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Easy Way to Find and Catch Latios

by Latios Master

Easy Way to Find and Catch Latios Walkthrough

1. What you need to know about Latios
a. Pokedex

b. Fainting

c. Where is he?

2. What you need and where to find Latios

a. What you need for finding Latios

b. Where to find Latios

3. How to catch Latios

a. Catching Latios

4. Forgot to save your Master Ball?

a. Pokemon that help

b. Wobbuffet

c. Trapinch

d. Golbat

e. How to catch him without a Master Ball

1. What you need to know about Latios

a. When you find Latios and he runs away, you can still track him on your Pokedex.

b. A weird thing about Latios is that he keeps the damage from the last battle he was in. That can be good if he has low health at the end of one battle and you can more easily catch him. It is bad because if you make him faint, he stays fainted and you will not find him again unless you turn off the game.

c. One frustrating aspect of Latios is that he changes area when you go from a city to a route, a route to a city, or a route to a route. So even if you enter where he is, he may change to where you were or somewhere else.

2. What you need and where to find Latios

a. To find Latios, you need to have:
    * Beaten the Elite Four
    * Have a level 80 or higher Pokemon
    * A Pokemon that knows the HM move Surf in your party
    * Master Ball (if you saved it) or lots of Ultra and Timer Balls
b. You can find him anywhere. But I know a way that makes finding him easy. First, Fly to Pacifidlog Town. From there, hop on your Pokemon that knows Surf and Surf to the left of the town and donít go into the fast current. Search for Latios there for about 3 to 5 Pokemon. If he doesnít show up, go to the right side and look for 3 to 5 Pokemon. Do not change routes on this side, stay close to Pacifidlog. Do this and you will likely find Latios.

3. Catching Latios

a. Use your Master Ball, I hope you saved it. Latios is by far the hardest  Pokemon to catch because of the reasons in the first part of this walkthrough. No other Pokemon does these things except there are some Pokemon in the Safari Zone that flee. Rayquaza, Groudon, Regirock, Regice, and Registeel are definitely easier to catch because they donít run away. Iíve caught all of them with Ultra Balls and I found Latios 40 or so times before I caught him  with an Ultra Ball because I used my Master Ball on Groudon.

4. Forgot to save your Master Ball

a. Wobbuffet, Trapinch, and Golbat are all Pokemon that can help you get Latios without a Master Ball. Thatís because they have moves and abilities that trap Latios and prevent him from running away.

b. You can find Wobbuffet in the grass nearest the water in the bottom left corner of the Safari Zone to the left of Lilycove City. If you chose to use Wobbuffet in the catching of Latios, you need to train him to level 40 or higher so that he isnít easily killed by Latios. I do not recommend Wobbuffet because you need to raise him to a higher level and because I donít know his ability or moves that would help trap Latios. You could look on the question page on Super Cheats to find it, but I donít know.

c. Trapinch is found in the desert north of Mauville City. You need the Go- Goggles to go in the desert. When you find a Trapinch, try to run from it to see if it has the ability ďArena TrapĒ that will not let you run unless Trapinch faints. If it says that you canít run because of Arena Trap, catch that one. If you get away, then you donít want that one. You need to get Trapinch up to at least level 40 so that he isnít easily killed. But you need to do that without him evolving. If he does evolve, heíll lose his ability. You might be able to stop evolution by pressing B when he is evolving. If that doesnít work, check the questions on Super Cheats. Trapinch evolves at level 35 into Vibrava and level 45 into Flygon. I sort of recommend him because his ability allows you to trap Latios without having to use any moves, so you can just throw Ultra and Timer Balls at it but you do need to raise him quite a few levels.

d. You find Golbat on the first floor of Sky Pillar, not the little cave at the beginning, which you can find by going up and then to the right of Pacifidlog, where you find an entrance out of the route heading west. He is also found in Victory Road. I recommend looking in Sky Pillar because he is at levels 48 to 50 or more. If the one that you catch doesnít have Mean Look as one of his moves, then look for a couple more and if they donít have it look in Victory Road and do the same thing and look for Zubats and Golbats. If all of those fail, train a low level Zubat until it learns Mean Look. I recommend Golbat as the Pokemon you use because you find him at a high level and donít need to train him, but you might have to refresh Mean Look every 3 or 4 turns when you find Latios so that it doesnít wear off. 

e. If you chose Trapinch, you can just find Latios and throw Ultra and Timer Balls until Trapinch faints. If you chose Golbat, use Mean Look and then use some Ultra and Timer Balls, and then refresh Mean Look. Do that over and over. I am not mentioning Wobbuffet because again, I donít know his ability or moves. If Latios runs away because your Pokemon fainted, just track him with the Pokedex and do the same thing.