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Follow the dark path or use the light
Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II Pack Shot

Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II


Boss FAQ

by Tahir

                                Dragon Ball Z
                                Legacy of Goku
1.About this FAQ.
  c)Triceratops King
  d)Android 19
  e)Android 20
  f)Android 18
  h)Android 17
  i)Cell"non perfect"
  j)Cell Perfect
  l)Cell Perfect
  m)Cell junior
  n)Cell Perfect

About this FAQ.
Every game has bosses and this game is no exception.
There are plenty of bosses you have to defeat.And this
guide will tell you everything you need to know to kick
their butt.This is my first guide I ever made.Enjoy!

Here is the format.
How to defeat them:

  Too easy for words.
  Beginners will find this pretty tough.But it's really easy.
  Avoid his energy attacks no matter what.Start fighting by
  using your energy blast.It should take out a good chunk of
  health.Then finish him of with punches and kicks.Destroy the
  rocks to get health and energy.

  Is this really a boss?
  I'm shocked.Do you really need help?This is the easiest fight.
  Blast him with energy blasts and use punches to pulverize it.
  That's all there is to it.No problem at all.

c)Triceratops King
  Sort of tough.
  Now things are getting interesting.He will attack when you are
  close and he will also charge at you.Use your energy and then
  use melee attacks.Use the big rocks if you are in trouble.Hide
  in the gap at the bottom of the screen and attack him.If he enters
  the gap....GET OUT IMMEDIATELY. 

d)Android 19
  Very easy.
  Don't bother with energy attacks,he will just absorb them.Go
  and hide behind the giant rocks and turn into Super Saiyan.
  Now pound with punches and kicks and send him to the junkyard.

e)Android 20
  Just a bit stronger than 19.
  Before you use the flight circle.Change into Super Saiyan.20
  is the same as Android 19.He is just a bit stronger.Use same
  strategies as before.

f)Android 18
  Still quite easy.
  Use Vegeta for this battle.Run away from her and change into 
  Super Saiyan.No more running,pound her!Crush and pulverize her.
  She is much weaker than Android 17.Tch....can't believe Trunks
  was afraid of her.

  At last a tought battle.Don't try to pull any stunts with your
  beam cannon.Change into Super Namek and attack.Cell is strong.
  WATCH OUT FOR HIS TAIL.It can absorb your health to replenish
  his.It can come anytime so stay on your guard and you should come
  out okay.Keep using melee ttacks.

h)Android 17
  Really tough.
  Brace yourself for a real tough battle.Piccolo has to be at least
  at level 30.Make sure you have three Senzu Beans.Don't try to do
  stunts with your energy attacks.Change to Super Namek and whack him.
  Even in your upgraded form he still packs a punch so watch out.Once you
  take a chunk the island will break.And you will be left on a tiny island.
  Wait for your energy to replenish.Use the flight circle,change into Super
  Namek and pound him again.Use Senzu Bean to heal yourself.SUPER NAMEK IS
  EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.Keep up the kicking and you will be fine.

i)Cell "Non perfect"
  Slow is a problem.
  When you are in Super Saiyan you move really slow.But the thing is that
  your stats are much more enhanced.Pick what you want,moving slowly is
  not really a problem.Make sure you are not a distance to him.Because,now
  he can use the Kamehameha wave.His tail attack is also stronger so smash
  rocks if you need.He is still pretty easy.

j)Cell Perfect
  Horribly tough.
  Because of the idiotic Vegeta,you have to fight Cell.Super Saiyan is a must.
  Even if you move slow.The enhanced stats are very important.Cell can pack
  a real punch but he no longer has his tail.Phew!Once you take half of his
  health,his health will be restored.And you have to take another chunk.Don't
  hesitate to use Senzu Beans.

  Another tough one.
  Bosses are becoming tougher and tougher.Look at the stats of your characters,
  and pick the one that has good stats.Tao has an attack called Dodonpa wave,
  which is like the Kamehameha wave.Hide behind the crates,change into Super
  Saiyan and attack.If you are using Goku,do a full Spirit Bomb.He ain't that

l)Cell Perfect
  Easy if you are trained.
  Make sure Goku is strong.Before you enter the arena,change into Super Saiyan.
  Cell has grown stronger so be careful.Try the Flurry punch,it's strong.When
  you take out a chunk,Cell will blow up the ring,leaving you a nice open area.
  Hide behind the giant rock in the top to recharge energy.Then try a Spirit 
  Bomb.In the end,Goku will give up.You now have to fight as Gohan.Use the same
m)Cell Junior
  I'm king of this arena!
  You gotta fight three of Cell Juniors.First up is Piccolo,then Vegeata and finally
  Trunks.These things are really easy.Go behind that giant rock and change into
  Super form,then you what to do.POW!There is nothing tricky in these things.
  That's why I typed "I'm king of this arena!"Go get em'!

n)Cell Perfect
  Is this a joke?
  I mean it,this battle really is a joke.Your stats are at 100.So you can see
  what it is to be truly invincible.Your health restores gradually too.Neat!
  Each of your punch takes a chunk.Kamehameha is a nightmare.Before you know
  it,the battle is over.Cell comes back and he is powered up even more.But
  really,so what?

  Big trouble.
  Cooler is an incredibly tough opponent.His stats will give you a heart attack.
  His attacks pack a punch.Above all,DONT get hit by an energy.It will really
  whip you.Without the Super Saiyan you can throw in the towel.Senzu Beans are
  vital.Even with all these precautions,Cooler is still very powerful.So,watch

Credits and closing.
Major credits goes to Nintendo.I mean,think about it.Without Nintendo,this game
would not be made.Without the game,I would not have made this guide.
There isn't any individual credits because I made this guide myself.Please do
not claim this guide as your own.It's really selfish and unfair.

And at last it's time to end this.This the very guide I wrote,so it was a bit
tiring.I really hope you enjoyed my guide.I'l see you soon!

See ya later!