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Follow the dark path or use the light
Castlevania: Circle of the Moon Pack Shot

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon Cheats for Gameboy Advance

We have 8 cheats on Gameboy Advance

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Easily Defeat The Dragon ZombiesAdded 9 Oct 2009, ID #12923
If you thought that Adramelech was hard, clearly you haven't fought the Dragon Zombies. These guys are tota;;y Hard and ALOT harder than Adramelech. The worst part is, theres two of them. When the battle begins, slide under the first dragon and go over to the one on the right. This guy is alot easier and you won't get hit by his fireballs. Your Firewhip does good in this battle along with Axes. Jump and hit the dragons head to do damage. When you see the dragon swaying back and forth, it's about to slam it's head into the wall. To dodge the slamming of the head, slide over to the other side of the dragon and attack, then slide back over. Keep in mind that you should only concentrate on attacking ONE dragon. You'll see why later. Keep doing this and this dragon's life will be over. Occasionally, the other dragon will spit a Super-Sonic wave at you but, if your back against the wall far enough, it won't even come close to hitting you. Now this next part goes back to what I said about killing only ONE dragon. The dragon you just killed woll lay there and then the other one will eat it and gain about 300 HP, THATS why you need to focus on only one!! Do the same thing you did with the other dragon and it will be over shorlty.

Reward:Heavy Ring-Move certain blocks

Easily Defeat AdramelechAdded 9 Oct 2009, ID #12922
This guy is pretty hard, but with this walkthrough, you can kill him in no time. Before you enter the room, try killing the enemies down below. The Were-Bear drops the Strength Ring so, kill him until you get TWO of them. The Hyena drops the Night Suit which is WHYCKED SWEET. When you have these items, your chances of killing Adramelech will be MUCH HIGHER!!!! Also, break the wall to the far left to reveal a Were-Bear, Hyena and an HP Max Increase. Also, the DSS combonation of Venus and Salamander is AWESOME becuase it increases your Attack by 25. Now on to the battle. He starts off by just moving his head around in misery and that is when he is vulnerable. Befor you attack, turn on your DSS combonation. His attacks are:
1.He sends skulls at you.
2.He sends Fireballs of Death at you.
Now, the skulls don't follow you but, the Fireballs do. Leave it up to Konami to make the most powerful attack follow you huh? To dodge the fireballs, just run and jump to the boss door, Kick Boot off the wall then Double jump but DON'T PRESS ANY BUTTONS AFTERWARDS. Now go over to his head and attack, watch out for the bubbles though becuase they will hurt you. When you see skulls appear to the side, run the opposite direction then cime right back and get back to business. With tese strategies, he'll be dead in no time.
Easily Defeat Iron GolemAdded 9 Oct 2009, ID #12921
The Iron Golem is located near the end of the boss room, so don't run too far becuase he camos in the wall pretty well. His attacks are as follows:
1.He tries to punch you.
2.He hits the ground and makes gears fall on you
3.He sends a super powerful Super-Sonic Wave
4.He heals himself
Keep hitting him until you see him start to prepare for an attack. When he hits the ground, jump the second before becuase the massive vibrations will cuase damage to you. Also, the gears that turn red are about to fall down so, get away from them. When he is about to throw something, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. If you get hit by this move, you will be taken down by a whole lot of damage. This guy is pretty slow and is ALWAYS vulnerable. The things that keep you from quickly defeating him is the fact that he has super-high defens and heals himself.

Reward:Kick Boots-Kcik off walls to reach new heights and new parts of the castle you couldn't before.
Easily Defeat NecromancerAdded 9 Oct 2009, ID #12920
Keep in mind that the Necromancer has two(dos) forms. The first form, you may confuse him with Death(the Grim Reaper/Angel of Death) but he is not Death. You fight Death later on in the game. He will start of by being surrounded by bubbles. When the bubbles dissapear, hit him until he comes back. Next, he will use his sheild which, keep in mind, does absolutely nothing. The time where Necromancer is most vulnerable will be when a sigil appears in front of him. You should be on the pedastal now. While he is summoning his zombies, hit him. Keep doing this until he bursts into flames. The match isn't over yet. He will change into a Were-Terodactyl type thingy. Alls he does now is summon skeletons and he turns into a ball. You will see him morph into a ball right before your eyes. When this happens, run to the entrance of the room and stay there until the noise stops. Then, jump onto the pedastal and go get him. When he reaches his arm out, he is about to summon a massive army of skeletons, this is when he is most vulnerable. Also, using your Fire Whip isn't such a bad idea.

Reward:Tackle-Tackle blocks into oblivion(damages enemies too).
Easily Deafeat CerberusAdded 9 Oct 2009, ID #12918
This si the first boss in the game. Cerberus takes three forms: his regular form, his lightning form, and his death ray form. He starts off on regular. When the battle begins, go up to him and hit him a couple time until he barks, then jump onto the top pedastal and go back down. Next, He will change colors. If he changes to Blue, he is going to use his lightning attack on you. If he does this, whack him until the lightning is close to you, then jump onto the pedastals and get inside the lightning and whack him untill the lightning comes back. If he turns red, he is going to use his Death Ray. First, he will jump, follow him and jump and hit him from behind. You wil be totally safe from his Ray of Death. When the ray stops, you stop, then run to the other side. After every attack, he will change forms. Repeat these actions and you will kill him in no time.

Reward: Double-Execute another jump while in Mid-Air
Unlock Shield with no MP ConsumptionAdded 19 Jun 2007, ID #10950
Activate a shield using the Jupiter DSS card and enter a 'Save' location. Save your game without turning off your shield and then Exit the 'Save' location and your shield will still be going with no consumption of your MP.
CheatsAdded 24 Jul 2004, ID #2951
Play in Magician Mode:
Complete the game with Nathan and when starting a new game enter ‘FIREBALL’ as your name. If the code has been entered correctly ‘Magician’ will appear on the option screen. In the DSS option all the Trading Cards will be available.

Play in Fighter Mode:
Complete the game in Magician mode and when starting a new game enter ‘GRADIUS’ as your name. If the code has been entered correctly ‘Fighter’ will appear on the option screen. In this mode Nathan will be stronger and be able to sustain more damage. There are no Trading Cards in this mode.

Play in Shooter Mode:
Complete the game in Magician and Fighter modes and when starting a new game enter ‘CROSSBOW’ as your name when starting a new game. If the code has been entered correctly ‘Shooter’ will appear on the option screen. In this mode Nathan will have more hearts, extra sub-weapon damage and will be able to use the Homing Dagger sub-weapon.

Play in Thief Mode:
Complete the game in Magician, Fighter and Shooter modes and enter ‘DAGGER’ as your name when starting a new game.

Get the Shining Armour:
It is located in the chapel tower once you have beaten the Battle Arena.
ID #21
Use any DSS combo: you must have at least one combo to do this.

When you select a combo press start while Nathan is in the starting pose.

Go to DSS and select any you want (it doesn't matter if you don't have the cards) unpause and you will be able to use the combo that you selected.


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