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Follow the dark path or use the light
Mega Man Battle Network 3 White Pack Shot

Mega Man Battle Network 3 White


In Games Codes

by Kongboy


In this walkthrough, you will just find a few codes to help you along your journey in megaman.
I am not talking about AR, Gameshark, or any others, these codes are the in game codes for some things.

Done by: Kongboy


1. Shrinking Codes.
2. Var Sword Extras.
3. Higby's Shop Codes


1. The Shrinking Codes

In the Navi Customizer Screen, move the highlight over the name of the program
that you want to shrink (and has not been shrunk yet). Hold the 'Select' button,
and key in the corresponding code.
NOTE: 1,2, and 3 stand for the 3 weird characters, the first of which is 1,
second is 2, and third is 3.
 Cheat                                 Effect  
B left A down down up L           Shrinks Hubbatch  
A down left L L R                 Shrinks Tango  
L down A down R B up              Shrinks GigFldr1  
A down A A R A                    Shrinks Beat  
B down A R left R                 Shrinks Fastgauge  
B down up B down B                Shrinks BugStop  
L A down B B B                    Shrinks Rush  
Left up B L left up               Shrinks Undershirt  
Up B B down A R                   Shrinks Airshoes  
Right R right R L left            Shrinks Battery  
Up right A A R up                 Shrinks OilBody  
L R down up left right            Shrinks Fish  
R L B down down down              Shrinks SneakRun  
A R left B B A                    Shrinks Jungle  
B down right R right right        Shrinks Collect  
Down A R R L left left            Shrinks BusterMAX  
B up A left left B                Shrinks Reflect  
Right right right up left B       Shrinks Custom1  
A down up down R down             Shrinks Custom2  
Down B up down A left             Shrinks Block  
Left right down R down R          Shrinks Shield  
L, Left, R, A, Right, Down        AntiDmg  
B, A, Left, L, Up, B              BrakChr  
R, A, B, Down, L, L               BrakBstr  
R, L, R, Down, Left, B, R         DarkLcns  
Up, R, A, Left, Right, Right      Humour  
Right, R, Down, R, L, Left        MegFldr1  
A, R, Down, Down, Right, Left     MegFldr2  
B, R, Right, Right, L, L          SetMetal  
Left, A, A, B, Up, Left           SetSand  
Up, Left, Right, L, Up, R         ShdwShoes  
Up, Right, Up, R, Up, Down        SprArmor


2. Var Sword Extras

When having the VarSword chip in battle hold down A button and enter these codes
 Cheat                                     Effect  
Down, Down/Right, Right                   Long Sword  
Up, Right, Down                           Wide Sword  
Left, Down/Left, Down, Down/Right, Right  Fighter Sword  
Down, Left, Up, Right, Down               Life sword  
Left, B, Right, B                         Sonic Boom  
B, B, Left, Down, Up                      Element Sonic


3.Higby's shop Codes

In Higby's shop, you'll see Numberman who'll give you chips and other goodies if
you enter the right passwords.
 Password  Effect  
87824510  Recieve LockEnmy Subchip  
57789423  Recieve MiniEnrg Subchip  
86508964  Recieve MiniEnrg Subchip(again)  
56892168  Recieve FullEnrg Subchip  
46823480  Recieve Untrap Subchip(again)  
35331089  Recieve Unlocker Subchip  
24586483  Recieve SneakRun Subchip  
05088930  Recieve Untrap Subchip  
90690648  Recieve Mr Famous's Wristband Key Item  
77955025  Recieve SpinWht Key Item  
72563938  Recieve SpinRed Key Item  
28274283  Recieve SpinGrn Key Item  
11002540  Recieve SpinBlue Key Item  
67918452  Recieve QuickGge Navi Customizser Block  
41465278  Recieve WpnLV +1 Navi Customizer Block  
23415891  Receive Airshoes Navi Customizer Block  
19878934  Recieve SetSand Navi Customizer Block  
01697824  Recieve CopyDmg * chip  
03284579  Recieve HeroSwrd P chip  
15789208  Recieve AirShot3 * chip  
21247895  Recieve HiCannon * chip  
31549798  Recieve Spreader * chip  
33157825  Recieve GaiaBlde * chip  
50098263  Recieve Muramasa M chip  
54390805  Recieve Thndrblt * chip  
63997824  Recieve VarSword F chip  
65497812  Recieve Salamndr * chip  
76889120  Recieve StpCross S chip  
88543997  Recieve Tsunami * chip  
95913876  Recieve GtStrght S chip  
99826471  Recieve FullEnrg Subchip


4.Mod Tools Codes

If you have the ModTools and there are no Errors in the NaviCust, extra codes
can be entered to give MegaMan a power boost. To enter these, press the 'Select'
button after 'Running' the NaviCust program and then enter the code.
Note: 1 = first strange symbol, 2 = second strange symbol, 3 = third strange
 Cheat     Effect  
JIEU1AWT  HP+100  
U2IEOSKW  HP+150  
ASK3IETN  HP+200  
SIE1TMSD  HP+250  
SEIUT1NG  HP+300  
GJHURIE2  HP+350  
AWE3ETSW  HP+400  
3MZNBXH1  HP+450  
2YTIWOAM  HP+500  
O3IUTNWQ  HP+550  
ZMJ1IGIE  HP+600  
SRUEIT3A  HP+650  
DMGEIO3W  HP+800  
SM2UIROA  HP+900  
CNJDU2EM  HP+1000  
KTEIUE2D  Super Armor  
SKDSHUEO  Break Charge  
SI1IEMGO  Break Buster  
JDKGJ1U2  MegaFolder+1  
3DIVNEIQ  MegaFolder+2  
URY33RRO  MegaFolder+3  
FFIM1OWE  MegaFolder+4  
SKFBM3UW  MegaFolder+5  
ZBKDEU1W  Block  
EIR3BM3I  Shield  
SK13EO1M  Reflect  
GKHU1KHI  ShadowShoes  
PEOTIR2G  FloatShoes  
L3KJGUEO  AntiDamage / Kiwarimi Magic  
ZN3UDOIQ  AirShoes  
SJH1UEKA  Humor / HumorSense  
UIEU2NGO  SneakRun / ShinobiDash  
SKJGURN2  UnderShirt  
XBCJF2RI  FastGauge  
2BKD1UEW  SlowGauge


Dont actually think that anyone will have problems using these codes unless you are now learning the game.
If problems occour, just check the forums about it and your questions will be answered.

Copyright : Kongboy