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Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town


The Animal Guide

by stargamergirl790

			        Harvest Moon
		                  Friends of Mineral Town
		                        The Animal Guide

		                      By: Stargamergirl790
	                               Copyrite 2007 by Stargamergirl790
                                     No one is aloud to copy word-for-word my words or post 
                                         them on any other site than

Table of  Contents
0. Version History
1. Animals on a Farm
1.a Cows
1.b Sheep
1.c Chickens
1.d Horse
1.e Dog
2. Animal Festivals
3. Shops
4. The Barn
5. The Chicken Coop
6. Q+A
0.Version History
-Version 1.0
I just typed this guide in about 3 days, very rough draft. I WILL ADD MORE. I just have to gather more info.
Expect alot more. 
-Version 1.1
Just got an email about my guide,I added the acknoladgements section. I also added to the Barn and Q+A Sections.
More on the way!!! =)
-Version 1.2
I took away the WHERE TO GET EVERYTHING and ACKNOLDGEMENTS sections. I added the Shops section instead.
I also added the CHICKEN COOP section too.

1.Animals on a Farm

The animals you can get in the game are Cows, Sheep, Dog, Horse, and Chicken. They are the main source of money
in this game other than crops. You will not get very far whithout animals. Trust me, I didn't use any crops and in 
4 seasons i had 100,000G! That is I only bought upgrades and gifts for my wife, Ann.
1.a Cows
Get them at Yodel Farm
Cows are 1 of the 3 money-making animals on a farm. Every day they produce milk. 
But if you do not feed them with animal food or are pregnant,
 then they will become unhappy or even sick. When this happens they wonít produce milk. 
Donít worry though! You can make them happy again by feeding and brushing them. If they are 
sick go buy medicine.
 (Explained in the where to get everything section. Milk can be grade S  (0-3 hearts) 
grade M (4-7 hearts) or grade L 
(8 and up hearts) The milk can also turn into cheese. 
(this will be explained in the Barn section) 
Cows live 4-5 years.

What you need
1. Brush 
2.Cheese Maker

1. Milker 
2. Barn 
3. Animal feed (explained in the shops section.)
1.b Sheep
Get them at Yodel Farm
Sheep are the 2nd money-making animal that can live on a farm. They can be sheared once every 1-2 weeks unless pregnant, 
unhappy or sick. Their wool grade is just like the cows, grade S=0-3 hearts, grade M=4-7 hearts and grade L=8 and up hearts. 

Things you need
1. Clippers 2.Animal feed 3.Barn

1.Brush 2.Yarn maker
1.c Chickens
Get them at the Chicken Farm
Chickens are the 3rd and last money-making animal on the farm.
They lay eggs every day unless they are unhappy or sick. Their egg grades are EXSACTLY like the Cowís and Sheepís. 
This is not a patent animal.

Things you need
1.chicken feed 2.chicken coop

1.d Horse
This is not a money-making animal =(
You get this animal from Barley in year 1 in spring or summer depending on the game. If you donít have more than 
7 hearts for the horse by the end of year 1 then Barley will take it away. Donít worry youíll get it back as a full grown horse in the next year in Spring, Summer or Fall. 
You can then enter it in the Fall/ Spring Horse Races. (Explained in the Animal Festivals Section.) 

Things you need
1.Stable 2.Brush

1.e Dog
This is not a money-making animal=(
The dog is with you from the start. At first it is a puppy but it gets bigger and older as the years go on. It can also chase wild animals off the farm if 
you train it with the dog ball.

Things you need

1.Dog ball 2.Frisbee
2. Animal Festivals
All you animals can enter a festival. The festivals in order are, Horse Races(SP18), Frisbee Tournament(SU1),
Chicken Festival(SU7), Cow Festival(SU20), Horse Races(AU18), and Sheep Festival(AU21). 
If any of your animals win the contest,there will be a gold crown above their heads until the next festival.
If you win
Chicken Festival: Youíre chicken might lay golden grade eggs.
Horse Races: You will get a power berry
Frisbee Tournament: You will get a power berry
Sheep Festival: Your Sheep will give golden wool
Cow Festival: Your cow will give Golden milk
3. Animal Shops
Yodel Farm is the second farm you come to if you walk out of your farm and turn right. You get cows, sheep, Medicne and their
food there. 
Fodder-20G ea.
Cow Miricle Potian-3000G
Sheep Miracle Potian-3000G
Animal Medicine-1000G
Poultry Farm is the first farm you come to if you come out of your farm and turn right. You get Chickens, Medicine, and 
their food there
Feed-10 ea.
4.The Barn
The barn is where you will keep your Cows and Sheep. it can be expanded by the Woodcutter.
If expanded you can put a wool maker in there for 20,000G and an andaminight ore.
(give it to the blacksmith) The same with a cheese maker. After expanding you can hold up to 16 Cows
and Sheep! Thats alot!=) There are also 2 shipment boxes and 2 feed dispensers. You can get cows and sheep in and out of the barn 
by pushing them to the doors.
5. The Chicken Coop
The chicken coop is a little like the barn. To get the chickens fed, you have to just press A while next to them.
You will pick them up and you can still go outside while holding the chicken. To feed them walk up th the feed dispenser
and press A. Then put the feed in a bin. To put the eggs so they will be sold pick them up using the A butten,
then walk over to the box and press A to drop it in. 
Q. How do you get the cows into and out of the barn?
A. Sorry I didn't mention this, you simply push them.
Got any questions? My e-mail is [email protected]