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Follow the dark path or use the light

Star Wars: Jedi power battles walkthrough

by Peter Erin

                          | |    |||||||     |       | |                                               
                         |          |       | |      |   |                                     
                           | |      |      |   |     | |                                      
                              |     |     | | | |    |  |                                    
                          | |       |    |       |   |   |                                      
                         |           |   |      | |     | |                                       
                          |         |   | |     |   |  |          ||                               
                           |   |   |   |   |    | |      | |                                    
                            | | | |   | | | |   |  |        |     ||                                  
                             |   |   |       |  |   |   | |                                                                                                       
          |   | | |   | |     |       | |        |    |           | | | |  | |                               
          |   |       |   |   |       |   |    |   |   |         |  |      |   |                            
          |   | |     |    |  |       | |    |       |  |   |   |   | |    | |                                 
       |  |   |       |   |   |       |        |   |     | | | |    |      |  |                              
        | |   | | |   | |     |       |          |        |   |     | | |  |   |                                
                   | |        |     |||||||  |||||||  |      | | |    | |                                      
                   |   |     | |       |        |     |      |       |                            
                   || |     |   |      |        |     |      | |       | |                         
                   |   |   | | | |     |        |     |      |            |                        
                   | |    |       |    |        |     | | |  | | |   |  |                             

It will be easy if you have played this game on PS.


 Enter the game, select your language, press start and choose the option <New game>.


And the characters are:
                          --< Obi Wan - Qui-Gon Jinn - Mace windu >--

//About characters

/-Obi Wan - It\'s easy to kill droids with him, but harder to kill bosses. 
He\'s fast, but his attacks are slow. 
And the special is bad too.

/-Qui-Gon Jinn - Very good for starters. The special is good without comments.
Both attacks are speedy and strong.

/-Mace Windu - Fast attacks, good jumping, but a bad special (sometimes good).

/-Darth Maul - The super character. He even attacks when he\'s jumping.
The best special ever. This is what I call \"easy\". 


Arrows - Running (you cannot walk in this game)
A button - Saber attack
B button - Jump 
L button - Second saber attack
R button - Blocking

/-A attack
Can be used while running and jumping

Press the B button twice to do a double jump


100% blocking - Hold the R button
Manual blocking (used for attacking the one who is attacking you with a laser gun) 
-Wait for the opponent to lift the gun and then quickly press the R button. 
You\'ll learn to do that blocking.

To do a special Hold R and press L


Obi Wan - Super attack
Mace Windu - Saber spin
Qui-Gon Jinn - Push
Darth Maul - Rage

               _____////>-Level 1 - Trade Federation Battleship -<\\\\\\\\_____

//-Part 1
Kill the droids and head up
Items - HP\'s, capsule

//-Part 2
Kill all the droids in the first floor and take the stairs.
If you have a droid left in the second floor - get rid of him and take the stairs up.
One droid is waiting just for you. Now, turn right and continue. Turn right once more,
Enter the 3rd part.
Items - HP\'s

//-Part 3
Kill the droids again and head up.
Items - HP\'s

//-Part 4
I love this part ;)!
You can kill a droid while riding, but be sure you\'ll jump to him.
End this part by destroying the 3 droids.

//-Part 5
Nothing much to say - kill the droids
Items - HP\'s, credit

//-Part 6
You will have problems with this one.
Jump right and kill the droid.

//-Part 7
Jump right and kill the droids.
Items: Credit

//-Part 8
Destroy the droids and head south.

Watch the intro and kill these two.
They look strong, but they aren\'t.

//-Part 9
Kill the droids and head up.
Items - HP\'s, capsule

//-Part 10
Walk through the \"fire\" and take the stairs up.
Items - HP\'s

//-Part 11
Items - HP\'s, credit, force

//-Last part - 12
Right, Down, Left, Down, Right
Items - Credit, force2

//-The boss-\\\\
You can only defeat him with a \"manual block\". Get him three times. 

               _____////>-Level 2 - Swamps of naboo -<\\\\\\\\_____


//-Part 1
Kill the droids and head south.
Items - HP\'s

//-Part 2
Continue south.
Items - HP\'s, force

//-Part 3
Continue south.
Items - HP\'s

//-Part 4 - the tree
Jump up and head right.

//-Part 5
Jump your way to the end
Items - Credit

//-Part 6
Head right and jump.
Items - S, capsule

//-Part 7 - the base
Kill the droids and head south.
Items - force2

//-Part 8
Head right.
Items - force

//-Part 9
Head right
Items - HP\'s

//-The Gungan boss-\\\\
This will not be so easy. His attack is stronger than yours.
You\'ll need a strategy. You have to be fast too. 

              _____////>-Level 3 - City of theed -<\\\\\\\\_____

This will be more interesting than the other rounds.
You have to rescue at least 5 handmaidens.

Go down the stairs and kill the droid.
You\'ll hear a \"Help\", so let\'s help!!!

//-1st Handmaiden
Continue and you\'ll see a women. Touch her (not with the sword). 

//-2nd Handmaiden
Go up the high stairs and right. Here she is!

//-3rd Handmaiden
Go up and save her.

//-4th Handmaiden
There will be 2 Destroyers in your way and HP\'s too.

//-5th Handmaiden
Continue south, kill the destroyer and take the capsule.
Now go back.
Kill the other 2 destroyers and Mission accomplished!
Now to complete the round.
Get the HP\'s in your way to the boss.

//-The boss-\\\\
This will be an easy one. Just attack him with your first attack.

                    _____////>-Level 4 - Theed palace -<\\\\\\\\_____

Find the Queen.

Head up and enter the black door.

Head forward until you have three places to enter. Like this.
                     -     No.2        - 
                     -                 -
                     -                 - 
                     -                 -
                     -                 -
----------------------                 ------------------------

No.1                          You                          No.3

----------------------                 -------------------------  

You cannot enter No.1 so enter No.2 instead.


Kill the deastroyers and take the HP\'s.

No.4                          You                          No.5

------------------------               -------------------------
                        -             -
                        -             - 
                        -             -
                        -             - 

No.4 isn\'t working, let\'s go to No.5.


Take the capsule and the HP\'s.
Enter the Dark room.

//-Dark room
Take the S and kill the Destroyers.

//-Back in the light
Kill the destroyer, take the force2 and go in.

//-The Queen\'s room
Kill the destroyer and rescue the queen.

She\'ll ask you to follow her to the angar.

Remember that you have to destroy ALL droids in your way for her to move on!!!

Now kill the two \"super\" droids.

//-Super droids-\\\\
They\'re easy, just attack.

                   _____////>-Level 5 - Tatoiine -<\\\\\\\\_____

Keep Anakin safe and get to the Quenn\'s ship.


After a little battle you\'ll recieve a message: \"A Jawa stole our hyperdrive.\"
You must get it back!
Anakin tries to help.

You have to follow him.
Don\'t worry, you cannot catch him, he\'s too fast.
Take 2capsules, an S and HP\'s in your way.
Soon you will see something following you. It\'s Darth Maul\'s Spy droid. 
When he starts to attack block him and kill him.
You\'ll be able to get 2 force2\'s, a credit and a capsule. 
When you get to a village jump on the smallest house and then jump left until you reach 
a place to land.

Yes, you are back with your little friend.

You\'ll see a lot of Maul\'s droids.

//-The droids
They\'ll be very hard. Stand right next to a wall and block them.

                 _____////>-Level 6 - Coruscant -<\\\\\\\\_____

Nothing interesting about this level.

Head up the stairs and down the other stairs. 
Continue until you reach an entrance. Enter!

//-House 1
Clear all the beasts and go outside

//-Back outside
Continue forward.

You\'ll find a Capsule.
Now get the HP\'s. Another Spydroid is following you.

Get a force.

//-House 2
Nothing here.

//-Back outside2
Get the force2 and the credit. Now jump up and continue.

//-House 3
Items - Force

//-Back outside3
Jump down.
Jump down again and take the HP\'s.


...Until you reach a message.

This will be a cool Taekwando pro :). Just like the other bosses - don\'t let him attack.

                  _____////>-Level 7 - Ruins -<\\\\\\\\_____

Head left. 
Kill the destroyer.
Take the force.

Now get to the place where you haven\'t got much space.
Jump down.

Items - HP\'s, force

//-The bridge-\\\\
Remember, it\'s broken.

You\'ll find yourself in a place with a swamp to the right. Jump on one of the balcons.
Now jump on the roof, balcon, balcon and the next roof. 

Do this once again in the next place. Now continue like this. You\'ll get a credit.
Battle two destroyers and take the HP\'s.

//-Gungan boss-\\\\
Get rid of the other gungans and the boss will come for you. 
He\'s the same from the swamps of Naboo.

                _____////>-Level 8 - Streets of Theed -<\\\\\\\\_____

//-New controls-\\\\

Move - Arrows
Gun - B button

              _____////>-Level 9 - Palace cliffs -<\\\\\\\\_____

Rescue at least 5 pilots.

//-Pilot 1
Head down, up and down etc.. Take the force and head back left.

Take the S and head right. 

Take the HP\'s and go left.

Find a spy droid and go right.

Now go down. Kill the Destroyer. 

Take the capsule and go right.

Now jump and continue right. 

Jump once more.

Continue right.

You should be now at the cliffs again.

Go right as far as you can.

Now enter the first door and kill the droids.

//-Pilot 2

Go right until you see 3 stairs.
Go down, take the HP\'s and the force. 
Now head up.
Go left and enter.
Save the second pilot.

//-Pilot 3

Go left and jump up.

//-Pilot 4

Enter the second room to the right.

//-Pilot 5

Go right, jump and enter.

Mission completed, you don\'t even have to fight a boss ;).

                        _____////>-Level 10 - Final battle -<\\\\\\\\_____

Yes, you\'re in the last level! Be a jedi knight and defeat Darth Maul!!!

Collect the force and capsule! Enter the door.

Fight him until you\'re transported.

Jump on the circle.

Go down and have the credit. 

Now head back, turn right and go.

Pass the blue laser floor.
Get ready to fight Maul.

Be careful, he wants to drop you off.

There\'s a force and HP\'s.

When he\'s done, follow him.

//-Final battle-\\\\
You see him standing out there, waiting for you. Think like he killed your mother (it helps)
and battle. He will be easy. You don\'t need any strategies.
Keep attacking. 

You have to push him in the generator!!!

Summary: I did this game and the walkthrough in one day. This is still an easy, 
but an interesting game.