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Follow the dark path or use the light

Star Wars Jedi Power Battles

by Sanyo

     _______.___________.    ___      .______ 
    /       |           |   /   \\     |   _  \\
   |   (----`---|  |----`  /  ^  \\    |  |_)  |
    \\   \\       |  |      /  /_\\  \\   |      /
.----)   |      |  |     /  _____  \\  |  |\\  \\----.
|_______/       |__|    /__/     \\__\\ | _| `._____|

____    __    ____  ___      .______          _______.
\\   \\  /  \\  /   / /   \\     |   _  \\        /       |
 \\   \\/    \\/   / /  ^  \\    |  |_)  |      |   (----`
  \\            / /  /_\\  \\   |      /        \\   \\
   \\    /\\    / /  _____  \\  |  |\\  \\----.----)   |
    \\__/  \\__/ /__/     \\__\\ | _| `._____|_______/

     __       ___   ___                    
 __ / /__ ___/ (_) / _ \\___ _    _____ ____
/ // / -_) _  / / / ___/ _ \\ |/|/ / -_) __/
\\___/\\__/\\_,_/_/ /_/   \\___/__,__/\\__/_/
   ___       __  __  __      
  / _ )___ _/ /_/ /_/ /__ ___
 / _  / _ `/ __/ __/ / -_|_-<                                                 

* 0. Table Of Contents *

0. Table of Contents
1. Legal stuff
2. Version History
3. Controls
4. Walkthrough
5. Final Thoughts
6. FAQ Info

* 1. Legal stuff *

Basically its simple, DO NOT copy this guide unlessgiving me credit. The only
site this guide is allowed to be on is

* 2. Version History *

(5:30 PM 9/23/2003):V: 0.30 Start guide up do some nice ASCII art.
(3:56 PM 9/24/2003):V: 0.35 Continue guide.
(4:17 PM 9/25/2003):V: 0.37 add a bit, but not much.
(11:13 AM 9/27/2003):V: 0.38 add an area or two

* 3. Controls *

A: Main attack
B: jump, double jump (if you double jump and press A you will point your light
   sabre down and do an attack).
L: Power attack
R: block (if you use block and power attack you will do a force power)
Start: Pause and bring up menu
Select: nothing

* 4. Walkthrough *

The game starts with your chose of three Jedi (Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon Jinn and Mace
Windu) each character has their own attacks.

Level 1                                             Trade Federation Battleship

Fight your way through the Trade Federation droid control ship. Defeat the
droids who oppose you.



Enemies: 72
Special enemies: 2
Bosses: 1
Areas: 11


* Level 1-Area 1 *

When you start the game their will be five droids, you should be able to kill 
them easily. Go NE a little and you should run into two more droids, once you 
start attacking them, two more droids should run towards you. These guys will 
be dispatched as easily as the first five. continue up the path until you run 
into the wall, There is one droid to your left (another easy kill) and a green
container that will heal you if you are hurt. go left to find three more Droids
go to the corner and up, there will be a green tube ( I cannot figure out
what this thing is, but it cannot hurt to pick it up). backtrack a bit, until 
you find a door similar to the one you first came out of, walk up and enter it.

* Level 1-Area 2 *

you will enter a room, that seems to be a navigation room, there are a total of
six enemies in the room, kill them all which should be easy enough. If you have
not already gone up the ramp, then do that. When your up the ramp go to
your right, when you hit the wall, go down a little until you see a passage
with a green container near it. enter the next area

* Level 1-Area 3 *

When you continue up the hall and see the ramp, travel left and kill the two
droids, then quickly head up to the next level and kill the other two droids.
If you travel right just before the ramp you will see a green container,
collect it if you need to. Now go up the ramp and walk onto those moving

* Level 1-Area 4 *

Once you enter, run to the right. you will see two droids kill them, you will
also see two droids on a balcony type thing, you don\'t have to kill them since
there is nothing there of real interest. continue to the right you will see one
more droid, kill him and run to the right untill you see a metal walkway that
isn\'t moving. Step onto it and run right until you enter the next area.

* Level 1-Area 5 *

The thing about this area is if the droids shoot or hit you, you will fall off
and waste a life. take the upper path you will see a droid, try to resist the
urge to run up and attack him. Simply use your block ability to bounce the
blaster shots at the droid in front of you. once that droid is dead run towards
the other one, if he shoots block the shot and attack him. after that droids
dead go across to the next walkway, now jump across the gap and kill the droid
there. travel and get the green container if needed, but more importantly grab
the life. an easy way to kill the next two droids is to jump across from where
you picked up the life and land on the walkway, kill them in any order
it doesn\'t matter too much. jump across to the next walkway, but be careful of
the blaster shots kill the droid now run across and kill the droid at the top 
of the walkway. Now enter the next area.

* Level 1-Area 6 *

Jump over to the third pillar and block the blaster shots until you are ready
to kill him, be careful not to get hit or shot off the pillar. When you are
ready to kill him, jump onto the pillar and quickly slash him. When the droid
is dead jump across two more times and land on the walkway, kill the droid
there. now enter the next area.

* Level 1-Area 7 *

This room is really annoying basically because it\'s hard to tell where you have
to jump from/to. go as far to the wall as you can, now back up a bit, but
enough to be able to see a distinct difference. If you are on the moving
pillar be carefull not to jump from the very top, you will die if you do. So
try to time it well enough so you won\'t. now walk to the very edge of the
platform, when you get a chance, jump across to the next pillar. Now time your
jump again so you won\'t die, and jump to the next platform. This time be
careful of the blaster shots the droids are shooting, and continue the jumping
routine until your on the final platform, kill the three droids. Now go down
a little until you see a life, pick it up and enter the next area.

* Level 1-Area 8 *

As soon as you enter this room, there will be two droids who run up and attack
you. Kill the droids and continue down the hallway. There are a total of eight
more guards down, they shouldn\'t be that hard. When you kill the eight guards,
there should be a cutscene where two black droids appear. These things are
tough. As soon as they start shooting at you block with your lightsabre, they
shouldn\'t attack. Quickly stop blocking and run up and attack the droids. it
will take a total of two hits each to kill the droids, but when they are dead,
you can continue on. There are three more droids up a little ways, these guys
are getting easy! once they are dead continue on to find two more droids, once
these two are dead you should be standing by the door the black droids came out
of. to your right there should be a green tube and a green container, collect
these. Now walk up from the door that the droids came out of and you should see
another door, once you enter this door you should enter the next area.

* Level 1-Area 9 *

There are a total of sixteen droids scattered in this room, there isn\'t much of
a strategy to this area except that you should try to kill all of them before
they shoot you. There is also a green container in this room (it\'s south of the
door that you must enter to leave this area). once you\'ve finished killing all
the droids enter the hallway.

* Level 1-Area 10 *

When you enter this room, the floor will start moving up. collect the three
items and wait for a while. After a while the elevator will stop and you will
get off. Now that wasn\'t too hard was it?

* Level 1-Area 11 (Boss) *

Yes, it is time for the Boss! When you enter the room, go right along the path
follow the path until you reach the corner, Head down and then left. follow
the path and collect the two items then head right until you reach the large
platform. A big flying thing will appear, Prepare to fight the boss. When the
Boss appears stand in front of him, as close as you can get, then block and
wait. When he shoots his lasers at you, try to make the lasers bounce back at
him. He will fall down, but he is NOT dead yet. Do this another two times and
he should explode. once he is done exploding, go down and right across the
walkway to finish the level Congrats!

Level 2                                                         Swamps of Naboo



Enemies: 43


Destroy the Trade Federation droids on your way through the swamp.

* Level 2-Area 1 *

Once you enter the level there should be four droids to your right and two more
below them. a green container is up a little ways after the second set of
droids. If you continue right there should be three more droids to kill. Follow
the path upwards and there is two more droids, After them is another two droids
once all 13 of the droids are dead, you should be able to go to then next area.

* Level 2-Area 2 *

As soon as you enter there are eight droids shooting at you, use the technique
that best suits you to kill all of them. once they are all dead, pick up the
item with the red dot in the middle, to increase your force power. Follow the
path down a little, until you find the four droids. When those droids are dead
you can continue on the path. A little farther down the path there are seven
droids who will attack you on sight. Still farther down the path there are an
additional four droids, but the difference between these droids and the others
is that there is a green container near them. Most likely you will be hurt a
little bit at this point, use the container to heal you. follow the path one
last time, to find the next area.

* Level 2-Area 3 *

When you enter this area, there will be 3 droids who charge up and attack you.
Kill the droids like youve killed the other hundred. once they are dead, there
will be another guard for you to kill, once That guard goes down, you can
continue. if you head down, you will find a slope, slide down and kill the two
droids there and pick up the green container if you need a little healing. once
that is over and done with, slide down the next slope and kill the droid. Now
there will be one more slope left, once you slide down that one you can leave
the area. (Note: if you want you can jump up the slope\'s again, I dunno why you
would want to do that, but you should know you can).


* 5. Finshing words *

This guide Is taking a whilke to finish, but I am trying hard to finish it off.
Thank you for waiting. 

Star Wars Jedi Power Battles, is my first full walkthrough of a game. I am not
a big Star Wars fan, but I wanted to help people so that is why I\'m writing
this guide.

* 6. FAQ Info *

-Date: 9/27/2003
-version: 0.38
-name: Sanyo (Nobody’s Hero)
[email protected]