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Follow the dark path or use the light
Naruto Ninja Council 2 Pack Shot

Naruto Ninja Council 2



by Archile

Naruto Ninja Council 2

----------------------Intro INTR00--------------------------------------
This is the Archile's FAQ, it is my favorite FAQ, because it is my FAQ.
Can only be hosted(Hopefully) on
Can't be reproduced on another web site without my consent.
So....what's the game all about? You play as the three main characters(Uzumaki
Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura) and have to beat the crap out of everyone
that crosses your path. Fun!
 Each character sports some of the jutsus used on the manga(They should have
added Rasengan instead of sexy jutsu for Naruto, and the Big fireball for
Sasuke instead of the Lion combo..., those attacks ARE part of the
Any ways, the graphics are great, but the music sucks. Also the game is very
easy and very short, yet it's incredibly fun.

1- Intro (INT00)
2- Updates (UPTO00)Basics (BASI00)
3- Basics (BASI00)
4- Starting Up (STUP00)
5- Pick Ups (PIUP00)
6- Playable Character (CHAR00)
7- Enemies (ENEM00)
8- Traps (TRAP00)
9- Bosses (BOSS00)
10- Walkthrough (to come) (WLKT00)
11- Secrets (SECR00)
12- FAQ (FAQ000)
13- Review (REVI00)
14- Closing (CLUP00)
-22/1/07: Corrected most grammatical errors.
          Fixed things here and there
          Added Updates section ^_^
--------------Basics ------------------------------(BASI00)
U- UP on the Dpad
D- DOWN on the Dpad
L- LEFT on the Dpad
R- RIGHT on the Dpad
A- A button
B- B button
R- Right shoulder button
L- Left shoulder button
ST- Start
S- Select

B- "Basic Attack", press it multiple times to make combos.

U+B- "Uppercut", press it to send an enemy flying overhead, useful to
distance yourself from enemies.

B- "Throw", when carrying a weapon, press B to shoot it.

A- "Jump", as the action implies, your character jumps, all characters Can
double jump.

L & R- "Walk", press the left arrow to move left, like wise with the right

2xL&R- 1-"Dash", press an arrow twice to run in said direction
       2-"Dodge" press the opposite arrow to where you are facing twice to hop

D- "Duck", when you duck, you cant attack or move, but let's you dodge
some projectiles(According to the booklet), but you Can blow through the game
without even ducking once.

R- "Block" Use it to block incoming attacks, some attacks are
unblockable(Usually from bosses. You can Block while in the air.

L- Change characters

S- Select scrolls(Can carry three at a time)

R+A- Use Scroll, you can use scrolls while lying in the floor(Not ducking), but
not while jumping.

ST - Pause game

Hold L or R and move the Dpad to check your surroundings

B,B,B,B is the combo you'll be doing the most throughout the game, quite
useful too.

B,B,B,U+B to send the enemy upwards

B,B,B,A,B according to the booklet is a jump attack, I couldn't perform it
not even once.

Smoke Screen: Press D+A to teleport to the enemies behind(Useful in boss
It can also be used to evade some projectiles if you time it right.
Smoke Screen 2: Press U+A to teleport upwards

Jutsus: Jutsus are special attacks that drain some HP when used
Each character had four different Jutsus
1- Usually the weakest and the one that consumes the least HP, D,D,B
2- Usually the jutsu you'll be doing the most, U,U,B
3- The strongest, usually, D,U;B
-------------------------Starting up-----------------------------(STUP00)
On the main menu there are four options:
TOP LEFT: New Game- Begin a new game
BOTTOM LEFT: Continue Saved file
TOP RIGHT: Co-Op: play a cooperative game
BOTTOM TIGHT: VS- Play against someone.
---------------------Game Screen--------------------------------
At the top left corner, you'll se the face of the character you are using.
The bar, to the right of said face is the health bar (goes from green-blue-
yellow-red-DEAD). Below the health bar are the scrolls,
the one that is being selected is highlighted. When you hit an enemy, his
health bar will appear on the top right corner.Press Start to access the
Pause Menu, with two options : "Return", to the game, or "End Game" to return
to the main menu.

Pick Ups PIUP00
There are 4 different types of pick ups

 Health kits- Two kinds, Heal little to medium damage for all the characters.

 Leaves- They don't do anything, but you need them to up your score.

 Knives- Basic Throwing Weapons:
Can't hold more than one, and Can only be used once ( until you get another)
on the bottom left corner on the screen you Can see if you are holding
something. Can be used in the air, and you cant use normal attacks until you
throw them.
Kunai - Medium damage
Shuriken - Medium damage
Needle - Little Damage
Big Shuriken(It had a name....Kaze Shuriken or something of the like)
Instant kill on common enemies.

 Scrolls: Can carry up to three, if you get another one, the new one will
The enemy must be on the screen(You must be seeing them) and not lying in the
floor or in the air. Press select to change the highlighted scroll and press
R+A to use them.(Can be used while you are lying in the floor)

Kakashi- It has electricity around- The best scroll, deals a lot of damage,
by having Kakashi execute Chidori, it can be used when an enemy is jumping.
Save it for bosses.

Kiba and Akamaru- It has a dog- A somewhat good scroll, Kiba and Akamaru
use their signature move and hit an enemy, if another enemy is in the way,
they will hit him too. Medium Damage

Chouji- The round scroll- Not really a favorite of mine, Chouji uses his
signature move to hit an enemy, if another enemy is close, he may or may
not get attacked too. Kiba and Akamaru are better
than him.

Shikamaru- The scroll covered in darkness- In my opinion the worst scroll.
Shikamaru uses the kage bind jutsu, stopping the enemies for some time
allowing you to hurt them. Hitting one enemy will damage all of them.It also
freezes the screen, and you can't grab items while it is in use.

Shino- The Scroll covered with bugs- When fighting bosses, it wont really
make a difference, but when fighting common enemies, it's really useful.
He hits all enemies on screen, usually killing them.Also it deals a LOT of
damage to the sound ninjas.

Stop reading if you wanna figure it out for yourself.

Sandaime- The big scroll with a symbol and leaves falling around- Takes the
place of Kakashi's scroll(A shame, since Kakashi looks bad ass) The monkey and
the old guy team up to attack the enemy. Instant kill on bosses too.


Playable Characters CHAR00
Naruto: In my opinion, the best character, he is strong, has good Jutsus, a
lot of health and deals a lot of damage. Oh, and he looks bad ass while
doing so.
 Naruto (G)reatness (P)oints: 5/5

D-D-B: "U-ZU-MA-KI NARUTO RENDAN!" One of the best looking Jutsus, Naruto
uses Kage bunshin to summon clones, and use the combo on the enemy
(The attack is based on one of Sasuke's attack, which in turn is based on
Rock Lee's attack). Deals plenty of damage and you don't lose much
health(Around one health bar).
5/5 GPs

U-U-B: "Oiroke no Jutsu": Naruto transforms into a scantily clad woman to
seduce enemies. CRAPPY JUTSU. Makes the enemies stop moving for some time,
doesn't work on all bosses, and you don't lose much health.
0.5/5 GPs

D-U-B: Summons the chief Toad, great attack, deals a LOT of damage, but you
lose medium health. Great on normal enemies, but it works wonders on bosses. If
it fails(Sometimes it does) you don't lose health, however if it works and
there is no enemy on the screen, it WILL take life from you.
4.5/5 GPs, if only it didn't fail sometimes.....(Which rarely does)

He sucks with all of them, he deals little damage, though it's instant kill
with the Big Shuriken.
GPs with knives: 2/5

Sasuke: Good all-around, with the best Jutsus, not to mention he is great with
knives. Most people will rather use him over Naruto, but Naruto deals more
damage and has more health, thus making him better than Sasuke.
You may want to use Sasuke for boss fights, due to his great Jutsus.
Sasuke's GPs 4/5

D-D-B: Chidori: Hatake Kakashi's attack, good looking and deals a lot of
damage, costs one health bar to use. The enemy Can be jumping when it's used.
4/5 GPs

U-U-B: Shishi Rendan: The best looking attack in the game, deals a decent
amount of damage and costs little health.The enemy can be jumping when you use
5/5 GPs

D-U-B: Sharingan: Makes enemies take more time to decide what to do. Crappy
attack, but takes little health, much better than Oiroke no jutsu, though
2/5 Gps

Knives: He throws two of each weapon, and deals medium damage.
When he throws the Big Shuriken, it goes back to him, thus making two
 4/5 GPs
Sakura: She may seem useless...well, she, for the most part is useless. Her
strength lies in the knives, she deals the most damage with them. In the manga,
she doesn't have any signature jutsu or trait, but on Naruto part 2 she gains
super strength and healing abilities.
Shes useful for the Time Challenge stages, because you only need to run, and
she has a speed enhancing jutsu.
Sakura's GPs 3/5

D-D-B: "Inner Sakura" Inner Sakura somehow materializes and hit the enemy
for 20+hits. deals a medium amount of damage.
3/5 GPs

U-U-B: "Chakra Control" She gets faster, and doesn't do combos with "B",
instead she chains the basic attack, until the enemy finally falls. Only lasts
about 20 seconds, but takes little health.
3/5 GPs

D-U-B: "Inner Sakura barrage" makes all the attacks you do a "Inner
Sakura", for a limited time. On Bosses you Can chain them(Hit the enemy again
before he falls) into a 50+combo that deals a LOT of damage.
4/5 GPs

She deals a lot of damage with all of them, throws two of all the weapons
but the Big shuriken and the kunai.
5/5 GPs
Stop reading if you don't want to get a spoiler of what you may get


Rock Lee: Fuzzy Brows, he's the second best Character next to Naruto. He is a
bit stronger than him, has a bit less health, his Jutsus are REALLY expensive
and he is worse than Naruto with Knives.
Why do you wanna use him? His jutsus are STRONG. and he deals a lot of
Fuzzy Brows' GPs 4/5

D-D-B- Rendan- Rock Lee Combos the  enemy into the air. Lots of damage,
takes a medium amount of health
4/5 GPs

U-U-B- Weights- Lee Remove his Weight becoming faster an stronger for a
short time. Similar to Sakura's "Chakra Control", takes little health(1/5 ofthe
health bar).
3/5 GPs

D-U-B: The strongest jutsus in the game, I recommend only using it twice,
otherwise you'll be with little health left.
5/5 GPs

Knives: Don't....simply don't, Lee Throws them diagonally wherever he
wants, they deal little damage. Don't, switch to Sakura or something....but for
the love of god don't.
1/5 GPs

Common Ninja: They are on ALL stages and most sub stages. They can throw
Kunais and teleport, they also have a running attack and a jumping attack.
Normally, a 4hit combo is all you need to kill them.

Big Ninja: Slow, they like to block a lot. They only have one attack, but
it deals a LOT of damages and knocks you back.

Clawed Ninja: They are REALLY weak, you can kill them in one combo. Their
attacks do more damage than the big Ninja's.

Purple Ninja: Not a real threat, can be killed with one hit.

Brute: I call the guy with the iron ball the "Brute", he looks like one,
and acts like one so..... Their attacks need momentum, so you can kill them
before they actually attack. IF they do attack, they'll hurt you for medium

Sand Ninja: I'm not sure if this guys are ninjas....but they must be. They
are relatively weak, but like to corner you with their attacks, Don't LET THEM
CORNER YOU!, they like to spam their attacks, they REALLY do.

Scythe Ninja: Has two kinds of attacks, by either throwing it in a straight
line, for little damage, or throwing it upward for medium damage and knock back.

Masked Ninja: Not a real threat, creates crystal walls that push you back.
Simply teleport behind them and kill them. The crystals can be destroyed, but
he makes a new one in a matter of seconds.
Bamboo Spikes: They are the green spiky things. Easily to avoid, just jump
over them. If you DO touch them, they will do light damage.

Red Seal: They are the papers with red fire, if you touch them, they'll
explode after some time.

Green Seal: Like the red one, but with green fire, they explode on contact
for light damage

Rolling logs: They appear on the Time Challenges, just jump over them.

Concrete Block: They appear in Time Challenges, just hit them to break them.
Use a jumping attack, since if you make a running attack(DOuble tap an arrow
and press B) your character will stop running, yet if you jump attack, he'll
keep running.

Fire Columns: They are Red funnel-like things from which a fire column
sprouts up. If you see a bit of fire on the tip, it means it has just ended or
is beginning to spit fire. If the fire gets you, you'll most likely get hit

Chained Blocks: Are blocks with a chain that holds them up. They go up and
down, you have to use them as platforms, and if you are below one when they
fall down, it will hurt you.

Chained Spike Balls: They are big balls full of spikes describing half a
circle, hurts a bit and throws you down.

Spikes: A different design of the Bamboo Spikes, the damage they deal is the
Strategy: This works for most bosses, except maybe Gaara and Kabuto. Teleport
behind the boss, combo him, and when he gets up(Usually teleports), wait till
he is on the screen, and teleport behind them, then do a three or two hit combo
followed by a damaging jutsu(Shishi Rendan and U-ZU-MA-KI NARUTO rendan! are
great choices). and keep doing that. Make sure that the enemy has less health
than you when you use a jutsu.

Rock Lee: Haha, he's really weak, just spam the normal attacks.

Orochimaru: The first time you see him, he has three attacks:
1) Three hit combo
2) He puts his hand to his mouth and does a big projectile, with small radium
3) He puts his hands together and summons a snake below you.

Like all bosses, teleport behind him, hit him with  combo and get away from
his body. When he gets up, wait for him to get close to you, teleport, hit him
twice and use a jutsu(Shishi Rendan, Summon, Chidori, or  Uzumaki Naruto Rendan
work wonders on him)(this way you ensure he has less health than you when he
use a jutsu, so he loses more health than you). If you hit him AFTER he had his
hands together, the snake will still bite you.In case you didn't notice, your
best bet is to use Naruto or Sasuke(or the Secret Character).

You'll meet him again numerous times, and on the second one he'll be able
to summon a sword that will slash at you, EVEN when Orochimaru is lying in the
floor. He will pull the sword once he gets to the yellow health bar.
It is possible to beat him before he pulls the sword from his throat.(Looks
The third time, when you fight him and he reaches the yellow health bar, he'll
summon the two past hokages. They will try to trap you in ivy and shoot energy
at you.
Like with the sword, you can kill him before he summons the hokages.
Kakkashi and *SECRET* work wonders on this fool.

Sound Ninja 1: AKA Spiky haired Ninja. Get used to his face, as you'll see
it many more times.
 He has three attacks:
1) Shoots in three direction small sound waves, if only one hits you, light
2) Shoots a BIG sound wave, with short radium, for medium damage
3) Shoots a sound wave from below you, for medium damage
He's an easy kill, like most bosses.
The first time you fight him ,You'll be using Sakura, it is recommended
that you use the "Inner Sakura Barrage" and hit him, and before he touches the
floor hit him again, for a 52+ combo attack.
Each time you meet him, he'll get slightly stronger and faster.
Shino, Chouji, Kakkashi and *SECRET* work wonders on this fool.

Sound Ninja 2: AKA the one with the fur cape. If you meet the Sound Ninja
1, You'll see the Sound Ninja 2.
He has three attacks:
1) 4 hit combo, medium damage(you can evade most of them even if you get
hit by one)
2)Grab, he stays put, his arm shines, and he dashes forward, easy to evade,
if he does catch you(Very unlikely) he'll do medium damage
3) Jump Attack, light damage.
Each time you meet him, he'll get slightly stronger and faster.
Shino, Chouji, Kakkashi and *SECRET* work wonders on this fool.

(Next Update: Kabuto,Gaara, Etc)
Basics of the game:
You will get a grade(A,B or C) on four areas : Time, Characters, Enemies
defeated and Leaves collected.
-You must finish each stage quickly to gain an A rank
-You must gather a certain amount of leaves or more to get an A(Example, if you
get 9/10 you get a B, if you get 10/10 or 20/10 you get an A.
- To get an A, all characters must survive(If the secret character dies you
get a B)
- To get an A you need to beat a certain amount of enemies. The ranking is
like the one of the leaves, you must kill ATLEAST X number of enemies

In total, you get 4 ranks, if you get, for example,
A,A,B,A---->Total RANK=A
C,A,A,A---->Total RANK=B
A,A,B,B---->Total RANK=B
Beat the game with an A to get the HOKAGE rank
Beat the game with a  B to get the S.Jounin

Time Challenge(TM): You get a speed boost, and need to reach the end in a
certain amount of time.

Defeat All Enemies!(DAE): You need to kill all the enemies on screen to
continue, usually they come in waves of three.

Chief Toad VS The Sand Demon; A Event which only occurs on the last chapters if
you do....something...
Leaves: Gather 10 or more
Enemies: Beat 01 enemy
Characters: All Characters must survive

This is a one on three battle against Rock Lee, Jump around to grab the
scroll and the leaves. Rock isn't hard at all, just pummel him to death.

Unlike most bosses, Rock wont teleport as soon as he gets up, so you can
get close to him and hit him as he gets back on his feet.

---------------Chapter 02-----------
*The Second Exam*
Sub-Stages: 5
Enemies:  Ninja
          Big Ninja
          Clawed Ninja
          Liquid Ninja
Traps:    Rolling Logs
          Bamboo Spikes
          Red and green Seals
Boss/es: Orochimaru, Sound Ninja 1, Sound Ninja 2
Tasks: Get more than 55 leaves, slay more than 90 enemies
TMs: 1
DAEs: 7

Sub Stage 1:

Here you just have to press forward, the screen will get locked thrice
until you defeat all enemies.
There are logs scattered around that may carry knives or leaves.
You will find Clawed Ninjas, Common Ninjas and Big Ninjas.
Remember to avoid the seals, specially the green one as it explodes upon

Sub Stage 2:
Defeat Orochimaru- Fairly easy, just teleport behind him and
pummel him, you don't need to deplete his whole life bar.

Defeat the Sound Village Ninjas: Handicap: Only Sakura.
First You'll face the Spiky haired Ninja, he has three types of attacks,
and all are easily avoidable. Don't stray to far, as he may attack you from
below.If you linger for too long, Sasuke will be playable too(Alongside the
secret character, if you have him).
After defeating him, the one with the fur behind will be next. Sometimes he
wont teleport upon getting up, so you may want to wait near him to pummel him.
Remember to get the two scrolls located on the top of the left and right
corners. They Are Chouji and Shikamaru.

Sub Stage 3:
Your first time challenge, you have 280 seconds to reach the
end. All characters get a speed boost. Here you will have to avoid the Bamboo
Spikes, and the seals, and near the end, some rolling logs.
Remember to try to grab all leaves, and if you miss some, you CANT go back,
so time your jumps.

Sub Stage 4:
Don't USE SCROLLS, as the timer keeps ticking, and the scrolls
take to long(YES IM LOOKING AT YOU,CHOUJI!). The characters lose the speed
boost, and you'll meet a new enemy, Purple Ninjas, they die with one hit, so no
biggie. Theres one "Defeat all enemies".

Sub Stage 5:
Now, this is more like the Sub Stage 1, as you don't have speed
boost, and the screen WILL get locked thrice(again). The enemies, yet again,
are the Purple,Clawed,Common and Big Ninjas.
On the second lock, if you go far to the left, you'll see a log, break it
to reveal a healing kit.
Throw the enemies to the spikes to kill the easilier.

You just Beated Stage 2!.
----------------------------Chapter 3--------------------------------
(To be continued)

-Beat the game once to get ROCK LEE as an extra, fourth character(It makes
the game EVEN easier).
-Beat the game with all A's to get the 3rd Hokage Scroll(Instant Kill on ANY
enemy and bosses) it makes the game EVEN easier.
-Beat the game with all A's to make the words in the save screen purple.

Q: If I have the secret character on my team, do I need to get him killed to, in
order to play the Chief Toad mini-game?
R: Yes, otherwise you have to do the long way with SECRET and Naruto

Q: Aaaah! The Kakashi Scroll dissapeared!
R: You proably won the game with the A rank, so Kakashi is gone, forever(On
that save file), but a much better scroll took his place.

Q: The Jutsus won't work! What's going on?
R: You have to press them nice and slowly, otherwise they won't work.

Q: Can I play as Neji?, I saw a video of someone playing as him
R: Nope, you probably saw a video of MUGEN...
Graphics: (8/10) Im being generous, so what, the animation is great, the
sprites are big and it all looks awesome, don't expect fancy special effects
like Golden Sun though.

Sound (3/10) It sound like a Gameboy Color game, I kid you not!

Control(5/10) It ain't good, the Jutsus are hard to perform and the characters
move kinda...clunky(But are Excellently animated)

Gameplay(5/10) It's your run of the mill Beat em up, nothing too special

Extras (5/10) Will you be replaying the game? Yes, but not to get anything
new. The two unlockables make the game even easier than it was before, not to
mention that it's so short that it Can be beaten in under 2 hours.

Fun(10/10)Basically I talked bad of everything, yet I find the game
incredibly fun, I simply cant put the game down :P

"Honest" : 4/10, most people would be better off without playing it, unless
they like Naruto
"Narutard" 10/10 AWESOME ITS A MUST PLAY!!!!!111
"Based on Fun" 8/10, this is MY opinion, I really loved the game, but I
doubt anyone will like it as much as I did.....

---------------------------Closing Up-------------------(CLUP00)
Everything written here belongs to me, Ignacio "Archile" Puppo.
Don't steal, pleasy please.
Contact info: [email protected]
Juan JD Chimpy Se la come.