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Donkey Kong Country

Donkey Kong Country Cheats for Gameboy Advance

We have 3 cheats on Gameboy Advance
We also have cheats for this game on:   GameBoy   Nintendo 64   Wii   SNES

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Many picturesAdded 10 Dec 2008, ID #12516
Klump:Ground slam any klump.(Jungle Hijinx)
Bitesize:floating to the left of a expresso token(Misty Mine)
Klap Trap:Ground slam any Klap Trap.(Stop and Go Station)
Kongs in mine cart:Jump over the automatic barrel.(Mine Cart Carnage)
Chomps:In millstone.(Temple Tempest)
Chomps jr.:Top of up (blue) rope.(Slipslide ride)
Rambi and Donkey kong:Found in first bonus(Jungle Hijinx)
Diddy kong and Expresso:Fly to first bonus.(Orang Utan Gang)
Funky kong:Catch a crab.(Found at bottom)(Funky's Fishing)
Candy kong:Get a perfect rating.(Candy's Dance Studio)
Other kongs in mine cart picture:Found at entrance.(Loopy lights)
Very Gnawty picture:In Dk hut behind bananas.(No,you do not have to beat Very Gnawty first)(Jungle Hijinx)
Army:Ground slam any Army.(Ropey Rampage)
Kritter:roll or jump on 3 kritter's.(Jungle Hijinx)
Gnawty:roll or jump on 3 Gnawty's(Tree Top Town)
Clambo:Behind Clambo in vertical passage.(Clam City)
Zinger:Ground slam the middle of arena.(Bumble B. Rumble)
Manky Kong:Roll a steel barrel into Manky Kong(Orang Utan Gang)
Necky:Ground slam middle tire in arena.(Necky's Nuts)
Donkey Kong:Defeat all bosses with Donkey Kong.(Very Gnawty/Gang Plank Galleon)
Diddy Kong:Defeat all bosses with Diddy Kong.(Very Gnawty/Gang Plank Galleon)
Cranky Kong:Visit all of Cranky's cabins.(Chimp Caverns)
Engurade:Get at least 400 tokens.(Token Bonus)
Rambi:Get at least 600 tokens.(Token Bonus)
Winky:Get at least 600 tokens.(Token Bonus)
Expresso:Get at least 600 tokens(Token Bonus)
Squaks:Above the end of the level.(Torchlight Trouble)
All Kongs picture:Get all KONG in every level.
Snow Scene Picture:Above barrel gap.(Ice Age Alley)
Aquatic Scene picture:Below "G" in a secret alcove.(Coral Capers)
King K.Rool and minions:Defeat K.Rool.(Gang Plank Galleon)
Kongs and Nintendo picture:Find all bonuses.

All of these were Manually checked.I hope it helps you to get 101%.(Trust me,you need ALL the pictures to get 101%..I just need one more picture..number 47..Contact me if you can tell me where I can find it and how)


Helpful stuffAdded 9 Dec 2008, ID #12510
Hi,i'm going to tell you about all the warps I know.Well,I don't know them all.But I know MANY.

Kongo Jungle

Jungle Hijinx:At the beggining of the level,there are 3 trees above you.Get to the third one.Fall down to the right.(As close as you can to the tree)You will land in a warp barrel.

Ropey Rampage:This is easy to explain.There are many pink flowers where you could die from falling.Fall into the first pink flower you see.You will land in a warp barrel.

Coral Capers:A hard one to explain.When you see the first Croctopus,Go down and you should be able to go to a secret place with many bananas.go to the lower left corner and left.You should land in a warp barrel.

Barrel Cannon Canyon:At the beggining of the level,you should be able to find an automatic barrel.There are MANY automatic barrels in the level.But this one has a Winky icon above it.Jump over it to the left.You should land in a warp barrel.

Monkey Mines

Winky's Walkway:You will see two birds.(Aka Necky)Jump above them and you will get Winky.When you have him,Jump as far and as high as you can to the right.You should land in a warp barrel.

Mine Cart Carnage:Easy one.When you enter the level you should see an automatic barrel.Jump OVER it and Straight down.You will land in a warp barrel AND get a picture of the kongs in a Mine Cart.

Millstone Mayhem:Just so you know,this warp is different from the warp on the Snes.Anyway,At the first gap you see,jump into it.It will be an automatic barrel.When up in the air when it shoots you up,go to the right as far as you can.You should land in a warp barrel.

Vine Valley
Im sorry,but the only warp I know for Vine Valley is the Snes.No harm in telling you right?

Vulture Culture(For the Snes):You need Donkey Kong for this.There is a mini necky.After that gap with that Mini necky,there will be one of those guys that shoots those little (uhh)things at you.At that gap,change to Donkey Kong.You will then See the warp.

Gorilla Glacier

Im sorry,I don't know any for Gorilla Glacier.If I find any,I shall submit them.

Kremkroks Industries Inc.

Trick Trek Track:You will see the thing that carries you through the level.Instead of jumping on it,roll and jump.You should land in a warp barrel.

Chimp Caverns

I do not know any warps for Chimp Caverns.They will be submitted as found.

All of these warps have been Manually checked.i hope it helps you.
Some helpful thingsAdded 9 Dec 2008, ID #12509
1.To start/continue a file with 50 lives,at the start menu press b,a,r,r,a,l.

2.To listen all of the music of the game,at the start menu press b,a,l,l,a

3.a warp:Jungle Hijinx:At the beggining of the level,there are three trees above you.Get to the third tree.Fall down to the left.(as close as you can to the tree)

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