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Mega Man Zero 3


Mega Man Zero 3 FAQ/Walkthrough

by DJ Tigresa and MC Pantera

Megaman Zero 3
Version 0.7
Author: DJ Tigresa and MC Pantera
Email: [email protected] and
[email protected] 
Our websites:,,

Contact info: 
VXplosive (AIM), Torakira (AIM), [email protected] (MSN –Tigresa), and 
[email protected] (MSN-Pantera).

Disclaimer: Megaman Zero 3 and its characters are copyright 
of Capcom Co. Ltd. (

Disclaimer 2: This FAQ/Walkthrough is the copyright of Tigresa and Pantera 
Steel. If you want to use this FAQ on any of your sites, give us a ring-a-
ding-ding on our email addresses or at our forums.

Disclaimer 3: To the tards who like to jump to conclusions. We did not copy 
the EX skills from no topics. We were given the info at one of messageboards
by one of the posters and we put what he said down. We didn't know about
said topics till now.

Table of Contents
-Extra parts
-EX Features
-Cyber Elves
-Cast of Characters
-Walkthrough and Script
-Secret Disks, Locations, Translations
-Ulimate Mode Explanations

This game is in Japanese but sadly we do not speak that language so pay 
attention to the instructions we give you as we describe everything by sight 
and gameplay and not by text. The European version comes out in September and 
the US version comes out in October. It's unusual for the U.S. to get last 
dibs on videogames since the Europeans usually do that. If anyone knows 
Japanese then let us know and maybe we can co-write the FAQ.  The gameplay we 
can cover, the miscellaneous stuff and any other add-ons you can do.

Update: The game is out in Europe and we can finally finish this guide

From PlanetMegaman:

There came a day when the nightmare of the Dark Elf ended, as well as the 
calming of attacks from Neo Arcadia. Information came under the supervision 
of the Resistance that a giant battleship fell into a snow field. Ciel knows 
at that place is a powerful energy reaction similar to the Dark Elf, so Zero 
and a Resistance group go out to investigate the area. 

Meanwhile at Neo Arcadia, fearing the unrest of humans, the fact is kept 
secret that Zero defeated Copy X, the symbol of human reign. The outward 
appearance of peace remains unchanged. Serving as the agent of X, Harpuia has 
grasped the actual command of matters, but...

The enemy Weil appeared newly with his eight subordinates "The Hachishinkan - 
The Bairu Numbers."

They usually take on a human form, and in the role of the director of the 
"Neo Arcadia Central Council" which was discontinued by X's revival, Weil is 
giving assistance.

But, this is the form assumed by the demon.

For the person who strikes back at Bairu, however, their true forms will be 

Primary Weapon: press B

Secondary weapon: hold R and press B with Control A. (can be changed to R 
button with Control B).

Switch weapons: If this option is chosen in the control panel with Control C, 
you can press R to switch between the two weapons currently on your person.

Dash: press L or hit forward twice

Climb ladders: Up or Down when overlapping one to grab then use up or down to

Talk: press up in front of someone

Choose: press A at any menu

Automatically decline: Press B at any menu

Bring up the gameplay menu: Press Start

While in gameplay menu
Choose menu: L or R. There are two options at the bottom that tells you what 
menu will appear when you press L or R.

Skip some cutsences: Press start during a cutscene to skip though it does 
work on all.
Life-up: comes in large or small quantities and fills your life bar depending 
on the size.

Energy Crystal: also comes in large or small quantities and gives you food 
for the Elves (until we change it, we refer to it as Elf Food)

Disk: a number appears and after a level, you go to a lab and talk to the 
scientist and basically the card represent information on characters, parts, 
etc. but sadly can't read for now.

Blue doors: These appear throughout the stages and turn the stage green when 
you enter them. Everything that you kill will give you a life-up or energy 
crystals. Entering a blue door will lower your grade with the exception of 
the Baby Elves Stage II which you must enter in order to fight Phantom and it 
seems that the game understands the situation and will let blue door penalty 
slide if you fight Phantom.

1-ups: These are shaped like Zs. They give you an extra chance to finish your 

Buster Shot: This is just a simple shot from Zero's gun. You can charge it up 
by holding B then releasing it to fire a more powerful shot.

Z-Saber: This is Zero's famous sword that he uses to slice through enemies. 
Press B multiple times to do a slashing combo. Charging the Saber will create 
a shockwave. Extra attacks include a dashing attack and a spinning attack if 
you attack while dash n jumping. It’s similar to an old move from the MMX 

Recoil Rod – This jabs the enemy and pushes it back. A charged attack will 
allow you to push blocks, alter enemy armor guards, and can work as a pogo 
stick. Some enemies can be stunned as well.

Shield Boomerang – Protects you from bullets. Charging it will toss it at 
enemies and will return to you.

As you beat bosses, you gain special items you can equip to Zero if you find 
the disk during the stage.

They are divided to three parts: Helm Parts, Elemental Parts, and Foot Parts

Helm Parts

Normal - Typical helm, no bonuses.

Helm w/dashes – obtained by finding card no. 002. Zero restores energy while 

Helm w/circles - Auto Charge weapons.

Helm w/lines in a shining pattern - Quick Charge weapons.

Elemental Parts

Normal – Just plain red Zero. No bonuses.

Electricity – obtained from the Hellbat Silt. Zero is yellow and his charged 
attacks are electric based.

Fire – obtained from Blazin' Flizard. Zero is orange-red and charged attacks 
are fire based.

Ice – obtained from Chilldre Inarabitta. Zero turns blue and his charged 
attacks are ice based

Light – obtained from Deathtants Mantisk. Zero turns green and with this body, 
he can stand on unstable platforms without them falling and he can also stand 
on surfaces where he would normally sink in.

Grey – keeps you from being knocked backwards when hit.

Leg Parts

Normal – no bonuses

Leg with water (Splash jump) - allows you to hop out the water the moment you 
splash in it.

Leg with lines (Quick) – added dashing. 

Leg pointing sideways(Forge) – prevents slipping

Bouncing arrow - Double jump

Leg on the wall(Spike) – Slide down the wall slower

Dashing Zero(Shadow) – make you invincible while dashing

Leg with a greenish glow (Ultimate Foot) – obtained from Phantom. All the 
abilities of the other leg parts. 

EX Skills
To get them, enter a mission with an A Rank or S Rank.

They are listed from left to right onto the next line.

1: Charge up normal buster shot, with no elemental chips. Release. Laser that 
bounces off walls pops out.

2: Use thunder chip on buster. Normal shot is now split into two, the charged 
shot is the same and a large thunder ball too.

3: Use fire chip on buster. Charged shot becomes a fireball that explodes 
with splash damage.

4: Use ice chip. Charged buster shot becomes three ice spikes rushing forward.

5: Replaces dashing slash on saber with a forward thrust.

6: Press down and attack as you jump. Zero will thrust the saber downwards as 
he falls. Use with thunder chip for a longer blade, and two balls of 
electricity running across the floor.

7: Classic Rising Fury. Press Up and attack for Zero to execute a jumping 
slash. Use fire chip for a blazing saber.
-Also the height is higher.

8: Press down and attack. A triangle wave will emerge out of Zero's saber. 
Use Ice Chip for an extra effect.

9: Rapid Rod. Simply rapidly attack with the Recoil Rod for a very quick 

10: Charge up the recoil rod, press up, and release. The upwards Recoil Rod 
charge has the extra effect of sprouting energy balls into the air which rain 
down on foes.
-Fire chip will stay on Ground a bit.

11: Shield charge replacement. Using it slides the shield, as a huge disc, 
along the ground, after which it floats up and back towards Zero.
-When you use lighting body, you will make a trail of sparks on the floor.

12: This last EX Skill is used by press Down while you release the charge on 
your Shield. This results in the huge disc instead whirling around Zero. 
While this is done other weapons can be used, so have fun.
-When you use ice body, it will rotate 6 times.(normally 4 times)

The options are in this order

Satellite 1
Satellite 2

Using cyber-elf has two ways of giving Zero abilities
1)Satellite: Use cyber-elf as option(just flying around Zero)
2)Fusion: Use cyber-elf to fuse with Zero's body

If you use the Cyber-Elf as a Satellite, it will fly around Zero and give him 

If you the Cyber-Elf, the CE will die but give ability to Zero permanently. 
The drawback is that it reduces your grade.

Normally Zero only can use 2 Cyber Elves as Satellite while Fusion is 
unlimited but RIP to the Elf

Feed the Cyber Elves with Energy Crystals for two functions
1. Level up the Elf
2. Change between Satellite and Fusion
S: This Cyber Elf is Satellite Form
F: This Cyber Elf is Fusion Form
SA: Satellite (Automatically fusion when you go through a blue door)
FA: Fusion (Automatically fusion when you go through a blue door)

Note: When enter the green color stage, Cyber Elves that Zero has not used 
yet, automatically but not permanently fuse to Zero's body to let Zero use 
all abilities the Cyber Elves have. When Zero is out from green stage, Cyber 
Elves will come out from Zero's body and Zero is back to the way he was 
before the fusion.
Some Cyber Elves are Satellite Form, some are Fusion, but some are both (feed 
them to change them)
Circle: Can be used

Arrow pointing up: No clue. Possibly, you can only feed them so much till 
they don’t need to be fed anymore but can be used if not fed.

L1, L2: Not ready to be used, need Energy Crystals to level up so they can be 

Recycle: Can change between Satellite Form and Fusion by feeding with Energy 

NO with 1:   Equipped as Satellite 1

NO with 2:   Equipped as Satellite 2

He is the hero of the series

She is Zero's "girlfriend". She is the one who sends you out on missions.

X (actually Copy X Mk. 2)
Apparently he returns in physical form. Play through the intro stage and beat 
the boss to see what we mean. Upon further review, he is determined to be 
Copy X MK II

Dr. Bairu
Some say Weil, others say Bail or Bairu. We’ll just go with the Japanese name. 
He is the main antagonist of the game although you never get to fight him. He 
is responsible for the awakening of Omega, the cursing of the Mother Elf and 
the leader of The Hachishinkan - The Bairu Numbers."

If anyone can get the name of the other characters, we would appreciate it. 
We'll credit you for it.

Walkthrough and Script
Intro Stage (Fallen Battleship)
The legendary Reploid Zero awoke from a lomg slumber...
With Ciel's Resistance he defeated Copy X, the ruler of Neo Arcadia.
The terror of the Neo Arcadia regime ended,
but the energy shortage remains a problem
Ciel devoted herself to researching new forms of energy.
And Elpizo became the newly appointed Resistance Leader.
However, overcome by his desire for power,
Elpizo awakened the Dark Elf, whose magic had once nearly destroyed the world.
Elpizo, thirsting for the power of the Dark Elf, lost sight of his true duty,
and was finally defeated after a fierce battle.
However, the Dark Elf fled, her destination unknown...
The battle over the Dark Elf had only just begun...

Two months later.

**Zero, Ciel and gang walking**

Reploid 1: It sure is quiet...
There haven't been many Neo Arcadian attacks lately.
Things are almost too peaceful now...

Reploid 2: Ms. Ciel completed her research on the new energy...
and if it solves the energy crisis,
Neo Arcadia won't have a reason to fight us anymore.

Ciel: Actually...
I already informed Neo Arcadia about
this new energy, the "Ciel System"...
But...I haven't recieved a reply yet...

Reploid 1: Don't Worry! I'm sure their answer will come soon!
There's no more reason to fight. We can live in peace!

Zero: We're in the middle of a mission.
So put a lid on it and walk!

Ciel: *gulp!* Sorry!
The reading is getting stronger. We're close...

Reploid 2: The snow is letting up...

Reploid 1: W-Wow! Look at that!

**shot of a ship**

Zero: Is that...Some kind of ship?

Reploid 1: Ms. Ciel...
Did that...huge thing...fall from outer space?

Ciel: Yes...but what's more...
It's giving out the same energy reading as the Dark Elf
of which there is only one in the whole world...
Zero was against the idea, but I just had to find out...
What could possibly be going on here?

**back to the crew**

Zero: Neo Arcadia has the area ahead of us cordoned off.

Ciel: What?

Zero: You guys stay here until I make sure it's safe.

Ciel: Okay...Be careful, Zero...

Head right while slashing iceberg cannons in the way as well as some enemies 
who burrow  in the snow, pop up and throw objects at you.  One iceberg cannon
will leave its disk behind. Drop into the pit to get a hidden disk on the left
and climb out and head right till you stop. 

Zero: Up ahead...
That's where the Dark Elf reading is coming from
**pic of Dark Elf**
She knew who I was.
Why would the elf who almost destroyed the world know me?

Ciel: Zero are you there?
Zero: Maintain radio Silence!
The enemy is near...

**shot of Ciel and reploids**

Ciel: Oh, I-I'm sorry

Reploid 1: Get down! Neo Arcadians!

Reploid 2: Ms. Ciel look out!

**shot of Zero**

Zero: No!

Harpuia: Relax! They won't come to any harm.

Zero: Harpuia?!

Harpuia: I'm letting you off the hook this time.
But you and those resistance fighters must leave, now!

Zero: You're letting us off the hook?!

Harpuia: Scram! I don't have time to mess with you now!

Zero: ...

Ciel: Zero...Can you hear me?

Zero: Seems you're okay.
Leave the rest of this up to me.
I want you all to head back to the resistance base.

Ciel: But Zero...

Zero: I have heard that voice somewhere before...

**shot of Zero looking at ship**

Is it...calling me?

As you move right, destroy the ice blocks in the way. Work your way up and 
destroy the enemies you come across and gather the cards. Along the path, use 
the ice blocks as leverage to a disk and energy crystal and hop back down and 
continue up the path. Once you reach the second gate, you'll see Neo Arcadians 
destroyed by Omega who rams Leviathan into the wall. Fefnir steps 
in and tries to fight Omega only to get punched

Fefneir: Now you're askin' for it!
I'll blast you to pieces!

**shot of Omega**

Leviathan: *pant pant* Are you alive, Fefnir?

Fefnir: What a monster...
The two of us fighting together, and not a scratch.

Leviathan: Omega, the evil Reploid banished from Meo Arcadia...
He's pretty tough...

Zero runs in and confronts Omega while the Fefneir and Leviathan retreat.

Fefnir: Zero?! What the heck are you doing here?!

Zero: What is that thing?

Leviathan: That's Omega. His mere existance defies reality...
He's strong but...
He's not as fun to fight as you are. Hehe...
I don't feel like fighting him so he's yours...
See you later, Zero. **leaves**

Fefnir: Bah, that Leviathan...
Grr, I can't move! Well have to finish this another time!
Hey Zero!
I'll get you and that Omega one of these days!
Don't you dare die before then, Zero! **leaves**

Zero: Omega, huh?
So you were the one who called me here?

Boss Fight: Omega
Just slash or fire at his belly. The slash is a more effective method since 
it does more damage quickly. When his hands come out, he'll fire down at you 
with his top hand and straight ahead with his lower hand. Jump over his lower 
straight shot, dash under the high straight shot, and walk away from the 
upper straight shot. The pattern is simple to avoid: walk, jump, walk, dash, 
walk, and walk before he pulls his hands back. His other attack is the 3 orbs 
attack. Get on the very left that way you only have to worry about one of the 
orbs. There are two patterns: far, middle, and near and the other way around. 
The far one is the only one you really need to avoid by jumping. If you stay 
to the left, the orbs will bounce harmlessly away. Just attack the chest area 
till the fight is over. Wasn't that easy ladies and gentlemen? 
After the fight, Harpuia appears and gets ready to finish the job before Dr 
Bairu/Weil appears. A reploid that appears to be X appears and the Harpuia 
kneels in front of him. After a few more exchange of words, everyone teleports 
out of the room and the level is over.

Omega: Grrr...

Zero: You just don't give up, do you...

**Harpuia comes in and Omega puts arms down**

Omega: Gaaarrrwl!

Harpuia: So you're Omega. 
I'm afraid I can't let you leave this place, ever.
Time for your destruction!

**Harpuia rises**

Dr. Weil: Hehehehe...Omega that will be quite enough.
From this day forward...You will fight with this person as a Neo Arcadian
It's not polite smashing a friend like that.

Omega: Gaarwl...Lord...Weil

Harpuia: A Neo Arcadian?! Who is this guy?!

**shot of Weil**

Dr. Weil: Hehehehe...
I am Weil. You may call me Dr. Weil.
You must know my name, Harpuia of the Four Guardians?
And you...the legendary hero. Zero...

Harpuia: Dr. Weil?!
You're kidding me! It can't be! Why are you, who were
banished from Neo Arcadia a century ago, with Omega?!

Copy X Mk-II: That's simple.
I-I brought him.

**back to shot of everyone**

Harpuia: M...Master X? Is that you?!

**Harpuia comes down and kneels like a bitch**

Copy X Mk-II: Harpuia! Hehe, you haven't changed!
And th-then there's...I missed y-you, Zero...

Zero: You must be...You're a copy aren't you?

Dr. Weil: Hehehe!
I brought back Master X, whom you defeated long ago!
To protect humanity from the chaos of this world!

Copy X Mk-II: Weil saved my life. I owe h-him, see...
I'll take Omega back, thank y-you.
Harpuia, you k-keep searching for the Dark Elf.
Omega and the Dark Elf...
We'll need them both for what's to c-come...

Harpuia: But Master X! Think how many humans died
because of the Dark Elf and Omega, both built by this man...
How can you justify exposing humanity to such a grave danger,
especially now with the energy crisis almost solved?!

Dr. Weil: What's this? Are you trying to tell Master X what to do?
When did you grow so bold, Harpuia?

Harpuia: Weil...You...(cmon just call him an assfuck, you know you do)

Copy X Mk-II: So Zero, You g-guys are searching for the Dark Elf, right?
Let's m-make a contest out of it!
I'll sh-show you who the real hero i-is!

Dr. Weil: Hehehe.. Now things are getting interesting, Zero!
Let's see how far you get with that body! Hehehe...

**all except Zero leave**

Zero: **ponders Dr. Weil's words** "With that body"...?...

Ciel on radio: Zero...This is terrible...

Zero: So you were monitoring the whole thing?

Ciel: Hurry back to the base. Operator?

Operator: Commencing Trans.

Operator 2: Transmission complete

Ciel: What should I do?

Zero: Not letting Neo Arcadia have the Dark Elf...
That would be priority number one.

Operator: I will calculate our best course of action, giving
to the search for the Dark Elf.
I will report to Ms. Ciel as soon as the results are in,

Reploid 1: Ms. Ciel, please cheer up.
Everything's turned out alright before, hasn't it?!

Reploid 2: That's right. We believe in you, Ms. Ciel. And in Mr. Zero, too!

Ciel: Thank you everyone.
The simulation will take a while longer to finish...
I think we're going to need your help again, Zero...
But you should get a little rest, first.
For now...I'll take care of managing data just like always.
I'll save our data.
If you need anything, let me know.
One more thing...You should see Cerveau.
I hear he's finished his Secret Disk analyzer.
If you find any Secret Disk you can't analyze,
ask Cerveau to have a look for you.

At the base, head to the lab and get the spear and shield boomerang then go 
through the rooms collecting secret disks. 

Cerveau : Hey, Zero! You're all right! I heard the news!
Despite the new energy, the world is not at peace.
I never thought peace would be easy but still...
Anyway, I just finished a new weapom for you.
I also fixed your S. Boomerang! Here, take it!

**get Recoil Rod and S. Boomerang**

Oh, one more thing. About Secret Disks.
Secret Disks contain things that you can't decode, right?
Well, I can analyze them for you, so stop by anytime.
You can also talk to me if you ever want to look at the
contents of a disk we've already analyzed.

Operator: Mr. Zero...please come to the commander's room, immediately.

Cerveau: Hm? Zero, they're asking for you.

**Zero heads out**

Zero: This Recoil Rod looks easy to use. Thanks.

Cerveau: The world is too much for Ciel to bear alone...
Take good care of her, Zero...

Now head back and talk to Ciel and 
she'll brief you on the following four missions. We describe each mission in 
a random order.

Blazin' Flizard (Agnis Volcano Base) [very left]
Run right and jump and over the cannonballs and kill the cannons with a 
charged attack. Be sure to jump ahead of time. For the third and forth 
cannons, watch out for falling volcano rocks too. Once past that, you have 
the option of going through the blue door. Kill the enemy reploids and 
volcanic spiders that emerge from lava rocks that pop out of the lava pits 
where the hills slant towards them. In other words if the hills are like this,


A lava rock will pop out and split into two lava spiders. Now you'll come 
across platforms that are on top of lava geysers. Jump on them when the 
geyser is down. On the third platform, stay on and the geyser boosts you up, 
climb the wall and kill the enemy reploid and grab the items. Hop down 
carefully, and try to land on the platform beneath the spikes without 
touching them. The next platform is dangerous so hop on it when it's down and 
head right. Kill the cannons and 2-way flying robots and you'll come across a 
lava pit where platforms drop and melt in it. Dash Jump through the platforms 
quickly to avoid the lava and continue right through the gates. Kill the 
torch by getting in front of it when it stops blowing fire then kill it. Kill 
some more enemies and enter the gate.

Mid boss Fight: Thorn Shooters
These appear and disappear throughout the room. The catch is that you just 
have to last 30 seconds before you can leave.

Once all that is done, kill the enemy Reploid, enter the blue door if you 
want, and climb the ladder. Kill the enemies in the path while avoiding the 
moving surface spikes and climb the ladder. Kill the flamethrowers and get 
ready for a tough part. The lava pit slopes down and so do the platforms that 
fall into it. Try to land on top of each platform and jump off before you 
touch the lava. Then the platforms coming towards you are a little easier to 
hop across. Some will get you killed if you jump on the wrong one but if you 
dash across them, you'll make it to safe ground and onto the next boss after 
you kill a flamethrower of course. A reploid awaits you and turns into the 
next boss.

Boss fight: Blazin’ Flizard
This guy is really weak against electricity so be sure to choose electric 
Zero for this fight. Charge up and whack his ass with your electric powered 
sword. His attacks are a flamethrower; starfish head toss, and three balls 
that turn into flames upon hitting the ground. 6 electric whacks and he's 
outta here. His EX attack is shooting fireball in random directions.

Chilldre Inarabitta (Maritime Highway Site) [second]
A dark elf flies by at the beginning of the stage. Head right and you'll meet 
the boss you will fight at the end. It will hop into a ship and make a weird 
noise throughout the stage. Head right and kill any fish in the way and drop 
down the pit and steer right to gather items then climb up and there is an 
optional blue door. Hop onto the platform and hop up another to get elf food 
and jump off to the right and you'll avoid having to have jump through 
dangerous spikes behind you. Kill the clams you come across along with the 
fish and ice machines. There is a point where you have to hop over walls of 
spikes. To do so, get on the top of the hill and get a dashing start and soar 
over the spikes. Kill the enemies and prepare to dash jump over more spikes 
then drop down and run to the wall to avoid the above spikes and then keep 
running and you'll eventually come across a point where the bottom path has 
spike pillars. So take the top path and kill the harpoon robots and hop over 
the spike pillars. You'll drop down and face some more Harpoon shooters. Take 
them out then drop down and enter the gate. You'll see a dark elf surrounded 
by to harpoon shooters. It will turn one of them into a big machine that will 
fire a laser that kills the other harpoon shooter but Zero jumps out the way

Mid boss Fight: Underwater Machine similar to Elpizo II from MMZ2.
Its attacks consists of shaking the room and making the walls fall, shooting 
green arrows in five directions that turn into green flames, a laser that 
scans the room but you can jump to avoid it, and grabbing at you and damage 
you twice with a big circle. Attack the center as usual and avoid its attacks.  
7 charged sword attacks and ABC ya.

Exit stage right and kill the harpoon shooters. Always try to stay at the top 
while you kill the fish and harpoon shooters. Enter the gate to fight the 

Extra stage notes: During the stage, you are mainly racing against the boss’s 
ship to reach some yellow switches at the bottom that gets destroyed as the 
boss flies over them. If you managed to get to the switches first, the water 
level will go down. Hit all switches and the water level in the boss’s room 
will be dangerously low for the boss.

Boss Fight: Chilldre Inarabitta

Fire seems to be his weakness. He attacks by firing missiles, throwing ice 
daggers and taking to the sky and coming down either with debris or a 
splitting ice attack. Just like the others. 6 whacks with the charged sword 
(Fire based) and hasta la vista baby. His EX attack is a triangular shaped 
ice dagger that travels fast across the screen.

Hellbat Silt (Weapon Recycling Factory) [third]
Head right and kill the evil Reploids carrying spears, a searchlight robot, 
and a series of rats coming from a hole then climb the ladder. The swinging 
hammer will kill the Reploid on the left. To get past it, hop through the 
chain it swings on. Kill the Reploid on the left and climb a ladder and head 
right. Kill the reploid, hop through a swinging hammer, kill the searchlight 
robot and enter the blue door if you want. Climb the ladder, kill the 
reploids, jump through a hammer, take out the rats, and be wary of the 
swinging broken wires and trash pits. If you stand on a trash pit, you will 
slowly sing into it. Jump your way out of it to survive. Make your way to the 
ladder and climb down and get the elf food. Enter the gate to fight a 
honeycomb mini-boss.

Mid boss fight: Honeycomb

Wait for the honeycomb to open up and watch out for the bees that buzz around. 
Be sure to attack the red objects in the center when it is open. The two bees 
will dive at you before the honey comb closes with two globs of honey falling 
down the sides. Hang in there and the fight will be over.

Exit through the gates and get the life up and enter the blue door if you 
want. Climb the ladder, work you way up the treadmills and watch out for 
debris coming down. Kill the first one quickly then scale the way to avoid 
the next one and hop left quickly to avoid whatever it shoots at you. Climb 
the ladder before the next one arrives and watch out or the swinging circuit. 
Jockey through the treadmills and hop the trash and kill the swinging circuit 
as well as the rat maker. The rats commit suicide as they hop onto the spikes. 
Make it to the right and get the elf food and climb down the ladder. Dash to 
the left quickly and make it down and head right through the trash pit and 
destroy the rat pod and the rats coming from it. Kill the trash block at the 
end of this trash pit as well as a swinging circuit and climb down the ladder. 
Kill the rats and pod, drop down and head for the ladder while killing a 
swinging wire on the way. Climb up and enter the gates to the boss

Boss Fight: Hellbat Silt
A white Reploid confronts you then turns into something resembling a bird. 
Charge your weapon (we use a sword on all bosses unless stated) and at the 
beginning walk up to the boss and whack him with the charged sword. The 
attacks to watch out for here are electric balls that bounce off the walls 
and come in a high low pattern which you can scale the wall to avoid them, a 
multi feather attack that is hard to avoid but you can shoot them, a bunch of 
sound waves that bounce off walls but avoidable once you know how to do so 
and an attack where the boss splits in three and sends three waves of three 
electric balls that scale the walls too but you can just hop over them. This 
is his EX attack. This boss can be slick because he can block your attacks 
sometimes by vanishing. After a few good whacks preferably with ice based 
attacks, he's finished. 

Deathtants Mantisk (Old Residential District) [very right]
WOAH! Please try to get the fire weapon before coming here. Using Fire 
attacks burns up all the grass in this stage. With a lot of experimenting 
being done, you can find two 1-ups here. At the beginning of the stage, just 
head right and burn everything in sight. Climb the ladders and burn the tree 
above and head right for a 1-up, Burn the plants at the end to reveal a 
ladder and climb up. Go left and enter a door and kill the reploids and drop 
down the ladder and kill another Reploid and get the 1-up and card. Leave 
then head right and kill the enemies and enter the gate. Two hebe elves just 
circle each other and talk amongst themselves before leaving. Run right and 
kill enemies. You eventually come across the miniboss

Mid boss fight: Centipede
It rises from the ground and burrows back in. In the process, it shoots 
bullets at you. Its weak spot is that green object in the middle of its body. 
Avoid the shots and aim for that spot. If it rises and curves over you then 
you're safe to attack.

After the fight, work your way up and kill the reploids. At the top, burn the 
grass to reveal a life-up. Go left, and kill the reploid, climb up and go 
right and watch out for reploids throwing Napalm Bombs at you. Kill the 
flowers in the way too. Keep going through the path of robots and you hop 
across many pits. Hang in there since you're almost to the boss. Well you 
made it. Enter the gate and prepare for a showdown. Before entering, the two 
dark elves circle each other again before leaving and it seems that there is 
a gate behind the boss.

Boss Fight: Deathtants Mantisk
At the beginning, he always sends a rolling scythe that rolls along the 
surfaces starting with the floor so jump and hit him with a charged attack of 
any kind. Then he'll throw two more rolling scythes at you from mid level. 
Just dash under those and whack him. He can also start with the ceiling and 
roll it to the floor. His other attacks are jumping to the wall and coming 
down at an angle and swiping at you then repeating from the other side. He 
also sends his scythe out which you can slide then brings it back extended. 
Sometimes he'll charge into you. Be sure to hop over that. There is a point 
where he leaves himself open. If you're behind him, he might send those two 
rotating scythes and they'll be heading the wrong way. Use your triple slash 
to punish him for it. He messed with the best now he'll die like the rest.
His EX attack is where he shoots into the air and a stone block falls down 
and he slices it to pieces one swipe at a time and the pieces will damage you 
if they hit you.

Remember that gate we mentioned earlier? On the other side are those two baby 
elves with Dr. Bairu. Zero barges in and they fly the coup. Zero leaves as 
well and it's back to the base. After a few words, you save your game and get 
greeted to a cutscene of Copy X-2 and Harpuia chatting. Then Dr. Bairu comes 
in and says a few words then it's back to the base with a few words amongst 
our heroes before Zero goes into action.

Intermission Stage

Head right, kill the enemies and climb the ladder. Head left and kill the 
bird pod and birds and kill the helicopter robot. Dash and jump to the left 
and kill the helicopter robot at the end with an air slash and get the card 
on the left and to safely get the card from over the spikes, slide down the 
wall and hop back up quickly then dash to the right. Climb the ladders and 
kill the enemies. Get the cards you see around and enter the blue door if you 
want. Head right and kill the enemies and you’ll move on a treadmill. Kill 
the overhead cannon before jumping up the wall or riding the platform up. 
Head left on the treadmill but jump right to get the card and kill more 
enemies and get the card on the very left. Climb the ladder and kill the 
cannon. The box before it has a card in it so get it. At the end hop up the 
wall and head left and kill the bird machine and enemy reploids and climb the 
ladder and kill more enemy Reploids and another bird machine and enter the 
gate. Climb the ladders to the top and you’ll hop onto a rocket ship.  

Baby Elves Stage I
You’re now running on the surface of a rocket ship. Run left and and kill all 
enemies in the way. At the end, a piece of the rocket will break off. Hop 
inside the rocket ship and head right. Kill all enemy reploids and rocket 
robots you come across. As you head right, pieces of the rocket break off. 
You’ll see a 1-up in sight. The rocket fire doesn’t hurt you so get while the 
rocket is breaking up then dash n jump to the right quickly and enter the 
gate. The two dark elves circle each other then challenge you to a fight.

Boss Fight: 2 Baby Elves.

There is a red one and a blue one. Attacking either one will do damage to 
both elves on their life bar. Together, they have 3 lifebars total. As usual, 
the sword works best here because of the damage dealt. The red elf drops 
harmless pixie dust that sticks to you and slows you down and the blue elf 
will send a clone that does a circle towards you. You can hop the blue beam 
if you are close enough since the pixie dust downgrades your jump a little 
bit. The elves will eventually switch sides and do their normal attacks. At 
one point during the fight, they get together and create and explosion in the 
middle of the screen. You’re safe on the sides of the screen if they do this 
attack. Also if they get together, they also might form a humongous sphere 
that fires tiny spheres that split on the floor before splitting back into 
two themselves. It still takes damage as a sphere so keep attacking it. After 
the battle, the Baby Elves turn back to normal. They are still dark but not 
in red and blue form. After a few words, Zero escapes as the rocket ship 
blows up.

Now we are greeted with a cutscene of Zero standing up from the remains of 
the rocket ship and the camera switches focus to the Baby Elves circling the 
Dark Elf and floating in front of Omega. Omega sucks in the Dark Elf 
and transforms. Omega stars moving away but is confronted by Harpuia who 
tries to fight Omega only to be blasted down. Zero intervenes and both he and 
Harpuia escape. At the base, Zero chats with Ciel then we see a cutscene of X 
on the TV screen. After chatting, you’ll be giving a choice to fight 2 more 
bosses returning from previous Megaman Zero games. This is just a random 

Anubis Necromancess (left)
As you move right, enemy Reploids and sand burrowers try to stop you. Deal 
with them and keep going. It’s best to avoid touching the mines moving up and 
down in the air. The sand below you will flow you into a pit of quicksand so 
be quick when avoiding the mines because you’ll be slowed down by the pit. 
Jump rapidly to get out of the pit if you’re sinking in it. To be even safer, 
you can shoot the mines too. One of them drops a card so get it. Keep moving 
and you’ll come across a sand flow that leads to a mid boss

Mid boss fight: Giant Sandworm
Ever see the movie Star Wars or played the game, this looks just like that 
giant sandworm minus the arms. As you fight it, purple beat shaped objects 
with propellers interfere but do give out power-ups. The sandworm’s only 
attack is sending out rocks that you can kill. Just avoid them and attack up 
close with the sword and hack away or charge attack it then slide away 
without touching it or from afar with your gun. 

After you beat it, run up the sand slide and hop kill the propeller beats and 
try to end up on top of the block with the card on it and hop across the 
other one to avoid the column guns. Drop down and kill the propeller beats 
and enemy reploids and use the recoil rod to reach the block with the card on 
it and head right and take out a helicopter with enemy Reploids coming out of 
it. To destroy it, slash at it when it’s within range then kill any Reploids 
attacking then destroy the homing missile it shoots. Once destroyed. Kill the 
column gun and use the recoil rod to boost you to two more cards and continue 
going right and kill the propeller beats and you’ll confront another 
helicopter. Kill it like you did the other one. More propeller beats and 
enemy Reploids get in your way but take them out and continue right. Unlike 
the other bosses, Anubis Necromancess doesn’t have a gate for you to enter. 
You just confront him instead.

Boss Fight: Annubis Necromancess

Have your Ice Element ready since he is Electric and therefore weak against 
Ice. Start off by attacking him with a charged attack. He will throw his 
staff and leave the screen. Stay on the left as he reappears from the other 
side to receive his staff then charge attack him again. If his staff is 
circling him, then zombies are going to pop up out the sand. His coffin is 
another thing to watch out for too. When it comes up, it will be in two 
halves. As it comes together, you have to jump up one side the same way you 
do a wall and hop out of harm’s way to avoid getting damaged. Annubis 
Necromancess has one more trick up his sleeve. He can change the layout of 
the surface you’re standing on. Just adjust to the new surface and you’ll be 
fine. If you’re good enough, you’ll beat him without taking damage.

Hanumachine (middle)
Activate your Fire EX body here and burn every plant in sight to reveal 
hidden power-ups. The first power-ups you reveal by burning the leaves are 
the 1-up and card. Get them and burn another set of leaves. Watch out for the 
flowers and hornets as you go. You have just revealed a safe upper path by 
burning that bush with only a few bees at the end. The next burned set of 
leaves reveal another safe path to a card and to the gate. Step on the button 
to make the wall rise and quickly dash under it as it falls back down. Watch 
out for guns coming out the walls and shooting at you. Use your spear to push 
the blocks onto buttons to make the moving walls stay put. There is an 
annoying wall gun behind you on the first one and bat to kill at the second 
one. Stay on the bottom and move two more walls while avoiding the wall guns. 
On the latter one, you need three charged hits with the spear to push it into 
the button that is on the wall and not the floor. Push down another button to 
make the wall move. Somehow you got to get to that box and get what’s inside 
but that damn wall gun keeps interfering. Just ignore it if you can’t get it 
and step on the button below and make the wall move down. Get the card below 
and be wary of that wall gun. Step on the button and we’re going to play a 
game of squeeze play. As the wall comes to you, wait for it to stop moving 
then dash, jump, climb up the slide of the wall and quickly get on the other 
side and jump back on track before you get smashed. Head right and push the 
block onto the spikes and to get the card, carefully slide down the side of 
the block slightly and super jump to the right. Now dash n jump back onto the 
block and climb up. Now here’s a tricky part. Climb to the top left and step 
on a button, now fall a little and super wall jump to the right and hop up 
one step and dash n jump to left wall which is moving back and watch out for 
the suction cup robot that you can’t kill but knock down. At the left is an 
Energy tank. Get it and head back along the path, killing wall guns in the 
way and move through the gate.

Boss Fight: Hanumachine

Arm your self with the Electric EX and the dropping sword. Since he is fire, 
he’s weak against electricity. Be sure to charge up your sword at the start 
before fighting him. His first attack is always in a charging fireball form. 
He will then bounce off the floor and ceiling at angles and destroying them 
in the process. To avoid it, hop the fireball charge and dash left afterwards. 
He’ll be below you so electrify him when he jumps as he charges into the 
blocks to destroy them. You should be able to get 3 charged hits in this 
process. He’ll either try to land on your head with his stick or send 3 
monkeys at you that slow you down but doesn’t damage you. His other attacks 
include a fire spin that sends flames in many directions and a meteor strike. 
With a full lifebar, you’ll cream him easily with 2 or 3 triple slashes or 
charged Electric Sword attacks if you’re careful.

Blizzack Stagroff (right)
This stage has two paths. 

Head right and kill the enemy reploids and hop into the water and kill the 
Harpoon shooters. 

Path 1

To reach the surface above, use your Recoil Rod to vault up there. Kill the 
enemy Reploids and hop up the wall. Avoid the bullets being shot at you and 
get the card and destroy the enemy Reploid. Kill the 2-way propeller gun. And 
hop up another wall and kill the enemy Reploid. Now kill the two-way 
propeller guns you come across and enter the gates. You’ll be in a frosty 
stage similar to the one in Megaman Zero 2. Kill the igloo cannon then Rod 
jump to the first wall you see above and hop up the wall then jump to the 
left and get the card then drop back down but avoid the frost vapor. Head 
right and avoid the frost vapors and kill the igloo cannon at the end. Get 
the card that is hidden inside the box. Keep moving right and kill the igloo 
cannon and enemy Reploids. You’ll end up back in the water where you got to 
take out more Harpoon shooters. Climb up the wall at the end then kill the 
enemy Reploids and get the card at the top right. Drop down and enter the 
gate. Now you have cannons and icicles to deal with. Jump and avoid the 
cannonball then kill the cannon. Purposely make the icicles fall by 
edging under them then moving away. Climb up a wall, kill the enemy Reploid 
and climb a ladder. Make the icicle fall and get the card. Move right and 
kill another Cannon. To safely make it over the spike pits, kill the icicle 
first then hop over the spike pits. You’ll come across a ceiling spider that 
drops marbles on you. You can destroy the marbles. Be sure to kill the spider 
too. Head down and move right and kill the enemies in the way and grab any 
cards you see. Climb the ladder, kill the reploid and get the card and 
continue climbing up. Kill the ceiling spider and the enemy Reploids with 
swords and climb up and enter the gate.

Path 2
Nothing much here except a gang of fish and Harpoon shooters. There are also 
spikes to watch out for. When you enter the gate, another one will be 
overhead after a few Harpoon Shooters, you’ll be at the same point you would 
have been if you took path 1.

Boss Fight: Blizzack Stagroff

His attacks are sending ice balls that damage you and form into snowballs 
that freeze you, stomping on you while you’re frozen, sending a beam that 
blows you away and sticks snow on you, and tossing icicles that rise and fall 
at you. It’s best to use Charged Shots here. If he has you trapped in a 
corner and he foolishly uses the blow back beam. Punish him with the triple 
slash attack. That will really do damage on him. When the battle is over, 
that is 3 more bosses gone, like Goldberg on wrestling says: Who’s next?

Copy X-2 

Head right and kill all enemy reploids and camera guns and make your way 
through the rising and falling platforms. To avoid the spikes above, hang 
onto the sides of the platforms. Now kill the enemy reploid and avoid 
tripping the alarm or a bunch or spiked robots come swirling in. At the end, 
you have to climb up and avoid the alarms which is hard to do. The enemies 
that come can be killed so no biggie. Just hang in there and you’ll reach the 
gates that are above you. Now just make your way carefully up the rising 
platforms. Get the box that contains card no. 42 then head back up the path. 
Shoot the cannon on the left and carefully avoid the spikes. Kill the wall 
gun and get the large life-up if you need it. Some of these platforms will 
smash you on the ceiling. Keep hanging in there and you have to deal with 
ceiling spiders and mines. Before entering the gate, go left and get two 
cards then head back for the gate. After a few words with Copy X-2, he’ll 
turn into the form you fought prior to his final form in MMZ1. The one where 
he changes color that is.

Boss Fight: Copy X-2
His attacks consists of a slide attack, air dash, flamethrower, electric 
spheres, ice globs from the air. Depending on what attack he uses, he changes 
color and is weak to the corresponding elements. Fire beats Ice, Ice beats 
Electricity, and Electricity beats Fire. At one point he’ll reboots his 
energy. Be sure to refill if needed. After the fight, he kneels in submission. 
Cyber Elf X will come in. Copy X-2 then rises up and blows up because he 
tries to change into his second form but Dr. Weil causes an unknown problem. 
While talking  to Cyber-Elf X, Dr. Weil comes in and says something then 
after a few more words, cyber-elf X will leave. 

You’re now back at the base and what’s this? 4 more bosses? Give us a f(#@ing 
break already. Anyway here are the bosses taken in random order by us but 
here they are left to right.

Kyubit Foxstar

Get your Electric Body ready for this stage. Head right and avoid the 
spinning thorn and kill the suction cap robot by hitting it when it’s about 
to fire. Yes we finally found out how to kill. Climb down the ladder and the 
lights go dim. Avoid the spinning thorns and kill a butterfly and use an 
electric attack on some generator looking thing. This makes the lights go on 
and scare the butterflies into flying high. Kill them and go down the ladder.
Kill the butterflies and charge up the generator and climb the stairs. As you 
go up, take the right path to get a card and power-up, then go back down and 
take the left path and kill the guns on the wall. Kill the suction cup robot 
and head right. YAH! More butterflies! You have two generators to activate 
along the path to the ladder. After the second generator, start working your 
way down the ladders without taking as much damage as possible. At the bottom, 
head right and enter the gate.

Mid boss fight: Spinning Gear
Not much of a fight here. You have to avoid touching the outward gears while 
jabbing them with your recoil rod as it spins. Kill all the outward gears to 

Exit stage right and kill more butterflies and light another generator. Avoid 
the enemies while climbing up then take out more butterflies and activate 
another generator then enter the gate. That was short wasn’t it? We expected 
to have a longer trek to the gate. Seems like we were wrong. OOPS! Spoke to 

Midboss Fight 2: Rotating platforms and an eye in the middle
Stay on the platforms as much as possible since there are spinning thorns 
along the surfaces. Keep an eye in the middle of the platforms and note what 
color it is. It’s best to have your autocharge helmet here. The middle part 
will hurt you in the middle of changing colors. If the middle is blue, watch 
for ice. If red, watch for fire. It will alternate between those colors only.
The weakness factor does not apply here. Just aim for the green jewel and hit 
it 4 times with a full powered sword and it’s over. Get the card and move on. 
It gets tricky here. Watch out for swinging cables and air mines. When on the 
girders, stay in the middle. Luckily, the girders don’t dump you. Make the 
girders go the opposite way by hitting the switch to you can get the card 
then hit it again to go back to the correct direction which is right. At one 
point, you have to stand at the edge of a girder to survive since it will 
slant and keep you safe. Beware of the mine and flamethrower though. Get the 
card above, drop down, kill another flamethrower and get the life-up if 
needed before you enter the gate. Please let this be the boss already.

Midboss Fight 3: Gear and Thorn Shooters
OH F*$&! Another midboss. Come on out Foxstar. You ain’t a fox, you a f*$&ing 
chicken. That’s what you are. Anyway, kill the gears as before and avoid the 
thorn shooters’ thorns and that’s it.

Climb the ladders and kill the wires. Kill the flamethrower and shoot the 
mines to avoid damage from the explosion. Kill another flamethrower and climb 
all the way down. Kill the wires and head right. Take out a flamethrower and 
flip the switch. Climb up the girders carefully and get the 1-up and card. 
Head all the way down and flip the switch again to go thrpugh the correct 
path. There will be yet another gate. You better be here, Foxstar or else.

Boss Fight: Kyubit Foxstar
About f^#&ing time you show up. Get ready to brawl, bitch.
It’s best to use your Buster against her. And since she is a fire-type, use 
your electric body which you should have already after all that shit we went 
through earlier on in the stage. At the beginning, flames are behind her and 
she throws them one at a time. Be sure to manipulate her into missing her 
shots. You’re gonna need your E-Tank in this fight probably because the one 
attack that is super hard to avoid is when she turns into flames, spreads out 
and do a little flame dance. We never tried this but tell us if this works. 
When the flames form into there positions, stay in the middle and when the 
flames circle towards the middle, dash to the left or right to stay ahead of 
the flames. It might just work. Another attack to be aware of is when she 
gets into a corner and forms her fireballs and start sending three at a time 
in a semicircular pattern and spreads out every pass then when it reaches the 
corner, it comes in.  Correct us if were, wrong because once we beat a boss 
we don’t look back till we finish the game. 

Added notes: There is a way to avoid the five flames without damage. Grab the 
invincible dash boots and stay in the middle. As the flames makes their pass, 
dash left and right in one dash. This means, dash left and while you are 
still dashing, turn back and you’ll end up in the middle unharmed. Only 
attack that we can’t avoid is her EX attack. She’ll toss flames in the air 
that come down then another set of flames to fill the gaps.

Glacher Le Cactank

At the beginning, one of your comrades speaks to you before you go into 
action. Grab your fire body for the boss at the end and activate double jump 
for the legs. Head right and take out a propeller gun and some snow burrowers. 
Enter the blue door if you wish. You see some cactus maniac on a sled. The 
best way to kill it is to fall and do a charged slash it and it will not hurt 
you. Take its sled and ride it. The sled kills the enemies as it goes. Watch 
out for a cactus guy coming from behind. Shoot it with a charged buster shot. 
At the end, hop onto a wall to avoid the propeller gun above. Get to the top 
and kill it along with a mole like robot. Watch out for another cactus sled 
guy. Shoot it and ignore the sled right and just move right and get the cards 
you come across. A cactus sled robot will kill a mole hidden behind the snow 
so be sure to get the card left behind. Now take the high road and grab the 
cards and kill and enemies especially the cactus sled robots coming from 
behind. Then at the end, head back and make the platforms fall till you reach 
a pit that has a hidden ledge inside of it. It should be the last short 
platform that falls. Now head back along the path and you’ll encounter a 

Midboss fight: Snow worm 

It looks pretty much like the sandworm in Anubis’s stage. We ain’t even gonna 
mention its attacks. Just stay close to it and whack it to death. It won’t 
even hurt you one bit.

With the double jump, the high road isn’t even important; you have fewer 
enemies to deal with on the low road. Just dash all the way to the right and 
when you see a card above, double jump to get it. Jump across the pits and 
kill the bees then kill he bird machine. Soon you’ll reach a gate and fight a 
sick excuse for a boss.

Boss Fight: Glacher Le Cactank
This boss is so pitiful. With your Fire body and Z-Saber, he’s good as dead 
from the start. Sometimes he’ll nonchalantly walk towards you till you’re in 
a corner and this allows you to get 3 to 4 free licks on his ass if he walks 
all the way to the left leaving you with 2 more charged fire hits to finish 
him off. Don’t get too cocky though. You have to watch out for his attacks 
too you know. He’ll hang from the ceiling and rain icicles on you or toss his 
arm at you and pull it back. He’ll also jump into the air and try to land on 
you. Avoid his stomp and punish him severely. That fight was almost way too 
easy. After the fight, one of your comrades says a few words before you leave.

Volteel Biblio 
This stage can be frustrating. The water in this stage can be dangerous and 
it will come in contact with electric wires when it rises high enough. Start 
off by going right and killing the spider on the ceiling. Shoot the tentacle 
of the spiked turtle to flip it over and you can stand on its underside. Soon 
you’ll reach the source of the electrolysis of the water. Keep moving while 
the water is down and stay on dry land when the water rises to avoid being 
shocked. Ceiling spiders will annoy you but you can fix them, right? You 
should reach the turtles again soon. But shoot from a distance for the first 
one to avoid the electricity by sliding back and returning to the turtle to 
shoot it again and hop on it. Shoot the next turtle and hop on it. Ignore the 
other turtles and make a break for it as the water lowers. Climb your way up 
and head for the gate. What’s this no miniboss? Looks like that’s to make up 
for the 3 minibosses in Foxstar’s stage. Shoot the stickbugs as you head 
right and then drop down into the water. The fish are your only enemies here. 
You’ll see 4 sets of doors. A series of doors lead to the boss. That would be 
the 3rd set (3rd from the top or second floor in elevator terms). The first 
door is nothing but the doors after it are the doors you need to enter. Go 
through them one by one getting the cards then you’ll meet up with the boss 
eventually. There’s also a card in the 2nd row and 3rd from the right too. 
boss will only appear when you get all 4 cards and you’ll fight him in the 
room you got the last card.

Boss Fight: Volteel Biblio
Use Ice on this guy. Get in one free lick before he goes into a hole. He will 
pop his head out one hole and shoot an electric bolt from another. He also 
will move from hole to hole during the battle. He has a devious attack of 
shocking the surfaces (floor, ceiling, and walls so jump up and avoid them as 
much as possible. 6 ice hits and he’s out too.

Tretesta Cerberian
Head right and watch out for a rolling bat dropping from above just before 
the enemy Reploid. You have to wall jump or double jump to reach the ladder. 
Kill the searchlight gun and continue climbing. Use therod to reach the 1-up 
and keep going right. The rod also helps take out the flying robots with 
shields. Climb down, go right, then climb back up and get the power-ups, 
climb back down and climb up the next ladder. You’ll eventually drop down and 
climb down a ladder. Make your way down and shot the mines. At the bottom 
kill or avoid the searchlight gun and enter the gate. You are now on a 
falling platform with two mini platforms on the sides floating in the air. 
Enemies will drop down onto these platforms then onto yours. Take out your 
Recoil rod for the shielded enemies and slash those without shields. 

Miniboss fight: Knight Dipper
You remember those enemies from earlier Megaman Zero’s who you hit them to 
make them bend over then they’d rise back up. One of them is the miniboss 
here. Just get close to it and use a charged Rod attack and this thing is 

You’ll fight more enemies including some new ones that will knock you the 
f*$& out with one shot off the platform. Be careful of those guys. When the 
enemies stop appearing, enter the gate and work your way down by shooting the 
mines and killing the enemy reploids. About 5 screens down, spikes appear so 
watch out. The 6th screen down has you kill the mines then make a dashing 
leap of faith to the left then you have to slide down carefully to avoid the 
spikes in the corner of where you’re falling. Then after that, no more spikes 
to worry about. Enter the gate to fight the boss

Boss Fight: Tretesta Cerberian
This guy is made up of three dogs. 2 of the dogs are sometimes used for 
shoulders. Have your invincible dash ready because you’re in for a long night 
because he has 3 lifebars and only your saber can hurt him. To make matters 
worse, there is no wall to climb either. His main attacks are throwing a big 
square block at you then smashing it, trying to stomp you, his 2 side dogs 
attack you as well. He also throws a bent pipe that you can avoid by standing 
next to him. His last attack is a set of purple balls that you can avoid 
easily. He has no elemental weakness so hang in there and refill if you need 
too. Hang in there and he’s deceased.

Added Boss notes: We received word that the Recoil Rod works best on this guy. 
Hitting him with a charged Rod Shot will stun him and prevent him from 
sending his dog shoulders after you when he gets ready too.

When you appear back at the base, Ciel will say a few words to you. Exit the 
command center to the left and enter the room on the left and Harpuia will be 
there. The doctor comes in and says his two cents and soon the conversation 
is over. Now go back to the command center and talk to Ciel. She’ll tell you 
a story then we’re greeted with a cutscense of Dr. Weil awakening Omega from 
his sleep. Soldiers will come in and hold Ciel and Zero at gunpoint before 
Cyber-Elf X comes in and wipes them out. After a few words from him, he’ll 
leave and it’s off to the next stage

Baby Elves stage II

Go right and kill the enemies and drop down. This time enter the blue door. 
There is a special event that will occur later on. Head down till you reach 
the area with spikes. Equip your double jump boots if you haven’t done so. 
Take the moving platforms all the way to the left and on the platform that 
goes down. Wait for it to rise back up then double jump to the wall just 
above the spikes and climb up till you enter a gate on the left. Get the card 
and enter the teleporter by pressing up. You will come face to face with an 
old enemy from the past named Phantom from MMZ1. 

Special Mid Boss Fight: Phantom
When you see Phantom rear his arm back, he’ll toss his ninja star boomerang. 
Get close to him and hope over it and slide back when it returns and he jumps 
on it. While riding the boomerang upwards, Phantom will toss down 3 sets of 
ninja stars then hop back down. Phantom also has a dashing slash attack 
similar to yours which you can jump over and he’ll also make copies of 
himself during the fight and try to surprise attack you if you shoot the 
right one and retaliate with a multi ninja star attack or hop on your head. 
Finally he has an attack where he throws 3 tri stars down that damage you if 
you touch them and will try his dash attack. The boomerang attack is the only 
attack that should be a problem but when you eventually win, Phantom will 
kneel in submission and disappear in a puff of smoke. You’ll obtain a disk 
that gives you all the abilities of the leg. 

Now exit and make your way to the bottom right and enter the gate. From here, 
kill all the dash punchers and stick bug shooters and ceiling spiders. It’s 
best to slash the bugs and spiders and shoot the dashers. Make your way all 
the way down and kill the enemies then as you head right enter the blue door 
to exit cyberspace and enter the gate. You’ll confront Dr. Weil who wusses 
out and sends the Baby Elves to fight you again.

Boss Fight: Baby Elves Fight II
Added to the attacks from their last fight, these little buggers got some new 
ones as well. They’ll circle around you and you must hop as each one passes 
by. They also leave the screen and swirl around towards the center of the 
screen. When they merge together in a big ball, this time they roll around 
the surfaces with 4 other balls circling them like an axis which you must 
avoid then before they separate, they’ll shoot the axis balls at you one at a 
time. When the battle is over, they say a few words before they pop. Did they 
just die or is that how they teleport out?

Intermission Stage II
Head right and kill the enemy Reploids and Butterflies. While you head right, 
you’ll come across platforms which you must hop across to avoid the spikes. 
Some platforms you have to climb to from the side to avoid the spikes above. 
At the end you’ll reach a gate and as a cliché to Megaman games you fight the 
bosses from earlier in the game again. No extra info needed here. Just refer 
too the previous strategies to beat them.

Here is the list of how they appear

Deathtants Mantisk	Hellbat Silt

Chilldre Inarabitta	Blazing Flizard

After every fight a large and small life up appears

Once you beat those four, enter the gate. You’ll be an icy area with alarms 
to avoid. Work your way through the path and kill all enemies in sight till 
you reach the gate. The boots you got from Phantom help here since you won’t 
slip, have double jump and dash invincibility to help you. No you have the 
other 4 bosses to take out. Here they are

Tretesta Cerberian	Volteel Biblio

Glacher Le Cactank	Kyubit Foxstar

Kill them and enter the gate. Kill the enemies here and start dropping down. 
Be sure to slide don the walls to avoid falling onto spikes. You will reach 
another gate. You’ll see Dr. Weil’s ugly face on the monitor then you’ll 
fight Omega again

Boss Fight: Golden Omega
He still has those easy to avoid fireballs and ring attacks from the last 
fight. His new attack is a big sword that he tries to stab down at you with 3 
times. Just avoid the first 2 strikes and slash him in between then stay 
close to him and avoid the third strike since it sends out debris at you. Now 
that was way too easy for a fight. Is that all you got Omega? You disappoint 
us. Omega falls down and....Uh Oh! Spoke too soon.

Omega rises up and is huge. He looks like two heads one looking like X and 
the other looking like Zero.

Boss Fight: Ultra Omega
Just attack the faces with all you got. Attacks to avoid is the Mega Buster 
from the X side which you can double jump over. A capture ball from the Zero 
side that you can struggle out of to avoid damage a heat seeker from X side 
which makes several passes before it vanishes. Try to avoid it if you can, 
the best way to do it is to avoid the top pass then dash through its next 
pass. It can’t double back. Other attacks include a laser that comes when the 
X side raises its arm and shoots a laser and brings it down. You can dash 
before it touches you since you should have invincible dash via Phantom Boots. 
The Zero side also fires lasers down at your feet. 

Once the battle is over, you’ll fall down and end up in a place where you 
were first found in the beginning of MMZ1. Dr. Bairu says something then a 
flash a light appears and you’ll see a robot that looks just like you. This 
is your original body.

Last Boss Fight: Original Zero
Put away your sword in this fight. You’ll only need your Buster here. Just 
stay far away from him as possible. With your invincible dash, this is a 
fairly easy fight. Attacks you have to watch out for (like it even matters) 
are a triple slash, a shockwave slash that makes rocks fall, an attack that 
sends energy balls at you, a spinning attack similar to Samus’s Screw Attack 
from Metroid that sends V shaped shots in many directions, an uppercut slash, 
a blue force field similar to Geese Howard’s Raging Storm in Fatal Fury and 
the combo of two busters and a crescent-shaped shot. He will double jump too. 
These attacks are useless against your sliding. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Just shoot his 
ass to death and that’s it. Lose here and you have to start all over again 
from Golden Omega.

The Mother Elf frees herself from Original Zero and flies over him. The Zero 
that is you will dash towards original Zero but gets rejected by a barrier. 
Original Zero will stand up and Dr. Weil says something before Harpuia, 
Fefneir, and Leviathan attack original Zero and makes him kneel down in pain. 
The Mother Elf begins to brighten then Cyber Elf X steps in and says a few 
words before you get up and do the final blow with your sword. Zero will be 
lying face down with Cyber Elf X speaking to him. Then Ciel and the others 
appear and Zero comes to. After a few words, the mother Elf appears and 
shines bright and leaves. After a few more words, Zero gets ready to walk 
away and stops then we get a cutscene pic of Zero and Ciel.


001 - Auto Charge (Head Chip)
002 - Recovery (Head Chip)
003 - Quick Charge (Head Chip)
004 - Frog (Leg Chip)
005 - Splash Jump (Leg Chip)
006 - Ultimate Foot (Leg Chip)
007 - File A (Data File)
Found: Intro Stage
Data: The beast-like Mutos Reploids defend the human race.
008 - File B (Data File)
009 - File C (Data File)
010 - File D (Data File)
011 - File E (Data File)
012 - File F (Data File)
013 - File G (Data File)
014 - File H (Data File)
015 - File I (Data File)
016 - File J (Data File)
017 - File K (Data File)
018 - File L (Data File)
019 - File M (Data File)
020 - File N (Data File)
021 - Maltina (Nurse Cyber Elf)
022 - Milpy (Nurse Cyber Elf)
023 - Elpy (Nurse Cyber Elf)
024 - Sylphy (Nurse Cyber Elf)
Found: Intro Stage
Data: A cyber-elf Sylphy was inside
025 - Relpy (Nurse Cyber Elf)
026 - Artan (Nurse Cyber Elf)
027 - Jiktan (Nurse Cyber Elf)
028 - Mott (Nurse Cyber Elf)
029 - Dott (Nurse Cyber Elf)
030 - Kyurif (Nurse Cyber Elf)
031 - Rulf (Nurse Cyber Elf)
032 - Sulf (Nurse Cyber Elf)
033 - Tirif (Nurse Cyber Elf)
034 - Yurif (Nurse Cyber Elf)
035 - Berif (Nurse Cyber Elf)
036 - Wirif (Nurse Cyber Elf)
037 - Cyliph (Nurse Cyber Elf)
Found: Intro Stage
Data: A cyber-elf Cyliph was inside
038 - Snokk (Nurse Cyber Elf)
039 - Matikk (Nurse Cyber Elf)
040 - Miyakk (Nurse Cyber Elf)
041 - Ajikk (Nurse Cyber Elf)
042 - Tobukk (Nurse Cyber Elf)
043 - Murakk (Nurse Cyber Elf)
044 - Meera (Nurse Cyber Elf)
045 - Miuura (Nurse Cyber Elf)
046 - Coropp (Nurse Cyber Elf)
047 - Soropp (Nurse Cyber Elf)
048 - Puchitt (Animal Cyber Elf)
049 - Barrett (Animal Cyber Elf)
050 - Maya (Animal Cyber Elf)
Found: Intro Stage
Data: A cyber-elf Maya was inside
051 - Kwappa (Animal Cyber Elf)
052 - Ganble (Animal Cyber Elf)
053 - Baaeid (Animal Cyber Elf)
054 - Baareef (Animal Cyber Elf)
055 - Pitappa (Animal Cyber Elf)
056 - Pitappu (Animal Cyber Elf)
057 - Beetakk (Animal Cyber Elf)
058 - Beenipe (Animal Cyber Elf)
Found: Resistance Base
Data: A cyber-elf Maya was inside
059 - Archim (Animal Cyber Elf)
060 - Archil (Animal Cyber Elf)
061 - Baiss (Hacker Cyber Elf)
062 - Delpeena (Hacker Cyber Elf)
063 - Ritzetas (Hacker Cyber Elf)
064 - Cortas (Hacker Cyber Elf)
065 - Shyuutas (Hacker Cyber Elf)
066 - Maltas (Hacker Cyber Elf)
067 - Iretas (Hacker Cyber Elf)
068 - Entas (Hacker Cyber Elf)
069 - Busras (Hacker Cyber Elf)
070 - Seibaras (Hacker Cyber Elf)
071 - Rodras (Hacker Cyber Elf)
072 - Boomeras (Hacker Cyber Elf)
073 - Clockle (Hacker Cyber Elf)
074 - Mettras (Hacker Cyber Elf)
075 - Mettrika (Hacker Cyber Elf)
076 - Mettolf (Hacker Cyber Elf)
077 - Mettrala (Hacker Cyber Elf)
078 - Mettrom (Hacker Cyber Elf)
079 - Keeknight (Hacker Cyber Elf)
080 - Sarknight (Hacker Cyber Elf) 
081 - Teiknight (Hacker Cyber Elf)
082 - Stoparla (Hacker Cyber Elf)
083 - Stopeena (Hacker Cyber Elf)
084 - Stopool (Hacker Cyber Elf)
085 - Stopeita (Hacker Cyber Elf)
086 - Stoporsa (Hacker Cyber Elf)
087 - Hammerga (Hacker Cyber Elf)
088 - Hammerj (Hacker Cyber Elf)
089 - Hammerbo (Hacker Cyber Elf)
090 - Eiina (Hacker Cyber Elf)
091 - Ecoy (Hacker Cyber Elf)
092 - Echyun (Hacker Cyber Elf)
093 - Enarta (Hacker Cyber Elf)
094 - Ewarne (Hacker Cyber Elf)
095 - 80 EC (E. Crystal)
096 - 100 EC (E. Crystal)
097 - 200 EC (E. Crystal)
098 - 150 EC (E. Crystal)
099 - 40 EC (E. Crystal)
Found: Resistance Base
Data: 100 E-Crystals were inside
100 - 100 EC (E. Crystal)
101 - 100 EC (E. Crystal)
Found: Intro Stage
Data: 100 E-Crystals were inside
102 - 50 EC (E. Crystal)
103 - 80 EC (E. Crystal)
104 - 100 EC (E. Crystal)
105 - 100 EC (E. Crystal)
106 - 40 (E. Crystal)
Found: Resistance Base
Data: 100 E-Crystals were inside
107 - 500 EC (E. Crystal)
108 - 100 EC (E. Crystal)
109 - 100 EC (E. Crystal)
110 - 100 EC (E. Crystal)
111 - Omega (Boss Data)
Found: Intro Stage
Data: This Reploid has the signature of the Dark Elf.
112 - Deathtantz Mantisk (Boss Data)
113 - Chilldre Inarabiita (Boss Data)
114 - Blazin Flizard (Boss Data)
115 - Hellbait (Boss Data)
116 - Clie (Boss Data)
117 - Plie (Boss Data)
118 - Anubistepp Necromances V Generation (Boss Data)
119 - Hanumashin R (Boss Data)
120 - Blizack Stargoff R (Boss Data)
121 - Copy X MK2 (Boss Data)
122 - Tretesta Kelberian (Boss Data)
123 - Glachier Le Cactank (Boss Data)
124 - Cubit Foxstar (Boss Data)
125 - Volteel Biblio (Boss Data)
126 - Panteon Hunter (Enemy Data)
127 - Panteon Guardian (Enemy Data)
128 - Panteon Aqua (Enemy Data)
129 - Panteon Fist (Enemy Data)
130 - Panteon Base (Enemy Data)
131 - Dustlock (Enemy Data)
132 - Gyro Cannon (Enemy Data)
133 - Grand Cannon (Enemy Data)
Found: Intro Stage
Data: A cannon made for frozen terrain
134 - Tile Cannon (Enemy Data)
135 - Pillar Cannon (Enemy Data)
136 - Heavy Cannon (Enemy Data)
137 - Capsule Cannon (Enemy Data)
138 - Generator Cannon (Enemy Data)
139 - Eye Cannon (Enemy Data)
140 - Shrimpolin (Enemy Data)
Found: Intro Stage
Data: This foe canmove quickly in sand and snow
141 - Volcale (Enemy Data)
142 - Crabeggar (Enemy Data)
143 - Petatria (Enemy Data)
144 - Shortroid (Enemy Data)
145 - Seymeran (Enemy Data)
146 - Lamp Lot (Enemy Data)
147 - Lemmings (Enemy Data)
148 - Cata Tank (Enemy Data)
149 - Top Gabyoall (Enemy Data)
150 - Snake Cable (Enemy Data)
151 - Garisnee (Enemy Data)
152 - Crossbine (Enemy Data)
153 - Flopper (Enemy Data)
154 - Purple Napple (Enemy Data)
155 - Moth Zero (Enemy Data)
156 - Batring (Enemy Data)
Found: Intro Stage
Data: Repels any attack with wings closed
157 - Melnet (Enemy Data)
158 - Shotcounter (Enemy Data)
Found: Intro Stage
Data: Can block frontal attacks
159 - Shark Seal X (Enemy Data)
160 - Shelluno (Enemy Data)
161 - Icebon (Enemy Data)
162 - Shell Crwaler (Enemy Data)
163 - Cannon Hopper (Enemy Data)
164 - Vile (Character Data)
165 - Ciel (Character Data)
Found: Resistance Base
Data: Researcher specializing in energy.
166 - Cerveau (Character Data)
Found: Resistance Base
Data: Engineer who makes Zero's weapons.
167 - Andrew (Character Data)
168 - Alouette (Character Data)
Found: Resistance Base
Data: Treasures a doll Ciel gave her
169 - Iboo (Character Data)
170 - Rocinolle (Character Data)
Found: Resistance Base
Data: Helps with wounded reploids

171 - Peroquiet (Character Data)
Found: Resistance Base
Data: A brilliant assitant to Ciel
172 - Autruche (Character Data)
Found: Resistance Base
Data: A tall reploid known for his dull speeches
173 - Irondell (Character Data)
174 - Dowa (Character Data)
175 - Menart (Character Data)
176 - Pic (Character Data)
Found: Resistance Base
Data: A cynical reploid who makes snide remarks
177 - Harpuia (Character Data)
178 - Fernir (Character Data)
179 - Leviathan (Character Data)
180 - Phantom (Character Data)

In order to activate Ultimate Mode, you must first get all 180 disks then beat
the game in Normal Mode. At the title screen, Hold R and begin a new game

You will have all the effects of the effects of the Fusion Cyber Elves as
if you used them already and it won't affect your score at the end of a stage.

You don't have to charge weapons. Just input commands to use a weapon in its
charged form

qcf = d,df,f
qcb = d,db,b
dp = f,d,df

Mid Charged Buster: qcf + Attack
Full Charge Buster qcf x2 + Attack
Full Blast Sword: dp + Attack
Recoil Rod: dp + Attack
Shield Boomerang: qcb + Attack
Rolling Shield Boomerang: dp + Attack with EX skill
Still to come
Translations of disks and locations. 
Changing of some info such as enemy names
Mini games

FAQs coming soon
Megaman Anniversary Collection - GBA (coming 2nd/3rd quarter 2004)
Megaman X8 - PS2
Megaman X Command Mission - GC/PS2
King of Fighters Maximum Impact - PS2
King of Fighters 2004 - Atomiswave?
Metal Slug Advance - GBA
Donkey Konga - GC
Paper Mario 2  - GC
Street Fighter Anniversary Collection - PS2
Neo Geo Battle Colessium - Atomiswave
Capcom Fighting Jam - ???
Devil May Cry 3 - PS2

9/16/04 - added script up to getting weapons and added Scret disk info.
9/04/04 - after four monts almost. An update. Added intro script.
5/08/04 - did some minor updates with some info given by the fans of the FAQ 
4/29/04 – added info on Cyber Elves and finished the game.
4/27/04 - added walkthrough after the 4 generals die and before 2nd elf fight
4/25/04 - added to the credits and added another disclaimer.
4/19/04 - 4/24/04: all you see here.

First and foremost to God – creator of all
Capcom - for making a third installment which we knew was going to come due 
to the ending of Megaman Zero 2
Site: and

Planet Megaman – For info on the story, characters, and game

GameFAQs - for hosting our FAQ

Chihaki – providing a lot of info on the game for us such as EX skills and to
Tallgeese and NeoZeroX whom he supposedly got it from.

Rowan([email protected]) - for info we're info on the Cyber Elves, 
correction of Elf Food to Energy Crystals and explaining Copy X-2’s explosion.
Also for info on leg parts

Epyon1794 - ([email protected]) - info on the leaf body

Rampant Tyrant ([email protected]) - for info on some leg parts and we
couldn't figure out ourselves yet and also for info on the leaf and grey 

Moe Moe ([email protected]) - info on Chilldre Inarabitta level switches

Kevin Louie([email protected]) - extra info on Tretesta Cerberian.

Chen Guojun - granting me permission to use the disk info from his guide for 
mine and vice versa and translating info he got from the next creditee. (R.O.D.S)- for useful info
You - for bearing with our lack of Japanese and reading this FAQ for the mere 
purpose of playing the game