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Follow the dark path or use the light
Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku Pack Shot

Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku



by DarkTyranitar18

    ____   ___          ___      __  __  ____       __   __     |   ___   /
   |    `.|   `.  /\  ,' _ `.   |  \|  ||    \  /\ |  | |  |    | ,'  /  /
   |_     \ |\  \/  \/ ,' `._\_ |   \  || |)  )/  \|  | |  |    |/ __/  /
    |  |\ | |/  / /\ \ |  __,' `.      ||    /  /\ \  | |  |       \   /
    |  |/ |    < |__| || |_ | O |      ||    \ |__| | |_|  |__     /  _\
    |     /  .  \ __  |`._,'`._,'  \   || |)  ) __  |    |    |   /  /   /|
    |___,'|__|\__\  |_|.___,'   |__|\__||____/_|  |_|____|____|  /  /__,' |
       ___      _       _  _   _   _        _   __   __   __
        |  |_| |_   |  |_ / _ /_\ /  \_/   / \ |_   /    /  \ | /  |  |
        |  | | |_   |_ |_ \_| | | \_  |    \_/ |    | -. |  | |/\  |  |
                                                    \__/ \__/ |  \ \__/

                       Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku
                             By: DarkTyranitar18
                           Version 1.1. - 01.03.06
                       Copyright (c)2005 DarkTyranitar18


Search Navagation
To quickly find a section you are looking for, hold the CTRL key and press
the F key to bring up a search string and type in any key words in the Table
of Contents (listed below). For Mac users, use the command key in place of the
control key. It should help you navigate your way through this guide a lot 

           01. Introduction..................................(0100)
           02. Version History...............................(0200)
           03. Basics........................................(0300)
                  3.01- Controls.............................(0301)
                  3.02- Main Menu............................(0302)
                  3.03- Experience Chart.....................(0303)
           04. Ki Abilities..................................(0400)
           05. Walkthrough...................................(0500)
           06. Enemies.......................................(0600)
           07. Items.........................................(0700)
           08. Boss List.....................................(0800)
           09. Cheat Codes and Secrets.......................(0900)
           15. Guide Closing.................................(1000)
                  10.1- Contact Info.........................(1001)
                  10.2- Credits..............................(1002)
                  10.3- Copyright............................(1003)


 _                                                                           _
| \____________ /==============================================\ ___________/ |
| (____________( 01. Introduction                       (0100)  )___________) |
|_/             \==============================================/            \_|

The super-popular Dragon Ball Z franchise gets its first adventure on the 
GBA, thanks to Webfoot Technologies and Infogrames. An action adventure with 
RPG elements, Dragon Ball Z: the Legacy of Goku is every DBZ fan's dream. 
Along the way, the game touches on major story elements in the DBZ universe, 
and visits such familiar locales as Master Roshi's Island and the Home For 
Infinite Losers. 

The Legacy of Goku centers around Goku's quest to retrieve his son Gohan from 
the evil clutches of Vegeta. Along the way, he'll have to fight, scrap and 
communicate his way across the land. Thankfully for you, I can help Goku in 
his quest. I've written a guide that will get you through the game quickly 
and efficiently. So check it out and get started right now!

 _                                                                           _
| \____________ /==============================================\ ___________/ |
| (____________( 02. Version History                    (0200)  )___________) |
|_/             \==============================================/            \_|

Version 1.0 > December 21st, 2005
The first complete version of this FAQ. I completed everything before and after
the walkthrough. Speaking of the walkthrough, I completed that too. I might
throw in a couple of updates here and there, but I'm not sure. Anyways, enjoy
the FAQ! 42 KB.

Version 1.1 > Janurary 3rd, 2006
Added a new website this FAQ can be found and used at: Super Cheats. 

Version 1.3 > February, 11th, 2006
Changed the ACSII Art on top.


 _                                                                           _
| \____________ /==============================================\ ___________/ |
| (____________( 03. Basics                             (0300)  )___________) |
|_/             \==============================================/            \_|

One important section that's crucial if you are new to this game. I would 
Strongly recommend reding this section if your new.

|                           --- 3.01- Controls ---                     (0301) |

So these are the basic controls to play the game. I got these from the DBZ
instruction booklet. The controls are really simple, so if you can't memorize
them, throw away the game and never play DBZ again :P. Now if your here for
the walkthrough and already know how to play DBZ just go to the walkthrough
part. Know if your a begginer read this section and the next, then the 
walkthrough. The controls have different meanings, which are in the ground
and in the air. So without further a do, the controls. (Alphapetical order)

Controls -

A Button
> Punch 

B Button
> Ki Attack 

L Button
> Change Ki 

R Button
> Fly 

Select Button
> Flight Meter 

Start Button
> Pause Menu 

|                            --- 3.02- Main Menu ---                   (0302) |

This menu will display all of the quests you've completed through the game. 
As you are playing Goku is given certain tasks to perform before he can move 
into the next area. This is just a record of what you've accomplished so far. 

Displays the items you are currently carrying. A majority of the items will 
be used to complete quests, however, some things like healing items will 
always be on you. Always keep your healing items stocked, having them on hand 
will make getting through those tough parts a lot easier and less stressful.

|                         --- 3.03- Expirience Chart ---               (0303) |
/ Experience Chart           \_________________________________________
|-------------------------------------------------------- Flight ------|
|  Level  |   Needed   |    Total   |  Health  |    Ki   | Charges     |
|    1    |        350 |    ---     |     105  |     100 |     6       |
|    2    |        150 |        350 |     200  |     150 |     7       |  
|    3    |        400 |        500 |     325  |     200 |     8       |
|    4    |        700 |        900 |     435  |     300 |     9       |
|    5    |      1,600 |      1,600 |     600  |     350 |    10       |
|    6    |      3,300 |      3,200 |     900  |   1,000 |    11       |
|    7    |      6,300 |      6,500 |   1,100  |   1,000 |    12       |
|    8    |     12,800 |     12,800 |   1,300  |   1,000 |    13       |
|    9    |      4,800 |     25,600 |   1,500  |   2,000 |    14       |
|    10   |      3,600 |     30,400 |   1,700  |   5,000 |    15       |
|    11   |     46,000 |     44,000 |   2,000  |   6,000 |    18       |
|    12   |     40,200 |    100,000 |   3,000  |   7,000 |    21       |
|    13   |     40,600 |    140,200 |   4,000  |   8,000 |    25       |
|    14   |     76,880 |    180,800 |   5,000  |   9,000 |    30       |
|    15   |     97,680 |    257,680 |   6,000  |  10,000 |    33       |
|    16   |     55,360 |    355,360 |   7,000  |  18,000 |    35       |
|    17   |     89,280 |    410,720 |   8,000  |  25,000 |    40       |
|    18   |    130,000 |    500,000 |   9,000  |  45,000 |    45       |
|    19   |    170,000 |    630,000 |  10,000  |  60,000 |    50       |
|    20   |    100,000 |    800,000 |  20,000  |  65,000 |    55       |
|    21   |    100,000 |    900,000 |  40,000  |  75,000 |    60       |
|    22   |  1,200,000 |  1,000,000 |  50,000  |  95,000 |    70       |
|    23   |    900,000 |  2,200,000 |  80,000  | 110,000 |    80       |
|    24   |    500,000 |  3,100,000 | 100,000  | 120,000 |    90       |
|    25   |    ---     |  3,600,000 | 150,000  | 150,000 |    99       |

 _                                                                           _
| \____________ /==============================================\ ___________/ |
| (____________( 04. Ki Abilities                       (0400)  )___________) |
|_/             \==============================================/            \_|

There are only 3 Ki abilities or techniques in the whole game. I will go in-
depth on each technique in this section.

Ki Blast ~ This is the ability goku starts out with. It will be very helpful
through some parts in the game. To use it, all you have to do is hit the B 
button to release a small one. To make it bigger and charge up simply hold then
realese the B button. It deals a good amount of damage to your foes. Use this 
if you need to pump out some damage fast.

Solar Flare ~ The infamous technique Tenshinhan created, the Solar Flare 
will prove to be one of the best attacks you'll have. To use it, select it 
and then hit the B Button to release it quickly. The longer you hold it, the 
longer the enemy/enemies stay frozen.

Kamehame-Ha ~ Probably the most used attack in Dragon Ball/Z/GT, the 
Kamehameha is the final attack you'll recieve. It's the strongest Ki attack 
you'll have. To use it, select it and hit the B Button and a small beam of 
energy will be released. Not too powerful, but if you charge it up, it'll do 
some SERIOUS damage. Though it's strong, it can't be dished out fast, thus that
's when the Ki Blast comes in handy.

 _                                                                           _
| \____________ /==============================================\ ___________/ |
| (____________( 05. Walkthrough                        (0500)  )___________) |
|_/             \==============================================/            \_|

Here is the story before we begin. There is spoilers, you have been warned.
I'll warn you again...

*Warning: Spoilers*

                                S T O R Y

Goku and his son, Gohan, travel to Master Roshi's house for a reunion with 
old friends. As one would expect, everyone is in high spirits after finally 
meeting again. Elsewhere, a Saiyan by the name of Raditz has flown into the 
planet with his pod and is already starting trouble. He meets Piccolo and is 
about to dispose of him when his scouter picks up a very powerful being and 
Raditz flies off to see who it is. 

Crashing the party, Raditz approaches Goku, or "Kakarot" as he calls him, and 
tells him they are brothers. He wishes for Goku to join him but is refused. 
With a quick move, the Saiyan appears in front of Goku and with a quick knee 
to the stomach, Goku is down. Still persistent in his demand for Kakarot to 
join him, he grabs Gohan and tells Goku he must kill a large amount of people 
in order for his son to be returned. Raditz flies off leaving Goku pleading 
to leave his son be. 

Using a device called a dragon radar, Goku manages to locate his son and is 
ready to leave when another unexpected guest appears. It is Piccolo, who 
faced Raditz before. He's also a long-time enemy of Goku. Not wanting to 
continue the quarrel between them, the two join forces to take out the Saiyan 
together. Raditz returns to where his pod crashed and throws Gohan inside for 
the time being. Hopping on Nimbus, Kakarot and Piccolo fly to the crash site 
and begin battle with Raditz. 

Easily defeating both Goku and Piccolo, after two fights the duo go at it 
again. This time Goku flies into the air and unleashes a Kame Hame Ha attack. 
Unfortunately Raditz deflects it. Piccolo tells Goku to entertain the Saiyan 
as he powers up for a special attack. After it's charged, Piccolo shoots his 
Demon Ray which Raditz can't block. With his speed Raditz manages to just 
barely get out of the way but still takes some damage from it. Goku has his 
own plan and sneaks behind Raditz, grabbing his tail. Raditz pleads for Goku 
to release him and he does it, but then is elbowed to the face. Gohan blasts 
out of the pod and smashes Raditz in his armor, breaking it. The child is 
kicked away and knocked out. Goku gets up and holds Raditz again as Piccolo 
once again shoots his Demon Ray, killing both of the Saiyans. 

Krillin and friends land. Seeing the body of Goku fading away, Piccolo says 
he is going to the check in place where dead spirits go. He also says that 
more Saiyans are coming, then picks up Gohan to train him. In the afterlife, 
Goku travels along snake way, an extremely long path, to find King Kai's 
planet where he can be further trained. Meanwhile Krillin collects the 
Dragonballs from around Earth in order to wish Goku back to life. A man named 
Yajirobe tells Krillin he's been picked to be on the Earth's Special Forces. 
Here we meet a few new characters: Chiaotzu, Tien, Yamcha and the previously 
mentioned Yajirobe, all of whom are part of the Special Forces. The group 
ventures to a battleground of the past are a met by two very powerful Saiyans 
who quickly dispose of them. Luckily, it was only their minds who were in the 
battle and not the bodies themselves, a somewhat confusing ordeal. Up on 
Snake Way, Goku is still on the path when a road cleaner offers him a ride. 
As he is sleeping in the cart, he is knocked off the road and into the 

Piccolo continues training Gohan when the moon comes out, transforming the 
child into a giant beast. Piccolo destroys the moon and pulls of Gohan's tail 
in order to keep himself from being destroyed by the beast. The tail 
mysteriously grows back, though, and the two keep training. Now in the 
underworld, Goku meets two ogres and is challenged by one to a wrestling 
match. After winning, the ogre attempts to launch him back to Snake Way but 
is blocked for some reason. The other ogre shows him a staircase to Snake Way 
and before leaving, Goku grabs a piece of fruit from a forbidden tree. A 
scene shows the two powerful Saiyans Piccolo talked about showcasing their 
amazing potential. 

Gohan (after dissappearing earlier, when he turned into an ape) is found by 
some boys washed up on the shore. He has a few misadventures and makes his 
way back to Piccolo. Meanwhile Goku has finally made it to the end of Snake 
Way and is on to King Kai's planet. The gravity is very powerful on the 
planet and the first person he meets on the planet is a monkey. Thinking this 
is King Kai, he starts talking to him, but Kai finally finds him talking with 
his pet monkey "Bubbles". Before training can begin, Goku must make Kai 
laugh. He attempts with no avail, but finally tells a terrible joke and Kai 
can't help but crack up at it. 

His first task is to catch Bubbles, and he accomplishes it by running the 
opposite direction and surprising the monkey. The second objective is to 
smash "Gregory", a cricket, with a rather large mallet. Goku tries the same 
thing he did with Bubbles, he throws the hammer the opposite way, then chases 
the bug hoping the mallet will come around and smack Gregory without notice. 
After finishing both of the tasks, Goku is taught the Kai-o-Ken after some 
more training. He also learns and practices Spirit Bomb, then Kai gives him a 

Back on Earth, all of the Dragonballs have been collected and Goku is wished 
back from the afterlife. The two Saiyan's pods arrive on Earth and already 
they are figuring out how to conquer it. Approaching Piccolo and company, 
they all prepare for battle. One of the Saiyans named Nappa plants seeds 
which turn into little green monsters called Saibermen. Before fighting the 
two Saiyans themselves, the group must first defeat these creatures. Yamcha 
is killed in the process and Krillin takes out the group of them with a 
single blast. Chiaotzu jumps on the back of Nappa and uses an attack which 
blows himself up, but leaves Nappa with little damage. 

                    Let's begin with the walkthrough.

                           ---< Roshi's House >---

Magazine x3 

Roshi's Magazines 

Goku and Gohan are traveling back to Master Roshi's house for a small reunion 
with Bulma and Krillin. Roshi has misplaced his magazines and needs you to 
find them. One is to the right of the house, one behind it and the final one 
is located inside the house. Bring them all back to Roshi and he'll give you 
Senzu Beans x2, an Herb, and 350 experience points. Raditz, Goku's Saiyan 
brother, comes along and kidnaps Gohan. Piccolo then appears and offers to 
help out Goku with getting his son back, putting their differences aside for 
now. Goku must now rush off to retrieve Gohan... and rides off on Nimbus. 

                             ---< Goku's House >---

Herb x3
Senzu Bean 

Chi Chi is in the backyard and gets angry with you for losing Gohan, though 
Goku doesn't exactly fill her in on the whole story. The area surrounding the 
house is crawling with monsters, especially snakes. Snakes and squirrels only 
give you 5 experience each, so don't be expecting to gain a level off just 
them. Find the crabs and the wolves running around, they give 70 and 65 exp. 
respectively. The wolves are a lot quicker than you so hit them with your Ki 
once or twice then punch them as they charge at you. Use herbs whenever the 
health meter is starting to get low. The entire area is here is one big 

Take the path to the right of the house and head down in the first path you 
can. You'll come to 6 patches of grass. Use your Ki to blast away the bottom 
right patch and pick up the Herb. Above the lake and up as far as you can go 
is a ladder, climb up and shoot the two blocks in the way. Take out the 
enemies up there and pick up the Senzu Bean lying on the ground. Head back 
down towards the house and take the path going south of it. Follow it along 
until you come across some big boulders in the grass area. Right above the 
first one is an Herb, go back on the path and keep going left as far as you 
can. Behind one of the trees is another Herb, and walking north is the exit 
to the next area. 

Note: You can go into the next area and return here, and all of the Herbs and 
the Senzu Bean will be replenished, so stock up! 

                            ---< Mother Dragon >---

Stone x3 

Find Dino Egg 
Save Old Man 

Talk with the mother dragon that has just had her egg stolen from her. Go 
down the ladder and walk around the back of the platform that her nest is on 
and grab the Stone. Just left of the ladder and straight down is a semi-
hidden path that'll lead you to another Stone. Head up the ladder left of the 
nesting area and keep going left and up the second ladder you come to. Follow 
that path around until you come to Tien and Chiaotzu, talk with them and they 
will give you 500 exp. each. Keep heading right until you see two patches of 
grass and a block above you. Kill the wolf here and get the Stone from back 
there. Also, if you fly down the ledge you can pick up some Herbs below if 
you need them. 

Continue heading right you'll come to a waterfall pouring out from a skull-
shaped rock formation. Fly across the little ledge. Up the stairs, you'll 
find a flying Pterodactyl. Hit it to make it chase you, then fly across the 
ledge and blast it with your Ki. This will keep you safe from its attacks, 
making killing the thing a lot easier. Once it's dead, run up and grab the 
Egg and return it to the mother. After giving it back, go towards that second 
set of steps you recently climbed. 

This time instead of going up, follow the path along to a little excavation 
site. An old man is stuck on a small island. Use the three Stones you picked 
up to create a bridge for him. You'll receive 350 exp. for your troubles. 
From there, go down to the ledge and fly into the area where the big dinosaur 
is sitting. Be sure not to get hit by this guy... he does a pretty decent 
amount of damage. The technique is the same as with the bird, lure him all 
the way right, then fly across the river. Keep blasting from the other side 
and he'll go down easily. That 650 experience is a nice bonus. 

                             ---< Forest Village >---

Flowers x5 

Recover Toy Boat
Flowers for Sue
Return Kitty 

Left of the dinosaur's little home leads you into the town. Go straight up as 
you enter. Inside this house is a man who will help you out if you bring 
peace to the area, meaning you have to complete some quests. After he says 
his thing, talk to him again and he'll tell you about his missing cat 'Neko'. 
Exit the house and take the path heading left just below where you come out. 
Go straight up and Neko will be sitting there behind some blocks. Talk with 
it then bring it back to the old man. 

After that, go back up towards Neko's area. This time, go left instead, and 
you'll pass a little pond. Above it is a little girl named Sue, take her back 
to her home which is located in the southeast corner of the village. From 
Sue's house, go left until you reach a pond and talk with the little girl. 
Her brother threw her boat onto the tiny patch of land in the middle. Fly 
over and retrieve it for her. 

Finally, head up the ladder at the far west end of the village and talk with 
Yamcha and Puar on the way. They'll give you 500 exp. each. Go onto the path 
right above where these two are standing and kill the flying monster blocking 
the way. Goku will say he can make it to the grove by flying, so do as he 
says. Pick up the Flowers x5 and head all the way back to Sue's house. Give 
one to the girl standing outside. Now you can return to the old man, who will 
give you a path to the next area, and will teach you the attack 'Solar 
Flare'. Enter the skull to where your enemy awaits. 

                             ---< Crash Site >---

Defeat Raditz 

Raditz has landed here and you must battle with him in order to get Gohan 
back. Piccolo is here as well and though he's supposed to assist you, you'll 
be fighting alone. Notice the Herbs and the orbs scattered all around the 
area. If you take damage or run out of power to fly, don't hesitate to grab 
these, as there is an ample supply. 

Raditz is very predictable and quite easy to defeat. Basically, he will chase 
after you and try and hit you with a Ki Blast every now and then. If he ever 
gets too close, fly off until there is some ground between the two of you. 
Whenever there is enough space, make sure you turn around and get a few 
blasts at him before he catches up. Raditz is also vulnerable when he stops 
to fire at you, so get in position and do some damage when he does. Keep your 
health up and this fight should be no problem. 

Goku holds the fallen Saiyan as Piccolo prepares to kill him. Raditz reminds 
you that if he dies from the blast, you will go as well. Goku sacrifices 
himself for the good of the planet and takes the hit which sends him to the 
afterlife. Talk to Kami and he informs you that two more Saiyans are coming 
for the Dragon Balls, but your friends are collecting them to wish you back. 
He sends you off to look for King Kai's place so that you may continue your 
training and stand a chance against the more powerful Saiyans on the way. 

                            ---< Snake Way >---

Defeat Snake Queen 

Follow the road and pick up the orbs if you need them. Along the way, you 
will meet the Snake Queen, who attempts to eat you. She'll chase after you, 
but luckily she's easily defeated. Simply find a place to fly across (like 
where there is a U-Turn) and fire at her from the other side. She'll be 
unable to attack you so you won't be in any danger at all. For this easy 
battle you'll receive 3500 experience. Continue on Snake Way. Suddenly, out 
of nowhere, Goku will lose his balance and fall off the road... 

                            ---< Underworld >---

Senzu Bean 

Gather Spirits
EatYemma's Fruit 

Welcome to HFIL, or the "Home For Infinite Losers." Spirits inhabit this 
place; some good and some bad. This is a good place to gain some levels since 
beating one of the Spirits will net you 1000 experience. There are three good 
spirits that have run away from the man standing next to the Health Center. 
Return them all and his friend will assist you afterwards. To reach them, 
look for a place that doesn't have the spikes around the outside of the cliff 
and fly up top. Two spirits are located left of where you came into the area, 
in the upper right corner of the map. The final one is left of the giant pond 
of blood.  There is a Senzu Bean you can find by taking the path right behind 
the Health Center as well. 

Now that you brought back the Spirits, the one blocking Yamma's tree will let 
you go up the steps. Fly up right next to where the car is parked (by the 
Health Center) and walk around to the fruit tree. Pick up the fruit laying on 
the ground and the devil will appear. Goku eats it and the devil will show 
you the way back to Snake Way. Enter the crack in the wall and you'll be at 
the very beginning again. 

Simply walk all the way around or just fly across it to make the trip 
shorter. When you reach the end of it, Goku sees King Kai's floating planet 
to his left. Fly up to it and begin your training. 

                              ---< Kai's Planet >---

Catch Bubbles
Conk Gregory 

Meet with King Kai and he will agree to train Goku for the upcoming battle. 
Your first task is to catch Bubbles the monkey. The best and easiest way to 
catch this ape is to chase it into one of the corners of the screen. This 
will leave him with no place to go. Then just run up and punch Bubbles to 
complete the first part. Next you've got to chase Gregory and smash him with 
a heavy mallet. Again, the same strategy will work perfect here, defeating 
the bug easily. If you accomplish these two tasks, King Kai will be impressed 
with Goku and will give you 1,500 experience. He'll also teach you the Kame 
Hame Ha. 

Kai will also inform you that your friends have obtained the Dragon Balls and 
will wish you back. You'll end up at Kami's Lookout (be sure to get the Senzu 
Beans from Korrin if you need them) and can then proceed down into the city 
from here. 

                              ---< The City  >---

Capsule x2 

Saved Lost Boy
Stopped Robbers 

The first place is a wooded area which is crawling with the Wolves and 
Dinosaur you met previously. Fly up and get the little boy off the cliff and 
go down into the city. Take him to his house which is located directly left 
of the bank. His mother will thank you and give you a Capsule. 

Before continuing on, grab the Capsule hidden in the grass behind the bank. 
You'll notice that the citizens are all pretty worried about the robbers 
running around town. Find all three and kill them (they're easy to spot). 
They aren't much of a threat since they are running away from you most of the 
time. Try using your Kame Hame Ha and you can make short work of these two-
bit crooks. Unfortunately, the police will get the credit for their capture 
instead of you. When you are finished looking around the city, follow the 
southern path out. 

                            ---< Nappa and Vegeta >---

Defeat Nappa
Defeat Vegeta 

Walk through the highly unsecure military installation until you come to the 
training grounds. Krillin and Gohan inform you that Yamcha, Chiaotzu and Tien 
are gone, Piccolo is dead and they are the only two remaining. Two powerful 
Saiyans await you... the first is Nappa. 

There is a pretty easy pattern that you can follow which will make this and 
many future fights an easy task. Use Solar Flare to stun Nappa for a few 
seconds, then quickly switch to your Kame Hame Ha, charge it up and blast him 
before he starts coming towards you again. Keep repeating this process until 
he's dead. You can also use this same technique on Vegeta (who will challenge 
Goku after Nappa is defeated). If they are getting too close behind you, just 
fly for a couple seconds to gain some ground in between the two of you. The 
Herbs are plentiful so don't be afraid to use them if your health starts to 
drop. You'll gain 50,000 experience between the two of them. 

After killing Vegeta, he shows his true power by turning into a giant ape and 
quickly disposing of you. Ouch. Flying in out of nowhere, Yajirobe slices 
Vegeta's tail off with ease, turning him back to his regular form. Just when 
you thought the drama is over, Gohan then transforms into the ape and downs 
Vegeta. With the chance to kill Vegeta while he's down, you will decline 
(such a nice guy) and show mercy. Since he used so much energy during the 
fight, you'll heal and end up on the planet of Namek. 

                            ---< Namekian Temple >---

Tree x3
Artifact x3 

Save Saplings
Namekian Artifacts 

The planet is being ravaged by Frieza and his minions. Houses are destroyed 
and people are living in fear. You will be gaining a lot of levels here since 
the experience is very good. When you reach level 17, you'll be able to take 
things out in 1-2 Kame Hame Ha blasts. 

The man right above where you walk in will ask you to find saplings for him 
to continue life on the planet. They are located in the upper right, upper 
left and bottom right of the area. Simply find a tiny tree and pick it up, 
then go back to where the man is. There are three plots around the houses to 
put them in. Plant them to complete the mission. Inside the capsule near this 
man, you'll learn about three artifacts you'll need to find inside the temple 
north of here. After putting the baby trees in, head to the upper left part 
of the map and into the next area. 

In front of you is the giant temple that the man mentioned earlier. Before 
going inside, you should take a look around. Two of the three artifacts are 
located outside, in the far upper left and right. You can simply fly up there 
making it a quick trip, or if you would like to do some level gaining, just 
walk up the path on the left. After picking up the artifacts, enter the 

As you are exploring the temple, take note of the numerous hands inside. They 
point you to secret passages in the walls that lead to Herbs, Senzu Beans, 
etc. Directly north of the entrance is a white pad. Step on it and it will 
zap you into a different part of the temple. Go as far right as you can go 
and then head north about 9 blocks. There is a hidden passage on the right 
side of the wall that leads you to the third and final artifact. Now your 
task is to find a place to put these three artifacts... 

From the entrance, go to the feather on your left, there is a secret passage 
right next to it. Go as far left as you can, then take the red teleport pad 
just below you. In the bottom right of this room is a yellow pad, go into it. 
In here you need to walk down a little and go onto the path heading left, at 
the end of it is a white pad, go into it, then in the next room go onto the 
white pad in front of you. Place the three artifacts on the places 
surrounding the statue which earns you 30,000 experience. Go onto the white 
pad and all the way out where you'll meet with your friends again. 

                             ---< Ginyu Squad >---

Defeat Recoome
Defeat Burter
Defeat Jeice
Defeat Captain Ginyu 

The Ginyu Squad is here as well, they are some of Frieza's most elite 
fighters. Before talking to any of them, you should go around and clear the 
battlefield of all the enemies you can (dinosaurs, etc.). This will keep them 
out of the way during the fight. Vegeta has joined your side for now since he 
doesn't want Frieza to get his hands on the Dragon Balls any more than Goku 
does. Confident in his fighters, Captain Ginyu concentrates more on the Ginyu 
Squad's winning pose than attempting to destroy you for now. 

Recoome (exp. 40,000)
Burter (exp. 70,000)
Jeice (exp.70,000)
Captain Ginyu (exp. 90,000) 

The Ginyu Squad is a joke. If you are around level 20 or so, beating them 
will only take a hit or two each. Simply use the same tactics you fought 
Nappa and Vegeta with and you'll go untouched in this fight. Use a Solar 
Flare then hit with a Kame Hame Ha, lather, rinse, repeat. If you like hand 
to hand combat better, freeze them and punch. This does the same if not more 
damage than ki attacks. After they are all dead, you will remark how easily 
defeated the Squad was and spot Frieza's ship off in the distance. 

                            ---< Frieza's Ship >---

The first part of the outpost is a waste of time unless you are in desperate 
need of feathers and Herbs. As you reach the right side of the map, Goku sees 
the ship over the cliffs. In the next area Goku finds the ship, the enemies 
around here are more aggressive and have more health than over at the temple. 
You can kill them all first, or just skip them and fly into the top of the 
ship. I recommend you level up to 25 if you haven't already before proceeding 

Gohan, Krillin, and Vegeta are already inside waiting for you and inform Goku 
that Frieza is on his way. If you've leveled up as much as you want, hop into 
the rejuvenation chamber. 

On the battlefield, Gohan tells you Vegeta has been killed already and Frieza 
must be stopped. King Kai will chime in and say Piccolo has been wished back 
and beating Frieza will mean you can wish back all the others that have died. 
Head up to the north east part of the grounds and the battle will begin. 

As always, you should use your Solar Flare and attack however you wish. 
Punches do a good deal of damage as does the Kame Hame Ha. The first form is 
easy; after beating it Frieza will transform. The second and third form are 
exactly the same as the first, just freeze him and do a few punches. When the 
third goes down, the mountains will spew lava and everything will turn brown. 
Prepare to witness the final form! 

Krillin will offer you some encouragement and Frieza does away with him. 
Goku, now enraged, turns Super Saiyan. If you thought fighting Frieza before 
was easy, well things just got A LOT easier. As a Super Saiyan,Goku is faster 
and more powerful, making getting around and doing damage like a walk in the 
park. Continue using the strategy you did on the first three forms in this 
pumped-up state and blast Frieza until he's dead. 

Congratulations, you've completed your quest. Enjoy the scenes and let the 
credits roll.

               _______ _              _______           _ 
              (_______)_|            (_______)         |_|
                  _    ____   ____    _____   ____   ____
                 | |  |  _ \ / _  )  |  ___) |  _ \ / _  |
                 | |  | | | ( (/ /   | |_____| | | ( (_| |
                 |_|  |_| |_|\____)  |_______)_| |_|\____| 


 _                                                                           _
| \____________ /==============================================\ ___________/ |
| (____________( 06. Enemies                            (0600)  )___________) |
|_/             \==============================================/            \_|

Here is the list of ALL the enemies in Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy Of Goku 
and how much experience each gives you. They are in alphabetical order for your

Blue Dog
Experience: 70

Experience: 70000

Captain Ginyu
Experience: 90000

Experience: 1000

Experience: 70

Experience: 600

Frieza Field
Experience: 10000

Frieza Soldier
Experience: 30000

Experience: 70000

Namek Dinosaur
Experience: 4000

Namek Pteradactyl
Experience: 2000

Experience: 300

Experience: 40000

Experience: 1000

Experience: 10

Snake Queen
Experience: 3500

Experience: 5

Experience: 70

 _                                                                           _
| \____________ /==============================================\ ___________/ |
| (____________( 07. Items                              (0700)  )___________) |
|_/             \==============================================/            \_|


Along your journey you'll notice little orbs with a picture of a feather inside
them. Collecting these will fill up your flight meter. These don't raise the 
meter total higher though, this will occur when you level up. Different colors
will get you different amounts: 

Green: 5 
Brown: 10 
Red: 20 


Recover 1/4 health (can only hold up to 6 at once). They can be found almost
anywhere, under bushes, caves, the field, and well anywhere. They are the most
common of all items.


Fully recover health (can only hold up to 3 at once). These are better recover
items then herbs. They are rare than herbs or any item. They can still be found
in the same places the herbs can be found at. They are small though.

Other items in the story mode...
#1 - Health Upgrade (Master Roshi's Training, story mode)
#2 - Health Upgrade (Korin's Tower, story mode)
#3 - Health Upgrade (Red Ribbon's Base, story mode)
#4 - Kintou (given by Master Roshi in story mode)
#5 - Korou Kintou (found in Krillin's story mode)
#6 - Dragon Radar (Goku's House, story mode)
#7 - Power Pole Upgrade (Pilaf's Palace, story mode)
#8 - Power Pole Upgrade (Muscle Tower, story mode)
#9 - Power Pole Upgrade (Red Ribbon's Base, story mode)
#10 - Saiyan's Tail (Muscle Tower, extra mode)
#11 - Power Pole Upgrade (Goku's House, extra mode)
#12 - Bunny Costume (Pilaf's Palace, story mode)
#13 - Ki Upgrade (Pilaf's Palace, story mode)
#14 - Ki Upgrade (Muscle Tower, story mode)
#15 - Ki Upgrade (Holy Water Trial Cavern, story mode)
#16 - Sacred Water (Holy Water Trial Cavern, story mode)
#17 - Roshi's Sun Glasses (Master Roshi's Training, story mode)
#18 - PP Candy (Pilaf's Palace, extra mode)
#19 - 1 Star DragonBall (Pilaf's Palace, extra mode)
#20 - 2 Star DragonBall (Muscle Tower, extra mode)
#21 - 3 Star DragonBall (Underwater Cavern, extra mode)
#22 - 4 Star DragonBall (Goku's House, extra mode)
#23 - 5 Star DragonBall (Red Ribbon's Base, extra mode)
#24 - 6 Star DragonBall (Red Ribbon's Base, extra mode)
#25 - 7 Star DragonBall (Final level, extra mode)
#26 - Pilaf's Hat (Pilaf's Palace, extra mode)
#27 - General Blue's Hat (Underwater Cavern, extra mode)
#28 - Upa's Feather (Red Ribbon Base, story mode)
#29 - Microband (Underwater Cavern, extra mode)
#30 - Red Sword (Muscle Tower, story mode)
#31 - Ox King's Axe (Goku's House, extra mode)
#32 - Roshi's Cane (Master Roshi's Training, extra mode)
#33 - Lunch's Machine Gun (Muscle Tower, extra mode)
#34 - Korin's Cane (Red Ribbon's Base, extra mode)
#35 - Akkuman's Spear (Holy Water Trial Cavern, extra mode)
#36 - Yajirobe's Sword (Final Level, story mode)
#37 - Jackie Chan's wig (21st Tenkaichi Budokai, story mode)
#38 - Goku's grandgather hat (Uranai Baba's Place, story mode)
#39 - A Drink Can (Korin's Tower, story mode)
#40 - Master Tsuru's Hat (21st Tenkaichi Budokai, story mode)
#41 - Mafuba's Electric vase (found in Krillin's story mode)
#42 - Mecha Goggle (beat Survival option on Battle mode with K. Piccolo)
#43 - Girl Panties (Pilaf's Palace, extra mode)
#44 - Carrot (Pilaf's Palace, extra mode)
#45 - Carved Turtle Rock (Master Roshi's Training, story mode)
#46 - Milk (Master Roshi's Training, extra mode)
#47 - Bansho's Fan (Holy Water Trial Cavern, story mode)
#48 - Red Ribbon's Symbol (Red Ribbon's Base, story mode)
#49 - Gem (Underwater Cavern, story mode)
#50 - Gold Bars (Red Ribbon's Base, extra mode)
#51 - Crystal Ball (Holy Water Trial Cavern, extra mode)
#52 - Demon Egg (Final Level, story mode)
#53 - Puar (Pilaf's Palace, story mode)
#54 - Obake (found in Krillin's story mode)

 _                                                                           _
| \____________ /==============================================\ ___________/ |
| (____________( 08. Boss List                          (0800)  )___________) |
|_/             \==============================================/            \_|

Found at: Raditz Crash Site
Experience: 4000

Snake Queen ~
Found at: Raditz Crash Site
Experience: 3500

Bank Robbers ~
Found at: Battlefield
Experience: 1500

Found at: Battlefield
Experience: 20000

Found at: Battlefield
Experience: 30000

Jeice ~
Found at: Cave site

Experience: 70000

Found at: Outside Frieza's Ship
Experience: 1400000

 _                                                                           _
| \____________ /==============================================\ ___________/ |
| (____________( 09. Cheats Codes and Secrets           (0900)  )___________) |
|_/             \==============================================/            \_|

                           ~ C H E A T   C O D E S ~

Easy Boss Killing Secret
Fly away from the boss until he's about 1.5 - 2 screens away from Goku. You 
can keep shooting the boss with Ki Blasts from there and the boss won't move. 
You can find a place to shoot by firing Ki Blasts in the boss's direction and 
moving side to side until it makes the sound that it makes when you hit an 
enemy with a ki blast. Once you find the place where you hit the boss, stay 
there and keep firing Ki Blasts. It works because bosses don't move when you 
are a certain distance away from them. For some bosses, after you fire ki 
blasts for a long time, you might need to go up to the boss and punch him/her 
because there are some bosses where you need to be on the same screen as the 
Infinite Health
When an enemy attacks you with an energy attack just hit the R button to fly, 
when you get hit by the blast Goku will land but your flight meter will still 
show. This allows you to have Infinite Health. You can deactivate the glitch 
by pressing the R button again to fly and hit it again to land. Though you can 
not see it your Ki will go down when you shoot it.

                             ~ S E C R E T S ~

Cheap Recovery Trick
If you are wandering around in an area and are low on health, you can try this
(not-so-secret) trick to recover quickly. Save your game, then shut off the 
game and turn it back on again. When you appear back where you left off, you'll
be back at full health/Ki without even using items! 

 _                                                                           _
| \____________ /==============================================\ ___________/ |
| (____________( 10. Guide Closing                      (1000)  )___________) |
|_/             \==============================================/            \_|

This is the section where I conclude the document.  If you have noticed some
piece of information that you know about that I have not talked about within
the guide, please email it to me and I'll add it in quickly.  Once again, thank
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