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Follow the dark path or use the light
Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones Pack Shot

Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones


Secrets and Glitches

by MastergamerX3

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones 
 Sacred Secrets guide           

Version 1.0 
Anti-theft Code: wjg576-hndjgr-67fjh3
By: Me, MastergamerX3
Created for:

Stay with me! This guide is long!
To skip to a part you need, press ctrl+F
then type the numerals you want. (Ex I)
The numerals are just capital I's. 
Also, some content is too long to fit on 1 
line. You may have to scroll over.
Note: I did not have time to do secret characters.

I:About Me
III:Control Enemy Glitch
IIII:Arena Abuse
IIIII:RNG/RNG tricks (Must See)
IIIIII:Tower of Valani cheats
IIIIIII:Lagdou Ruins cheats
IIIIIIII:Item Restoration
IIIIIIIII:Harmful Glitches
IIIIIIIIII:Thank you for reading.

I: About me
I am dedicated to submiting true and kid-
safe material to supercheats. 
If you find a flaw in my guide tell me.
I am sorry if I misspell something.

I have beaten Fire Emblem:The Sacred Stones
many times and will share my knowledge 
with you. Please do not copy any of my

III: Control Enemy Glitch
This has never been heard of before, 
but you can controll enemies! This is a
fairly complicated process, but it works.
To help you, I have split this into sections.
(It takes practice to do this and it doesn't
always work.Just keep trying!)

Doing the glitch
It is reccomended you take a unit with 
no weapons and let an enemy attack it. 
Then right after the battle ends and 
right before the enemy greys out, 
then do a soft reset(L+R+A+B) 
The chance of this happening is based on 
RNG Which is described later in my guide.

PWASE (Pannel Which Affects Something Else)
These are simply pannels that increase the % chance 
of this glitch happening.You'll have a much, 
much better chance of the glitch happening on

Confirmed PWASE
Confirmed and working PWASE include: The place
where a snag was BEFORE you knocked it down,
all fire tiles, where gorgon eggs were and many more.
Experiment to try and find a new type of PWASE.

Non working PWASE
Non PWASE pannels include houses, bridges, forts,
gates, water, and many more. These are not PWASE,
so the glitch has a less chance of working.

What to do with the glitch
If you pull it off,enemies can acess the supply 
convoy, so you can play around with them. 
You can also make the enemies drop thier weapons. 
This is mostly just for fun, but the sole purpose
is item restoration described in IIIIIIIII.
Another very important thing to do is teach
your characters dark magic. Take conrol of gorgons
and trade with them to get alot of stone tomes.
Give them to one person you want to use dark.
Then attack with them and your character should
keep levling up in dark magic. WARNING!: Do not
use this dark magic glitch with Tethys! She
often attacks more than once, and Tethys
doesn't have a database where she goes back
into postision to attack again, so the game keeps
searching for data that isn't there, and it freezes.
This can be solved by turning Tethys's animation
off. This also disables animation for non magic 
users and non dark magic users.

IIII: Arena Abuse
This can be used very efficently. You can level up 
your characters and gain loads of cash. All you
need to do is go to the arena. If it looks like 
you're going to get videobleterated
(if not ingnore this untill the healing part), 
turn the game
off but you can only do this when he is telling
you who you will fight.Then use a different person 
to fight.After the battle, heal the person that 
fought(Stock up on heal/mend staves).Keep doing 
this and it will be worth it all. Don't lose or you 
will lose your unit!

---2.1)RNG tricks---------------
The RNG basics

RNG stands for Random Number Generator,
and this determines your chance of
hitting, missing, getting a critical etc.
Like say, your chance of hitting is 89.
The game picks a random number, and if
it is higher than your hit precent,
you will miss. If it is less or equal to
your hit percent, then you will hit.
This is also used to determine stat
growth percents, and can be used for 
leveling up.

Basic Tricks

This trick is the base of RNG abuse, with it, you can calculate what will
happen, specificly used for level ups.

Step 1: Get a character with five movement into a 
space with no surrounding terrain 


XXX= You
---= Empty Terrain

Step 2: Select that character with the A button, and move the cursor around the
character in this manor, right, up, left, left, down.


XXX= You
---= Empty Terrain
111= The first move, 222 is the second etc.

Step 3: Move the Cursor Down once, look at how the arrow bends, if it bends 
like this (to the Left, then Down)


XXX= You
---= Empty Terrain
111= The first move, 222 is the second etc.

It means the RN the game rolled is between 51 and 100.

But if it looks like this (Down, then left)


XXX= You
---= Empty Terrain
111= The first move, 222 is the second etc.

It means the RN the game rolled is between 1-50.

Step 4: Record the RN you rolled, with an H for 51-100, and a L for 1-50.  
Ideally, you want to get a string of 7 L's, which means, the 7 RN's used for
your stat up will be <49, which drastically increases your chance of getting a
5 or more stat level up.

Step 5: Once you have a string, for example HLLLLHHHLLLHLHLLHHLHHHLHLHLLHHLHHH
rolled 7 L's in a row, Restart the game, ang get to the point in the string 
right before the 7 L's, level up one of your characters.  They chould get a 
several stat level up.

Note: The numbers corrilate like this, the last 7 RN's rolled go HP,STR/MAG,
SPD,SKL,DEF,RES,LUK, If you have maxed a stat, say SPD, you can use a string of
RN's like this LLHLLLL and get the same effect as a LLLLLLL string.  This can
Cut down the time you spend looking for a good LLLLLLL string.  Mastering this 
can lead to several characters naturally maxing stats, this works particullarly
well with L'Arachel, who has almost all atributes in the 40% growth rate.

RNG tricks

1.Arena RN trick:

Ok, when you go into the arena(like in ch.5 for example) three RNs are used:1 
to determine the type of person based on the person going into the arena; 1 to 
determine the level compared to the person going into the arena;1 to determine 
the type of weapon(Iron,Steel,Silver) again based on the person going into the 
arena.......the second RN is used to determine the level......if the second RN 
is "high" then the person will be higher than your person. If the 2nd RN 
is low then the person that you will be sending into the arena
I'm currently testing it to see how it works specifically, but from this information, you
could get a huge string of arena abuses.  Get a long string recorded, and go 
into the arena against a low level enemy.  I'm not 100% about this, but, I'm
fairly sure that each turn takes 8 RNs if you miss, and 9 RNs if you hit.
So, using this, you eat the necissary number of RNs to get another low level
fight, and another, and another...

2.The amazing critical
Move unit 5 spaces forward.Dance for unit with 
Tethys.Attack boss with respective unit.Your unit 
SHOULD critical and kill in one hit. If not, this 
method will not work with the selected character.

Thats all I know for now, I'm trying to find
out more about this intreuging RNG.

IIIIII:Tower of Valani cheats (Story mode)

            Enter tower
There should be a bonewalker with a blinking 
runesword* 3 spaces away from the boss. Make sure it
 doesn't attack you, or youll just get the ironlance
instead. You can do this as many times as you want.

*= On easy this is a spear

Controlled level up(must have Tethys):

Move onto the tower on the world map.
Hard reset.
Enter the tower.
Make sure it's the map with a monster holding an iron lance and a blinking 
Place desired leveling unit front and center.
Place Tethys below respective unit.
Begin battle

---2.5)Map mode Ruins tricks----
(These only work after you beat the game and go to
 map mode, then Lagdou Ruins).



- Reset
- Enter ruins
- Waste --12-- RNs
- Retreat and re-enter 3 times
-Wight with with runesword directly below starting area, break wall and use 
mounted unit to get it.


- Enter the ruins
- Retreat and save
- Reset
- Choose "Restart Chapter"
- Enter the ruin


- Enter Ruins
- Retreat
- Reset
- Re-enter
- Waste 13 RNs
- Retreat and re-enter 3 times


- Enter Ruins
- Retreat
- Reset
- Re-enter

Discription: This trick gets you a brave sword on the wights closest to 
your starting position, a bravebow on one of two wights in the upper right
side of the map, and a orions bolt on another enemy.

IIIIIIII:Item Restoration(Read Control enemy glitch)
Do the controll enemy glitch and trade desired
item to enemy. Reset. Kill enemy.This works on
all weapons and items even dragonstone!!!

IIIIIIIII:Harmful Glitches (Soon to be updated)
 We have one harmful glitch so far.

If you get a wyvern knight and use a ranged wepon
(ie spear) and do pierce (thier skill) 
on the first throw,your game will freeze,
and possibly mess up your files. This can be
avoided by not using ranged weapons, or turning
thier animation off when using them.

IIIIIIIIII: Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading my Sacred Secrets guide.
I hope you have enjoyed it. Use this knowledge
well. I will be submitting more stuff to supercheats, 
so be on the lookout!