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Follow the dark path or use the light

Ultimate Guide to Mining

by nichollouis

Ultimate Guide to Mining for MFoMT

Updated on 28 September 2005 with section on 'Mine Research Group' programme 
and links to other MFoMT Guides
Written in Spring 2005, first published in May 2005 for FoMT
Updated on 28 July 2005 for MFoMT
Written by Freyashawk/Enchanted Castle

email: [email protected]


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the game or my 
guide.  I try to answer all serious requests for help but I will not open any 
email with an attachment.  AOL sometimes considers a 'signature' or a simple 
icon as an attachment.  Please send your emails as plain text or I shall not 
be able to respond.  Thank you.

This is a guide to mining in all its aspects, with detailed instructions on 
maximising your energy, time and profit and it includes all the items to be 
found in each mine with their shipping values and uses.  All facts have been 
tested to the best of my ability.   This FAQS file can be used both for FoMT 
and MFoMT as mining and the items that are found in the mines are the same in 
both games.

I have added a section on the Cursed Tools and Mythic Tools that gives 
detailed instructions on how to transform Cursed Tools into Blessed tools and 
then transform them into the Mythic Tools.

Your goals in mining will change as your life in Mineral Town progresses, but 
at the very start,  you will have access only to one mine, the Spring Mine.  
This is the mine that is located above (north of) the Hot Spring, and it 
contains ores of various sorts, with various uses.  The basic principles of 
mining do not change, however, and in order to maximise your energy and 
accomplishments, prepare for a day in the mine as follows:

1.  Empty your pockets, rucksack and basket before you leave your farm of all 
unnecessary items

2.  'Pack a lunch or snack' by taking at least two items that will increase 
your Stamina and decrease your Fatigue; at the start of the game, you will not 
have a kitchen, so the best item to take with you probably is blue grass.  In 
both the Spring and the Winter Mine, using your hoe, you will be able to find 
Black Grass, which restores Stamina and decreases Fatigue.   By exploring an 
entire floor of the mine digging with your Hoe, but NOT SAVING, you can locate 
any black grass there.  After you have located stairs and any grass, reload 
the game and go instantly to the location of these items.  I try to fill my 
rucksack with Black Grasses in the process of mining, consuming them as I turn 
blue.  If I had turned blue at a certain point, by consuming one black grass, 
I found that I could use my Hoe or Hammer eight times before turning blue 

Once you have a kitchen and all kitchen accessories, the best items to prepare 
and take with you are Lattes, either Fruit or Vegetable.   You can make the 
most powerful Lattes by following these recipes:

Fruit Latte (Basic): Mixer, Apple, Milk (S)
Fruit Latte (Best): Mixer, Sugar, Salt; Honey, Apple, Strawberries, Pineapple, 
Wild Grape, Milk (S)

Vegetable Latte (Basic): Mixer; one of the following:  Cucumber, Cabbage, Milk 
Vegetable Latte (Best): Mixer, Salt; Carrot, Cucumber, Spinach, Cabbage, 
Tomato, Milk (S)

I measured the strength of restorative foods by counting the number of times I 
could use a tool afterwards.  With the best fruit or vegetable latte, I was 
able to use a hammer or hoe 31 times before turning blue.  No other ordinary 
food item gave me more energy and strength.

3.  If you plan to search for the Cursed Tools or the Teleport Stone, you need 
to have an empty tool slot for each of them.  If you do not have an empty tool 
slot, you will be out of luck completely.  It is said that, if you find the 
Teleport Stone but do not have an empty tool slot, IT WILL NOT APPEAR EVERY 
AGAIN!  So remember to empty your rucksack of all unnecessary tools.  The only 
tools that you need in the mines are: Hoe and Hammer. If you are going to the 
Winter Mine and want to try to catch the King Fish in the Lake on the 9th 
Floor, take your Blessed or Mythic Fishing Rod as well.  Early in the game, 
though, you will not need any tools apart from the Hoe and Hammer.

The Mechanics of Efficient Mining

No matter which method you employ, there is one fact that is worth knowing:  
stairs never will be situated next to the wall of the mine nor will they be 
situated adjacent to the other (ascending) set of stairs.  You therefore need 
not waste any energy or time searching in those locations.   If you have not 
found any stairs and you have searched every other space, you can be certain 
that there are NO descending stairs on that floor.   You will not find them 
next to the other set of stairs nor directly next to any of the walls.  On the 
other hand, black grass and Cursed Tools sometimes will be found at those 
locations, so if you are searching for black grass or a Cursed Tool, dig in 
EVERY space with your hoe.

There are three different ways to mine:

1.  Mining by placing your fate in the hands of the Harvest Goddess

For the purist, this probably is the only way to mine.  You save your game 
only at the start of the expedition and at the end of it.  As the location of 
stairs and items is random, you may or may not be able to descend to a 
specific level and you may or may not find the item or items that you seek.  
Mining in this fashion can be extremely frustrating, however, and your energy 
and patience will be exhausted quite rapidly, unless you happen to have the 
proverbial patience of a saint.

2.  Mining with one journal or diary slot

If you are using your two 'save' slots for two different games, you will have 
limited success in finding the items you seek, but you have a far better 
chance than the purist, if you follow these instructions:

	Step 1.  Save your game as soon as you enter the Mine, but only if 
there is no stone obstructing the entrance.  If a stone obstructs the 
entrance, exit and return to find a new configuration;  

	Step 2.  Use your hoe to search for the stairs and any black grass but 
when you find them, DO NOT SAVE!  Instead:

	Step 3.  Reload your game and immediately go to the places where you 
found the stairs and black grass to use your hoe only to uncover these items. 
Save your game now.

	Step 4.  Go down the stairs but do not save your game unless you see a 
clear path before you.  In other words, if you have to smash stones in order 
to be able to move or the only clear spaces are those next to the stairs that 
led you here, reload without saving and descend to a new configuration.  Keep 
doing this until you get a configuration that offers a reasonable chance of 
finding the stairs without having to smash any or more than one or two 
stones.   The more energy you save, the lower you will be able to descend.  As 
soon as you find a configuration you like, SAVE your game!

	Step 5.  Use your hoe to find the stairs but do not save.  If you do 
not find the stairs on any of the spaces that are free from stones, change to 
the Hammer and smash whatever stones you must to find the stairs.  When you 
find the stairs, do not save, but rather reload, then go immediately to the 
space where the stairs are to be found, uncover them, and SAVE.

	Step 6.  Descend the stairs but again, do not save your game until you 
find a configuration that you like.  Then save immediately, and repeat the 

	Step 7.  When you reach a floor with ores, gems or items that you 
want, do not save until you have found the item, gem, ore or black grass.   I 
save after finding EACH gem, ore or item.  That way, no energy is wasted.  It 
is a memory game, really.  Find the items that you seek but do not save, then 
reload and go immediately to the locations where you found the items you 

N.B.  Remember always that the location of items and stairs is entirely 
random.  If you only use one slot for your journal or diary, you may not find 
the item and you may not be able to descend to the level that is your goal.  
It is far better, if you have the option of doing so, to use BOTH slots for 
one game at least until you have found the Teleport Stone, which cannot be 
done until you reach your third year.

3.  Mining with two Slots

This is by far the most efficient way to perform mining operations.  You are 
guaranteed success when you mine in the following manner:

	Step 1.  Enter the mine and if there is no stone obstructing your 
passage, save immediately in BOTH slots;

	Step 2.  Ground Floor: Playing in Slot 1, use your hoe to find the 
stairs and any Black Grass, but do not save;  Reload Slot 1 and find the 
stairs and Black Grass immediately, then save the game in BOTH slots;  if you 
find that you have to use your hammer to smash more than one or two stones in 
order to reach the location of the stairway, DO NOT SAVE at all but instead, 
exit the mine and return to a new configuration which you then will save in 
BOTH slots.  Now you have two identical games in Slot 1 and Slot 2; you will 
save this way, in both slots, only when you have uncovered the stairs on a 
particular floor, but then you will always go on to explore using Slot 1.  
This prevents confusion and prevents you from saving at the wrong time.

	Step 3.  Playing in Slot 1, descend the stairs to the next floor and 
save immediately if you like the configuration;  find the location of the 
stairs, but do not save the game.  Instead, reload the game in Slot 1 and 
immediately uncover the stairs, then SAVE the game in BOTH slots.  If you find 
that there are no stairs, or if the stairs are difficult to reach, requiring 
much use of your Hammer, do not save this game, but load the game that is in 
Slot 2 and descend the stairs again...  If the configuration looks good, save 
the game in SLOT 1, not 2.  Never play the game using Slot 2 when you are 
mining.  Use that slot only as a 'pure' backup at a place that allows you to 
find an entirely new level.

	Step 4.  Keep playing the game in Slot 1, but save in both slots every 
time you finally uncover the stairs using the fewest steps (in other words, 
the second time you uncover the stairs).

The main reason for using two slots in this fashion is that there are floors 
without any stairs.  If you use only one slot, you will be unable to descend 
to a lower level and will have to start again at the ground floor.  Moreover, 
if you are looking for special items such as Cursed Tools, Goddess or Kappa 
Jewels, Mythic Stones or the Teleport Stone, they will not necessarily be 
present, even if you are on the designated floor of the mine.  By using two 
slots for your game, you will be able to load an entirely new floor and sooner 
or later, you WILL find the item you seek.

Example:  The Cursed Fishing Rod is found on the 29th floor of the Winter Mine 
only after all your tools have been upgraded to Mystrille.  If you are mining 
using two slots, you will go down to B29 and save immediately in Slot 1.  Then 
you will look for two things:  the stairs to B30 and the Cursed Fishing Rod.  
Both are found by digging with your Hoe.  If, however, you dig in every space 
and find only one of these things or neither, you can load the game in Slot 2, 
and find yourself back on the 28th floor.  Descend to a new 29th floor and 
save this game in Slot 1, overwriting the game where the stairs and/or Cursed 
Fishing Rod do not exist.  By saving the new game only in Slot 1, you maintain 
your access back to the 28th floor in case the new 29th floor does not have 
stairs and/or the Cursed Fishing Rod.  Once you have found BOTH the Cursed 
Fishing Rod and the stairs, you can save the game in both slots, but remember 
only to do this after reloading and going immediately to the locations where 
they are to be found.

N.B.  The location of the stairs and the Cursed Tools can change, although 
this is rare: when you reload, most of the time, you will find them in the 
same locations as before, but once in a very great while, the stairs and/or 
tool have moved to a new location.  Do not panic if you reload your game and 
do not find the stairs or Cursed tool where you found them previously.    Go 
ahead and search for them again and then, playing as usual, reload and return 
to that position to find them.  Really, though, this does not occur often.  I 
have only encountered it with respect to floors that contain Cursed Tools, 
never on other floors.

When you first begin the game, you will be able to reach only the Spring 
Mine.  Moreover, you will be able to carry only three items and three tools 
until you obtain enough money to purchase a larger rucksack.   The first 
rucksack you can purchase from the supermarket will cost 3000G.  After you 
have purchased that, you will be able to purchase a larger rucksack for 5000G 
and a basket for 5000G.  The first rucksack will allow you to carry a total of 
5 items and 5 tools.  The second one will allow you to carry a total of 9 
items and 9 tools.  The basket holds 30 items, but you will not be able to see 
these items once you have placed them in the basket nor will you be able to 
retrieve them.  By placing the basket on your head and choosing the Menu 
option of looking at your rucksack, you will be able to discover how many 
items currently are in the basket.  If an item is in your rucksack, you will 
be able to use it or discard it.  You can do neither with items in the basket.


The ores that the Spring Mine contains are as follows:

Junk Ore 1G found on every floor by using your hammer
Copper  10G  found on every floor by using your hammer
Silver  20G found on every floor by using your hammer
Gold 25G found on B3 and lower floors by using your hammer
Mystrille 40G found on B5 and lower floors by using your hammer
Orichalc  50G found on B10 and lower floors by using your hammer
Adamantite 50G found on B10 and lower floors by using your hammer

Other items that the Spring Mine contains and which can be found at any time 

Power Berry on B100 (increases Stamina)
Black Grass 10G    found on every floor by digging with your hoe
Goddess Jewels (cannot be shipped, and thus have no monetary value) found on 
B60, B102, B123, B152, B155, 
B171, B190, B202 and B222  (until all of them are found, they have no use)
Fried Potato Recipee  found on B255 (no monetary value)

Ores and items hidden in the Spring Mine which you will be unable to find 
until certain prerequisites are met are:

Mythic Stone 20,000G  found on B60, B102, B123, B152, B155, B171, B190, B202, 
B222 and B255 only after ALL Cursed Tools have been transformed into Blessed 

Teleport Stone found on B255 after you have entered your third year

A note about the special items:

Goddess Jewels:  When you have found all the Goddess Jewels, the Harvest 
Goddess will appear and transform them into a single Goddess Gem, a tool that 
will recover your Stamina when used; if you do not have an empty tool slot, 
you will not be able to find the 9th jewel; you will have to return to the 
mine with an empty tool slot in order to find the jewel and gain the Goddess 

Teleport Stone:  Do not go to the 255th floor to look for the Teleport Stone 
if you do not have an empty Tool Slot.  I have been told that if you find it, 
but do not have an empty slot in your rucksack, it will vanish and you will 
not see it again ever.

Mythic Stones:  I have found Mythic Stones on B60, B102, B123, B152, B155, 
B171, B190, B202,  B222 and  B255.  The most I have found on any single floor 
is 3.  It is possible that they can be found on other floors as well but I 
doubt it.   The floors where I have found them all are floors where Goddess 
Jewels are found.  


The Lake or Winter Mine contains gems instead of ores.

The gems that can be found in the Winter Mine are as follows:

Agate  62G  found on all floors except B50, B100, B150 and B200
Amethyst 60G  found on all floors except B50, B100, B150 and B200
Fluorite  65G  found on all floors except B50, B100, B150 and B200
Peridot  68G  found on all floors except B50, B100, B150 and B200
Topaz 75G  found on all floors except B50, B100, B150 and B200
Ruby 78G  found on all floors except B50, B100, B150 and B200
Emeralds 80G  found on all floors with 5 as last digit: B5, B15, etc. and on 
some floors with 0 as the last digit, such as B40, B60, B80, B120, B140, B160, 
B180, B255 *
Moon Stone 55G  found on all floors with 8 as the last digit: B8, B18, B28, 
Sand Rose 60G  found on all floors with 9 as the last digit: B9, B19, B29, etc.
Diamonds 100G  found on B10, B20, B30* , B70, B90, B110, B130, B170, B190, 
B200, B210, B220
Pink Diamonds 10,000G found on B30, B70, B90, B110, B130, B170, B190
Alexandrite 10,000G found on B50, B100, B150, B200, B251

*N.B.  On floors with 0 as the last digit not listed above, one finds either 
Emeralds or Diamonds, never both.  I believe from my own experience that 
Emeralds are found on the floors where Kappa gems are to be found, and that 
Diamonds are found on the other floors ending in 0

Other gems and items found in the Winter Mine:

Power Berry  found on B19

Kappa Jewels (no monetary value, cannot be shipped) found on B0, B40, B60, 
B80, B120, B140, B160, B180, B255 (until all of them are found, they have no 
use whatsoever); when you have all of them, they will be transformed into the 
Kappa Gem, which will combat Fatigue

Cursed Tools  (cannot be shipped and thus have no monetary value, but they can 
be transformed into the Blessed Tools and doing this is the prerequisite for 
finding any of the Mythic Stones; the Cursed Tools are found by digging with 
your hoe)  on B29 (Cursed Fishing Rod), B39 (Cursed Hoe), B49 (Cursed Axe), 
B59 (Cursed Hammer), B69 (Cursed Watering Can) and B79 (Cursed Sickle)


I firmly believe that it is to your advantage to find the Cursed Tools and 
transform them into the Blessed Tools as quickly as possible.  If you look at 
my First Year Calendar, you will see that it is possible to find ALL Cursed 
Tools in your first year (Winter) and it is possible to transform all of them 
into Blessed Tools by the second week of your second year.  You must have all 
your tools upgraded to Mystrille before you will be able to find any of the 
Cursed Tools.  It therefore makes sense to upgrade all tools to Mystrille 
before Winter has ended, as the Cursed Tools are found in the Winter Mine and 
you will not be able to access that when Winter ends.  The reason to find all 
Cursed Tools in your first Winter is twofold: to be able to transform the 
Blessed Tools into the Mythic Tools and to be able to mine for Mythic Stones.  

For all practical purposes, you can play the game and access all areas of 
Mineral Town and its environs if you have the Blessed Tools.  Although the 
Mythic Tools are more powerful, they only make it easier to smash the largest 
stones, chop ALL wood on the screen and catch the rarest fish and items.  More 
important perhaps than the Mythic Tools themselves are the Mythic Stones.  
They will not appear in the Spring Mine at all if you do not have all the 
Blessed Tools.  Mythic Stones are needed in order to have Saibara transform 
your Blessed Tools into Mythic Tools.  When shipped, they are worth 20,000G 
each.   The Mythic Stone, therefore, is the most valuable item in the game.  
As you will see from the list of items to be found in each mine, Mythic Stones 
can be found on nine different floors of the Spring Mine.  If you have the 
patience to go to the 222nd level, searching all floors where the Mythic 
Stones can be found on the way, you can go home with at least nine and 
possibly as many as 16 Mythic Stones IN A SINGLE DAY.   It is worth the 
effort, but unless you play the game in both slots, your chances of reaching 
the lower floors and of finding Mythic Stones on these floors are rather 
remote.  Never forget that the configuration of floors in the Mine and the 
items found there are random.  I have been forced to reload my game eight 
times on occasion in order to find even one Mythic Stone on a particular 

As far as the Winter Mine is concerned, the most valuable items to be found 
are the Pink Diamonds and the Alexandrite, both worth 10,000G each.  Pink 
Diamonds are a little more common than Alexandrite.  I never found more than 
one Alexandrite on a single floor, but I have found more than one pink 
diamond.  It is worth your while to descend to the 30th floor to search for 
pink diamonds.  As far as other gems are concerned, however, I believe it is 
probably not worth the effort to distinguish between diamonds, emeralds and 
rubies, or even the lowly agate and fluorite, unless you are trying to ship 
one of every sort of gem or unless you intend to give them as gifts to your 
favourite girl.  In terms of profit, however, the amount of time and energy 
spent on hunting for particular gems may not be worth it.  It would be better 
to fill the basket twice with every gem that you uncover, making two trips to 
the mine, than to expend any extra energy looking for emeralds or diamonds, 
even if they are worth 10G or 20G more than ordinary gems.

Finally, MFoMT is very different from FoMT in that it is much easier to make a 
fortune quickly in MFoMT and therefore the actual value of an item is not 
always as significant as it would be in FoMT.  In MFoMT, you will gain a point 
towards your Farming Degree each time you ship 100 of any item.  Thus, 
shipping 100 Junk Ores can be as important as shipping 100 Pink Diamonds from 
the standpoint of attaining your Farming Degree.  


When you have gained the Teleport Stone, you will be able to visit the Winter 
Mine in every season.  There are only two minor drawbacks to this: you will 
not be able to take a Basket and you will not be able to teleport to any floor 
of the mine that you choose.  When you teleport to the Mine, you will find 
yourself at the entrance to the Mine.  You still will be obliged to find your 
way to lower floors using your Hoe and Hammer.  You either can make brief 
forays to the Winter Mine in order to fill your rucksack on the ground floor 
or you can make carefully planned expeditions to find pink diamonds.  The 
Teleport Stone will allow you to gain the Kappa Gem in any season if you did 
not find all the Kappa jewels in Winter, but for the most part, you will 
profit more if you go to the Winter Mine during the Winter season in the 
normal fashion, carrying your basket, and go to the Spring Mine to find Mythic 
Stones during the other seasons.


If you explore the Winter Mine, you will find an underground lake on the 9th 
floor.  Only one fish (and items of rubbish such as boots, empty cans and 
branches) can be found here: the King Fish, Coelacanth.  If you are not 
familiar with the King Fish, they are rare creatures who, when caught, vanish 
after being recorded in your Memo. They therefore have no financial value and 
cannot be shipped, unlike Pirate Treasure and Fossils of Fish.  Use the Mythic 
Fishing Rod to gain the best chance of catching any rare items, including King 
Fish.  In my opinion, the quest to catch the King Fish Coelacanth is something 
to be done after you have achieved all your other goals in Mineral Town.   In 
any event, it cannot be caught until you have caught the other 5 River Kings.  
Some of the other King Fish are found in locations where you can catch regular 
Small, Medium and Large varieties of fish which means that you will have 
something to show for your efforts, even if you do not catch the elusive King 
Fish.  As I said before, the Coelacanth is the ONLY fish to be found in the 
Winter Mine Lake and although Mineral Town time passes very slowly when one is 
in the Mines, you can spend hours (in real time) fishing in vain for the 
Coelacanth only to return to your farm empty-handed unless you have the Mythic 
Fishing Rod.

N.B.  When you have the Mythic Fishing Rod and have met all other conditions, 
including that of having caught all the other King Fish, you should be able to 
catch the Coelacanth the very first day you fish in the underground lake in 
the Winter Mine.


Use of the Mythic Tools will require more energy than any ordinary tools.  If 
you are using your Mythic Hoe and Mythic Hammer to mine, you may find that it 
is best to take a couple of fruit or vegetable lattes in your rucksack, even 
if you found it unnecessary to use anything but black grass found in the mines 
to restore your energy in the past using ordinary tools.


MFoMT is different from FoMT in terms of mining only in its Point System.  In 
MFoMT, there is a 'Farming Degree' with Points for different categories of 
achievement.  Points can be gained from mining in the following categories:  
Shipment, Letters, Events, Heroine and of course, your Total.  Each time you 
reach a significant level in the Mine and are visited by the Harvest Goddess, 
you will gain one event point and one Heroine Point.  Your Total Points 
therefore will increase by 2.  Significant levels are B100, B200 and B255.  
The Harvest Goddess will visit you when you reach each of these floors for the 
first time and say: 'Ta-daaa.'  She will congratulate you for having reached 
that particular level in the mine and tell you that 'you get nothing' for it.  
Although that is true in FoMT, it is not true in MFoMT, because you do gain 
two points!  You will receive a visit from the Goddess when you collect the 
9th Goddess jewel as well.  She will transform it into the Goddess Gem and you 
will receive one event point and one Heroine point.  When you obtain the 
Teleport Stone and the Fried Potato Recipe, the Goddess will appear once more 
to congratulate you for having found every type of item in the mine, provided 
that you have found all ores, including the Mythic Stone.  You will gain 1 
more event point and 12 Heroine Points for this.  The next day, you will find 
two new letters in your postbox.  

The first will state:

Found ALL mine items!  Congratulations.

The next will state:

Reached LV 255!

You will receive Letter Points for each new Letter.


The Benefits of the Mythic Tools

The Mythic Tools use more energy than others, but there are some cases where 
they actually are preferable.

With the Mythic Hammer, you will be able to smash all boulders on Mother's 
Hill near the Lake with a single blow.  That clears a path to a secret fishing 
spot, which may or may not be of value.   Gaining access to the path, however, 
has one definite advantage:  In the Autumn, you will find another truffle 

With the Mythic Fishing Rod, you have a much better chance of catching 
Pirate's Treasure in Summer and Fossil of Fish in the Autumn.  These are very 
valuable items that are caught when fishing at the Beach.

With the Mythic Axe, you will be able to chop all wood in your field with a 
single blow.  This is of limited value, as you probably will have cleared your 
field completely of wood long before you acquire the Mythic Axe.  It will chop 
ALL branches and stumps throughout the forest and mountain areas in a single 
blow, but this is to be avoided as it will anger Gotz immensely.  

With the Mythic Sickle, you will be able to clear your field of all dead crops 
and weeds at the end of each season much faster than you could with any other 

N.B.  When you give a Blessed Tool to Saibara to upgrade to a Mythic Tool, do 
not forget that you still retain a comparable Mystrille Tool!  I once 
foolishly forgot that I could have gone to the mine with my Mystrille Hammer 
during the two days that my Blessed Hammer was in the shop being upgraded to 
Mythic level.

Transforming Cursed Tools to Blessed with the Greatest of Ease

I have dealt with this issue somewhat in my Events Calendar, but here are my 
solutions to the Cursed Tool problem:

To lift the Curse from the Cursed Fishing Pole and the Cursed Axe, each must 
be used 255 times.  That will sap your energy if you try to do it in an 
Take both Cursed Fishing Rod and Cursed Axe to the next Festival and then 
equip and use each 255 times in succession.  You can transform both tools from 
Cursed to Blessed in a single Festival!

I cannot imagine being able to gain the Cursed Tools before the Winter of your 
first year.  That is the soonest I ever have been able to do it, so the first 
festival was the Noodle Festival on 30 Winter.  I went home with a Blessed 
Fishing Rod, a Blessed Axe and 9 buckwheat flours that night.

Carter is in the Confessional on Mondays after 1.00 in the afternoon and is in 
the Confessional on all rainy afternoons.  Take your Cursed Hoe and your 
Cursed Watering Can to the Confessional on the first possible afternoon and 
make certain that you have 20,000G.  By equipping one of those Cursed Tools 
and entering the Confessional 10 times for that tool, it will be transformed 
into a Blessed tool.  Perform the same process with the other Cursed tool and 
you will leave the Church with a Blessed Hoe and a Blessed Watering Can.

The most difficult transformations are with respect to the Cursed Hammer and 
the Cursed Sickle.  These must be equipped for 10 days each before the curse 
will be lifted on the morning of the 11th day.  The horrible part of it is 
that once you have equipped one of these tools, you cannot unequip it for any 
reason, or you will have to start the process over again.  That means that you 
cannot milk your cows, shear your sheep or plant any seeds or fish for 10 
days.  Make certain that you have hired a Sprite to milk your cows and shear 
your sheep during this period or you will lose quite a bit of income.  I 
equipped the Cursed Sickle near the end of a season, so that it actually was 
of some use in scything dead crops and cutting grass.  I equipped the Cursed 
Hammer at the end of winter, though, because I was eager to obtain the Blessed 
Hammer.  I was able to mine each day in the Winter Mine, but I could not go 
underground at all obviously.  Instead, I would simply re-enter the mine when 
I had exhausted all gems on that floor.

More information about all aspects of MFoMT can be found at:

MFoMT Beginner Tips and Hints


The 'Mine Research Group' is a television programme that airs each Sunday on 
the television in the Vacation Cottage.  It is a curious anomaly of Mineral 
Town that two houses that are located in the same town air quite different 
programmes on all but the Weather Channel of the television.   If you do not 
purchase the Town Cottage, you never will be able to see the 'Mine Research 
Group' programme.  The host of the show, Karin, deals mainly with reports 
about items found in both the Spring and Lake Mines.  I have included 
transcripts of all the segments of this show for the benefit of those players 
who do not have sufficient funds to purchase the Vacation Cottage.  All 
information given in the programme actually is included in my Mining Guide, 
but the show can be rather amusing, even if it provides no new discoveries.

Each segment of the show begins as follows:

'Good day.  My name is Karin and I am a geologist.  Today I will tell you some 
of the facts and rumours that I know regarding mines.' 

'Lately the big rumour circulating is that by charging your hoe or your hammer 
in the mine, you'll find more items.  This is not true, so do not squander 
your energy in this futile undertaking.  Next we have a report of Alexandrite 
found on the 210th level of the Mine of the Lake.  If any one else out there 
has news in this regard, please let us know.  And that is all for this week.'

'Lately a rumour persists about the mines extending as far as 255 levels.  
While we are doing our best to find an answer to this claim, we have only been 
down as far as the 254th level a few times and while we cannot say for 
certain,  we have not found a stairway down to the 255th level.    It would 
not surprise us to learn that it is the lowest level after all.  We have 
additional news about the discovery of the Kappa Jewel in the Lake Mine:  It 
was unearthed on Level 60.  If you dig up any other information, please let us 
know.  That's all for this week.'

'Lately I have heard rumours that it is possible to go to the Lake mine in 
other seasons besides Winter.  The short answer is that it is indeed  possible 
and easy to do.  All you have to do is ready a Teleport and set the Lake Mine 
as your destination.  While this may sound simple,  acquiring a Teleport is 
considered quite difficult.   I have used it myself to go to the Mine at the 
Lake in seasons other than Winter and did not see any particular difference.  
I will report again on this subject as further informaton becomes available.'

'Word comes to us today of the discovery of the Goddess Jewel on the 152th 
level of the Mine of the Spring.  Whe have another report of the Goddess Jewel 
found in that mine,  this time on the 190th level.  Next we have word of a 
Cursed Sickle being found in the Mine of the Lake on the 79th level.  This 
concludes today's report.  Please let us know if you dig up important 
information for us.  That's all for this week.'

'Lately we heard about sowing seeds in tilled mine soil after it is freshly 
turned will cause seasonal plants to grow.  This is completely untrue so do 
not waste your seeds in this fruitless endeavour.  Next we have news of a Pink 
Diamond found on the 90th level of the Mine of the Lake.  That gem concludes 
today's report.  If you dig up important information, please let us know.   
That's all for this week.'

'The other day I unearthed something amazing.  On the 222nd level of the mine 
by the Spring, I found a Mythic Stone, an ore that I've never seen anywhere 
except in textbooks.  I found it by breaking rocks, but I'm still conducting 
additional research.  If any of you dig up any information about the Mythic 
Stone or anything else, please let us know.  That's all for this week.'

Up to now we assumed that digging up ground in the Mine by the Spring would 
only unearth Gold or Black Grass.  Recently however, the idea that other 
things may be found there has found favour with many.  One such item is 
the 'Power Berry', about which the presence of I may claim with 100% 
certainty, based on my own research.  It can be found down as far as 100 
levels deep underground.  Another is the Mystery Slab.  While it is true that 
it can be found in places, we do not know exactly where it is located, perhaps 
due to it being buried deep underground.   We will inform you as soon as we 
have more information regarding this subject.  That's all for this week.'

'It is known that the following things are compartively common finds when one 
breaks rocks at the Mine of the Spring:  Junk Ore, Copper, Silver, Mystrille, 
Orichalc and Adamantite.   Two more unusual objects known to be found there 
are the 'Teleport Stone' and the 'Goddess Jewel'.  As to where in the mine 
they can be found, well... it appears that our time is up for today, so I will 
talk more on this subject next time.  That's all for this now.'

'We learned that among the things to be found by breaking rocks at the Mine of 
the Spring are the Teleport Stone and the Goddess Jewel.  We believe that the 
former is probably found on the lowest level of the Mine while the latter is 
found scattered here and there and thus we do not know all the places where it 
may be found.  We only know of two such locations at this time:  the 102nd and 
202nd levels in the mine.  I'll provide more information on this subject 
later. That's all for this week.'  

'Like the Mine of the Spring, we found that 'Power Berries' can also be found 
by digging in the Mine of the Lake.  My research shows that they can be found 
by digging on the 19th level of the Mine.  Also there have been rumours in 
some quarters about 'Cursed Tools'.  We now know that such Tools were found at 
the Mine of the Lake, including the Curse Hoe which we are told was found on 
the 39th level of the Mine.  More on this story as we dig up information.  
That's all for this week.'

'The following ores may be found by breaking rocks at the Mine of the Lake:
Amethyst, Agate, Fluorite, Peridot, Topaz, Ruby, Sand Rose, Moonstone, Emerald 
and Diamond.    Of these the last two are comparitively unusual, while the 
others can be found more easily. There are other unusual things being found in 
this mine...  but it seems that we have run out of time, so we will continue 
this discussion on our next show.  Until then, that's all for this week.'

'Unusual ores found by breaking rocks at the Mine of the Lake include 
Alexandrite and Pink Diamond.  We have reports of Alexandrite found on the  
50th, 100th, 150th levels of the mine, though it may be unearthed on other 
levels as well.    As for Pink Diamonds, we know that they have been found on 
the 30th, 110th and 190th levels of the mine, although they also may be found 
on other levels as well.  We will report further on this subject as 
information becomes available.  That's all for this week.'

'There have been rumours in some quarters of Cursed Tools.  We received word 
that another such item was found at the Mine by the Lake.  The item in 
question was a Cursed Watering Can and it was found on the 69th level of the 
mine.   We also have information on unusual things that can be found by 
breaking rocks at the Mine by the Lake, including the Kappa Jewel.  It was 
located on the 120th level of the Mine by the Lake.  We do not have any more 
details at this time, but we will let you know just as soon as we do.  That's 
all for this week.'