITU] ----|[|      Heading Into The Unknown... The Path Opens...       >
|---------------|[|                                                         //

Hero and Lester decide to head off for Rocky Wilds now that the armoury is 
working once more. They journey through it until Subland River, which they 
traverse. Eventually, they find a robot.

Hero: A robot...?

Production Plate
Vandole Empire
Type: Warbot
Owner: ...mer

Hero: It's rusted over. I can't read it. What's something left over from the 
      Empire doing around here?
      (Red light turns on on the robot and the earth shakes)

A Kraken attacks, but the duo kill it. They return to another cavern to 
discover a new opening, leading into Subsea Volcano. 

|---------------|[|                                                         \\
|----- [SV] ----|[| Subsea Volcano... The Resting Place Of The Sword Of Mana >
|---------------|[|                                                         //

The duo wander through Subsea Volcano, and eventually find ANOTHER warbot.
(Deja Vu...)

Production Plate
Vandole Empire
Type: Warbot
Owner: Ge...

Hero: It's rusted over. I can't read it. What's something left over from the 
      Empire doing around here?
      (Red light turns on on the robot and the earth shakes)
      (Hero and Lester appear in another cavern with a sword stuck in the 
      Wait, is that...
      (Approaches and a wall of fire appears around it)

A big flame-monster attacks. Obviously, it is no match for our heroes. They
return to the Sword.

Hero (Pulling out the sword): Is this... ...the Sword of Mana?
Lester: That thing? The Sword of Mana? Oh, no... It's all rusted and worn. Not
        exactly what you'd expect from a holy sword...
Hero: This sword... The number of tales it could tell... It must be the Sword 
      of Mana. Let's take it back to Cibba in Ishe.

They return to Ishe. A meeting gathers:

Selah: Welcome home!
Heroine: It's good to see you! I'm glad you're safe.
Cibba: Sooo... Did you find the Sword of Mana?
Hero: (Shows it to Cibba)
      Yes, we did. Here it is.
Cibba: It used to be that the instant a brave Gemma held the sword, it would 
       shine like the sun.
Bogard: The legend of Mana, eh? Pfft. I'll give you the real story! The Gemmas 
        fought to the end with that rusty sword. It only "shines" in Granz's 
        fairy tales.
Cibba: Legends are like that, you know.
Hero: Is that... Is that the truth!? You knew that all along, and you...
      Now I get it, Cibba. The sword is to be held within thwe ehart. If it is 
      wielded with firm conviction, even a tree branch can become a holy 
Cibba: Now you've got it! The heart is what's most important... Possessions and
       power are never the true measure of a person's wealth.
Bogard: That was a tricky puzzle to figure out, wasn't it?
Cibba: Words are easy to bandy about. But certain lessons are best learned
       through experience. I guess you could say Julius-- no, I mean Vandole--
       learned the same thing. For even if you use Mana power to control the 
       whole world, it's all fleeting.
Bogard: But... It is certain that thousands of people will be sacrificed for 
        this fleeting vision. 
Cibba: Even now that we know Julius is Vandole, Bogard and I have a reason to 
       stop him... Yet we cannot...
Bogard: The promise that we made back then lives on. Now that we've handed 
        the key to Sanctuary over to Julius, it's impossible for us to get 
        there ahead of him... But, if the path to Sanctuary is still closed 
Cibba: It's sealed. But what about raising Dime Tower?
Hero: Dime Tower!?
Bogard: The Vandole Empire's best technology was used to create a bridge that 
        led to Mana Sanctuary. That... is Dime Tower.
Hero: A long time ago, Lord Granz told me something about it... But according 
      to him, Dime Tower was destroyed along with the rest of the Vandole 
Heroine: I heard that, too. Dime Tower sank into the Glass Desert.
Lester: Then the path from Dime Tower must be inaccessible.
Willy: Well, then, Cibba. What're we going to do?
Selah: Bogard, don't you think it's about time you told them what they need to 
Bogard: Well... I suppose. Dime Tower was sealed in the Glass Desert by none 
        other than Cibba here.
Hero: Is that true, Cibba!?
Cibba: Yes, it is. But I never thought I'd have to break the seal on Dime
       Tower for as long as I lived. Mana Sanctuary is a forest born of this 
       world... and yet, not of this world. Without the key, the only way to   
       get there is by raising Dime Tower. However, keep in mind that Dime 
       Tower is a tower of trials. it won't be easy reaching the Mana 
       Sanctuary alive. All of you... Are you ready to see this through to the 
       end, even if it costs you your lives?
Hero: No doubt in my mind! Let's get there, and quick!
      (Hero, Willy, Heroine and Lester begin to leave)
Selah: Hold on, you! If you're going to save the world... You'll need a decent
       meal and a good night's rest. You won't make it to Dime Tower if you're
       all worn out.
Cibba: Once again, Selah proves to be the sharpest of us all!
Willy: You got that right!
(Screen blacks out and re-appears showing the group around dinner, Willy eating 
an entire chicken) Words flash across:

	That night, the fateful friends feasted... They held a small banquet.
	... with tears for the departed and thanks for newfound friends. 
	Pleasant memories would propel them forward. Bonds of friendship would 
	carry them through.

(Screen blacks out)

	But with each heartbeat, time marched on...

(The screen re-appears with Hero and Heroine staring across the Glass Desert)

Heroine: The starry sky is so beautiful...
Hero: Yeah...
Heroine: What're you thinking? Could it be... about Amanda?
Hero: I think she taught me a great deal. Especially what it means to protect 
Heroine: Mm.
Hero: (Heroine), we've got a long, hard road ahead. But I'll protect you, no 
      matter what. I mean it this time.
Heroine: Thank you, (Hero)...

(They hold hands and the screen pans up to the moon) Words flash across:

	Since Mana first began to flow, it has carried people's hearts on 
	towards the future...

(Screen blacks out and re-appears the next morning in the house)

|---------------|[|                                                         \\
|--- [HTDT] ----|[| Heading To Dime Tower... Going Through The Sealed Cave   >
|---------------|[|                                                         //

The duo journey through the desert, and eventually stumble upon a ruined 
passage. Just as they are about to enter the temple:

Goremand (appearing from thin air): I was getting so tired of waiting. Hya,    
                                    hya, hya.

Hero and Heroine draw their weapons.

Hero: Oh, man! Not Goremand again!
Heroine: So you're still alive.
Hero: What happened to Ms. Isabella!?
Goremand: Relax... I didn't kill her... She looked tasty, but... I messed up a
          bit. By the way, do you two have any idea why I've appeared here?
Hero: Did you come to eat our souls!?
Goremand: Oh, your souls need to marinate a bit longer. Hya, hya, hya! Relax! 
          I'm on your side today.
Hero: On OUR side?
Goremand: You want to enter the Ruined Path, don't you?
Hero: This has nothing to do with you, you soul-sucking freak!
Goremand: Don't push yourselves. Hya, hya, hya!
Hero: ...
Goremand: There's a small shrine in the Sealed Cave on the island far to the    
          west. Your answers lie there.
Hero: What makes you think we'll believe you!?
Goremand: Make no mistake, I only want to eat the finest souls... Makes no 
          difference to me if it's yours or Julius's. Hya, hya, hya, hyaaaaa!
Hero: So you're not in cahoots with Julius?
Goremand: Well, you must admit there are plenty of plump souls ripe for the     
          taking when I hang around him... That's as far as it goes, though.
Hero: Why, you filthy...
Goremand: Whether you believe me or not is entirely up to you. If you decide to 
          go, the armory in southern Ishe can blast you over to Sealed Cave.
          Well, I guess it's goodbye, (Hero). Make sure nobody eats your       
          soul... except me, that is. Hya, hya, hya, hya.

So the duo set off to the armory and travel to Sealed Cave. They then begin the
 mammoth task of traversing the cave safely. They come across a stone monument.

(Inscribed): "When you decipher the 5 warnings, the old grave keeper will      
Hero: A stone monument...? Why would...?

They find the seals, break them, and return.

Hero: This stone monument is giving off some kind of magic power! Is it...?
(Ancient lettering appears in red on the monument)
	None shall touch the relic seal. Those who do will meet the scythe of 
	the Grave Keeper of Darkness!
Hero: I've got a bad feeling about this...
Hero breaks the seal anyway. 

(Ancient lettering appears in red on the monument)
	Who dares disturb my restful slumber!? Such impertinence will cost you 
        your life!
Hero: Wait a minute! We're not enemies! We came to ask you how to get to Ruined 
(Ancient lettering appears in red on the monument)
	Show me the strength and scope of your will!
(Earth shakes)
Heroine: (Hero), something's coming! Look out!

A huge Grim reaper appears. It is no match for Hero and Heroine. 

(Ancient lettering appears in red on the monument)
	...Splendid. I could certainly feel your determination. You intend to
 	defeat Julius to protect Sanctuary...
Hero: Yeah.

(Ancient lettering appears in red on the monument)
	Take this. It's the key to Ruined Path.
(A dark spirit, Shade, appears)
Hero: This is a... dark spirit, isn't it!?
(Ancient lettering appears in red on the monument)
	Light without darkness, darkness without light. No such thing exists.
	Light and dark are essential opposites. To obtain true light, one must
	first know darkness. Leave at once.
Hero: Thanks... I think.
|---------------|[|                                                         \\
|----[RPIT] ----|[|     Ruined Passage Is The Path To Dime Tower             >
|---------------|[|                                                         //

And so, our heroes return to the Ruined Path, armed with the key to unlock the
Shade (appears): I see. It's this seal.
Wisp (appears): Heya! You called? Hey...! It's Shade...! I don't like this guy
                much at all!
Shade: I'm not too fond of you either. But the power of both light and dark is 
       needed to break this seal. For the sake of our master, we can endure 
       this unpleasantry.
 Wisp: ... I guess I have to. Okay, let's bust a move!
Shade: Mm-hmm!
       (Screen goes black and white)
       Great Mana Goddess! Release the restriction of mixing the powers of
       light and dark. Lead us to your door!
Wisp: Great Mana Goddess! Light and dark... Actually, we just want you to open
      the door. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?
      (Both use their magic. Screen returns to colour. Door opens)
Shade: Finally. Ordinarily, spells do require specific wording... but since all
       went well, I suppose it's alright.
Wisp: Quit your bellyaching! And don't give me that "I suppose it's alright"
Hero: ... Friendly rivalry...?

Together, hero and heroine pass through the maze of ruined passage, and reach a 
large structure, which warps them to the Dime Tower.
|---------------|[|                                                         \\
|----[TODT] ----|[|   The Old Dime Tower...Reaching The Mana Sanctuary       >
|---------------|[|                                                         //

They enter the first room of the Tower.

Hero: So this is Cibba's Dime Tower... There's no turning back.
Heroine: Let's concentrate on what's ahead, (Hero). We can get all sentimental
         later. We have to get to the Sanctuary quick to stop Julius. I'll
         check aboveground while you check below.
Hero: Sounds like a plan to me. I'll check out the underground area. (Heroine),
       stay alert!
      (Heroine leaves)

Hero goes down to B1F and finds a big pile of scrap robots.

Hero: These machines... They're the same as the ones at Subland River and
       Subsea Volcano.
Mysterious Device: Beep...beep...beep. MOVING... OBJECTS... WORDS... FRIENDS...
Hero: This guy WORKS!? You aren't going to call in the monsters, are you?
      (Draws sword and looks around, then approaches warbot)
      Looks like it's shaking.
Mysterious Device: ALONE...QUIET...LONELY...ALWAYS.
Hero: Well, he doesb't look like trouble...
Mysterious Device: FRIENDS... ALL... STOPPED. CANNOT... MOVE. WANT... TO...
                    MOVE. YOU AND... I... FRIENDS, YOU, I... FRIENDS.
Hero: (nods) I guess even machines can get lonely. I'm (Hero). Nice to meetcha.
      Join the gang. You can come with us.
Marshall: I...AM...WARBOT... MARSHALL... I... GO. FRIENDS... GOOD...

Marshall the warbot joins Hero. They go upstairs and look at a tablet.

Hero: Is this... some kind of code?
Hero: Enough already!
Marshall: (Hero), ANGERED... IRE... RAISED... WHY? DOES... NOT... COMPUTE.
Hero: (Breaks tablet)
       Marshall, using Mana power as a weapon is not a good thing.

Hero and his newfound robot companion press on, braving the dizzying heights of
Dime Tower. They reach the top floor and are confronted by a strange voice.

(Earth shakes)
Unknown voice: Intru... bzzz...alert! Intruder alert! Bzzzz... Exterm...imm...!
               I repeat! Intru... Intruder alert! Exterminate immediately!
Hero: Waht the...!?
          ELIMINATE. (Hero), DO NOT BREAK.

A mammoth robot attacks the two, but is soon taken down. Heroine shows up just
after the Golem has been eliminated.

Hero: (Heroine), You're okay!?
Heroine: Going ahead was all right, except that I got lost...
Hero: This is Marshall. He's been alone in Dime Tower for decades.
Heroine: For decades... all by himself...
Hero: He's like the warbots we saw at Subsea Volcano.
Heroine: Hi, I'm (Heroine). Consider me a friend!
Hero: Alright, let's go!
Heroine: Okay!

In the next room, they meet a strange shadow.

Hero: You're... Julius's shadow!
Julius's Shadow: So you were able to raise Dime Tower. The rumours about Cibba
                   sealing it were true.
                 (Earth shakes)
Hero: Wha-? Hey, what's happening!?
Julius's Shadow: The Dime Tower defense systems were triggered when you 
                 defeated Golem. Bravo. Looks like you've dug your own grave,
                  and without my help, even. Watching your silly little hopes
                  and dreams come crashing down is really quite amusing!
Heroine: Why, you...!
Hero: Take this!
      (Runs up to Shadow and slashes, but shadow disappears)
      Darn it!
Julius's Shadow (voice): This is where we get rid of unwanted guests. Would you
                          two like to be alone for a while before the world
                          ends? Heh, heh, heh... AAAAAhahahahaha! Sink with Dime
                          Tower, you worms--worms who dare to oppose a god!
(A gap appears, separating Hero from Heroine and Marshall)
Hero: Oh, drat...!
Heroine: (Hero)!
Hero: (Heroine), jump! Jump now!
Heroine: It won't work... I can't make it...
Hero: You can do it! I'll catch you. C'mon now! HURRY!
Heroine: (Hero), don't worry about me. You go on ahead and stop Julius.
Hero: What do you mean!? The gap isn't that wide!...Wait there! I'll come to
Heroine: No, (Hero), we decided to only look forward, right? No turning back!
          Please! Go!
Heroine: Marshall! But what about you?
           TOSS (Heroine). (Hero) WILL CATCH. READY? ONE... TWO... THREE!
          (Throws Heroine across)
Heroine: Thanks, Marshall!
Hero: C'mon, Marshall, move it!
Heroine: What do you mean? Hurry up and fly, Marshall!
Heroine: What are you talking about!?
          NICE...MEETING...YOU. FAREWELL... (Heroine)... SEE... YOU...
          SOMETIME... KID...
          (Dime Tower breaks and falls, Marshall with it)
Hero: Marshall...Maaaaarshaaaaalll!
Heroine: ... We should... Let's just go. ... Thanks... Marshall.
Hero: Marshall... We'll never forget you, buddy...

(Both enter teleporter) 

|---------------|[|                                                         \\
|----[TSMS] ----|[|  The Sacred Mana Sanctuary Is Where Julius Hides...      >
|---------------|[|                                                         //
(Both reappear in a sunny garden, in fornt of a gate)
Hero: This is Sanctuary... The life-giving forest... The Mana Temple! Thank

They journey through the confusing grounds of the Mana Sanctuary, and notice
that the landscape is changing.
(Foliage wilts away)
Hero: This...
Heroine: The forest will die... Julius's magic is affecting even the
          Sanctuary's Mana power!
Hero: Let's hurry! We have to do something before Julius touches the Mana
       Tree... We've got to stop him!
Heroine: Let's do it!

They continue onwards and enter a large ruin, the entrance to Mana Temple,
where Julius's Shadow awaits them.

Julius's Shadow: I thought you'd met your end along with Dime Tower.
                 (Bird on his shoulder flies away)
                 I never thought you'd both reach Sanctuary alive...
Hero: Julius!
Julius's Shadow: Ah, well. I suppose I should welcome you. Come forth, Demagon,
                  Guardian of Sanctuary! 

Demagon, a giant dragon, appears, but Hero slays it. The duo brave the 
treacherous halls of Mana Temple, finally coming face to face with Julius's 
|---------------|[|                                                         \\
|-----[TSWJ]----|[|             The Showdown With Julius                     >
|---------------|[|                                                         //

Hero and Heroine enter the chamber with Julius's Shadow.

Julius's Shadow: So you beat my dragon... Oh, well. In the end such strength is
                 a mere facade that fools only those in this world. Ahead is
                 sacred territory. No one passes through but Julius the Divine.
Hero: You, a god? Gimme a break!
Julius's Shadow: The human heart is weak. Consequently, it seeks  the veneer of
                 strength. But Master Julius's heart does not waver. Perhaps
                 you have some... lingering doubts about your presence here? Is
                  what you're doing really right?
Hero: No doubt about it! We're taking you out, Julius. And that's that!
Julius's Shadow: Oh, dear. I see. Then, by all means... 
                 (Summons Bogard kneeling, greyscale)
Hero: Bogard!
Bogard: (Hero)...
Julius's Shadow: Behold, what is in his heart! Confess your sins!
Bogard: (Stands) I... I gave my wife to Sanctuary... knowing she'd never return
Julius's Shadow: Behold! Your revered Bogard is such a man. A man who treated
                    his beloved so callously.
Bogard: Woooooooooe is me! (Kneels)
Julius's Shadow: And who is up next?
                 (Summons Lester and Willy, grayscale)
Hero: Lester! Willy!
Julius's Shadow: Behold, what is in their hearts! Confess your sins!
Lester: (stands) When my sister was taken away by soldiers, along with a
                feeling of sadness was also a sense of relief that I would be 
                free from her opressive love...
Julius's Shadow: Well, how about that? Under the surface of this kindhearted
                 minstrel beats a cold-blooded heart.
Lester: Sis...Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa! (Kneels)
Willy: (Stands) I... When Mana Village was attacked, I... I abandoned the
              villagers and our leader. I just ran.
Julius's Shadow: This Mana Warrior, considered a lifelong friend by many, ran
                  like a coward in the midst of crisis.
Willy: Aaaaaaaaaaaaah! (Kneels)
Julius's Shadow: You're up, Mana Girl...
                 (Heroine walks forward, kneels and becomes grayscale)
Hero: (Heroine)!
Heroine: (Stands)
         (Hero)... At the consul's house when I first met (Hero), I envied him. 
         My mother had been killed, but (Hero) still had both of his parents...
         I was jealous of his happy home life...
Julius's Shadow: That's right... You were coveting (Hero)'s cozy little home
                  and family, and you prayed he'd be in your position...
Heroine: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa! (Kneels)
Julius's Shadow: Well, how about it? When you look inside the hearts of your
                 companions, it's not a pretty picture. Hm? What's wrong? You
                  seem to hesitate. Pph, pph, pph.
                 (Bogard draws his sword)
Hero: Bogard.
      (Lester and Willy draw their weapons)
      Lester, Willy.
      (Heroine draws her weapon)
      (Hero draws his sword)
Julius's Shadow: What do you think? Having glimpsed the hearts of those you
                  trusted, can you truly say you don't have doubts?
Hero: Do you remember? When we saw each other for the first time in years at
      Cascade Cottage? You hauled me off and hit me because you thought I was a
      Realm Soldier. An amazing reunion, if you think about it. We've traveled
      around, met people and been through so much. And you've become an adult
      in the process. ...Inside, I'm still the same kid I always was. Me
      protecting you? Hah! What I wanted was for you to protect me. I tried to
      play the role of the tough guy, but the reality is... you're the strong
      one. (Stabs sword into the ground)
Julius's Shadow: Fool! You cast aside the Sword? (Hero)! With the fate of the
                 world at stake, you'd toss it away like trash?
Hero: No. What I've thrown away are my doubts. But you... you've cast aside 
      your heart, and you could never understand. I believe you. I realized
      something a while ago. Even if Julius took control, I couldn't fight you.
      Thank you, (Heroine). It's because of you that I've come this far. And
      I'll keep an eye on you from now on. Together with my parents and Amanda.
      (Spreads his arms, waiting for the blow)
      (Heroine sheaths her weapon)
Heroine: Oh, (Hero)... Mother... Lady Medusa, Devius... Dark Lord... Amanda...
         All of you, please... give me STRENGTH!
(The screen changes to Vinquette Hall)

Count Lee: Granz!? ... I understand. (Hero), if my power will help you guard
           (Heroine), let me oblige!

(Screen changes to a mountain lake)

Isabella: (Heroine)... Now is not the time to die. You need to live, so you can
          keep your promise to me. My powers... Use them as you see fit!

(Screen changes to a church)

Marley: Ms. (Heroine)... I believe in you. My prayers are with you.

(Screen returns to Mana Temple)

(Heroine returns to colour)
Julius's Shadow: What?
Bogard: Oooooooooooooooooh!
        (Bogard, Lester, Willy become colour)
Julius's Shadow: Insolence! What do you think you're doing!? How depressing!
                 (Cibba appears)
Bogard: Cibba! It's about time!
Cibba: Hohohohoho! My apologies! You've both persevered, (Hero) and (Heroine).
Bogard: I'm sorry, (Heroine). My wife... was your mother...
Heroine: Somehow, I knew... Sir Bogard. But... You've always been, and always
         will be, my beloved Sir Bogard.
Hero: B-B-Bogard is... (Heroine)'s... !?
Cibba: Bogard. You must be relieved.
Julius's Shadow: Pph, pph, pph... Enough of this superficial posturing...
Lester: As you demonstrated, we have our weaknesses. But we do not exist on our
        strengths alone.
Willy: Sure, everybody's got doubts now and then. But I bet a shadow like you
       wouldn't know that. We accept each other, warts and all.
Julius's Shadow: Imbeciles! Lower life forms!
Cibba: You're the one who has yet to evolve, Julius... or should I say,
Julius's Shadow: How dare you!?
Cibba: Just like old times, eh, Vandole?
Julius's Shadow: A moment's hesitation let you slip through my fingers... but I
                 will not let that happen again! Out of my sight, you
                 hypocrites! Master Julius!
Julius's Voice: Shadow... Why do you bother me?
Julius's Shadow: I'm terribly sorry. Would you grant me magic just this once!?
Julius's Voice: As you wish. Have all the nourishment you like. I no
                longer need it.
                (Lord Granz appears, lying on the floor)
Hero: Lord Granz!
Julius's Shadow: (Hero), take a good, hard look.
Bogard: Granz...!
Julius's Shadow: Hahahahahaha! What you unwittingly cut was Granz's life! We
                 shadows and monsters all live off his life force to get
                 stronger! Such foolishness! What kind of friends are you? You
                 shaved off Granz's life without even realizing it!
Bogard: (Hero), (Heroine), make yourselves scarce!
Hero: But--
Heroine: Wait!
Willy: We'll take it from here! (Hero)... You take good care of (Heroine)!
Lester: (Hero), (Heroine), the two of you meeting was just the beginning!
Cibba: Look after each other. We'll catch up with you!
Julius's Shadow: That's your idea of friendship? Accepting one another's
                 faults? Then you're no different from Master Julius! How is
                 that any different from taking off on your friends? Enough of
                 this mendacious nonsense!
                 (Knocks everyone unconscious with dark attacks)
Julius's Shadow: If we have Granz's life to live off of, you are worthless to
                 us! (Hero), (Heroine), use their lives as a stepping stone on
                 the way to the gods.
Granz: (Standing up)
       Granz, the Gemma Knight, commands you. Oh, all my magic... Heed the
       voice of the true master!
       (Hits Julius's Shadow with magic)
Julius's Shadow: Aargh! Why, you... Master Julius's spell should hold you...
Granz: (Hero), (Heroine)... I was always watching over you. (Hero)... you've
       become a responsible adult. Now, go! We are all counting on you two!
Hero: (awakening)
      Lord Granz!
Bogard: (Hero), remember... take good care of (Heroine)!
        (Hero teleports)
Heroine: ... Father...
         (Heroine teleports)

(Scene changes to Julius's Shadow against Bogard)

Words appear below the screen:
	The friends risked their lives in the ensuing battle...

(Scene changes to Julius's Shadow against Bogard) it their all...

(Scene changes to Julius's Shadow against Lester and Willy)

	...coming face-to-face with fear itself...

(Scene changes to Julius's Shadow against Granz)

	...hoping that the seemingly endless fray would finally come to an end.

(Scene changes to Hero and Heroine outside the temple)
Herine: That light... What's that light... !? Could it... ? Is it everyone?
Hero: (Heroine)... This is... It's the light of hope! The light of hope sent to
      strengthen us and shine on the future. We've gotta keep fighting for
      everybody. They're all here. The world will be saved.
Heroine: All right, then. Let's go.

They head towards the Temple, but are confronted by Julius.

Julius: Seems you've somehow overcome the passing of your friends.
Hero: Julius!
Julius: But... You're too late.
        (The Mana Tree begins to die)
Hero: Julius, what do you want!? After you get Mana power, what will you do
      with it?
Julius: What do I want? The Mana Goddess. I'm not sure why myself, but I want
        to meet her. The woman who created the world single-handedly...
Hero: Meet the Mana Goddess!?
Julius: And I will have the woman who made the world come bow before me. That's
        all I want. Heh, heh, heh.
Heroine: Are you out of your mind?
Julius: I can uphold the world. Then the Mana Goddess can become an ordinary
        woman. She'll bow before me. And this time, I will make her my own.
        (Heroine)! Come to me! I'll free you from your fate.
Heroine: ...!
Hero: The fate that (Heroine) must bear!?
Julius: (Heroine)... You do know what's going on here, don't you?
Hero: Well, I sure don't! Julius! What the heck are you babbling about!?
Heroine: Mana Sanctuary... the woman Sir Bogard loved... The Mana Tree...
         my mother.
Hero: Say WHAT!?
Julius: Oh, ho, ho. You just don't get it. I've been around long enough to know
        the score. There IS no Mana Goddess in this world. In this world...
        only humans exist. (Hero), just as Bogard gave up, Mana, his wife, you 
        have come all this way to give (Heroine) as a sacrifice to Mana 
Hero: Wh-what kind of nonsense are you yapping about now!?
Julius: Such a slow learner. Let me spell it out. (Heroine) has come here in
        order to become a Mana Tree.
Hero: What!? That can't... But then...
Heroine: I'm sorry, (Hero)... But I wasn't sure either. While we were on our
         travels, gradually, ever more surely... the puzzle unraveled and I
         thought, just maybe...
Hero: Well, then... I... All my efforts to protect you up till now were...
Julius: So it's finally clicking together in your tiny little head? What a
        fool. (Hero), I'll tell you what. Come with (Heroine) and me and we'll
        free you from that fate. Is giving up the woman that you love your idea
        of righteousness?
Hero: ...!
Heroine: (Hero)... You've made up your mind, right? Trust me. I trust you.
Hero: You're right... I told myself, no more second-guessing... I almost broke
      a promise again. Sorry, (Heroine). I trust you! Julius! Nobody's
      listening to you, you rat!!! 
Julius: Foolishness... Fine, then. Live in your illusions.
Heroine: Thanks,(Hero). For trusting me...
         (Hero's rusty Sword of Mana begins to glow, and turns shiny again)
Julius: Aargh... You wretch... even a Gemma couldn't bring the light back to
        the sword!
Hero: Why, it's--
Heroine: Your trusting heart and everyone's prayers made the Sword of Mana
         shine again!
Hero: C'mon, Julius! Let's dance! Not a doubt or regret in my mind now! I'm
      putting it all into this blade!
Julius: I see you've made up your mind! Take your best shot!

Julius attacks, but is quickly injured by the Sword of Mana. He draws more
power from the Sanctuary and is strengthened, but the duo wound him further.
Julius: You've made it this far... However, the strength you have is not your
        own! It's the power of the Sword of Mana!
Hero: The Sword's power is not in the weapon itself... It is in the heart of
      the one who wields it!
Julius: The heart... If that's true, those weak, wavering hearts of yours won't
        get you anywhere!
Heroine: Give it a rest, Julius! You know as well as we do that the world is
         sustained by the grace of Mana. Without the power of Mana, the world
         wouldn't exist!
Julius: (Heroine)... Do you understand what you are saying? (Hero)... Don't
         tell me that you agree with that hogwash!
Hero: You bet I do! I believe in (Heroine)!
Julius: If that's the case then, come, have your fill of your precious Mana
        power! Mana! Give me ALL your power!
        (Mana enters Julius)
Heroine: Is he really gathering Mana power!? Mother...
Hero: Believe in yourself... And trust me, (Heroine)! Here goes!
Heroine: Let's roll, (Hero)!

Julius morphs into a grotesque beast and takes them all to a purple dimension.
 After a long, drawn-out battle, Hero and Heroine emerge victorious!

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|---- [EDG] ----|[|                     Ending                               >
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(Screen whites out)

Words appear:
	I will not die as long as Mana power is in the world... I will be 
	reborn... (Heroine)... I'll see you again...

(Screen fades into group standing at foot of Mana Tree)

Cibba: ...It's over now. You've done well, (Hero).
Hero: Whew...
Bogard: Thank you, (Hero), for protecting (Heroine).
Hero: ... We can sustain the world together... Every last bit of it! It'll be
      all right... More than all right!
Willy: Abso-toutely! I'm with ya all the way!
Lester: Count me in! We can maintain the world together!
Granz: It's a new epoch. No one will regret entrusting the world to all of you.
Cibba: Julius may have been right about one thing. It may be time for us to 
       leave the nest of the Mana Tree's protection.
Bogard: I, too, tried to run away with Mana... To escape anywhere. But she
        refused. Even now, I think back with regret and wish I had tried 
Heroine: Thank you... for your love... I'm touched. I love this world. I'm glad
         I was born into the world for such a time as this.
         (Walks up to Mana Tree)
Hero: (Heroine)!
Heroine: (Hero)... Thank ou for believing in me til the end. ... You'll always 
         be in my heart. And that's enough for me.
Hero: You're right, (Heroine). Absolutely right. Thre's nothing for us to be 
      sad about.
Heroine: Yes... I can close my eyes and picture you... And I'll still be able 
         to see you as you are, (Hero).
Hero: That goes for me, too. Even if you go off somewhere and change, I'll 
      still be here to protect you... all the way.
Heroine: Thank you, (Hero). All right. I'm off.
         (Transforms into a goddess and disappears)

(Screen changes to Granz with Realm Soldiers within Granz Castle)
Words flash across the screen:
	With the birth of a new Mana Tree...

(Screen changes to Willy in Vinquette Hall)
	...the world dawned anew.

(Screen changes to Cibba in Wendel Cathedral)
	And as for our friends...

(Screen changes to dwarf smithy)
	None would ever forget...

(Screen changes to Lester playing for birds in Menos Village)
	...loved ones lost...

(Screen changes to Lorimar Castle)
	...times gone by... and the battle for Mana.

(Screen changes to Niccolo and Selah in her house)
	Those left in this world...

(Screen changes to Isabella in Devius Manor)
	...lived life fully, each on their chosen path.

(Screen goes black)
	Time passed...

(Screen changes to the foot of the Mana Tree)
	Friends moved on...

(Hero comes and stands at the foot of the Tree)
	Stories became legends...

(Hero kneels)
	But some will find it:

(Hero stands)
	The truth within the legend...

(Screen turns white)
	... the story of the light of hope passed on through (Heroine) and 



Well, there you go. So ends the long and tiring journey through Sword of Mana. 
If you read the whole thing, I applaud your perseverance.
Good luck for future gaming, and goodbye!

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Kain Stryder, for the great division of the story.
Square Enix, for such a great game.
You, for reading this FAQ.

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