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Follow the dark path or use the light
Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion Pack Shot

Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion


Nancy Drew: Message In A Haunted Mansion

by svr_09

   ##     #  ##### ##     # ###### #   #
   # #    #  #   # # #    # #       # #
   #  #   #  ##### #  #   # #        #
   #   #  #  #   # #   #  # #        #
   #    # #  #   # #    # # #        #
   #     ##  #   # #     ## ######   #
   #####  ####   ###### #       #
   #    # #   #  #      #       #
   #    # # ##   #####  #   #   #
   #    # #   #  #      #  # #  #
   #    # #   #  #      # #   # # 
   #####  #   #  ###### #      ##

 Message In A Haunted Mansion

Walkthrough created by svr_09


1-1. Walkthrough
1-2. Chapter 1
1-3. Chapter 2
1-4. Chapter 3
1-5. Chapter 4
1-6. Chapter 5
1-7. Chapter 6
1-8. Chapter 7 (End Of The Game)

1-1. Walkthrough

 Greetings, Nancy Drew fans or gamers. Pop quiz! Who can tell me, what game it is. 1000 dollar question going once.... going twice..... just fooling around with you. Anyways, I'm glad to be giving the info that I know that can help you beat this game and solve the mystery of whose behind the mysterious accidents thats going on in the Mansion. Let me tell alittle about the game in my point prospective. This game has crappy graphics, I mean it ain't like all the other Nancy Drew games. But, theres actually some interesting things about this game. And one is that the storyline is the same as the pc version of the game. The other interesting thing is that its shorter than any other Nancy Drew game. Its that easy.


1-2. CHAPTER 1

This is basically just using you're detective skills and what you know on previous Nancy Drew games. Anyways, you start out in a chinese bedroom. Heres what you need to do first. You use your cursor on the poem hanging on the wall which is right before you leave the room. Then turn around and you'll see a dragon statue. Just slueth it and you'll find the word "DAUGHTER" which is beneathe the statue. You also have loose bed post, which you can pry later (Chapter 2). Then after that let's get to the best part of the game Investigating.

First of all heres the map of the rooms you can enter:

Main Stairs
          |     Chinese Room - Your Room
          |         |
          |         |
Reno work------------
                |--Abby's Room - (Accessible in Chapter 3 & 7)
Service Stairs--|
 first floor

                |                   |
  *Main Stairs--|--Main Stairs*     |
                |                 Study
 Second floor   |--Saloon
       |        |
Service Stairs--|--dumbwaiter
           Dining Room

There ain't too many places you can go to which sucks. Well, at least you can move around. First of all you need to head for Abby's Room. You can't actually go in there cause Abby will come out of the door. You ask here questions and she tells you that the mansion is haunted. Yeah, right and pigs can fly. Anyways, she really isn't such a big help in the game, the only thing she says that isn't ghost related is that Charlie is the reason of the accidents. Does she have a freaking grudge against this guy or something.

Anyways, lets take a trip down I mean down the first floor. You'll see two double doors go in through them and you'll be in the dining room. You'll see Rose sitting there busy as she'll ever be, she doesn't really care about you're investigation. She'll ask you for a favor to solve the inlay puzzle on the floor which is right below the white cabinet (See FAQ). After that talk to her again and then you're done talking to her. Then head for the Saloon which is to the right doorway.

As your down there, you'll see Charlie, the handy-man. He really isn't much help at this moment but something tells he doesn't really know what the hell is going on? Which then we head for the Entryway then into the parlor. Then you'll see another door and its the Study Hall. You'll find a man named Louis, he is a historian. He seems to be hiding secrets about whats going on. We'll lets continue shall we. Let's head our way back up stairs to Abby's Room.

Once again she answers here door and she tells you that the spirits want to speak to you. Heres some good news there. Well, if they are real then case closed. Anyways, back to the game. You're in a seance and you hear the voice of the spirit she is calling upon. I like the voice as it says "I CAN SEE YOU!" Freaking freaky. Then its over. The first Chapter is done.


1-2. CHAPTER 2

Its a new day as they say. You'll begin this chapter in the Chinese Room. Talk with
Abby before heading downstairs.  Gossip with Rose about this and that.  Keep
talking with her until she mentions she wants you to remove the ceiling tiles
from the upstairs hallway.

You'll need a paint scraper so head into the Entryway.  You will find it on the
bottom shelf of the scaffolding next to the paint can and tray.  Since you're
down that way, you might as well chat with Louis and see if he has anything new
to talk about.

It's Charlie's day off, so how about some snooping in the Saloon while he's
gone?  The cash register has a key in its drawer.  You'll need it, so scoop it
up!  The Seance corner close up has something intriguing.  Open up the panel on
the bottom of the table and take the tape.

Now for the piano.  You'll find the Hanzi for "river" inside the piano bench on
a piece of paper. At this point, you'll want to pop open the piano roll pan. 
Since the process to find out how to do this was long and convoluted (I had to
ask my musically gifted gaming buddy and I'm pretty sure you don't have access
to him) and I don't want to send you running all over the house, I'm just going
to tell you how to open it.  Using the piano keyboard, press the following keys
B, E, G, A, and G.  For the musically challenged, please see the
better-than-real-life ASCII piano (tm) and the accompanying text in Appendix C.

Once you've got inside, grab the bit of piano paper.

Now let's deface your bedpost.  Head upstairs to the Chinese Room and use the
scraper on the post.  Voila!  Another key.  Leave and head to the dead end
hallway that's full of renovation equipment.  Rose has set up a ladder for you. 
How nice!

Go up the ladder and use the scraper on the ceiling.  What's this?  A trap
door??  Wouldn't you know it, it's locked.  Use one of the keys you found to
open it.  Once inside the Secret Attic, have a good long look around.  Grab the
crowbar from the tool box.  Pick up the iron from the chest.  On the barrel
with the bottles you will find a piece of tile.  What do you do with anything
that's not digitally nailed down?  Take it.

Open the desk with your other key and rifle through it.  You will find an
incomplete musical score.  Use the piano paper on this score to reveal the
secret message "Find Diego on the stairs".  Also take note of the Hanzi for
"beginning" on the practice paper.

When it's time to leave, the trapdoor's pull rope will break. I guess this really isn't your night is it? The rope was rotten. Quick do something or this place will be haunted by you. Use the crobar and you're done with that place.

Talk to Rose downstairs.  She doesn't much care about what you found.  If you
keep talking to her she'll ask you to fix the mini elevator (dumbwaiter).  In
the downstairs hallway, take a close look at the dumbwaiter.  You'll notice the
rope is broken.  Use the iron you took from the attic on it.  Nothing happened. 
Or did it?  Pop upstairs and examine the other dumbwaiter door.  Oooh,
something's in there!  Grab the tile and make note of the Hanzi for "eye" on
the teacup.

Head to the Main Staircase.  On the landing overlooking the Entryway you'll see
the chandelier right in front of you.  Below the chandelier is a hand railing. 
Move your cursor along the bottom of the railing until you get the "close up"
cursor.  Mess around with the five posts until they read "DIEGO"(read FAQ).Once you've got it, a
secret compartment will open below the posts.  Grab the Hanzi symbol and read
the paper. Thats basically how the day will end.

1-4. CHAPTER 3

All hell will break loose for you now. Some crooked person has sent you a warning. They must really love for you to drop the whole case. Well, guess what? Nancy Drew don't go down like that. Well theres no sense in hanging around in the chinese room. Let's get back to cracking and no slacking.

First of all lets go snooping as you can see now you can go in Abby's room. You'll see the spider lock dresser. Well, as you can see you must have a spider like key. You'll find it in a black jewelry box. What? It ain't like she's gonna know. Using the funky
spider on the lock can open her Armoire. Abby is quite well equipped!  
The only thing you can do here is pop the cassette into the tape deck on the bottom and listen to the horribly digitized voice.  Put the spider back in the box and scamper out of there.

Uh, oh remember when I said hell will break loose I meant it. As you can see someone doesn't really want you here permenantly. So, what do they set a box on fire in the parlor. Well, don't just stand there like dummy do something! Oh, wait I just heard a birdie once told me. All you're problems are only a short corner away. Well, its a lie so, dang you Joe Dirt. Anyways, theres a way of putting the fire out, theres a fire extinguisher underneathe the cabinet. Hurry put it out. After that you'll be in dining room with Rose. She'll give you some info on what the just happened. Well, the chat session is over. Go back to palor and investigate. Whoa, theres Rose's letters burnt into crisp. As, you can see theres no Louis. That means you can investigate in his study room.

Well, theres a another piece of tile and its the last tile over at the bookshelf near his desk. Place tiles on the fireplace panels where it shows three missing tiles. After that you can access the secret corridor by pulling the lever. Enter the secret corridor. Its a small room but all you need is the lantern and the Hanzi word "CHILD" which is on the painting of a the little girl. Oh, whats this its a peep show. Let's take alook.

It's numb nuts Louis and he's putting a book in the briefcase. Holy crap, this chapter is over.


1-5. CHAPTER 4.

Well, this is the first shortest chapter. Cause Louis is gone. After you get out of the corridor, go to Louis's computer and get the code for the briefcase. After that you'll see the book that he stolen and its called "Gum Bo Fu!" What the heck kinda book is that, oh well.

Now you have access to the Saloon again, this time you have the Lantern. So now you can access the secret tunnel under the fireplace. Be sure to equip it or you're gonna fall in the pit. Which basically ends the game. Now, your in a secret room, you'll find the Hanzi word "KING" on the chinese take out box. Then theres a floppy disk and letter from Charlie to his parents.

Hmmm... I wonder why he lied about staying between apartments. Well, anyways let's go back up to the laptop and read the floppy disk. Well, its just a story. I guess we can um... leave the study room and then leave the palor to end the chapter.


1-6. CHAPTER 5.

ow you have access to the Saloon again, this time you have the Lantern. So now you can access the secret tunnel under the fireplace. Be sure to equip it or you're gonna fall in the pit. Which basically ends the game. Now, your in a secret room, you'll find the Hanzi word "KING" on the chinese take out box. Then theres a floppy disk and letter from Charlie to his parents.

Hmmm... I wonder why he lied about staying between apartments. Well, anyways let's go back up to the laptop and read the floppy disk. Well, its just a story. I guess we can um... leave the study room and then leave the palor to end the chapter.


1-7. CHAPTER 6.

Everyone is in the house. So, really you can go talk to everyone. But go to where Louis is first. If you called Emily and asked her to get some info on "Gum Bo Fu!" Then you can ask Louis about that word. He'll then ask where did you hear that word? Well, it would be good to tell the truth but if I were you I wouldn't risk it. Cause he would then know you looked at his book, and then Rose would ask you to leave the mansion. GAME OVER! But ah, why not lie? Let's just say you read it from a magazine.

Dang, he bought it! Cause he'll then tell that it means "House Of Great Books?" Ah, really I didn't know that. I suck at chinese. Well, that was fun wasn't it. Now let's go see how our good friend Charlie is doing. He's in the Saloone. Uh, oh you told him about his secret. And he then tells you that he is innocent and you give him the disk back. Don't even waste your time asking him what "Gum Bo Fu!" means cause he doesn't know. Well, that only means one thing. He isn't the one causing the accidents, for once I believe this guy. He's a liar just not a very good liar.

Well, let's see how Rose is doing? She tells you that everyone will be out of the house for awhile and she then tells you that theres a letter for you up in the room. She also tells you she removed a tapestry from your room and a found a panel with Chinese Zodiac Symbols on them. Leave the room to end the chapter.


1-8. CHAPTER 7 (End Of The Game)

Go upstairs to your room and read the letter.  The Hanzi for "GOLDEN" is on the
bottom most left.  Have a detailed look at the bedside panel.  It's the Chinese
Zodiac!  Press the animals in this order: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon,
Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Boar.  Appendix C is usefull for
identifying the animals.

The panel opens to reveal a combination lock!  If you exit out of here you will
have to do the Zodiac puzzle again.  Open the safe using the Hanzi you
collected.  The order of the characters is on the tapestry by your door (or in
Appendix C!).

Inside the safe read the Last Will and Testament.  The pyramid seems to be
missing something.  Use the Hanzi charm on it.  Another puzzle!  Turn all of
the moon tiles into sun tiles to open it.  Again, Appendix C has the solution. 
Inside the pyramid you will find a very large ruby.  Take it.

Head downstairs to the Entry Hall.  Get a detailed look at the Phoenix Head on
one of the stair posts (facing the Hallway door, the post on the left).  Use
the ruby on the Phoenix and the location of a secret area will be revealed. 
Get a detailed look at the Entry floor.  Use your crowbar on the symbol.  Wow! 
It's so shiny!

POW! It all went black. And that means only one thing you weren't alone at all. Its Louis, he is the guy who sent you the letter, he was the one who burnt Roses letters, he was the one who made my sister clean his toliet seats for (just kidding about the last one). He wanted you out from the very get go.

Once the cut scene has ended, you will be standing on the bottom of the stairs. 
If you don't do the following in the exact order I've numbered, Louis will get away! GAMEOVER!  

* 1. Turn around and head up the stairs until you see the painting
of the man.
2. Beside the painting is a Cleat.
3. Get a close up of the Cleat and
keep clicking on it until the chandelier falls.