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Follow the dark path or use the light

Dogz FAQ

by Nethros

                            |  __ \                 
                            | |  | | ___   __ _ ____
                            | |  | |/ _ \ / _` |_  /
                            | |__| | (_) | (_| |/ / 
                            |_____/ \___/ \__, /___|
                                           __/ |    
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	1. Introduction
	2. Updates
	3. Frequently Asked Questions
	4. Main Menu
	   4.1 New Game
	   4.2 Continue
	   4.3 Always Togheter Mode
	   4.3 Puppy Visiting Mode
	   4.4 Settings
	5. Dog Breeds
	6. Strategies and Information
	7. Credits

1. Introduction
I was looking around GameSpot to find Virtual Pet Games
for the GBA when I found Dogz under the Category Virtual Life. 
I got it quickly and...It was pretty fun. The Main Person (You)
Is a Child, Boy or Girl in the Third Grade. It's time to welcome a new
Family Member into your house. A doggy. YAY! CAN WE KEEP IT? 
You basically go to a pet store and pick the dog you want, 
though not every breed is available.

Rating: 8/10

2. Updates

Version 1.10 - Added a Strategies and Information Section and updated 
the Frequently Asked Questions.

3. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want to take my dog for a walk, but I can't!

A: You need to get shots from the doctor. And you cant do that
until you have teached your dog to sit and stay.

Q: The Breed I want to buy isn't in any pet shop, 
but I know it exists in the game!

A: If this happens, you could try to make a New Game. 
Or, you could give up looking and see what happens.

Q: When I go to sleep in Day 21 it says "Your time with 
your dog has come to an end" I taked care of him very good.

A: It doesnt matter if you take care of him good or not. 
I am dissapointed about this too. But after 3 weeks the game ends. 
You can play in Always Togheter Mode or make a new game. 
When I started a New Game, it said "For starters, try to take care 
of your dog for three weeks." So if you make a New game it 
might be unlimited, or at least 3 months.

4. Main Menu

If you are making your first game, only New Game will be
available, but I'll describe what everything does anyway.

  -- 4.1 New Game --

As the name says, you make a new game, picking what gender
you want to be, and their clothes colors. When you've 
chosen the gender you pick a name.
When all that is done you will be taking a survey.
My Options was:


The dog I picked was Border Collie Male, beacuse they are so cute, and
are pretty good. In fact, I got the best ending with my little Borja. 
The only thing he didn't learn was to go to the bathroom.

  -- 4.2 Always Togheter Mode --

This mode lets you be togheter with your dog and play and stuff, 
though it wont let you take him out for 
walks, or view his status, so in my opinion, it sucks. 
Unlocked if you get the best ending.

  -- 4.3 Puppy Visiting Mode --

You go play with your friends dog with GBA Link. 
You dont get the dog though.

  -- 4.4 Settings --

The only thing you can change here is movement type. I took Type 2, 
since it's the basic walking type.

5. Dog Breeds

Border Collie
French Bulldog (Fr. Bulldog)
Golden Retriever (Golden R.)
Mixed Breed
Shiba Inu
Shih Tzu
Toy Poodle
Welsh Corgi

Might add descriptions later.

6. Strategies and Information

  -- Only one thing at a time --

Only train your dog on one thing at a time, dont start with Lie Down 
if you were training him in Sit. It doesn't matter if you train him 
in stay, beacuse that's important. 

  -- Sit and Stay --

The first commands you should teach him is to sit and stay. 
Sit whenever you want and Stay when it's his supper time. When you do 
the stay command and he doesn't eat, praise him, if he doesn't listen 
to you, and eats, scold him.

  -- Taking him for a walk --

To take your dog for a walk, you need to train him in Sit and Stay. 
I'm not sure though, beacuse hadn't trained my dog completely in stay, 
but I still got to take him out at Day 5. 

  -- Spin, Sit Up, Jump --

Spin, Sit Up and Jump are just simple tricks you ateach your dog, 
these are NOT needed to get the best ending. I had only tryed Spin 
like two times, and still got the best ending.

  -- Destressing your dog --

If you train your dog too much, he will get stressed out, 
and that leads to a bad ending. 
To destress your dog, play with him much and groom him. 
If you have trained him much, and he still isn't stressed, 
you probably will get the best ending.

7. Credits
The FAQ is made by Haik Avetian, copyright 2006

Feedback, Questions to add in the 
Frequently Asked Questions, Corrections
to my email: haiko38 @ msn .com (without spaces)

Thanks to Ubisoft and MTO Inc for making the game.

And at last, thanks to the readers and appreciaters!