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Follow the dark path or use the light
Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land Pack Shot

Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land



by Jacobthekirby

    K KK            b   y       y
    KK     i  r rr  b    y     y
    KK        rr    bbbb  y   y
    K K    i  r     b  b   y y
    K  K   i  r     bbbb    y
  ------------------------ y
 /Nightmare in Dreamland/ y
Copyright (c) Jacob Bland.
   All Rights Reserved.

  / Table of Contents #0 /
 #0---Table of Contents
 #1---Version History
 #2---How the Story Began
 #3---Screen Basics
 #4---Kirby Kontrols

 6/1-Vegetable Valley
 6/2-Ice Cream Island
 6/3-Butter Building
 6/4-Grape Garden
 6/5-Yogurt Yard
 6/6-Orange Ocean
 6/7-Rainbow Resort
 6/8-Fountain of Dreams
 #7---The Extra Mode
 #10--Special thanks & Stuff
 / Version History #1 /
 | 1.69-I DID A LOT OF WORK! I did less than I thought I would.|
 | It's almost midnight,I need sleep and my DS needs charging. |
 | Good night.                                                 |
| 1.29-I just started Grape Garden. From| 
| now on,my new catchphrase is:         |
| "Whaaaaaaaaat?" It used to be:        |
| "I like pie",but I may still say it.  |
| 1.00-Just started on character section,    |
| I didn't get real far cause I had to go to |
| church...                                  |
 / How the Story Began #2 / 
  This is Dreamland. In Dreamland,
there is a fountain called the
Fountain of Dreams. It held the
dreams of all beings in Dreamland.
It also gave the rest from a full
night of sleep. Then everyone couldn't
dream! The greedy King Dedede was taking
a bath in the Fountain! He broke the
source of its power,the Star Rod,and
gave them to his servants! Kirby now
has to get the Star Rod back! And in
one piece!

 / Screen Basics #3 /

 =                         =   O=Kirby
 =                         =   X=enemy
 =     O      X            =   /~~/=ability
 =-------------------------=   (can be vaious)
 = /~~/  IIIIII   00000300 =   IIIIII=Life Gauge
 ===========================   00000300=score
                               (doesn't affect gameplay)

 / Kirby Kontrols #4 /

And,yes. I spelled it wrong on purpose.
Learn the "Kontrols" here.

A-Jump (what it was mainly made for)
B-inhale/exhale/spit out object/spit water
(while underwater)/use ability
(if you don't have one,you'll just inhale)
Control Pad-move Kirby
Select-make ability turn into a star
Start-puase game
Power switch-I'll say this info once:
(that was for you imbecels out there)
L&R-don't affect gameplay

 / Characters #5 /

Learn the characters here.


The main character.

King Dedede

The GREEDIEST "king" in Dreamland.

Meta Knight

A mysterious fellow...
You also get to play as him later
in the game.

 / Walkthrough #6 /

Heres the main part of this thing.


 / Vegetable Valley 6/1 \

|1-1|Rm.1-Suck up Waddle Doo. Leave.
Oh,and,also,if you notice a dark
spot in the waterfall,go in it.
It has a U.F.O. enemy in it.
Rm.3-Get the Maximum Tomato,
and leave through the door
on the right side of the water.

|1-2|Rm.1-Go to the Warpstar
 \-/without getting hurt.
Rm.2-Kill Poppy Bros. Sr.
and copy him. Don't push B!
Rm.3-Only push B if you have to.
get the Maximum Tomato.
Rm.4-Copy Sword on the way up!

|1-3|Rm.1-Don't get hit by the cannons!
 \-/Rm.2-Just go across.
Rm.3-Don't get hurt while going down.
Rm.4-See room 2.

|1-4|Rm.1-Don't get hurt by Mr.Frosty!
 \-/Rm.2-i know this seems hard,but
you need to get across.
Rm.3-Go up,up,up!
Rm.4-get the Candy and,RUN! Get the 1up.

|1-boss| It's Whispy Woods! Get the Sword
 \----/ out of the Museum to beat him. He
stays still,so he's easy.

 / Ice Cream Island 6/2 \

|2-1|Rm.1-Go to the first door you see. 
 \-/Rm.2-Get the Peppy Tonic and get the
 Rm.1-Yes,you go through here twice.Go to
 the other side of it.
 Rm.3-G to the other side.
 Rm.4-Go to the Goal!
|2-2|Rm.1-Go to the door.
 \-/Rm.2-Hit the Bomb Block and go through
the door.
Rm.3-Hop on Pop! Like the book!
(or just the Warpstar)
Rm.4-Battle the Wheel Miniboss! Copy him.
Rm.5-Push B and when you get to the Goal,
fall left before you go in. There's a 1up

|2-3|Rm.1-Go to the door.
 \-/Rm.2-Hit the Bomb Block and copy Sword.
Hit the Bomb Block to the left. Go in the door.
Rm.3-Copy U.F.O. and get the Max. Tomato. Leave
Rm.2-Go right. Go through the door there.
Rm.4-Go in the Water and kill the fish.
Rm.5-If you still are U.F.O.,hit the Bomb Block 
above you. Find the 1up. then go back and hit the
Bomb Block to the right. Go up and hit the Bomb Block
there (I'm gunna start callin' em BB's) and enter the 
Rm.6-Fight Meta Knight's Servants!
Rm.7-Get the Peppy Tonic in the sea and find the goal
to the right of the water.

|2-4|Rm.1-Go througfh the first door you see.
 \-/Rm.2-Get the 1up at the bottom.
Rm.1-Go to the door,don't forget the Max. Tomato!
Rm.3-Fight the clock and copy him. Leave.
Rm.4-Get Laser and hit the hills to make stuff fall.
Rm.5-Go through the first door you see.
Rm.6-If you don't have Laser,leave. If you do,then hit
the hill and get the Peppy Tonic.
Rm.5-Find the goal to the right.

|2-5|Rm.1-Oh,how I hate this room. Get to the other side.
 \-/Get the Peppy Tonic if you got hurt. I'm a pro at Kirby,
and I still get hurt here.
Rm.2-Get Wheel and go to the other side. Go down where you crash.
Ride through there to get to a door.
Rm.3-Get the Peppy Tonic and leave.
Rm.2-Go up after hitting the BB (Bomb Block) and leave through there.
Rm.4-To get the 1ups here,use Wheel. Leave through the door at the 
top right.
Rm.5-use Hi Jump to get up to the top and get the Peppy Tonic.
Rm.6-Suck the Poppy Bros. Jr. off the Max. Tomato and get it.
go through the goal.

|2-boss| It's Paint Roller! Copy his  paintings for abilities
 \----/ like Parasol or ball. He can draw you,too.
 / Butter Building 6/3\

|3-1|Rm.1-Go to the Door.
 \-/Rm.2-Go to the door after hitting the BB.
Rm.3-Wakeup time! (I made a bad pun) suck up the clock after killing it.
Rm.5-Do you see a Switch? I see a Switch! Go down to find a door and go in it.
Rm.6-Hit the BB and go in the top door.
Rm.5-Hit the Switch!
Rm.4-Did you see the goal before? Go left!

|3-2|Rm.1-Go up to the door!
 \-/Rm.2-See room 1 and get the Peppy Tonic.
Rm.3-Go up again!
Rm.4-Copy Sword and hit the BB you saw when you got in there. Go in the door.
Rm.5-Fight the Wheel guy and copy him.
Rm.4-Use Wheel to go across the room to the top with out gittin' hurt.
Rm.6-Try to get the 1up & the Max. Tomato.
Rm.7-Fight the bug & copy him.
Rm.8-Practice Backdrop in this final room.

|3-3|Rm.1-Just navigate to the door.
 \-/Rm.2-Wait for the fog to lift and go through the door.
Rm.3-Go through the door beside you. Then go through the door abve you.
Go to the Needle guy and enter. Hit the BB and get the 1up. leave to the right.
Destroy the Star Blocks (SB) a little to the top and enter that door.Then
through the goal!

|3-4|Rm.1-Get on the Warpstar.
 \-/Rm.2-Go in the door.
Rm.3-Fight meta Knight's servants again!
Rm.4-Get any ability.

|3-5|Rm.1-Get the Candy! 
 \-/Rm.2-To the top with you!
Rm.3-Go to the door. (left)
Rm.4-Monkey hammerin' time! copy bonkers after killing him.
Rm.5-Use Hammer to hit the peg and get the items.

|3-6|Rm.1-Copy Laser.
 \-/Rm.2-Use Laser on all the hills! Get rid of the SBs and through the door.
Rm.3-Go to the top.
Rm.4-Wait for the fog to lift and enter the door.
Rm.5-Go up to the stack of 4 count em 4 SBs. Destroy them for a door.
Rm.6-Hit the BB and beat the explosion to the other door.
Rm.7-Hit the Switch!
Rm.5-Go to the top.
Rm.8-Copy Light and use it to see the room (and how to gat a 1up).
Rm.9-Copy Hi jump and FLY FOR A PRIZE!!! And the goal is at the top.

|3-boss| It's Mr.Shine and Mr.Bright! Mr.Shine
 \----/ (moon) will share the health with Mr.Bright
(sun).When fighting Shine,there will be Supernovas happening and they
make stars to shoot at him. When fighting Bright,Stars will fall to shoot at
 / Grape Garden 6/4 \

|4-1|Rm.1-Go to the door.
 \-/Rm.2-Go to the top.
Rm.3-Copy U.F.O. and go through the door.
Rm.4-Near the door at the end of this room,there is a bunch of SBs.
Destroy them all and you should see a red bubble thingy. Go in it.
There's a Switch in there. (I'm not counting this as a room).
Go through the door above you. Then go through THAT door in the original
Rm.5-Go to the goal!

|4-2|Rm.1-This music sounds familiar! Go to the house with a BB in it.
 \-/Rm.2-Up the ladder and through the door,to Grandma's house we go!
Rm.3-Go in the water and when you get out,there should be 4 SBs on
top of each other. Behind the SBs is a door. Go through it.
Get the Max. Tomato and leave there and go up a widdle bit for another
Rm.4-Go across,and on the first fork in the road,go up. there is a Peppy 
Tonic there.
Rm.5-Fight Two poppy Bros. Sr.!

|4-3|Rm.1-If you copied Crash,use it on the fuse. Get in the cannon for a
 \-/1up! then leave there,then leave the original door.
Rm.2-If you like blimps,you'll love this stage! I hate it! Go to the first 
door you see and hit the switch there! Go Back! Go to the last door!
Rm.3-Go to the end of the room for a warpstar ride!
Rm.4-Go to the top! Finally OVER!

|4-4|Rm.1-Go to the door (I say that a lot)
 \-/Rm.2-See room 1.
Rm.3-get the Wheel and beat the BB explosions for a 1up.
Rm.4-Fight the elepant! Copy him.
Rm.5-Practice Throw here.

|4-5|Rm.1-GET THE CANDY,MAN!!! Go where there is a green tile,and
 \-/fall to a door.
Rm.2-Go to where there are 2 SBs and destroy them. Go in the new door.
There is a 1up there.then leave to the original room and find the door.
Rm.3-Go to the big door.
Rm.4-Meta Knight's servants are here to fight.
Rm.5-Go to the door.
Rm.6-Navigate through the maze. There are two 1ups & 2 Peppy Tonics.

|4-6|Rm.1-Hit the BBs and get in the water then out on the other side
 \-/there is a door surrounded by BBs.
Rm.2-Fight da clock!
Rm.3-Copy light and use it to light up the room. go to the door,but don't
go through it. go backwards and find a new door with no stars on it. hit the
Switch inside. Then go back to the door in the original room.
Rm.1-Hit the BB and go in the door.
Rm.4-Copy Stone and hit the top peg,then the bottom peg,then the middle peg
for a 1up!
Rm.5-Get the Peppy Tonc beside the goal if you need it.

|4-boss| It's Kracko!
 \----/ Get the hi Jump at the beginning to get to the top cloud and fight
him. Just Hi Jump his eye. He shoots lightning.
 / Yogurt Yard 6/5\

|5-1|Rm.1-Go into the little bitty space at the end of the room.
 \-/Get the 1up & leave.
Rm.2-If you copied Stone,put it to use to go down quicker.stop at the SBs,
and go under them,to get to more. destroy som to reveal a door. there is a
Switch in there. Go in the door.
Rm.3-Go to the right to the door.

|5-2|Rm.1-Go to the door,nothing important here.
 \-/Rm.2-Go in and out of water to the door.
Rm.3-See room 1.
Rm.4-Okay,is there anything important in this level?!!!
Rm.2-Just see 1.
Rm.5-See 1.
Rm.4-did you see those 2 doors underground? You're there.
Rm.6-See 1.
Rm.7-Fight Bonkers.
Rm.8-You already were in here,but I forgot which one.
see 1.
Rm.6-go to the goal. I'm sorry I didn't laed yopu here good.

|5-3|Rm.1-I would rather not use Hi Jump to get to the top. 
 \-/Rm.2-Go up and find the door to the right when you're up there.
Rm.3-Use Wheel to get across quicker.
Rm.4-Go to where there are 2 SBs stacked. A door is behind them.Get the Max.
Tomato and watch out when you get the 1up,there is no floopr there. Leave to
the original room and find the door (It's not that far).
Rm.5-Copy Parasol to go down gently. Get the Peppy Tonmic at the bottom if
you need it.

|5-4|Rm.1-Go Right 'till you get to the door.
 \-/Rm.2-Meta knight's servants again.
Rm.3-Go until you see water coming out of a door. Go in it.
Rm.4-Go in the door closest to you first. Hit the switch,go back and go
through the door on top.
Rm.5-Down the waterfall,and through the goal,to 5-5 we go!

|5-5|Rm.1-Go to the door you see first. Get rid of the SBs w/ Hi Jump.
 \-/Light the fuse w/ fire. get in the cannon. hit the Switch. Leave to the
other room and get to the door.
Rm.2-Warpstar time!
Rm.3-Go to the door.
Rm.4-This room is a maze,but you fight a miniboss. Copy it.
Rm.5-See 3.
Rm.6-Go all the way to thew door.

**Be sure you have Hammer!**
|5-6|Rm.1-Go across!
 \-/Rm.2-Go to the end of the room with your trusty Hammer!
Rm.3-This part is hard. Go to the first door you see. Hit the Metal Blocks
(MBs) and SBs to reveal a door. there is a Switch in it. It took me a while
to figure it out. Go out and then through the door that leads to the original
room. Go a widdle to the right to get to the goal.

|5-boss| It's Heavy Mole!
 \----/ You can copy its missles,but one gives you Sleep.
The other gives you Hammer. Just hit It with anything except yourself.
 / Orange Ocean 6/6 \

|6-1|Rm.1-You don't have to fight the elephant in the door if you
 \-/don't want to...but you can get Throw from him! In the original room,
at the door out of the water,there is a 1up surrounded by MBs. Hmmm...
keep your Hammer from fighting Heavy Mole.
Rm.2-Go to the first door you see. Use Hammer to hit the MBs and get in the
door. Hit the Switch & leave to the original room. Go to the door.
Rm.3-"Go,boy! Go on! Git!" Go to the goal!

|6-2|Rm.1-There is a little black space abve the Peppy Tonic. Go in it.
 \-/Copy Stone. Then go to the original room and leave w/ Stone.
Rm.2-Go to the door in the middle. With stone.Hit the peg and in the door.
Hit the Switch. and go to the original room and go through the
mazey thingy to the door.
Rm.3-Copy U.F.O. on the way down!
Rm.4-Go to the goal!!!

|6-3|Rm.1-Pirate ship! This reminds me of One Piece. Good times,good times...
 \-/anyway,get the Peppy Tonic. Go to the door you sea (I made yet another
bad pun).
Rm.2-Get Hammer from Bonkers. go to the BB and hit it. Go where the BB was.
Rm.3-Go on the side with Sword Knight by it. Lose your Hammer.
Rm.4-Copy Laser. Leave.
Rm.3-Go in the other door.
Rm.5-Hit the edge with laser and get in the cannon. Hit the Switch. Leave.
Rm.6-Go to the 2 doors and hop through both windows for 2 1ups! Tri-i-icky!
Go to the door you were beside when you just got here.
Rm.7-Go up to the Warpstar1

|6-4|Rm.1-Go down in a fork in the road. Hit the BB and in the door.
 \-/Rm.2-Copy Beam in the third hole. usae it to hit all the BBs
and to get sum prizes! In the bottom right corner there is a black
spot. Enter it. Hit the BIG prize! go back and go up to the door.
Rm.5-See 4,but add birds!

|6-5|Rm.1-Go to the door.
 \-/Rm.2-Go to the top!
Rm.3-Go in the water,then to the other side,then out,then in the door.
Rm.4-hit both BBs first,then light the fuse,then go in the cannon,and it'll
take you to a Switch. In the original room,go to the goal.

|6-6|Rm.1-Go in the door and copy U.F.O.,go back,get rid of the MBs,and go
 \-/through and hit the Switch. Then go to where you copied U.F.O.
Rm.2-Go across.
Rm.3-On the top,you fight 2 poppy Bros. Sr.,on the bottom,2 mr.Frosties!
You choose,but I do the top.
Rm.4-Miniboss fight!
Rm.5-get the Candy and leave.
Rm.6-SUGAR RUSH!!! (bad pun again. sorry)
Rm.7-Why did the Kirby cross the river? I told him to. (sorry,it's hard to
not make puns!)
Rm.8-Meta Knight's servants! Goal when done!

|6-boss| It's Meta Knight!
 \----/ Just slice him with the Sword. He is H-A-R-D even to me.
 / Rainbow Resort 6/7 \

|7-1|Rm.1-Copy Laser to shoot everything. Even the BB before the door for a
Rm.2-Copy Beam and get rid of the Stone Blocks (StBs) above the door to get
to the MBs. Destroy them with Burning. go in the door that is revealed. Hit
the Switch. Leave to the original room and leave.
Rm.3-Make sure you don't get hit and go in the goal.

|7-2|Rm.1-This is my favorite level! Go through the door!
 \-/Rm.2-Fight Poppy Bros. Sr. & copy him! Miniboss stage!
Rm.3-Go to the door!
Rm.4-Use Crash to get rid of most of the clock's health. Then Use one note to
kill him and copy him!
Rm.5-See 3!
Rm.6-Use Mike on Mr.Frosty then Kill him with the ice he gives you!
Copy him,but don't really use it!
Rm.7-See 3!
Rm.8-Make Freeze turn into a star and shoot it at Bonkers! Kill him with
coconuts! Copy him!
Rm.9-See 3!
Rm.10-Fight the elephant with Hammer,and copy him! Don't use the ability
on the next guy!
Rm.11-See 3!
Rm.12-Turn ability into a star and shoot! Then fight the bug how you usually
do! You should know to copy it by now...
Rm.13-C3PO! (all right,I'll try to stop the puns) See 3!
Rm.14-Turn ability into a star and shoot! Then fight the lion how you usually
Rm.15-Go up to the Warpstar!
Rm.16-Get the Max. Tomato if you need it! Go to the goal!

|7-3|Rm.1-Play with sleep if you want to,but there's a threatning enemy by
Rm.2-Go to the top.
Rm.4-Go across to the goal! Hit the BBs for prizes!

|7-4|Rm.1-Go across.
 \-/Rm.2-Go to the door.
Rm.3-See 2.
Rm.4-See 2.
Rm.5-See 2.
Rm.6-Go across.
Rm.7-Go to the air thingy after hitting BBs to get to the goal!

|7-5|Rm.1-Go across. Watch out for the Crash guys!
 \-/Rm.2-Wheel fight!
Rm.3-Go across.
Rm.4-Ignore the cannon. It doesn't take you to a Switch. Go to the goal.

|7-6|Rm.1-Ready for the last level? Good. It's not that hard. It IS black 
 \-/and white though. This is my 2nd fav. level! Go across to the door.
Rm.2-See 1.
Rm.3-See 1 again.
Rm.4-Get the Max. Tomato & 1up.
Rm.5-Even SBs are B&W! Watch out for the Squids!
Rm.6-Go to the door!
Rm.7-Watch out,some enemies appear while you progress in the room...
Rm.8-Don't go in the goal yet,go in Mr.Shine,the moon. Hit the Switch.
NOW you can leave.

|7-boss| It's King Dedede! Use Laser or ball to get rid of him.
 / Fountain of Dreams 6/8 \

This place only has bosses...

|8-boss1| It's Nightmare 1!
 \-----/ Just kill him with the only thing you can,Star Rod.
Here is a chart of his attacks:
the same as 3,but they twist after the first time
the same as 1
he shoots dark beams (I don't know what they are) at you,
they depend on where you are.
then he rpeats the charts starting with Atk2.
remember,Atk4 twists the 2nd time,and then keeps on twirling
|8-boss2| It's Nightmare 2!
 \-----/ Just swing stars at him when he shows the tornado.
 THAT'S ALL,FOLKS!   (hey,I stopped punning!)

 / The Extra Mode #7 /

The only way to unlock this mode. 100%
in normal mode. You only have 3 health bars,but that's the only difference.
Use the Walkthrough above for Extra Mode too.

 / Abilities #8 /
Here is where you learn the abilities.
ABC Order:

Backdrop-Whoo-HAH! Once I grab a foe,throw him with control pad
Ball-Change form and hold the A button! BOUNCE! BOING! BONK!
Beam-This beam's like a whip. Waaa psssssh! Beam it!
Burning-Flaming tackle time! Who's gonna stop me?
Crash-WARNING! Only use as a last resort!
Cutter-The cutter boomerang is coming right back at ya!
Freeze-Stop! Come no closer! I'll chill you to the bone!
Hammer-Pound 'em to the ground! Pound pegs to open new areas.
Hi Jump-Big jump = BIG TACKLE!
Ice-First I'll freeze 'em,then I'll kick 'em along1
Laser-Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
      And it ricochets off hills,too
Light-Brighten those dark corners!
Mike-Uweaaahhh! Oooooh yeahhhh! Un-hunhhh! Baaaaby! Rock on!
Needle-Hands off! Here:pointy spikes There: pokey spikes
Parasol-The sun shines on this parasol of mine. As I walk,enemies balk,and i
        float gently down...
Sleep-  -DO NOT DISTURB- I need my beauty rest.
Stone-No one can hurt me! Look out below!
Sword-I can't lose with this sword! If they zig,I cut 'em!
      (if they zag,I cut'em too!)
Throw-try throwing enemies straight!
Tornado-Spin spin spin spin spin  Spinspinspinspin  Spinspinspin
U.F.O.-Wow! I'm so lucky I copied a U.F.O.! I can do four different moves.
       It all depends on how long you hold B!
Wheel-I ride like the wind! Fast! Too fast!

 / Subgames #9 /

[Quick Draw]-Push A at the "!"
[Bomb Ralley]-Push A to hit bomb!
[Kirby's Air Grind]-Hold a to grind,you can't grind on black rails!
[Boss Enurance]-Fight every boss in the game.
[Meta Knightmare!]-Play the game as Meta Knight!

 / Special Thanks & Stuff #10 /

|S.T.1-Goes to the Lord,for,well,you know what!|
|S.T.2-Nintendo & Hal,for the game!            |
|S.T.3-Uhhh...GameFAQs?                        |
|S.T.4-Kirby,for Saving Dreamland once more!   |
|S.T.5-You,for taking the time to read this    |
|S.T.6-Anyone I forgot!                        |
 | This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, |
 | private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed |
 | publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other|
 | web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a  |
 | violation of copyright. Only,,CheatCodeCentral   |
 |  .com,and can use this...                                  |
 / THE END /