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Wario Land 3


Secret Goals FAQ

by StarFighters76

|  -----------------------------------------------------------------  |
| |                                                            __   | |     
| |  -           -                      -                     /  \  | |
| |   \    -    /  __   __  ___  __     |      __       ___      |  | |
| |    \  / \  /  |__| |__|  |  |  |    |     |__| |\ | |  \    /   | |
| |     \/   \/   |  | |  \ _|_ |__|    |____ |  | | \| |__/   /__  | | 
| |                                                                 | |
|  -----------------------------------------------------------------  |

              F  O  R    T  H  E    G  A  M  E  B  O  Y

                     V  e  r  s  i  o  n   1 . 0

              M a d e  B y  S t a r F i g h t e r s 7 6

Welcome to my walkthrough for a the second game of the series for the 
Gameboy called Wario Land 2. I hope this walkthrough helps out as much 
as possible. Below is nothing but major spoilers on the game, so if you 
don't want to be spoiled, please take a detour and hit the Back button 
now. However if you want to be spoiled or need some help, please scroll 
down as far as you need to. Consider this as your Spoiler Warning!

READER'S NOTE: I'll be saying this again later down the walkthrough, but 
this walkthrough only covers the Secret Goals in the game, and how to 
find them. 


SECTION 1: Intro 
  A: Version Guide
  B: The Story Of Wario Land 2
  C: What Is Wario Land 2
  D: About This Walkthrough
  E: Control Configuration
SECTION 2: Walkthrough 
  A: Before The Walkthrough
  B: One Noisy Morning - Story 1
  C: One Noisy Morning - Story 5
  D: SS Tea Cup - Story 4
  E: Ruins At The Bottom Of The Sea - Story 4
  F: In Town - Story 4
  G: In Town - Story 5

SECTION 3: In Conclusion
  A: What's To Come
  B: Special Thanks
  C: Final Words



  A: |Version Guide|

     Version 1.0: Just finished making the walkthrough for the game, 
     and submitted it to GameFAQS (08/24/06)

  B: |The Story Of Wario Land 2|

     All was peaceful in Wario Land, until a group of theiving pirates 
     invaded and took over. They kicked Wario of out his castle and 
     took all his treasure. Wario, very angry by this, now must make 
     his way throughout his land, defeating all the pirates and 
     collecting the treasure and reclaiming the castle that is 
     rightfully his. Can he do this? It's up to you!

  C: |What Is Wario Land 2|

     Wario Land 2 is a follow up to the first Wario game (Super Mario  
     Land 3: Wario Land) for the Gameboy. This is a side scrolling 
     action/adventure game, where you must guide Wario through numerous 
     levels, collecting the stolen treasure and take back his castle 
     that evil forces took over. There are many secrets hidden as you 
     go through these levels. So now it is up to you to help Wario take 
     out his enemies!

  D: |About This Walkthrough|

     Okay this is important. This is a special walkthrough, which is 
     used to help you get through the 6 Secret Goals of the game, 
     only. Keep in mind that the normal goals are not listed and won't 
     be. These 6 Secret Goals will help unlock new paths to new 
     chapters in the game. I hope this helps out as much as possible. 

  E: |Control Configuration|

     I assume you have a basic idea of all the control combinations, so 
     here is the basic stuff:

     LEFT D-PAD: Moves left
     RIGHT D-PAD: Moves right
     UP D-PAD: Climbs ladder
     DOWN D-PAD: Crouches down
     'A' BUTTON: Jumps (Push UP to jump higher)
     'B' BUTTON: Runs/Shoulder Ram
     START BUTTON: Pauses the game
     SELECT BUTTON: Does nothing


  A: |Before The Walkthrough|

     1. This walkthrough will only cover the 6 secret goals that will 
     unlock paths leading to new levels, that isn't part of the normal 
     path to the final stage.

  B: |One Noisy Morning - Story 1|

     LEADS TO: Invading Wario Castle - Story 1

     To find this secret goal, is so extremely easy that you don't even 
     have to push a button to do. When starting this level, you'll see 
     Wario sleeping on the bed. Just let him sleep. Don't do a single 
     thing, and about 5 seconds of this, the level you will have 
     completed this secret goal. 

  C: |One Noisy Morning - Story 5|

     LEADS TO: Go Into The Cellar - Story 1

     This secret goal is rather easy to find, there are two ways to get 
     there, but I will describe the quickest way. From the start, head 
     right, bash through the blocks and head past the Helmet Puncher, 
     and head to the door. Enter it, and head right, smashing through 
     the blocks. You will find the Skull Door which leads to the boss. 
     Go in that door and to the boss. Once the boss fight takes place, 
     let it gulp you up and eventually you will be sent to the upper 
     platform. Once you can move about, head left all the way to the 
     door. Enter through there and on this next screen, there will be 
     two giant blocks to your right. Smash the first one, then smash 
     through the right wall revealing a pathway. Continue through this 
     pathway, smashing through the next wall. Get the coins and enter 
     the door. In this room, get the coins and slide down the ramp to 
     the right. You will roll through all the blocks and be at a door. 
     Enter through which will complete this secret goal.

  D: |SS Tea Cup - Story 4|

     LEADS TO: Ruins At The Bottom Of The Sea - Story 1

     To find this secret goal will take a little more work to do. From 
     the start, head right, taking out the Pastry Chefs and blocks and 
     walls in your way. Head to the door at the other end, and enter 
     it. In this room, head right a bit and you will see a broken floor 
     and a Boomerang Duck. Buttstomp the floor and fall to the lower 
     level. When down here, destroy the wall on the right, but DO NOT 
     destroy the Helemt Puncher. Instead grab that, then head left 
     until you come to another wall. Throw the Helmet Puncher into the 
     wall, and a narrow secret path will be made. Go into it, and (if 
     the Helmet Puncher is in there) and destroy more blocks, then go 
     into the door.  

     In this room, go right, shoulder ram the dresser to the right, 
     then jump over it and shoulder ram it to the left. Destroy the 
     floor blocks and shove the dresser to the opening, dropping it to 
     the lower level. Shoulder ram the dresser to the right all the 
     way, then use it and crawl through the narrow gap to the door and 
     enter that. In this final room, head right then drop down. You 
     will see a skull block. Shoulder ram it to release the water 
     pressure. Doing so will complete this secret goal.

  E: |Ruins At The Bottom Of The Sea - Story 4|

     LEADS TO: Ruins At The Bottom Of The Sea - Story 5

     Given the layout of the map, the secret goal for this level was a 
     bit difficult to figure out. But I have concluded that the one 
     leading to Story 5 is the secret goal. So with that, let us find 
     our way there! Now this one will take a bit to get to. From the 
     start, head up the ramps (take out the Boomerang Ducks), and enter 
     the door. In this room (Spearmen are here), head to the otherside 
     and hit the switch, then go back into the previous room. When back 
     here, go down the first ramp and crawl through the narrow gap, 
     until you get to a door (enter this). 

     In here, head down to the lowest area, then head right (watch out 
     for the Spike Thrower), then up a couple steps and head left. 
     Ignore the door, then jump up on the upper level and follow that 
     to a door which you will enter. In this room, head all the way to  
     the highest level here, and enter the door (there are Spearmen 
     here). In this next room, there are Flying Star Spikes, but what 
     you need to do, is head right up the platforms and hit the switch 
     there. With that, head back to the previous room. Once back here, 
     head to the otherside of this area, and enter through the door. 

     Once here, head up to the second Boomerang Duck, then smash 
     through the wall directly behind it. Once all the way through, hit 
     the switch, then head back to the previous room. Once back here 
     again, head all the way down to the lowest level (watch out for 
     Spike Jumpers), and enter through the door. In here, make your way 
     down to the lowest level, taking out all enemies (DO NOT take out 
     the Helmet Puncher on the lower level). You will see a door as you 
     will make your way downwards, and you will need that Helmet 
     Puncher around to help you get to it. Buttstomp the ground to 
     cause the Helmet Puncher to get on the platform you're on, then 
     jump on it to be next to the door. Once you are next to the door, 
     enter it, and you will have completed this secret goal.

  F: |In Town - Story 4|

     LEADS TO: Mysterious Factory - Story 1

     To find this secret goal, is gonna be a bit tricky to explain. 
     From the start, head down to the conveyor belt, and head right 
     (taking out the Stretchers). Make your way to where the door is 
     and enter it. In this room, drop into the first pit to the lower 
     level. Directly below where the Bottle Tosser is, buttstomp to     
     reveal a secret gap, then buttstomp again, and crawl to the left. 
     Go to the middle of the group of coins, buttstomp there to destroy 
     that wall, and get to the lower level. Now shoulder ram through 
     all the walls to the left and enter the door at the other end. In 
     this room, head right, and get smashed by the block to become Flat 
     Wario. After that, head back to the door and climb up the 
     platforms on the wall, until you reach the top. Now jump over then 
     waddle your way to the right and follow the pathway until you 
     reach the edge. Jump and float to the right, you will then be on a 
     platform where the door is. Use the teardrop to return back to 
     normal Wario, then enter the door. Doing this will complete this 
     secret goal.

  G: |In Town - Story 5|

     LEADS TO: Uncanny Mansion - Story 1

     Now to find this secret goal, won't take alot to do. From the 
     start, head right and go to the next screen. On this screen, climb 
     up the stairs, and make your way along the platforms to the 
     otherside, avoiding Bottle Tossers. At the otherside, drop down 
     and go through the rightside to the next screen. On this screen, 
     head to the otherside, and then climb up the stairs, and you will 
     see an opened window, which you will enter. In here, head down a 
     couple steps and buttstomp the ground to cause the Spearman to be 
     on the same platform as you. Jump on and grab it, and carry to the 
     bottom right corner of this area (where the Skull Door is), and 
     toss it into the right wall beside the door, which will reveal a 
     secret gap. Go through that, get the Spearman again and throw it 
     into the right wall to reveal another gap. Go through that, then 
     make your way to the otherside of this area. There will be a door 
     here, which you will go through, thus completing this secret goal.



  A: |What's To Come|

     What's to come, who really knows. And with this game, it could be 
     anything. So with that, this FAQ is gonna be open for anyone to 
     add their comments.

  B: |Special Thanks|

     Personal Thanks To:
     ExoSquad18: Simply because of his confidence and belief that I 
     will be very successful at this stuff ^_^.

     On-line Thanks To:
     To GameFAQS for hosting my walkthroughs, as well as many more.

     To anyone who help made this FAQ possible. Thanks! ^_^

  C: |Final Words|

     Wario Land 2 is an interesting game, as there is no GAME OVER 
     whatsoever. Although it's not a Mario game, it's still a pretty 
     cool game nonetheless, full of secrets which I like. So why I made 
     this FAQ, well because I've made Secret Goals FAQs for other Super 
     Mario games, might as well make one for this one too ^_^. I made 
     this walkthrough the best way I can and I hope it helps out in 
     every way possible. Now here comes the important stuff you need to 

     Ok, I'll make this quick and simple. This walkthrough is my work.
     I've made this walkthrough, describing the game the best possible 
     way I can. You can use whatever info you want, so long as you give 
     me credit and don't alter anything. All you have to do is email me 
     at [email protected] if you're gonna do anything with  
     this walkthrough. And to show that I'm not a complete selfish 
     bastard, if you have something you wanna add, email me and I will 
     give you full credit ^_^. This walkthrough, like many others are 
     intended for GameFAQs ONLY. You want it on your site, well you 
     better start emailing me. Failure to comply with this, and I will 
     be mad, among other things. 

     Email me at [email protected]
     Copyright (C) August 24th, 2006
     Mike Leatherwood AKA StarFighters76 
     Wario Land 2 (C) Nintendo 1998