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Follow the dark path or use the light

Boss FAQ

by Mykas0

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories for Game Boy Advance "Boss FAQ"
By Mykas0
Mykas0 [at]
version 1.0

BE SURE TO READ THIS FIRST PART! You can read this faq as long as you
don't change ANY part of it (including this small introduction). Also,
you can print it but only for use at your home, you may NEVER sell 
this stuff or else you will make me really mad and maybe I won't work
anymore! Finally, if you want to use this faq on your site you have to
mail me and ask me for it, I will almost surely grant it to you! =)

Also, I must warn you that this faq is full of small spoilers, so if
you don't want the game spoiled for you, just don't read it! The order
in which I disposed the Bosses are the order I fought them in my game,
but you don't need to do it exactly like this, as most of the things
only depend on your level or, sometimes, in the cards that you have!
Finally, I only consider "bosses" those enemy battles from which you can't
run away (except for the Tutorials, but I doubt you need help with those
ones... Unless you don't know english, but if you don't know english why
on earth are you seeing this o.O'' ), and I will try to cover all of them
in this faq!

0. Introduction

Playing as Sora

Found in Traverse Town:
   1. Guard Armor
   1.1 Axel
Found in Wonderland:
   2. Card Soldier
   2.1 Trickmaster
Found in Olympus Colosseum:
   3. Cloud
   3.1 Hades
Found in Monstro:
   4. Parasite Cage
   4.1 Lots of weak hearthless
Found in Halloween Town:
   5. Oogie Boogie
Found in Agrabah:
   6. Jafar
   6.1 Larxene
Found in Hollow Bastion:
   7. Dragon Maleficent
   7.1 Riku
Found in Atlantica:
   8. Ursula
   8.1 Riku
Found in Neverland:
   9. Captain Hook
   9.1 Vexen
Found in Twilight Town:
   10. Vexen
   10.1 Riku
Found in Destiny Islands:
   11. Darkside
   11.1 Riku
   11.2 Larxene
Found in Castle Oblivion:
   12. Axel
   12.1 Marluxia
   12.2 Final Battle

Playing as Riku:
Found in Hollow Bastion:
   13. Dragon Maleficent
   13.1 Ansem
Found in Traverse Town:
   14. Guard Armor
Found in Monstro:
   15. Parasite Cage
   15.1 Vexen
Found in Neverland:
   16. Captain Hook
Found in Agrabah:
   17. Jafar
   17.1 Riku
Found in Halloween Town:
   18. Oogie Boogie
Found in Olympus Colosseum:
   19. Hades
Found in Wonderland:
   20. Trickmaster
Found in Atlantica:
   21. Ursula
   21.1 Lexaeus
Found in Destiny Islands:
   22. Darkside
Found in Twilight Town:
   23. Riku
Found in Castle Oblivion:
   24. Ansem

B_END. Special Thanks
END. Contacts

0. Introduction

Despite that your level doesn't matter much in this game, by levelling
up you will be able to gain some extra things, like new moves or get
more hp... So, if despite this you can't seem to win against a 
specific boss, try levelling up to get more SP or HP points, which are
really useful for Sora! As for the HP values, when I say something like
"(x-Y HP)" it means that its HP can change between those values, depending
on the floor in which you are facing it!

1. Guard Armor (200 HP)

The first boss battle you will find in the game, and it isn't a very
difficult one as you can imagine. Just use your normal keyblade cards
against the 5 weak points of this boss (which are his legs, his arms
and his... well... the rest of this body!) and use Donald and Goofie
as soon as you have a chance for it. The opponent only has an attack
that may cause you trouble, but if you use a card with value 0 at
the same time that he performs it, you won't have any trouble, as
you will break his attack. Don't use the combo thing that you learned
from Squall, as it will make your first card used in it disappear until
the end of the battle, which isn't a very good idea...

1.1 Axel (320 HP) 

Despite of his looks, this guy is preety easy to beat. First, be sure to
equip the Simba Summon card you got from Leon (Well, I would rather call
him Squall Leonhart, but then fans from KH1 would flame me...) on your
deck. Now, you will notice that the enemy is always disappearing, so start
using your keyblade cards to try striking him, and also use Simba. Also,
be sure NOT to use any combos, since you will need all your cards. 
Finally, and as you may imagine from his special attack (which turns out
being not very strong...), he is weak against Ice, so be sure to use your
ice card, but ONLY when he is recharging his card, or else he will just
avoid it by disappearing. So, keep on striking him with your keyblade
cards, Simba and Ice and eventually you will win!

2. Card Soldier (88-120 HP and 110-150 HP)

Quite easy battle, I don't think you will need any help with this, but 
just use Simba and your attack cards and I bet that you will beat them in
no time! They seem to be lots, but you can beat them easily, fear not!

2.1 Trickmaster (550-750 HP)

Like the Guard Armor, this guy is pretty easy. Once again you won't
need to use any combos, so just keep on attacking with your normal
keyblade cards (if you have any new, higher level ones, be sure to
equip them in your deck) and you will easily win. Also, use Simba, and if
possible try collecting 3 Donald cards and use them as a combo, for an 
high extra damage to this boss. Sometimes he may break your cards, with
some of his high level cards, but you can easily avoid his attacks, as 
most of them are just some Fire attacks thrown at you.

3. Cloud (275-375 HP)

This is one of those battles that may turn out being somehow hard if you
don't know what to do. Apart from his super hot combo (the one he uses by
joining 3 high level cards with his face...) which hits you 3 times 
however you are, he isn't very strong... So, be sure to take some healing
cards with you (2 or 3 are enough...) and heal when your health is below
its medium value, but NEVER use combos, as you will need all the cards you
can use. Oh, and you can remove Simba from your deck in this battle, as he
won't be able to cause much damage (or any at all, but I can't be sure of 
that...). Finally, be sure to add the best cards you can to your deck 
before this battle, but also some cards with value "0", as you will need
them to stop Cloud's combos... If you really can't manage defeating him,
just keep on healing yourself until he can't perform more combos (because
he would just have 2 cards left, or something...) and then attack him
with everything you've got!

3.1 Hades (440-600 HP)

This is surely the toughest battle that you faced up to now, so you will 
need to be very careful in this one. First, equip the best keyblade cards 
you have, then equip Simba and other summon cards (if you have any 
more, which I doubt...). some Cure cards (they are green and they have a 
leaf...) finally equip some cards with value 0, IN THIS SPECIFIC ORDER. I
am not sure if you already noticed this or not, but the cards with value 
0 can ALWAYS stop any combination of cards from your opponent. When Hades
is about to use his best attacks, he will turn red. So, go the section of
the deck in which you have your cards with value 0 and use one of them,
which will instantly stop his attack. As soon as you don't have any
card with a 0 left, be sure to shuffle your deck. After sucessefully
stopping his attack, strike with Simba and with the best cards you have 
currently on your deck to cause him some damage. Be sure NOT to use any
combos, since those will take some cards from your deck and you will
surely need them later in this hard battle. If you can't seem to win
despite my advice, try gaining some more levels in order to get more HP
and SP points and be able to put more/better cards on your deck. There is
also a small tip... You can use many ice cards instead of those of Cloud,
since (and as you may imagine...) Hades attacks with fire element you can
use the ice element against him, meaning that it will cause him great 
pain, mainly if you make combos using 2 or 3 consecutive ice cards...

4. Parasite Cage (605-825 HP)

Despite that this is a very easy battle, your best bet will be taking
some healing cards and best keyblade cards you have. Since the poison
really inflicts some damage, you need to stick to the platforms and
only attack when you are near the enemy. Never use your summons, 
since the summoned thing may appear on the poison field and it will
be instantly stopped. However, the combo of 3 Cloud cards can work
good, but I doubt you have 3 of those by now. Despite that this
boss' attacks can't make you much damage, use the healing cards as
soon as needed for having an easier time. Finally, be sure to
get the mickey card if you see any, since it will make you invulnerable
to poison for a certain time, which can really help you make some extra
damage to the boss.

4.1 Lots of weak hearthless (each with 36-50 HP)

Appears that some people were having trouble with this, despite of this
one being an easy battle... All you need to do is start killin them as 
soon as possible, and NEVER stopping... How can you do this? Don't use
any magic, combos or summons (other than Cloud), so in a quick sum up...
Just strike as much as you can you your keyblades and kill as many as
possible, and if the bar gets red and starts flashing, that's because it
is starting to go down, which means that you need to attack more of those
monsters. When the bar get full and turns yellow, just kill all the 
enemies that are currently on screen, and that will finish the level...
The keyword here is... FAST!

5. Oogie Boogie (550-750 HP)

Most people seem to think that this is an hard battle. However, it is
easier than people think. For this battle you just need to take as
many Cloud cards are you can and as many cards with value 7, 8 or 9
as you can. You will notice that this boss only throws you some dice,
and those are always activated by a level 7 card. So, when he throws
the dice, use one of your cards with level 0, 8 or 9. This will make
one of the three slots under the fence stop rolling, and once all
three are stopped, then fence will go down. Then, you can enter the
place where the boss his and attack him for a limited time. So, your
best bet is using your Cloud cards on front of him as soon as you
can, if possible using a combo of 3 Cloud cards, to get a special
attack that will greatly damage him. One the fence returns to its
place, shuffle your cards and repeat the entire process up to the
point in which you finally get to defeat him. Possibly you will get
at least 1 mickey card (looks like a green card shaped like Mickey's
head) if you destroy a certain dice during this fight, so be sure to use
it when all the three slots are ACTIVE, I mean, rolling! This will make
the fence stay down for a longer time, giving you the oportunity to make
some extra damage to this weak boss!

6. Jafar (550-750 HP)

As soon as this battle start, you will notice that the red genie is
invulnerable to ANY of your attacks. So, how to defeat this giant
monster? Well, you will notice that sometimes the 3 panels move and
one of them will go high up. Make your way up there and you will
spot Iago (Jafar's bird) holding the magical lamp. As you may 
imagine, your target is to hit him, and the best way is to always
make your way up to the highest panel, jump and try to hit him
at least 3 times with your best keyblade cards. DON'T USE COMBOS,
as they would spend some of your cards and, if you are unlucky,
this battle may take you a long time to finish. As before, I think
your best bet will be taking a lot of keyblade cards and some
healing ones, as Jafar has an attack in which he throws a huge
stone at you, and as you may imagine that REALLY hurts! As for
the mickey card, they seem to put all the 3 panels high, and then
you can easily attack Iago, but as you may already know by now
they are not that usual. If you are wondering about summon cards,
Simba and Cloud may turn out to be somehow useful, the first one
to be used whenever you want and the other one to be used it
"eventually" you get a mickey card and you have the change of
being near the bird. If you still having trouble with this,
well... just be sure not to loose any of your healing cards (be
sure to take 3 or 4 into this battle...) and keep on striking
Iago, he will eventually die.

6.1 Larxene (1120 HP)

Ok, another of those guys in black clothes, which you will have to defeat
in order to gain access to more levels... However, it is quite easy to win
this battle, just take 2 or 3 healing cards, Simba and Cloud. Now, use the
same technique as I told you some battles before... Start by having the
enemy use his combos (she has 2 or 3, if I recall...) so that she spends 
her cards on them, and then attack her with your best keyblades, Cloud and
Simba... Be sure to heal if your health drops below his medium value...
Sometimes she can send you some rays that will catch you and take you to
her, but those don't seem to cause much damage, don't worry... Also, NO
COMBOS this time (well, appears that I say this in every battle or
something...), as you will need all the cards for attacking that you
have... Hope you can win to her easily too, just like I did! =)

7. Dragon Maleficent (960-1140 HP)

One of the worse things about this boss is that it spits some flames
that sticks to the ground and can heavily damage you. Once again,
your best bet would be using your best keyblade cards and lots of
healing ones (once again, 3 or 4 cards will be enough...). Be sure
to attack these flames on the ground sometimes, as they grant you
mickey cards, which will create a platform in the middle of the
screen, which makes it easier for you to hit the dragon's head
(its weak point, if you were wondering about it...) and a big help
to avoid other flames for some time. Except for this small detail
I guess this is an easy battle, you will just need to avoid the
flames (the dragon can bite you, but that doesn't cause you much
damage...), heal when necessary and then strike with your best
keyblade cards. However, DON'T USE COMBOS, since they are somehow
a way to spend some cards, which you may need later. As for summon
cards, I guess that only Simba will be of great help in this one, because
it will be able to hit the dragon's face even if it is in a hard to defeat
place! If you really can't seem to do it, try Dumbo too...

7.1 Riku (1120 HP)

Despite of what I heard about this character, this battle turns out being
really easy you just need to use the same cards you used for the last boss
and you will easily win, mainly by using lots and lots of keyblade 
attack. The opponent has some combos, but they aren't very powerful, so
just attack him with every keyblade attack you can, heal from time to time
and he will go down in no time. Just don't try using your summons, as he
will break them or just avoid them...

8. Ursula (640-760 HP)

Another easy battle, for this one you will just need to take your
keyblade cards with value 7, 8, 9 and 0 (two will be enough)and some
healing cards. As soon as the battle starts, attack one of the two
central tentacles until it goes down. Then, start jumping and hitting the
head 3 consecutive times (NOT USING A COMBO!) or more, if you have the 
time for it before the tentacle going up. Then keep on repeating for some
time, until Ursula seems to move left (or right) and appear with the 
trident. Then, wait until she makes a weird noise and seems to send some
rays at you, which you should stop by using your cards with value 0. Then,
attack her tentacles and head again until you win. Also, be sure to avoid
the bubbles that sometimes she uses, they don't cause much damage but they
can get Sora confused, which isn't a very good idea, as you will have an
harder time with your controls... If you find a Mickey Card use it right
away, as it will send the tentacles away and lower Ursula's head for some
time, giving you the chance to land some good blows.

8.1 Riku (1120 HP)

This battle is almost as easy as the first one that you fought against 
this character. He has a new ability called "Dark Firaga", which doesn't
seem to cause you much damage... So, just do exactly what you did in the
last battle with him, and everything will go find... Oh, you don't want to
scroll up just to read that stuff again? Ok, I will paste it here...
Despite of what I heard about this character, this battle turns out being
really easy you just need to use the same cards you used for the last boss
and you will easily win, mainly by using lots and lots of keyblade 
attack. The opponent has some combos, but they aren't very powerful, so
just attack him with every keyblade attack you can, heal from time to time
and he will go down in no time. Just don't try using your summons, as he
will break them or just avoid them...
Good luck with it! ;-)

9. Captain Hook (640-760 HP)

Truly, this may be the thoughest battle that you will face so far, that's
why I chose this level in last place. Apart from having lots of high level
cards, Hook can also throw some bombs at you, which will REALYYYYYYYYYYY
damage you. Also, you will be fighting in his ship, which means that the
entire scenario will be moving, making it hard for you to dodge some of
his attacks (like the bombs!). So, I guess that your best best will be
taking 3 healing cards, 3 or more Cloud Summon Cards and then put the best
keyblade cards you currently have, on your deck. Now, the best idea is...
Use the 3 Cloud Cards to make a combo, which should use a really good
triple attack that will deal Hook a huge ammount of damage. Then, use the
2 Cloud cards that you still have ALONE, and only when you are at a
distance from Hook that ensure you not to fail your attack. Finally, heal
as necessary and continue striking with all the best keyblade cards you
have. If you are still having problems, try adding some cards with value
0, in order to break his best attacks (yep, mainly the bombs...). Oh, and
the ship you are in is always moving left and right, meaning that you will
have an hard time avoiding the bombs!

9.1 Vexen (1120 HP)

Another of those guys in black suit... Appears that each of them is 
specialized in a particular type of attack, and this one seems to use a 
lot of Ice attacks, so you know what to do, right? Well, you can just take
this battle with the cards you usually use, but in order to have an easier
time you should use lots of Fire cards (alone or in combos of 3) and some
Cloud cards, apart from cards with value 0 (to stop his attacks, you don't
need them but you want want a couple of them, to stop some of them...) and
some healing cards, as usual. If you want to use your keyblade cards to
attack him, be sure to attack him from behind, as his big shield is able
to stop ALL the physic attacks used in his front. Also, if he freezes you
(well, this is easily noticed, as Sora will "just", well, like... BE 
INSIDE OF A HUGE ICE BLOCK -_-'''' ), just keep pressing directions in the
control pad and you will, after a while, make the ice block destroy itself
and continue the battle. Again, be sure to take a LOT of Fire cards, as 
they will be your main way of attacking in this battle!

10. Vexen (1120 HP)

This is almost exactly the same battle that you fought before, so it will
be rather easy. Despite that your opponent has some new powers (1 or 2...)
that aren't very powerful, your best idea is just trying to avoid them and
continue striking with lots of Fire attacks and Cloud cards, as in the 
previous battle. This time he will also have some cards that enable him to
revive himself and win some HP when he is just about to die, but just keep
on healing yourself (be sure NOT to use combos with the healing cards) and
attacking him and eventually he will die...

10.1 Riku (1120 HP)

Strangely, this is exactly equal to the last battle that you fought 
against him. Personally, I took on him with exactly the same deck that I
had used against Vexen, but you can use something else, as long as you
take some Cloud cards (5 or more...), some healing ones (which, as before,
shouldn't be used as a combo) and lots of keyblade cards for attacking.

11. Darkside (1920 HP)

This is an easy battle, however it may become boring since you may take a
long time to finish it. First, be sure to put on your deck the following
things: 2 Cloud Cards, 3 healing cards, 3 cards with value 0 and the best
keyblade cards as you can, in the biggest ammount you can. Now, what you
have to do is... first, evaluate his pattern, as it is always almost the
same. When he is using the attack in which he sends a huge energy ball to
the air, break it with with your cards with value 0. When he puts his hand
on the floor you can have a good time and attack it, if you use a Cloud
card you will cause him more damage but if you take too much time you may
not be able to attack him. Then, keep on attacking when he puts his hand
on the floor or try to get a mickey card (I am not sure, but you may have
more chances of getting one if you destroy those things that usually are
seen flying across the scenario), which will create a flying platform that
takes you exactly to the front of this huge monster's face. And after a
long time, hope you can finally defeat him! =) Oh, but there are easier 
ways to defeat this giant monster... You can put some more extra Cloud
cards, some healing cards and lots of Keyblade cards with value 7, 8 and
9. Now, use the Cloud cards ONLY in combos of 3, in order to get 3 
powerful strikes on the monster's face. Then, use the keyblades to attack
him "normally" (well, if there is anything normal about this giant 
monster...) on the hand (when possible) and on the face, healing when
necessary. Keep on doing this for some time and *eventually* you will beat
him. Not very hard, is it?

11.1 Riku (1680 HP)

This time, some things have changed... First, he seems to have a lot more
HP, plus now he has a new special attack, which "only" turns out being one
of the best ones in this game... So, I guess you will need some more 
advices this time... Be sure to put lots of 7, 8 and 9 keyblade cards on
your deck, some healing cards (3 or 4...), many Cloud cards (5 or 6, I 
would say) and finally some cards with value 0, all in this particular 
order. Now, use the same technique that you used against him before, I 
mean, strike with combos of 3 Cloud cards, lots and lots of strikes with
your best keyblades and heal when necessary, I mean, whenever your health
probs above its its medium value. Also, be sure to use your cards with 
value 0 to stop Riku's best move, which turns the entire screen black and
causes you a lot of damage. Apart from this move and his increased health
bar, just be sure to beat him as you did in the previous fights against

11.2 Larxene (1680 HP)

Ok, appears that you will have to face this girl again... Personally I 
took on her with exactly the same deck that I had taken against Riku, but
if you are having trouble, try adding some more Cloud cards to your deck.
Now, use the keyblades to attack when you have the chance for it (be 
careful, since Larxene will sometimes break your cards), use the cards 
with value 0 to stop of her attacks (you don't need to use those in this
battle, if you want just remove them and add some extra Cloud cards) and
heal when necessary, and I believe that by now you already know what I
mean by this...

12. Axel (1680 HP)

As before, he is weak against Ice attacks, so my strategy for this battle
is somehow weird... Get lots of Ice cards, Cloud cards and healing cards,
none of them in a premium fashion. Now, equip as many Ice cards as you 
can, then lots and lots of Cloud cards and finally some healing cards (as
many as you want, but personally I took 4 high level cards), plus some
keyblades with value 0 (I am not sure if you noticed this before, but in
order for a deck to be completed to need to have at least one keyblade 
card on it!), in order to break one of his best attacks, in which he uses
some fire balls that just go round and round around you and hit you 
several times, if you are not careful with it... And even if you are, 
maybe you will take 1 or 2 hits from it... So, now go into battle and use
combos of 3 Ice Cards and combos of 3 Cloud Cards, always starting with 
the card with lower value that you have on your deck, since you will loose
it when performing your combo. So, do this with both the Cloud cards and
the ice cards, but be sure to heal when necessary... This is the easier 
way to defeat him, but there may be other ways, since most people don't 
seem to have the same good cards I have, your better chance is taking your
best keyblades, as many Cloud cards as you can and lots (and I mean LOTS)
of healing cards. Now, strike with combos of 3 Cloud cards and with as 
many single (DON'T USE COMBOS WITH THESE!) keyblades as you can, and heal
every time it is possible, but try not to spend any healing cards on 
combos, as you will really need them. Using this technique you may face an
hard and slow battle which may take a long time to complete, but 
eventually you will win... If you still are having trouble, try going back
and levelling up, in order to put even better cards on your deck.

12.1 Marluxia

Despite of what you could think, this turns out being a not very hard 
battle... Just do what I tell you and I bet you will have a lot more 
chances than you could think on first place! In the correct order (I mean,
in the same order that I am telling you), put lots of keyblade cards with
value 7, 8 and 9, lots of Cloud cards with high value (I mean, 7, 8 or 9),
at least 4 healing cards (with high values, of course...) and then 4 or 5
of the cheapest cards with value 0 that you can find. Now, attack him with
the keyblade cards of high value, with combinations of 3 Cloud cards (be 
sure not to let him break them, as he has combo cards of high value but
sometimes he also uses cards wih value 0), use your cards with value 0 to
stop his combo attacks and also be sure to heal yourself before it is too
late. Also, be sure to be extremely careful with one of his normal 
attacks, in which he raises his scythe and quickly makes an attack with 
it, which seems to cause you more damage than most of the attacks he uses
(yey, the screen is full of petals! ... so what? -_- ), and that can turn
out being a problem. Apart from that, just keep on atttacking him with
everything you've got, also healing yourself, and after some time you 
would have finished this batle...

12.2 Final Battle

So, you will be facing Marluxia on top of a giant robot, or something like
that, I don't actually know what THAT is... Personally I took into this
battle exactly the same cards that I had taken against Marluxia, but you
can choose your own options, based on everything that you learned on all
the battles up to now, but please to be sure to take at least 4 Cloud 
cards of value 7 or above (not 0, please!). Now, start by attacking the
two arms of the robot until you destroy them. If he sends some some flying
flowers at you, be sure to break the cards that appear, that will destroy
one of the flowers. Once you destroyed the 2 arms, the real battle is just
starting. He seems to use lots of different attacks, but your best bet is
just staying "quiet" when you can't seem to attack Marluxia on top of the
robot and then just break all the cards he uses against you, that's an 
easy task since he won't use any combos, and also be sure to attack 
Marluxia when you get the chance for it. Then, when you get the chance of
jump on top of the robot, do it as soon as possible, and if Marluxia is
looking at your side, be sure to be really next to him and use a SINGLE
Cloud card, and keep on using them one by one until you are thrown out of
the robot back into the ground. Now, keep on repeating all this until he
dies, but be sure that heal ONLY when that action is sure to break one of
his attacks. Eventually you will be able to finish the battle and watch 
the final sequence of the game!

Now, if you did i up to here you would have unlocked a new option in the
main menu, which will enable you to play as Riku.

13. Dragon Maleficent

There is not much you can do in this battle... Be sure to enter the battle
completely healed, and just jump as much as you can and try hitting the 
enemy in its head, while using your attacks to destroy those green flames 
that sometimes are created by her. This will sometimes grant you one of
those green mickey cards, which creates a platform that may be somehow
useful to you. Keep on hitting her and eventually you will win!

13.1 Ansem

Once again, there isn't much thing to do in this battle. Just hit him with
everything you have got (don't use combos against him, never do that when
you are playing with the "normal" Riku) and eventually you will win... Try
to avoid his special attack (performed with 3 combo cards), since it won't
damage you a lot but it can make you sad... Hope you can beat him easily,
as there isn't much choice here...

14. Guard Armor

Another easy battle, just start by attacking his 2 legs, then the 2 arms
and finally the rest of his body. If you want, use a combination of 3 
Mickey cards (from now on, when I say this, it means the cards you get on
the field, not the green ones you usually got before!) which will cause
him a lot of damage and greatly heal you. Apart from that, attack as much
as you can and heal with Mickey cards! If you manage to get any of the
green ones, use them to instantly attack his head for some time!

15. Parasite Cage

Unlike you did with Sora, ignore the platforms and stay really in front of
the enemy. Now, give him everything you've got, but be sure to get all the
Mickey cards that appear in the screen, and use them to heal yourself (one
by one or in combos of 3) when necessary. Keep on striking and eventually
you will win this battle, but you can also use Dragon Maleficent's enemy 
card (press SELECT in battle and then use it using A), which will increase
the power of your attack cards.

15.1 Vexen

As in the battles against Sora, he seems to be using a large shield, which
nullifies all the physical attacks that you use in front of him, so use 
the Dragon Maleficent's enemy card and always strike him from behind, but
only when he is stopped or you will have an hard time hitting him. Keep on
doing that, avoiding (or breaking) is attacks when he performs a combo,
healing with Mickey cards and attacking him once possible. If Riku goes 
into Dark Mode (I mean, your character will get some black clothes) and
strike faster, be use to perform a combo of 3 cards with value 9, which
will activate the Dark Aura special attack, which surely causes your enemy
an huge ammount of damage. But BE CAREFUL since this attack can only be
used on dark mode!

16. Captain Hook

Unlike the time in which you faced him with Sora, this battle turns now to
be a lot easier. As soon as possible, use Dragon Maleficent's enemy card,
and then attack him with everything you've got, never using combos or 
stuff like that. If he seems to use the bomb combo, use a card with value
0 to break it, and it won't cause you more trouble. Also, and as usual,
use the Mickey cards to heal when necessary, and I bet you won't have any
trouble this time...

17. Jafar

Easy battle, just try going all the times to the higher platform, jump and
try always striking Iago 3 times before falling. Just ignore the big red
Genie, since he is invulnerable as before, as strike like I told you, and
be sure to get any green mickey card to have all the platforms go up, and
use the Mickey cards to heal yourself. Keep on striking and eventually you
will win this easy battle...

17.1 Riku

Hum? You are fighting yourself? o_O Well, guess you will understand later 
on what is happening here... As soon as you enter the battle, be sure to
use Jafar's enemy card (which will make your cards unbreakeable for 20
attacks) and give him everything you've got until that card wears off. 
Then, use Dragon Maleficent's enemy card and keep on striking, and 
eventually you will get into Dark mode. There, use your "Dark Aura" (yep,
that special combo attack that takes 3 cards with value 9 to perform) and
by that time he should be already defeated. ;-) If not, just keep on
striking him for more damage, as usual! 

18. Oogie Boogie

This time, just use cards with value 7, 8 or 9 to break his cards and stop
one of the slots, once all three are down, you will get a chance to join
him in the platform and give him some serious damage, so at that point use
Dragon Maleficent's enemy card and strike him as much and as fast as 
possible. Keep on repeating until he dies, but if you don't seem to have
any card with value 7,8 or 9, just reload your deck until you have one! 
Good luck, I just hope you don't need any help in this one since it is
really easy...

19. Hades

Once again he may turn out being an hard battle, if you don't know how to
face him... First, use the cards with value 0 to break his combos, until
you reach Dark mode. Now, use Dragon Maleficent's enemy card and keep on
attacking him with your normal keyblade attacks. Strangely, each time you
use in sucession it will, at the third hit, perform a more powerful attack
that really damages Hades, so be sure to keep on hitting him. If you are
taken back to your normal mode, break more of his combos until you go to
Dark Mode again and repeat until he is defeated. Also, you can use your
"Dark Break" in dark mode, if you make a combo which total card value vary
between 5 and 15 or, even better, use your "Dark Aura", but for that you
will need three cards with value 9, and maybe you don't have them now...

20. Trickmaster

Really easy battle, just attack him with everything you've got and he will
easily die. I even doubt that you will need to use your Dark mode, since
just attacking him with your normal attacks and healing with the Mickey
card will be more than enough to beat him!

21. Ursula

If you are low in health (like I was), be sure to use the Oogie Boogie 
enemy card as soon as the battle starts, since it will constantly heal you
for 10 seconds, time in which you should just hang around and dodge her
attacks. Now, every time she uses the bubble attack be sure to avoid it,
as you did with Sora, since it will cause Riku to stay confused for a 
while, which is really bad for you. Then, use Dragon Maleficent's enemy
card and strike one of her middle tentacles, until she lowers it, and
then jump and strike her head. If you ever go into Dark mode, use it
wisely for an even easier way of defeating her. Just keep on repeating
what I said, healing with Mickey Cards when needed and using the green
mickey card if you get any (it will lower Ursula's head up to the ground,
so that you have an easier time hitting her) as soon as possible.

21.1 Lexaeus

Oh my god, he has a giant weapon! He is really strong! But... this is a
really easy battle! Like, he will mainly use combos, so be sure to break
them with a card with value 0, until you enter Dark mode. Now, just use
the "Dark Aura" move (yep, the one that takes three cards with value 9)
and it will cause your opponent and incredible ammount of damage. If he
seems to break that attack with a 0 card, just keep on repeating it (I
mean, using "Dark Aura" more times) and eventually you will win to him.
However, if you don't have more cards to perform "Dark Aura" with, just
reload your deck and attack him, in Dark mode, as the third strike will
greatly damage him, like what happened to a certain boss that you faced
before. But I must tell you of something... never try battling him in
your normal mode, since he would just kick you really hard... Your only
chance here is really going into dark mode, or else you can't really
beat him, unless you cheat...

22. Darkside

Here, the only problem is that you can't heal yourself, as Mickey seems
not to be in your party anymore. Start by breaking the enemy's attacks,
until you reach your Dark Mode. Now, you can just stay there, breaking
his attacks and attacking his face when possible, or you can also use
"Dark Break" attack (which is performed by a combo of 3 cards whose total
value would be between 5 and 15), but be sure only to use it when he isn't
about to disappear, or else you will miss the attack. Keep on doing that,
but be sure to always break the attack in which he sends some energy balls
into the air, as it can really damage you! Also, the best time for 
striking is when he puts his hand in the ground, since the 3 attacks you
use from Dark mode can cause him some good damage. Apart from that, just
continue breaking the attack I told you, attack when possible and 
eventually he will die!

23. Riku

First, be sure to enter in this battle with your HP bars full. This time
you will have to face him in a improved way, I mean, he will now have
exactly all the power that you have on your Dark mode. Start by breaking
some of his attacks (and the really careful, since you will REALLY need to
break his "Dark Aura" or you will be in big trouble) until you reach your
own Dark mode. Then, try seeing if you have cards for performing your own
"Dark Aura", and if you don't, you may be in some problems... First, use
Jafar's enemy card, and then You can just strike him without stopping, or
you can combine your cards to use a "Dark Break". However, be sure to 
remember that you can't heal yourself, so you will have to strike as much
and as fast as possible, or you will be in big trouble. If you really 
can't seem to beat him, level up and try getting more attack points, since
that way you will be able to cause him more damage!

24. Ansem

This is the final battle, and be sure to enter it with a full HP bar or
you will be in big trouble. This surely gonna be the thoughest battle that
you will face in this game, so please only face it when you are really
ready for it. Personally I only fought him at level 94, but perhaps YOU
can do better than myself. First, Mickey is back, meaning that you will be
able to use him in the battle for healing yourself. However, that won't
surely be enough for this amazing opponent. As soon as the battle begins,
be ready to break ALL of his combos, as they are truly deadly. When you
enter Dark mode, use Dragon Maleficent's enemy card and strike him with
everything you've got, and in a non-stop way. If he seems to perform 
another combo, be careful and quick break his combo, ALWAYS using cards
with value 0, not your own combos. I don't think it is a very good idea
for you to use your "Dark Aura", since he can break it or avoid it by
putting his hearthless in his front, which completly blocks the damage of
an attack. Personally, I thought that the best chance for causing damage
to him was just striking him in Dark mode, mainly because of the extra 
damage given by the third strike... However, you will notice that most of
the times he just puts the hearthless in front of him, preventing any
damage, so you must just keep on striking and eventually it will go away,
and at that moment you will be able to damage him. When you need to heal
yourself, always do it with a combo, mainly of 3 Mickey cards (if you have
them at that moment) which will completly heal you, or only using 2 Mickey
cards plus a normal card, but be sure to pick a card with an high value.
If, despite all this you can't really seem to defeat him, just go fight
some more enemies and get more level ups, since this is going to be the
toughest battle in the entire game and you will surely need all the help
that you can get!

B_END. Special Thanks

I want to take this people:
- Everyone who made this game. Although it is far from perfect, it turns
out to be a quite funny game!
- Everyone who likes my works here on gamefaqs, it's for those people
  that I like to work in these type of project;
- People who rejected to go out with me these days, this way I stayed
  home, played this game and took the time to write this faq;
- Justin and Morten Ottesen for giving me a name I had forgotten about
  when writing this faq with a japanese version of the game;
- Kouli, for the HP for the Boss Battles!

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