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Follow the dark path or use the light
Spyro the Dragon: Season of Ice Pack Shot

Spyro the Dragon: Season of Ice


Spyro: Season of Ice

by Vaffel (Vetle N. Malmberg) and Lazer (Patrick V.

\"And I that thought Spyro was good on PlayStation...\" - Vaffel

|                    _____                                               |    
|                   / ____|                        _                     |   
|                  | (___  _ __  _   _ _ __ ___   (_)                    |   
|                   \\___ \\| `_ \\| | | | `__/ _ \\                         |   
|                   ____) | |_) | |_| | | | (_) |  _                     |    
|                  |_____/| .__/ \\__, |_|  \\___/  (_)                    |    
|                         | |     __/ |                                  |
|                         |_|    |___/                                   |    
|      _____                                     __   _____              |
|     / ____|                                   / _| |_   _|             |
|    | (___   ___  __ _ ___  ___  _ __     ___ | |_    | |  ___ ___      |
|     \\___ \\ / _ \\/ _` / __|/ _ \\| `_ \\   / _ \\|  _|   | | / __/ _ \\     |
|     ____) |  __/ (_| \\__ \\ (_) | | | | | (_) | |    _| || (_|  __/     |
|    |_____/ \\___|\\__._|___/\\___/|_| |_|  \\___/|_|   |_____\\___\\___|     |
|                                                                        |
             ASCII Art made by me. (Vaffel) Please do not steal it!

                  Spyro: Season of Ice FAQ/Walkthrough made by 

                      Vaffel  (Vetle Nilsen Malmberg)
                      Lazer (Patrick Valle Tollefsen)

|                             I  N  T  R  O                              |


Hey, hey, hey! We\'re two boys from Norway and are writing a FAQ for this 
game. I am twelve years old, Lazer is fourteen. We love all of the Spyro 
games, and are happy to get this game on GameBoy Advance.

This Spyro-game is, like I said before, very good. You might experience 
hard controls and stuff like that, but once mastered, this becomes the 
best game on your beloved GBA! Hunter and Sparx is back -- better than 
ever! So run down to your local game shop, and buy this gem of a game! 
                            Table o\' contest!

   1:    Review
   2:    FAQ
   3:    Walkthrough
   4:    Codes
   5:    End

                             Version History
V. 1.00: 26. February 2002:

          First release date. Got this game! Well... Actually, it\'s my 
          sis\' game, so I don\'t get to play it too much. 

V.1.10: 19. March 2002:

          *Yawn* Hi... I\'m sick today and is away from school today. Sorry 
          \'bout not updating. Anyways, here\'s the update: More levels 
          added in the walkthrough section, and also changed all the \' to 
          \'. What a job!

                             Game Overview

Spyro flies from Playstation format to handheld!

The little (and gentle) dragon named Spyro is a well-known mascot for 
anyone who plays Playstation, and now he has found the way to the GBA! The 
game developers have made some really nice 3D graphics on this machine! 

Spyro must get out and rescue some fairies that have been frozen to ice. 
To rescue \'em all, he need to visit twenty unique levels. By the way he\'ll 
get power ups and upgrades. The game has many tasks that must be solved 
and the level won\'t be finished before you solve them all! So start 
headbutting, get out there and clear this game! Whoopie!



   A: *Jump
      *Glide (press A twice)
      *Glide, Hover and land (press A three times)

   B: *Breath fire

   R: *Charge/Ram Attack

   L: *Circle the camera

   Control Pad: *Move

   Select: *Bring up Atlas

   Start: *Pause


   Control pad: *Move

   A: *Charge

   B: *Fire

   L: *Powerup shot

   R: *Slide sideways


The purple, cute little dragon, previously only debuted on Sony. He\'s the 
hero of this game! He\'s up to rescue all of the fairies that is frozen.

Spyro\'s fellow follower, he\'s Spyro\'s health. Some places he gets his own 

Besides Sparx, Hunter is Spyro\'s constant companion and personal trainer, 
though his new romance with Bianca has made him later than ever. Hunter is 
always around for some on-the-job training if Spyro needs it.
An Autumn Fairy, Zoe has always been there to save Spyro\'s Adventures. Now 
she needs Spyro\'s help to save her and the other fairies. 

The former Forgotten Realms librarian has gone mad with the pain in his 
two heads. Though he\'s heard accounts of Spyro\'s prowess from his Rhynoc 
minions, no over-hyped purple dragon is going to stop him.

The former disciple of the Sorceress, Bianca is now part of Spyro\'s gang. 
Her knowledge of spells will help Spyro in his adventure.

A self-made bear and entrepreneur, this penny-pinching ursus arctos has 
made his fortune on being at the right place at the right time, namely in 
Spyro\'s way. For a \"reasonable\" fee, Moneybags might help you on your 

The Season of Ice 
After the defeat of the Sorceress, many of her old Rhynoc minions were 
left out of work or had to take less-than-ideal day jobs. None more so 
than Grendor, the Rhynoc librarian at the Grand Central Dragon Realms 
library. A small, meek figure, Grendor never made the cut into the Rhynoc 
army and desperately longed for a career change. 
One day, Bianca spent a few hours in the library researching ideal 
vacation spots for a trip she was planning for Spyro, Hunter, and herself. 
With all the travel books, Bianca mistakenly left the Sorceress\' Spell 
book behind. Finding the book, Grendor was inspired by an ingenious plan. 
Flipping through the pages, he found himself a transformation spell to 
change his meagre frame into a towering mass of muscle and brainpower! 
Wasting no more time, he read the spell aloud; too hasty even to notice 
the book was turned upside down. Grendor wound up with bulk and brainpower 
all right, but in the form of two heads, and a migraine in both of his 
thick skulls. Frantically, Grendor searched for some way out of his 
terrible predicament, finding only one antidote listed in the appendix, 
the wings of 100 magical fairies. Grendor captures Zoe and casts a magical 
spell, freezing the fairies in place throughout all the Fairy Realms. 
Using her last bit of magic, Zoe the fairy sends a frantic message to the 
only one who can help them...


Yeah... The big thing in this game is -of course- not to die. The guy who 
helps you with that is Sparx, the dragonfly. The life you have left is 
ranged by different colors:

Yellow: 100%    Yeeeha!

Blue:   75%     Getting Shaky

Green:  50%     Houston, we got a problem!

None:   25%     We\'re going down!!

After:  0%      Aggh!! *dying*


You can keep Sparx nourished with a healthy diet of butterflies. They\'re 
coming from native animals. Some places you can even find a butterfly 
inside a glass. That gives you 1up.

Saving the Fairies

The fairies were frozen wherever they were - right on the spot, so they 
are scattered throughout the Fairy Realms. Spyro must find all the frozen 
crystal encasing the fairies and melt them with his fire breath. 

Home Worlds, Realms and Portals

Spyro begins his quest in the Seasonal Home World of the Fairy Realms. 
From here, Spyro will be able to access the other worlds in the realms 
through Portals. Some areas will only open after a certain number of 
Fairies have been rescued.


Entering a portal will transport Spyro to a world where he will meet 
creatures troubled, bothered and annoyed by the invading Rhynocs. Helping 
these creatures will make an exit Portal appear, allowing Spyro to return 
to the Home World. To enter a portal, just walk or fly into it. Spyro will 
instantly transport to another realm.


And then there are always gems to collect. You\'ll want to other as many 
gems as you can carry. Sometimes they are hidden in baskets or vases or a 
variety of different containers. Charge into or flame those containers to 
obtain the gems. Moneybags seems to be everywhere these days and his rates 
are always going up. Collect all the gems you can to afford his special 
services. To see how many gems you have, press the START button. Your gem 
count displays at the top of the screen.

To see how many gems there are in the realm, open the Pause screen (press 
START button) and look at the Atlas. Near the Gem Icon, you\'ll see the 
number of gems collected and the total number of gems in that realm.

The different gems is...

O   Red:            1  gem

O   Green:          2  gems

O   Purple:         5  gems

O   Yellow:         10 gems

Speedway Realms can be found in the Seasonal Home Worlds, Spyro must speed 
through the course collecting gems, knocking down enemies, and dodging the 
obstacles within the given time limit. Once he makes it through the 
Speedway the first time, a second, harder trial is opened up. Are you up 
for the challenge?

Sparx Rounds
Sparx has always helped Spyro along the way, but some of the fairies are 
hidden so well that even Spyro might not be able to get them. Here Sparx 
must venture out on his own in order to save the fairies. In these levels, 
Sparx must battle his way through a vast array of insects and collect keys 
to progress through the maze of bushes.

The Pause Menu

| [Gems]           [Lives]          [Fairies] |
|                                             |
|                                             |
|                Continue                     |
|                  Atlas                      |
|                 Options                     |
|                Exit Level                   |
|                Quit Game                    |
|                                             |
|                                             |
|                 [SPARX]                     |

|                             R  E  W  I  E  V                           |

The fourth Spyro-game! And it is the first time it is on a Nintendo-
machine! It has some very interesting big levels, one hundred fairies to 
collect and 7000 gems (treasures)! Let\'s see at some points...

GRAPHICS:        10/10

Practically, I don\'t think the graphics on a GBA could be better than 
this! Spyro is gorgeous animated from skull to tail, Sparx haven\'t seen 
better and everything else is almost as good as it was on PSX back in 
those days! (It\'s still being made though...) The first place you visit, 
autumn world, is so fantastic that you lose your breath sometimes! Rivers, 
trees, hills... It\'s all fantastic!

SOUND:            8/10

The sound is good, but not fantastic. You may recognize some melodies from 
the past series, and some brand new! The cartoonish melodies fit perfect 
into this game! Especially the Autumn-world music is nice...

CONTROLS:      9/10

Spyro got a huge arsenal of weapons, moves and things like that. Once you 
get used to not use the R to much, this game will be a pleasure to play. 

STORY:            7/10

I\'m not saying it isn\'t good, but if this is the first time you play a 
Spyro-game, you don\'t understand a thing! The story is that after the 
sorceress was defeated, her rhynocs guards were out of a job. So was 
Grendor. Then one day he walked to the library, Bianca was there. She left 
the Sorceress\' spell book left. Grendor found it, and was inspired. He was 
so inspired that he read it upside down, to quick to even notice that the 
book was turned wrong way. He suddenly got two heads and four headaches. 
And the Antidote? It was 100 fairy wings... He froze all fairies. They was 
frozen wherever they where. And now, Spyro to rescue! 

GAMEPLAY:         8/10

Yeah, yeah... This game would get a ten on this, but the control is a bit 
tricky. You\'re falling down on those frigging gaps all the time!!! If you 
look away from that, this is the best game on the GBA right now. The tasks 
are very repeating and -sometimes- boring. It is mainly \"catch the thief\", 
\"Light all candles\" or \"Defeat all enemies\". The AI isn\'t so good either, 
as the enemies _run_ away from you when they see you... But anyways, this 
is insanely fun! And if you manage to collect all fairies and gems, you 
can always try to get better speedway times!


This game is so massive, that you can never be finished with it within 
that period of time. Think about it... 7000 treasures!

OVERALL:          8/10

A really good game technically, but is drawn down by some minor faults -- 
who never should be there! If you manage to live with these flaws, this is 
a real gem. And by the way, I gotta be going... I\'m going to hunt down 
some treasures now. :-)

|                     W  A  L  K  T  H  R  O  U  G  H                    |

Hm... First of all, I\'d like to warn you people from using this 
walkthrough. It contains MASSIVE spoilers, that is things that spoil the 
fun for you, because I tell what\'s going to happen now and then.

Autumn Fairy Home

Basic overview: Yup the rumours is true... you can\'t die! If you fall out, 
you\'ll fly up and then land on the spot you jumped from. This is a so 
called lingo-world. It\'s a place were you can enter many levels, actually, 
all levels in this Fairy Home! Moneybags here collects 400 gems to let you 
get into this Sparx-world, and you need 20 fairies to advance to the next 
fairy-realm. Easy task! :)

Location of Key: None in this level

Location of chest: ditto..

Location of Pumpkins

1. On the west of Lava-prairie-portal. There\'s the first one...

2. On the east of Lava-prairie-portal. There\'s the second. Another 
   alternately way is south from Market Mesa. 

3. East from the one you found earlier.

4. Climb up on the side of Moneybags, on the top of the hill is another 

5. A little down and to the right of the 4. pumpkin.

6. A little down and to the left from the Winter Fairy Home-portal (where 
   Bianca stands.)

7. To the left of the Market Mesa and climb up the building to find 
   another one.

8. Go talk to Hunter were you shall glide, then glide over to the fairy 
   (flame it...) and continue upwards from the fairy. There you\'ll find 

Other Fairies in this world

The first of them all

Walk straight up from were you started. Flame the fairy there.

Hunter\'s Jump Game

Just find Hunter in this level (in the east of it, not were he stands with 
some sheep) and follow him on the various platforms. You soon comes to a 

_____________________________MORE COMING__________________________________



Basic overview: Let\'s see... Lava on the right, lava on the left, lava 
north, lava south... I think that\'s gonna explain it...

Location of Key: On the southernmost mountain, hard to miss.

Location of chest: On an island north of the second mountain.

Burn all flowers

1. Go down from the start. There\'s a cactus-looking flower standing on 
   ground. Press B to flame it. 

2. Find the fairy Suzan, and continue downwards to find it.

3. After Trog, the uga-buga, go down and to the right from him.

4. After the second geyser, up. 

5. From Trog, Go up the small hills. Jump up, and when you land, go right. 
   There is another.

6. Now go down from where you got the fifth. When you reach the bottom, go 
   to the right. Flame the flower to death.

7. From Melissa, go down. There you\'ll find one.

8. When you have rescued Rhonda, go down and burn the last flower!

Kill all pterodactyls

Okay... The thing here is to kill all the pterodactyls - but they can\'t be 
reached. The solution you ask? Flame a bomb-flower to a geyser that\'s near 
the pterodactyl, and wait a little. The geyser erupts, and the bomb-flower 
is sent up in the air, killing the pterodactyl above... Quite fun, 

1.  Right behind the guy who tells you about his problems lies the bomb. 
    (Bonky) Go a little down and you\'ll find it..

2.  Go down, right, and down. At the end of the bony carpet lies the bomb. 
    Go down and then to the right a little. There\'s a nasty pterodactyl 
    there... blow the bomb on the geyser to KILL IT! Mwahahaha! 

3.  Now go to the right. After some time you will almost crash into the 
    bomb. Flame it northeast to find the hole.

4.  Now run back to the second hole. This time go to the left. There 
    you\'ll see the last pterodactyl. Continue down to find the bomb. Flame 
    it up and bomb the bird. Another fairy saved!

Fry the Rhynocs
Location confirmed, sending guide... Ka-ching, guide received!

 1. Go down to the two Uga\'s. In the mountain behind Bonky is a mountain. 
    Climb up and fry the first, irritating stone thrower. 

 2. Same mountain, just a bit further to the right.

 3. Same mountain, at the top.

 4. At the top, jump down facing up. You\'ll land on another island. There 
    is another mountain. Climb it and take out the four enemies as before.

 5. Same mountain.

 6. Same mountain.

 7. Same mountain (again...)

 8. From the second mountain, go westwards. You\'ll eventually reach a 
    small road were a pterodactyl is flying above. Continue along that 
   path until it widens again. Now head right to find a third mountain. 
   Kill the thrower here too. (only one) 

 9. To the left of the last mountain. Kill \'im.

Now kill all of the green guys. They\'re spread around, easy to find, so 
you wouldn\'t have any problems with those.

Other Fairies on this world

Coming soon, folks...


NOTE: Sorry about this, but my sister played that much, I couldn\'t keep up 
with her. So, I took a big jump from Autumn World to Winter World, and got 
one minute to play so I could make this guide for Honey March...

Honey March

Basic overview: ooo... Hard level this is. It is made up by many big and 
small platforms. The theme here\'s honey, bees and beehives. The enemies, 
big bees who send small bees on you, is maybe the most irritating of all. 
Here you\'ll meet the professor BTW.

Fairy #1:  Melt the 8 honey-flowers

  Start by jumping over to the other island in front of you. There you\'ll 
  find the professor. While he\'s babbling, jump up on the little hill and 
  breathe fire on the gorgeous flower at the top.

  Now go back to the start, but this time jump to the right. Kill the bee 
  quickly, and go up while you\'re following the honey-river. There you\'ll 
  find another flower. 

  Continue up to meet the professor again, this time babbling about some 
  time-machine. Ignore him for now and continue up to find the third 

  Jump to the left from where you got the third flower to land on another 
  island. Burn the flower to sweet honey! =)

  Turn hard to the right (and a bit up) of #4, and you\'ll eventually reach 
  another flower.

  Then jump to the right. Collect the key and go down. Continue, then head 
  left up the little hill.

  Now head straight to the right and jump over to the another island. 
  There\'s another flower!

  To get the last, jump down an island, the to the right. There\'s the last 
  flower! Whohoo!!!

Fairy #2:  Chu Chu

On the island left of the start is a cliff. Jump up there and melt the 
second fairy on this level, Chu Chu.

*More Coming*

|                             C  O  D  E  S                              |

All codes must be entered in the \"press start\"-screen. 

99 lives in new game
Left, right, right, right, down, up, right, up and A. Then start a new 
game with 99 lives!


99 lives in dragonfly-worlds (with sparx!)
Left Right, Right, Right, Down, Up, Right, Up, A (hehehe... It\'s the same 
as above! Hehehehehehehehe...)


All portals open
Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Up, Down, A.


Infinitive life in Sparx-worlds
Down, Up, Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left, A.


Infinitive weapons in Sparx-worlds
Down, Right, Up, Left, Left, Up, Right, Down, A.


Commands for Sparx in his worlds
Right, up, right, left, down, up, left, down, A.

Then press...

...L + Select:      Get all keys
...Left + Select:   Rapid Fire
...Right + Select:  Smart Bomb
...Up + Select:     Invincibility Shield
...Down + Select:   Homing Bomb


Unlock Dragonfly X
To unlock this stage, get all things in the game (100 fairies and 7000 


Spyro Warp
Left, Right, Right, Left, Up, Left, Left, right, A.


I wondered what this feature was for, so I asked one of my MSN-friends. He 

\"After you\'ve walked into a level, it becomes available in the Atlas menu, 
right?. Now chose the level you want to go on in the atlas, and press 
start.\"   -want to be anonymous 

Well, I don\'t tried this myself, but it sounds great! Thanks!

|                             E  N  D                                    |


GameBandit ([email protected]): For giving us the story in a very 
early version of this FAQ, as well as some character info. Thanks!

Anonym: For telling me what the Spyro Warp does. 

All of my friends (both MSN and real-life): For helping us out, and for 
keeping our phase up! Especially thanks to ^Alven^, (*)Yellow Moogle(*) 
and Typhlosion/Godzilla. Without them, this FAQ probably never had seen 
the light! Thanks, pals! 

My English-teacher, Birgitte: For learning me almost everything I know of 
English-grammar and spelling! Thanks :-D

CjayC, For hosting this FAQ on the worlds largest FAQ-side, GameFAQs!

[Your name here]: For (Hopefully) reading this Faq! 

My parents: For buying me this wonderful game!

My sis, Marte: For letting me borrow this game. You see, it is her game...

Hall of Shame

CheatCC: Stole this FAQ and has been veeery nasty to other FAQ-writers! So 
do us a favor: Don\'t visit them!

Betamod ([email protected]): Nasty idiot who spammed my email with a 
\"Spyro Sucks\" message!

E-mail warning

Do not send me any E-Mails about other games than the ones we\'ve covered! 
(if you\'re not Norwegian and have seen the other site we\'re working on 
(, Norway\'s biggest Zelda-site) where we have 
written some guides for various Zelda-Games. If we get Nasty E-mails, we 
most likely going to block you! If you are giving us \"nice\" critics, I\'ll 
reply you! If you want to be my MSN or Email-friend, that\'s okay! But 
please, PLEASE don\'t ask to be my girlfriend! (Yes, sometimes I get these 
emails in Norway! (and it is NOT funny) *sigh*) The answer is no anyway, 
so DON\'T send me it! If you\'re going to send me some information or 
corrections, please do it! I will credit you, and post your information at 
once! Of course, full credit is given! 

Our E-mails:

Vetle (Vaffel):  [email protected]
Patrick (Lazer): lege[email protected]

Copyright Notice

This FAQ is Copyright (c) Vaffel (Vetle N. Malmberg) and Lazer (Patrick V. 
Tollefsen) , 2002! It cannot be used on another site without our 
permission! If you see this FAQ on another site that\'s not listed down 
there, please contact us immediately! You cannot use or alter any 
information within this FAQ without our permission! 

Sites we\'ve given admission to carry this FAQ:
GameFAQs  (
Cheat Happens  (

Sites who have stolen our FAQs (No-no!):
CheatCC  (

It\'s been a pleasure writing this FAQ! Seeya later, folks! :)

Last words
Gameboy Addicts! :)
                                                (c)  Vaffel and Lazer 2002