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Follow the dark path or use the light
Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team Protoman Pack Shot

Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team Protoman


Team ProtoMan Walkthrough/FAQ

by Sephiroth678

MegaMan Battle Network 5 Team: ProtoMan

Before reading this, take note that the guide reveals as much
spoilers as possible. 

I. Table of Contents

I. Table of Contents
II. ______________ (My Mistake, Typos)
III. Controls
IV. Menu
V. Walkthrough
  1a. Lan's Town                            	(Day 1)
  1b. My Team is Your Team                      (Day 1)
  2a. Liberation Is A Cold Job                  (Day 2)
  2b. A Mini Vacation!                          (Day 2)
  2c. The Liberation From Shades                (Day 2)
  2d. 1st Soul!                                  (Day 2)
  3a. It's Cloudy                                (Day 3)
  3b. A Storm Is Brewing!                       (Day 3)
  4a. Luxury Cruise/MegaMan's Gone                (Day 4)
  4b. Liberation From MEGAMAN?!                    (Day 4)
  4c. Megaman's back                             (Day 4)
  4d. The House of Horrors                       (Day 4)
  5a. 3 Ninjas kick back                         (Day 5)
  5b. Cosmic Liberation                       (Day 5)
  5c. Undernet                                   (Day 5)
  6a. Nightmares of The Past                     (Day 6)
  6b. Liberation mission 6                       (Day 6)
  6c. Round 2, FIGHT!                            (Day 6)
  6d. Protoman's back                            (Day 6)
  7a. Destroy Nebulas HQ                         (Day 7)
  8a. Ending                                     (Day 10)
  8b. Secrets/Extras                             (Day 10)
  8c. Nebula Mission 1                           (Day 10)
  8d. Nebula Mission 2                           (Day 10)
VI. Chip lists
  Standard Chip List
  Mega Chip List
  Giga Chip List
  Dark Chip List
VII. Purple Mystery Data
VIII. Souls, and Darkchips
IX. Program Advances
X. Miscellaneous tips/Notes/References to other games
XI. Copyright Notice
XII. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
XIII. Credits

III. Controls

Control Pad-Take a guess, it allows you to move from place to place,
and in battle, panel to panel. Also lets you perform special slashes
with Variable sword, Neovarible sword, and adds an extra with Z-saber.
Also is used for compressing programs.

L button-In battle opens the select screen if gauge if full. Allows
you to attempt to run, not always possible to run, can't run from
storyline battles. At missions, this allows you to view the area.

R button-Same as before, also allows you to plug in to places, and
plug out. At missions, this allows you to switch members.

B-button-Buster shot, charged shot, cancel button, when not in
battle, it lets you run, in Gyromans case, fly over dark panels.

A-button-Activate chip/P.A., select chip, confirm things, like
questions, and when you get to use souls, you can charge chips to
deal double damage.

Start button-Opens Menu when not in battle, pauses battle if in

Select button-skip cutscenes, designate a preselected battlechip in
folder if your MB is high enough. Serves a special purpose on Day 7.

Power button-Turn on game, turn off your friends' to piss'm off, you
should already know this.

Volume control-Controls the volume.

IV. Menu

When not in battle or a cutscene, press the start button to open the

The menu has been around since the first game, allowing players to do
various things. It also shows your current HPs, Zenny, bugfrag, and
also shows your current location.

Folder-Adjust your folder for more efficient killing, or switch
folders, when you can.

Subchips-Use various subchips such as hp recover max, unlock,
sneakrun, ect.

Library-See the various chips you've collected, the Program Advances
you've unlocked, and ways to perform them if you did so.

Status-View Megamans status, use the Navi Customizer in the near
future, see what programs are in your navi cust, and I believe you
may view records of how fast you killed SP navis if there is.

E-Mail-Read the various E-Mail given to you by various people/navis.

Key Items-Items that play a role in the game.

Link-Link to Boktai 2^_^, yeah you can, or link to the other people
playing Team Protoman, and in the near future, Team of Colonel.

Save-Save your game, useful, so that you don't have to play it over
and over just to get past a certain point.

Exit-Press right and you may exit the menu.

V. Walkthrough
1a. Lan's Town(Day 1)

  We start the game after the events in MMBN 4, where Lan and
Megaman saved the world, again. We see a cutscene about the net
getting completed. Ok, It appears Lan is once again found sleeping
at the beginning of the game. Anyway watch him wake up, fetch his PET,
and recieve some mail. Basically, Lan is a lazy guy who doesn't wanna
do his homework. Now go talk to his mom downstairs. Get some sort of a
cooking recipe for stews and that's the only reason why we have to
plug in soon. Head upstairs to your room and plug in. Hey, nice new
animation when plugging in, reminds me of being inside a highway

{Lans comp}

Ahhhhh!!!! there's no ground!!!!!!!!! Oh, it's just invisible digital
ground. Phew.

  Well, it appears that Lans homepage has a virus infestation. 
Man, the naughty stuff he downloads when we aren't around >:( .
Anyway, 3 battles await you. Meaning this is a tutorial, no way to
skip it, but you can skip the exploding animations by pressing

Mettaur x2
Mettaur x3
Mettaur x3

First battle, easy, select the 2 cannons, press ok, aim and delete
them. Second battle teachs you to use multiple chips, same code,
select the areagrab+widesword, hack away, then kill it with your
buster, or wait for the selection screen for another areagrab and
widesword. Third battle (re)introduces you to the mood swings of
MMBN 4, including full synchro, so select what you like and remember
countering an opponents attack gets you into this mode, so better try
learning to use it properly, full synchro doubles the amount of
damage a chip/P.A. can deal, so its very useful. Fear not about not
being able to keep full synchro, you'll learn to hold on to it, it's
like a guy trying to maintain his erection. XD

After you're done getting rid of the viruses in Lans comp, go to the
portal, I forgot the name for that teleportation pit, so I'll just
call it a portal. Having gone through, see the net, and how its
changed again, anyway, head on through, follow the path, grab that
BMD, it contains a MiniEnrg. Go talk with Roll. Near Roll is a
subchip dealer. Buy stuff if you want. Then head up, and grab that
BMD, it contains 800zenny, earning zenny right now is a bit hard.
Follow the path in ACDC Area 2, there's a new virus which needs a
little intro, it can drop into your side, cracking a panel, and
that's basically it. Anyway now that you're in, keep going, there's
a CopyDmg* in a BMD somewhere.

Go ahead and go to the big square platform. Chat with Gutsman, and

Keep going, head right, left is not available, so keep going, head
down, not on the zigzaging path, and if you did what I said, you'll
find a netdealer. Hey they show what codes the chips come in, nice.

Hp Memory         -  1000 zenny, 3200zenny, 5000zenny
Vulcan1 C (D,E)   -   500 zenny
Spreader *(C,D,E) -  3200 zenny
Hi-cannon E       -  5000 zenny
Longsword C(M,S)  -  6000 zenny
Custsword E(L,R)  -  6800 Zenny

Ones in parenthesis are the chip codes, but not available from the
netdealer. Well buy what you need, and head on the zigzagging path.
Enter KitchenComp.

This place appears to have nothing, just talk to the pink Navi, and
deliver . You then get forced out of the net, and get some E-Mail,
read it or not. Now go talk to Haruka, so that you can go out and get
some fresh air.

Now talk to Lans friends, Mayl, Dex, Yai and...

Plug in Lans doghouse and check the right hand corner for a RegUp 2.
Hmmm, nice, now I can make it so that I have a preselected buster
powerup. If you wanted, you could've grabbed a MiniEnrg+EnergyBom P
from Mayls comp, RegUp2 from Yais comp, a RegUp 1 and a HP Memory
from Dex comp.

Interesting note: They redid your friends comp areas to look like
yours in the English version, which is a good thing I guess.

Places of interest, if you wanna read up on virus busting tips, then
Dexs comp might interest you, it has a message board. Anyway, go to
the metroline, and you'll see a cutscene, 30 minutes go by, Yai and
Mayl come, followed by a late Dex. Where the hell are we you may ask?
I think we're at Scilab. Well, be careful, as you can somehow get
stuck between the message board, Yai, Dex, and Mayl. Hope that was
just a glitch. Well, I got out somehow.


Head to the doors of Scilab. Yay, another cutscene, the 4 enter, and
some text is shown along with a black car. Hmmm. Well, can't worry
about that now. Step out, and plug into a chip. You get a HP Memory
from the middle, plug out and head in. Hey, you can plug in to one
of those terminals, so do so. The bottom corner has a SeaSeed* chip
or something like that. The top gives you, I think a bugfrag. After
you're done getting stuff, plug out, go to the left of the area you
used to get the cutscene, check the trash can for RegUp1, and go to
the elevator.

Yet another cutscene, and this one says ID, and Lan goes and looks
for it. Hey what the? Is that an alarm? I knew something was up when
we saw that black car. What the hell is that? Some black purplish
bomb? Oh, just some sort of sleeping gas. Ok, it's the wrong time to
go Treat-O-Treating here, so what the hell are those clowns doing
here? Dr. Regal? He's back from the last game, and with a new mugshot
too. Now why would they go take off with Lans old man like that? Ok,
they said something confiscating PETs, I'm just guessing they took the
PETs from the kids. We're excluded from this because the Nebula geeks
can't see us.

1b. My Team Is Your Team(Day 1)

  Ok, so you wake up in bed, and get forced into the net. Well,
you're stuck in your house, I think Harukas being kinda protective
right now. Lan has to search for data? I thought he had to look for
his dad. Translations these day, aye. Just plug in, and... just go
see what happened to the net. It looks kinda undead right now. Anyway,
get over to ACDC area 2, see the purple navi on the big square
platform, I think he was waiting for you. Now talk to him, and
prepare to kick his butt!!!

Mettaur    x2
Bugtank?!  x1

Weird name... Also, listen to the boss music in this fight, you'll
hear it a lot.

This battle is easy stuff, dispatch the mettaurs with vulcans or
spreaders, the bugtank with cannons and watch the purple guy run
away behind that shield looking door which you currently can't get
through. You then get forced out of the net to save SciLab, so go
lie to Haruka. Now you can go out, talk to Mayl, check for a
translation error if you want, recieve a Roll chip, and a P-code.

Go to Scilab, get inside, and watch some man run out of the elevator
scared out of his wits. He runs pretty fast too. Now... get into the
elevator. Now that you're back in the same room where Dr. Regal made
his appearance, check the comp, the one where Lan was before he went
paralyzed. Ok, now you have some sort of I.D. Where you currently
are, plug in. The right area has a RegUp 2. The top area has a purple
mystery data, which requires a unlock to grab its contents, which I
just don't have the zenny to buy right now, sigh. Anyway, whether you
were able to grab the stuff, go to where the middle aged man freaked
out, and enter using your I.D. card.

Now plug in next to the blue thing that appears to stick out a little.
Talk to the program, then its time to play number switch-a-roo.

Make the numbers say 762, or you get a free battle with viruses.
Did I mention that theres some fire viruses that arn't the dog that
you'll meet here? Those things use magic teleport, then smack you on
the face, and they do it in front of you. Well, I think it's possible
to get a Cannon * from some GMDs, and lucky for me, I can do my first
P.A, Zeta Cannon 1. Ok, head down, and grab that BMD, containing a
Thunder Ball P. Go back up, and head toward the upper right.

Aw, why Capcom came up with this was a stupid idea.

Continue onward and make the word Nap.

After you're done with that stupid thing, continue, and search on the
left for a HP memory. Then keep going, onto the unexplored path, until
you see 2 programs. Damn, it's a double puzzle. Ok, just follow my
instructions, and you'll stress less.

Grab the right middle
Grab the rightmost from the left side
Grab the leftmost at the right side
Go for the leftmost at the left side
Next up is rightmost, right side
Now try right middle.

Results=Owl Rat

Since the right side is blocked, head for the left, and step on the
switch. It looks like steping on the switch unlocks the right side,
so head on through.

Follow the path to Scilab 2, only to find more of this stuff, man,
knowing Capcom, theres gonna be like 1 or 2 more after this.

New virus, Cactus, it throlls(throws and rolls) its head foward, and
thats basically all it does, and you can only hurt it when its

You're on your own for these things.

I'm only kidding, so I made a diagram, bare with me that it's gonna
suck. Good thing my friend suggested I use this order. I was stuck on
it for 20 minutes, what a waste of time.

Those numbers represent the real thing, but I don't know what the hell
they mean. So just use number for this.

Touch things in this order
8, 1, 6, 5, 3, and last in 8.

Results= Dock Hall

After you're done with it, continue onward to the right, hit the
switch, and go the other way.

Aw no... 3 sets is what we have to work with. Good thing there's just
2 more we have to do, reminds me of my homework assignments, (^_^)

Either use this or guess the answers to the ridiculous riddles.


Touch panel areas 7, 1, 6, 9, 4, 2, 7 in order.

Answers= Hip Toe Arm

After those panel thingys go down, step on that accursed button on
the right. Then head to the left and hit that button, these things
just add to the annoyingness factor. After your done activating those
switches, go through the middle, avoid the arrows, and go to the top
path, and claim a FullEnrg.

Now you go through the arrows path. Avoid the single panel arrow
thing, head forward to the bottom, and grab that BMD. We now have a
Spreader E, good chip early on for killing up to 3 enemies since
hitting 1 enemy will also hit all 8 panels around them, not very
useful against bosses. Since a certain chip dealer in ACDC 2 sold
Spreader * and you already had a Spreader D in your folder, it's
time for a Program Advance. Hyperburst.

Now, back to the walkthrough, remember that I told you to stay away
from that panel thing right? It only takes you back to a previous
area. So head on the right area, only to find another one of these
annoying puzzle things.

Ok, this one is surprisingly different. It has a program gone crazy
running around, and you get some sorta cutscene. You are now in
control of Lan. Go to Yuuichirous office, and check the table with
cups on it. Yuuichirous office is the one where we all fell down.
You now have WorkMemo, Lan says 53214, and then we regain control
of Megaman. It's numbers this time, so heres a number diagram for a
number puzzle.

Starts like 12345, yes it's like that, and you need 53214.

The touch order is 5, 1, 3, 2, 1, 4, and the empty space.

Change your folder for more efficient killing if you like, save,
then go forward.

We see Protoman ready to fight us.

Now, prepare for battle!

The Navi... Protoman.EXE


Pretty much the same from every other games.
Jumps in your area and uses a widesword slash.
Has a protoshield to block your attacks, not activated often.
Uses a paladin sword slash, hits up to 3 spaces forward. 20 damage

He's actually a lot easier/weaker than he was in other games, he never
had this little hp, well, actually to be more specific, possibly easier
than the fire punching virus you fight in random battles, since his
movements are a lot easier to predict. minibombs are not very accurate
here, try out some cannon chips, or if you have it, activate the
Zeta Cannon 1 P.A., instant kill if you manage to hit him. Or
HyperBurst. Some dialogue occurs between the two, then Protoman logs
out, then you get forced out again. <(>_<)>

Damnit, I wanted to practice some virus busting skills here. Was that
too much to ask? Well, now that you got kicked out, head on through
the door to the right.

Another cutscene for you to enjoy. What the hell? Chaud was behind
all this?! Well, we join his team, which only consisted of him and his
navi before we joined "Protoman's Anti-Nebula Corps!".

Interesting note: "Defeating Nebula is the one chance we have at saving

Can't people translate properly these days?

Well, head back to hometown via the metroline. Now you have the
option of going on the net and trying to buy stuff from the netdealer,
if you havn't already got enough stuff such as Hp memory, don't worry,
he's not going anywhere, so go to sleep in your cozy bed. Well this
looks like the end of Day 1, so get some rest, no, not literally,
unless you have to.

2a. Liberation Is A Cold Job (Day 2)


  Wake up and recieve a call from Chaud. Then we get forced into the
net. Man why can't we get do to things by ourselves, hey wait, why
don't we have to do everything ourselves? What am I saying? This is
good, now we don't have to think as hard. ^_^

Since there's a door in ACDC area 2, and we just got forced into the
net, I think we have to go there. Recieve some E-Mail from who knows
and lets keep going.

 Now that you're at ACDC area 2, go to the place with the door.
Here's another cutscene, watch Protoman slice it apart to answer
Megamans question. <(O_o)>

He wasn't this strong yesterday...

 At least we have a new area to explore. Head on through. Ok, there's
some sorta poison panels, which I believe from the cutscene that
Protoman says we have to clear. Crap, we can't get out. Guess this is
some sorta mission, this is really reminding me of Boktai 2, missions,

Protoman says something about 3 turns to clear a panel in battle.
Good luck, you'll automatically go to the chip selection screen, yes
it is forced, so just kill as fast as you can.

Protoman suggests you avoid fighting like this

x represents dark panels
o is navi


o is where you'll get attacked on both sides. However, attacks such
as lifeswords will not miss.

The way I hate fighting the most is


because there can be enemies 4 panels away right at the beginning.

It's highly recommended that you fight a dark panel with no dark
panels near it or you.

Such as this


I started on the leftmost panel, hey that's nice, I have an extra
column of panels to work with.

Mettaur x2
Cannon  x1

Easy stuff. 

I switched to Protoman, and it looks like his wideslash ability can
take out everything in its range.

Careful when it's those stupid darkloid phases, those dark fat things
are minibosses. Well I got some Zenny from liberating a panel and
killing a minimoss gave me 500zenny because he was on a item panel.

Miniboss only has 120 Hp, his attacks consists of a fire attack shaped
like a cross, and its not too hard.

Select Protoman and clear 3 panels, the battle isn't too hard, but
whenever your 2nd turn comes, you better start killing faster. I got
2 points that added to my 3 total on the top right part of the screen.

 I used Megaman to clear 2 panels, and it looks like it used a point.
Hmm, I suggest you use them wisely. Did I mention in this mission you
can save using Protoman? You get a chip for clearing an area near the
2nd miniboss.

You get 500 Zenny if you clear the area near the empty platform with a
question mark on it. That thing gives a random prize, I was hoping for
some Zenny, but I suppose healing was ok. Sometimes you get attacked
from the front AND behind, so watch your back. Looks like the L+R
buttons make you turn around, not bad, interesting way to beef up
battles Capcom, first time I had to fight 4 enemies in a single battle
that surrounded me.

Did I tell you that Protoman will be using your folder? Yeah, and he
has this special stepsword chip whenever you use him, nice addition

 Those dark holes make more minibosses, man, I thought we only had to
deal with 2. Clear them to make your life easier. You'll notice that
dark panels with little squares inside them has helpful surprises.
Clearing all dark holes mean Blizzardman is no longer magically

 Anyway, clear whatever you want, but remember to clear the seemingly
broken dark panels, and when you get to the Snowman looking guy, try
to kill him in YOUR turn, meaning you get to double team his @$$, but
not all at once, however if you fail to kill him in your turn, he will
be back with 200hp more in his turn. Won't go past 400 though, so don't
worry too much.

Target time 7 turns
Dark holes=2

Turn 5 or less Blizzardman SP chip
Turn 6-7 Blizzardman chip
Turn 8 and after, most likely just Zenny

Battle Your First Darkloid-Navi...



Snowball fury- Rolls snowballs toward you

Snow drop- Drops piles of snow on your side.

Rolling snowbody- He's covered in snow and he rolls himself toward you.

Blizzard breath-Blows a painful freezing breath toward.

 Strategy, use electric chips, or a good series of combos, like vulcan
to full synchro and then use vulcan 2 with 2 atk+10s. Either that or
a Program Advance to kill him.

 After thawing him out with your team, all the remaining panels will be
freed, and both Protoman and you will be plugged out. After a scene
with Dr. Regal planning something, you'll see Lan and friends worry
about their navis. Lans friends runs off somewhere, and when Mayls
about to, Lan stops her, hmm, maybe he's just trying to calm her down,
ah young Lan is growing up. ^_^

We then recieve a call from Chaud, please, not another mission.

Well, it's not, but let's go to ACDC 3, I wanna go further beyond
that point, who knows what treasures await us, and zenny, can't forget
about that now can we?

About the email you just recieved about dark chips, disregard it

On the way there, right before ACDC 3, you might notice that purple
navi looks very familiar, yes it's the same orange navi from MMBN3,
only colored purple. 

Once you get to ACDC 3, there's a Golden program, which lets you
redo that mission you had earlier over, I say hell no for now. Do it
if you want to, I wanna get on with my life. Anyway onward and go to
that portal somewhere on the right, enter FurnaceComp, and get the BMD
on the right area. Its a RegUp1. Top left contains another BMD, this
time a HP memory, sweet. Anyway get back to ACDC 3 via the portal. Head
onward, to the top left area, past where you killed Blizzardman, and
talk the green program to start a cutscene about the reconstruction of
ACDC area 3. Then we're forced out again, and we get a E-Mail, from Dex, who
gives us his P-code.

2b. A Mini Vacation!(Day 2)

   Head out of the house, and to the Metro, and they talk about the
beach. Head forward to the stairs after the cutscene. Lan, Dex, and
Megaman chat for a while, about "forbidden art of channging clothes on
the beach", then the girls show up in their swimsuits, with a
floatation device. Lucky Yai, has the money to buy a jet powered inner

Enjoy the repeating scene that never stops unless you force it to,
Dex is getting whacked by Yai, thought he was the watermelon. :)

 Now that fun time is done, you recieve an E-Mail. It's from Chaud,
ordering us to get scout Oran island net area...

See that metal looking thing between a leafless tree and a live one
near the railroad tracks? Plug into it.

Whoa, I thought this place got corrupted or something because it was so
red. Ok, head to the left area, to island area 2. Somewhere there's a
BMD containing a vulcan 2 C chip. That's all there is, now head back to
island area 1, either by plugging out, or the long way.

Anyway, first fork you see from the beginning take the right to aqcuire
a BMD, containg Quake A. Backtrack to the fork and take the left. Then
go bottom right, and if your eyesight is good enough, you'll see a
purple mystery data which unluckily for me, I have no unlocks to use,
I'm poor :(. Contains a Snake M if you opened it.

Follow the main path, and keep going. Head up the hill, and to the top
part, has a netdealer, hey he sells HP memories, aw I need more zenny.


HP Memory          - 2500zenny, 6000zenny, 10000zenny
Airspn1 E(C,O)     - 3400zenny
Recov80 *(B,K,O)   - 7800zenny
CircGun C(A,F)     - 8200zenny
Mine P(H,T)        - 9900zenny
Guardian O         - 10500zenny



*snaps back to reality*

Ok, I think I know what the chip after hp memory is, it has something
to do with wind, but since it looks like a wheel, I'll call it wind
wheel. If you chose to head to the right from the hill, you'll be in
ACDC area 3. So just go up and follow the main path, you'll see
Protoman follow you, then go forward to confront 3 cannons only to get
Megaman and Protoman assaulted by them. The attack is so powerful, it
pushes them backwards. Both then plug out, because they're trying to
find some way to get rid of those things.

 Ok, now here's the tricky part, which will confuse you if you don't
know what you're doing, but not with this guide here. You now get to
go on a scavenger hunt,

-Go to the bamboo bushes, and get bamboo
-Go down the stairs, to the place where you can hide Lan and get a
fishing line&hook.
-Checking the waterfall for a worm, followed by pressing a once or
twice at the leftmost tree in the area, past the bridge.

10 minutes pass, Lan and friends are fishing.
30 minutes pass, they're still fishing.

 Wow, that's 1 big fish. Now Lan's jumping, probably all excited
about what he didn't catch. Then there's an earthquake. Ok, now you
have to get more stuff, check the dead tree for firewood, then the
green-yellowish grass for drygrass, and last the pile of what I
believe to be wood. Talk to Dex to trigger a cutscene, I think
they're frying fish, damn, I swear I'm smelling fried fish here.
Dex runs away to explore some place, and we're stuck putting out the

Now, check the E-Mail for an item from MMBN 3, the Navi customizer,
and like the last 2 games, we have an undershirt, atk+1, and a
speed+1. The Navi customizer tutorial automatically starts when you
close the menu. Now head through what used to be a wooden barrier. It
looks like an abandoned cave. Ok, so Lans friends fell into a pit, and
now we're going to have to play hero. First let's check the fallen
mine cart for a RegUp 1. Find your way to some place where we can plug
in and do so, then pay 1000 zenny for Minekey, sigh, kinda expensive
at this point.

Dex gives you a call about something, you then get forced out of the
net, for the what time now? Head on over to the elevator, go up and
use your key to open the door. The boxes of stuff over there contains
a HP memory, nice. Go into the left door. Then inspect the locked door
to get into a battle.

ChampyEX x2
Mettaur  x1

Careful these fire viruses hit twice, so good luck. After you're done
with them, the door will be unlocked, followed by an earthquake,
signaling that you're gonna have to hurry up, don't worry, no timer.
Afterwards, head out, and upstairs to the right area to get into
another battle.

Cactus  x2
Mettaur x1

After that, there's another earthquake. Dex calls you about something,
I think hes just reminding you that he needs to be saved. Go out that
door, head right, and go in the first door you see. Plug in, and grab
that Tornado R chip in the BMD at the top, I also noticed that I have
a second folder, edit that if you must. Plug out, and head out of that
room and up the stairs if you will. Enter the room. Interact with the
door to enter a battle.

Bugtank x2
Fan     x1

Be careful where the bombs land, you're lucky those arn't the black
bomb shooters from MMBN1. Dex calls again, so proceed if you will
after the call. Head down the Elevator. Enter the door. What kind of
idiot would jump up and down on what appears to be a unstable machine?

Whoa, is that a drill?! Hmm... Dex makes another call about stuff.
Hmm, poor Dex, alone with 2 girls all to himself. XD

Ok, so that demented woman is trying to kill Lans friends, we can't
allow that, now can we? We must now stop them. Auto plug in. Talk to
the program to get a DrilProg, which allows you to break rocks by
punching them, I hope we don't have to mash the buttons like crazy.
Well, break that rock by hitting the A button a few times. Continuing
to the right, you'll find a conveyor belt that pumps out boulders for
you to break, and the prize for getting past it a Invisibl chip and
does come in a * code. Somewhere near that chip, head up, and you'll
see a gray boulder, these boulders take more hits to break, but the
prize is well worth it. A BMD containing a HP memory. Goodie. Near
there is the black-dark greenish boulders which take, you've guessed
it, much more hits. We need a stronger program than the one that
program gave us. Might I suggest saving after breaking every boulder
that stands still so that you restart back at the same point? Anyway
continue, go up the conveyor belt and keep going until you see some
sort of digial terminal.

New enemies, squid like drill, it's like Drillman, only more fragile.
Can also destroy any rock(s)/cubes it touches, I'll call it squiddrill.

Examine it and it shuts off. I was sort of expecting a battle. It also
opens the way up for you to go to the second area. Looks like nothing
changed down there, so plug in the next one. Here we go!

Upon arrival, break the black boulder up ahead, takes about 3 hits.
Keep going, and on the conveyor belt, beware, black boulders can be
produced, and luckily, they only need 3 hits. Looks like the visable
BMD has a charge+1, so lets install it. After that continue onward.
Next boulder is a full life gray one, takes 5 hits. Keep going. At
the third conveyor belt, save, if you fall, it dumps you at the
beginning, quite annoying. Next appears to be a normal boulder making
conveyor belt. The belt after that is the gray and dark greenish
boulder belt, shouldn't be too hard to shatter it. After getting past
that problem, your reward in the BMD is a Rockcube*, enough with the
rocks people!!! Next belt has a full life normal one, takes 3 hits to
shatter. Turn off the panel, and move on to the next.

Ok, time for more boulder shattering goodness. 

Well, another new enemy, Shadebat, think Shademan from Megaman 7, and
his ultrasonic attack. The first conveyor belt is easy, the top
portion of it connects to an area holding a BMD containing an HP+100
for your Navi Customizer. The second one needs you to break some rocks
while the belt is still moving, annoying eh? The bottom portion
contains a cracked gray boulder, break it and move on, break the black-
greenish boulder, and keep going. Your reward for breaking that thing,
is a FullEnrg. Then, return to where you saw a conveyor belt earlier,
and try to get past it, and a program gives you StopKey. Go to the
conveyor belt in the bottom and keep going, time yourself so that you
won't get pushed off. At the end, use it and turn off a boulder making
machine. Go back until you see that program guy again, and go up,
there's no more boulders if you did what I said. Now, shut that thing

3/4 things were shut off, and not much improvement on the situation?!
Man, what kinda drill is this anyway? Plug in to what appears to be the
last one.

Now that you're in, try to find a pattern in the rows of boulders.
When you do, try to cross. Theres nothing for you on the second to the
left, so keep going, and shatter the brown boulders in your way. Go
past the conveyor belts, the dark greenish ones could be a problem. So
be careful, or your hard work is wasted. If you got past the conveyor
belts, your reward is a HP memory. Keep going past the belts, shatter
whatever is in your way, or get shoved off. 

Continue onward, see the dark greenish boulders, run past them, run IN
the direction you would like to go works nicely, not run and touch the
wall, that slows you down. Get past those things and be rewarded with
a longsword S chip, and with sword S, widesword S, and your new
longsword S chip, you know what that means, Dreamsword P.A. can be
unlocked. Go and turn off the nearby system, no more boulders mean you
can now go onward.

Prepare your folder and save, its Fa- I mean Magnetman, y'know, I
thought there it would be some guy obsessed with drills, like
Drillman, or umm... whatever. He's back for some revenge because of
what happened in MMBN 2.


An Assault By... MagnetMan.EXE



North-South tackle-Get tackled from front+back.

Field Warp- Changes the field with extreme speed, before I could do
anything, makes it so that you will eventually move away from the
corners. Does this if his side is changed.

Energy Ball- Launches a energy ball, its basically a different
colored thunder ball with a lot more manuevering. No flinching.

Magnet- Releases 2 magnets which can change its movement in a 90
degrees angle once, hard to dodge. Goes over broken panels.

SuperMagnetism-A magnetic hole pops out under you and stops you from
moving, this is a good time to hit him with something painful.

1-2 Program Advances finishes him. Easy way to avoid his attacks
would be to crack some of YOUR panels, so that they can become
regular. If you have the Boomerang chip, it may be quite useful. This
guy is kinda different than last I fought him, he actually uses stuff
to annoy. A Rockcube can stop the magnets/thunderballs from killing
you. Or use a few boomerang, that wipes also out his special panels
in addition to doing 120 damage if you actually hit him.

After your rematch(es), looks like he stops the drill, and logs out.
You get logged out too, so go down the elevator, and just follow the
damn path will ya? When you get near the area where your friends are
trapped, there's a cutscene.

Auto plug in. Head to the middle, nothing in here except that.
Cutscene happens when you do. Whoa, the thing turned blue, and there
seems to be an alarm, hope we don't have to go through more of the
boulder thingy again. Well, Magnetman comes and uses his magnet
barrier to save your butt. Chaud calls, some bizzare stuff is said,
Lan and Tesla have a chat about something.

Get outta there afterwards, plug in near the dead tree, go to where
Protoman is, watch Magnetman use a barrier, and Protoman kill the
cannons. Nice teamwork eh? Megaman needs to do nothing. Just continue
forward for another mission, hoo boy.

2c. Liberate From The Shades

This mission, we have to crap, Shademan is back, but
Django and Megaman used the PileDriver on him, he's supposed to be
gone. Not to mention in Boktai 2, Shademan gets fried again, you get
to link THIS very game to it to enjoy the purification. When linked
together, you can have a Shademan killing contest.

Well, since we obviously don't have any Gun Del Sol chips on hand, we
can't purify this fool, do? Ah, it doesn't matter.

Back to the mission, now that we have Magnetman with us, let me
explain his attacks that we can use for this mission. Special chip,
Lightning tackle, special ability is team barrier, and his charged
shot is a magnet. Bad thing is that we kicked his butt so hard that
his Hp dropped, yes you heard me, dropped from 500 to 400, and I
remember when he was in MMBN 2, he had more HP than that, I think he
had about 1000 when Megaman faced him. Did I mention that selecting
the bottommost option allows you to recover your HP? Also he can
charge electric chips with the A Button to do double damage.

Target time 9 turns
Dark holes=3

Turn 7 or less Shademan SP chip
Turn 8-9 Shademan chip
Turn 10 and after, most likely just Zenny

Not This Guy, Seriously?


Claw Swing-Swings his claw, widesword range

Noise Crush-Hits 1 panel in front of him and 3 in front of that.

Flying Bat- Releases a bat, can turn once.

Surprisingly, he's a LOT weaker than last we kicked his @$$. Why?
No dark matter to absorb the damage. So this game, just hit him,
countering him is a lot easier too, and the fact that you have 3
navis to smash him with is nice. It's even easier if you keep
attacking him from the front, and have cleared his side areas.
Provided you did that, you start with an extra column. Nifty eh?

To kill, paralyze him, then unleash the big things, dreamsword and

Afterward, you acquire your first soul, Magnet soul, Megaman gets to
charge his shots to paralyze the enemy, and you can charge electric
chips for twice the amount of damage, maybe you should make a folder
designated for magnet soul, double damage is pretty good, it's like
full synchro, but without the timing, it's good for you slow people.

You then get forced out, I wanted to buy another HP memory, but oh
well, guess I can do that later.

2d. 1st Soul! (Day 2)

After the team plugs out, the kids leave, meanwhile, Dr. Regal trys
to get some information out of Yuuichirou, but theres a black screen.
We can't see if he's getting whacked like Dex was. XD Whether he is
or not, Regal seems to use something to make Yuuichirou scream,
ahhhhhhh!!! or nooooo!!!, well, it's 1 or the other. We then see this
ugly mugshot of what looks to be a guardian of the Aztec Empire. Ugh,
can't people draw these days? We then see the gang hanging out at
Yais place, then they leave, and another ugly thing, I think its a
guy, comes along. You then somehow reappear near the pink squirrel
statue, and are still talking. When that guy is done talking, you get
plugged in. You then get an E-Mail, must be the soul unison tutorial.
Bleach, just select a electric chip, and select unison, and you're in
Magnet mode, just remember to watch out for wood type viruses.

Tutorial battle

MettaurEX x3

Select the  thunder ball chip, press unison, select the other electric
type chips, and press ok, they're not hard, just hold the A button and
shoot the left most one if they're active.

After your done with those things, the right corner has a portal,
leads to squirrel area 9, the top corner has another portal leading
to same place, area 2.

The squirrel area has that annoying trumpet thing, if you remember
those random prizes that you get in the missions, if you got
invincibility, you'll know how useful it is, and the trumpet has
about a infinite use of that, don't worry, it needs time to
recharge, and you can kill it then.

Ok, lets go and explore area 2 first. The top leads to area 3, middle
of area 3 contains a BMD filled with only 100zenny, which has more
portals, argh, area 3 leads to 4 and 5. Area 4 has a BMD in the
middle containing 200zenny, yay... Area 4 leads to 6 and 7, 6 has a
BMD containing a Gun Del Sol A^_^. Head back to 4, and get to area
7. From area 7, head to area 8, the BMD waiting for you in the top
right is a HP memory, and after you get it, head back to area 3. At
Area 3, head to area 5, the rightmost portal. Area 5 contains a
Charge+1 at the top. Head all the way back to area 1, and head to the
right portal, area 9. You can plug in and out to refill your HP if
you're hurt or just lazy. Head into area 9, then to the back to get
to area 10, and the middle contains a BMD filled with 300zenny. Left
portal leads to area 11, middle has a BMD with 400zenny. Going left
again takes you to area 13, containing a RegUp 1. Get back to area
11, and take the other route, the right one leading to area 14, head
to the back and you'll find a portal that takes you to area 16, and
if I heard correctly, this yellow freak probably is Gyroman. Log out,
and take to the guy behind the nearby shop, you can buy your first
dark chip for 2000zenny, which you can place it in your folder, now
plug in that squirrel statue and let's keep moving.

Woo, long paragraph.

Important note, use of dark chips will drain your life.
Very important note, only Megaman can use these fragments of darkness.

From area 1, go to area 9, then area 10, followed by going to the
right portal to get to area 12, which lets you go in the back
portal, taking you to area 15 for a navi customizer part, which
makes a barrier. After getting it or not, log out and plug in again,
or just take the long way to area 16, and talk to Gyroman. Soon
after, the yellow haired freak leaves, ah who cares about him. Check
out the chip shop if you want, they sell the following...

Minibomb* 300(OMG)
Vulcan*   400
Barrier*  600

For such a crappy chip, minibomb costs a lot. Vulcan* is pretty
good at this point, I found it quite useful.

Then the cashier girl has this up for sale

Yo-Yo D(E,F)        5800
Blind D(A,H,*)      6500
Icebomb A(K,Q*)     7800
Gun Del Sol 2 G(U,Y)8400
Super Vulcan S      9800


Super Vulcan...

*Snaps back to reality*

Oh, was I drifting off? Sorry.

Ugh, MMBN 5 has huge prices for things, earning Zenny is hard, the in
battle mystery data no longer gives you 2000zenny if it lives, only
1000zenny in the early areas, and it's less common too.

Anyway, with the music as it is, we have to plug in somewhere.

Buy stuff if you need in the ACDC areas, theres a portal somewhere
in ACDC 3 leading to some comp, which has cannonEXs in it, those
things cannot be damage when their shield is used, and its advisable
that you do NOT head there, that place has nothing, so head through
the north left exit and recieve a phone call, it's from Chaud, oh
PLEASE not another mission, and he says something.

Basically, we have to go kill things.

If you see any purple geeks, I mean navis, kill them!!! Also in this
area, there's a portal near the netdealer, if you go in, the bottom
area contains a RegUp 1, the top contains a Holy Panel*, and thats
all, so go back, and find more purple things to kill, like Barney.

If you remember where the 3 cannons were, there's a Magnetman copy,
be warned, without the right folder, he's tough.




North-South tackle-Get tackled from front+back, only more painful,
so this is priority number 1 to dodge.

Field Warp- Changes the field with extreme speed, before I could do
anything, makes it so that you will eventually move to the middle.
Does this if his side has no magnetic panels.

Energy Ball- Launches a energy ball, its basically a different
colored thunder ball with a lot more manuevering. No flinching.

Magnet- Releases 2 magnets which can change its movement in a 90
degrees angle once, hard to dodge.

SuperMagnetism-A magnetic hole pops out under you and stops you from
moving, this is a good time to hit him with something painful.

Second form, looks like version 2s are back again, he has 800 hps,
damn that's a LOT right now. Now, he releases 2 magnets instead of 1,
invis chips surely help now, even if they only last half a regular
custom gauge, try fixing your panels somehow, being able to move
better. Presetting a boomerang chip seems like a good idea. You may
want to have a few of those things.

Damn, that was 1 hell of a tough battle, I need super armor. Win or
lose, you can try again, and earn some Magnetman M chips, sorry,
no SP chips, but it's good for testing folders.

There is a purple navi somewhere in ACDC area 3, waste him.
MettaurEX x2
BomberEX 1

Then another somewhere at the right.
CactusEX x2
MettaurEX x1

Try top left to some place, you can fight a purple navi if you want,
and theres a Navi custimizer person that sells parts, and this is
what he sells if you're interested.

HP+50             1300Zenny
Some sorta thing  3800Zenny
Mega Folder 1     4700Zenny
5 pink squares    5500Zenny
HP+200            6000Zenny
Super Armor       7800Zenny

I really don't know what 2 of those things are, and I'm NOT going to
buy them, because I'm poor, and have my money set on something else.


Fan      x1
ShadeBat x2

Anyway, kill whatever you want, head to Island area 2, going beyond
area 3 is currently prohibited. There's a purple navi just waiting to
get his butt kicked near a skull gate, and another near a big blue

CactusEX  x2
MettaurEX x1

Anyway after that, keep going follow the main path, talk to purple
guy, and its time to take him out with the rest of the trash.


Bomber   x1
BomberEX X1
Vacuum   X1

Before or after that, from the purple guy, head left into a portal.

The bottom contains a BMD filled with a RegUp 2, nice. Top right
contains a BMD with 1000zenny, finally something useful. 

After you finish him off, Chaud calls again, sigh what now?

Well, it looks like going back to area 3, and beyond triggers a
cutscene. What?! Another purple guy?! 

ShadebatEX x2
MettaurEX  x1

Easy stuff, delete them. Purple guy runs away. Then you head on
through automatically, and Gyroman comes, takes a look and plugs out.

Whoa, it's a waffle iron, like from MMBN 4. I wonder if there's that
secret path... Nope. Well, new enemies, a tank like enemy is here.
It slowly moves forward into your area and blasts the last row, or an
obstacle in front of it, like Megaman, I'll call it Tank Cannon.

The left path leads to the waffle iron and to a PMD, the right path
leads to a BMD, holding Vulcan1*. Take it or leave it, head for the
waffle iron, and out of it.

Onward to Scilab 2.

Here I actually got a all Panelreturn in a GMD, maybe you'll be lucky
enough to get one too. Anyway, head down and left, theres a BMD
waiting and its a HP Memory. Heading to the top right gives you a
cutscene, there's purple clouds, Megaman trys to push through, but
gets bounced back. Chaud calls, for who knows what reason. :/

After you log out, in comes Gyroman, ok, what other ideas have Capcom
been using, I have no idea, but Gyroman just went from helicopter to
navi, Transformers anybody? Looks like Gyromans operator is the
yellow haired freak guy.

After that cutscene was over, you can head over to the lone island
and on top of the hill, you find, Meijin, with a new navi. Footman.

Yay, American Football.

Are You Ready For Some Football?



Bouncing football-Bounces a football around your area.

Offensive tackle-Charges toward you, like Burnermans charge in MMBN4,
but without the burning.

Team Tackle-Calls his teammates to charge toward you like the
sheep viruses in MMBN4. Does this at the start of the battle.

Field Goal Kick-Kicks that ball he's holding into a 2x2 area of

Well, I'll be damned if they call him Footballman. This is fun. Hell,
you can make it more fun if you add some obstacles in the way. It
really doesn't matter, just beat him. You should beat him with
ease if you somehow managed to beat Magnetman V2.

Head home, and take a snooze.

3a. It's cloudy. (Day 3)

Wake up, get an E-Mail about something, and head to the island, now,
instead of taking the route to where we stopped the drill, go around,
up the stairs, and enter, theres a scientist, but what's he doing
here? Well, lets see, fork over 500zenny, and recieve a Dark
Tornado T chip in return.

Now you take the route to the drill. Well, the operator of Magnetman
is here, what now?

Plug in, and go to the very end of each one, and since Magnetman
turned everything off, you shouldn't have much trouble, and can pick
up whatever you missed. Ok, theres some weird looking battlechip
at the end. Pick it up.

Lets go to the end for the next one. Strangely, it has another weird
chip too. Pick it up.

Now for the next one, and its another one.

The 4th plug in area has, you've guessed it, another one.

Ok, after that, the screen turns white, and theres a cutscene. Lan
hands over 4 things, must be the things we got, and she looks at her
PET, and after a few seconds, Magnetman responds. Sometime later, a
man, that yellow haired man comes in, hmm.

Now go to Scilab, theres an old man selling a DARK SWORD Z chip.
Wow. Only 500zenny. Buy it to make your collection look nicer.

Theres a kid near the vending machine with a quiz, man this once, I
wish it was numbers so I could understand, took me like 10 minutes to
get this down.

Middle, top, bottom, middle, and middle for a Dark Thunder M chip.
Folks we can now do materials for our first Chaos unison, so those of
you that watched the trailer and saw Megaman fusing with a dark sword,
yeah you can, later on, provided you unlocked the regular one first.

Right now I went to the PETs on display, plug in the top one. Middle
contains a HP memory. 

After you're done, keep going until where you saw Chaud for the first
time, well just keep going straight. Here's a cutscene.

Lan enters, and they have a conversation about stuff. Then we hear
the alarm. Sigh, not a moment of rest for our heroes.

Plug in somewhere, go past ACDC 3 and into that area 1. We then
get another cutscene, Gyroman then turns into a helicopter and flys
away. Aw, no, stupid clouds. Talk to the green program on your left.
You will then recieve some sort of vacuum. Use it to suck up all this
cloudy crap. If it gets full, dump it on the guy who gave you the
stuff, he likes it.

Anyway, keep sucking in the up direction, ok people, stop having sick
thoughts about what I just said. Suck it up, but not in that sense.
Just fill up your vacuum, Gyroman is somewhere near here. When you
see him, he goes into helicopter mode, and flies off. Guess we have
to keep sucking, stop thinking that way people.

Nearby is a green program, guess he wants what you sucked up. Empty
your vacuum, and continue. Golden clouds can have chips, bugfrags,
zenny, or a virus. Thunder clouds kinda fill up about half your
meter. Keep going, go to the skull gate, there you should trigger a

That freak just went to Scilab area 1. Argh. Just use your suction
ability. Get your butt to Scilab area 1, that waffle iron path has
too much clouds. Good thing theres a program to take what you have
at the start. At the top of the path, theres a inexperienced program.
Meh, we still have the one at the beginning. When you get past the
waffle path, theres a skilled program, who's going to help you a bit. 

Gyroman, just waiting for us there, go there and trigger the next
cutscene. Once again he gets up and flies away. <(>_<)>

This guy just ran back to area 2, well, we have to follow. 
The next one, those green programs only remove about half your meter,

This is hell without the proper order. Random encounters with viruses
make it seem tougher, so emulator users, you may want to use a no
random encounter code, or a infinite suction code when you find one.

Heres a good way to do it legally, clear until you reach the first
program, then clear until you reach the second, don't clear any
unneeded stuff.

After you did that...

Clear a diagonal thunder cloud, and then the yellow one. Finally, a
dumpster that takes everything once. Too bad it's only once. Feel free
to reset if you screw up. Theres a useful emptier near a yellow cloud.

Once you get to him save, empty and keep clearing the place. So many
Thunder clouds, those things fill up half your bar. Luckily you have
a reliable dumpster to release your crap into. :D

Just keep clearing and don't get frustrated. I wanted to use another
word, but people take it the wrong way.

Gyromans at the top, not beyond the purple clouds, so keep
clearing the place, heal up, prepare your folder, and save.

Time to scrap him.

I,m Fighting An Aircraft?



Propeller-This thing can go diagonal, or like a upgraded version of
Magnetmans magnets, annoying.

Machine gun-He goes into helicopter mode and uses his guns.

Twister-fires a twister, think a windy version of a paladin sword.
The farther away you are, the more damage you'll be eating if you get

Flying bomber- flies across your area, and bombs get dropped, not
nessasarily in a row, more randomly.

Annoying, and weak, use Magnet soul to paralyze and hit him with
something painful, like the Dreamsword P.A.

Protoman arrives, some dialogue between them, go to the purple clouds,
and then Gyro turns into helicopter, blows up some dark chip, and
heres Magnetman, why do I smell the words, mission?

3b. A Storm Is Brewing! (Day 3)

Now for this mission, we have to assasinate Cloudman?

Oh well, with 4 on our team, it shouldn't be too hard right? No, it
is that hard, that stupid paralysis is annoying, and you have to get
to him in 9 turns for something good? That may be possible when you
get a better folder. You can always retry killing him later.

Guess what happened to Gyroman? Yea, same when we kicked Magnetmans
butt, but he got a LOT weaker. Oh well, his flight ability could come
in handy. No points needed for flying across empty panels. Gyromans
special chip is the bomb drop, his charged shot is that tornado
thing. Weak, not too useful. Hurts more from a distance. Gyroman
starts with 250 life, kinda little to whta I had.

Notice that you can't get past those panels with what looks to be
little holes used to unlock doors, you're going to have to clear
2 certain box filled areas to get them, when you do, they're
automatically used. If you manage to get near Cloudman, I suggest
you clear the panels around him to start with an advantage. He's
going to paralyze you, its annoying when you can only use 3 or less
of your team. Magnetmans barrier doesn't stop you from getting
paralyzed, but it does stop damage. Luckily this fool can only
choose 1 of your team to paralyze per turn. I don't know why, but he
shocked Magnetman twice in a row, but when my second turn came up,
he was not paralyzed, hmm I wonder... Well, consider yourself
lucky to have a tank on your team, he's very useful too. 

Target time 9 turns
Dark holes=4

Turn 7 or less, Cloudman Sp chip
Turn 8-9, Cloudman chip
Turn 10 and over, most likely just zenny

For Those Who Watched The Day After Tommorow...


Lotsa clouds- Meat wall made of clouds, kill them with your buster.
Thunder cloud- Makes a cloud that will attack all its surrounding
sides, north, south, east, west, easy to dodge.
Thunder Storm- Disappears, then a huge cloud appears.

Ok, this freak is fat and annoying. Paralyzes you, using up your
time, and this is a boss that is annoying inside the battle and
outside as well. Hope your units get out of the match with at least
51 hp, so they can heal up on the next turn, and if they get hit,
better hope Magnetman has enough points to save him. Be careful with
this guy, Gyroman is fragile as hell, only 250 hp, while on my team,
everyone else had 350 or more. I noticed that the drill chip can hit
up to 3 times, maybe 4, with the length of a longsword, 60 damage per
hit, totaling 180, could be quite fun to kill a boss when they only
have 1 row left, a rockcube in the middle and you loaded up 3-4 drill
chips. If the clouds pose a problem, you could just go right through
them with Magnetmans special chip or Gyromans charged shot.

Now that you somehow kicked his butt, you'll hear the gotten soul
sound, yay we got Gyro soul, and soon after a purple cloud comes and
kidnaps Megaman. So I'm gonna go on a wild guess, which is definitely
going to be wrong and say he must've been way too attractive to some
female navis to resist, so they hired some kidnappers to bring him to

Just look at how the team trys to free him, but fail miserably, aw
they grew attached and care for him. XD 

Well, the screen grows dark, you hear the evil music, and then we
see Megaman on a torture machine, with his friends in a digital prison
that looks like a wrestling arena with the ropes electrified. Roll
apparently seems to scream something, like no, don't or stop. Then a
black navi appears. This isn't good. Then after some text, he
calls upon a dark chip and plunges the thing into his body. Megaman
then screams.

Wonder why they didn't do this to Megamans friends.

Then some more text appears, and Dr. Regal says something. I think
Megaman continues to scream, and his friends get to watch.

4a. Save Megaman!/Luxary Cruise (Day 4)
Then we black out and it looks like Lan had a nightmare. I thought
he was grown up, hope he didn't wet the bed. Anyway he wakes up, and
gets a phone call, but from who? Must be Chaud saying something like
how he's sorry about what happened to Megaman. Otherwise I have no
clue what the hell he just said.

Surprisingly, when you check your PET, it'll say Megaman has 0 hp,
but for that to happen, he'll have to be deleted, and judging by
what happened to Megaman, they're trying to make him like what
happened to Protoman in MMBN4BM. Awakening of his dark side. Also
save and don't be caught off guard like me, my sister turned off my
game while I was grabbing some Powerade. So then I had to restart
from before Mission 3. Interesting enough, you can still replay the
missions, Protoman will have 400, Megaman can use everything he's
gotten to this point, and it's just redo the mission, so don't
expect Magnetman to be there to help you fight Blizzardman, and he
is easy, now that you have a beefed up Protoman, and hopefully a 
better folder.

If you want to, the chip shops left shelves, contain a bubblewrap P
for 4200zenny, and the middle one has a...Django D Navi chip for
7300, and it looks like he traded his Gun Del Sol for a sword, wtf?
Thought he got it back in Boktai 2. -.-'

Head to the metroline.

Go to Scilab, from where you acquired Dark Sword, head onward. New
area, nice, now plug, oh yea, we don't have Megaman anymore huh.
Chaud should be near some black stump. Yes, you've guess it, talk to
trigger a cutscene.

Turn up the volume to max, NOW, for emulator users, to a really loud

It sounds like Chaud just got socked. He must've said something to
really piss off Lan, because of that. He then leaves and in a hurry
too, either to do something, or run away from Lan for fear of him
hitting'm again. Suddenly you see Megamans picture again, either Lan
must have imagined what Megaman would say, or he's losing it.

Either way, let's help this poor lose-I mean fellow out. However,
we should try to get whats currently available for us, go above where
you regained control of Lan, it's a person with a 10 question quiz.

Don't complain, I have to do all the figuring out.

Man, I hate it when I have to guess.

Answer top, middle, middle, top, middle, middle, top, bottom, middle,
and bottom to recieve a Dark Lance W. Theres a boy above this area
doing who knows what. 

Theres someone on the bottom selling Dark Meteor F for 3000zenny.
Head to Chauds base. Wow, guess letting us borrow Protoman is his
way of apologizing.

Note, it's obvious that Protoman and Megaman are different, so don't
expect to beef up Protoman with the Navi customizer or Soul unison,
those are editable and usable for Megaman only. However, you still
have full synchro. Also when Protoman gets deleted, it'll say Protoman
deleted instead of Megaman deleted, expect that to change with
Colonel in the Colonel version.

Test out Protoman if you want, it looks like he got stronger, isn't
that nice? I also was able to test out Django D chip, notice how it
does not indicate any specific amount of damage on it? Ever try the
Gun Del Sol, they're very similar, Django appears, a coffin lands on
a nearby enemy, and beams of light circle it, dealing damage, also
breaking obstacles, however you must be lined up with the enemy,
meaning staying in range, like getting them to be in range of a
vulcan could be the only flaw.

Anyway, you can't buy HP memories with Protoman, so what do you do
then? Use it for chips. Test your skills against Magnetman, or do
the previous missions if you like, just make sure you get used to
using Protoman, because you'll be using him for quite a while.

While still getting used to using Protoman, if you havn't already,
head to island area 2, examine the huge gate.

After you're done, go to Scilab 3 for a few things. On the way
there in Scilab 2, there's a GyromanV2, fight him for the chip
if you want.



Propeller-This thing can go diagonal, or like Magnetmans magnets,
annoying. 60
Machine gun-He goes into helicopter mode and uses his guns.
Twister-fires a twister, think a windy version of a paladin sword.
Flying bomber- flies across your area, and bombs get dropped, not
nessasarily in a row, more randomly. 80?

A new version of this thing means his attacks are stronger, but with
or without Megaman, he's easy. Only real threat is that propeller. Just
be sure you have the super armor when you're Megaman, because getting
in the first hit means all his attacks will work during his twister
attack. Just area steal him, and drill into him. Also, be more aware
of his flying bomber attack, I think I took a painful amount from that. 

After beating him, or getting beat up by him, which in that case is
sad, but somewhat understandable. In any case, head into Scilab 3,
and there's a golden program. Currently, I do not reccommend redoing
the mission, but if you would want to know the area better, save,
start up the mission, look around until you feel you learned your
way, then restart.

Bugfrag trader is somewhere in the top right.

Items for sale

Auto Running-     8 Bugfrag  Red
Fuujin Racket-   12 Bugfrag
Millionaire-     22 Bugfrag  Green
Magma/Lava Seed- 26 Bugfrag
Float Shoes-     40 Bugfrag  Blue
Poltergeist-     60 Bugfrag

Hmm, millionaire. Maybe it makes you rich? ^_^

Wow, auto running takes SO little space, 1 square for auto running,
Millionaire sounds good, it seems well worth the price, if you can
get that much. Theres a current downside, you can only install it
into Megaman, not Protoman.

Hmm, if I were you, I'd buy it, saves you the trouble of buying it

Anyway, go to Scilab area 4. Theres a BMD containing something which
I cannot figure out at this point. 

There's a dark navi, not with the kind of sprite the one that jammed
a Dark chip in Megaman, anyway she asks you if you would like to buy
a Dark Wideshot T for a 1000zenny, as for me, I had 18640zenny, so
I got it, going the long way to places does pay off after all.

The middle is a link to some area which looks like that squirrel
hole, I see a BMD, grab it.

Hey wtf?! I can't open this accursed thing.

Ah, it must be a powerup, remember this spot when you retrieve

Keep going until you see a Skull Gate, see the orange gray navi?
He asks you if you would like to kick his @$$.

Say Yes :D

A battle quickly follows.

Should be quite easy. As for that link earlier, it leads to Island
area 2, useful if you didn't examine the blue gate earlier.

Anyway, examine the blue gate, go through the new area.

Eww... It looks dead. Based on what the people on the boards call it,
it shall be named End area. There's another PMD, however, this time
I have enough money for a unlock subchip, however I'm kinda lazy to
plug in and out just for 1 thing. 

This area lets the ever annoying meteor virus return. It calls
meteors to smite you, also fire enchanted. The heavy smashing virus
has been upgraded to EX, can now damage other things in that column.
There's also a crab in a water tornado virus, it spins around in your
area, trying to follow you in a water tornado.

Also there's a netdealer nearby

HP Memory         -6000, 10000zenny
(Not available for Protoman, because he's not your own navi.)
Vulcan 3 L(M,N)   - 5800zenny
Mega Cannon G(F,H)- 7600zenny
Barrier 100 P     - 8800zenny
WideBlade V(A,L)  - 10000zenny
Jealousy J        - 12000zenny

Obviously the HP memory is currently not for sale, and from the looks
of things, the sword, wide blade, and longblade combination has been
removed, guess Capcom wanted people sticking to the regular
Dreamsword formula, according to MMBN5 TP board, they mentioned that
folders can no longer revolve around P.As anymore.

Back to the guide, theres a RegUp 2 on the bottom floor somewhere. 

After getting it, or not, continue on the main top path, you will
then see a cutscene. Holy hell, Megaman is EVIL!!! Just look at those
eyes. >:) Looks like Megaman is playing Jekyl and Hide, his good side
stops his bad side for a moment or two. 3 purple navis appear. Megaman
then leaves via plug out animation, then 9 more appear, darn, a total
of 12, well, Lan gets scared and has Protoman plug out.

Buy stuff if you need to, then speak with Chaud. Somewhere at the
end, Chaud mentions Megaman, well, that's the only part I was familiar
with. Anyway, go to the island.

Find the owner of Magnetman, you know that woman that was jumping on
the drill. Hope that sounds familiar incase you forgot?

You recieve some sort of key item, from what happens later, I'm
guessing its a ticket or something. Now that you've gotten that
thing, go home, get some rest, save, and wake up.

Go to Scilab, and board the ship.

Must be a luxary cruise, red carpet all over, go forward for a
cutscene. After you're done with that cutscene, you can explore, ooh,
a special chip trader. Downside to this thing is that it uses 10
chips, instead of just 3. Good thing is that it spews out more rare
chips more often. Remember that all chip traders spew out random
junk/good stuff no matter how good the items you dump in. Those
Guard chips seem like a good thing to select if you want.

Outside, there's a netbattle machine, and there's someone with a
special sprite, must be important somehow. Plug in and find a HP+50
navi cust part in the bottom.

Plug out, talk to that guy with blue shirt/vest, my eyes are weak.
Acquire something, he also mentioned 3, hmm. Go to the captains room,
check the steering wheel. Acquire something. Now go to the ships
starboard, at least I think its a starboard, its that thing that's in
front of the ship, and has this golden statue stuck to it, and
acquire another thing. Go inside the ship to where it had carpet, and
check the pinkish chairs, I believe it's pink, my eyes are playing
tricks on me.

Now that you have all 3 somethings, talk to that guy again. Recieve
1000zenny for that task, nice reward no? It wasn't too hard, although
I barely understood it.

After recieving your reward, the middle aged man will run away.

Guess he must've lost more than just the netbattle huh? I for one
think he lost his dignity, his pride, and he mentioned something
about 1000, hmm...

The guy who told you to go around the place says something, and Lan
gets excited and runs over to the guy with the unique sprite. It's
time to netbattle!!!

Or not, the ship suddenly shakes for some reason. Then the trouble
music plays, that can't be good. Did we hit an iceburg, or did we get
invaded by pirates?

Head to the gray door. Aw, god damnit, stupid numbers.
Here's the damned thing, took me some time to find it.



Buy entering the above code, the gray room has been unlocked.
Proceed. As you pass the bottom of the stairs, a cutscene is
triggered. Examine the last machine, you are now able to plug in.

Do so, and you are now in a new area. Guess what, it's another
cutscene, Protoman walks right up to the purple navi, and that freak
runs away. Follow him. The middle contains a BMD, 400zenny, kinda
little, but it's free.

At the top, there's a Mettaur virus, but my battle had no mettaurs

CannonEX x2
Handbomber x1

After you're done eradicating those things, go into the portal.

Where in the net are we?!

Oh well, where we are is NOT important, just head toward the right,
head up, and left to recieve some sort of subchip, which I know isn't
a HP recover subchip because the recovering subchips are at the top
of the list. 

Well, after getting the subchip or not, keep going forward and 'talk'
to the mettaur to start up a battle.

TankCannonEX x2
Fan x1

Take out the trash and keep going. On the left path, it leads to a
RegUp 2. Goodie, after that, keep going.

Talk to the virus to start up a battle.

Squiddrill EX x2
thing in water tornadoEX x1

Delete them and move on. Ok, this area is different. Where are we?

Trying to move anywhere results in you finding that purple navi.

What a waste of time, both of us plugs out. Then we hear the trouble
music get stopped, and some guy with that mugshot we saw earlier
before the purple thing plug out runs off. Lan then trys to follow
after, Protoman then says something and Lan stops to listen.

Afterwards the ship music returns, and it looks like we can enjoy
our cruise, right? Wrong. Well, you remember that we got forced
out of that certain area, right? Well, head back there.

The top right corner of that room contains something, I have no
idea what it is.

Grab that item, plug out and head to where there was a guard, hey,
it's a party. The top right area contains some food. Mmm.

Talk to everyone, and a cutscene will take place. Everyone will be
in front of the stage for some reason. The guy at the top says some
about 3. Then Lan says some stuff, and I see '0' and 8. Hmm.

We then look in the net, and see 8 navis, 2 on each side, guarding
something, that thing must be important if it needs that much guards.

The lights go out, 8 navis are all sprawled on the ground, and the
item is missing. Guess who's going to have to solve this mystery?

We have to. Lan goes and questions some white guy near the exit.
Everyone else questions some middle aged man. Not to mention the
person who ran off is also here. Lan runs to him, probably to
accuse him of stealing the item, whatever it was. Next the guy
on stage jumps off and gets real close to the accused man.

Inspect absolutely everything, even the tables and mirrors and talk
to everyone in the room, and if you want, the clear thing can be
plugged in to. At the top, Protoman is unable to access that BMD,
must be a HP memory. 

After checking out everything and speaking to everyone, you'll be
in another cutscene. This game has a lot of cutscenes doesn't it?

You'll then be confronted with 3 options, just keep choosing.

I just kept hitting the top option. Done with that stuff?

Head to the boiler room. Check that ladder. Hey, we're outside, now
what happened to poor blonde here? Try to help him, and you'll
enter a cutscene.

After you're done with that, head into the captains room.

Hey it's that pirate, err, I think that's the guy that caused this
mess. Lan then plugs in. We then have some sort of gauge, judging
from the sounds I hear, and the enviroment Protoman is in, it's
probably some sort of air gauge. This is ridiculous.

Onward with the drowning process. Heading forward, if you run out of
air in the water, your HP will drop. Hit the whirlpools, and you'll
lose air. Good fun eh?

Wish Capcom would stop putting us through these things.

In this area, we have a submarine virus which acts like Bubbleman
from MMBN 3. Annoying, well, live with it. Air bubbles replenish your
air supply, but it's not a endless supply. Certain panels teleport
you out of the water, good if you're low on air.

Anyway, grab the BMD, maybe a Yo-Yo F in another BMD, remove the
purple wall, and head on through.

Keep going. Grab 2 BMDs, 1 is near a portal and a whirlpool and the
other is not that protected.

Next area, what the...Underwater waves? Just when you thought it
couldn't get worse. Fight against the wave by using the run function
against it. Luckily, there are breaks between waves. Near the first
wave you see, is a BMD for Megaman, skip it and keep going. 

Grab the key, and use the portal to get to the surface.

Go for a swim, and do the usual. After getting to a certain part,
you'll be rewarded with a RegUp 3 and some air bubbles nearby. Mmm.

Grab the BMD, and use the portal to get out. Head to area 3.

This area has twisters that move. It's more annoying. Aw no.
We need Key Data A, B, and C, C is somewhere on the right most area.

Also, it's the return of the annoying electrical satilite. Obstacles
such as rockcube make it go into orbit.

Near where you got Key Data C, exists a wavelike force, get past it,
and acquire Grass Seed A. Next item up to get is Key Data B. After all
that annoyingness, go past a few more of those things to get Key
Data B. To the leftmost area, contains Key Data A.

Unlock the gate. Area 4. Capcom must love annoying people with these
things. Plug out if you run low on air. Don't worry, we already
cleared the doors and they won't regenerate.

Within area 4, there's a BMD near the start, it says something about
the map, once again, I have no idea, just grab it. Argh, bomb boys
have returned, and are underwater too. Ok, Capcom's definitely on
drugs. You'll love using vulcans on them.

This place is very confusing. Just look around for Key Data, if you
run low on life, plug out and plug back in. 

After getting washed to places, then ashore, heal up, via the cheap
way, plug out and back, or using chips in battle, or the most
expensive way, using subchips.

Unlock the door, and go fight Napalmman.

This Guy Looks Like He Can Be Used OverSeas



Pop-Up machine gun-Pops up out of nowhere and fires.
Flying fire grenades-flys them around the place, exploding in a
cross pattern leaving the spot where it landed safe when it blows

How strange, we fight a fire navi within a watery turf.

He's also a LOT weaker than his MMBN 2 version.

Cool him down with aqua chips, and after you're done with this
talking trashcan, we then see some dialogue, and then get forced

Forced out of not only the net, but the ship as well. 

Anyway, go to where we saw 12 navis, incase you forgot where it was,
think island area 2, and where a blue gate used to be.

We then enter a cutscene.

The gauntlet of 12 all comes in, because you're here.

Napalmman comes in and gives us a nice display of fireworks. ^_^

Then all 12 blows up together as if they were in synch :).

Save and enter.

4b. Liberation From MEGAMAN?! (Day 4)

Target turns-10
Dark Holes=5

Turn 8 or less, Full custom gauge chip
Turn 9-10, Anti Navi M chip
Turn 11 or more, most likely zenny.

This time, we have to assassinate...Megaman? No, we can't, Capcom
won't let that happen, right? They still want our money.

Probably going to have to weaken him, then force him back to our side.

Anyway, we have a new team member, Napalmman, and as always, kicking
enemy azz results in them weakening, and in this case, a lot.

Now as for Napalmmans overall. He starts with 300 hps, and when we
fought him, he had 800, WOW, we must've beat him hard, his other
versions in the 1st and 2nd games had more HP. His special ability
is the flaming grenade, which explodes in a star pattern, can take
out a total of 5 panels, seems very useful, but in battle, if you got
surrounded, then it's not as useful. In battle, he has a fire vulcan
which only LOOKS fire elemental, also means he has no charged shot,
also holding on the buster button means you'll spam it since it stops
when you stop. Since the area viruses can sometimes have some bomb
boys, vulcan can be cheap fun.

His special looks like this (N--x-

X-where is lands

Looks good eh? It kinda is. If that thing lands on a enemy, only that
enemy gets hurt, but if it lands on a empty square, then all 8 panels
around it takes damage.

Just remember to keep Napalmman out of the water. Water panels hurt

This mission is quite easy, because of Napalmmans special ability.

I Knew This Would Happen Sooner or Later


Mega(crap)buster-uses his buster, can spam it like you can spam yours.
Hurts for 1 damage per shot, but can do it like he maxed rapid and is
firing at close range.
Sword-Uses the sword chip
Quake-Throws a minibomb which morphs into a quake virus and attacks,
gone after that.

He is weak, by the time I got to him, I had more than enough time
and life to finish him off. I had fun with him in a buster showdown.

He basically uses what you have. 

After you beat him, OMG, you deleted Megaman, well guess the series
not gonna be called Megaman Battle Network anymore.

Just kidding, after you beat the crap out of your navi, you recieve
your reward.

I got a Fullgauge*. ^_^

No navi chips, would be interesting to have a Megaman DS chip though.

After that, it's a cutscene, Megaman says something while kneeling
on the digital ground. He then says something, and Lan says
something. Next, Megaman looks like he's trying to go Super Saiyan
or something. The screen then blanks out, and we hear a shlank sound.

He's in his battle stance. He then yanks out a Dark Cannon, looks
like Lan is trying to tell him not to do it or something. Then
it appears that the good side is trying to stop him.

It's basically a fight for control of body. The good side wins, and
collapses. Afterwards, we hear the got soul sound, must be Napalmmans

If you liked using him in battle, you'll enjoy his soul, but wait,
that's not all, there is more for you to enjoy using, we soon now
have access to chaos unisons. They're basically the evil side of the
regular soul unisons we already have, think of this as acquiring 4
new toys for you to use. 1 minor setback, Chaos unisons require dark
chips, last 1 turn, and can't be increased. Luckily, they're
incredibly powerful versions of the normal union You'll be able to use
it after a certain E-mail.


4c. Megaman's Back (Day 4)

Anyway, after a few cutscenes about stuff, you'll see Chaud with the

After some dialogue, Raika comes in, I'm hoping it's not going to be
like the last encounter.

After the chat, edit your Navi customizer until you're happy, then
talk to Chaud for your second folder.

They say something about area 4. Must be End area 4.

=Semi-Important things to do right now=
Get/Buy the Hp memories that you couldn't with Protoman
Test out your new souls, chaos included if you wish
Edit your 2nd folder, or your first one since you got Rock back,
like add some soul unison material, fire for Napalmsoul and the like.

Ok, do the above if you want, it'll help you get used to some things,
as well as strengthen your overall skills&knowledge, so it's advised
to do so.

On the way to End area 4, in End area 2, there's a purple navi who
gives you a Dark recover 1000 H, if you choose the first option.

You'll then enter a battle.

Submarines x2
Wind       x1

Easy, they don't have any water to hide in.

After you're done slaughtering him, head onto End area 3, you
really don't need instructions to get there from area 2, do you?

Yes?! Fine, it's rather short. Head northeast, don't bother heading
to the right, it contains a inactive portal.

Well, now that you're in Area 3, notice that this place is quite
confusing the first time around. 

If you chose to stay on the bottom path and head onto the northern
path, you'll find a BMD, containing a HP memory.


Well, head on the top path, a fork to the bottom contains nothing so
just stay on the main path.

The second fork leads to some house that reminds me of Japan. 

It does lead to End Area 4 though. Don't bother going past that fork.
It'll just take you close to the start. You don't want that. 

Ok, now that you're at End area 4, ugh, there's that deadish look
coming from the net. Looks so...dead. You might hate this place more
than End area 3, lots of those 1 way panels.

You also have a random chance of getting magnetic panels on the
field when you enter a battle here. Magnet Soul negates the repel
effect. Or you can just use some wood type chips. Cactus ball works
well here.

I actually find these panels to be fun and annoying at the same time.

There's also a PMD here, and you've guessed it, I have no unlock chips
to use. Also a BMD somewhere at the northern area of this place,
containing who knows what. Hmm, I think it could be one of those Spin
thingys. So far, if you've been following every single step of my
guide, you should be able to spin white and yellow.

You'll also see a currently BMD out of our reach because there's a
Skull Gate blocking it. Erm, head over on the northern path, and
right, not the 1 way panel to see a purple gate, here's another

Or, choose to take the bottom path, to a portal, which is a square,
rather than the usual circle and get transported to the one we saw
earlier which contains nothing, seems kinda pointless so just head
onward to the purple gate.

Searchman appears, he looks different in my eyes somehow. Then
the rest of the team appears. What now? Well, some dialogue, and
Protoman plugs out. Then Searchman, followed by the rest of the team. 

We also get forced out of the net after that. Why are we always
the first or the last to do something?

Why can't we be in the middle?

Alright, go to Scilab. Get over to Yuuichirous work area, or try to.
You'll be in a cutscene, you'll see Raika walk away from the coffe
table. He must've been a little cranky before he got that.

Enter the office. Check that big machine, get some data.

Well, the islands have a new Footman.exe for you to kill.

It's Footmanv2, kill him, don't let him beat you.

GridMan.EXE V2



Bouncing football-Bounces a football around your area.

Offensive tackle-Charges toward you, like Burnermans charge in MMBN4,
but without the burning.

Footmans team- Calls his teammates to charge toward you like the
sheep viruses in MMBN4. Does this at the start of the battle.

Field Goal Kick- Kicks that ball he's holding into a 2x2 area of

Special charge-Probably start appearing in v2 and later, charges in
a special way into your area, and also something appears in the corner.
Somehow, he got there, and my whole field blew up, painful. Does this
rarely. Probably going to be doing this a lot more often when weakened.

Take a moment to remember, how easily you kicked his butt. Now try
doing this against a faster, stronger more hardcore version of him.
He's tougher this time around. Try note that he has super armor, so
unless you're going to shock him, he's not staying in 1 place.

Well, head to where your friends was held captive.

Another guy with a quiz, yay. Sigh, random guessing took a LONG time.

Here's the answers.

 #1. 8(middle)
 #2. Bottom
 #3. 8(middle)
 #4. Bottom
 #5. Top
 #6. Bottom
 #7. 33(Bottom)
 #8. Middle
 #9. Bottom
#10. Middle
#11. Middle
#12. Bottom
#13. 12(Middle)
#14. Bottom
#15. Middle

Your prize for this torment is a NCP. He also faints, that's sort of
fair, after what I had to go through. My head is spinning.

Go to Scilab, and head for the docks entrance. Before you even get
there, you'll see Raika. Talk to him/her, I dunno. Hard to tell the

Well, head over to that super computer in Yuuichirous place.

It's another cutscene filled with dialogue. After that Raika leaves.
Soon after, Lan gets something by running to the other part of the

After regaining control of Lan, go home. Check that doghouse near the
dining table. You get some sorta clue. 

Get back to the mountain part of the island, plug into that 1 machine
in the room before you climb a slope and see Meijin. Yes, that room.
Once you're in, head east and press the A button on that east most

Another cutscene. Hey it's one of those point things from the
missions, we get something, not more points to use in missions,
though that would be useful.

We are then forced out of not just the net, but the mountain as well.

Head to Yais boat, and select the new area.

I'm gonna call it what everyone else does so they won't get confused
or something.

End city.

4d. The House of Horrors (Day 4)

Well, there really is no horrors in this chapter.

If you went there, theres a plug in point near a white circle on a
green thing. Top right side contains a Gel rain? T code which
acts like a areagrab that does 120 if it hits, think of the chip in
MMBN 3 and you'll know.

Look for Raika toward the west, and check that guys desk for
something, and once you're done, talk to Raika.

It's another cutscene, nothing interesting, I miss a lot of stuff
with my lack of knowing Japanese. Well, he runs toward the bottom.
You then regain control and may want head down there, but you won't
find him. So, just talk to that guy behind the desk.

Oh well, who cares?

At the bottom, there's a statue, plug in there too. Well, it leads to
End area 2, how convienent. Well, after a long search, head to that
house thing in End area 3. Before you even get there, you'll enter a
cutscene, say hello to Searchman. He then says goodbye and leaves.

How rude.

Do whatever you want in the net, then it's time to plug out, they
didn't force us out this time. Talk to that guy again behind the

Enter the castle, err not a castle, some building. Well, it's
surrounded by water, so it's a pagoda. Ok, what the hell, you can
plug into the second to the right armor on the taller side. Well, if
you want a HP+100 NCP, go over to the left, it's in a BMD.

Plug out...and plug in the left most helmet?

Weird. Now that you're in, go over to the eastmost, or right corner.
Open the BMD, and recieve a RegUp 2. Now this is getting to be quite
rewarding, plug out and examine the top left most armor for a
RegUp 1.

Go into the next room, plug into the top right one. Top, or north,
has a BMD holding a useful HP memory.

Ok, plug out, and go on the 2nd floor.

Well, go past Buddha, head to the 3rd floor, plug into that man,
well it's not really a man, it's just a statue of one meditating.
Find a green program, and create a link to your comp. Too bad we don't
have the P-code to unlock the security cube.

Plug out. Head southeast, and you should be near noticing that you're
outside, but still in the building. Find a entrance on the left side,
and enter. Climb up to the roof.

The roof?!

What is Lan doing on the roof?! Oh well, go behind the left fish and
check it for a HP memory.

Then, after that, check out the left fish eye, then the right one.
Cutscene. They say something, and get something after. Go home. While
heading home, notice that the chip shop now has the chip order thing,
I would've found it very useful, had I more money, and the knowledge
of which chip is which.

But I can recognize some things.

DjangoSP for 30000?!

Holy...well, you can buy a Numberball N for 9500Zenny, just check the
right shelf.

Buy it or not, use the chip trader if you have to. After getting a
load of good stuff, or a load of crap, head home. Or do a few more
things, like meet Napalmmanv2 in End area 1.




Pop-Up machine gun-Pops up out of nowhere and fires, only now with
a new one to g with the old one. 20 per hit
Flying fire grenades-flys them around the place, exploding in a
cross pattern leaving the spot where it landed safe when it blows
up. 80 damage
Giant bomb-A BIG green crosshair appears, if it locks, then all 8
squares around it and that square will be bombed.

This freak likes to stay on his toes a lot.
I used a side bubble and both bubbles hit him, doing 360 damage.
Had I been in full synch, it would've done a powerful 720.
360*2=720(full synch)
Nice, the possibilities of 1 chip.

He's not hard, just, avoid using things like airshot, because his
machine guns absorb the damage, and are like the the chess pieces in
MMBN 3, annoying, luckily they go down to refill ammo. Too bad they
keep reappearing like Footmans team. Just cool him down, and you'll
win. Only problem is that he won't stand still. Or you can be cheap,
and throw a waterseed. You remember when I said to keep Napalmman
out of the water right? Ever tried having him step in a water panel?
Loses hp, so you can try it, and watch him cool down. 

Strange, I used a twister on grass, and it turned green, a twister
on water, and it turned blue, a twister on lava, and it turned red.
It always got strengthened when on element related panels.
Never tried it on magnetic panels or ice panels yet.

Twister chip=looks good.

After you're done experimenting on him, like I was, head for a
little thing near it, and run right, if you manage to go on
invisible ground, you can keep going forward to a purple navi and
buy a Dark Drill D for 3000Z, which only does 100, BUT it hits up to
5 times in a longsword range, well, if you did everything I said for
you to do, you should have about 10 dark chips now. 

Alright, now for something in the future, go to a certain place
under the main path, if you found the correct place, you can head
down, to a new path. It leads to a portal, leading to Undernet 1.
It's near the top left most area.

Kill some stuff here, get newer chips, ect..

Also, there's a new navi here, and this freak disgusts me, just the
way he looks, and the Undernet. I'l just go with the name most people
call him, Swallowman.


HP-900 (invincible while flying)


Annoying bird-Fires out a white bird, acts like a smarter version
of the boomerang chip.

Angry crow takes flight!- some areas look like they're going to be
in the area of an attack, and he flys in a weird pattern, like 8 on
the side to be more precise.

Flying up-Disappears, then reappears, flys toward you, and up to the
ceiling. Has chip breaking ability.

He likes to move, cut off his legs with something strong like a
Dreamsword, then blow him away with a powered up twister or such.
Note: Broken panels don't affect this freak, he has air/floatshoes.
He is easier than Napalmman, you don't have to move more because of
those machine guns and the bombs.

After you clipped this guys wings, he says something. Looks like you
can keep beating him up for Swallowman S chips.

Can you say, punching bag?

Well, that's all you can do right now in Undernet, so plug out, and
go behind Mayls house, and plug into the tree, YES, you heard me,
the tree. First we can plug into a man, and now a tree?!

Well, now that you're in, check the right side for a BMD containing
a HP memory. After that plug out and this time, for real, head
home, and plug in again.

Get to ACDC area 3.

Notice a orange-grayish navi looking at who knows what, could be the
thing that perverted people look for on the net when they're active.
Anyway, press the A button around the 3 by 3 area, most likely at the
edge, a certain middle edge panel not near the gray navi. Cutscene
number, who knows how many. Anyway, Megaman says something, and the
screen begins shifting to the path leading out of ACDC area 3.

>_> Don't bother asking me for answers on this matter.

Then out of nowhere, a door magically appears in front of you, you
manually go through. In the next second, you wind up with a pitch
black screen. Megaman asks some question, and you can now see again.

Wtf? Megaman, in the real world? Wern't we just in the net a few
seconds ago? Oh well, Megaman and Lan have a little talk about
something, and we see a human lady run by. Megaman stops her, probably
to ask about something.

After he's done, you then regain control. Check out the place, nice.
However, you're still in the net. Can't enter house door, can't plug
out either. You also may have to fight viruses on holy panels. Enjoy.

Well, the place sure is different, a old worn down house instead of a
chip shop. Check the whole place out, talk to the digital dog if you
want, Dexs house not really Dexs, Yais place is a empty lot
ready for something to be contructed there. There's also 3 Guardian
statues, but I'm not quite sure what they're for. After you're done
talking to everyone, another cutscene for us to enjoy. Megaman and Lan
have another chat. After they finish talking, no we do not regain
control yet, he runs off the main road, and sees 2 purple navis, and
a dark navi getting joined by 3 more purple navis.

When we can move again, kick all 6 of their butts. By now, you should
be able to dispatch them by yourselves. They're not that hard. There's
2 in the top corner of the area, 2 by the would-be chip shop, 1 staring
at the 3 Guardians, and the dark navi in the same place.

After you're done wiping them out, you'll be in another cutscene.
Megaman'll try to exit through the house door, only to find Searchman
arrive. You may wonder why Megaman is in his battle stance when
Searchman is still talking, and I am too.

Now, what you need to do is find Chaud, and talk to him. Oh yeah, you
can always re-enter the digital past if you want, just go to ACDC
area 3. Anyway, visit Chaud, and have a talk with him, maybe it's
about Searchman. He doesn't really seem to care though.

After that waste of time, go home, plug in and kill viruses for
Zenny or chips if you want, if not, and let Lan take a nap. Annoying
day, just regained Megaman, and a lot of other things happen.

You can take a nap yourself if you're tired, otherwise continue onto
the next section.

5a. 3 Ninjas kick back (Day 5)

While sleeping, we see Searchman confronting a dark navi, Megaman
plugs in facing his back to the dark navi, and his front to Searchman,
hmmm. Something weird is going on, Megaman uses his buster on
Searchman? Megaman and the dark navi plugs out. Hmm, could've been a

Wake up, recieve a Email or a call, I forgot which one, and we have to
do something immediately. This is getting annoying, having a task to
do 24/7, but let's just do it and get it over with.

Head to End Area 3, for catastrophe strikes!

To get there, you have a few options, option a, from home, the long
way, option B, head to End City, and plug in at the horse.

I went for the horse path. Now, when you're in End Area 3, head to
the house thing. When you do get there, check that purple panel.

Another cutscene. After reading the dialogue for sometime, a orange
gray navi plugs in and talks to Megaman about something. You then get
forced out of the net.

Head into the pagoda, and examine the holographic person.

Plug into the nearby katana, and fight a green navi in the middle to
recieve some data. 

You get to battle with 2 Squiddrill exs and a demonic face that uses

After kicking him out of the way, you'll exit out of what seems to be
a cutscene, now get out of the sword and into one of those armor

Once you get in, go to the middle, and kick that green guys butt.
I got to fight against 2 enemies that use kunais.

After that, recieve data, get out of the armor, and into one of those
helmets. Same drill as the last 2, kick that green guy. I got to
fight against 2 samurai like viruses, and a bat.

Now, after beating those things, return to the hologram, and watch
it transform into a hologram of a samurai. Also the gate behind him
opens up, feel free to go through.

Keep going until you find a giant brownish statue. Interact with it
and recieve something when you select the first option. Go forward to
the intersection, and Lan will have to test his samurai skills by
defeating 100, yes, ALL 100 of them dummies to prove his worth to
Buddha which in turn allows him passage.

First is white, easy, then yellow, then red, then blue, and last
black. Everytime they change colors, then become faster, well for
your sake, your control pad better not be broken, your timing and
your hands had better be good.

Everytime you manage to hit them, it looks like a charged buster shot
just hit them.

If you managed to smack all 100 out of the way, Buddha moves to open
up a new path for you. Now, get to the roof for a cutscene.

Some guy at the top is hyperactively afraid and runs away. Plug into
the left fish.

Well now, the music here reminds me of those restaurants down in
Chinatown. Course, you shouldn't bother finding me, or that place,
most likely for most people reading this, I'm too far away from you.

Ok, this is strange, you need red ninja programs to get you past
those spears. Those Ninja programs will use their ninja speed to get
to the button. Based on this ninja disarming traps stuff, prepare to
hate this part of the game like no other.

Once you get to the 2nd green program, there's more, ok, we're both
currently wondering what the white program does. We know that red
has speed. If you continue onward, you'll see a blue one. You should
keep the silver one. Once you pass the blue ninja, head right and
keep going to recieve a BMD containing a speed+1 ncp.

Now, head left to the 2nd trap. Hmm, it looks like silver is a
jumping ninja. Take the blue one, and try not to lose him, he is
a floating ninja. Keep the blue one by trading him once, then
taking a lap around to get him back. Then do it again with the silver
one. Now take a step forward and watch him fly to it. Next one, do
some traveling, so that you wind up with the red one. At the left of
the silver one, there is a HP memory available for taking. After you
use the red one to disarm the trap, head onward.

Sigh, area 2. First you'll need to wind up with a silver ninja.
Do a lap or 2, and move on to the next. For this one, the red one
will be appropriate. There is a RegUp 2 near a red one.

Get the red one, and if you can't, just remember to avoid touching
the blue and silver ones along the way. Anyway, touch the red one, by
going all the way to the back, if that doesn't work, somethings
screwed. Once you do, go to the top, and run some laps.

After getting past that, the next one is simple, grab a blue ninja,
and go around the red ninja.

Disarm the trap, grab the silver ninja, and head north. You should
know the drill by know, grab a ninja, trade a ninja in a lap, finish
the lap and get him back, and free access to your destination.

There's a upgraded version of Energybomb chip C somewhere near it.

Now, for the next one, you'll need 2 red guys. You already have
enough experience for this.

Get past that, and learn that there is area 3, oh goodie. >_>

Area 3 needs you to get 2 red ninja programs. There's also a HP+100
NCP somewhere on the right side. Then after you get past the spears,
you'll have to get past the...water. Also a spike trap nearby, get
and use a silver ninja. It has a HP memory as a reward. You'll have
to get past the spikes to access a blue ninja, total 2 you can
currently access.

Now then, area 4, we're almost done, let's keep going. Knowing
Capcom, the last area is gonna be somewhat confusing. You'll need 3
red ninjas. When you're finished, you have to do another one. Enjoy.

This time, we have to get 3 blue ninjas. There's a RegUp 2 somewhere
around here. Grab it if you like. If you keep going past the blue
ninja nearby, you'll be able to keep both your ninjas. There's a
Slasher R chip near this place if you're interested.

Near that place is the final blue ninja we need. Head to your right
to see it. Unfortunately, we need 2 silver ninjas. Just get them and
move on. What a coincidence, a silver one is near the spiked trap too.

After watching your silver ninjas get past the traps, grab the rest of
the blue guys, go around in circles a few more times to the nearest
green program and open the path to...

Area 5!

Nah, it's actually Searchman and a cutscene, now, after all this
annoyance, feel free to take out your anger on him.

Hey It's Best Friend, Raika's Navi


Attacks-Suspiciously familiar from MMBN 4.

Rolling grenades-Rolls a grenade, explodes in an X shape.
Aimed shot-You'll hear a tink like sound before he fires, move to

He's easy, very easy for me, as I used a powered up twister to take
out about 500 of his hit points. Since he doesn't have the super armor
NCP in him, you can use a multihitting chip, like SuperVulcan and not
worry about him moving out of the way, the thing is, you gotta time
it first.

Well, after Searchman loses to us, 2 clones, both looking like the
real deal comes in. They're just looking really stupid standing and
jumping there, and after they're done doing that, they get deleted
by the real deals, and it's time to move on.

You'll notice Raika near this place, he says something about 4, End
area 4?, and guessing from the fact that we just fought and won
against Searchman, there's gonna be a mission soon.

Get out of the tower, and plug into the statue. Hopefully you still
know the way, I kinda forgot it. Buy chips and Hp memories if you
need, then make your way to End area 4, where the team met last.

Incase you forgot which was the correct way to get to End area 4 from
3, try remembering the pagoda. Yup, we have a mission, see the color
of area 4? Yea, it all points to mission in area 5. Besides it's not
that bad, we'll wind up with SearchSoul, which would be good if it's
similar to its counterpart MMBN 4.

At the gate, another cutscene. Searchman unlocks the gate, Protoman
and Gyroman have a chat, the team runs on through and Gyromans not
coming for the mission. You on the other hand, are. 


5b. Cosmic Liberation (Day 5)

Target time 9 turns
Dark holes=5

Our target today is...CosmoMan

Face looks somewhat similar to a Yu-gi-oh card called Cosmoqueen.

Well, if you want bugfrags, you can actually get some out of item
panels, and there's so much here.

Now, about Searchmans and his special abilities. His HP is nothing
special, starts off with a crappy 300, while my Megaman had 640hp at
that time, not counting NCP adding to that amount. His in battle
charged buster is somewhat useful, his in battle chip is ok, you'll
have to time it to make good use of it, it's a satellite that hits
like a cross.


The range is something like the above. "x" cracks said panel, "-" is
squares that take damage too from the shockwave.

His special ability, which looks like it checks 3 panels, also disarms
traps if you manage to clear it. Also frees the items trapped in the
panels if you are successful.

Now for the field, there's a LOT of item panels here, some which
paralyze you for a turn, others, which just seem to hurt you for 50
are annoying. There's 1 near where you start.

Cosmomans out of battle attack hurts for 80, not good.

Also, if your technique isn't considered really good, and one of your
teamates loses all of their HP, they'll be in recovery mode, takes
about 2 full turns to recooperate, while if you didn't lose them, you
would regenerate much more HP by having them sit around and select the
bottommost option to recover life. This is the preferred way of
recovering hit points rather than going into a battle and hoping you
get some recovery chips.

Oh yeah, a few hints about where to go, head for the left, it has a

Second key is near Cosmoman, at the rightmost place.

3rd key, Searchman can clear a panel and another 2 squares away with
his ability.

The Navi With The Stupidest Name...



Ring of Saturn-Throws a ring, lands down, and it looks like its
trying to orbit around something. Takes 4 spaces.

Satellites with rings-Self Explanatory, plus he can throw it in the

Fairy Meteor Crush-A black hole opens up and drops a meteor, range is
a cross.

Meteor shower-fires lots of meteors out from the back row.

This guy isn't hard, you have 5 navis, and with Protoman alone, I took
out 690 of his life. However he can recover about 300 every one of his
turns. Still not enough to save him. He's easy, just paralyze him and
unleash a powered up twister, I would've killed him with Protoman
alone if I didn't miss that shot.

I got Cosmoman Q for that mess up.

Well, after getting rid of that space trash, we'll be in a cutscene,
Magnetman tries running into a purple firewall a few times, which
might work if it was Footman, he can probably tackle better, and he
has a team too. The team plugs out afterwards, Megaman and Searchman
go last, you get the good ol SearchSoul as a reward for all this

Now, about SearchSoul, it's the same as its counterpart in MMBN 4,
only to use it in this game, you don't sacrifice Invis chips, you use
aiming chips like MarkCannon.

Another cutscene with Dr. Regal scheming something.


5c. Undernet (Day 5)

We start this cutscene off with Lan and Mayl having a chat, Dex and
Yai come in a short while afterwards. Then some girl with a unique
sprite comes in and bugs Lan about something, quickly followed by
Chaud calling Lan for something.

Email from Chaud about something.

Chip shop has 3 new chips

Quickgauge Q(H,W,*) 10000z
? K(E, W)           12000z
Death Phoenix D     25000z

So costly, especially the Death Phoenix one. I wonder what that chip
between Quickgauge and Death Phoenix D is.

Buy stuff if you want, use the chip trader if you need to, and head
to Chauds, Raikas doing something at the lab, when you get there, it's
another cutscene.

Well, due to the fact that I forgot what it was about, hey I didn't
touch the guide for more than 2 weeks. Gimme a break here.

Whatever that was all about, find a plug-in area that leads to the net
and plug in. Now that you're in the net, find and enter ACDC area
3. Once you've entered, find the portal to the past.

Now that you're in the digital version of the past, head to where the
dog used to be. Another cutscene in which Protoman shows up to tell us
something. He goes away after. Whether he plugs out or runs away, I
forgot, so just plug out and talk to Haruka to get something.

This cutscene Haruka goes somewhere and returns with something. From
my guess, that black screen with the Japanese characters might mean
10 minutes later, but luckily for us we don't have to wait that long.

Well, you get something for all that waiting. You also get an E-mail,
and someones P-code in it.

Now, go over to Oran island, and/or test out SearchSoul and other
goodies you have.

When you get to the island, head over to the cave, and speak to the
old man outside past the stairs. They have some sorta conversation,
and once you're done, continue going in the cave, and if you go in a
way that makes you wind up outside and you're near a crane like
thing on the west area of the mountain, speak to the guy near it
which looks like one of the freaks that kidnapped Yuuichirou.

Freak face here asks you if you want a Nebula ID for 3000zenny, well
I figure that he works for Nebula, looks like one of those Nebula
geeks, and him trying to sell you some ID means that if you pay
3000zenny, you will have a Nebula ID. What's so special about this

Well, for starters, it allows you to open up those skull gates you
may have come across.

From what I could find,

ACDC area 1-HP+200NCP
SciLab area 4-Magnum V
Oran Island area 2-Hp Memory
End area 4-Some sort of NCP
Undernet 1-Dark Plus *(A dark chip)

If you did happen to buy the ID, you might as well grab all those
items, besides, Dark Plus * adds 50 to the selected chip, and it helps
you get closer to finishing off your collection.

Anyway, plug in somewhere and make your way to Oran Island 2.
There's a secret path somewhere leading to Undernet area 1.
Didn't I discuss something about Undernet earlier?

If you actually go to Undernet area 1, and find Swallowman, you'll find
he's a bit tougher this time around.


HP-1200 (invincible while flying)


Annoying bird-Fires out a white bird, acts like a smarter version
of the boomerang chip.

Angry crow takes flight!- some areas look like they're going to be
in the area of an attack, and he flys in a weird pattern, like 8 on
the side to be more precise.

Flying up- Disappears, then reappears, flys toward you, and up to the
ceiling. Has chip breaking ability.

Same as last time. Only his attacks like everyone elses hurt more.
Also he's a bit faster, tougher, so timing is more essential here.
However he shouldn't be a problem, by now you should be able to make
good use of your souls, and chips, you should have taken a liking to
some, and therefore developed a strategy or 2.

Since there is always the possibility of a person having difficulty
with this...bird like thing, I'll provide a strategy.

He has no super armor NCP on, so powered up multi hitting chips,
such as twister, or super vulcan can remove a good portion of his
hit points, and as for dodging his attacks, there's about less than
a split second before he shoots the bird. Paralyzing works well,
folks. I found that paralyzing him before opening up my custom gauge
to use my twisted combo guarentees good damage. Just remember to
always move out of the way when he flys up high, you wouldn't want
your 5 chip combo to get wasted along with your hp with 1 hit now
would you?

After beating him up a few times for practice, well I did, or vice
versa for you, plug out, or beat Swallowman up some more.

Plug out and head into the caves, there's some sort of device above
the main entrance, it leads to Oran Island area 1, and to some
orange colored navi, speaking with him/her, whatever this thing made
from data is gives you some P-code.

Go to Scilab, the real world, and plug into some thing in the same
room as Chaud, man my vocabulary needs work. Speaking to the second
green program you see asks you a question, and based on the results,
to sum it up, he asks you if you want a link to Chauds HP, the first
option is yes, and the other means that talking to it was a waste of

In case you forgot where Scilab area 3 was, it's the place where
Gyroman joined you to blow away Cloudman.

After searching around for a while, near where you killed Cloudman,
there should be a security cube, and something you have should be
able to unlock it. After you unlocked it, and have entered, you'll
notice that if you move along the right side, and head toward the
middle, there's a BMD that contains a RegUp 2.

Ok, now that you've gotten that, or not, head south, and into the
portal, you'll be in a formerly unaccessible part of ACDC area 2.

Talk to the orange-gray navi, and recieve something for finding him.
He says "4" somewhere in his message. Due to mostly all the areas
involving the net, it has to be somewhere there right?

Well, you're partially right, it can't be End area 4, or Scilab area
4, though there is Napalmman V3 on the northwest area.

That leaves the only area which has a net like area, but not connected
to the net, those drill things, get over there and plug into the 4th

Since I fought NapalmmanV3, I'll just do what I usually do.




Pop-Up machine gun-Pops up out of nowhere and fires, still only 2.
30 per hit
Flying fire grenades-flys them around the place, exploding in a
cross pattern leaving the spot where it landed safe when it blows
up, now, he cracks them. 140 damage?
Giant bomb-A BIG green crosshair appears, if it locks, then all 8
squares and that square will be bombed.

Timing is much more critical here, as his HP made a big jump from
1000 to 1600, and his attacks hurt more now, especially with his
flaming grenades.

Luckily for me, 2 powered up twisters took off about 720 of his life.

After beating NapalmmanV3 or not, plug out and head for the fourth
drill thing, look for a green program on the eastern side and talk
to it. Go over to the bluish machine, and press A a few times until
you get a cutscene.

A door to the past appears magically, yay. Megaman says something
about 11, does that door lead to 11 years into the past?

Well, you're in the past of Oran Island. Have a chat with the digital
people, and Megaman will tell Lan something in a cutscene.

Meanwhile off in the distance, a dog wants heel navi meat.

And so do you, get ready to rumble!!!

Hand Ex x 2
Kunai   x 1

He's easy. If you beat any of the version 2s, this is easy. Just
don't start the battle with like 1 hp left. After the battle, he
stays shaking in a almost going to die position. Then he just blows
up and dies.

For the first time, we see the dogs picture. Megaman says some stuff,
and tries to get closer to doggy, but he gets knocked down. Ladies
and gentlemen, we were just run over by a dog. When Megaman gets back
up, search the bamboo shoots, it's the only thing you can do to help
get out of this place.

Yet another cutscene, this time, doggy jumps out of the bamboo shoots
and knocks Megaman down again while running away. Suddenly the screen
shifts down, to...Blizzardman? Didn't we melt snowball boy some time
back? Well, he has doggy in a snowball, laugh if you want, both of
them teleport somewhere before we can defrost him, why Blizzardman
needs some digital dog is beyond me.

We then recieve a phone call from an official, and Megaman plugs out
after that. Head over to Chauds office, and plug into the thing Chaud
is staring at. By heading deep into the labyrinth, err Chauds HP,
you'll see a cutscene.

It's Protoman versus 3 purple navis. Megaman runs until he's about
half a screen away from Protoman. He then says something, goes
forward, the evil music plays, and we see 1 more purpl navi, and
behind the 4 is Shademan.

I swear this guy was killed at least 3 times already, twice in MMBN 4,
and he recently was beaten by us in mission 2. Well, since this dork
and snowball boy are back, We'll just assume that the other 2 failures
are too.

Anyway, Shademan, Megaman and Protoman have a little conversation,
ending with Shademan logging out for some reason, must be to save
himself from getting slaughtered like last time. In the back of us, 3
purple geeks arrive to get killed in Shademans place.

Protoman will take care of the 4 navis, and we get 3. By now, they
should be pretty easy. From what I had to fight, may or may not vary
from person to person, and version to version, here's my battles in
Team Protoman.

Submarine   x2
SubmarineEX x1

Samurai x2
Fan     x1

Mask-like virus x1
Woodnose EX     x1
Satellite       x1

After the last battle, watch the fireworks display made from all 7
of the opposing navis blow up together. Beautiful, isn't it?

After that battle, Megaman and Protoman have a little chat, plug out
afterwards, Protoman first, why are we always the last? Then it's their
operators turn to chat.

When they're done, Lan recieves an E-mail. This E-mail is from Lans
(girl)friend Mayl, and she sends him her love in the form of a chip,
Roll SP R. I'm kinda joking about the love part, but who knows, there
could be a deeper relationship here that we can't see.

Head to the chip shop and speak with Higsby. If you don't know who he
is, just find someone with some messed up brown hair with glasses on.

After you're done talking to him, head to End area 3, easiest path is
in the statue. Once you're in there, head to the pagoda, and check the
back of the place for something. When you've grabbed that thing, plug
out, and head over to the chip shop, and if you didn't use the chip
trader for a while, feel free to do so, otherwise enter in all the
Numberman machine codes that you find useful, believe me, some of them

Once you've done enough and are ready to move on, talk to Higure.
Another cutscene, this time, it appears to be slightly interesting as
Higure says something and gets all the customers and window shoppers
to leave. Then we head over to the Numberman thingy, and says
something like "Open Sesame" and it opens. Both of us head in there,
and man, all those boxes are sorta being walls. From what I see,
there's a chip symbol on some of those boxes, I wonder if they all
have chips in them.

Higsby and Lan go on through, and we discover that this looks
similar to Chauds office, only less organized and clean.

Dunno what happens next, but Lan runs up to Higsby extra fast to tell
him something. After they finish their little conversation, the
Scilab music is the now not so secret office?

Now that Higure and Lans conversation is done, it's time for Lan and
Chauds conversation, he mentions End area 5. When you can move Lan
again, check that middle computer and recieve an HP memory for being
such a thief.

At End area 4, we can have a match with the newest recruit.
Remember this is optional, but I did it for the chip, and he was fun
to kill. Oh yea, and the chip is the same as in MMBN 4, it requires



Attacks-Mostly similiar from MMBN 4 and past version.

Rolling grenades-Rolls a grenade, explodes in an X shape, now faster.
Aimed shot-You'll hear a tink like sound before he fires, move to
avoid. 20 per hit
Invis-He's learned this and can use a new trick this time.

This guy has learned to use a combo, Invis+aimed shot. Remember,
just because he used Invis against you doesn't mean you can't hit him.

I hit him with my buster XD.

He seems to get stuck if he doesn't have more than 1 column. However
he can still row grenades onto you. areagrabs, triple crack, crack
bomb, these would help you a bit. Basically anything to crack panels

He enjoys moving after he rolls the grenades, so you'll have to work
on your timing, or paralyze him to use powerful chip(s) to cause good

Whether you finish off SearchmanV2 of not, head into End Area 5, after
going near where you fought the boss, you'll se Megaman run full speed
to confront...Medi near the seemingly unbreable purple firewall?

We then learn that the annoying girl we saw earlier is Medis operator.
They then talk about some stuff, Medi checks the firewall, gets scared
and hides behind Megaman. A black cloud appears and breaks the purple
firewall, we all know a certain navi to have that cloud. Yeah,
the flying puffball is back. Protoman then appears, and slices

Defeated with 1 hit? Naw, he just decided to give us a generic
fireworks display wihle flying back the way he came. Protoman says
some stuff, Medi says"...", then "...!", and they're all looking at
the direction Cloudman came from, looks like he wants revenge. He's
not dead yet, just damaged, see the sparks coming from sparky over

Well, Cloudman says "Aaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!" or something like that,
followed by a suicidal charge toward Medi, Protoman as usual, trying
to act like the hero, uses his uber speed to get in front of Medi and
raise his shield. The screen then turns white, and what we see is not
good. Sadly, it looks like Protoman and Cloudman are no more.

The screen then changes to the teams new hideout. Chaud says some
stuff, and most of the team is asking questions about something
related to the situation.

Chaud says something that shocks Lan.

Guess what, -WE- are the new leaders, it's like when the head of a
corporation steps down, the 2nd in charge steps up.

But whatever they're doing in there, we can't get back in the chip

Since we can't get back in, there's no point in doing anything else,
not to mention you CAN'T go anywhere else other than home.

What is this, curfew or something?!

To make matters more forced, we can't even plug into the home
computer. The game developers wants Lan to take a nap, so do so.
You can too if you're tired from all this, otherwise, keep going.

Useless note: Medis operator, Jasmine as I believe she's called, is
near Mayls house.

6a. Nightmares of The Past (Day 6)

After Lan takes a nap, we hear someone ringing the bell. It's Jasmine,
I wonder what she wants. Whatever it is, it probably has to do with
the UnderNet. And this will interest you, the "lockdown" is over,
feel free to go where you please.

Y'know back in the new office, you might notice a semi hidden area on
the right of the computers that you can plug into. The right side
contains Spin Pink. Useful for spinning around pink blocks in your
NCP to fit. The left side contains a RegUp 1.

Plug out and head to Undernet 1, and in case your memory is terrible,
try to remember where the purple firewall was.

Once you get there, head beyond that point, ignore the purple navi,
he's not important.

Welcome to hell, err Undernet area 1. Here's a cutscene. You'll
notice a green navi running full speed trying to escape the darkness,
Megaman stops him and asks him about something. He also asks you a
question, which I have no idea, and doesn't appear to affect you much
if any at all.

As you advance in this area, I'm sure you'll notice purple flames
flying around the place. I've had a few touch me, it turned green and
I couldn't get it off, and it has something to do with your icon
flashing in battles. Be careful in battles, panels are poisoned.

The ghostly flames causes glitches, maybe randomly, as I had the panel
crack glitch whenever I stepped off a panel in 1 battle. The next
battle I had a dudbuster, the one after that I had a stepping problem.

Anyway, make your way through this area of darkness.

Now that you're in Undernet area 2, remember the evil flames are still
around. If you head to the left and not into the portal, you'll find
a BMD, and in it is a RegUp 3, and if you manage to find a PMD, it
has a Neovariable sword V within it.

Hopefully the annoyances arn't enough to really hurt you, and if it
is, plug out, get some Full Enrgs, only 1000 each, and plug back in.

Bugfrag dealer in Undernet area 2 has this

Sneakrun      NCP-20BF
Antiwater D (G,Q)-20BF(Don't buy, get * from numberman machine)
HP+300NCP        -30BF
Attack+30*       -50BF(expensive mega chip)
GigaFolder+1 NCP -90BF
BugCurse? C      -100BF(Giga Chip)

Also, those that played MMBN 1st, aka battle network 1, remember
Skullman and his flying bones? We have Skeletons in battle doing the
same, and they act like the turtle skeletons from Super Mario world
when hit with something hard.

Well whether you decide to buy something or not, head into Undernet
area 3. 

Theres a attack+1 NCP in the left area, also a portal if you head
north, if you head in, you'll find a RegUp 3. Near the portal is a

The things you can buy from this guy.

HPMemory-            10000z, 15000Z, 20000z, 30000z
Northwind V(D,Q,*)-  8000z!
Longblade L(E,P)-    9800z!
Geddon 2 W(H,T)-     10000z
Meteor R-            16000Z

Northwind is kinda costly, and the code this guy has isn't very
useful. If you're having difficulty with your NCP, save up 13000z for

From Undernet area 3, there's a alternate path to Undernet 2, but right
now it's a dead end, it'll open up after you beat the game. Near the
bottom area, you'll find a PMD, holding a NCP memory expansion.
There's also another shop, but its on the right side of this place,
and this is what they sell.

I'm fish-    4200z
Custom+1-    5500z
Jungle-      6000z
Reflect-     8700z
Hp+400-     10000z
Bugstopper- 13000z

Bugstopper makes a return, and this time, it takes 3 spaces, and can
be bought for 13000z, this is why I told you to save up 13000z.

You can now have 5 colors in your NCP and not have a glitch.

Once you've bought what you needed, head up the stairs.

Oh, look, it's Medi, behind her is a firewall, Megaman and her speak
a bit, then get into their battle stances and it's now time to get
ready to rumble!!!




Flying pills-Throws 2 pills quickly, they explode differently even
with different color.

ways to explode...

-explodes in a vertical or a t shape, 40 damage, causes blindness.
-vertical explosion, 40 damage.
-horizontal explosion, probably 40 damage.

Hovering...things-a red and blue thing hovers about in your area, when
they join, they make your area explode. 80 damage.

Blue energy-throws it horizontally, it basically leachs off of your
HP and Medi gets it, 40 damage.

Strategy-She's easy, very easy, if you beat Napalmman V3, this should
be a walk in the park, in fact, even the viruses in Undernet 3 are

After your supposedly easy victory, Gyroman comes in, with music
similar to that on the title screen, only better. Then, the rest of
the team comes. Your members(now that Protoman is gone, they're yours
now)each makes a little speech about something.

After the speech, Napalmman tries to blast open the firewall, and
-phails- just like Magnetman last time. Medi then steps up to the
plate, uses some sort of pulse, and opens it up.

Magnetman has guard duty, so you may have to play a bit more

6b. Liberation mission 6 (Day 6)

Target time 10 turns
Dark holes=5

Ready to learn who's our target today?

The navi who we have to take out today is...Protoman?!

Apparently, Cloudman didn't delete Protoman, looks like he just got

Protoman says some stuff, and it looks like we have to smack some
sense into him like in MMBN 4BM.

If you're using Megaboys maps, this should be a LOT easier.

If not, then know that key 1 is at the top of the place. The absolute
top. Key 2 is at the absolute bottom, Gyroman really helps a lot here.

Now, this mission will be tough, you're stuck with some weaklings.
Megman is an exception, by now, he should have more than 500HP, mine
had 580, your teammates have 300(Medi), 350(Searchman), 400(Napalmman
and Gyroman).

As for Medis abilities, it's worse then Searchmans, Medi leaves the
middle panel untouched with her out of battle ability.

In battle, special ability and charged shot are both pills the charged
shot is somewhat decent doing 80 damage, what is she, a nurse? Where's
the syringe?!

There's also a virus that returned, and is annoying as ever, the
Dominerd, takes 1 damage per hit unless its mouth opens up to attack
you, sword users shouldn't find these guys too hard, but for twister
users getting attacked from both sides will have a tough time.

I got to Protoman at turn 10, those Dominerds were really annoying.
I suggest cutting them open with swords.

If It Happened To MegaMan...



Shadow paladin sword-A shadow of Protoman appears and uses hero sword.
Basically a longer longsword.
areagrab-same as chip.
Shadow widesword-Same as widesword.
Shadow shield-Blocks attacks with his shadow.
Teleportation-Moves really quickly, then goes into your area and uses
lifeswords. Has power to destroy chips?

Strategy- He's tougher than when you fought him the last time, those
swords HURT along with the fact that you don't have much space. Navi
chips could work, as well as combos that cover wide spaces, such as

Your reward for finishing after turn 10 is 5000z, I finished in turn
13, so thats what I got. 3 of my Navis got knocked out against him.
However, it changed in my second run, I almost beat him up with 1 navi
and killed him with my second.

Slaughtering him in turn 9-Protoman B chip
                    turn 13-5000Z

There could be other prizes, perhaps a better chip if you finish on
turn 8.

Ok, after beating Protoman up, or vice versa for me, we have a
cutscene where Cosmoman intervenes and takes Protoman away via dark
hole power.

You also acquire Medi soul.

Meanwhile, at Dr. Regals base, along with another cutscene we find
Yuuichirou tied up near Regal. They have a little chat about some

6c. Round 2, FIGHT! (Day 6)

After whatever that was, Lan and mom are watching TV. We then see
Dr. Regal broadcasting his ugly face all across the world about his
pathetic plan.

After Dr. Regal is done, Lan runs off, stops and recieves something
from Haruka. Head out the door, watch people argue about stuff.
Recieve an Email from the unknown, use the chip trader if you have to.

Plug into the tree behind Mayls house, and examine the pod.

It's a cutscene, Searchman plugs in and I have absolutely no idea why
the evil music is playing when we're talking to him, it's time to take
him down. Searchmans battle stance makes him look like he has diarrhea
or something.



Attacks-Mostly similiar from MMBN 4 and past version.

Rolling grenades-Rolls a grenade, explodes in an X shape, now faster.
Aimed shot-You'll hear a tink like sound before he fires, move to
avoid. 20 per hit
Invis-He's learned to use this and can use a new trick this time.

Same as the Searchmanv2 dummy. Protoman DS was much harder than him,
so if you're having a lot of difficulty with this guy, then I dunno
how you got past Protoman DS.

After you literally kicked Searchman outta here, Megaman procedes to
shoot and destroy the pod.

You then get forced out, recieve an E-Mail about Medi Soul, which I've
already used in my battle against Searchman. After you read it, head
to your new HQ, speak with Chaud, and head to the docks. If you chose
to head to the lab, you'll see lots of people freaking out about
stuff. Must be a trend.

Head into the ship and out on the deck near the netbattle machine.
Same thing with Napalmmans operator as with Searchman, it's time to
du-du-du-du-du, du du du du duel, I mean put out the fire.




Pop-Up machine gun-Pops up out of nowhere and fires, only now with
a new one to g with the old one. 20 per hit
Flying fire grenades-flys them around the place, exploding in a
cross pattern leaving the spot where it landed safe when it blows
up. 80 damage
Giant bomb-A BIG green crosshair appears, if it locks, then all 8
squares and that square will be bombed.

NapalmmanV3 got burnt out some time ago, NapalmmanV2 is just a giant
candle that needs some water.

Ok, after you blew out his candles, Napalmmans operator is jumping for
some reason. We automatically plug in to use the pod as target

Plug out, head to Scilab, plug into the flashing machine, and short
circuit Magnetman.




North-South tackle-Get tackled from front+back, only more painful,
so this is priority number 1 to dodge.

Field Warp- Changes the field with extreme speed, before I could do
anything, makes it so that you will eventually move to the middle.
Does this if his side has no magnetic panels.

Energy Ball- Launches a energy ball, its basically a different
colored thunder ball with a lot more manuevering. No flinching.

Magnet- Releases 2 magnets which can change its movement in a 90
degrees angle once, somewhat hard to dodge.

SuperMagnetism-A magnetic hole pops out under you and stops you from
moving, this is a good time to hit him with something painful.

Same fight as the Magnetman dummy. Use double crack+boomerang if you
have trouble.

Same scene as Searchman, Megaman breaks the pod, maybe the pods were
controlling them. Somehow Tesla appears right next to the machine
after that.

Well, head to End city, and into the building. Head to the top of the
roof and plug in.

Remember this place? Yes, so confusing, head onto area 4, no more of
that ninja stuff, so annoying. Also, some of the viruses are in their
EX form here. Still nothing you can't handle.

Gyroman pops in at area 4, when you manage to find the pod.
You know the drill, battle routine set, execute!



Propeller-This thing can go diagonal, or like Magnetmans magnets,
annoying. 60
Machine gun-He goes into helicopter mode and uses his guns.
Twister-fires a twister, think a windy version of a paladin sword.
Flying bomber- flies across your area, and bombs get dropped, not
nessasarily in a row, more randomly. 80?

Like all of his other teammates, he should be taken out with ease.

For some reason, we don't get to blow up the pod, instead Gyroman goes
into helicopter mode, flies over the pod and drops a bomb.

After seeing that cutscene and plugging out, you'll recieve a call
from Chaud. Head into Undernet.

On the way there, you may want to fight someone that poses a decent

End area 3, SearchmanV3 is just in some dead end on the bottom left
area side. This battle is optional.



Attacks-Mostly similiar from MMBN 4 and past version.

Rolling grenades-Rolls a grenade, explodes in an X shape, now faster.
120 per hit.
Aimed shot-You'll hear a tink like sound before he fires, move to
avoid. More than 20 per hit
Invis-He's learned to use this and can use a new trick this time.

I wasn't really prepared to face a navi with 1700 points of life, but
I still manage to wipe the floor with him with a rank of 7.

Fight him or not, head into Undernet. It looks No more
ghosts too to toughen your battles.

In Undernet 2, there's a dark navi, says something about 5, and asks
you if you want to kick his @$$. I had to fight 2 tanks with 300hp
each with a wind virus with 210. I earned nothing, dunno what that
battle was for.

In Undernet 3, by checking the right area, you'll find ProtomanV3.

Before doing so, I highly suggest you save NOW, if you're planning on
facing him. This battle is also optional.




Widesword-Can jump in your area and uses a widesword slash. 140 per
Has a protoshield to block your attacks, now activated a bit more.
Uses a paladin sword slash, hits up to 3 spaces forward. 140 per hit

Don't be fooled by the fact that he's not DS, he still has skill, and
like every other version 3 that was fought so far, this one is a lot
faster than the previous versions.

Paralysis+heavy hitting combo that hits a large area is your best bet
on taking him out fast. 

That or navi/time freezing chips.

Most of the time I tried hitting him, he always seemed to be able to
pull away from the rest of the hits. You're very likely to die against
him, each hit doing 140, twister users just can't win since it doesn't
cover range, same goes for vulcans, so use stuff like anti swords,
since it retaliates with 3 slashes, 100 for each.

Your reward for killing him is Protoman B chip.
You'll get a ProtomanDS chip if you S ranked him.

Now head to where you fought Medi, there's her clone. Scrap her if
you want to, and it shouldn't be too hard if you somehow managed to
beat ProtomanV3.




Flying pills-Throws 2 pills quickly, they explode differently even
with different color.

ways to explode...

-explodes in a vertical or a t shape, 40 damage, causes blindness.
-vertical explosion, 40 damage.
-horizontal explosion, probably 40 damage.

Hovering...things-a red and blue thing hovers about in your area, when
they join, they make your area explode. 80 damage.

Basically the same as the other version 2s, just time your attacks,
and be a bit more careful. Use the same strategy you did last time
against Medi. You honestly don't need strategy to beat her.

For such an easy victory, you earn a Medi M chip.

After that, head into Undernet area 4. Head to where we saw Protoman

The place is pretty empty, so just head on through.

See the special pod? Check it out, and enjoy the cutscene. Megaman
shoots it, and fails miserably. Protoman comes out of the darkness,
and destroys it with 1 slash.

We are not impressed.

We are still not impressed when he uses his jedi power combined with
the darkness to push us back. Something happens resulting in Protoman
looking messed up, and it turns out to be Medi, she then gets closer
and uses her power on Protoman.

With that and some text, a new navi comes in, no, he is not an enemy,
he is Colonel, from the other version. Then it appears as if Protoman
is repulsing the beams, much like the vampires would in Boktai 2.

When the purple cloud appears, Colonel uses his uber speed and knocks
out Protoman. Megaman uses his puny buster and destroys the cloud. We
are now impressed :)

Then the screen turns dark, then it comes into view again, Protoman
has been cleansed. Proto soul acquired, we are now very impressed :D

Screen turns white, we lose our leader status :(
Oh well, Proto soul should do more than compensate.

Screen turns white soon after.

Then we hear the normal music, Lan&team are having a team meeting.
Go home, and have a cutscene. Recieve something from mom. Lan heads
up to his room.

6d. Protoman's back (Day 6)

When we see Lan again, either he didn't go to bed, or he got up

Recieve an Email from Chaud, he explains how to use Proto soul.

Well, here's how to use Proto souls best chip, learn how to do 480
damage with a special button combination with Neo Varsword, and
double the damage by charging it up which can cause up to 960. For 1
chip, that's pretty nice.

Alright, head to Scilab area 3. A shortcut to Scilab 2 is from Scilab
where the only place you can plug in at Chauds previous headquarters

Once in SciLab area 3, Check the back area. It's the little 3x5 area.

There should be a cutscene. A flash of light, followed by a door to
the past, followed by us going through manually pretty much sums it
up. We now see Tadashi Hikari, and the other guy who I believe to be
Dr. Wily. After some text, Tadashi walks out the digital door, while
Megaman moves out of the way. Same happens with Dr. Wily. Followed by
a plug out.

If you want a RegUp 1, check out the bottom of the corner of that
place after getting plugged out.

Head home, take a nap.

7a. Destroy Nebulas HQ (Day 7)

After getting a few seconds of shuteye, head over to Higure-ya, it's
the team, either waiting for you, most likely because you're probably
late, or something's wrong with the chip shop. Speak with Chaud to get
the cutscene going. Chaud mentions 3777, due to where we're going, I'm
guessing that number is feet. Also, there's a helicopter waiting for
us too.

Aw, lookie, Lans friends are here to see him off. Mayl steps forward
to say something to Lan. If you havn't guessed the meaning by now,
something must be wrong with you.

Screen darkens and when it's clear again, we can see ourselves in what
appears to be the insides of a volcano?!

Only volcanos I know of in Japan are Mt. Fuji, and that's it.

Now, screen shifts to the right, showing us a glimpse of Nebula base.
The tower cannons do not impress, or intimidate us. 

Music here is kinda weird, told ya Capcom was on drugs.

Gyromans operator goes off on to scout, 10 minutes later, we recieve
a phone call or send one. No response? Obviously since Capcom isn't
mean enough to have him pushed into the flaming pits of Hel-err the
volcano, he's probably kidnapped or his cell phone is broken.

When the cutscene is over, follow the path, and head right when you
see stairs. Appearently, 5 members of your team are scared. It's up to
you, so head on through the nearby door, examine the chute. The rest
of the team caught up, with Chaud in the lead.

Ok, so we're all waiting for him to move on, but we find 2 doors.
Chaud gives us a Delta Ray Edge Z, nice, and runs off with Jasmine.

Go into the door with the red thing above it. Cutscene with... what
is that thing? Oh, a dark chip machine, and damn, it can produce.

Go ahead and plug in there. At the top corner lies a dark chip for us
to have, Dark Circle R. After finishing off your dark chip collection,
plug out, and go to the right side. Those dark chips look like the
tic tac candy with a different color in the boxes. Going near the red
beams means a cutscene. Teslas already there, ready to help disable
the system, but needs your help, you automatically plug in.

Welcome to factory area 1.

You can switch characters with the select button, hope yours isn't
broken like my friends one was, he's gonna have a tough time playing
this part if he decides to buy this. Any new viruses shouldn't be too
hard to handle. You'll need Magnetman to go over to the right and plug
those holes in that Magnum up with a magnet.

Special thing with this place in these battles, when you enter 1, just
think of the times you fought Magnetman in the game, had those panels
right? Well, now they work for and against you, as the panels are
somewhat random.

Megaman should head over to the left, and step on the switch. Watch
out for bird dr-I mean digital droppings coming from above. They hurt
for about 20. BMD here contains a Mega Cannon F, grab it it you need.

Basically, what you have to do is alternate, stepping off 1 switch
reactivates the gates. Before the 3rd cannon, you can go down for a
HP memory. Only Blue boy can get it though.

After Magnetman takes out the last cannon, Megaman can go through the
last red gate. Once through, you'll find...Blizzardman. Hm.
Wonder what he did with that dog.




Snowball fury- Rolls snowballs toward you. 100 per hit
Snow drop- Drops piles of snow on your side.
Rolling snowbody- He's covered in snow and he rolls himself toward
Also drops piles of snow on your side after doing so.
Ice breath-freezes 2 panels in from of him.

Strategy-Paralyze+hit him with super powerful attack.

For a version 2, this guy more than doubled his HP. In fact, he
tripled it.

While dying, snowball opens up a dark hole and tries to suck us in.
Snowball goes through, and Magnetman sacrifices himself for Megaman.
Tesla screams nooooo....

Be nice and talk to Tesla, and head on through. Now, at the second
door, there's a cutscene. Laika gets alarmed about the Nebula geek,
which is taken care of as Gyromans operator comes in and gives purple
boy a piece of his mind, err fists. Lan then jacks in and now, it's
time for what we do in every MMBN game, no, not try to take over the
world, but to save it by plugging in to various objects and killing

Ok, Factory area 2, Gyroman should take the right path, left one is a
dead end right now. Find the dark cloud and examine it, Gyroman should
change to helicopter mode, fly over the cloud, and bomb the dark chip.

Near the blue button is a BMD with a RegUp 3 for Megaman. The blobs
do roughly 25 damage here. Near the second cloud is a BMD with the NCP
Oilbody, attracts fire viruses. Be on guard against apple looking
virus in battles. Shoots seeds and makes the spot it hits into grass.

After destroying the second dark chip in this area, have Megaman
continue onward, skip the stairs and hit the blue button. Note-Blue
switches mean only Blue boy(Megaman) can step on them. Yellow-Gyroman,
you get the drill.

Head on through the 3rd yellow gate.

Save. Now.

Prepare for battle after watching the dark hole swallow Gyroman.



Claw Swing-Swings his claw, widesword range
Noise Crush-Hits 1 panel in front of him and 3 in front of that.
May cause paralysis or confusion.
Flying Bat- Releases 3 bats, can turn once.

What is this guy, invincible? We smoked him in MMBN 4, twice, smoked
him by Django in Boktai 2, and butchered him in our second mission,
and with all that, you'd think he'd be dead by now. Oh wait, he's
a weak digital vampire with one strong will to live.

With 1000Hp, he shouldn't take too long to finish off. Just take note
that his bats act like Magnetmans magnets. Luckily, they're not as

After you manage to defeat him, he's in a stance that sorta reminds
me of Bass in Megaman&Bass whenever he enters a stage. He then
provides us with a bit of a fireworks display.

He leaves behind a pile of goo. Ugh, one of the smart things that
Capcom did was plug us out automatically this time.

Continue onwards to level 3, and examine the red beams. A cutscene
will take place. Lan and the other 2 guys plug in together.

Napalmman should advance first, his firepower is needed to light that
door. Repeat for the next door, then step on the switch, and change to
Searchman. Have Searchman disarm the lock. Open another lock. Have
Megaman grab the Hp memory from the BMD though. Check a BMD that can
now be taken which holds a RedTsunamiBall A.

That chip requires lava panels.

There's a blue switch in the middle of the map that takes care of 2
obstacles at once. These are the 2 last things that your teammates
need to take care of. It's a good thing too.

Ok, switch back to Megaman after unlocking the place. Just make your
way to Cloudman.

When you do, use a Hp recover max if you need, and save before
stepping on the platform.

When you get to Cloudman, be prepared to take him down, preferably
with a few Woodynose, they'll do double damage. Players in the
Colonel version should find this guy short circuiting easily with
Tomahawk soul.

-Useless note, in the cutscene where you fight Cloudman, Searchman is
watching and does nothing.



Lotsa clouds- Meat wall made of clouds, kill them with your buster.
Thunder cloud- Makes a cloud that will attack all its surrounding
sides, north, south, east, west, easy to dodge.
Thunder Storm- Disappears, then a huge cloud appears.

Note-This guy has no super armor.

Strategy, the guy likes to stay on the back row huh? Swords would be
nice. Boomerangs would too. I just used areagrab and blew away his
hp with some twisters. Or, if you don't care about permanently losing
some hp, poke him with a Dark Lance. For Colonel players, going
Tomahawk soul, Chaos style can kill him easily.

After beating him up and watching the cutscene where your 2 members
get swallowed up by the dark hole, Cloudman blows up.

So, 4 members of our team have been taken, what are we left with?
Megaman, Protoman, and Medi. Opposing team, Cosmoman.

Well, go get yourself a refill of subchips if you need them. If you're
in need of HP memories Level 1 has a plug in point which leads to
Undernet 3, and there's a netdealer near it.

After restocking or not, go outside level 1, plug into the big pipe.
The left side has a BMD which has a HP memory. Get it, head to level 3
and into level 4. There, you'll see more of the dark chip making
machine in all its glory. Not to mention another impassable wall.

Well, not gonna stay impassable, Jasmine enters from the right, Chaud
enters from the left and they're going to help us.

Protoman has 600Hp, so you don't have to worry about him going down
too easily, Medi on the other hand, only has 400, her charge shot and
in battle chip are both used like mini bombs which is sorta useless.
Meaning if your folder sucks, you'll have a hard time using her.

Anyway, Protoman should break the floating walls, you should know that
if you remember him opening up the first mission. Medi takes care of
the firewalls, and Megaman, well, only 1 switch and Cosmoman.

Medi or Protoman should get the submemory on the right side.

The other BMD contains a Recover 200 I chip.

Make your way to Cosmoquee-Cosmoman.

Save after your 2 teammates step on the final switches.

Procede and face Cosmoman.

The cutscene has all 4 navis talking about stuff. Cosmoman decides
Medi should meet the fate of the others. Protoman teleports over to
slice Cosmoman but Cosmoman takes a step back. It was a trap too, as a
portal appears in front of him. Protoman gets taken, Medi tries
running away, but gets taken too.

Y'know, if you feel like taking some revenge out on this guy, feel
free to do so in this battle.




Ring of Saturn-Throws a ring, lands down, and it looks like its
trying to orbit around something. Takes 4 spaces.

Satellites with rings-Self Explanatory, plus he can throw it in the

Fairy Meteor Crush-A black hole opens up and drops a meteor, range is
a cross.

Meteor shower-fires lots of meteors out from the back row.

Strategy-Well, the Meteor shower is annoying when you don't have super
armor, and use things like vulcans. Swords work nicely. As always,
paralysis+heavy hitting combo means you're a lot closer to winning.

After taking this freak down, he says something before dying, we then
see Dr. Regal talking to himself. Or not, Yuuichirou is still tied up
and on the floor continuing the conversation. 

Step up and into the room which we saw a few times in various
cutscenes. Whaddya know, it's another one. After it's done, you can
plug into the topmost one to redeem a Mudwave D in a PMD. Otherwise,
talk to the navi sprawled on the ground. Plug out, check the middle
one. It's another one of them scenes, this one opens up a secret path
in the right part of the wall. Also, your naviless team is here, to
cheer you on. After that, you HAVE TO check the bottommost case for
3 PETs, must be Mayls, Dex, and Yais.




Before entering the stairs. If the other MMBN games taught us
anything, it's save often. There's a somewhat tough boss just ahead.
You wouldn't want to lose a few hours worth of gameplay, would you?

Once you enter, you cannot step back out.

Enter, and watch the cutscene. The team is behind you, still giving
you their support. Lan steps up to the panel, and Regal does
something to make a grid appear. No people, the game is not screwing
up. Capcom may have made a mistake here and there, but this is not
one of them. However, something is happening to the team. We are not
affected, we are invincible due to something we have. To stop him,
you automatically plug in.

Run to the platform, and watch another cutscene.

OMFG!!! It's teh ghosts of christmas past, present and futre!!!

Not, it's just Blizzardman, Shademan, Cloudman, and Cosmoman. They're
alive, we've killed them 2 times each, Shademans an exception, he got
killed more. Regal has too many clones of these things.

They figure since they can never defeat us alone, because they suck so
much, they decide to gang up and fight us together. However, our team
is still alive, how they got out of the portal is beyond me, Protoman
and Magnetman come from the portal to kill Cosmoman, Gyroman and
Napalmman want to kill Cloudman, and Shademan has to handle Searchman
and Medi. And Blizzardman? Our friends are here for some payback.

The 4 floating purple flames dissipate, and we are free to move on.
This place is long too, sneakrun subchips are good to have here.

When you get to the 7x5 platform, you'll see a blue flame in front of
a giant portal. A bunch of dark flames appear and a giant red flame
is formed...

Prepare for battle.

My, Oh My, It's...
Nebula Grey!!!


 Flaming arch-a stream of flames appear from a panel and onto the
 next one. Goes Horizontal. 80 per hit.
 Dark meteor-Dark flames on panels appear, also attempts to follow
 Megaman DS-A dark chip appears and summons Megaman DS, uses random
 dark chip. Toned down so it's not very cheap. Meaning the dark chips
 don't hurt as much.
 Nebula Dragon-transforms into a dragon, aims, flys toward you, hits
 and cracks a 3x3.
 Grasp of fury-sends his hands to grab you, also lags the area. Does
 this when low on life, meaning 1000 or less.
 Strategy-Stay far away from mini bombs and other things that need
throwing, stay away from object and ground based chips such as bomb
boys chips. You don't need areagrabs in this battle unless you use

Don't use weak flinching chips, you want to destroy the blue flame
ASAP. Not to mention the blue flame constantly moves. Best if you use
single strong hitters. Bubblewrap is good if your folder isn't. If I
managed to pick the end game boss off with a buster, along with
roughly 500 hp, then using chips should be easier. If you wanna know
what souls buster I used, it was Gyro. Yes, this boss can be that easy.

8a. Ending (Day 10)

3 Days later...I think

A bunch of text shows up, and we see Yuuichirou and the team at the
former base. Regal shows up, and why? Capcom was on drugs I say.
The normal music is still playing, even with Regal still here.

Chaud dismisses the team, except for Lan. Next, his friends shows up,
probably to thank him, as he did get the PETs back.

The game ends like always, with Lan pluging in...

You now get to view the credits. Partway there, we see the digital
dog, which I wonder what Blizzardman did with him anyway.

Chips you've collected and time consumed while playing will vary.

Time: 37:56
Chips Standard  -109
      Megaclass -20 XD
      Gigaclass -02
      Darkclass -12

Press A to continue(Not shown on screen)

Enjoy the extras, watch as Megaman falls due to doggy barking and
Gutsman jump.

Remember to save, folks. You will also notice that on the screen where
you select New game or continue, there's a Protoman icon to indicate
you've beaten the game.

8b. Secrets/Extras (Day 10)

You've made is this far, have you? Your folder and skills will be put
through a brutal test in this section. You might expect to have to
S-rank V3 navis and having to defeat their SP version, maybe even
S-rank them. Then of course, we have more things, like missions. It's
highly reccommended that you try to assemble a folder that is capable
of doing lots of damage quickly.

For now, let's take it easy.

Go to ACDC area 1. Check the first blue square. Short circuit




North-South tackle-Get tackled from front+back, only more painful,
so this is priority number 1 to dodge.

Field Warp- Changes the field with extreme speed, before I could do
anything, makes it so that you will eventually move to the middle.
Does this if his side has no magnetic panels.

Energy Ball- Launches a energy ball, its basically a different
colored thunder ball with a lot more manuevering. No flinching.

Magnet- Releases 2 magnets which can change its movement in a 90
degrees angle once, hard to dodge. 120 per hit.

SuperMagnetism-A magnetic hole pops out under you and stops you from
moving, this is a good time to hit him with something painful.

1000 Hps more than when I fought him last, this'll be a good fight.
Since this guy like to immobilize us, we'll could fight back by
paralyzing him with some pill powered meteors, or other multi hitting
chips, such as tornado as pill power will make those chips paralyzing.

Let's tackle GridMan V3 in the Island.
GridMan.EXE V3



Bouncing football-Bounces a football around your area.

Offensive tackle-Charges toward you, like Burnermans charge in MMBN4,
but without the burning. 120 per hit?

Footmans team- Calls his teammates to charge toward you like the
sheep viruses in MMBN4. Does this at the start of the battle.
They regenerate at a more annoying speed.

Field Goal Kick- Kicks that ball he's holding into a 2x2 area of

Strategy-Don't use obstacles, he'll literally run right through them.
Can fake throws. Like his other forms, him charging toward a
thunderball followed by a extremely powerful twister combo will
take him out.

While running around in End area 3, I got lost and trying to find
End area 4, I met up with Searchman SP.

SuperPower SearchMan.EXE

HP-2000 >_>

Attacks-Mostly similiar from MMBN 4 and past version.

Rolling grenades-Rolls a grenade, explodes in an X shape, now faster.
200 per hit?
Aimed shot-You'll hear a tink like sound before he fires, move to
avoid. 40 per hit?
Invis-He's learned to use this and can use a new trick this time.

Strategy-Pfah. You can see his moves. Bubblewrap allows you to live a
lot longer. He's just a faster and more hardcore version 3.

End Area 4 has some green program on the top floor, I answered the
first option for both and got something. 

After that, start filling up your library, SP chips of the enemy
navis can be found by completing the missions 2 turns before the
expected time.

Blizzardman mission gives a Blizzardman SP chip on turn 5 under.
Shademan mission gives a Shademan SP chip on turn 7 or under.
Cloudman mission gives a Cloudman SP chip on turn 7 or under.
MegamanDS mission gives a Full custom gauge chip on turn 8 or under.
Cosmoquee-err Cosmoman mission gives a Cosmoman SP chip on turn 7 or
ProtomanDS mission gives a Z-Saber Z chip, you'll have to S rank his SP
version to get the SP chip.

If you head to Undernet area 1 via End area 1, you'll notice a black
navi nearby. If you talk to him, he'll ask you if you want to kick his
@$$. If you chose the top option, hopefully you realize he has
level 3 EX electric viruses for you to deal with.

Satellite3EX x1-does 200 per hit
SpaceYura3EX x2

He gives nothing because he is weak. You'll automatically recover
full life after the fight if you win.

Now, since we're in Undernet 1, get ready for a rematch with


HP-1500 (invincible while flying)


Annoying bird-Fires out a white bird, acts like a smarter version
of the boomerang chip. 140 per hit

Angry crow takes flight!-Some areas look like they're going to be
in the area of an attack, and he flys in a weird pattern, like 8 on
the side to be more precise.

Flying up-Disappears, then reappears, flys toward you, and up to the
ceiling. Has chip breaking ability. 140 per hit.

Easy as ever with the power your folder should be packing by now.
Strategy is the same as last time, doesn't look like his speed
improved much.

Head to End area 4. At the top floor, head south west and into the
portal, fight a black navi there. He basically says the same things
as the last 2. Thing is, we have a the 3 main fire viruses to kill.

Take those out, and head over to Undernet 2, the regular long way.
Buy whatever you need, and head over to Undernet area 3, there's a
purple navi selling Roll DS for 3000z.

Undernet 3, beware, you can encounter ProtomanSP randomly if you've
defeated ProtomanV3. He's not too different from his V3 form.

Super Power ProtoMan.EXE



Widesword-Can jump in your area and uses a widesword slash. 240 per
Has a protoshield to block your attacks, now activated a bit more.
HeroSword-Uses a hero sword slash, hits up to 3 spaces forward.
240 per hit
DeltaRayEdge-Tries to use Delta Ray Edge on you, when you hear a ting
sound, get away from the middle of your 3x3. Damage is unconfirmed.
220 per hit?

When I said ProtomanV3 was tough, think a more powerful version of him,
and here he is. He can slice you with a dreamsword from the back, or
the front. Use chips that cover range, like Dreamsword PA.

Twister doesn't cut it against him without one of those music things
to hold him in place. If your folder isn't very good, a bubblewrap
preset as a defense will really help as his buster never works against

Now, after you've defeated him or not, head into Undernet area 2 via
the left way. Speak with the Golden Program to open the way to Nebula
area 1. Opening up the Nebula area will also enchance the viruses you
meet. If you think the enemies are too difficult, talk to the golden
program and accept the left option to revert to normal. You'll need
100 fragments of power, or 100 standard chips as it means that.
Megaman asks you if you're sure about entering.

Press B to back out and save, otherwise head in, for a mission.

8c. Nebula Mission 1 (Day 10)

Nebula isn't defeated yet, and it's time to purify the immortal,
Shademan. Err, delete him, Django purifies, we delete.

Target time-12 Turns
Dark holes-4
Keys needed-2

We don't have Gyroman here or Medi, but, Searchmans ability works fine.
It can go up to 8 panels.
Shademans attack does 80 per hit now.
You'll be annoyed to know that Dominerds are back, and with 220Hp
too. Also, like the Dominerds, all viruses you've fought before
have been upgraded. Good luck. There's also mettaur 2s. They were
never a threat, and they arn't now. Any birdy mini boss viruses you
see can be easily eliminated with Magnetmans special chip.

1 Key is near your starting point, but on the left, the other on the
right in the middle of the 3. Clear the 6 item panel row with
Searchmans ability.

Don't be surprised if your team members get wasted against some
random viruses, they are powerful. I found the dark hole near
Shademan extremely hard to beat. Let's just say it took me many turns
to destroy.




Claw Swing-Swings his claw, widesword range

Noise Crush-Hits 1 panel in front of him and 3 in front of that.

May cause paralysis or confusion.

Flying Bat- Releases 3 bats, can turn once.

Strategy-Same as last version, only 200 HP more. I find the dark hole
before him 10 times harder. If you managed to beat that, this guy is
no problem at all since you have 5 navis and 1200Hp to split it up
equally, each navi taking off at least 240HP, and 1 turn is all you

After killing him, your team plugs out, and a chip comes down.
Justice J mega chip. 280 per hit, hits for 5 times? Must be random

Mission rewards

Beating the mission early nets you Blackwing W. 10 turns or less
Beating the mission on time gets you ShademanDS. 11-12 turns
Beating the mission later gets you 5000zenny. 13 turns or after.

Nebula Area 2. Bottom BMD contains a Recover 300 Y, I got 3 of those
in the mission, so meh, the other BMD is a HP memory. The PMD is a
Geddon 3 A chip.

Hp Memory-20000zenny, 26000zenny, 34000zenny, 50000zenny
Bugbomb R-10000zenny
Noisestorm N-16000zenny
V-Doll Z-22000zenny
Blackwing W-28000zenny

Blackwing W could be acquired in that mission we just had. But if
your folder isn't so good, this is a alternative way to get the chip.
To unlock Nebula area 3, we need 140 standard chips.

Side note, if you want ds chips here and now without much trouble,
then speak with a purple navi in Oran island area 3. He'll make your
extra folder have ds chips as well as 3 dark chips. A great way to
add to your library, no? Unfortunately, you can't edit the extra
folder, but it saves you the trouble of hunting the chips down if
you didn't get them earlier.

Speak to a scientist in Scilab real world to recieve a RegUp 2.
Have a random encounter with FootmanSP in Oran Island 2 if you need
to. If you decided to head there, on the left of where there used to
be a blue gate, the portal there leads to a black navi which will
need to be beat up because he says stuff that is familiar like the

He's a water user though.

Kill him, collect the 140 standard chips required and head into
Nebula area 3. They have a little talk and it's time to begin the

8d. Nebula Mission 2 (Day 10)

This time, our target is Cloudman, just blow him away, people.

Target time: 14 turns
Dark Holes: 5

Side notes: Damn, those item panels are just filled with money.
Sadly, the amount of money it contains is only mostly 100zenny each.

Unfortunately, we don't have Magnetman or Protoman with us for this
mission. Medi isn't really as useful as most other navis when alone.

The first item panel you'll find is a trap, the first key is the
bottommost panel, the second key is a item panel at a dead end.

Incase you havn't noticed by now, Gyroman has the effects of all
shoes, float shoes, airshoes, shadow shoes, so poison panels doesn't

Also be careful when cleaning the middle of the map, as the item
panels surrounding it can really hurt your team.




Lotsa clouds- Meat wall made of clouds, kill them with your buster.
Thunder cloud- Makes a cloud that will attack all its surrounding
sides, north, south, east, west, easy to dodge.
Thunder Storm- Disappears, then a huge cloud appears.

 Strategy-Same as last time, only he has 400 more Hp this time around,
which doesn't help him much.

Mission Rewards
Turn 12 or under-Muramasa M Mega chip
Turn 13 or 14-Cloudman DS C Mega chip
Turn 15 or after-Most likely Zenny

Now, onward to Nebula area 4, you'll notice a Golden program behind
where Cloudman used to be, and if you select his left option, the
version 2 viruses will become version 3. Goody, version 3 Dominerds
making the game even tougher.

At this point, a well thought out folder will really help, that or

1 purple gate says you need 40 mega chips to move on, another I have
no idea, another says you need 3 giga chips for a HP memory in a BMD,
and that's all you can access with just under 40 mega chips.

The gate after the 40 mega chip gate which has a BMD with a Z-Saber Z
in it, I have no idea how to unlock it, but the gate after that one
requires S-ranking of SP navis. To S-rank SP navis, you'll might want
to close down the Nebula gates to ensure encounters with viruses don't
bring your HP down too much. You'll need to have beaten the V3
version, and you'll need a good folder to kill the SP navi 20 seconds
or under to get a S.

You'll also earn the SP chip of the navi you beat, and the chip will
be powered up the quicker you kill it.

Note, once you've beat the V3 version, the Sp version will randomly
appear AFTER you plug back in after logging out.

Note, if you S-Rank the V3, you'll recieve their DS chip. Also, there
is another way to recieve the DS chip after the V3.

Sorta useless note, in Undernet area 4, there's a dark navi who will
give you a code -91098051- for a Gun Del Sol D. That code earns you
Django SP D. Which, you could've gotten earlier.

In the pagoda(real world), there's a official that'll give you a
Hp memory for no reason.

MagnetmanV3 can be found right in ACDC area 1. Same for Sp.
BlizzardmanV3 can be found in ACDC area 3. Same for SP.
GyromanV3 can be found in Oran Island area 1. Same for SP.
FootmanV3 can be randomly found in Oran Island area 2. Same for SP.
ShademanV3 can be found in Oran Island area 3. Same for SP.
CloudmanV3 can be found in Scilab area 3. Same for SP.
NapalmmanV3 can be found in Scilab area 4. Same for SP.
SearchmanV3 can be found in End area 3. Same for SP.
MediV3 can be found in End area 4. Same for SP.
SwallowmanV3 can be found randomly found in Undernet area 2. Same for
ProtomanV3 can be found in Undernet area 3. Same for SP.
Cosmoquee-err CosmomanV3 can be found in Undernet area 4. Same for SP.

Version 3s                      SP Version HPs

MagnetmanV3-1800HP              MagnetmanSP-
BlizzardmanV3-1600HP            BlizzardmanSP
GyromanV3-1400HP                GyromanSP-
GridmanV3-1600HP                GridmanSP-
ShademanV3-1200HP               ShademanSP-1500HP
CloudmanV3-1300HP               CloudmanSP-
NapalmmanV3-1600HP              NapalmmanSP-
SearchmanV3-1700HP              SearchmanSP-
SwallowmanV3-1500Hp             LarkmanSp-
ProtomanV3-1600Hp               ProtomanSP-1800HP
CosmomanV3-1500Hp               CosmomanSP-

Note, if you do S rank all of them, be sure to have activated all
30 P.As, otherwise, you're not going to get very far.

VI. Chip List

Note: Some of the chips names were done by guessing, others, I've not
found, fill me in with the names if you will.

+None-Does no damage.                                    +
+ NSP-Not specific, may vary.                            +
+  ??-Unknown name or chip for now, bear with me.        +
+   *-Rarity, * is least rare, ***** being the most rare.+
+ "+"-Does more depending on S-ranking time              +

Standard Chips List
Chip No.   Name             Stars        Damage      Type         MB
001.       Cannon            *           40          Normal        8
002.       HiCannon          **          80          Normal       24
003.       MegaCannon        ***         120         Normal       40
004.       Airshot           **          20          Wind          6
005.       Vulcan            *           10          Normal        6
006.       Vulcan 2          **          10          Normal       18
007.       Vulcan 3          ***         10          Normal       30
008.       Spreader          **          30          Normal       10
009.       MrkCan1           *           70          Aiming       18
010.       MrkCan2           **          100         Aiming       27
011.       MrkCan3           ***         130         Aiming       36
012.       PulseBeam1        *           70          Normal       14
013.       PulseBeam2        **          90          Normal       26
014.       PulseBeam3        ***         110         Normal       38
015.       TankCannon1       *           80          Normal       20
016.       TankCannon2       **          120         Normal       30
017.       TankCannon3       ***         140         Normal       40
018.       Wideshot          *           70          Water        10
019.       Wideshot2         **          90          Water        30
020.       Wideshot3         ***         110         Water        50
021.       ElectricReel1     *           80          Electric     32
022.       ElectricReel2     **          100         Electric     46
023.       ElectricReel3     ***         120         Electric     60
024.       Cactusball1       *           30          Wood         10
025.       Cactusball2       **          40          Wood         30
026.       Cactusball3       ***         50          Wood         50
027.       GunDelSol1        **          NSP         Normal       15
028.       GunDelSol2        ***         NSP         Normal       25
029.       GunDelSol3        ****        NSP         Normal       35
030.       ElementalArm      ***         90          Varies       39
031.       Thunderball       ***         40          Electric      7
032.       Tornado           ***         20          Wind         22
033.       Noisestorm        ***         20          Wind         55
034.       Minibomb          *           50          Normal        5
035.       Energybomb        *           40          Normal       11
036.       Mega EnergyBomb   **          60          Normal       30
037.       Crackbomb         *           80          Normal       18
038.       Paralyzebomb      **          90          Normal       34
039.       Resetbomb         ***         100         Normal       50
040.       Quake1            *           100         Breaking     10
041.       Quake2            **          150         Breaking     25
042.       Quake3            ***         200         Breaking     40
043.       Bugbomb           ***         None        Normal       30
044.       CannonBall        ***         140         Breaking     30
045.       BlkBomb           ****        210         Fire         55
046.       Geyser            ****        200         Water        38
047.       Lavaseed          **          None        Normal       60
048.       Waterseed         **          None        Normal       28
049.       Iceseed           **          None        Normal       42
050.       Grass seed        **          None        Normal       24
051.       Sword             *           80          Sword         9
052.       Wideswrd          **          80          Sword        16
053.       Longswrd          ***         80          Sword        25
054.       Wideblade         ****        150         Sword        38
055.       Longblade         ****        150         Sword        40
056.       CustSwrd          ***         NSP         Sword        20
057.       Varsword          ****        160         Sword        60
058.       Slasher           ***         240         Sword        18
059.       Windrack          ***         100         Wind         23
060.       Kunai1            *           90          Sword        23
061.       Kunai2            **          110         Sword        36
062.       Kunai3            ***         130         Sword        49
063.       Samurai Sword1    *           60          Sword        25
064.       Samurai Sword2    **          80          Sword        37
065.       Samurai Sword3    ***         100         Sword        49
066.       Yo-Yo             ***         50          Normal       32
067.       Drill1            *           60          Breaking     38
068.       Drill2            **          70          Breaking     51
069.       Drill3            ***         80          Breaking     64
070.       AirHockey         ***         40          Breaking     40
071.       Skullchain1       *           100         Normal       34
072.       Skullchain2       **          120         Normal       50
073.       Skullchain3       ***         140         Normal       76
074.       Waterspout1       *           70          Water        30
075.       Waterspout2       **          100         Water        42
076.       Waterspout3       ***         130         Water        54
077.       AirWheel1         *           40          Wind         32
078.       AirWheel2         **          40          Wind         44
079.       AirWheel3         ***         40          Wind         56
080.       Firepunch1        *           60          Fire         12
081.       Firepunch2        **          100         Fire         28
082.       Firepunch3        ***         140         Fire         44
083.       FireCircle1       *           110         Fire         28
084.       FireCircle2       **          130         Fire         40
085.       FireCircle3       ***         150         Fire         52
086.       Side Bubble1      *           90          Water        25
087.       Side Bubble2      **          110         Water        35
088.       Side Bubble3      ***         130         Water        45
089.       Customshock1      **          NSP         Electric     40
090.       Customshock2      ***         NSP         Electric     55
091.       Customshock3      ****        NSP         Electric     70
092.       Boomerang         ***         60          Wood         16
093.       Meteor1           *           60          Fire         26
094.       Meteor2           **          70          Fire         42
095.       Meteor3           ***         80          Fire         56
096.       Satellite1        *           60          Electric     30
097.       Satellite2        **          80          Electric     40
098.       Satellite3        ***         100         Electric     50
099.       SpaceYura1        *           100         Electric     30
100.       SpaceYura2        **          120         Electric     48
101.       SpaceYura3        ***         140         Electric     66
102.       Woodnose1         *           100         Wood         27
103.       Woodnose2         **          130         Wood         40
104.       Woodnose3         ***         160         Wood         53
105.       Lance             ****        130         Wood         42
106.       Tsunamiball       **          160         Water        42
107.       RedTsunamiball    ***         190         Fire         48
108.       MudTsunamiball    ****        170         Wood         54
109.       ComeOnRain        ****        40          Water        47
110.       Snake             ****        30          Wood         60
111.       Magnum            ****        130         Aiming       52
112.       Circlegun         ***         100         Aiming       50
113.       Timebomb1         *           100         Object       32
114.       Timebomb2         **          140         Object       54
115.       Timebomb3         ***         200         Object       76
116.       BoyBomb1          *           130         Object       30
117.       Boybomb2          **          180         Object       40
118.       Boybomb3          ***         230         Object       50
119.       Mine              ***         300         Object       42
120.       Rockcube          *           None        Object        6
121.       Wind              **          None        Wind         10
122.       Fan               **          None        Wind         10
123.       Fanfare           **          None        Object       20
124.       Discord           **          None        Object       20
125.       Timpani           **          None        Object       20
126.       Silence           **          None        Object       20
127.       Fruit1            *           None        Healing      24
128.       Fruit2            **          None        Healing      48
129.       Fruit3            ***         None        Healing      62
130.       VooDooDoll        ****        NSP         Object       
131.       Metguard1         *           50          Normal        4
132.       Metguard2         **          100         Normal       10
133.       Metguard3         ***         150         Normal       16
134.       CurseShield1      *           130         Normal       28
135.       CurseShield2      **          160         Normal       30
136.       CurseShield3      ***         190         Normal       52
137.       CrakOut           *           None        Normal        4
138.       DublCrak          *           None        Normal        7
139.       TripleCrack       *           None        Normal       10
140.       Recover10         *           None        Healing       8
141.       Recover30         *           None        Healing      16
142.       Recover50         *           None        Healing      24
143.       Recover80         **          None        Healing      32
144.       Recover120        **          None        Healing      40
145.       Recover150        ***         None        Healing      48
146.       Recover200        ***         None        Healing      56
147.       Recover300        ****        None        Healing      64
148.       Panelsteal        *           None        None          6
149.       Areagrab          **          None        Normal        8
150.       Gelrain           ****        120         Water        52
151.       Grabreturn        ***         20          Normal       24
152.       Grabrevenge       ****        40          Normal       48
153.       Panelfix          **          None        Normal       14
154.       Geddon1           ***         None        Normal       34
155.       Geddon2           ***         None        Normal       47
156.       Geddon3           ****        Varies      Normal       62
157.       SlowGauge         ***         None        Normal       69
158.       Fastgauge         ***         None        Normal       32
159.       Busterup          **          None        Add/Subtract  5
160.       Blind             **          None        Normal        9
161.       Northwind         ***         None        Wind         33
162.       Holypanel         **          None        Normal       24
163.       Invis             ***         None        Invisible    12
164.       Barrier           **          None        None          7
165.       Barrier100        ***         None        None         27
166.       Barrier200        ****        None        None         47
167.       Bubblewarp        ***         None        Water        35
168.       Antifire          ***         200         Fire         58
169.       Antiwater         ***         200         Water        54
170.       Antielectric      ***         200         Electric     59
171.       Antiwood          ***         200         Wood         55
172.       Antidamage        ***         120         Invisible    31
173.       Antisword         ***         100         Sword        43
174.       Antinavi          ****        None        Normal       44
175.       Antirecovery      ***         Varies      Normal       37
176.       CopyDmg           **          None        Aiming       12
177.       LifeSynchro       **          None        Aiming       12
178.       Attck+10          *           None        Add/Subtract  6
179.       Navi+20           ***         None        Add/Subtract 36
180.       Colorpoint        **          None        Add/Subtract 25

Mega Chips List
Chip No.   Name              Stars       Damage      Type         MB
001.       SuperVulcan       ***         10          Normal       75
002.       NeoVarSword       *****       240         Sword        74
003.       Meteorrain        ****        40          Fire         73
004.       Numberball        ****        NSP         Normal       69
005.       Guardian          ****        200         Object       64
006.       Jealousy          ****        80          Normal       35
007.       Poltergeist       ****        150         Normal       40
008.       Bugfix            ****        None        Normal       62
009.       FullCust          ****        None        Normal       45
010.       Life Aura         ****        None        Normal       70
011.       Sanctuary         ****        None        Normal       62
012.       Attck+30          ****        None        Add/Subtract 66
013.       Doublepoint       ****        None        Add/Subtract 50
014.       Muramasa          *****       NSP         Sword        81
015.       Anubis            *****       NSP         Object       86
016.       Blackwing         ****        20          Normal       58
017.       Justiceone        *****       280         Breaking     90
018.       Z-Saber           *****       100         Sword        80
019.       Roll              ***         20          Healing      20
020.       RollSP            ****        ???         Healing      60
021.       RollDS            ****        ???         Healing      60
22p.       Protoman          ***         130         Sword        54
23p.       ProtomanSP        ****        150+        Sword        79
24p.       ProtomanDS        ****        ???         Sword        79
25p.       Gyroman           ***         80          Normal       32
26p.       GyromanSP         ****        90+         Normal       66
27p.       GyromanDS         ****        ???         Normal       66
28p.       Searchman         ***         20          Aiming       42
29p.       SearchmanSP       ****        25+         Aiming       72
30p.       SearchmanDS       ****        ???         Aiming       72
31p.       Napalmman         ***         120         Fire         38
32p.       NapalmmanSP       ****        150+        Fire         72
33p.       NapalmmanDS       ****        ???         Fire         72
34p.       Magnetman         ***         90          Electric     25
35p.       MagnetmanSP       ****        100+        Electric     75
36p.       MagnetmanDS       ****        ???         Electric     75
37p.       Medi              ***         80          Normal       36
38p.       MediSP            ****        100+        Normal       63
39p.       MediDS            ****        ???         Normal       63
22c.       Colonel           ***         160         Normal       39
23c.       ColonelSP         ****        200+        Normal       75
24c.       ColonelDS         ****        ???         Normal       75
25c.       Shadowman         ***         40          Normal       50
26c.       ShadowmanSP       ****        45+         Normal       80
27c.       ShadowmanDS       ****        ???         Normal       80
28c.       Numberman         ***         30          Normal       33
29c.       NumbermanSP       ****        40+         Normal       66
30c.       NumbermanDS       ****        ???         Normal       66
31c.       Tomahawkman       ***         140         Wood         41
32c.       TomahawkmanSP     ****        180+        Wood         81
33c.       TomahawkmanDS     ****        ???         Wood         81
34c.       Knightman         ***         170         Normal       50
35c.       KnightmanSP       ****        220+        Normal       90
36c.       KnightmanDS       ****        ???         Normal       90
37c.       Toadman           ***         80          Electric     53
38c.       ToadmanSP         ****        120+        Electric     69
39c.       ToadmanDS         ****        ???         Electric     69
040.       Blizzardman       ***         100         Water        27
041.       BlizzardmanSP     ****        130+        Water        55
042.       BlizzardmanDS     ****        ???         Water        55
043.       Shademan          ***         120         Normal       44
044.       ShademanSP        ****        140+        Normal       74
045.       ShademanDS        ****        ???         Normal       74
046.       Cloudman          ***         50          Electric     60
047.       CloudmanSP        ****        60+         Electric     74
048.       CloudmanDS        ****        ???         Electric     74
049.       Cosmoman          ***         70          Normal       50
050.       CosmomanSP        ****        80+         Normal       80
051.       CosmomanDS        ****        ???         Normal       80
052.       Swallowman        ***         140         Normal       45
053.       SwallowmanSP      ****        170+        Normal       77
054.       SwallowmanDS      ****        ???         Normal       77
055.       Footman           ***         100         Normal       46
056.       FootmanSP         ****        150+        Normal       72
057.       FootmanDS         ****        ???         Normal       72
058.       Django            ***         NSP         Normal       40
059.       DjangoSP          ****        NSP         Normal       68
060.       DjangoDS          ****        NSP         Normal       68
Giga Chips List
Chip No.   Name              Stars       Damage      Type         MB
01p.       Delta Ray Edge    *****       220         Sword        82
02p.       Giant Hook        *****       240         Breaking     92
03p.       Forte             *****       60(wtf)     Normal       95
04p.       Holy Dream        *****       50          Normal       92
05p.       BugCurse          *****       None        Normal       73
06p.       Death Phoenix     *****       150         Normal       93
01c.       Cross Slash       *****       220         Normal       90
02c.       Meteor Knuckle    *****       100         Breaking     90
03c.       Forte Another     *****       160         Normal       95
04c.       OmegaRocket       *****       270         Normal       89
05c.       BugCharge         *****       200         Normal       77
06c.       Phoenix           *****       150         Fire         95
Dark Chips List
Chip No.   Name              Stars       Damage      Type         MB
001.       DarkSword         *****       400         Sword        99
002.       DarkTwister       *****       50          Wind         99
003.       DarkCircle        *****       300         Aiming       99
004.       DarkMeteor        *****       100         Fire         99
005.       DarkThunder       *****       200         Thunder      99
006.       DarkRecovery      *****       None        Healing      99
007.       DarkSound         *****       None        Object       99
008.       DarkInvis         *****       None        Invisible    99
009.       DarkPlus          *****       None        Add/Subtract 99
010.       DarkLance         *****       400         Wood         99
011.       DarkDrill         *****       100         Breaking     99
012.       DarkWideshot      *****       300         Water        99
Secret Chips List

Please read. 01p. is secret chips for Team Protoman. So if 01p. is
for the red guy with the sword, then 01c. is for Colonel version, you
get the point. There are only 4 secret chips, 3 not found in the
library, or regularly.

Chip No.   Name              Stars       Damage      Type         MB
01b.       Colonel           ***         160         Normal       39
02b.       ColonelSP         ****        200+        Normal       75
03b.       ColonelDS         ****        ???         Normal       75
04b.       Shadowman         ***         40          Normal       50
05b.       ShadowmanSP       ****        45+         Normal       80
06b.       ShadowmanDS       ****        ???         Normal       80
07b.       Numberman         ***         30          Normal       33
08b.       NumbermanSP       ****        40+         Normal       66
09b.       NumbermanDS       ****        ???         Normal       66
10b.       Tomahawkman       ***         140         Wood         43
11b.       TomahawkmanSP     ****        180+        Wood         81
12b.       TomahawkmanDS     ****        ???         Wood         81
13b.       Knightman         ***         170         Normal       50
14b.       KnightmanSP       ****        220+        Normal       90
15b.       KnightmanSP       ****        ???         Normal       90
16b.       Toadman           ***         80+         Electric     53
17b.       ToadmanSP         ****        120+        Electric     69
18b.       ToadmanDS         ****        ???         Electric     69
01c.       Blues             ***         130         Sword        54
02c.       BluesSP           ****        150+        Sword        79
03c.       BluesDS           ****        ???         Normal       79
04c.       Gyroman           ***         80          Normal       32
05c.       GyromanSP         ****        90+         Normal       66
06c.       GyromanDS         ****        ???         Normal       66
07c.       Searchman         ***         20          Normal       42
08c.       SearchmanSP       ****        25+         Normal       72
09c.       SearchmanDS       ****        ???         Normal       72
10c.       Napalmman         ***         120         Fire         38
11c.       NapalmmanSP       ****        150+        Fire         72
12c.       NapalmmanDS       ****        ???         Fire         72
13c.       Magnetman         ***         90          Electric     25
14c.       MagnetmanSP       ****        100+        Electric     75
15c.       MagnetmanDS       ****        ???         Electric     75
16c.       Medi              ***         80          Normal       36
17c.       MediSP            ****        100+        Normal       63
18c.       MediDS            ****        ???         Normal       63
=Boktai Secret Chips=
019.       Otenko            *****       None        Object       66
020.       GunDelSol EX      *****       NSP         Normal       80
=Ultimate Secret chips=
021.       Leaders Raid      *****       200         Normal       99
022.       Lord of Chaos     *****       500!        Normal       99
023.       Final Gun?        ?????       ??          Normal       10?

VII. Purple Mystery Data

ACDC area 2     -BlkBomb R
Yais comp       -Cannball C
Dads comp       -Bugfix H
Oran Area 1     -Snake M
Scilab area 1   -Geyser M
End Area 1      -Collecters eye
End Area 4      -Varsword V
Undernet area 2 -NeoVariable sword V

VIII. Souls, and Darkchips

This'll be a list and description of how the souls work.

History of souls

The soul system originated back in MMBN 4, making the battles
slightly more bearable, and easier, since you're not going to forced
to stay with an elemental weakness through out the entire battle like
in MMBN 2 and 3.

In MMBN 4, this all changed when they swapped the style system for
the soul system, which is an mode your navi can be powered up in,
making your techniques more deadly, and opening the way up for new
folders and usage of some neglected chips. The new chips also come
with a dark side, possessing great power, along with a downside when

The soul system was far more superior than the styles, although
the styles enhanced Megaman, it did leave a vulnerable spot, the
elemental weaknesses, the soul system replaced styles in MMBN 4 and
continued to do so in MMBN 5 as the soul system granted more a much
more powerful change, some automatically, some manually powering up
chips to deal incredible amounts of damage, others are equipped with
special abilities to make your battles easier. 

In MMBN 5, the souls return, and with them come the dark side, now
you must choose a path, the path of light, or the path of dark,
whichever one it is, may the force be with you, err chips.

The dark side offers much power in the charged shots, however, timing
is key, 1 mistake will create an invincible opponent, however if your
charged shot is released in time, your opponent could be in trouble.

Nowadays, folders revolve around souls, mainly because of the special
abilities. Some may automatically power up some chips, such as Guts
soul in MMBN 4Red Sun, and Napalmn Soul in MMBN 5 Team Protoman.

Here's some info about the charged shots.
The charged shots of the chaotic powerful dark side has 3 modes
-Green-not fully charged yet, be a pansy and let go, or try to
continue your plan of using this immensive power as a possible
shortcut to victory.

-Purple-You'd better release it now, there's little time left...

-Flashing Purple and Green- If you choose to release your attack now,
you will have released Barney, nah, what you may release isn't as
nearly as bad as Barney, there's a 50/50 chance you may perform your
attack correctly, and the other part is releasing a invincible dark
version of yourself...on your opponents side.

The only known 100% successful cures for a Flashing charged buster
without resulting in the summoning of Megaman DS is as follows-

-Get hit without super armor

-Get deleted

-Going to the custom menu, as it will be over

-Using a chip you have equipped, like Invis.

-Get paralyzed

Megaman DS, when unleashed will use swords, cannons, I even got hit
by a lifesword, and other things that are annoying such as area steal,
Invis, airshot, summoning a Guardian, using Shademan and a lot of
buster shots.

The dark side of yourself will leave when you or the enemy, not
counting Megaman DS, is defeated, or Megaman DS will leave after that
turn or so. However, the IQ of Megaman DS isn't very high, and may
actually wind up helping you instead of helping the enemy as it was
intended to do.

It was reported on Gamefaqs that Megaman DS hit a Guardian on the
field, and in response to the attack, Megaman DS entire side, and his
allies recieved 200 points of damage each. An interesting way to make
up for your mistake.

Though there is less of a downside of using the dark chips, for
unison, there is still a downside.

Joining the Dark side

If you have used a darkchip in battle, and not for unison, Megaman
will become tainted with the darkness, and like in MMBN 4, you will be
penalized by permanently losing 1hp from your maximum HP. There is no
way of recovering it without resorting to cheating devices.

If you have become tainted in battle, it will show on your emotion
icon, and if you are defeated, your dark side will immediately join
and help you, you will be invincible to all attacks with the exception
of certain chips, such as area steal, Django chips and Gun Del Sol
chips, as they don't have damage counters.

If your dark side chooses to join you because you have 0hp, he will
take control of Megaman, using his near useless buster, using lots of
dark chips without the penalty because its HIM using it, not you.

After about 10 seconds, game time, you will regain control of a 1HP
Megaman which can easily be defeated, just hope your custom gauge is
filled, as an Invis will soon be of great help.

Note: If you screw up twice, there will not be 2 Megamen DS to annoy
you, the new one will replace the old one.

Now, onto the souls, you'll notice that all of the dark ones listed
have abilities similar to their regular counterpart, only change is
in the buster.

Magnet Soul
Acquire-After mission 2
Use-Offer a Electric based chip for unison, such as thunderball
Weakness-Wood based chips/attacks
Charged shot-Magnetbuster, similar to the magnet like enemies of

Damage=40+(10 * number of per attack+1s and buster ups)

Special Abilities-

Magnetic pull-Activated when on the same line as the opponent and
pressing back+B, your opponent will be glued on the spot, but can
still attack.

Electrical Energy boost-Activated by pressing and holding the A button
when holding a Electric based chip to double the damage (for ex,
Chaos Magnet Soul
Acquire-After Megaman's back
Use-Offer a Dark electric based chip for unison, Dark Thunderball
Weakness-Wood based chips/attacks
Charged shot-The dark chip used to use Chaos Magnet Soul, which is
Dark Thunderball

Damage=200 per charged shot

Special Abilities

Magnetic pull-Activated when on the same line as the opponent and
pressing back+B, your opponent will be glued on the spot, but can
still attack.

Electrical Energy boost-Activated by pressing and holding the A button
when holding a Electric based chip to double the damage (for ex,
Gyro Soul
Acquire-After mission 3
Use-Offer a wind based chip for unison, such as airshot
Weakness-No elemental weakness
Charged shot-GyroTwister, same as Gyromans twister, hits 3 panels in
front, enemies recieve more damage at the end of the stick, err

Damage=20+(5 per attack+1 and buster ups), then multiplied by squares
away, and a maximum of three.

Example  -M123-

An enemy on the 3 square would get hit thrice, so they would recieve
60 damage, and 75 damage if you have an attack+1. An enemy on the
2 square would recieve 40 damage, 50 if you've a attack+1.

Special Abilities

Super Shoes-Automatically has the effects of floatshoes, airshoes and
shadow shoes.

Propeller Power-Doubles the amount of damage dealt by the next chip, 
activated by using a wind based chip that does damage.

This power will be used on the next chip, for example you use a
airshot, that gets your propeller spinning, and your twister which is
next will now do 20*8*2 instead of 20*8, and because your twister is
a wind chip, it uses the propeller, and activates it again. The
propeller will support a normal chip, it just won't activate when one
is used. 
Chaos Gyro Soul
Acquire-After Megaman's back
Use-Offer a Dark wind based chip for unison, such as DarkTwister
Weakness-No elemental weakness
Charged shot-Dark Twister, 

Damage=50*8 per hit, really deadly to be used as a charged shot, as
you can use it again if they're not blowing up already in the same
turn. Drawback is that the range is usually like its chip
counterpart, and it's usually luck that they stay stuck in your range
before you release the hurricane.

Special Abilities

Super Shoes-Automatically has the effects of floatshoes, airshoes and
shadow shoes

Propeller Power-Doubles the amount of damage dealt by the next chip, 
activated by using a wind based chip that does damage.

This power will be used on the next chip, for example you use a
airshot, that gets your propeller spinning, and your twister which is
next will now do 20*8*2 instead of 20*8, and because your twister is
a wind chip, it uses the propeller, and activates it again. The
propeller will support a normal chip, it just won't activate when one
is used.
Napalmn Soul
Acquire-After Mission 4
Use-Offer a fire based chip, such as meteor
Weakness-Water, and standing on water panels drains life as if you're
on poison panels.
Charged shot-It is a vulcan buster that does 20 damage and appears
to be -look- fire based, may do more if you use a whole bunch of
attack+1s and buster+1s, but currently unconfirmed.

Damage=20*3 per charge? Well, you can use it in abundance and it's a
good cheap vulcan, well this is a last resort type of thing that
should be used after your chips.

Special abilities

Charge chip to launch napalm bomb, damage based on chip base toward
enemy. This bomb will either land on a enemy and give them a headache
with damage based on chip sacrificed, or...I just havn't tested out
if, because the enemy is too stupid to dodge.

FIRE power-Automatically adds 40 to every fire chip.

Lava shoes-Absorbs the lava from each lava panel you touch and adds 10
to the next fire chip.
Chaos Napalmn Soul
Acquire-After Megaman's back
Use-Offer a Dark fire based chip, such as Dark Meteor
Weakness-Water, and standing on water panels drains life as if you're
on poison panels.
Charged shot-Dark Meteor

Damage=100*some unconfirmed big number

Your opponent could find a difficult time surviving the effects of
the armaggedon, err dark meteor without using Invis. Also cracks
unused panels to make up for its lack of heavy damage. This could've
been really powerful if it wern't for the flinching it gives the

Special abilities

Charge chip to launch napalm bomb, damage based on chip base toward
enemy. This bomb will either land on a enemy and give them a headache
with damage based on chip sacrificed, or...I just havn't tested out
if, because the enemy is too stupid to dodge.

FIRE power-Automatically adds 40 to every fire chip.

Lava shoes-Absorbs the lava from each lava panel you touch and adds 10
to the next fire chip.
Search Soul
Acquire-Defeat Searchman in MMBN 4, and in MMBN 5 you recieve this
after mission 5.
Use-Offer a aiming chip, such as Markcannon
Weakness-No actual elemental weakness
Charged shot-Buster machine gun
5*(10+(4 for each attack+1 and buster up))

Automatically locks onto the enemy and fires when charged shot is
Can be deadly against enemies that don't have super armor.

Special Abilities

Shuffle-Shuffle your unselected chips in a chance to acquire better
chips, was often used in MMBN 4 to set up dreamswords and other

Invis piercing-Invis removed from the enemy if the unison occurs
Chaos Search Soul
Acquire-After mission 5
Use-Offer a Dark aiming chip, such as Dark circle gun
Weakness-No actual elemental weakness
Charged shot-Dark circle gun

When activated a cursor goes around the enemies field clockwise, when
stopped, that square and 3 squares after it, counting clockwise, is
hit for 300 each. Middle panel of a 3x3 field is never affected

Special Abilities

Shuffle-Shuffle your unselected chips in a chance to acquire better
chips, was often used in MMBN 4 to set up dreamswords and other

Invis piercing-Invis removed from the enemy if the unison occurs
Medi Soul
Acquire-After mission 6
Use-Offer a recovery/healing chip
Weakness-No elemental weakness.
Charged shot-Throw a pill 3 spaces forward. Explodes horizontally or
vertically.-Needs to be confirmed. Very easy to dodge.

Special Ability
Fuse with 'abilities' in battle menu for attacks to gain abilities.
You get 2 per turn. May only fuse chips that do damage or has a
damage base(someone confirm this for me)

Healing-Recover amount based on chip single damage attack, Twister
does 20 from its singular hit, so you recover 20. Guardian does
200, so you recover that much when you set it out on the field.

Players are still able to use the chips fused with effects after Medi
soul expires, but only the ones infused with the effects.
Chaos Medi Soul
Acquire-After mission 6
Use-Offer a dark healing chip, such as Dark Recovery
Weakness-No elemental weakness.
Charged shot-Dark Recovery, recovers 1000, doesn't miss, will do 1000
if opponent used Antirecovery, which will be quite rare.

When timed correctly and used in a tight spot, the opponent will
usually find themselves a opponent near full HP, or at least halfway
there for the people who think having 2000Hp=powerful. The only other
time where they won't is when the opponent has used Antirecovery.

Special Ability
Fuse with 'abilities' in battle menu for attacks to gain abilities.
You get 2 per turn. May only fuse chips that do damage or has a
damage base(someone confirm this for me)

Healing-Recover amount based on chip single damage attack, Twister
does 20 from its singular hit, so you recover 20. Guardian does
200, so you recover that much when you set it out on the field.

Players are still able to use the chips fused with effects after Medi
soul expires, but only the ones infused with the effects.
Proto Soul
Acquire-Blue's back, and in MMBN 4BM, after defeating Protoman.
Weakness-Close range only. No elemental weakness.
Charged shot-Widesword slash

Damage-Currently unconfirmed

Best sword chip-Neo Variable sword, just charge it and use the button
input to deal a high amount of damage to the enemy.

DoubleLifeSword: Up, B, Down, B, Up, B, can't argue with 960 from one
single chip.

Special Abilities
Can charge sword chips with the A button to do double damage.
When a player releases a charged chip, Megaman will teleport 2 spaces
forward and use the powered up chip. Will not work on P.A.s, and navi
Chaos Proto Soul
Acquire-Blue's back
Weakness-None, 1 areagrab, and if you can time your charged shots
correctly, you'll be weak against nothing. No elemental weakness.
Charged shot-Dreamsword slash/Dark Sword


Special Abilities
Can charge sword chips with the A button to do double damage.
When a player releases a charged chip, Megaman will teleport 2 spaces
forward and use the powered up chip. Will not work on P.A.s, and navi


IX. Program Advances

Ok, the basics on program advances.

It all started back in MMBN 1st, where people could use program
advances such as dreamsword and deal opponents 400 damage, which
usually hurts more than the singular chips used to make it. With each
new game, more program advances were added/removed.

In MMBn 2, it became more important, as people began to use combos to
deal high amounts of damage.

In MMBN 3, good folders meant combos or program advances, mostly just
the P.As.

In MMBN 4, can you say lifesword madness?

In MMBN 5, it got toned down. 1 of each program advances per battle.
Just imagine someone missing their attack with dreamsword, then
selecting another sword, widesword, longsword, then pressing ok only
to find it's not dreamsword but a bunch of now not so useful chips.
Same applies with all other P.As.

Anyway, onto the meaty part of this section.

P.A#1: Giga Cannon 1
Chips: Cannon A-B-C
Element: Normal
Damage: 400
Hits: 1
Range: Same as regular cannon.

P.A#2: Giga Cannon 2
Chips: High Cannon D-E-F
Element: Normal
Damage: 500
Hits: 1
Range: Same as regular cannon.

P.A#3: Giga Cannon 3
Chips: Mega Cannon F-G-H
Element: Normal
Damage: 600
Hits: 1
Range: Same as regular cannon.

P.A#4: MegaVulcan 1
Chips: Vulcan1 C-D-E
Element: Normal
Damage: 20
Hits: 20
Range: Same as regular vulcan.

P.A#5: MegaVulcan 2
Chips: Vulcan2 A-B-C
Element: Normal
Damage: 20
Hits: 24
Range: Same as regular vulcan.

P.A#6: MegaVulcan 3
Chips: Vulcan3 L-M-N
Element: Normal
Damage: 20
Hits: 28
Range: Same as regular vulcan.

P.A#7: Madboxer 1
Chips: Firepunch 1 O-P-Q
Element: Fire
Damage: 100
Hits: 8?, unconfirmed
Range: Hits randomly on enemy area.

P.A#8: Madboxer 2
Chips: Firepunch 2 H-I-J
Element: Fire
Damage: 150
Hits: Unconfirmed
Range: Hits randomly on enemy area.

P.A#9: Madboxer 3
Chips: Firepunch 3 E-F-G
Element: Fire
Damage: 200
Hits: Unconfirmed
Range: Hits randomly on enemy area.

P.A#10: Super Wideshot 1
Chips: Wideshot 1 L-M-N
Element: Water
Damage: 100
Hits: 3 piercing waves
Range: 3 vertical spaces in front of you, travelling horizontally.

P.A#11: Super Wideshot 2
Chips: Wideshot 2 E-F-G
Element: Water
Damage: 120
Hits: 3 piercing waves
Range: 3 vertical spaces in front of you, travelling horizontally.

P.A#12: Super Wideshot 3
Chips: Wideshot 3 S-T-U
Element: Water
Damage: 140
Hits: 3 piercing waves
Range: 3 vertical spaces in front of you, travelling horizontally.

P.A#13: SatelliteParade 1
Chips: Satellite 1 G-H-I
Element: Electric
Damage: 80
Hits: 1 to 3, depending on enemy movement.
Range: Basically 3 Satellites moving in their usual pattern.

P.A#14: SatelliteParade 2
Chips: Satellite 2 B-C-D
Element: Electric
Damage: 110
Hits: 1 to 3, depending on enemy movement.
Range: Basically 3 Satellites moving in their usual pattern.

P.A#15: SatelliteParade 3
Chips: Satellite 3 S-T-U
Element: Electric
Damage: 140
Hits: 1 to 3, depending on enemy movement.
Range: Basically 3 Satellites moving in their usual pattern.

P.A#16: Cacdance 1
Chips: Cactusball 1 H-I-J
Element: Wood
Damage: 30
Hits: Unconfirmed.
Range: Depends on enemy position.

P.A#17: Cacdance 2
Chips: Cactusball 2 B-C-D
Element: Wood
Damage: 40
Hits: Unconfirmed.
Range: Depends on enemy position.

P.A#18: Cacdance 3
Chips: Cactusball 3 S-T-U
Element: Wood
Damage: 50
Hits: Unconfirmed.
Range: Depends on enemy position.

P.A#19: Hyper Burst
Chips: Spreader C-D-E
Element: Normal
Damage: 50
Hits: 6
Range: Same as normal spreader chip, but if it hits something, it hits
for 6 times, otherwise, it doesn't hit at all.

P.A#20: Dreamsword/Lifesword
Chips: Sword-Widesword-Longsword(S)or Sword-Wideblade-Longblade(L)
Element: Sword
Damage: 400
Hits: 1
Range: 3x2 area in front of user.

P.A#21: Great Yo-Yo
Chips: Yo-Yo D-E-F
Element: Normal
Damage: 100
Hits: 2 to 3
Range: Hits all panels in front of Megaman, back row gets hit thrice.

P.A#22: Hellhockey(Probably going to be pithockey in US Version...)
Chips: Airhockey Q-R-S
Element: Breaking
Damage: 100
Hits: Depends on enemy position, airpuck travels over 18 panels.
Range: Depends if enemy has super armor so they can move, and if
panel modifications have been made to the area, such as area steal,
broken panels.

P.A#23: PoisonPharaoh
Chips: Bugbomb A-Deathmatch A-Anubis A
Element: Normal
Damage: Depends on how long PoisonPharaoh remains on the field.
Hits: No actual "hits".
Range: All enemies will be affected. Unconfirmed if they're affected
when in invincibility mode(such as Swallowman flying toward the
ceiling, or when a enemy vanishes for a second such as the Kunai

P.A#24: Cosprison
Chips: Meteor3 C-Meteor3 C-Cosmoman SP/DS C
Element: Normal
Damage: 60
Hits: Up to 6 or 9, depends on enemy position.
Range: Cosmoman appears and sends...meteors? flying forward, it can
take a 45 degree turn to hit the enemy, if it's 1 row away.

P.A#25: Swallowman's P.A(I'll wait for the US name)
Chips: Samurai Sword 1 S-Samurai Sword 1 S-Swallowman SP/DS S
Element: Normal
Damage: 200
Hits: Unconfirmed.
Range: Unconfirmed.

P.A#26: Football
Chips: MarkCannon 2 F-MarkCannon 2 F-Footman SP/DS F
Element: Normal
Damage: 180
Hits: 1/2/4
Range: Depends on enemy position. The enemy gets hit more if they're
on a "middle" panel of their area.

P.A#27: NoiseCrush
Chips: Pulsar 3 S-Pulsar 3 S-Shademan SP/DS
Element: Normal
Damage: 400
Hits: 1
Range: Think Shademans chip range, and extend the attack 2 entire

P.A#28: GigaTimeBomb
Chips: Timebomb 1 H-Timebomb 2 H-Timebomb 3 H
Damage: 500
Hits: 1
Range: All enemies area.

P.A#29: BodyGuard
Chips: AntiDamage M-AntiNavi M-Muramasa M
Damage: 70
Hits: 10
Range: Auto aim for enemy. Hits are distributed if more than 1 enemy.

P.A#30: Piledriver(Good for killing immortals in Boktai series)
Chips: Gun Del Sol 3 D-Gun Del Sol 3 D-Django SP/DS D
Damage: 30
Hits: 10
Range: In front of Rockman, and if the backrow is empty, a reflector
will appear to add to the enemies torment.
Notes: Django uses a somewhat better version of this in his games.
And you're damn lucky that you don't have to be out in the sun to use

Well, that's all of them. Activating all of them is required to
advance in Nebula area 4.

X. Miscellaneous Tips/Notes/References to other games

These tips may or may not later be put in newer sections, battle tips
and such.

Free peek inside PMDS, first buy a unlock subchip, save before you
open one. Open it after, if you don't like what you get, reset, and
you won't have to open it. Works for the other games.

You can redo missions for chips, navis get stronger after every
mission. Their ability becomes slightly better too in Searchmans case.

My tips for a easier game.

Battles may sometimes be easier if you enter in full synch first.

Learn to time your attacks so you get full synch.

To run, use the L-button in the selection screen in battle. Not
always successful in later areas.

Save before big battles, you wouldn't want to redo everything over
again if you lost, and if it took you about an hour, would you?

Try to get the GMDs in battle, they're free, and it could be useful,
like money, whereas you get less than 500 per battle up to the part
where Rock turns dark. At times, earning 2500 is nice.

Chip traders have an auto save function, meaning it saves after you
get something, make sure you don't accidentally throw a
good/rare/useful chip.

Slowgauge can be very helpful in the missions, since the menu
automatically gets forced open when the bar is full, and you may have
to kill things with your buster, so fast gauge is no longer always
going to be preferred to be preset to your folder for going through
the game. In netbattles, maybe, but definitly not for missions.
Fastguage actually lowers your chances of victory in missions. Same
applies for Fullgauge.

Use all your advantages against everything you encounter, allow no
mercy, unless you want that green mystery data, or are testing chips,
activating program advances, testing souls, navi customizer effects,
or just leaving viruses alive, just so you can study their attack

Dark chips still drain your life, just like the last game, but Chaos
Unisons, your Hp will remain relatively safe. So unless you're going
to use Chaos Unisons, stay away from dark chips.

It helps to use the boss' weakness against him, like water against
fire, this does double damage, so if it's a multi hitter, a few
attack+ can mean a significant increase in the amount of damage.
Especially for chips like Super Vulcan and Twister.

Subchips are 1 use per subchip, so use wisely, unless you have a lot
of zenny and know of some good subchip dealers.

Changing your Navi customizer can be a big help. Selecting 6 chips
allows 1/5th more chance of getting a Program Advance ready to be
unleashed on your opponents unsuspecting @$$. Undershirts allow an
extra hit before you die, quite useful, it's sort of like an boost of
hp, and late in the game, 1 attack can reduce your life from 300 to a
measly 100, and with undershirt, as long as your hp is above 1, the
next time you get hit, it will drop to 1, it was part of a
invinciblity combo that worked well in MMBN 3, with wood style.

Use 1-2 codes people. I know some powerful chips come in a crappy
code(Guardian O), but if you can only select a High Cannon D, and your
enemy selects 2 Cannon Cs, your opponent can be dealing more damage,
and as we all know, more damage done to the enemy=good. With 1-2 coded
folders, you can select up to -5- chips per turn, 5 times the @$$whoop,
5 times the fun.

Use things that correspond to your style of gameplay, so use swords if
you like the range of panels it covers, rockcube+airshot if you like
having a moving shield worth 200 points of damage hit your enemy,

My email is [email protected], well, I'm not used to
posting/remembering email addresses or numbers, so it's close if not


Means no emails with just attachment/s, no advertisements, no
software, no spam, and if you have several questions, throw'm in 1

If you do the wrong thing and I find you, you're screwed.

Here's references to other games and series not part of the MMBN

- Above Lans bed has a poster of Otenko, from the Boktai series.
- Gun Del Sol, these chips come straight from the Boktai series.
- Django D/SP chip, this is like the piledriver from the Boktai
- Z-Saber, this chip is from the Rockman Zero Series. Zero from the X
series also uses this.


XI. Copyright Notice

    This faq may not, under any circumstances be hosted anywhere
else other than Supercheats, and any site -I- allow. This faq is the
property of Sephiroth678 also
plagiarism is not allowed, and if you commit it, you suck terribly,
much more than a certain person named ???. You can get sued for this,
this'll go on your permanent record, and your family name will be

  Not to mention, if you happen to plagiarize any of my work, you
are 1 hell of pathetic excuse of a person, you deserve to get
literally screwed over by a dog, followed by getting getting run over
by a truck, yes, run over, then thrown into a blender set to the
maximum speed until you're all liquid, and mixed with the stuff they
use to clean toilets with.

Then I'll take a sample of your DNA, clone you, and send you to a
psychotic rapist where you'll be in bondage, where he'll do
unspeakable things to you until you die.

But since that's not possible, I'll ensure that your ass(es) is sued
to the maximum extent of the law for stealing hard work.

Sites that were stupid enough to take my guide without asking.

- Currently none.

The only sites, and places I allow this faq to be put up are-


Any Questions? Need Another Walkthrough/FAQ? E-mail me at [email protected] and request it.


XII. Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q. Double Team?
A. Capcoms way of getting the $$$. 3 games that say Battle Network5,
Capcom is going Pokemon on this.

Q. How do I perform a soul unison?
A. To perform certain soul unisons, select the corresponding chip
type(sword=Proto soul), and select the unison button.

Q. Why can't I perform a/that soul unison?
A. Perhaps you are not using the correct chip, or you've already used
it in battle already, or have not unlocked it.

Q. Where is Zero?
A. Zero is on a chip, like the Z-Saber in MMBN4.

Q. What games can this one link up to?
A. A reasonable amount, Boktai 2, MMBN5TOB, and MMBN5TOC. Maybe
Double Team in the future, if the make a cable link so that GBA games
on the DS can link to ones on the GBA/GBASP.

Q. What strategy do you recommend against this boss?_(insert name)_
A. I usually do provide a [email protected]$$ed strategy, which should be good
enough if you use it wisely.

Q. This guide sucks.
A. First of all, that is not a question, second of all, why are you
reading this guide if it does suck, third of all, you're too stupid to
actually appreciate the people making guides to help other people, and
all for free, and fourth, your opinion means as much to people as bird

Q. Why don't you include this (insert stuff) in your guide?
A. I may or may not have tested it, I'm too lazy to, or I have enough
of that already.

Q. You can understand Japanese?
A. Uhh, I understand very few words, like seppuku(ritual suicide),
words yes, no, and that's about it.

Q. What's new in this game?
A. Viruses, souls unisons, chaos unisons, secret chips, add-on to the
storyline, navis, and a few other surprises.

Q. Where do you get the rom?
A. Do your own dirty work.

Q. Dood! joo tanslat for me!
A. Screw you. The English verion should be coming out in the, or near
the summer of 2005, now go away.

Q. The gameplay at certain parts is stupid, you agree right?
A. Yes, I hear Chibi Soma got quite pissed off at certain parts.

Q. Can I host your guide on my site?
A. If you can find my E-Mail address, we can talk.

Q. This game lost the tournaments factor, that's good right?
A. Yeah, less (random) stupid forced fights and scenarios.


XIII. Credits

Myself, Sephiroth678
Capcom, for creating such an incredibly challenging series of games
Supercheats, for being the best cheatsite, bar-none
and anyone elso who knows they helped me with this FAQ, but know i'm just to tired to remember 
all their names...