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Follow the dark path or use the light
Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis Pack Shot

Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis


Give Gameshark Codes!

c00lz asks: Added Mar 25th 2008, ID #113767

Give Gameshark Codes!

Tell me the gameshark code for this game I really need it.. I appreciate your help..
Thank You...


Best Answer

Elite94 answered:
Added 30th Nov 2008, ID #292057
Here Are Some Codes For Tactics Ogre Codes Hope You Like It

GameShark's Enable Code (m)
3F406898120E5A39 CD23B7B24883FB1A

Short Sword D60E6D68 80E3605B
Long Sword 63C90CEF B7342875
Claymore 89435F28 DA7AD7FA
Sum Mannus D58A3C50 A3194731
Firedrake Sword 658FFBF9 815478B0
Ice Blade CB39BFF4 ADE686CA
Fafnir 3C5AF492 7E544C18
Sword of Tiamat BD8C098D 8B4C9EA4
Balmung 48E449BF 50C5E8CC
Notos 4ED20BA5 85990BB1
Laevateinn 41435230 2230AD33
Gram AC104D3A 27675BEF
Oracion 12DA6B41 0297C1B0
Fragarach 9EAFD124 9890A15B
Anbicion (90 PWR) 19160EF7 5A5D115F
Anbicion (normal) E3DAE642 B70D5C02
Wind Snapdragon 21FA6971 489662F6
Fire Snapdragon 3B2FF4F2 9D7CA073
Earth Snapdragon 76E5E2ED 4E67979B
Water Snapdragon 22959074 5B8404B2
Virtue Snapdragon D7A871F7 0DF7B25E
Bane Snapdragon 4C4520CC 2686A6AD
Matsukaze C318D537 61F9C15D
Kagari-bi D0814559 66296D6B
Yomogi-u 612E701F EEA58075
Yu-giri A0CDE869 2E584D35
Rapier B7BBE09A 54F6E677
Estoc 4B694B43 64B18EF4
Dragon Gem Sword 810A52D3 448ADCA3
Inca Rose 908E7631 2900BFEB
Peridot Sword 357E2361 D68EB8C6
Needle of Light A04EDC1E 9296A33C
Answerer F5C38303 3D4EFD02
Francisca 7D715104 641B2EC4
Prox A52C876F 3B5C591A
Earth Dragon Axe5A6B3B0D F46C08B7
Frozen Axe E778F2ED 298C1BA8
Bloody Cleaver 8F7DA16A DA789CF8
Boreas 8E897480 1521318C
Halt Hammer BA0F3BA7 2B046397
Euros A8756805 B88B626C
Flame Flail 6B4BE71D 0DC861AE
Sanscion F8F48350 777D283E
Hammer of Tears 210D1455 0A5C518D
Mystic Hammer 8515C109 D02B4F95
Battle Fan 34674A1C 8AF5C815
Caldia EC84CFB8 7E0515D3
Hyacinth Fan C6269CD9 5054683A
Gypsy Queen 88234A16 76FCEF89
Scipplay's Staff 8E82D25F CC411DF5
Wind Wand 90B01A52 03D8293F
Fire Wand 07C5CEE5 F22F53BE
Earth Wand 37514454 DE32F76A
Ice Wand 4FB83171 2B9CF040
Ripple's Staff 6CA8727E 51E39CD3
Kerykeion 24FAE855 CC4305EA
Dowsing Rod C5EC04AA 217E635E
Sugar Cane 453FF91D 9713B05A
Pike 5FC8876E 1E566544
Trident D3150433 5C18FEEF
Zephyrus 264DA096 75CD9B4C
Volcaetus B71CA1AD 91C8F6F9
Earth Javelin 4CAD8028 B039A07D
Osric's Spear CED89E40 015EA92F
Longicolnis 73CED474 1F163B21
Brionac BE97F5A7 AB77DDD2
Leather Whip 75A53B32 290F1120
Beast Whip 5754F285 CCD38298
Holy Comet FE097078 7A6DA0B5
Rapture Rose AF73B0C9 5B1F48D8
Short Bow 82C64E72 31C67008
Great Bow 066AE56A D6A4F8D2
Thunder Bow 2615363B 2F99BDDA
Flame Bow 57889B68 AB56B765
Sandstorm Bow 3D588689 AC429C63
Tundra Bow 4B0A5D47 A5350550
Crescente BFDB2296 DD1A4145
Sherwood Bow F330CDEF 3EBFFB3A
Bow Gun EB1CF062 EB237415
Composite Bow 07CBACD0 283D8679
Tathlum 9D7F50AC 24E78478
Tower Shield DA78A0F5 362EFDAA

Other Answers

Guest answered:
Added 11th Dec 2010, ID #372289
GameShark's Enable Code (m) 3F406898120E5A39 CD23B7B24883FB1A Codebreaker Master Code 9C06137B 46A9
E35991C6 9B0D
57B93584 D405

Infinite Goth

34466685FE4305FB B43DFD5ECAC3932C

Item Slot Item Name GameShark Code

I. Equipable Items
Gameshark Codebreaker Gameshark Codebreaker
1 Short Sword D60E6D68 80E3605B EBBFD8F4 8291 83 Dragon Shields 43A348B3 061DC4A6 391FB847 92BA
2 Long Sword 63C90CEF B7342875 7EB706F0 B3B9 84 Thunder Shield 5A4E15F3 D43C8953 A817F207 A392
3 Claymore 89435F28 DA7AD7FA 3B1F90F7 A299 85 Flame Shield 03C41E01 397D3386 EFBF4430 B2B0
4 Sum Mannus D58A3C50 A3194731 AA17DAB7 93B1 86 Earth Shield 6A952170 7605980A 7AB79A34 8398
5 Firedrake Sword 658FFBF9 815478B0 EDBF6C80 8293 87 Ice Shield C3304B24 0C532D78 3F1F0C33 92B8
6 Ice Blade CB39BFF4 ADE686CA 78B7B284 B3BB 88 Saint's Shield 2008D35F 0345AA53 EEF74670 A390
7 Fafnir 3C5AF492 7E544C18 3D1F2483 A29B 89 Dark Shield F80E46EC EDB57CA2 8148F147 EC46
8 Sword of Tiamat BD8C098D 8B4C9EA4 ECF76EC0 93B3 90 Chocolate Shield E7CE680C 9FDA3443 14402F43 DD6E
9 Balmung 48E449BF 50C5E8CC 8B59D9F7 CCD5 91 Hard Leather C7252830 631F19D2 51E8B944 CC4E
10 Notos 4ED20BA5 85990BB1 1E5107F3 FDFD 92 Chain Mail 8E38B89E 33018BA8 C0E0F304 FD66
11 Laevateinn 41435230 2230AD33 5BF991F4 ECDD 93 Thunder Chain 023B1934 2191578D 87484533 EC44
12 Gram AC104D3A 27675BEF CAF1DBB4 DDF5 94 Flame Leather 80EAF7D4 6DC00181 12409B37 DD6C
13 Oracion 12DA6B41 0297C1B0 8D596D83 CCD7 95 Earth Leather B3656A50 07A524B2 57E80D30 CC4C
14 Fragarach 9EAFD124 9890A15B 1851B387 FDFF 96 Ice Chain 4B28B6BD E47EE497 8406664B F167
15 Anbicion (90 PWR) 19160EF7 5A5D115F 5DF92580 ECDF 97 Saint's Garb 5A886B46 35CB7FD0 C3A8D17C EC45
16 Anbicion (normal) E3DAE642 B70D5C02 8E114FF3 DDF4 98 Cursed Garment 07B076D7 262DE955 56A00F78 DD6D
17 Wind Snapdragon 21FA6971 489662F6 C9BFF8C4 C0D6 99 Plate Mail 60A9C228 1419A0BA 1308997F CC4D
18 Fire Snapdragon 3B2FF4F2 9D7CA073 5CB726C0 F1FE 100 Heavy Armor 1CCC817D F74E8354 8200D33F FD65
19 Earth Snapdragon 76E5E2ED 4E67979B 191FB0C7 E0DE 101 Peregrine Mail 405B506C F0A5691B C5A86508 EC47
20 Water Snapdragon 22959074 5B8404B2 8817FA87 D1F6 102 Phoenix Mail C1C3BA5A AB69DFB7 50A0BB0C DD6F
21 Virtue Snapdragon D7A871F7 0DF7B25E CFBF4CB0 C0D4 103 Nathalork Mail 2A8EC315 ABD09E65 15082D0B CC4F
22 Bane Snapdragon 4C4520CC 2686A6AD 5AB792B4 F1FC 104 Leviathan Mail 6BE0F4A3 3ED86A4C C4E06748 FD67
23 Matsukaze C318D537 61F9C15D 1F1F04B3 E0DC 105 Rune Plate 972C9068 1EB92304 A34ED07F A201
24 Kagari-bi D0814559 66296D6B CEF74EF0 D1F4 106 Black Armor D3812C57 B99F5A7B 36460E7B 9329
25 Yomogi-u 612E701F EEA58075 A148F1C7 BE22 107 Southern Cross 83345202 34854546 73EE987C 8209
26 Yu-giri A0CDE869 2E584D35 34402FC3 8F0A 108 Dragon Armor 80072552 0B1F5532 E2E6D23C B321
27 Rapier B7BBE09A 54F6E677 71E8B9C4 9E2A 109 Grincer Coat CED73E35 0FEE3232 A54E640B A203
28 Estoc 4B694B43 64B18EF4 E0E0F384 AF02 110 Candy Armor 4E0B59C0 26B407E5 3046BA0F 932B
29 Dragon Gem Sword 810A52D3 448ADCA3 A74845B3 BE20 111 Brigandine AFC8214B 1305F05E 75EE2C08 820B
30 Inca Rose 908E7631 2900BFEB 32409BB7 8F08 112 Robe 12C0005F 06B9DC88 A606467B B320
31 Peridot Sword 357E2361 D68EB8C6 77E80DB0 9E28 113 Spell Robe 4A20F38E A1236AF8 E1A8F14C AE02
32 Needle of Light A04EDC1E 9296A33C A40666CB A303 114 Robe of the Wise F4ED6ECC 8E1100B7 74A02F48 9F2A
33 Answerer F5C38303 3D4EFD02 E3A8D1FC BE21 115 Wind Garb DA00AC73 52005EA3 3108B94F 8E0A
34 Francisca 7D715104 641B2EC4 76A00FF8 8F09 116 Fire Garb 2445D488 D4861693 A000F30F BF22
35 Prox A52C876F 3B5C591A 330899FF 9E29 117 Earth Garb C66E5691 84877BE0 E7A84538 AE00
36 Earth Dragon Axe 5A6B3B0D F46C08B7 A200D3BF AF01 118 Water Garb BB6B54D6 743DB57F 72A09B3C 9F28
37 Frozen Axe E778F2ED 298C1BA8 E5A86588 BE23 119 Cloak of Oath 668698E3 AE228C37 37080D3B 8E08
38 Bloody Cleaver 8F7DA16A DA789CF8 70A0BB8C 8F0B 120 Robe of Abyss 490CC523 6070F633 E6E04778 BF20
39 Boreas 8E897480 1521318C 35082D8B 9E2B 121 Fur Coat 4737B2B2 774C8F3A 895FF04F E0D6
40 Halt Hammer BA0F3BA7 2B046397 E4E067C8 AF03 122 Pure-White Dress 99D0C267 F4A06948 1C572E4B D1FE
41 Euros A8756805 B88B626C 834ED0FF F065 123 Cloak of Authority A1A9C975 52F9DE1B 59FFB84C C0DE
42 Flame Flail 6B4BE71D 0DC861AE 16460EFB C14D 124 Leather Hat C8E13892 7EC4BFBF C8F7F20C F1F6
43 Sanscion F8F48350 777D283E 53EE98FC D06D 125 Bandanna 1EDB6A87 F784E2C5 8F5F443B E0D4
44 Hammer of Tears 210D1455 0A5C518D C2E6D2BC E145 126 Plumed Headband C6226B14 D46E617E 1A579A3F D1FC
45 Mystic Hammer 8515C109 D02B4F95 854E648B F067 127 Iron Helm BCDAA379 9519D71A 5FFF0C38 C0DC
46 Battle Fan 34674A1C 8AF5C815 1046BA8F C14F 128 Goblin Helm FEE73117 72B22760 A40067C3 3F23
47 Caldia EC84CFB8 7E0515D3 55EE2C88 D06F 129 Holy Crown 338AAC9C F5AD0296 E3AED0F4 2201
48 Hyacinth Fan C6269CD9 5054683A 860646FB E144 130 Freude Helm 46F273B5 2EEC9BCE 76A60EF0 1329
49 Gypsy Queen 88234A16 76FCEF89 C1A8F1CC FC66 131 Dragon Helm 3679DD72 3CFD55A5 330E98F7 0209
50 Scipplay's Staff 8E82D25F CC411DF5 54A02FC8 CD4E 132 Sherwood Hat AB932AB6 C770D6BB A206D2B7 3321
51 Wind Wand 90B01A52 03D8293F 1108B9CF DC6E 133 Candy Helm A3822391 DDBFDC10 E5AE6480 2203
52 Fire Wand 07C5CEE5 F22F53BE 8000F38F ED46 134 Pointy Hat F345CB65 777BC9E6 70A6BA84 132B
53 Earth Wand 37514454 DE32F76A C7A845B8 FC64 135 Circlet of Wisdom F37883C2 3608BB18 350E2C83 020B
54 Ice Wand 4FB83171 2B9CF040 52A09BBC CD4C 136 Winged Shoes D48A5C30 C77838EC E4E666C0 3323
55 Ripple's Staff 6CA8727E 51E39CD3 17080DBB DC6C 137 Warp Shoes B8206B42 D60E4CAD 8348D1F7 6C45
56 Kerykeion 24FAE855 CC4305EA C6E047F8 ED44 138 Greasy Boots 86A922E1 D6550BAA 16400FF3 5D6D
57 Dowsing Rod C5EC04AA 217E635E A95FF0CF B2B2 139 Snow Boots 383B9261 3FAC550D 53E899F4 4C4D
58 Sugar Cane 453FF91D 9713B05A 3C572ECB 839A 140 Forest Boots F23A5326 BD0D204D C2E0D3B4 7D65
59 Pike 5FC8876E 1E566544 79FFB8CC 92BA 141 Ring of Flight 1D5BDDBE E2F1E37B 85486583 6C47
60 Trident D3150433 5C18FEEF E8F7F28C A392 142 Warp Ring 31D75A8B AB24BECB 1040BB87 5D6F
61 Zephyrus 264DA096 75CD9B4C AF5F44BB B2B0 143 Ring of Flotation 9CDD1589 D2A6A6A0 55E82D80 4C4F
62 Volcaetus B71CA1AD 91C8F6F9 3A579ABF 8398 144 Armlet of Wisdom 8586BDE3 60649757 860047F3 7D64
63 Earth Javelin 4CAD8028 B039A07D 7FFF0CB8 92B8 145 Armlet of Agility C7B52704 BC6604CC C1AEF0C4 6046
64 Osric's Spear CED89E40 015EA92F 8C116743 EDD7 146 Wind Ring FD082A76 3A027190 54A62EC0 516E
65 Longicolnis 73CED474 1F163B21 CBBFD074 F0F5 147 Firedrake Ring AD6957FE 42E96D01 110EB8C7 404E
66 Brionac BE97F5A7 AB77DDD2 5EB70E70 C1DD 148 Earth Ring 025AF41B 04488CFC 8006F287 7166
67 Leather Whip 75A53B32 290F1120 1B1F9877 D0FD 149 Water Ring 73EB2DC0 4CA36E13 C7AE44B0 6044
68 Beast Whip 5754F285 CCD38298 8A17D237 E1D5 150 Sacred Ring A943A5EB B274B46A 52A69AB4 516C
69 Holy Comet FE097078 7A6DA0B5 CDBF6400 F0F7 151 Dark Ring 3B401824 8D2EEEF5 170E0CB3 404C
70 Rapture Rose AF73B0C9 5B1F48D8 58B7BA04 C1DF 152 Dragon Eyes 0060474F F8626704 C6E646F0 7164
71 Short Bow 82C64E72 31C67008 1D1F2C03 D0FF 153 Ring of the Dead 1472C21D 3492A077 E959E9F2 1EB2
72 Great Bow 066AE56A D6A4F8D2 CCF76640 E1D7 154 Necklace of Resist D5C391E3 7AAECA7E 7C5137F6 2F9A
73 Thunder Bow 2615363B 2F99BDDA AB59D177 BEB1 155 Pearl Necklace 3F514C0A 6967F88B 39F9A1F1 3EBA
74 Flame Bow 57889B68 AB56B765 3E510F73 8F99 156 Amulet B4554F9D 1EAEB2D0 A8F1EBB1 0F92
75 Sandstorm Bow 3D588689 AC429C63 7BF99974 9EB9 157 Dragon Gem 59192D04 8897001A EF595D86 1EB0
76 Tundra Bow 4B0A5D47 A5350550 EAF1D334 AF91 158 Cassowary Feather 8720D018 0BF684A6 7A518382 2F98
77 Crescente BFDB2296 DD1A4145 AD596503 BEB3 159 Glass Pumpkin 76E8A8DD 43D23C83 3FF91585 3EB8
78 Sherwood Bow F330CDEF 3EBFFB3A 3851BB07 8F9B 160 Firecrest 49C462C9 FC1FF368 EC177EFE 0393
79 Bow Gun EB1CF062 EB237415 7DF92D00 9EBB 161 Sacrificial Doll 9B5FFD5C 465A1303 ABB9C9C9 1EB1
80 Composite Bow 07CBACD0 283D8679 AE114773 AF90 162 Sacred Stone of Bliss 44766FB2 EEBBCB51 3EB117CD 2F99
81 Tathlum 9D7F50AC 24E78478 E9BFF044 B2B2 163 Transferring Stone 03D35BAE ABEA06E5 7B1981CA 3EB9
82 Tower Shield DA78A0F5 362EFDAA 7CB72E40 839A 164 Seraph's Plume 74FAA2FD A1C6B3AB EA11CB8A 0F91

II. Expendable Items
Gameshark Codebreaker Gameshark Codebreaker
1 Healing Leaf E350D958 A147789E ED1F7CBE 0293 15 Savage Bugle E108156C 5F94FD20 1BBF80C9 60DC
2 Healing Seed 239D46D2 5B8B0B01 7817A2BA 33BB 16 Coral Harp 8F120759 6D1BE805 8AB7CA89 51F4
3 Healing Salve 5D06ACB0 CE3A871F 3FB9158D 2E99 17 Snapdragon 6B0B2ADE 0FB8476C CF1F5C8E 40D4
4 Healing Essence EB43E956 C6497A57 EE515FCE 1FB1 18 Reincarnation C435AF11 4A34D0E7 5A17828A 71FC
5 Magic Leaf 56A58D17 FDD91A90 ABF9C9C9 0E91 19 Sword Emblem 5B4002CA 36590CD3 1DB935BD 6CDE
6 Magic Seed A4064D9F 36FF6DBC 3EF117CD 3FB9 20 Crown of Intellect 7A6C1DFB D8977C33 CC517FFE 5DF6
7 Magic Essence D8895146 B1607E68 7959A1FA 2E9B 21 Stone of Swiftness 7DEDCF3F 2A435CFC 89F9E9F9 4CD6
8 Magic Salve ABC28DD3 89AED937 E851EBBA 1FB3 22 Tome of Discipline AA219F84 6E19A54A 1CF137FD 7DFE
9 Wisdom Fruit 4AD3234E 0ED9C7A3 ADF97DBD 0E93 23 Urn of Chaos ACB95006 F759942B 5B5981CA 6CDC
10 Angel Fruit 499CFF5F A893C384 38F1A3B9 3FBB 24 Mirror of the Gods D695EFE1 9FC15DF3 CA51CB8A 5DF4
11 Revive Stone EEE89E53 0C954F24 5F5F148E 60DD 25 Cup of Life E6CE4DB1 F0A6C1AE 8FF95D8D 4CD4
12 Antidote 8E9533FB 4FA7CD1F 8CB77EFD 51F6 26 Sorcerer's Cup CED8A4A6 AEE9C040 1AF18389 7DFC
13 Spirit Fruit F3C38F1F 987D2CBD C91FE8FA 40D6 27 Altar of Resurrection 33488811 1014B81B 754E34BE 220A
14 Orb 4659761D F071FDCE 5C1736FE 71FE --- ------------------- -------------------------------- -------------------------------

III. Magic Spells
Gameshark Codebreaker Gameshark Codebreaker
1 Thunderbird 6801BF3C A70883C2 83A8C9C1 DC65 26 Grueza's Influence E3E03CC9 C92FB2F3 7C5736F6 A39A
2 Thunder Flare 7C098FB4 5AAA90E8 16A017C5 ED4D 27 Poison Squall 2B707F0A B45418C9 39FFA0F1 B2BA
3 Air Blade D7C60228 C6577498 530881C2 FC6D 28 Purify D2377550 C6404582 A8F7EAB1 8392
4 Teleport 67660826 903CC30C C200CB82 CD45 29 Star Tiara (dummy) B2170C4D 3DC62324 EF5F5C86 92B0
5 Summon Tempest 7C60EFE5 BEF884B3 85A87DB5 DC67 30 Exorcism EA897B9E 493C79A8 7A578282 A398
6 Harnella's Influence 67F0F98D 2D075FAD 10A0A3B1 ED4F 31 Lightning Bow B1ED97EE 7B56E4EB 3FFF1485 B2B8
7 Haste 322182BD 3E62517F 550835B6 FC6F 32 Divine Radiance F49B661A 7EC30F36 EC117FFE 8F93
8 Salamander E52C5AE2 318457BE 84E07FF5 CD47 33 Tranquillize 076AD29A 44E7B0C1 8BBFC8C9 D0F5
9 Firestorm 45693230 8DE0289B C34EC8C2 D065 34 Faith CE201B79 4B599C1E 1EB716CD E1DD
10 Fireball BBEFA5A1 52BB2E8C 564616C6 E14D 35 Cleanse 1AF50C2F E760EACF 5B1F80CA F0FD
11 Clear Sky 0FAAF61B 34617DAF 13EE80C1 F06D 36 Heal D73BB4BD FC5FC8A5 CA17CA8A C1D5
12 Ray of Paralysis D5E9812A 884AA719 82E6CA81 C145 37 Heal Plus 6C3FE786 CFDCBC3B 8DBF7CBD D0F7
13 Zoshonel's Influence 94B5FBA6 C8014E7E C54E7CB6 D067 38 Full Heal 487A1548 4D0D8E6B 18B7A2B9 E1DF
14 Molten Blade 08970E10 9D65BB31 5046A2B2 E14F 39 Resurrection 73C697B4 2707C5B1 5D1F34BE F0FF
15 Gnome AE28FE3C DC16AEAB 15EE34B5 F06F 40 Ignis Fatuus CDA969AD 2CC724D3 8CF77EFD C1D7
16 Acid Vapor 2C4A1791 30B56D25 C6065EC6 C144 41 Fiend's Grip 86435F4C 930A8DC4 CB59C9CA DCF5
17 Crag Crush BDC8835E 87E6268A A9B9E9F1 9EB2 42 Nightmare 9EBDBBE3 8828CC21 5E5117CE EDDD
18 Petrifying Cloud 43A5F178 2FCD2700 3CB137F5 AF9A 43 Pain (dummy) 9FB5ACF9 EDE91541 1BF981C9 FCFD
19 Hurdle Wall 01458037 3BA2A68F 7919A1F2 BEBA 44 Brain Sap 62326359 F369E6E2 8AF1CB89 CDD5
20 Berthe's Influence B213901B F19F00FA E811EBB2 8F92 45 Enfeeble 188ED5B2 D129839F CD597DBE DCF7
21 Constrain 6B15A537 CF8FC1ED AFB95D85 9EB0 46 Cursed Existence 2847ED99 25FC1652 5851A3BA EDDF
22 Fenrir 97AFF4E7 555B7C0A 3AB18381 AF98 47 Fluid Magic 6D8829AD 96F0E57F 1DF935BD FCFF
23 Ice Javelin 5E4EB0D5 75B9ED7A 7F191586 BEB8 48 Time Flux BF73C4A1 B1853B86 CE115FCE CDD4
24 Ice Field B83CA5CC FC6E0E50 AEF15FC5 8F90 49 Necromancy B7771063 B17A8956 A1AEE8F9 8202
25 Slumber Mist 21A4531F A9E3D206 E95FE8F2 92B2 --- ----------------- --------------------------------- -------------------------------

IV. Classes For Hire
Gameshark Codebreaker Gameshark Codebreaker
1 Male Soldier 814F4811 DFEB5A99 831BE0F3 D841 31 Gremlin 9B4F78EE A1A3FACF 55FB1C84 F84A
2 Female Soldier 93A11607 07E3E931 1213AAF3 E969 32 Daemon B1C9F428 83862BB9 8215E3FB C561
3 Male Ninja 703DFBFE 531DCF95 131BA8F3 F849 33 Duke Knight 644AFAF5 F2A0E896 831DE1FB D441
4 Female Ninja 00A13C09 ED5515E7 861376B7 C961 34 Male Dark Angel 2909EBB2 E2A470D3 1215ABFB E569
5 Male Archer EF94D27A 896C8063 871B74B7 D841 35 Female Dark Angel 97DB2B20 2CE2445B 131DA9FB F449
6 Female Archer 22AA24B5 FCEDDEE6 16133EB7 E969 36 Thunder Dragon F3703A9D B1641912 861577BF C561
7 Male Wizard E622CD51 F0DA376D 171B3CB7 F849 37 Red Dragon 8C4E0B46 5CA7615B 871D75BF D441
8 Female Wizard 77D01E91 9AE6AC78 C2F3E2F0 C961 38 Earth Dragon 3C00B050 3066A663 16153FBF E569
9 Male Cleric 0441CF87 6DB5F3CC C3FBE0F0 D841 39 Blue Dragon 86CA80AF 0F23DD7A 171D3DBF F449
10 Female Cleric E353D929 A159FC43 52F3AAF0 E969 40 Mushus 580808C6 F1C61308 C2F5E3F8 C561
11 Male Knight 945862A7 751CDF86 53FBA8F0 F849 41 Naga 5426FEF7 33672AFB C3FDE1F8 D441
12 Female Knight 03307E24 1B545F00 C6F376B4 C961 42 Vrtra 399B86D1 839C9C68 52F5ABF8 E569
13 Swordmaster A9B11857 3D049A11 C7FB74B4 D841 43 Dragon Zombie DAF641B4 3794B89F 53FDA9F8 F449
14 Dragoon 75234228 DB0172F7 56F33EB4 E969 44 Griffin 8CC810ED D9BAA9DA C6F577BC C561
15 Valkyrie F4CB95EB 9900576C 57FB3CB4 F849 45 Cockatrice FF5BB9B8 94A83B57 C7FD75BC D441
16 Siren 1FF8F7EE A9CE93BE 8013C2C3 C962 46 Octopus 2176567E D54714D6 56F53FBC E569
17 Warlock B36175E6 85FF7ABA 811BC0C3 D842 47 Cerberus 67F31E66 048D90A5 57FD3DBC F449
18 Witch 752B4FBC 220C8BAB 10138AC3 E96A 48 Giant 54EC6DCA 506A3DF6 8015C3CB C562
19 Male Priest AD945278 C4DB1297 111B88C3 F84A 49 Bandit C82243D6 401421FD 811DC1CB D442
20 Female Priest 999DB5E5 0AB70DEF 84135687 C962 50 Male Undead Soldier 930A8AD1 B97263F9 10158BCB E56A
21 Dragon Tamer BB9B668D 6604D617 851B5487 D842 51 Female Undead Soldier A83448C4 DC0A8C64 111D89CB F44A
22 Beast Tamer D91D0C2E ECCA9974 14131E87 E96A 52 Male Undead Wizard 17EBBE09 542D0AC7 8415578F C562
23 Hawkman E0A5A09B 3E7ED4CF 151B1C87 F84A 53 Female Undead Wizard CA236CDD 5E420B80 851D558F D442
24 Mermaid 1E0102A2 2C20F69B C0F3C2C0 C962 54 Male Undead Knight 300539A4 3B38998A 14151F8F E56A
25 Fairy A98AA4BE 273E6E55 C1FBC0C0 D842 55 Female Undead Knight B9CED9B7 9B71DF96 151D1D8F F44A
26 Lich 7CCBE705 9E5A6B23 50F38AC0 E96A 56 Doll (dummy) 993A6992 D2B621E9 C0F5C3C8 C562
27 Male Angel Knight B695F542 EC5E9FC9

C4F35684 C962
57 Dark Stalker 21C04D36 E288B7AB C1FDC1C8 D442
28 Female Angel Knight 81948C46 6140E140 51FB88C0 F84A 58 Hell Gigantes 797485B0 E04DC6FC 50F58BC8 E56A
29 Ghost EB1E9F1A 93D27106 C5FB5484 D842 59 Predator D890B944 D1D0D11E 51FD89C8 F44A
30 Gorgon 8DC6DE29 47E69651 54F31E84 E96A --- ------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------

V. Character Modification
Gameshark Gameshark
Character Slot 1 Character Slot 2
Infinite HP F0CD0FDD26A1C07A Infinite HP 147B8D9536BCC2B3
Max HP DB4769A29406ED70 Max HP 9DFD25D7420E9FCE
Infinite MP D35A1F8F00467EE6 Infinite MP D6ABC8BBD8810281
Max MP FC470B04D1F94D19 Max MP 0A02670FE0C2CD52
Max Strength B3258E2C24161914 Max Strength D60472B1E777F9BA
Max Intel 4E5606CF9F2B082D Max Intel 628025D61313FAED
MaxAgility 293B5A8E31CC52FA MaxAgility CC5ABD4EAA8420FE
Max Level F93A248DE845D0CB Max Level C8464F26CE0F668F
Max EXP FB9076FB82B28904 Max EXP CC0EE636CCFE0A80

Character Slot 3 Character Slot 4
Infinite HP 1E2C7DAF6D744FEF Infinite HP 57BFFB4A8031EC57
Max HP 0007A74D078D78B5 Max HP 5B5FF4032B79022D
Infinite MP FB93F17951E48966 Infinite MP B7A21B0802CB8B1F
Max MP 5FFD602A5BA6E3E6 Max MP 8FACA87999AEC7FB
Max Strength 77B2472A9B0CA264 Max Strength 53D730DC19F3DE0D
Max Intel 3CD7B42EA22AAE64 Max Intel 96B2805441F3B69A
MaxAgility 20505E73F7AED3FE MaxAgility 9B6EF048189A86AB
Max Level 4A57CB85BFB7ABC9 Max Level A17F81DCF7FB1AF2
Max EXP D867F21111FEA657 Max EXP 98385EA69CAD7269

Character Slot 5 Character Slot 6
Infinite HP 101029B357B32A65 Infinite HP E269043E94E15B51
Max HP 1FD403A1CE66A7EB Max HP 425F60C9E2116BC6
Infinite MP 0A7C12138DCFFB57 Infinite MP 3513391EEB88DCCF
Max MP 6C4020A7B03E0C27 Max MP BA943A8D651D376E
Max Strength 0B2AC14A7E020D83 Max Strength AA89D89757978943
Max Intel 60216AADC3E93FB2 Max Intel 7DF5CF6F6B9F7923
MaxAgility 402D37FAB1A29695 MaxAgility 22B2E3B6AEA15D16
Max Level E57D16325E95F30A Max Level 2F0606ADB171AD4E
Max EXP 1CDAE48765D3B701 Max EXP E64A4A711B697E29

Character Slot 7 Character Slot 8
Infinite HP 5CC1EC52539D60B8 Infinite HP D6EC0F9D51CE2C5E
Max HP 5E38184591F51F08 Max HP 93A22E4E835039BA
Infinite MP DA75D5961F9972F8 Infinite MP BC3D9C12E3EEC473
Max MP E14A88D653E5DC2C Max MP CCEA99F65C4358C6
Max Strength 5D45D3900C6AEEBE Max Strength FFBDA19E6C67A56D
Max Intel 74063C3FA4920EE0 Max Intel BB2472A39B92BE8C
MaxAgility 2B7E22177A6277D3 MaxAgility 0ADACA93870FE6FA
Max Level B1280B9E8253465A Max Level 5253EE556709EED5
Max EXP D4A6A1EED6986272 Max EXP 1DAE3C34E96CE393

Character Slot 9 Character Slot 10
Infinite HP A0D6B3398A6D86C5 Infinite HP 55AC1CC1068F3AF2
Max HP 0B7319677CCD23FE Max HP 4EF64E88250842A5
Infinite MP 065C75294844DE6C Infinite MP D9735A8D5B4808D2
Max MP 3B401980CE04DE1F Max MP FCE24B50A338BE72
Max Strength BB012B672ABECBC1 Max Strength 466C39DD9FD32087
Max Intel 5AD9B3EBF7FA318A Max Intel 3445054F0CCF256C
MaxAgility 654414763F5F848A MaxAgility C35E70ABB8954BBA
Max Level 00EC61BA473955F8 Max Level 196ED2B34A6EF71F
Max EXP B548E221DDCA10FA Max EXP 1C8196D55066F530

Character Slot 11 Character Slot 12
Infinite HP 0598EDC684B8D064 Infinite HP C930F1915916292B
Max HP 389331C0ED3D5CCA Max HP D57F0E6C92EF0962
Infinite MP 736A3941E355E02F Infinite MP 81C8AB3B35B14417
Max MP 46236F52F941E85A Max MP 352335EB348E2E6A
Max Strength 30DD440F9725B213 Max Strength 1E351B7437F90E82
Max Intel F9A86EF8A6C5E3AC Max Intel 5990DFB7C1C7EF44
MaxAgility 461905DF633244DA MaxAgility 3A659EF14E5ACD7C
Max Level 3CE52FF9B911F316 Max Level 7C07602F51FD3F7B
Max EXP 940331989963B8AC Max EXP E43974D80E983989

Character Slot 13 Character Slot 14
Infinite HP D5C1F92A6C0F6B01 Infinite HP E8380E04613A2325
Max HP 0D3852EA770710DD Max HP 7EE9E69DA6BC7F92
Infinite MP 68B75BD03B025634 Infinite MP 6662FD6F68735521
Max MP FA2B02E4421954D5 Max MP E7DBF6E82CA66EEE
Max Strength 7E077D0DB8FF7FEB Max Strength A49A449096F54016
Max Intel 79B942CD1BE90D17 Max Intel 7CEA8EDC386BFF44
MaxAgility 4483A4A5CC3BECFE MaxAgility 32A5603F5621EA3B
Max Level DF94F02B072CA681 Max Level 10AB5C0B5D9A91F4
Max EXP EC20A638F557F44D Max EXP BB42B214EFE10F21

Character Slot 15 Character Slot 16
Infinite HP 8DEC67FF4826278B Infinite HP 2269ABE1321BAFE3
Max HP FC8791756CC9C2F3 Max HP C876B84960BC9003
Infinite MP CEA333CA3D352FA5 Infinite MP E786998AC430AD81
Max MP 4F647F2827505091 Max MP 9B2AF47C97F11D0D
Max Strength E813F9F3821D3B16 Max Strength D99FF6E4871271CD
Max Intel CA216CD73AF0F194 Max Intel CC779C389BF7559D
MaxAgility 92DF939CB00D828F MaxAgility 6E234E8EE776E2CE
Max Level D2FBCCA03D150B8B Max Level 2268F76DAB62172C
Max EXP 404CFA5A31640990 Max EXP 7711312F79D2CD70

Character Slot 17 Character Slot 18
Infinite HP 31A10C24D518041B Infinite HP 4A45A0206F4787FC
Max HP F2573EBE3A2ACBAB Max HP C49C961976271FE4
Infinite MP E3E6A845AF1E79E7 Infinite MP CC4A4A6719A796BF
Max MP 872B971015CEFE30 Max MP 0C8892D7B34B758F
Max Strength 22EFDC7CE24148BA Max Strength B831E27E2F8FA1B7
Max Intel 014C388C21F4AE03 Max Intel CE3BFB11756742D3
MaxAgility 600387E8A1375BD9 MaxAgility A5AA7BD68ABFBE2F
Max Level FF65BE71481881FC Max Level DB07EEF7C9E48668
Max EXP 754BBB991C6E0B8C Max EXP E4FCE21E0E04A127

Character Slot 19 Character Slot 20
Infinite HP C49C25C5518025DC Infinite HP 3E2BDF12A46F43A0
Infinite MP F92F35C074676EA0 Infinite MP 6CD52DE00D87D388
Max MP 69B9D2693A9090C9 Max MP E3B6018D8D6DA95E
Max Strength 8A20752DA80D8132 Max Strength 7B3704AC5F5E3E1B
Max Intel CE325A2147F1BAD9 Max Intel AA02705B471C3A35
MaxAgility 66E1035D88304949 MaxAgility 6722C16A88D61539
Max Level 2E6CB7D7CAFE7EB8 Max Level C7267926F336313E
Max EXP 6FAB8CBDDE2458CC Max EXP C88B4179EE233B5E

Character Slot 21 Character Slot 22
Infinite HP 124CD6A3F74A6F1B Infinite HP 09204BAE321F8052
Max HP 47B091B95FB3A5FD Max HP A006F59CEFFB1397
Infinite MP 7F5B791171CA8E23 Infinite MP 5BCE1E729F3E5536
Max MP 53C8CA5D46F955B9 Max MP 0A27FA417796DE3B
Max Strength F12391E2493D1EDD Max Strength 54A717D8D08C4F97
Max Intel F7D9843BA9E6F8FB Max Intel 80F8F3355F2BF243
MaxAgility D006F3AACC641BFF MaxAgility 94803CB39CDB4F58
Max Level B6846B2D2EEA779F Max Level 980E4F444BAF0CC3
Max EXP 6CD54CC443D9264A Max EXP 16A6917C7843858A

Character Slot 23 Character Slot 24
Infinite HP BD4AD5F12ED8FD1C Infinite HP 924BC4422E9FE365
Max HP 6AE439D95DB4FE7D Max HP 3B8BD101AE77AC33
Infinite MP 5B887A4ED88219AC Infinite MP EBA0E53DFAE66DBF
Max MP 740057D4C92D58A1 Max MP 3DE245D0B1F2BEB3
Max Strength 1AC56DA3FCFB7303 Max Strength D4AD43D3ED6633D6
Max Intel 70203A11A4D835FA Max Intel B0FECF7E1AC378FB
MaxAgility EA418A65F0203F2F MaxAgility ECA890DF406E09DB
Max Level 2ADB1A4C45A514A9 Max Level 0A0AC89569E4B8AC
Max EXP 289301E9BEB888A5 Max EXP 8F64F6A8718AF916

Character Slot 25
Infinite HP 767709BE8FFAFE38
Max HP 1B178A575F4D7233
Infinite MP 472CF62B8FDF50AB
Max Strength 796A234B242258A8
Max Intel 37EB2B25936A377C
MaxAgility C70E75F35FB94CE3
Max Level D7A2E599168F3741
Max EXP 36A0A5EF6B047DEA
happy cheating
Guest answered:
Added 13th Dec 2016, ID #685764
These are not gameshark codes. Gameshark codes have 12 digits not 8.

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