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Follow the dark path or use the light


by will4fd

Copyright by  William Roesner

Most Recent Update: jan 28, 2006
Originally Created: jan 28, 2006
Version 1.0 william roesner

---------------------------Table of Contents---------------------------

Section 1*

Gnarled Root Dungeon*
Snake's Remains*
Poison Moth's Lair*
Dancing Dragon Dungeon*
Unicorn's Cave*
Ancient Ruins*
Explorer's Crypt*
Sword & Shield Maze*
Onox's Castle*

Section 2*

Linked Games & Changes*
Linked Secrets*
Hero's Cave*
Room of Rites*

Section 3*

Pieces of Heart*
Gasha Seeds*
Magical Rings*
Bipin & Blossom*
The Trading Sequence*
Equipment & Upgrades*
Enemy Index*
The Zelda Timeline*

Section 4*

Credits and Legal Information*

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||----------------------------Section 2*-----------------------------||
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=========================Gnarled Root Dungeon*=========================

                  |    Oracle of Seasons & Onox    |

The Triforce takes you from Hyrule Castle, asking you to accept their 
quest, and places you unconscious in Holodrum, a foreign land.  A girl 
with red hair finds you, and you awaken outside a wagon.  Go east a 
screen, now able to move, to find the dancer, named Din, along with her 
troupe.  Impa is here, acting as the troupe's cook, and so are a bunch 
of men (who appear to be drinking).  Talk to everyone, but be sure to 
talk to Din (to talk to someone, approach them and press A).  She saw a 
red flash in the woods and came to see what it was to find you lying 
there.  She offers to dance with you, and you can talk to her again to 
actually dance.

After a nice cut scene showing off the Game Boy Color's abilities, you 
both spin in circles, the equivalent of dancing from an overhead view.  
After the jam session, she notices a triangle mark, the crest of Hyrule, 
on your left hand.  If it's real, then you're a hero with a special 
fate.  You continue dancing when suddenly lightning strikes the ground 
all around you!  You hear a laugh, and then it addresses Din, "Oracle 
of Seasons!"  A tornado appears, takes out all of the troupe but Din 
and yourself, and then aims itself at the dancer.  You step in its way 
and it casts you to the side.  The tornado then takes Din before rising 
into the skies.

It drops down to a strange structure, and Din is inside chained to a 
rock.  A knight, apparently, with yellow armor approaches the "Oracle 
of Seasons" and explains his plot.  As Din knows, if he imprisons the 
Oracle of Seasons and buries the houses of the Season Spirits, the 
seasons of Holodrum will be cast into chaos, nature will rot, and life 
will end in this land.  This will bring about the darkness that Onox, 
General of Darkness, longs for!  Onox imprisons Din in a crystal, and 
then turns his thoughts to the Temple of Seasons.  Outside, the Temple 
of Seasons that controls seasons in the land sinks below the surface 
into the earth, destroying order in the land.

In the meantime, Link awakens by Impa, also sent into this new screen 
by the tornado.  After awakening you from the second time you've been 
knocked out, she reveals that she is not the cook of the troupe.  She 
is the nursemaid of Hyrule's Princess Zelda.  And Din is not a dancer, 
for that matter.  She is the Oracle of Seasons who wields control over 
the forces of nature.  Zelda foresaw this event, and Impa came to 
prevent this from happening by escorting her to Hyrule in secret.  But 
Impa is wounded, and Din is gone.  You must rescue Din.  You are 
according to the crest on your left hand.  You must save the world!  
Take this message to the Maku Tree in Horon Village.  The Maku Tree is 
guardian of all Holodrum.  He will be able to help.  For now, go south 
to Horon Village.

                        |    Wooden Sword    |

Welcome to Horon Village, Holodrum.  For now, go east twice and enter 
the house.  This is Mayor Ruul's residence (he rules Horon Village with 
an iron fist).  If you talk to Ruul (one screen over from the entrance), 
he'll give you a Gasha Seed.  When these are planted in soft soil (like 
the square outside his house), they grow into Gasha Tree that bear a 
Gasha Nut.  Inside the nuts are items.  To welcome you to town, the 
mayor gives you a Gasha Seed.  Exit the house and plant the seed here 
in that square patch of ground.  Now go south.  See the ledge?  If you 
walk up to a ledge, you'll jump over.  Flip off the side and head east 
a screen.  This is Maku Tree Gate.  You must show courage to see the 
tree...  We need a sword to look totally cool and outrageous, err, 

Go south and then west.  This is Vasu Jewelers, a jewelry store.  Enter 
and talk to the man here.  There are Magical Rings made from Mystical 
Seeds in Holodrum, and wearing one transfers its mystical power to you.  
But, rings must be kept in Ring Boxes to prevent them from losing power.  
Say that you understand and he'll get on with things.  He gives you a 
L-1 Ring Box (after all, that assures him business).  It can hold one 
ring that you can take with you.  And as a sign of your friendship, he 
bestows upon you the Friendship Ring!  You can wear it if you want, but 
it's really pointless; it has no effect.  I'm not quite sure why I used 
an exclamation mark there...

When you find a ring, it must be appraised (at Vasu Jewelers, of course) 
for you to know its power.  If you get two rings of the same power, 
he'll buy one from you for 30 rupees.  Finally, he'll keep rings for 
you in his List (since you can't carry all of them with you).  To wear 
a ring, press Start, Select, and then move the cursor to the lower-left 
corner and select the ring.  Remember, rings do nothing unless worn!

Head west two screens to find the shop.  Nothing's in stock yet, though; 
go south from here.  This is the home of Bipin & Blossom, who recently 
had a baby.  Bipin, a farmer, is the one running around the room.  
Blossom is holding the baby.  She can't think of a name for the infant 
(it's a boy, by the way), and she'd like to hear your suggestion.  Pick 
carefully, as this name will be its permanent one.  After naming their 
child, exit the house and advance north three times to return to the 
first screen of Horon Village.  Travel west now to find two new 
buildings.  The left one is the home of the Know-It-All-Birds.  They're 
no birdbrains!  Ha, a pun.  Now, you can enter and talk to them to 
learn the various the ins and outs of the game.  The right building is 
the Advance Shop, only open if you're playing on a Game Boy Advance.  
It has nothing in stock right now; go west.

This is Western Coast, and its ridden with monster (well, it has a few).  
This enemy here is called an Octorok.  It shoots small rocks at you, 
and you are defenseless (as well as weaponless, which means you can't 
defeat it).  Head west and south a screen to find a cave.  Enter.  This 
is a Fairy Fountain.  If you somehow have taken damage already, the 
Great Fairy here heals you.  From the cave, go down a bit so that 
you're past the wall, and then go right a screen.  Enter the cave here.

Hero's Cave is your first "challenge."  It is rumored that a sword is 
found within, but only the bravest of souls enter this place.  The 
first room features new monsters called Keese (basically, bats).  Avoid 
them as you walk right through the door.  As you walk forward, the door 
slams shut.  Push the block in here (to push a block, stand by it and 
walk against it) to open the doors.  Now go north a room.  In here, 
walk up to the block and push it forward.  Then walk around the winding 
path (do not fall in a pit.  It will make you lose half of a heart.  
Lose all hearts and you get a Game Over) to find a pair of blocks.  
Push the left one down and the right one over.  Continue along the path 
to go east a screen.  In this room are more enemies.  You recognize the 
Keese, but the pink specs are Gels.  They jump onto you to slow you 
down.  Shake them off by walking and press the switch to the right.  
Open the chest that forms for a Small Key, which opens normal locks.

Return west and then south to the block room.  Push it in any direction 
and then go south.  Here, avoid Keese and use the Small Key on the 
locked door to the right.  In this room, pass the Gels and press the 
switch near the pit to the upper-right.  Now walk around the pit to 
reach the door that opened.  As you go, large green creatures called 
Zols, relatives of Gels, appear.  They are simple creatures, but we 
must run from them for now.  Once you've gone north, walk forward to 
the steps.  Take them up to a chest.  Open it for the Wooden Sword!  
Equip it to A or B (do so by pressing Start) and then use that button 
to attack with it.  It's the primary weapon of the game.  If you hold 
the sword button until it flashes, release for a spin attack.  Spin 
attacks are two times as powerful as a normal slash.  Now that we have 
it, not only can we see the Maku Tree, but we can explore!

                        |    The Maku Tree    |

Head east, up past the wall, and west.  Trim the bush here with your 
blade and flip over the ledge into an opening.  You'll fall right into 
Hero's Cave, but a new part.  Open the chest in front of you for 30 
rupees.  Rupees are the official monetary unit in Holodrum (money).  
Flip over the ledge to the left to reach the block room.  Push it in 
whichever direction you choose and go west.  Now you can defeat Keese.  
Slash them once to defeat them.  They often drop recovery hearts, which 
restore lost health, or rupees.  Green rupees are worth 1, red rupees 
are worth 5.  Exit the cave to the south.

Return to Horon Village (from Hero's Cave, go west, north, and east 
twice).  Note that Octoroks can now be beaten with a simple touch of 
your sword.  In Horon Village, the shops are now stocked.  Enter the 
normal shop (not advanced) and you'll see a Wooden Shield on sale for 
30 rupees.  Make the purchase (you must have at least 30 rupees from 
those we found in Hero's Cave) and equip the Wooden Shield to the other 
button (the one the Wooden Sword doesn't take up).  You can use the 
shield to block enemy attacks, like an Octorok's rocks.

Travel east to the Maku Tree Gate.  Show your courage (that is, use the 
Wooden Sword) and the gate opens.  Pass north to the venerable Maku 
Tree...  So, it's a sleeping tree with a branch for a nose, eh?  Burst 
its bubble with your blade and it awakens.  It hears the terrible news, 
some of which we didn't even know, and we learn that guarding the 
oracle is the Maku Tree's duty.  With the seasons in flux, the Maku 
Tree has lost power.  He asks you to save Din in his stead.  There is 
evil on the Northern Peak, the peak where the Temple of Seasons once 
rested.  General Onox has cast a shadow on the Northern Peak, he's sure 
of it.  Onox is there, and he's surrounded himself with a barrier.  
Only one force in Holodrum can break that barrier, and that's the 
combined strength of the eight Essences of Nature.

The first essence lies within the giant root by the lake up north.  
There will be resistance; Onox has made sure of it.  He gives you the 
key to the lock there.  Pick it up - the Gnarled Key!  If we have any 
hopes of rescuing Din and defeating Onox, we need to use the power of 
the Essences of Nature.  And to do that, we must clear eight dungeons 
that Onox has hidden them in.

                      |    To the Giant Root    |

Go south to Maku Tree Gate and then return to the first screen of Horon 
Village (three west, one north).  Go north to enter the North Horon 
region.  Go west of Impa and then north.  Cut down the bushes here and 
go north once again.  Here, slash the bushes, traverse the bridge, and 
use the Gnarled Key in the lock.  And so the dungeon rises.  If you 
have ever played The Legend of Zelda, the original, you'd know that 
this setup is very similar to that of the first dungeon in that game.  
In fact, the bosses are eerily similar...  Enter the structure that 
rose from the earth, Level 1.

                    |    Gnarled Root Dungeon    |

As you can see, this is a dungeon.  The ultimate goal of any dungeon in 
a Zelda game is to collect the reward at the end (in this case, an 
Essence of Nature).  The reward is always guarded by the dungeon boss 
or guardian, and so we must reach it.  To do this, we have several 
items at our disposal.  In every dungeon there are locks that we must 
use Small Keys to open.  You're already somewhat familiar with them 
from Hero's Cave; you collect them and then open doors with them.  
There are also Dungeon Maps and Compasses.  Maps show the layout of the 
dungeon.  Light blue rooms are one's you've visited (the flashing one 
is the one you're in), and dark rooms are ones you haven't.  To see the 
map, press Select.  Compasses show the location of the boss and 
treasure chests, which contain items.  It also makes a sound when you 
enter rooms with Small Keys or the other dungeon item, Boss Keys.  Boss 
Keys are used to open the Boss Door.  Furthermore, dungeons also have 
mini-bosses, and beating these baddies makes a portal appear as a 
shortcut to their arena.  Finally, there is always a special weapon or 
item in a dungeon, the dungeon prize.  Now that we know what to expect, 
let's clear this root!

Go north a room to find a hub room.  Push the upper-right block to open 
the doors here.  Go north to find the Old Man!  Yes, from The Legend of 
Zelda, the original!  Talk to him for a hint, and then go south, then 
east.  Here, you'll find four new foes, all Stalfos.  Stalfos are 
skeletal warriors, and this variety jumps around.  Slash them to defeat 
them.  After all four are down, take the Small Key that drops.  Now go 
west and use the Small Key on the locked door to the west.  It's 
another Stalfos room!  Beat them all and open the chest that forms for 
the Dungeon Map.  As you can see, this dungeon is shaped like a bird, 
maybe an eagle...

Go north from there to find a few red Zols.  This type leaves Gels 
behind when defeated.  If you spin attack them, though, you'll defeat 
them all with no Gels to spoil your victory.  After taking care of them, 
walk forward to a mine cart.  Hop in and you'll come out in a new room.  
Ignore it for now and take the steps to the north up, and then go east.  
Here, walk to the switch, slash it to make it point left, and open the 
chest to the right for the Compass.

Now return to the west and walk left of the mine cart.  There are two 
new types of enemy here.  First, the boomerang-throwing creatures are 
Moblins (they also come carrying other weapons).  Block their attacks 
with your shield and then slash them twice to finish them.  Then you 
have the sharp, motion-sensitive obstacles, otherwise known as Razor 
Traps.  If you step forward, they are triggered.  They will close in on 
you quickly to hit you, and then slowly retract to their original 
position.  Push the block there to the left, trigger them, and pass 
left through the door as they retract.

This is a simple puzzle.  Walk forward to the block mass.  Push the 
second rightmost block down, the next one to the left over, the next 
one down the narrow passage down, and the one left of where it was left.  
Now climb the stairs to open a chest containing a... Gasha Seed!  Now 
flip over the ledge to the right and exit this room to the east.  Pass 
the Razor Traps by drawing them out and hop into the mine cart (this 
works only if you hit the switch earlier).  You'll ride it past a few 
rooms to reach a new one.  As soon as you hop out, go west a room and 
open the chest for ten Bombs!  Now we can blow up stuff!  That's not 
the dungeon prize, but it's very good all the same.

Now double back to the east.  Take these steps up and go right to a set 
of stairs.  Take them down to see a blade trap, the worst type of trap.  
When triggered, it follows you down a narrow path relentlessly.  
Trigger it until it's in the block space to the lower-left, and then 
make a run for it to the north.  Press the switch and open the chest 
that appears to the north for a Small Key.  Return to the stairs and 
take them up.  Then Go west a room.  See the cracked part of the wall 
to the north?  Blow it up with a bomb (to do this, walk up to the wall, 
pull out a bomb, drop it with the same button, and run to avoid being 
hurt by your own explosion).

Now pass through your forced opening to reach a room full of Razor 
Traps.  Trigger them and then run into an alcove or between blocks to 
hide from them and avoid them.  After the first two traps, you'll come 
to a blade trap.  Trigger it and let it pass you in two movements.  
Then run past it through the hallway of sorts.  Now continue down this 
path until you reach the locked door.

                      Mini-Boss: Goriya Brothers

Even Goriyas make a return appearance in this old school dungeon.  Too 
bad for them.  They make for easy bosses.  There's a blue and red one, 
and each throw boomerangs around to hurt you.  Walk up to them, slash 
them silly, and they will explode.  When one goes, they both go, which 
means you don't have to spread out your attacks.  After they explode, 
they leave behind two things.  First, take a Fairy.  It will restore 
many of your hearts.  Then, notice the smoke that appeared.  It's a 
portal to take you to and from a previous room of the dungeon as a 
shortcut.  Well, they were easy.  Head left through the door.


Walk forward immediately to avoid Razor Traps.  Walk around the bottom 
set of Razor Traps and push the leftmost block up.  Take the stairs now 
open to you to a 2-D screen!  Climb down the ladder to get onto the 
ground.  Walk right from there, climb the ladder, and go left to pick 
up the dungeon prize...  It's the Seed Satchel!  This item carries 
Mystical Seeds in it, up to five types.  It comes with 20 Ember Seeds 
in it already.  Ember Seeds can be used to light torches, burn down 
small trees, and set enemies afire (though that won't be available to 
you for a while).

Exit the 2-D screen, push a block to the lower-left down, and go east a 
screen to the mini-boss room.  Use the portal to return to the mine 
cart room with Zols from before.  Defeat the Zol attackers first and 
then light the torches to the left using the Ember Seeds.  Destroy the 
three boomerang-wielding Moblins in this room to make a chest form.  
Open it for the Boss Key.  Most excellent.  With it in hand, travel 
east, south, and east.

Push the upper-right block in here to open the doors.  This time, take 
the one leading right.  Kill any Stalfos that get in the way and light 
the two torches to the north.  Pass through the door that opens and 
four ghastly hands rise from the floor.  These are Floor Masters, 
monsters that can return you to the first room of the dungeon.  Slash 
them three times to defeat them, all four, before going left to the 
west wall.  Open the chest ahead of it for a Magical Ring.  We'll 
appraise it later.  For now, go east a room along the uppermost path.  
There are four new Floor Masters to defeat.  Do so and then head around 
the blocks, slashing bushes for recovery items, and go north through 
the Boss Door...

                      |    Boss: Aquamentus    |

A gigantic dragon drops into the room.  It has a single horn on its 
head, it breathes fire, and it is the boss of Gnarled Root Dungeon.  
Aquamentus was also the first boss ever in The Legend of Zelda, the 
game and the series itself.  While he is pretty strong, Aquamentus has 
never been a hard boss.  It is weak at its horn; stand above it and 
slash like there's no tomorrow.  It will fire three fireballs, and one 
will probably hit you (the Wooden Shield can't block it; don't even 
bother).  But, if you came in with three hearts, it doesn't matter.  
Slash nonstop and move as Aquamentus moves.  It will die before you do.  
With its horn gone, Aquamentus explodes.

In its place is a Heart Container.  Pick it up to add a heart to your 
meter.  Now go east a room to the chamber containing the first Essence 
of Nature, Fertile Soil.  "Seeds scattered across bountiful lands are 
nourished in this Fertile Soil!"  You automatically exit the dungeon 
when the Maku Tree contacts you.  He already feels stronger.  But, he's 
been having dreams lately.  The Temple of Seasons is not destroyed, but 
it is in a strange place...  Inside the temple is a precious item we 
will need to defeat Onox.  We'll have to investigate that.

===========================Snake's Remains*============================

                        |    Horon Village    |

Go east and stop.  Hear that music?  See that shadow?  This is a screen 
that Maple runs into us at!  Maple is a young witch learning to fly; 
bump into her.  All of your stuff goes flying all over the place.  
She's had a terrible day; she can't find Lon Lon Eggs and now her stuff 
is all over the place.  She's just going to take it all!  Run around, 
grabbing the stuff that flew out, until both of you have taken 
everything.  Now, after she's left, burn down the small trees to the 
upper-left.  The left one reveals a staircase!  Take it down to find... 
the Old Man!  Talk to him and he'll give you 100 rupees!  Neat-o!  Exit 
the staircase and go south, then east.  You can plant a Gasha Seed in 
the soft soil here if you want.  Now go south to find Impa's Refuge.  
Nothing here, though.  Head south again to enter Horon Village.

We have a few things to do here before we continue our quest.  The 
seasons change each time you enter the village, exampling again Onox's 
control over season flow.  Go west one screen of the Maku Tree Gate and 
you'll see a small tree blocking a heart object.  Burn the tree and 
touch the heart.  It's a Piece of Heart!  Collect four of these to add 
a heart to your meter!  Go south to Vasu Jewelers now.  You can 
appraise the ring we found to add the Discovery Ring to our collection.  
It tells us when soft soil is in a screen.

If you go south and it's winter, Ember Seeds will be growing on that 
tree.  Slash them to stock up.  Now go east a screen.  Burn down the 
small trees and take the stairs down to an Old Man.  He gives us 
ANOTHER 100 rupees!  Surface and enter the house.  The man here is 
named Dr. Left, and he can't read because it's too dim (and he wouldn't 
want to go outside, of course).  Light the torch for him with the Ember 
Seeds and he rewards your good deed with a Cuccodex, a book all about 
Cuccos!  Furthermore, you can blow up a weak part of the wall to the 
right.  Do so and exit to the south.  If it's winter (if not, exit and 
reenter the village until it is), you can walk across the frozen water 
to take 20 rupees from the chest.

Go to Mayor Ruul's Residence.  He's the guy who gave you a Gasha Seed.  
First off, your Gasha Seed should have grown.  Slash it for a Gasha Nut, 
which contains a somewhat random item.  Now enter the house and bomb 
the wall right of Ruul.  Take the opening to find another Gasha Seed.  
Plant it if you'd like, and then go to the Maku Tree Gate.  South of it 
is a boy playing catch with his dog and a sleeping man.  Approach the 
small trees and the sleeping man, who reveals himself as Sokra, wakes 
up.  He's a traveling prophet, and he sees that the four spirits of the 
seasons are calling you from the Temple of Seasons hidden somewhere.  

                          |    Subrosia    |

Burn down the small saplings by him and travel east to the Eastern 
Suburbs.  For now, let's just go east and north twice.  Hmm, what's 
this?  A girl wearing a bow with a key runs by.  It's terrible, she 
says.  A "temple," like, fell into Subrosia!  After asking what a 
"temple" is, she blurts out that Subrosia is a secret place.  She must 
return in secret!  With that, she dashes north, as she mustn't be seen.

I don't know about you, but I want to investigate this secret.  Go 
north after her into the Woods of Winter.  Remember, she can't know 
we're tailing her.  Walk up to the tree and stand on the side opposite 
this girl until she eventually goes north.  Repeat this twice more and 
she'll go west (she'll come back into the screen to check, though; be 
careful).  Now we see her walk up to a shrub and disappear!  Slash down 
these bushes to find... a portal?  Enter.

Welcome to the mysterious land of Subrosia, located in the Underworld.  
One says that a "temple" fell into the East Plaza.  These two, as well 
as the girl we saw, are Subrosians, the race that lives here.  
Exploring the area will show us a few things.  First, the official 
currency of Subrosia is the Ore Chunk, which can be dug for.  Second, 
Subrosians love to dance, and winning at their Dance Hall earns you a 
Boomerang.  Third, Subrosians rule!  From the first screen, go south 
down the left ladder.  As the blue Subrosian here says, the volcanoes 
here in this region (named "Subrosian Volcanoes") have been acting up 
lately due to a "temple" falling into Subrosia.

Head west of him to see the Subrosian Hot Springs.  You can't enter, of 
course, because it's lava.  Go south from there to find Subrosia Dance 
Hall.  Take the stairs down to it and talk to the Subrosian in red.  
Good dancers get prizes, and they're about to practice.  Care to join 
them?  Do so and join the circle.  The dance here is a bit more 
complicated than the one in Oracle of Ages with Gorons.  Here, dancing 
is all about turning directions.  When you hear "doo," turn right.  
"Dah" calls for left, while "dee" requires you to pose with A.  
Subrosians always dance in groups, and no Subrosian can touch.  You 
have to keep up with the others to succeed here (Subrosians smiling is 
weird).  The dancing is pretty fast-paced, and they kick you out if you 
mess up.  You know the dance will end soon when the moves start to get 

If you manage to pass through all the steps in the dance (always a 
random number) without messing up, you are rewarded with the Boomerang.  
You crushed the other Subrosians hopes.  As you can hear from them, one 
wants to impress Rosa, whoever that is, they all want to win, they 
review instructions, they tell you that the Subrosian Dance is the 
traditional dance of Subrosia, and it's a great workout.  Well, that's 
not really important right now.  The Boomerang is a handy item.  It can 
stun enemies, retrieve distant items, and hit switches across gaps.  It 
can be thrown diagonally, too, if you press both directions at once.

From the Subrosia Dance Hall, go north, east, north, and south to the 
right.  Go south twice now to see a Subrosian that won the dance before 
(that's why there were only nine dancers).  Go west, cross the bridge, 
and go west again to a Subrosian house.  Things sure are different 
here...  Go east, south, and cross the bridge.  Go west to find the 
Subrosian Smithy.  They have Shovels in excess, but we can't take one 
yet.  Return to where you saw the Subrosian with the boomerang and go 
south, then east twice.  Take the steps down to what was East Plaza, 
now the Temple of Seasons (it sunk in when Onox kidnapped Din, 

Go right a few screens to a bridge.  Walk across it to the north and 
you'll hear a voice... in green.  Then red!  And yellow!  And blue!  
These are the... Season Spirits!  The seasons thought you might not 
make it after Onox sank the Temple of Seasons, but they're glad to see 
you.  Continue north and you'll reach a building.  Enter and the four 
seasons combine to form the Rod of Seasons!  Now, if we gather the 
Season Spirits, we can change the seasons ourselves!  We must bring the 
rod to each spirit in the four corner towers.

Exit the temple and go to the southeast corner, the winter one.  Here, 
you need to hit the Crystal Switch.  Lift a Bomb and throw it at the 
switch to make a bridge form (alternately, use your newly acquired 
Boomerang).  Cross it, take the stairs up to the highest room of the 
tower, and you'll find the Spirit of Winter.  A fairy appears, Ocarina 
of Time-style, and tells you that Din is their dear friend.  To aid you 
in her rescue, she gives you the power of the Spirit of Winter on the 
Rod of Seasons!  Swing the rod atop a stump to turn the season to 
winter.  In winter, water freezes and snow builds up.  Please, rescue 
Din quickly.  The Rod of Seasons has been blessed with a wintry chill!

Exit the tower to hear from the Maku Tree.  He has dreamt of woods in 
the east...  Maybe there's an Essence of Nature there.  Exit Subrosia 
through the path you entered by.

                     |    The Woods of Winter    |

Go east of the portal to see Sokra sleeping on a stump.  He sees that 
you have the Rod of Seasons, and says that if the Rod of Seasons held 
the power of the Season Spirits, you could change the seasons.  But it 
only has the power of winter.  Stand atop a stump and swing the rod to 
unleash the power of winter!  And since the Temple of Seasons has sunk 
into Subrosia, there must be other entrances to the Subrosian land.  We 
must find them.  With that, Sokra leaves.

Hop onto the stump and swing that rod!  It becomes winter, and the 
enemies come out of the woodwork.  We want to get through here.  To do 
this, start at the stump and go east, north (west of here is a Fairy 
Fountain), north again, and east to a summery strip of the Woods of 
Winter.  The tube of flesh here is a Like Like.  It will eat your 
shield if you're not careful; defeat it quickly along with the Moblin 
archers.  Then bomb the wall to the north and enter the cave.  In the 
upper-right corner is a chest containing 30 rupees.  After that, go 
east to a stump.  Make everything cold and wintry and take the stairs 
up here.  Then go right.  Walk across the pile of snow here and drop 
through the chimney to Holly's House.

Talk to Holly, who is stunned, and she figures out that you're not 
Santa.  Now take her Shovel and clear the snow in her walkway, jerk!  
Exit the house and dig your way out of here.  Go south now.  See those 
trees?  Do not talk to the Old Man who lives down there.  If you do, 
he'll force you to pay for his door.  Now go south, defeat the Moblins, 
and continue south to see a Piece of Heart.  We can't get it yet; head 
west now.  Bring winter to the woods on this stump to clear the trees 
to the left.  Now go west.  Head north up the right clearing to find 
piles of snow.  Dig through them, avoid the Leevers (burrowing enemies) 
here, and advance to the east.  Here you'll find a tree bearing Mystery 
Seeds.  Slash them to add them to your Seed Satchel.  Use them on Owl 
statues to receive hints.

Now go north.  Climb the vines, hop onto the stump, and let it snow.  
Enter the cave on the ground to find some bushes with recovery items in 
them.  Now exit the cave, go west, and slash your way to the opening 
here.  Welcome to Level 2.

                       |    Snake's Remains    |

The initial room is dark.  Let us go left.  Trigger the Razor Traps and 
quickly step back, then move ahead as they retract.  In this room, Zols 
will attack you from the ground (of course, they still take one hit).  
Go all the way to the left, open the chest for 5 rupees (huzzah!), and 
go north a room.  Let me introduce you to snakes in Zelda games, Ropes.  
They can move in any direction but diagonal, and they do so very 
quickly when they see you.  Hold out your sword and let them charge 
right into it.  When you've beaten all of them, a Small Key falls from 
above.  Take it and double back to the first room.

Use Ember Seeds to light each torch to illuminate the darkness and open 
the door.  Go north, of course, and you'll find two torches, both of 
which fire at you, and a few Zols hidden underfoot.  Take the east exit 
out of here.  As you enter, a small gang of Ropes fall down to attack.  
Slice 'em up to give yourself some room to move, and follow that up by 
push the mid-right block to the right.  Open the chest that forms for 
the Compass.  As we can see from the chest locations, this dungeon is 
either really long or just plain huge.

Go west out of here and then north.  Ah, the blocks form an arrow 
pointing west.  Avoid or destroy the enemies here and go to the point 
on the well wall the arrow points to.  Bomb the wall there, pass 
through the opening, and go crazy collecting rupees!  When you're done, 
return to the room to the east and go east again.  A handful of Zols 
and Ropes are your opposition here.  Kill them all.  Push the rightmost 
block right once and the door to the right opens.  Pass through the 
doorway.  Stay in the doorway!  A gigantic Razor Trap will pass by you.  
Follow it around the blocks and to a chest containing a Small Key.

Retrace your steps to the room two screens to the west.  Use the Small 
Key we recently acquired on the northern door and you'll come to a room 
with two Hardhat Beetles.  Use your sword (easier) or shield (harder) 
to knock them into the pits, which also opens the door to the left.  
Use it and you'll reach a dead-end.  We must defeat the Moblins on the 
other side of the pit, but we can't very well jump over it, now can we?  
Either step to the edge and wait for them to get to the edge, at which 
time you can slash them, or throw a bomb at them and hope it explodes 
by them.  Either way, they take one hit each.  A chest forms after 
you've beaten them.  Open it for this dungeon's prize... the Power 
Bracelet!  Just hold the button you assign it to and pull back on the 
D-Pad (the + on the GBC).  Now that we have it, return to the previous 
room.  Open the chest (lift the pots) for the Dungeon Map.  Now go back 
to the giant Razor Trap room.

First, get to the chest that had the Small Key in it.  Wait for the 
gold Razor Trap to pass and go south.  Here, use the Power Bracelet to 
push against the large rolling objects.  Go down and go to the lower-
right.  Push this block and take the stairs up and out of the dungeon 
to a chest we couldn't get earlier.  Open it for a Gasha Seed.  Now go 
left to a staircase.  Use it to reenter Snake's Remains.  Go north, 
with a full stock of bombs (if you're lacking, there's a Business Scrub 
in the southern room selling bombs), and quickly rush to the right.  
This room is timed; keep that in mind.  Blow up the block here and rush 
left.  Blow it up and then blast your way down to the lower-left corner.  
From there, blow up blocks to penetrate the innermost circle and open 
that chest!  It's only a Small Key, but it wasn't easy to get.

Return to the giant Razor Trap room, but this time go east.  Bomb the 
blocks to the right and descend down the stairs into a 2-D screen.  Go 
left to see a Thwomp, an old Mario enemy from Super Mario Bros. 3 (also, 
note the presence of Keese).  Step near it to trigger its only attack - 
falling down.  When it hits bottom, drop onto its top and walk across 
it to go left a screen.  Here you'll see Thwimps, enemies from Super 
Mario World.  They're just miniature Thwomps (get it?  Thwimps are 
"wimps").  Walk past them and take the ladder at the end up to a new 

Push the cylinder out and go right into the room.  There's a chest 
containing 5 rupees to the south, but we want to go east.  This room is 
a bit trickier than the last.  You must push the cylinders over, but 
there are holes in the floor to make it difficult.  Stand at the top of 
the first cylinder, push it over, and run downward.  Now stand in the 
middle of the next cylinder, push it over, and run up to some Keese.  
Defeat them and follow the trail to a locked door.  Spend a Small Key 
on it and go south.

                           Mini-Boss: Facade

Well, I'll be darned.  This enemy, originally a boss from Link's 
Awakening (of Face Shrine, Level 6, in case you wanted to know), is 
back as a mini-boss.  It's learned a few new tricks, but it'll still be 
a breeze.  A giant face in the floor, Facade awakens when you walk on 
its tiles.  Pull out a few Bombs and toss them onto Facade.  When they 
explode, he will take damage (Facade does periodically disappear; time 
it well).  If not, the mini-boss will rage on.  It has three attacks.  
For one, it can summon Beetles, those tiny spider enemies sometimes dug 
up with the Shovel.  It also has the ability to spit fireballs out and 
drop them from the ceiling.  Just walk and hope to avoid them.  His 
other attack creates holes in the floor as he tries to get you to fall.  
Chances are, he'll mix these attacks up so that you have a lot to deal 
with at once.  Still, after five explosions in the face, Facade 
explodes, leaving in its place a Fairy and a portal.


Go east of the mini-boss room and walk through this part until you see 
the door.  Take it.  Here, use a Small Key on the lock block and deploy 
the Boomerang on the Sparks, the energy enemies here.  When hit, Sparks 
release Fairies to heal you.  Now, go east and stand in the doorway.  
Trigger the Razor Traps and then head right after defeating the Ropes.  
Go south to a new room.  Ride the panels here to cross the pit and get 
to the right.  Take the steps up and go north.  Now open the chest for 
the Boss Key!  Yes, now we can fight the boss.  Jump off the ledge to 
the left and head west two rooms.  See the pots below?

Lift them, bomb the wall, and head down a room.  Here, you must defeat 
ghost enemies called Pols Voices.  While they are weak to music, you 
don't have any, which means you'll have to toss a bomb into their pins 
and hope they jump into it.  When you've defeated them all, head right.  
Welcome to the dial room.  Walk through it, go south, and you'll reach 
a pit.  Cross it on these platforms, lift the pots for recovery items, 
and head east through the boss door.

                        |    Boss: Dodongo    |

Holy guacamole!  Yes, I said "holy guacamole!"  Now, to the matter at 
hand.  Dodongo usually comes as a boss among other Dodongos, but this 
guy's an exception.  The fight is simple enough.  Dodongo has two 
attacks.  First, it will stomp its feet and charge you (easy to avoid).  
Second, it can open its mouth for a while and then breathe fire.  As 
anyone who's ever played The Legend of Zelda or other titles would know, 
Dodongo has an invulnerable exterior, but its insides aren't rock-hard.  
When it opens its mouth to breathe fire down your neck, chuck a bomb 
down its throat.  Its belly expands.  That's your cue to pick it up 
with the Power Bracelet and toss it into the spike bed in the room.  Be 
careful, though, as it will charge you as soon as it takes damage.  
After four run-ins with the spikes, it will explode.

Take the Heart Container and exit to the south.  Here, take an Essence 
of Nature (a nod to Oracle of Ages), Gift of Time.  "Seeds sprout as 
seasons change with the Gift of Time!"  And as always, the Maku Tree 
has something to say now.  Something is afoot to the west in Spool 
Swamp, he says.

==========================Poison Moth's Lair*==========================

                  |    The Power Bracelet & You    |

A few side quests are now open to us.  First, go south of Holly's House 
three times.  Walk across the ice/shallow water to reach the south row.  
Walk right, lift the rock, and take the Piece of Heart.  Now exit the 
Woods of Winter to go to the Eastern Suburbs.  Go to the southeastern 
corner and use the stump to bring winter to the suburbs.  Head north 
now, take the stairs, and walk across the snow to go west.  Now head 
south and enter the cave to find another Piece of Heart.

Enter Horon Village and exit and reenter it until its fall.  Go west of 
Vasu Jewelers to the shop, and then go south.  Note that Bipin & 
Blossom have a new event; their son is ill, and they need money.  See 
the "Bipin & Blossom" section for all the details you'd ever need on 
answering their questions.  Now go west a screen.  In autumn only, you 
can lift mushrooms (that's when they're ripe).  Pick them and open the 
chest for 20 rupees.  Now, that's about it for side quests.

                         |    Spool Swamp    |

NOTE: If you do not want to get Ricky as your animal partner, feel free 
to get the Flute in a different manner.  You can also get an aquatic 
Dodongo named Dimitri and a flying bear named Moosh.  To get Moosh, buy 
the Flute in the shop in Horon Village.  To get Dimitri, win his Flute 
at the Subrosia Dance Hall.  Dimitri can eat enemies and swim through 
water.  Moosh can pound the ground with his weight and fly fairly long 
distances.  Ricky is a kangaroo with a high jump and a mean punch.  
Your pick, but I assume you get Ricky, the default character, for the 
purposes of this guide.  It doesn't change that much.

Spool though it may be, the swamp is where something - or someone - is 
afoot.  Go east of Gnarled Root Dungeon, where you first met Maple, and 
lift the rocks to go north.  This is North Horon if I've ever seen it.  
The enemies here are Peahats.  Wait for them to stop moving and then 
slash them twice to finish them.  Now go north to find new enemies 
called Buzz Blobs.  You can't slash them or you'll be electrocuted.  
But, you can Boomerang them and then bomb/Ember Seed them, or use a 
Mystery Seed on them.  Now go north to find a new tree bearing Scent 
Seeds!  With these, you can attract enemies.  Cool...  Head east and go 
south.  Hmm, this seems to a gym.  Enter and talk to Blaino, who was 
actually a mini-boss in Link's Awakening (Level 8, Turtle Rock).

He's the legendary champ, Blaino.  If you pay 10 rupees, you and him 
can fight, no items, no rings, just good old fashioned fists.  Pay him 
and let the match begins.  It's quite easy.  Walk up to him and press B 
or A like crazy until he's knocked out of the ring.  You may have to 
wait for Blaino to start his wind-up to get a good chance to jab him 
out of the ring.  When you win, he gives you, da new champ, Ricky's 
Gloves.  You can continue fighting to win rupees, but we're moving on 
in this guide.

Go north of Blaino's Gym, head west to the Scent Seed tree, and then go 
south.  Let's go west this time.  Go north now and follow the path west.  
After passing over the bridge, go west again and take a north after 
that.  It's Ricky, the boxing kangaroo!  Spool Swamp is his background, 
he says, but he can't go anywhere without his gloves.  Some guy named 
Blaino took them when he lost to him in a boxing match.  When he sees 
you have them, he asks for them back.  If you beat Blaino, you must be 
tough.  What's your name, champ?  After learning it, he introduces 
himself as Ricky.  Ricky gives you his Flute, which you can use to call 
him to your aid.

But for now, we're headed for Spool Swamp.  Note that if you got Moosh 
or Dimitri as alternate animal partners, this one section will be 
slightly different.  With Ricky, head south and approach the gap to 
jump over it (Ricky can also punch through enemies with A).  Continue 
south until you see three saplings.  Don't burn them, though (the old 
man here mugs you for door payments).  Instead, go west and then north 
to a cliff.  Approach it and Ricky can jump right to the top.  Go north 
and then west to find a new type of tree.  Dismount from Ricky (B) and 
slash it for Pegasus Seeds.  They'll increase your speed temporarily.  
Now take Ricky with you to the south, head west, and go north twice, 
then east.

Enter the house, home of the Floodgate Keeper.  If we want to enter the 
swamp, we'll have to unlock the Floodgate.  Hit the switch to the right 
to drain the water and reveal the Floodgate Key.  Take it and exit the 
house.  Outside is a staircase.  Take it down and press the switch.  
The bridge to the left disappears quickly.  Use a Pegasus Seed to run 
over before it vanishes and go west a screen.  Push the block here up, 
push the next one down, lift the rock, push the lower-left block over, 
the next one up, and take the staircase up.  Follow this path around 
the water, avoiding Zols and lifting rocks, to reach the next staircase.  
Take it up, walk past the bushes (two of which are disguised enemies), 
and you'll surface in Spool Swamp.

Go south and then east.  Just as Sokra predicted, it's time that we 
need a new power of the seasons, and a new doorway to the Subrosian 
land.  Go west and south to meet a Business Scrub.  It says that a 
vortex is the south.  Go east and use the Floodgate Key on the lock to 
let the water pass to the south.  Now go west and north until you can 
jump off a ledge into the water.  The dungeon is to the north, but it's 
too high up for us.  Instead, travel south down the riverbed and you'll 
reach two new enemies - Water Tektites and a Goponga Flower.  Defeat 
both with slashes and stop.  Summon Ricky to you with Ricky's Flute and 
hop to the cliff.  Jump to the top and go west, south, onto the cliff 
top, and then follow the path south.  Wind up Ricky's punch (hold A) 
and unleash a tornado to the south to destroy the bushes.  Now jump 
across the pits and go south.  Turn at the bend and go north.  Lift the 
rock and enter the portal.

                     |    The Power of Summer    |

Go north to avoid the volcano.  I should explain Subrosia's monetary 
system.  Blue ore chunks are the base unit.  Red are worth ten and then 
there are rarer colors.  Dig for them.  For now, let's explore a bit.  
Go west twice to reach the Subrosia Market.  You can trade items here 
for his products.  First, purchase the "Rare Peach Stone" for 20 Ore 
Chunks (easy money, just dig) and 10 Ember Seeds.  It's a Piece of 
Heart.  We want the Ribbon, but we can't get it yet.  Exit, go south, 
and head east.  Two Subrosians here say that Rosa, the famous pop star, 
has a key that can open any lock in Subrosia.  Wait a minute!  Didn't 
that Subrosian we followed to Subrosia have a key?  And didn't she have 
that same Ribbon in the market?  Ah well.

Go south to Subrosian Seaside (their sea is of magma).  All the 
Subrosians here want to date Rosa, but they can't interest her.  In the 
southeast corner of the seaside is a Subrosian with yellow clothes 
named Rosa... with a key!  She lost her Ribbon, and she can't go out 
like this.  It floated out to sea while she was exploring the "temple."  
Hmm...  As one Subrosian said, digging in these sands can uncover a 
Star-Shaped Ore.  Just keep digging until you find it.  Return to 
Subrosia Market and trade the Star-Shaped Ore for the Ribbon.  Take it 
back to Rosa.  Since you're so nice, she's decided to date you.  She 
wants to go to the "temple."

Rosa can unlock doors for us.  First, return to Subrosia Market.  Trade 
10 Bombs and 50 Ore Chunks for a Bomb Bag Upgrade.  We can now carry 30 
bombs!  Now go north of the market and unlock the door.  Walk through 
the passage and use Rosa's Key again on the next door.  From here, it 
should be quite easy to reach East Plaza where the Temple of Seasons is.  
Walk around, show Rosa the sites, but be sure to take her with you to 
the northwest corner tower.  Open it with Rosa's Key and enter.  Just 
lift rocks to reach a staircase.  Take it up and go south to another 
staircase.  Now go north to the Spirit of Summer.

After calling you the Hyrulean hero, you receive the power of summer.  
It's a blessing to the Rod of Seasons, the summer day!  Now we can call 
forth summer!  The date will have to end, though.  Return to your 
portal and take it back to Spool Swamp.

                        |    Up the Vines    |

Go south, to the left, and north.  Cast a tornado through the shrubs 
and hop across the pits to go north as far as you can, then east.  Now 
head north a few times until you can go west.  Dismount from Ricky, use 
the Rod of Seasons to call summer forth (to do this, use the rod twice 
in a row).  Now go north and climb the vines to enter Level 3...

                     |    Poison Moth's Lair    |

Walk north a room and pull out that shield.  The enemies over yonder 
are called Spiked Beetles.  They will charge you; hold out your Wooden 
Shield.  They'll crash into it, flip over, and expose their vulnerable 
underbelly.  Give it a good thrashing and you've won.  Now let's go 
north through the door that opened.  We see a set of new foes, Mini-
Moldorms.  Because I am lazy, and since there is no large Moldorm in 
this game, I'll just refer to them as "Moldorms" throughout the guide.  
As of right now, they take four hits.  They move rather unpredictably, 
which is their only advantage (aside from an exoskeleton).  After 
defeating them, head east.

We've got two more Spiked Beetles to contend with.  Raise your shield, 
let them crash into it, and finish the job.  After that, advance one 
room east.  This room is pointless for us right now, but we'll return.  
Head east again to a room full of Floor Masters.  Wait for them to rise 
and then slash them in a furious frenzy.  Now, lift the pots around 
these blocks until you reach a switch.  It must be kept down to keep 
the door open.  Lift the upper pot to the right and, without lifting it, 
push the lower pot left three times, down once, left once, down once, 
and left three times more.  It's now keeping the door open; use it to 
exit south.

Ah, what a room.  There are two new types of enemy here.  First, 
there's that Bubble ricocheting about the room.  Yes, I know it's name 
is Bubble, but I will classify it as a Whisp for the purposes of the 
guide (it stands out more, and very similar enemies have the same name).  
The other type is the Arm-Mimic.  If you go left, it goes right.  It 
just moves opposite you.  Now, notice the staircase here.  For now, go 
west, then south.  Push around these cylinders to reach a chest 
containing a Small Key.  Now return to the room with the Arm-Mimics.

Ascend the stairs to meet two Pols Voices.  Let us teach them a 
lesson... in music!  Play Ricky's Flute and they instantly die (very 
sensitive ears, don't you know?).  Now push the uppermost block up and 
go north.  Defeat two Moldorms, open the chest that forms for Bombs, 
and blow up the wall to the north.

Enter this new room and open the chest for the Dungeon Map.  As you can 
see, there are two floors to this dungeon.  The lower one, the one you 
entered by, is shaped like a moth.  Now go south twice and push the 
block next to the elevated one down.  Rather than take the stairs down, 
though, push the third block up over and the second block up down.  
Head west.  Here, we must make the northern statues match the southern.  
Push the rightmost one down and the left two gray statues down into 
their slots.  Now push the middle upper-right red statue down and the 
leftmost red statue left once.  Then push the lower-left red statue 
right, the remaining red statue right twice and down once, and the gray 
statue left twice and down once.  This opens the door to the west.  Use 

Walk left through this "hallway" and go left again past a few Moldorms.  
Now head north to a Hardhat Beetle.  Slash it back and take the 
staircase to the upper-right.  Open the chest to the left for 30 rupees 
and then go take the stairs you came by back up.  This time, use your 
Small Key on the locked door.  In this room, you must defeat a few Arm-
Mimics on conveyor belts with a Razor Trap on speed rotating about the 
central point.  Use a Pegasus Seed and run in to the center of the room, 
hopefully unscathed.  Move so that the Arm-Mimics are as close to you 
as possible and then slash them.  When all are defeated, open the chest 
that forms for this dungeon's prize... Roc's Feather!

With it, we can now jump one space.  It's extremely useful.  If you use 
a Pegasus Seed before jumping, you can jump two spaces!  Now, exit 
south, jumping clear over the Razor Trap, and jump left onto the 
rotating green platform.  Jump into the far-left hole at the end to 
fall to a 2-D screen in B1F (basement floor). Defeat the Keese and jump 
across the top of these platforms to reach a new screen.  Here, jump 
from moving platform to ladder to moving platform to ladder.  Now climb 
right and take this ladder to a new room.  Here, jump onto the blue 
square.  It's a trampoline!  You'll bounce through an opening above and 
to a chest.  Open it for the Compass.  Now fall back down to the lower 

Return to the first room of the dungeon.  Go north twice, east twice, 
and jump onto the platform.  Ride it to a stairwell; take it down.  
Here, drop onto the Thwomp.  When it's at its peak, jump right across 
the platforms to another Thwomp.  Jump right off of it to enter a new 
screen.  Jump to the ladder and take it up to an interesting room.  
Push the trampoline left thrice (three times), down twice, right seven 
times, up twice, and onto the yellow tile.  Bounce off the trampoline 
and you'll reach a room with a treasure chest in it.  Open it for a 
Small Key.

From the first room, go north twice, east three times, south once, and 
west once.  Here, pressing a switch makes the floor collapse.  Just 
jump over the switch and stroll on down to the locked door.  Before 
using it, though, take the stairs here up to a conveyor belt path.  
Jump along it to the right, hopefully over the Razor Trap, and follow 
the path to a chest containing a Gasha Seed.  Now follow the path back 
to the locked door.  Use the Small Key there to meet the...

                         Mini-Boss: Calamareye

Ha!  What a pun!  Am I right?  In any case, this mini-boss is actually 
three separate enemies.  The Calamareye appear from the water, shoot a 
fireball at you, and then submerge.  You need to lift them with the 
Power Bracelet, carry them to a corner (so that they have limited 
escape routes), and go buck wild on them.  You must defeat all three in 
this manner (the fight gets progressively easier because you reduce the 
number of fireballs hitting you each time).  When the third is defeated, 
take the Fairy that results from its explosion and use the staircase 
that formed in the lower-right corner.


Now we're in a good position.  Walk west until you reach a dead-end.  
Flip over the "bridge" here and walk north to see a large pit.  Fall in 
to a room with a big Razor Trap in it.  Here, run down (Pegasus Seed 
recommended) and then right into a little alcove, safe from the trap.  
When it passes you, walk up to the blocks and push them into the pit 
here.  Jump over the pit now and open the chest for the Boss Key.  Now, 
return to the first room, warp to the mini-boss room, and use the 
stairs.  Go left a screen to a room with two Moldorms, jump over the 
bridge, and go right to the Boss Door (killing any Peahats along the 
way).  Use the pots to the right to heal, brace yourself, and go 
through that door.

                        |    Boss: Mothula    |

This boss returns from A Link to the Past, and it's no pushover.  
Unlike Aquamentus and Dodongo, this boss requires some strategy.  The 
battle starts fast-paced.  Mothula releases four moths at you and then 
begins spinning around the room wildly.  Jump into the center of the 
room as it spins in this way, defeat the moths that come your way (take 
the hearts they leave), and jump over fireballs.  Eventually, Mothula 
comes to the center by you.  Show no mercy.  Hack at it until the cycle 
begins again.  While you might take heavy damage in the room's 
perimeter, the center is safe, and you should get many hits in on 
Mothula.  If you fall, you'll reach a trampoline in a previous room 
that you can move around to reenter the boss chamber.  After many 
rounds, Mothula explodes and leaves a Heart Container behind.

Take it and use the stairs to go down a room.  Go north into the room 
holding the third Essence of Nature, Bright Sun.  "Young shoots grow 
quickly under the warm rays of the Bright Sun!"  You appear outside the 
dungeon and the Maku Tree contacts you.  He has dreamt of a waterfall 
north of Sunken City.  The next essence must be there.

========================Dancing Dragon Dungeon*========================

                     |    Spool Swamp Secrets    |

Exit the dungeon and make it winter on the stump to the south.  Using 
Ricky, go one screen south of the second entrance to Subrosia.  Head 
east and dismount.  Here, there are enemies called Pincers in the holes.  
When you see eyes, back up and hold your sword out so that they lunge 
in your blade.  Three hits will kill them.  Defeat the two here and hop 
east again.  Defeat another Pincer in this screen.  Now dig your way to 
the weak wall to the upper-right and bomb it.  In the cave, open the 
chest for the Square Jewel.  What does it do?

Return to Level 3's entrance and go south.  Change the season to summer 
and then go northeast.  Take the stairs up and go south twice and east 
once.  Fight off these Tektites, jumping monsters that can be defeated 
with two slashes, and climb the vine to a sign.  It's from Vasu.  Since 
you're his best customer, he gives you a gift.  Dig before the sign to 
get a ring.

Also, while we're on the subject, there's a cool secret in Holodrum 
Plain, too.  North once and west twice of Blaino's Gym is a screen with 
two small saplings in it.  If you go south of it and jump up the cliff 
with Ricky, you can reach the saplings and burn one down to reveal a 
staircase that leads to a very generous Old Man.

                       |    To Sunken City    |

NOTE: This section will be much different if you got Moosh or Dimitri 
as animal partners.  For Moosh, it is full of holes.  For Dimitri, it's 
full of water.  But, since the default character in Oracle of Seasons 
is Ricky, I am covering the guide to Natzu Prairie with him.

Go to the screen I described above with the Old Man.  It is north one 
screen and west twice of Blaino's Gym.  Once there, use Roc's Feather 
to jump between the posts in the upper-right corner and go north.  Hit 
the switch to form a bridge to the west.  Now, go east and heal up at a 
Fairy Fountain.  Then go west twice to cross the bridge.  Call Ricky 
from here and go east back to the bridge.  Go north on the steps, and 
let's get through this Natzu Prairie!

North of the bridge, jump onto the cliff top.  Go east a few screens, 
punching your way through plants and enemies, until you must go south.  
Do so and hop off the ledge.  Go south, use Ricky's tornado punch to 
clear the shrubbery, and hop across the pits to go south.  Jump onto 
the ledge here, go north, east, north, (to the right) south, and south 
again.  Hop off the ledge and go west to a cave.  Dismount from Ricky 
and enter.  Talk to a Deku Scrub here, tell him the song he likes is 
good, and he'll fill your Seed Satchel.  Cool!  Now exit the cave, get 
back in Ricky's pouch, and hop east.  Go north now three times, travel 
east until you must go south, and then turn southward.

Here, the Great Moblin has set up a toll.  Either pay him rupees or get 
blown to smithereens.  Ignore him and hop east into Sunken City.  Ricky 
says that it smells like medicine and leaves (he can't stand it).  Well, 
we're free to explore now.

                         |    Sunken City    |

The city's been flooded.  We can't swim, but we can jump.  Bound over 
the watery gap to the right and go south in the narrow water.  Now head 
east along the bottom path, following the narrow water until you find a 
tree.  It bears a new type of seed, Gale Seeds.  With these, you can 
warp to any Mystical Tree you've seen!  Finally, a warp system is in 
place.  Head back to the entrance of Sunken City.  Along the way, a 
group of boys find a weird thing.  They determine that it's a monster 
come to attack the city.  They must defend the city!  Talk to the 
middle boy and he'll explain that they need to fight the monster, but 
they're helpless.  Give him some Bombs and they go out on patrol.

Talk to the creature to learn that it is named Dimitri.  It can swim 
like a fish - even up waterfalls - and will help you since you helped 
it.  Dimitri was one of the options for an animal partner.  Press A to 
chomp, and the D-Pad is used to swim in water.  You can also lift 
Dimitri and throw him around holes with the Power Bracelet.  Get into 
the water to the right and swim north twice, then east.  Approach the 
waterfall and Dimitri can swim up it.  Do so to reach a new screen.

Swim up the right waterfall to find the place Master Diver has gone off 
to.  Talk to him and he'll tell you to prove yourself.  Swim left, open 
the chest for 50 rupees, and then exit this cave.  Enter the left 
waterfall cave and get onto dry land inside.  Dismount from Dimitri and 
cross the bridge.  Push these statues into a square and charge up a 
spin attack.  Let it hit all four eye statues at once, causing a 
staircase to form to the right.  Jump to it and open the chest for the 
Master's Plaque.  That's proof, right?  Return to Master Diver and give 
him his plaque.  Since you've passed the test, he accepts you as his 
pupil.  And as his pupil, you receive Zora's Flippers!  Now you can 
swim, too!

He also teaches you his secret diving route to Mt. Cucco.  There's a 
diving hole among the reefs in town.  Use the flippers to reach it.  As 
far as swimming goes, press B to submerge and A to swim quickly.  Now 
exit the cave (we no longer need Dimitri, unless he's your animal 
partner).  Swim east of where we met our swimming friend and dive down 
in the patch of water here.  You'll fall to a cavern.  Swim down the 
waterfall, open a chest to the left for a Gasha Seed, and exit the cave.  
We're back in Woods of Winter!  Use a Gale Seed to return to Sunken 

Swim north of the Mystical Tree and climb the left vine.  Swim across 
the water and open the chest to find another Gasha Seed.  Now, exit 
this cave and climb the other set of vines to go north again.  A girl 
in this house says that summer hit Mt. Cucco and the snow there melted, 
thus flooding the city.  Let's swim west to a stump.  Change the season 
from summer to winter and swim south twice.  Snow has piled up here, 
which lets us reach the Great Witch Syrup's hut.  She sent Maple to 
find some Mushrooms, but she hasn't returned.  Without them, Syrup 
can't make Magic Potions!  So that's why Ricky smelled medicine.

We've done just about everything there is to do in Sunken City, and so 
we're leaving.  Go north a screen from the entrance to the city (Ingo's 
House).  First, turn it to summer.  Then return west and dive down in 
the space between the snow piles to reach a 2-D screen.  Swim around 
the water, defeating Cheep-Cheeps with slashes as you go, and you'll 
emerge in Mt. Cucco.

            |    Exploring Mt. Cucco & Goron Mountain    |

Travel north and west to find a Deku Scrub.  If you deflect its seeds 
back at it with your Wooden Shield, you can beat it (it gives hints).  
Go west two times in a row to enter Goron Mountain.  Shovel the snow 
piles and go west.  Bomb the weak wall here and enter.  Walk around 
here and take the stairs up.  Go east, take the ladder up, and go west.  
Enter the cave and go forward to another staircase.  Here, go east.  
Prepare to face very tough enemies.  They are called Lynels, and they 
are tough.  Boomerang them and slash as much as you can.  They are 
extremely strong; defeat them quickly and move west.  Jump off this 
ledge to reach a cave.  Enter and talk to the red Goron here.  He'll 
give you a L-2 Ring Box, capable of carrying three rings at once!  
Thanks, random Goron!

Hop off the ledge and go west.  Lift the rocks, burn the saplings, and 
take the stairs down to an Old Man willing to give you a financial lift.  
Thank him and exit.  Use the stairs to enter Goron Mountain, home of 
Holodrum's Goron population.

Take the stairwell to the right down and swim south to exit the cave.  
Go right two screens and lift the rocks to reveal soft soil.  Now 
return to the Goron Mountain inner workings and use the stairs here to 
go up a level.  Jump across the lava and exit to the south.  To the 
north is Biggoron, a Goron so large that he can't fit in the cave.  
He's the only character in the game to appear on the map.  He's got a 
cold since he can't stay warm inside and a severe winter has set in.  
After you're done gawking at him, return to the first floor, take the 
stairs down, and exit Goron Mountain from here.  Go west and south.  
We're in Natzu Prairie.

Swim east until you come to a series of steps leading north.  Take them 
up and head west a few screens to a staircase.  Take it down to a 
tunnel.  Jump across the tiles here to reach a chest containing 50 
rupees.  Exit Natzu Prairie the way you came.

Now that we've thoroughly explored the area, return to Mt. Cucco.  
Continue east until you see a big, blue bear named Moosh.  Talk to it.  
He wants a Spring Banana, but it won't come until spring.  Ah, it looks 
like we need to return to Subrosia, home of the brave.  Go north and 
west to find a large slight of stairs.  Take them up to the top and 
fall off the right ledge to enter the portal.

Note: In case you were wondering what that cave was for, it is a Fairy 
Fountain.  In winter, a buildup of snow lets you enter it.  If you're 
low on health, you know where to go.

                    |    Subrosian Adventures    |

As soon as you jump off the initial platform, two Subrosians run by you, 
knocking your Roc's Feather at of your hands.  They decide to trade you 
Fool's Ore for it.  Now you got Fool's Ore in exchange for Roc's 
Feather!  And to make matters worse, there's a staircase to the east 
that leads to the "temple" that we need the feather to reach!  Oh, 
those pack rats are in for it!

Go west and enter the house, the home of those weirdos.  They start 
running off to bury their treasure.  Follow them west and exit the 
house to the south.  Like we did with Rosa earlier, we must avoid their 
line of sight (they cannot see diagonally, but they can see all the way 
across the screen otherwise).  Follow them south twice, hiding behind 
trees the entire time.  Then let them go west along Treasure Grove, a 
stretch of Subrosian Seaside.  Hide behind rocks and go north into the 
forest part of Treasure Grove.  Go north after them and then south when 
they turn around.  They bury Roc's Feather in the red square; dig there 
and retrieve it.  It says to return the Fool's Ore, but we can't very 
well do that...  You can enter their house any time you want to repeat 
the treasure game, but with different prizes.

Return to the entrance of their house and go south.  Jump over the lava 
and go south.  It's a skull pirate!  Just to make a shortcut for 
ourselves, enter the House of Pirates, climb to the top, and take the 
portal.  We're in Horon Village.  Hit the switch to form a bridge, a 
shortcut to Subrosia, and then return to Subrosia.  Jump off the ledge 
and go right.  Yep, there's a Subrosia Cemetery, and half the pirates' 
ship is sunk here.  Ah, but let's not be concerned with their troubles 
yet.  That's a later dungeon.

Return to the screen we entered Subrosia from Mt. Cucco in and go east.  
Jump to the stairwell to the lower-right and you'll come to a 2-D 
screen.  Jump across these platforms hovering over lava and take a 
ladder up and out of here, right into the Temple of Seasons (before you 
exit, note that you can take a ladder down to find a Gasha Seed).  
Enter the southwest corner tower.

Jump across the platforms and take the stairs up.  Now walk south, take 
another flight up, and approach the statue.  It's the Spirit of Spring!  
Spring is a season of discovery.  Flowers bloom, and plants grow.  She 
blesses the Rod of Seasons with a spring dew.  Now we have three of the 
four seasons!  Return to Mt. Cucco.

                       |    The Dragon Key    |

Hop down to the stump and call forth spring.  Head north of Moosh to 
meet the Flying Cucco (clearly based off of the Flying Rooster from 
Link's Awakening).  Lift it with the Power Bracelet and then press B as 
quickly as possible to rise in elevation.  If done correctly, you'll 
reach the top of the cliff here.  From it, go north.  Enter the cave 
and jump across the platforms to reach the north wall; jump left from 
there and take the stairs up.  Slash the palm tree, which looks just 
like those from Link's Awakening on Toronbo Shores (the beach), to gain 
the Spring Banana.  Now go south and enter that cave.  Jump onto the 
quick platform, jump right as it is rising to press a switch, board the 
platform again, and take the ring that falls.  Now exit the cave and 
talk to Moosh.

He gulps it quickly and promises to help you.  He was a possible animal 
partner, but he isn't that great.  Press and hold A to use a ground 
pound attack, or press A repeatedly to fly.  Moosh *can* fly the length 
of the screen, but it's all a matter of pressing A with godly speed.  
And Moosh's attack is so slow that it almost never works.  In any case, 
travel west five times to Goron Mountain.  Go north and Moosh reminds 
you that he can float.  Tap A to get around these holes and you'll 
reach the Dragon Key!  With it, you can unlock that keyhole on the 
summit.  For now, let's take Moosh out of this screen, to the south.

We no longer need Moosh, so feel free to abandon the little fellow.  
From where you met Moosh, head west four times in the springtime.  
There should be a Deku Flower (that might not be the official name, but 
a very similar flower was featured in Majora's Mask called that) there, 
only bloomed.  Step in and be shot upward.  Head north, east all the 
way to a stump.  Jump on and then jump off the south to land by a Piece 
of Heart.  Return to the stump and make it chilly outside with a change 
to winter.  Now head west to see a large mound of snow.  Use the stairs 
to reach it and walk across the snow into a cave.

The nearby bush is a fake.  Slash it and jump over the pit to go west a 
screen.  After defeating two Zols, lift a rock and jump left a screen 
to a new one.  Just to left past the pit to a narrow hole; jump over it 
and then jump north to a staircase.  Use it and head south to a new 
staircase.  We're at the summit!  Go right to reacquaint yourself with 
the Flying Cucco.  Hold right on the D-Pad and press B rapidly to cross 
the gap.  Use the Dragon Key in the keyhole and the waterfall drains, 
revealing Level 4.  Go left a screen, drop over the ledge, and go right.  
Make it summertime and climb the vines and prepare to dance the dungeon 

                   |    Dancing Dragon Dungeon    |

Of all the dungeons in Zelda games, I think that this one takes the 
cake for most original and weird name.  Now, Jabu-Jabu's Belly has 
never failed to be a weird concept, but a dungeon based off a dancing 
dragon is far stranger than a dungeon inside a fish...  On second 
thought, Jabu-Jabu's Belly remains the champion.

Go north a room and you'll meet a new variation of an old enemy.  Often 
called "Shrouded Stalfos," there are two hooded Stalfos here that shoot 
arrows/throw spears (you can't really tell).  But, they can't jump, 
making them easy, Moblin-like prey.  To the right, push either middle 
row block down to reach the chest, which contains but a mere 10 Bombs.  
Normally, bombs as treasure usually sends the message that a wall can 
be blown up, but nothing is fragile here; just jump into the mine cart.  
Hit a switch on your way across the tracks.

You'll end up in a room chockfull of enemies.  Take them all out and 
bomb the obviously cracked wall to the upper-right.  Welcome to an 
interesting room, though not that puzzling.  Lift the middle right 
block and push the one above it up twice and left once; the one below 
it down twice and left once.  Now lift what was the middle block.  You 
can now easily push the rest of the blocks onto switches.  Stand on the 
last switch yourself and a Small Key falls down to you.  Take it and 
double back to the west.

Take the mine cart for a spin.  If you didn't throw your switch on your 
way up, then now's the best time to do so.  You'll be taken down an 
alternate route to another watery room of this waterfall dungeon.  This 
room has a "puzzle" to open the door to the north.  Swim by the Water 
Tektites, thrashing any Zols that get in your way, and push the statue 
to the upper-left over and up to a switch (or up and over).  The door 
opens; go north.  Take out a few Water Tektites and the door opens.  
But, we have no intentions of turning back so early.  Push the 
uppermost block left, the one two below it left, and the now rightmost 
block up or down.  Descend the stairwell to reach the basement level.

Let me introduce you to a new, annoying enemy.  These classic foes are 
known as Wizzrobes, and they teleport around the room to cast spells at 
you.  Wait for one to appear and slash it before it casts its spell (it 
will still cast it, but at least you can hit it).  Alternately, blow 
them up with Bombs.  Now follow the path, defeating both Wizzrobes in 
the room as well as the usual Keese clusters and go south through the 
west exit.  Go down past a staircase and go right (wait for a Whisp to 
pass you by before taking the narrow route).  At the end, go east to a 
treasure chest.  Defeat the Zols by it and open aforementioned chest 
for the Dungeon Map.  Three floors!  And not only that, but the B1F is 
arranged like a dragon doing a funky dance!

Return to the room to the west and use the staircase you passed up 
earlier.  This is a 2-D screen.  Jump across the platforms, sword ready 
to hit Keese, and you'll come to an interesting segment.  The blocks 
here disappear and reappear.  Jump to the first block, wait for a new 
one ahead of you (or behind you but above in elevation) to appear.  
Just continue jumping to new blocks to reach the ladder.  Climb it to 
reach a dark room.  You can use an Ember Seed on the torch, but you can 
still see the floor easily if you're playing in good light (or on a GBA 
SP).  Jump across the platforms to open a chest holding a Small Key.  
And then there were two.  Now return to the first room of the dungeon.

Use a Small Key on the door to the east.  Welcome to a room lined with 
spikes.  Jump across them, taking care to avoid Whisps while you're at 
it, and you'll come to the east wall.  Bomb the cracked part and use 
the opening.  Here, defeat any Stalfos (the jumping kind) and Keese 
that you dislike and push the block to the right over.  This makes a 
chest with the Compass form.  Though we've opened only a few so far, 
only three chests remain.  Double back to the west and head north.

Water prevails as the theme of this dungeon.  Get into the water and 
dive (B) to avoid the rolling cylinder with spikes (of doom).  Lift the 
pots to find recovery items and then get back in the water.  This time, 
head north.  I hope you don't lose your shield to this Like Like, as we 
see a Spiked Beetle to our right.  First, defeat the Like Like, from 
the doorway if possible, and then totally own that beetle.  Chances are 
it is knocked into a pit as a result of your shield.  Walk around the 
pit and pull out Roc's Feather.  The Roc's Ring is useful for the slow 
jumpers, but it should be easy to jump across these cracked platforms 
to reach a mine cart.  Hop in, hit the switch on the way, and defeat 
these bothersome Stalfos.

Hop back in the cart to ride to a room we haven't visited yet.  Kill 
off the Like Likes and other enemies to make a Small Key fall into the 
water.  Dive for it to add another key to our growing collection.  Take 
it back with you on the mine cart.

You'll have to use your new Small Key on the locked block to the right.  
Go east afterward to find three Stalfos.  Defeat them all with two 
touches of the blade.  Lift the pots if you're low on seeds, and then 
take the stairs that formed as a result of your battles with the 
skeletal knights up.  Use a Pegasus Seed and Roc's Feather to clear the 
gap and the next gaps to the left.  Take the staircase at the end to 
the basement.

Let's push the lower block down and bust into this new room.  Ignore 
the enemies if you'd like; what's important is the mine cart.  Hop in, 
ride through a key room, and you'll come to another.  A Business Scrub 
in this room will sell you 10 Ember Seeds for 20 rupees (it will be 
useful later on).  Stock up now if you'd like, but be sure to open the 
chest to the left in plain site (and quite poorly guarded at that).  It 
contains a Small Key.  Now go south to a spike room.  Jump through the 
openings to go south.  Hey it's Level 4's...

                          Mini-Boss: Agahnim

Well, well, well.  Of all the characters to revive and use as a mini-
boss, they chose one of the coolest ones from A Link to the Past.  
Agahnim, the Dark Wizard!  And like most old enemies revived into this 
game, they fight like they did before, but with a twist.  Agahnim's 
battle plan is the same one he used in Ganon's Tower, the last dungeon 
of A Link to the Past, but he's thrown in the darkness element.  In 
case you run out, there are Ember Seeds in the corner shrubs.  Rush 
into the center of the room and light both torches with Ember Seeds.  
The lights return, and you can see Agahnim and two duplicates.  Which 
is the real thing?  The one with the shadow underneath it, of course.  
Avoid their spells and slash the shadow-producing wizard as much as 
possible.  Agahnim is pretty susceptible to slashes, and it takes only 
six hits to beat him.  The trick is keeping the room lit.  If you slash 
him quickly enough, you can stop the spell-casting altogether.  It's 
safest to stand between the torches, keeping the room lit and slashing 
Agahnim as he appears.  And, as any Zelda veteran knows, the 
traditional method of defeating Agahnim is to deflect his spell back at 
him.  Ah, but at least this is easier.  When you've won, heal with the 
Fairy released from the explosion.


We can go east, but let's go south first.  Hop into the mine cart and 
go south of where you're spit out.  The laser turret to the south is 
called a Beamos, and it's only attack is shooting you with a laser when 
it sees you.  Stand behind a block to avoid its attack (by the way, 
they're indestructible; don't even try attacking them).  When the coast 
is clear, make a mad dash for the locked door and take it west.  We've 
got a nice prize in this room, and so it's made a tad more difficult 
than normal.  Use a Pegasus Seed on yourself upon entry.  Push the 
statue onto the switch and sprint through this block maze to reach the 
chest before the floor has crumbled completely.  Open it for the 
Slingshot!  It's this dungeon's prize.  It can fire seeds in the 
cardinal directions.

Go back to the mini-boss room and head north of it twice.  Purchase 
Ember Seeds from the Business Scrub if you're low from your last mini-
boss battle and hop into the mine cart.  As you go through the room to 
the east, you have once chance to light all three torches.  Face north, 
fire, fire again to the right, and immediately turn around and fire 
south.  If Link was a good marksman, a chest forms.  Ride the mine cart 
back to the Business Scrub room, which you should go south of to the 
spike room.  Jump across the spike clearings to the east wall.  Use the 
stairs to go north and east to claim a Small Key.

Return to the mini-boss room and go south to a mine cart.  Take it and 
shoot both switches with the Slingshot to reach the rightmost part of 
this room.  Head north and east.  Defeat the enemies here and use 
Pegasus Seeds to jump to a locked block.  Use your Small Key on it and 
head north.  Get into the center of this room and knock the Like Like 
into the deeps.  Slash at Water Tektites from the platform and then 
swim in the water to find the Boss Key!  Huzzah!  Now, let's return to 
the room we fought Agahnim in.

From the mini-boss room, go east.  The Old Man here tells us that "what 
you seek is in the eye," whatever that means.  Heal up with recovery 
items from under the pots and go back to the mini-boss room.  Once 
again, head south.  It'll probably cost you a heart, but you'll have to 
pull off a risky move in this room.  Run south to a Razor Trap.  
Trigger it and run past it as it's retracting to shoot a Scent Seed 
(often the ammo of choice for the Slingshot) at the switch to the right.  
Now the cart tracks have changed.  Jump in the mine cart and take it to 
a new room.  Defeat the Wizzrobes and go north.  Yes, it's the room we 
got the Dungeon Map in.  Use a Small Key on the block to the upper-left 
and take the stairs down.

Use the Boomerang on the Whisps here and shoot the torches across the 
gap with the Slingshot & Ember Seeds.  Cross the bridge that forms and 
go east.  Fish for recovery items here, defeat foes, and go north.  
Stand on the platform, keep your sword ready for a spin attack, and 
whiz around the room to the Boss Door.  Use the Boss Key on it...

                         |    Boss: Gohma    |

As long as Nintendo's bringing back all these old bosses, why not 
include the more popular Gohma?  Down onto the ground falls Gohma, what 
seems to be a cross between a crab (as depicted in original games) and 
a spider (in Ocarina of Time).  Avoid the shadow and let the fight 

For the first phase, we must excise her left claw.  When her eye is 
closed, it's a simple matter of slashing it.  When it's opened, stand 
to the left and rush in to attack it after Gohma uses her attack.  The 
attack consists of Gohma rushing in on you diagonally at a surprising 
pace, grabbing you with her large left claw, and slamming you into the 
ground, doing two hearts of damage.  You can still use your sword when 
in her grasp, though, and I advise doing so.  But, assuming you don't 
want to get hit, move left to avoid it, charge up a spin attack, and 
slash it after that attack is used.  After nine or so hits, Gohma loses 
her left claw.

Without her better claw, Gohma resorts to releasing Gohma Larvae, 
offspring.  Stand in a corner to limit their means of attack and slash 
them as they jump at you.  They can drop recovery hearts, making them 
beneficial for those low on health.  After defeating her numerous 
larvae, use the Slingshot to hurl Mystical Seeds into her eye (which 
she opens periodically).  Keep using the larvae to regain lost health, 
which is easy to do, and keep fighting.  Six shots end Gohma's life as 
a boss.  But, don't worry.  Gohma always comes back.

Take the Heart Container that appears and go east.  Take this Essence 
of Nature, Soothing Rain.  "Bathed in drops of Soothing Rain, shoots 
grow into saplings!"  The Maku Tree has something to say.  As always, 
the Maku Tree grows from another Essence of Nature.  And a new vision 
he's had shows a lake shaped like eyeglasses.  And for now, he's off to 

============================Unicorn's Cave*============================

                      |    The Pyramid Jewel    |

Exit the dungeon and swim into the northeast corner of the water.  Dive 
down there to enter a secret 2-D screen.  Just swim through it and 
you'll find the Pyramid Jewel at the end.  Hmm, what do these jewels do?  
In any case, it's time to visit the next dungeon.

                     |    The Power of Autumn    |

Go to Impa's Refuge (one screen north of Horon Village; use a Gale 
Seed).  Head east, north twice, east, and south.  Jump the pits and get 
onto the icy floor (assuming it's winter.  If not, change it at the 
stump to the north).  Go south and east to find an entrance to Subrosia.  
Swim up to the steps and enter.

We're in the far-east part of Subrosia Village.  To the west is the 
Great Furnace.  To the north we can see the Temple of Seasons.  Go 
south of the portal to meet the Sign-Loving Subrosian.  Simply divine!  
Impeccably fine!  Gorgeous design!  Notably kind!  Signs!!!  He counts 
how many signs you've destroyed.  In any case, exit and go west.  Jump 
over the lava and go west and north.  Lift the rock here to create a 
shortcut to the rest of Subrosia Village using a Pegasus Seed and Roc's 
Feather.  Now return to the Sign-Loving Subrosian's House and go south 
of it.

Jump over the gap and head south.  This is Lava Lake.  Traverse the 
bridge and go west.  Jump to the central island and get to the left end, 
and then jump onto the southern piece of land to go west again.  Jump 
across these islands to see a Pokey, and a fiery type at that.  Slash 
it three times to defeat it, and then jump north.  From where you enter 
this screen, just jump east.  In the new screen, defeat another Pokey 
and jump right along the lower islands and you'll see a crown-shaped 
object in the dirt.  Lift it with the Power Bracelet to take a Bomb 
Flower, crop of the Gorons!

Return to where I said there was a shortcut earlier involving a rock 
(from the Sign-Loving Subrosian's House, go west, north, and west).  
Hop the pit two spaces long with a Pegasus Seed to aid you and go west.  
Head north now and jump across the lava to go east twice.  Now go north 
into the Temple of Seasons.  Now go north again, east, hop the magma 
stream, and go north.  Two Subrosians from the Great Furnace are here 
trying to gather ore.  Give the upper one your Bomb Flower and it blows 
up the rocks.  They've gathered all the ore they need; come to the 
furnaces any time you need something melted.  They leave and you can 
enter the northeast corner tower.  Jump over the lava to take a set of 
stairs up.  Walk down and you'll enter the chamber...

This is the Spirit of Autumn.  She grants you, legendary hero, the 
Power of Autumn, the blessing of an autumn breeze.  In fall, mushrooms 
are ripe for the picking and leaves cover pits.  Now we have all four 
seasons!  Nothing can stop us now!  Let's exit Subrosia through the 
portal we came by, back to Eyeglass Lake.

Swim north onto land.  Go north further and use the Rod of Seasons on 
this stump to bring fall to Eyeglass Lake.  Now go north and east to 
find the fifth dungeon.  Pick the mushrooms with the Power Bracelet (we 
can in autumn) and enter Level 5.

                       |     Unicorn's Cave    |

Go west a room.  Defeat the Moldorm and go north twice to meet new 
enemies.  First, take care of the Moldorm, and then turn your attention 
to our new friends, Iron Masks.  They protect the front of their body 
with their masks, but you can slash their backsides.  Otherwise, just 
push them into a pit with your sword.  Defeating all enemies opens the 
door to the upper-left; use it.

Walk along the conveyor belt, but press against the wall as you go to 
keep from falling in the pit.  Continue hugging the wall while you walk 
until you must go north.  Jump through this part and hop left to the 
chest.  Open it for the Compass.  Now exit this room and return to the 
first room of the dungeon.  Go north from it to a waterlogged room.  
Dive down to avoid Water Tektites and Peahats as you swim right to go 
east a room.  Hop into the eastern mine cart and ride it north to a 
treasure chest.  Open it for a Small Key and hop into the mine cart.  
On the way down, slash the switch to the right.  Now reenter the mine 
cart to go to a new room.  Take the stairs down to a 2-D screen.

Take these ladders across the gap and jump over the pipes when the 
Podoboos, the flames, just went.  In the next room, step near the 
Thwomp and turn back to trigger it, and then use Roc's Feather to jump 
onto it.  Repeat this to the left to reach the ladder.  Take it up and 
go east upon entry.  In this room, you must defeat two Zols and two 
members of a new type of enemy, Gibdos.  They are mummies in Zelda 
games, and they do not have any kickback (they aren't knocked back when 
slash).  They each take four hits, and you can also Slingshot them with 
Ember Seeds to make them into Stalfos, the jumping kind.  After beating 
all of them, open the chest that forms for the Dungeon Map.  As it 
turns out, the dungeon is only one floor (thankfully) and is shaped 
like a unicorn's head.

Return to the room to the west.  I forgot to mention a new enemy here.  
You've met Whisps, alternately known as Bubbles, but these are REAL 
Whisps.  When they hit you, you can't draw your blade for a few seconds.  
Avoid them and advance west one room.  Here, just ignore the Peahats 
and take the stairs north a room.  Follow the path to a ledge and drop 
down from it to the water.  Swim left through it and use your Small Key 
on the locked door here.  Walk up to the chest in this room and open it 
for this dungeon's prize... the Magnetic Gloves!  With them, you can 
attract and repel metal objects!  Press A to reverse polarity.  All 
objects are marked S for South or N for North.  Remember, opposites 
attract (South to North), but the same polarity repels (North to North 
or South to South).  This is one of the most original items in the 
series since the Hookshot!

With our new item, the dungeon unfolds.  Use the Magnetic Gloves to 
pull the ball to the north down to the switch to exit this room.  Go 
south from there, defeat these menacing Peahats, and push the side 
blocks down, the middle over, to reach the east exit.  Use these stairs 
to enter the 2-D section.  Below you are some cracked blocks.  Blow 
them and go left a screen in here.  Jump over the blasts from these 
statues (which look suspiciously like Bowser) and get onto the moving 
platforms.  Ride them to the left and take the ladder there up.  This 
room is interesting.  Pushing the Armos statue on the right side makes 
the Armos statue on the left side move in the opposite direction, and 
we need to hit a switch on the left side.

Push the statue on this side down three times, right twice, and up once.  
Then go south now that the door is open.  Walk across this narrow path 
(it's best to use an Ember Seed fired by the Slingshot to make this 
Gibdo into a jumping Stalfos that throws bones) and go west.  Here, 
just walk left, killing Keese as you go, and use the steps to reach a 
chest concealing 100 rupees.  Now go north of here to a room with Iron 
Masks and Moldorms.  Note that you can use the Magnetic Gloves to force 
the masks off the enemies.  After killing them all, head west.

This room is pretty tough for those that didn't use a Mystery Seed on 
the Owl in the previous room, but it can be easy.  Approach one of the 
Armos statues from the side so that you activate ONLY that one.  Now 
stand exactly where you are, not moving, and defeat the Armos with your 
sword, attacking them when they come to you.  Now activate the next 
Armos statue and defeat it in the same way.  Memorize the order that 
you defeated them in, which spaces they started in.  Open the chests 
that form in the same order you defeated the Armos statues occupying 
those spaces.  After getting three minor prizes, you'll open the fourth 
for a Small Key.

Go back to the first room.  Use the western exit and take out the 
enemies here.  The magnet to the left is firmly staked to the ground, 
meaning that we can use the Magnetic Gloves to pull/push ourselves to 
it/from it.  Use an N polarity to pull yourself to it and walk north to 
open a chest containing a Small Key.  Go south now and push yourself 
away from the magnet with an S polarity to go east to the first room.  
Go north and swim east.  Here, take the right mine cart and have the 
switch set up so that you go east a room rather than north.  In here, 
use the magnet to cross the gap to the south and take the lower mine 
cart.  When you emerge, open the chest for a Small Key.

Take the cart back to the room to the northeast and then take the upper 
cart back to the double cart room.  Take the left one this time, hit 
the switch on your way up to go west rather than north, and you'll find 
a very cool rotating magnet.  Using an S polarity, attract yourself to 
the magnet and hang onto it.  When your back is to the west, change 
polarity quickly to reach the floor there.  Open the chest for another 
Small Key.  Take your cart back to the first cart room and enter the 
right cart.  Make sure the switch has the tracks moving to the east.  
In the room you come to, use your Small Key on the door to the east.

                           Mini-Boss: Syger

This is actually a pretty tough mini-boss.  Syger drops in and shows 
itself - a saber-tooth tiger with spikes and a ball at the end of its 
tail.  All you have to do is slash the ball to defeat it, but its 
attacks are wild and lethal.  It rolls into a ball and moves across the 
room faster than you do with Pegasus Seeds.  It has spikes, and it will 
try to hit you.  Its movements are unpredictable, and it makes abrupt 
turns and stops at seemingly random intervals.  Use Pegasus Seeds on 
yourself throughout the battle to increase your speed, which will make 
you harder to hit.  When Syger stops rolling and stands there for a 
second, his tail will be pointed to the left or right.  Approach it and 
slash it.  A spin attack is preferable.  After taking a hit, Syger 
assumes ball form and starts the cycle all over again.  After several 
hits, it explodes, leaving you a portal and a Fairy.


Return to the first cart room and use the left cart to go north twice.  
Kill any Keese or Zols in your way and take the steps up, walk right, 
take them down, and go east a room.  Above you is another new enemy, 
the Kanalet Soldier.  This particular one is an archer.  Use your 
Wooden Shield to block its arrows and slash it to defeat it.  After 
that, push the block to the right to the right to make a magnetic orb 
fall down.  Use your Magnetic Gloves to repel it to the right, in line 
with the Switch, and then to push it north onto the switch.  This opens 
the door to the north.

Go back to the mini-boss room and go north of it.  Before continuing 
west, let's go east.  In this room, use the Boomerang to defeat both 
Sparks and to get Fairies.  Then go north, press the switch, and then 
go around the bend to actually go north a room.  In this room, make a 
run for the doorway to the west, jumping over laser fire of the Beamos 
if possible.  You'll come to a room with enemies known as Magnites.  
They are very annoying.  Use the Magnetic Gloves to pull them to you or 
pin them against a wall and slash them as many times as possible.  
Meanwhile, they'll be switching polarities and spitting fireballs at 
you.  When you've defeated them all, go west.  Here, use the Magnetic 
Gloves to push the orb here into the fire.  It's very important that 
you do.

Return to the mini-boss room and go north.  Use a Small Key on the 
locked door to the upper-left and you'll be back in the magnet orb room.  
Head north through the door you opened earlier.  Now, if you pushed the 
orb into the flames earlier, you can now retrieve it.  Use an S 
polarity to keep the orb in front of you and walk in front of the flame 
throwers.  The orb acts as your shield, and you can use a Small Key to 
the north.  Take the stairwell to the right into a 2-D screen.  Use the 
Magnetic Gloves to bring yourself up to the magnet above and then fall 
down to the left.  Jump onto the platform to the left and jump to the 
ladder.  Take it down.

Jump to the platform to the right and jump repeatedly on it as not to 
be moved off of the platform.  Jump to the next one and leap to the 
ladder to the right when it's high up.  Use the Magnetic Gloves to 
raise yourself into the air and then fall to the right to claim the 
Boss Key.  And now the boss if within our sight.

Return to the mini-boss room and go north.  Unlock the block to the 
upper-right with your last Small Key and descend down the stairs.  Use 
the Magnetic Gloves to repel yourself from the magnet below and fall 
left onto the platform from it.  Use them again to rise and fall left, 
and then go left a screen.  Here, use the Boomerang on the Sparks to 
heal yourself with Fairies (and rid yourself of them) before acting.  
Use the Magnetic Gloves to rise up to the ladder to the left and take 
it up to the room before the boss.

Keep the Keese in mind as you go through this room.  Also, remember 
that you can quickly reverse polarity while over a pit and still not 
fall in if you over/undershoot in here.  Pull yourself to the magnet 
ahead but stop to get onto the platform.  Pull yourself to the right, 
and go up to the top of the platform you come to.  Pull yourself to the 
left and stop on the platform before the Boss Door.  Heal yourself with 
the recovery items beneath these jars and open the door to meet your 

                       |    Boss: Digdogger    |

Of all the bosses from The Legend of Zelda for the NES, this had to be 
the lamest of them all.  In the original Zelda game, this boss required 
you do one thing: play the Flute.  Sometimes you'd have to attack it 
afterward, but rarely.  Well, playing the Flute won't help you now.  
Digdogger has changed its look and now bounces around the room to 
attack.  While not too difficult, it's a lot harder than before.  
Digdogger is invincible to all of your attacks, but we can hurt it 

Use the Magnetic Gloves to pull a spiky ball toward you.  You must 
direct the ball into Digdogger's body by using them.  In case you were 
wondering, an N polarity attracts it, while S repels.  Just be careful 
not to hit yourself with it.  After three or so hits, Digdogger turns 
into miniatures of itself, and they're tough.  Use the ball to hit them 
all at once and then turn your attention to the boss, which the 
surviving infants gather up into (note that some destroyed ones leave 
recovery hearts).  After many hits, Digdogger will be destroyed.

Grab that Heart Container and go north to see an Essence of Nature, 
Nurturing Warmth.  "Balmy days build strong saplings with their 
Nurturing Warmth!"  Outside, the Maku Tree has some words for you.  
Stronger than before, he has had a dream of you within vast ruins.  
Perhaps the essence is within.  And now, for nap time.

============================Ancient Ruins*=============================

                       |    The Round Jewel    |

Let's go to Gnarled Root Dungeon's entrance (don't enter).  Go south of 
it and get in the water.  Swim west into Holodrum Plain and then south.  
Swim to the stairs, take them up, and enter the house.  Talk to the Old 
Man here and he'll give you, keeper of the essences, the Round Jewel.  
What do these mysterious jewels do?

While we're in the area, swim west twice and enter the cave.  Open the 
chest for a ring.  You can swim west of there for a shortcut to Spool 
Swamp.  If you swim west of Gnarled Root Dungeon and then north a few 
screens, you can find an island with a soft soil patch in it.

While we're doing this type of side quest, go to Impa's Refuge in North 
Horon.  Head east, north twice, and east of it.  Change the season to 
autumn.  Now go west and south twice.  Head over the bridge to the east.  
All the pits are covered by leaves.  Jump over the first one and walk 
to a chest containing a Gasha Seed.  There's another Gasha Seed hidden 
in Eastern Suburbs; you must use a Deku Flower in spring to reach a 
staircase.  Inside, use the Magnetic Gloves to repel yourself across a 
pit and to a Gasha Seed within a chest.  Now, to the matter at hand.

                     |    Great Moblin's Keep    |

At the end of Natzu Prairie, Great Moblin has set up an arsenal of 
cannons to attack those that try to reach Sunken City.  Either they pay 
his toll or get blown to smithereens.  Let's end this injustice.  Go 
west from Sunken City and go north, west twice, south three times, and 
then east.  Swim to the ladder and take it north.  Go north again to 
find Moblin's Keep.  Enter through either door.  Two Moblin swordsmen 
guard this staircase.  Defeat them and take it to... Great Moblin.  He 
won't let you stand up to him anymore.  Victory shall be his!

It's quite a simple battle.  Great Moblin walks around and throws bombs 
at you.  Lift them with the Power Bracelet and throw them back at him.  
They'll explode and he'll take damage.  Five hits and he strikes a 
really weird pose.  As long as he doesn't drop his bombs behind him and 
start a fire, he can't lose!  Hit him one more time while he's holding 
a bomb and he drops it behind him, causing a fire that lights all the 
bombs and blows up his keep.  After swearing revenge, he runs off with 
his Moblin henchmen.  Open the chest that is revealed for a Piece of 
Heart.  For future reference, the Great Moblin now inhabits a house in 
Sunken City as his new base of operations, but he won't be causing any 
trouble for quite some time.

                       |    The Iron Shield    |

It is time to upgrade our Wooden Shield.  Also, it's time to do other 
things.  Now that we have the Magnetic Gloves, we can access almost all 
parts of Subrosia.  First, go find Rosa and ask her out on a date.  I 
warn you in advance; do not enter 2-D screens or caves unless I tell 
you to; Rosa will excuse herself from the date if you do.  From where 
you find Rosa, go north, west, north, and west.  Use the Magnetic 
Gloves to repel yourself (and Rosa) left and go west.  Jump to the 
island, jump north, and go north a screen.  Enter the house and hop to 
the Gasha Seed.  Now exit.

Go west three times and then go north.  Jump the pit, and go west, then 
south.  Clear the gap with the Magnetic Gloves and go right to a chest.  
Open it for Blue Ore.  They say that Blue Ore mixed with Red Ore makes 
Hard Ore, the best kind.  This next part requires some fancy moves.  Go 
back to the previous screen.  Repel yourself from the right magnet so 
that you cross the pits to the south.  Now go left, jumping the gap, 
and use the Shovel to dig at the square for a ring.  We're done here.

Make your way to Subrosia Market.  Go north of it, enter the cave, exit 
to the left, and go north three times.  Here, go left to a new set of 
stairs and go south.  Go west twice and then north.  From here, go west 
and south.  Open the locked door with Rosa's Key and enter.  Open the 
chest within for a Gasha Seed.  Now exit the cave and go north, west 
twice, and south.  Enter this cave and open the chest for a Gasha Seed.

Now to get the Red Ore.  Pay a visit to the Sign-Loving Subrosian.  
From its house, go west twice.  Use the Magnetic Gloves to cross the 
pit; enter the cave.  Go north to a staircase and open the chest 
afterward for Red Ore.  Now let's mix them!

Go to the Great Furnace in east Subrosia (north twice and west of the 
Sign-Loving Subrosian's Home).  Talk to the master of the furnace (the 
one with the band on its head) and give it the Red Ore and Blue Ore.  
After doing a strange dance as the ores are mixing, they reward you 
with Hard Ore.  Pick it up.  What can we forge with this?  Only three 
Subrosians know.  Let's see the... Subrosian Smithy.

On the map, the Subrosian Smithy is southwest of the Subrosia Dance 
Hall.  Enter and talk to the manager.  They do the finest work in all 
Subrosia, but they only take on jobs that interest them.  The master 
speaks apparently, and the manager relays the message.  That Hard Ore 
we have could make our cheap shield amazingly fine.  He asks what'll it 
be.  If you say "Make it fine," you won't get it made (you put too much 
value in your possessions!).  Say "Do Whatever" and the master actually 
does the work.  It's the finest in the land!  Treat it like an heirloom.  
You got the Iron Shield!  It's larger than the Wooden Shield and thus 
better.  Unfortunately, it cannot be used as a portable magnet orb.

                      |    The Treasure Map    |

So, we've already gotten most of the jewels already, but we should 
still get the map leading to them.  I mean, why not stop at Subrosia 
Market while we're in Subrosia?  First, stop at Subrosia Market.  The 
lowest item is a shiny thing with "Member's Card" written on it.  Buy 
it?  The price is low.  Take it off his hands and return to Horon 

Go to the town shop.  Try to walk behind the register and the man stops 
you.  Only members may go beyond this point!  Then he notices that you 
have a Member's Card.  You may pass.  Walk to the door, take the stairs 
down, and prepare to empty your wallet.  First off, you need to buy the 
Treasure Map for 200 rupees (well, you don't need to, but it looks good 
on the Item Screen).  Then you can buy a larger Seed Satchel, capable 
of holding 50 of any seed, for 300 rupees.  Lastly, there's a Gasha 
Seed for 300.  You cannot have enough money to buy beyond that, but a 
Gasha Seed for 500 rupees replaces that seed.

                     |    The X-Shaped Jewel    |

It's time to take the final jewel for our own.  Go south of Hero's Cave 
in Western Coast and walk into the water.  Use the Slingshot to light 
the torch (shoot an Ember Seed, of course).  Suddenly, the dock extends 
far into the water.  Take it to an island with a question mark on it 
and a sign reading "The Black Beast rests here."  Use a Mystery Seed on 
the ? Mark and boss battle music starts playing.  It's you versus a 
Moldorm in a battle to the death!  Slash it four times for an easy win, 
making a chest materialize.  Open it for the X-Shaped Jewel, the final 
jewel in the series.  But WHAT do they do?

                       |    A Jewel Review    |

For those of you just tuning in, it's time to review where all four 
jewels are, as we collected them quite some time ago in this guide.  
May I have a drum roll, please?  And now, the locations are...

Square Jewel: This is located in Spool Swamp, the eastern side.  It is 
hidden in a cave that must be bombed to be opened, right near a Pincer 
(south once and east twice of the portal to Subrosia).  We cover this 
under "Spool Swamp Secrets" at the beginning of the Dancing Dragon 
Dungeon section.

Pyramid Jewel: Hidden just outside the entrance to Level 4, the Dancing 
Dragon Dungeon, this is cleverly concealed in water on Mt. Cucco.  You 
must dive in the northeast corner of the screen and swim through some 
water (in 2-D!) to reach this little number.  That was covered under 
"The Pyramid Jewel" in the Unicorn's Cave section.

Round Jewel: Covered at the beginning of this very section, this is 
found by swimming in the water south of Gnarled Root Dungeon to find an 
Old Man in Holodrum Plain in a screen only accessible by water.  He 
says "Oh keeper of the essences!  I have awaited your arrival!  I give 
you this!" and later "I have nothing more to give.  Be on your way!"  
Yes, he gives you the Round Jewel.

X-Shaped Jewel: Covered in the sub-section just above this one, the X-
Shaped Jewel is perhaps the toughest one to figure out.  Go south of 
Hero's Cave and light the torch with the Slingshot & Ember Seeds.  This 
extends the dock; walk across it to an island.  Use a Mystery Seed on 
the question mark and you'll face off against the Black Beast, a.k.a. a 
Moldorm.  Defeat it and open the chest that results for this X-treme 

Now, I know what you're all wondering: "When is he going to get on with 
the dungeon!?"  Ah, in short time, we will.  Also, a select few of you 
may be wondering: "What are the jewels for?"  And there might even be a 
few of this: "Why am I reading this trash?"  Don't worry, though; I'll 
answer all your questions before the end of this section.

                         |    Tarm Ruins    |

Use one of your Gale Seeds to warp to the Gale Seed tree in Spool Swamp.  
Head east of it and go north to find the gate to Tarm Ruins, the 
legendary rubble.  Hey look!  There are slots here...  A circular one, 
a pyramid one, a square one, and an X-shaped one...  These are slots 
for our jewels!  Insert each of them into the slots and the gate to the 
ruins opens.  Go north into this strange place.

Use the Rod of Seasons to call forth summer from atop the stump.  Climb 
the vines to the north to find two Kanalet Soldiers.  Defeat them both 
before traveling west a screen.  Descend down the vines to go south.  
Push the Armos statue here to the left and a staircase comes partway 
down the mountain.  Return to the original stump and call forth winter.  
The tree to the left is now bare, allowing us to go west.  Use the snow 
to reach the steps that we created earlier and you'll reach a stump.  
Push the lower Armos statue forward and call forth autumn.

The statues are now in the water.  Go east, defeat your foes, and lift 
the mushrooms.  Here, defeat a Deku Scrub (deflect its seed back at it 
with your Iron Shield) to get it to talk.  It tells us that if we are 
lost in the Lost Woods, go west, south, east, and north, taking each 
step in a warmer season.  Now exit and go east.  Swim north from here, 
making sure it's still fall, and lift the mushrooms to advance to the 
west.  Here, bomb the north wall to find a Fairy Fountain.  Afterward, 
exit, defeat the Like Likes, and go south.

Go west to find the Lost Woods.  Yep, even Holodrum has some.  Likes 
Likes are pouring in from the south.  No matter which direction you 
take, you'll always come back to the same screen (except east, which 
leads to the previous screen).  Remember what that Deku Scrub told us 
earlier?  This is how to get out of here.

1) Change the season to winter.  Go west.

2) Call forth autumn and go south.

3) Make the grass wet with spring dew as you go east.

4) Lastly, turn up the heat with summer.  Go north.

You'll exit the Lost Woods to a new region of Tarm Ruins, one that 
looks more like ruins.  Go north in it, not touching the Armos, to find 
more statues.  Go north again to find a Gale Seed-bearing tree.  We can 
now warp there, which is exactly what we wanted.  We now have a 
shortcut to Tarm Ruins for future reference.  For now, we're going to 
stop for an important but optional side quest.

                       |    The Great Trade    |

It's high time we got this trade over with.  The reward is well worth 
it, and it won't be too difficult.  Let's get through this series of 
give and gets.

1) Dr. Left is a man with large, green tufts of hair that lives in 
Horon Village (three screens south of the Maku Tree).  The biologist 
wants to read his books, but it's too dark.  Use an Ember Seed on the 
torch to light the room.  He rewards you with one of his books, the 
Cuccodex.  It's "the complete Cucco fact book."  Cuccos are chickens in 
Zelda games (don't abuse them!).

2) Go north of where you met Din, the Oracle of Seasons, and you'll 
find the home of Malon and Talon (yes, the owners of Lon Lon Ranch from 
Ocarina of Time).  Talk to the girl here, Malon, and she'll reveal that 
her father went to climb Mt. Cucco, and so she has to care for the 
Cuccos.  But, she doesn't know a lot about it.  I know!  Let's give her 
the Cuccodex.  To thank you for it, she gives you a Lon Lon Egg, the 
prized produce of Lon Lon Ranch.  They're supposedly all the rage with 
cute girls.  It seems to be a beauty aid.

3) It's time to slay some monsters, as you need to kill 30 of them to 
make Maple appear.  She's the next link in the trading chain.  After 
running into her, the Lon Lon Egg pops out of your deep pockets.  After 
introducing herself as the Great Witch Syrup's apprentice, she notices 
your egg.  They're all the rage with girls now!  You're a boy (directed 
to Link, not necessarily the player), and you don't need it!  She gives 
you a doll for it.  You got the Ghastly Doll!  Looking at it gives you 
chills.  Who would want this?

4) On your way to Spool Swamp, you'll meet Mrs. Ruul in her villa (why 
she lives away from Mayor Ruul is unknown.  Perhaps they're brother and 
sister).  Specifically, she lives one screen south from the final cliff 
in Holodrum Plain.  Mrs. Ruul finds the springtime hot, and not even 
her Soothing Pool can help.  She needs something creepy to send chills 
down her spine.  Let her take a gander at the Ghastly Doll and she 
rewards you will an old Iron Pot.  Who would want this "well-seasoned" 

5) Enter Subrosia from the Woods of Winter entrance.  Go south (left 
side), west twice, north, west, and south twice to find the home of the 
Subrosian Chef.  Enter and talk to him.  If he had all the ingredients, 
he could make us a tasty soup.  But not without a fine iron pot that's 
been well-seasoned...  Let it have the Iron Pot to make the great soup.  
It melts down the pot to make Lava Soup, a harmony of flavors!  It's 
molten hot.

6) Remember Biggoron?  Since winter came to Goron Mountains (it's 
always winter up there, but this was in far more severe), and since 
Biggoron can't very well fit inside the caves, he's caught a cold.  If 
only he had some soup, preferably hot soup, to drink...  Head over to 
Biggoron, living in the northwest corner of Goron Mountain.  Give it to 
him to cure him of his cold.  As a symbol of his gratitude, he gives 
you the Goron Vase.  All the collectors want it!

7) Ingo is a collector of vases in Sunken City (yes, Ingo, also a 
worker in Lon Lon Ranch from Ocarina of Time).  No matter how often he 
asks, Biggoron never gives him the Goron Vase!  He'd even give his 
dinner for it - Fish!  When he sees you have the vase, he's begging you 
for it!  Give it to him for a "Yahoo!"  In thanks, he gives you his 
last fish.  Now his collection is complete!

8) Who could want a Fish?  Cats like it...  Go east of Impa's Refuge to 
find a man with a megaphone calling for Mittens, his kitten.  Mittens 
is stuck in a tree, and won't come down no matter how much he calls for 
her.  But, if you give him your Fish, which is her favorite snack, 
she'd come down for sure!  Mittens jumps right down.  To reward you, he 
gives you his Megaphone.  It could wake up even the sleepiest of people.

9) Go to Mt. Cucco and bring spring to the land.  Go west of the stump 
three times, hop in the Deku Flower to be sent upward, and go north.  
Enter the cave to find a sleeping man.  It's Talon, Malon's dad!  He 
went to hike up Mt. Cucco but never returned!  And he's sleeping 
because snow caved him in!  Use the Megaphone to wake him up.  He slept 
clean through winter!  Ah, he can't reach the summit now; he'll go back 
to Malon.  He takes the Megaphone since we don't need it and he gives 
us the Mushroom that grew in his cave.  We can also reach the chest in 
here by pushing the upper block over, the lower one down, and open it 
for a Magical Ring.

10) Return to Sunken City and change the season to winter.  Go south of 
the stump twice and use the snow to go north.  Enter Syrup's Potion 
Shop and talk to Syrup.  She would send Maple out to find Mushrooms on 
Mt. Cucco, but she hasn't returned.  Give her the Mushroom and she'll 
trade her Wooden Bird.  It looks real!  Also, Syrup now opens shop 
selling Magic Potions, which refill your hearts after you die.  She 
also sells Gasha Seeds for 300 rupees, the same price as potions.

11) Return to Horon Village.  North twice of the Ember Seed tree and 
west once is the Clock Shop.  Enter and talk to the owner.  He wants to 
make a Cuckoo Clock better than any before, but he needs a Wooden Bird 
that he likes.  A breathtakingly realistic one will do.  Let him have 
it and he'll give you Engine Grease.

12) Go to the Eastern Suburbs, east of Horon Village.  Enter the cave 
here and take the left staircase up, and then the next one.  We come to 
Guru-Guru, who is playing the Song of Storms from Ocarina of Time.  If 
he could just oil his windmill, it would go faster.  Give him Engine 
Grease and he gives a Phonograph playing the Song of Storms.

13) Go to Tarm Ruins.  Two screens south of the Fairy Fountain is a 
sapling.  Burn it and enter the cave to find a music-loving Deku Scrub.  
Let it listen to your Phonograph's recording of the Song of Storms and 
he jumps for joy.  Since you were so kind to it, it will teach you the 
way to its Secret Spot.  It says "If temperatures rise as you go far to 
the west, you'll find it!"  What could that mean?  Note that to the 
west (you may want to go there to get it on your map) is a breeding 
ground for Like Likes considered part of the Lost Woods.

                       |    The Noble Sword    |

Just like in A Link to the Past, the Lost Woods hold the secret to the 
second sword.  And I figured, as long as were upgrading our shield, why 
not our sword?  Go to the Lost Woods.  This time, we will exit, but 
we're following these steps.

1) Call forth winter.  Go west.

2) Change the season to autumn.  Go west.

3) Make it springtime.  Go west.

4) Let it be summer.  Go west.

This leads to that Deku Scrub's Secret Spot.  Boy, he must like playing 
by this pedestal... with a sword plunged into it!  Approach the 
pedestal and press A.  You got the sacred Noble Sword!  It's 1.5 times 
as powerful as our Wooden Sword.  When you're at full health, you can 
release a sword beam from it with each slash!  You can also break vases 
with only a swipe instead of using the Power Bracelet.  The same goes 
for signs.  From now on, destroy every sign you come to.  It's good for 
getting a ring later on.

Note: In a main-linked game, the Noble Sword becomes the Master Sword, 
a stronger blade from A Link to the Past.  In a return linked game, you 
get the Biggoron's Sword, the strongest of them all.  I will assume you 
have the Noble Sword for the rest of the guide, though.

                         |    To Level 6    |

Back on track, it's time to get on with the show instead of sitting 
around doing side quests, no matter how awesome their rewards may be.  
Use Gale Seeds to warp to the tree in Tarm Ruins.  Head east of it.  
Here, you'll face off against a Ball & Chain Soldier, the ultimate 
knight.  This is the perfect opportunity to wreak havoc on it with the 
Noble Sword.  Perhaps I overuse it, but the best seed (aside from the 
Gale Seed, of course) is the Pegasus Seed.  Use one and run circles 
around this guy, slashing when you get the chance.  It's especially 
vulnerable in its back.  To defend against its attack, you can the Iron 
Shield, by the way.

Hop on the stump and change the season to autumn.  Head best, pick the 
fungi, and burn the sapling.  Open then chest for a Gasha Seed.  Now go 
back east.  Do not let it remain autumn; 'tis the season of winter.  Go 
south, east, and north to a snow pile.  Walk up it to the north and go 
west.  Push the lower statue left.  Now we have a shortcut up here; if 
you ever need to get back up here, use the Deku Flower below in spring.  
And in all seriousness, we have to change the season to spring.  Drop 
down, call forth spring, and launch yourself back north.  First, go 
east.  Note that you *can* burn down the saplings to see an Old Man 
here, but he will make you refund his door.  Instead, go west twice to 
a tower, cutting down the bloomed Rock Flower as you go.

Huh?  What the...?  The sky grows dark and lightning hits the ground.  
A hooded figure appears!  Who could it be?  After calling us foolish, 
they announce that by saving Din, we only fill the world with 
destruction, sorrow, and ultimately despair.  Their great sacrifice 
will be offered, and the Evil King revived...  Then people will know 
true pain as darkness falls across the land.  Okay, am I the only one 
who heard this nutcase?  Regardless, it leaves, letting us enter the 
tower.  THIS is the ruins they refer to in "Tarm Ruins."

                        |    Ancient Ruins    |

Creative name, eh?  This is a tower, and as such it has the most floors 
of any dungeon in the game.  Lucky for us, it's pretty straightforward.  
Go north a room and take the steps up.  Take the ones to the right down 
and head east.  Pass the Gibdos and statues shooting flames to go east 
again.  In this room, defeat the Ropes and check the south wall with 
your sword.  As it turns out, the south wall can be blown up.  Do so to 
find a hoard of rupees!  Dive in and head north one you're done 
collecting them.  Now return to the first room of the dungeon.

Go north twice to a room with a dial in it.  You've never really 
experienced the horrors of dials, but you will shortly.  Walk into it 
to be deposited to the east.  Defeat the Spark in here with the 
Boomerang to earn yourself a Fairy (the Ropes can also be destroyed).  
Now go east and stop as soon as you enter the room.  There are Razor 
Traps to the north and south.  Hop over their line of attack (using 
Roc's Feather).  Immediately slash the crystals and hop away from the 
pit afterward to avoid the crumbling floor.  Make your way to the chest 
in here and open it for 5 rupees.

This is one of those rare occasions where Roc's Ring really helps.  
Defeat the Gibdos and work your way to the south.  Go through the door 
here to return to an old room.  Go west from here twice and then north 
back to the dial room.  Now we're deposited to the west.  Enter the new 
room and go south.  Defeat these Ropes and take the staircase to the 
left up north.  Open the chest here for the Dungeon Map.  As you can 
see, there are five floors, and they become progressively smaller as 
they rise.  Now go south and north through the doorway.

Here, get up against the blocks to the left.  Drag the magnetic orb 
through the blocks using the Magnetic Gloves and position it as close 
to the pit but not in the pit as possible.  Then jump the gap and take 
it to the right so that it's near the edge.  Hop down and pull the 
magnetic orb back down to you.  Walk right with it to the large pit on 
the east side of the room.  Push it forward, walk right, and pull it to 
you to cover the switch.  This make a Small Key fall down.  Take it 
with you to the south.  Go east from there and south from the dial room.

First, use your Small Key on the locked block to the left.  Then stand 
near the door to the left.  Drag the magnetic orb toward and push/pull 
it onto the switch to the lower-right.  This keeps the door to the left 
open.  Good; we want it that way.  Go north through the dial.  
Manipulate the dial so that it deposits you to the north (you can do 
this by going west, north, and east into the dial).  Go north of there 
to defeat two Ropes and a Spark (with the Boomerang).  Now direct the 
orb here onto the switch using the Magnetic Gloves to make a staircase 
assemble itself to the northwest; take it 2F.

If possible, defeat the Keese in here before attempting the jumps using 
the Boomerang (or sword, which is more reliable but has shorter range).  
Hop over the spikes to the right and stop.  Ahead is a blade trap.  Run 
in there, slash the crystals, and dash down the passage (Pegasus Seeds 
are optional) to reach another one.  Jump past it and slash the 
crystals to continue to the door.  Take it south.  Open this treasure 
chest for a Small Key (to the left).  Also note the presence of Spiked 
Beetles; you can knock them over with the Iron Shield and then slash 
their hides for victory.  Now, please, return to the first room of the 

Go north twice into the dial room.  Come at the dial from different 
rooms, manipulating it deposit you to the east.  Take that route, 
defeat the Ropes and Spark, and use the Small Key we found upstairs on 
this locked door.  Quickly jump to the platform to the right and go 
east a screen to avoid the fire of the Beamos.  Here, walk around the 
wall, jumping when necessary, to reach a switch.  Don't press it yet.  
First, use a Pegasus Seed on yourself.  A bridge forms to the west but 
the floor begins to disappear.  Quickly run to the bridge before the 
way is gone.  Take it west to find a staircase.  Rather than use it to 
return to 2F, keep it in mind and push the block to the south into the 
pit.  Now jump down and ride the platforms to the left corner of the 
room, jumping to avoid the Beamos's laser.  Then jump north to a chest.  
Open it for the Compass.  Now jump back to the opening you made by 
pushing a block into the pit.  Take the stairs to 2F.

There are quite a few chests left to be opened, and this room contains 
one.  Ignore the Gibdos for now and walk left to a treasure chest.  
Take its contents - ten Bombs - before exterminating the mummies 
present in this room.  With the Noble Sword, they require only three 
hits.  Now, bomb the southeast part of the wall to pass south.  In here, 
carefully walk to the chest and open it for 5 rupees.  Do not touch a 
single Armos here or they all come to life.  After that, go south a 
room.  It exists only as an escape from the Armos.  Defeat these 
Shrouded Stalfos, go north, and walk around the upper path to go west.

Quickly jump over the pit, walk forward a bit as not to be knocked back 
into the hole, and present your Iron Shield to the Spiked Beetles.  
They'll crash into it, letting you defeat them with a stroke of your 
sword.  After that, push the trampoline to the left over to the colored 
tile.  Jump on it to enter 3F.  Don't worry; we'll finish up with the 
lower floors later.  Go south to meet a Ball & Chain Solider.  Stand to 
the upper-right of it and block its attack with your shield.  Then 
slash its shoulder until it dies (three hits).  Or, you could just skip 
it go east.  Walk forward, avoiding Armos, and open the chest.

It's the Magical Boomerang, this dungeon's prize!  With it, a whole new 
realm of fighting is opened!  The Armos here awaken, which is the 
perfect chance for you to test out your newest weapon.  If you throw it 
and hold A, you can control its flight path.  It can easily destroy a 
line of grass or bushes, too.  And it stuns and hurts enemies.  In fact, 
two blows of the Boomerang and an Armos is killed.  How do you like 
that?  After defeating all of them, try practicing with it (you'll wish 
you had done so when you reach the boss).  Try standing in one slot in 
the blocks and hitting the one next to you with the Magical Boomerang.  
Controlling it can be tough, but you'll have to master it.

When you're ready to leave, go west and fall in the hole in the 
southwest corner.  You'll fall through another hole and end up in the 
second room of the dungeon on 1F.  No matter; we wanted to go back here.  
From where you land, you'll notice the magnetic orb's position has 
reset.  Pull it back down to the switch and go west.  Defeat the 
onslaught of Ropes that come your way, first of all.  Then go left, 
take the steps up, and go north.  Head west from there to a new room... 
full of traps.  First, open the chest to the upper-right for 10 rupees.  
Then bust out the Pegasus Seeds, use one on yourself, and dash through 
the maze, running from blade traps and dicing up crystals as you go.  
Run all the way to the end, jump onto the switch the Razor Trap is 
guarding, and jump north over the impending blade traps as you run to 
the door.

Here, we must use the Magical Boomerang to hit a switch around a tight 
turn.  Stand against the rail, throw the boomerang, and let it turn to 
pass the statues and strike the crystal switch.  A staircase to 2F 
forms; ascend it.  Now we're in the main half of 2F, the part we need 
to get through to advance in the dungeon.  First, I advise decimating 
the resistance, a.k.a. Gibdos.  You can do this by hitting them with 
the Magical Boomerang four times, stunning them on the first hit.  Then 
you have two choices.  The right leads to nothing but a trap.  Let's go 
south into a new room.  Stand against the rail and throw the Magical 
Boomerang so that it hits the moving crystal switch to the right.  The 
southern door opens.  Pull out the Iron Shield and walk right.  
Immediately turn to face the machine spewing arrows/spears to defend 
yourself with your shield.  Hold the shield in one hand and Roc's 
Feather in the other.  Keep the shield button pressed and jump backward 
with Roc's Feather, turning north when you land.  Repeat this until you 
can go south.

First, send the Magical Boomerang the Spark's way to release a Fairy.  
Then hop left into the pit.  Cover yourself with the Iron Shield when 
you land to keep the Spiked Beetles at bay.  Killing them or not, go 
south.  Just skip over the Hardhat Beetles and take the northeastern 
exit.  In here, jump onto a platform, turn left, and let the seeds fly.  
Use the Slingshot to fire Ember Seeds left, right, left, right, and 
left, all in close succession, to light all torches.  This creates a 
staircase ahead of you.  Jump to it!  In the room you come to, you are 
forced to grab a fake rupee worth 200 (but not actually giving you 200).  
This causes the walls to begin to cave in (if they crush you, you die.  
You're better off saving and quitting instead of being crushed).

Give yourself a Pegasus Seed for good luck.  In the other hand, put 
yourself down for Roc's Feather.  Run.  Run like you've never run 
before I said RUN!!!!  Leap over the spikes and turn at the end to 
continue running.  Ignore conveyor belts by jumping clear over them.  
If you make it, run left and open the chest for the Boss Key.  Believe 
it or not, we've now gotten all the chests but one.  Go back to the 
previous room.  It's no longer contracting.  Use the stairs here to go 
back up to 3F.  Defeat these Stalfos and go north (push the upper-left 
block to open the door) to a room of Ropes.  Defeat them all and fall 
into the hole to the right.  Go down and around to pick up a Small Key 
from the chest, the last in the dungeon.  Now go north, bounce back up 
to 3F on the trampoline, and use the Small Key to go north (use the 
Fairy beneath the pot before doing so!).

                            Mini-Boss: Vire

It's Vire!  He's Onox's loyal henchman (and a common enemy from The 
Legend of Zelda for the NES).  He heard someone one trying to stop Onox, 
but now he sees it's just some kid!  He can take you.  Yeah, well, uh, 
I can't think of a snappy comeback right now, but when I do...

Vire is a pretty easy sub-boss thanks to the way Vire attacks.  He is 
very standoffish, and, like in Link's Awakening, can fly over walls to 
get a better angle to attack you at.  Stand in the center of the room, 
hold your sword out, and wait.  Vire will swoop in from the walls, most 
likely a corner, and try to attack you.  Spin attack Vire to deal 
damage.  He calls you "bully" and he "gets serious" as you fight, but 
he isn't letting up yet.  Note that you don't have to dodge his attacks; 
just slash them with your sword.  Patience is the key to victory.

Eventually, Vire changes tactics.  Now he attacks by circling around 
you and firing instead of lunging at you in one swoop.  And as tempting 
as it is to try to run up to him, don't try it.  He'll just run away 
and start the process over again.  Wait for Vire to get close as he's 
circling you, use a Pegasus Seed, and charge him.  If you're quick 
enough, your slash will hit him before he can react.  Alternately, wait 
for Vire to do a diagonal swoop (he does it every so often).

After several hits, Vire splits into two Keese, just like in his 
appearance in The Legend of Zelda.  The Keese fly too high to hit, 
which means you'll have to jump with Roc's Feather and slash to strike 
them.  After destroying both Keese, Vire reappears.  He paid for his 
overconfidence, but he's reporting this to Onox!  He flies off, still 
alive and kicking, and leaves a Fairy behind, as well as a portal.


Go east after the battle.  We have nothing to do but reach the boss.  
Here, jump forward down the central lane, hopefully avoiding the Razor 
Traps and arrow fire.  Walk between the last two launchers and go east.  
Walk up to the rolling spiky cylinders and jump over it to go left.  
Jump over the next one to go right out of the cylinder zone.  Hit the 
switch to the upper-right and go south.  In this room, you are 
presented with two switches.  One leads to Ropes, one leads to 4F.  It 
is random; try your luck at it.  If Ropes drop in from above, defeat 
them and press the other switch.  Take the stairs that appear to 4F.

Floor Master alert!  May I have your attention?  Yes, there are Floor 
Masters in this room.  Stay where you are and wait for four to appear.  
Slash them all twice to defeat each of them.  Of course, they return 
you to the first room of the dungeon, but the mini-boss portal makes 
that much easier to recover from.  After killing all four, walk through 
the opening in the blocks to the lower-left and walk north.  This room 
is pretty simple.  Walk forward from the start; you'll pass through the 
Hardhat Beetles before they collide.  Get on the elevated tier by using 
the steps.  Push the magnetic orb off this tier using the Magnetic 
Gloves.  Now guide it into the enemies to open the door to the left and 
clear the enemies from the room.

Exit west.  In here, defeat the Wizzrobe and Kanalet Soldiers.  Stand 
against the rail to the lower-left, on the right side.  You must hit 
all three crystal switches once each to turn them red.  Wait for one to 
be on the right side and the other two the left to hit them.  When all 
three are red, go south.  Here, fight off two Shrouded Stalfos.  Then 
push the trampoline down twice and right four to five times.  When you 
land in 5F, use the Magical Boomerang on the crystal switch to the 
north.  Drop back down to 4F.  There's now a staircase leading to 5F.  
Use it push the block to the right over, and go forward to the Boss 
Door.  Lift the jars for recovery items, brace yourself for one tough 
opponent, and unlock the door.

                       |    Boss: Manhandla    |

The man-handler returns from NES obscurity.  Appearing as one of the 
lamest bosses in The Legend of Zelda, Manhandla required a simple bomb 
in the center of its body to blow up its four appendages.  That method 
of beating it no longer works, however.  We have ourselves one of the 
hardest bosses in the game, just because you have to hit it with the 
Magical Boomerang.  I hope you practiced when I told you to, 'cause 
it's time for a pop quiz.

Conveyor belts make up the floor, and you have to hit the four buds on 
this gigantic Buzz Blob-like creature with the Magical Boomerang, but 
it works ONLY when they're mouths are open.  Equip Roc's Feather to one 
button and the Magical Boomerang to the other (equip the M. Boomerang 
to the more comfortable button).  Jump to avoid fireballs and being 
dragged by the conveyor belts.  Wait by one bud for its mouth to open 
and throw the Magical Boomerang at it, no fancy moves used.  Three hits 
and the bud is destroyed.  Move on to a new target.  The one drawback 
is that each time a bud is removed, weight is removed from Manhandla, 
making it faster than before.  For this reason, it might be a good idea 
to spread the damage so that you can destroy all the buds relatively 
quickly in a row rather than having to contend with the speedy 
Manhandla to deal three hits.

Touching Manhandla itself is extremely dangerous.  Avoid it at all 
costs, lest you lose as much as four hearts.  When all four buds are 
removed, Manhandla's stem begins dashing about the room furiously.  Hit 
it with the Magical Boomerang once more to stun it for a second.  
Quickly hit it back with a storm of boomerang blows.  Its stem slowly 
thins in the center until the core, a red diamond-shaped object, is 
revealed.  Slash it once to finally end Manhandla's reign of terror.

Take your well-deserved Heart Container and use the stairs that form to 
reach the top of the tower.  Here is an Essence of Nature, Blowing Wind.  
"Sweet fruit is born when pollen is carried by the Blowing Wind!"  The 
Maku Tree contacts you to say that he's gained some strength back.  As 
for the Essence of Nature, he dreamt of a cemetery west of Horon 
Village.  The next essence must be there.  To get there, we'll have to 
find a way across the sea.

===========================Explorer's Crypt*===========================

                        |    The Piratians    |

Long, long ago -400 years ago to be precise - there was a queen of a 
great land called Labrynna.  This queen, named Ambi, fell in love with 
a sailor, one of the best in all the land.  But one day, the man she 
loved sailed off and was swallowed by what they call the Sea of Storms.  
Queen Ambi tried to build a great tower so that she could search for 
him from the heavens, but she never found her lover, even when she left 
Labrynna after a period of strife to search for him in foreign lands.  
But, the sailor was not gone.  He and his crew survived in the Sea of 
Storms for 400 years, their bodies withered, now skeletal.  And one day, 
a young mermaid, actually a merman, swam aboard their ship and gave the 
captain a Zora Scale in exchange for a strange jewel, and the scale 
guided the captain out of the sea and to Holodrum.  But, as they swam 
to the Eastern Coast, a storm set in, and the sailor lost his bell, one 
that had been given to him by Queen Ambi, and their ship sank into the 
depths of the ocean until they found themselves in a strange land known 
as Subrosia.  This is the story of the Piratians, the skeletal pirates 
shipwrecked in the Subrosian Seaside (by the way, we learn this story 
during Oracle of Ages.  The merman was actually Link).

Warp to Horon Village and go southwest of Vasu Jewelers to find a 
staircase.  Take it down.  If you've been following the guide, a bridge 
should be made leading to the portal to Subrosia.  If not, good control 
of the Magical Boomerang can easily hit the switch.  Either way, take 
the portal to Subrosia.  You'll appear by a skeleton!  Ah, but don't 
worry.  It's not a Stalfos.  It's a Piratian (that's what one Subrosian 
calls them), a member of Cap'n's crew.  Take the stairs down to find 
more of them.  As you can see, the Subrosian who owns this home, now 
the House of Pirates, wants them out.  Talk to the right one and he 
checks the drawers here in a particular order.  If we number them left 
to right as 1, 2, 3, and 4, he hits them like so: 3, 3, 2, 1, 1, 4, 4, 
and 4.

Take the stairs down to the first floor.  Here's the majority of the 
crew, including Cap'n himself.  According to his crew, Cap'n lost a 
bell given to him by a special someone, and he sent an incompetent mate 
to get it, but he has yet to return.  The rest of their ship is in the 
Subrosia Cemetery.  Talk to Cap'n, the pirate wit hthe hook for a hand 
and a pirate's hat, and he sees that you're a competent adventurer.  
We've explored ruins, after all.  Now it's up to you.  Go find his bell.  
He's waiting!

From now on, I'm going to talk like a pirate.  Starting... now.  Exit 
the 'Ouse o' Pirates and warp back to 'Olodrum, land o' seasons!  Okay, 
I'll stop!  Aye swear!  Return to Horon Village and go east of the 
screen Sokra is singing in to find the Eastern Suburbs.  Go south of 
there to the Eastern Coast.  Go east along it to find the crew member 
they sent.  Tell him you're looking for the bell and he runs back to 
the House of Pirates.  Now, to open this gate to the desert.  Let's say 
they're numbered, like so:

                           | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |
                           | S | S | S | S |

"S" is the skull symbols on each segment of the gate.  Push each 
segment in this order: 3, 3, 2, 1, 1, 4, 4, and 4.  The gates lower and 
you can proceed north into Samasa Desert.

Explore the desert.  Get it all down on your map.  Note the presence of 
a new type of new enemy, Pokeys.  Before, there were those fiery things 
that looked like Pokeys, but these are the real deal.  They're even 
green like in their first (Mario) appearance, Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA).  
Hack away at each segment to defeat them.  Also, an infinite supply of 
Leevers is here to attack you.  In the northeast corner of Samasa 
Desert is a cave that can be blown open.  It just contains a few 
Fairies to heal you.  Note that quicksand is all over the place, and 
falling in it is like falling in a pit.

To get a treasure chest, go east and south of the entrance.  Fall into 
the quicksand here to enter a cave.  Go down to the deep, dark water 
and dive to enter an underwater cave.  Swim through it, defeating 
Cheep-Cheeps as you go, to exit the cave to a staircase.  Take it up to 
the southeastern screen of the desert.  Open the chest for a Magical 
Ring.  We'll get it appraised later (or will we?).  Now, hop off the 
side of the ledge.

To move on in the game, go east of the entrance to Samasa Desert (that 
is, east of the screen north of the gate) twice, you'll reach the bow 
of the ship.  Take the stairs down and talk to the skeleton in here.  
While searching the desert for the bell, he was caught in a sandstorm.  
When he awoke, he was like this - a ghost of a skeleton.  He can't go 
onto the afterlife yet!  Find him his skull to let him live on.  It's 
out rolling in the desert.  Of course, it's located in the northeast 
corner, the one with the Fairy Fountain in it.  Talk to the skull and 
he'll ask you to lift him.  Carry him around and he'll tell you if 
you're close.  Take the skull to the screen north of the starting 
screen.  Fall into the left bit of quicksand there and you and he will 
fall down to the Rusty Bell.  "That's it!  No doubt about it!"  Pick it 

Uh-oh...  It's kind of rusty.  But, that'll do.  The skeleton moves on 
to the afterlife, and it's our chance to return to Subrosia.  Go to the 
bow of the ship in the desert and push the yellow block into the pit.  
Walk to the staircase and take it to Subrosian Seaside.  Walk through 
Subrosia Cemetery and talk to Cap'n in the House of Pirates.  After 
taking a gander, he sees it's "rusting somethin' awful!"  Get it 
polished.  OK, that's not a problem.  Go to the Subrosian Smithy.  To 
get there, go north twice, east three times, north twice, through the 
cave, and west.  Welcome to the smithy.  The master sees that we hold a 
bell of great value.  He has not offered to polish it, but should he?  
Answer "Please" and they say "Is that how you ask for a favor?"  Say 
"Do it!" and they say "Splendid answer!  Straight and to the point!  
Master, do it now!"  Take it!  Treat it like an heirloom!  You got the 
Pirate's Bell!

Return to the House of Pirates.  Give Cap'n the Pirate's Bell and he 
says "That bell is full o' memories - but that don't mean they're all 
good!  Sniff!  Now I'm all pensive.  It's not like me."  Now, they're 
off to sea.  They all board the ship after repairing it (including you).  
Now they start sailing (playing the music from the Sea of No Return in 
Oracle of Ages for some reason).  Now, for a dramatic skit taken from 
the game.  Now on Broadway!  I laughed, I cried...

Matey: Cap'n!  Desert, dead ahead!  [Ah, this is so dramatic!]

Cap'n: Hold 'er steady!  To sea, matey!

Matey:  But it's... impossible...

Cap'n: Fool!  It's do or die!  We'll make it if we give 'er all we got!

Matey: A-Aye, aye sir!  ('Elp us all!)  *After a few explosion sounds, 
we hit sea!* We made it, Cap'n!  The sea!

Cap'n: By Jolly Roger!  Aye!  Go, mateys!  This is it!!!

Crew: AYE, AYE, SIR!!!

Cap'n: Argh!  The sea is truly me home!  My heart's come alive!  Aye!  
Sound the bell!  *Pirate's Bell chimes*

Matey: Oooh... Uhhhhn...  I don't feel so good...  Uhwaugh!  I been on 
land so long... I... I got seasick!  Oooh...  Uhhhhn...  It's no use!  
Think about it!  We ain't sailed since we died.

Cap'n: You call yourselves pirates?  Shameful fools!  Getting sick the 
moment you set sail?  It's...  Ooh... Uhnn...  It's no use!  Put 'er 

Crew: Uhhn...  Aye, aye, sir...

And so the crew landed in Western Coast.  They've got to get their sea 
legs back.  They're resting here for now.  Go south and use the bridge 
to go west off the ship.  Go north and east to find a chest containing 
a ring.  Now go west and north.  Burn the sapling in this screen and 
talk to the Old Man for 300 RUPEES!  Now enter the house outside and 
take the Bombs from the chest.  Blow up the wall to the right and jump 
to the opening.  Use it and go south out of this house.  Hop on the 
stump and use the Rod of Seasons to call forth summer.

Return to the bridge and go south and west of it twice.  Climb these 
vines to reach the Graveyard.  Ghinis will fly out at you occasionally.  
They are ghosts in Zelda games, and they take four hits of the Noble 
Sword.  Look around to fill your map, but ultimately you want to go 
north one screen and take the stairs down to Level 7.

                      |    Explorer's Crypt    |

Go north from the starting room.  Use the Magical Boomerang to defeat a 
Whisp and then take down the jumping Stalfos here (they throw bones, by 
the way).  Since we have no other options, head west.  Get the Magical 
Boomerang ready to defeat two Whisps and stun two Stalfos as you walk 
around this bend.  Go east and then north to a new room.  Go north a 
room and a voice tells you to be gone before the fires are out or else.  
Use a Pegasus Seed on yourself and run right to go east a screen before 
the room is in darkness.  Defeat these Wizzrobes and a chest forms.  
Open it for a Small Key and return to the first room of the dungeon.

Go north and use your Small Key to the east.  Here, just kill all the 
Zols and Stalfos to make a chest form; open it for a ring.  Then take 
the stairs to the left up and go north.  Light the two torches ahead 
with the Slingshot and a Poe rises from the grave there.  It speaks.  
Trying to break its curse, eh?  It won't let you.  The ghost appears 
from different sides to attack you with a sword.  Charge up a spin 
attack and release when it comes at you.  Two spin attacks and it goes 
down.  You won't be so lucky next time.  Now that the curse is broken, 
we can go north in peace.

Once you do, blow up the wall to the left.  You'll find the Compass in 
this chest.  Now return to the previous room.  Walk right and push the 
cylinder to the left.  Now walk forward and push this cylinder to the 
left (utilizing the Power Bracelet, of course).  Take the stairwell 
down to B1F.  Break out of this area by defeating an Armos (use the 
Magical Boomerang twice on it after triggering it) and go west a room.  
Here, defeat the Zols as you climb up the steps and hit the switch.  A 
trampoline appears; use it bounce up a floor (remember, you must push 
it onto the blue tile first).  We can see a switch to the south.  Drop 
back down and push the trampoline south twice and west once.  Jump back 
on, land on the switch, and a Small Key drops.  Drop back down a floor 
and claim it.

Return to the east.  Here, we must keep the switch pressed to go south.  
Activate all of the Armos that you can.  At random, one will be a 
statue rather than an enemy.  Push it down onto the switch (careful not 
to push it against a wall) and go south.  Defeat the Stalfos here, 
boomerang the Whisp, and take the stairs down into a conveyor belt 
alley.  Walk forward, use the stairs to go to B2F, and take out the 
Magnetic Gloves.  Set them to an S polarity and step onto the platform.  
Ride it around, attacking Keese when necessary, and stand on the upper-
right tile of the platform.  At the end, use the gloves to repel 
yourself to the left.  Go north afterward.  In this room, use a Pegasus 
Seed on yourself, exchange the Seed Satchel for the Iron Shield, and 
run over the bridge with shield raised.  You should make it before the 
tiles start flinging themselves at you.  At the end, go west.

Switches are set up in this room, and they move the Armos statues.  You 
want to press them so that the statues fill the green spaces.  Press 
the second one down first, then the second from the right, then the 
right, then the northernmost one, and then rightmost one.  Take the 
Small Key that falls down and go east.  Head south and use the stairs 
to return upstairs (use the magnet to hover in place until the platform 
can take you back to the staircase).

Go south of here using a Small Key.  Then go east using your other 
Small Key.  It's another cursed room.  Use Pegasus Seeds to increase 
your speed and use the Slingshot & Ember Seeds. to light all four 
torches before the others go out.  Another Poe emerges from the 
gravestone.  It's tougher than its sister, it says.  It uses its 
lantern to leave flames in its path.  Keep moving around in a circle, 
charging a spin attack, and you'll hit it twice to defeat it.  Next 
time it shall leave this crypt.

Now that the curse has been lifted, we can go west twice.  Do so and 
dive under the cylinders to reach a staircase.  Take these steps down 
to B2F.  Go west and north.  Here, use the Magical Boomerang (it can go 
through the magnets) to go far to the west so that it hits the crystal 
switch as it returns to you.  This causes the magnets to rotate.  Use 
an N polarity to attract yourself to the magnet ahead.  Let it set you 
onto the platform and go up a bit.  Attract yourself to the magnet to 
the left and quickly reverse polarities when your back is to the west 
to quickly repel yourself to the magnet to the left.  Turn north 
suddenly and pull yourself to it.  Repel yourself south to reach a few 

First, bounce on the blue one.  Defeat the Stalfos here, listen to the 
Zelda secret chime.  Now drop back down and bounce on the red 
trampoline this time.  First things first; defeat the Whisps with your 
Magical Boomerang.  Then hop across the spikes to a pit.  Fall down to 
B1F and go north.  Before starting this room, use the Magical Boomerang 
to hunt down and kill as many Keese as possible.  Then jump onto the 
platform when it hits the lower-right corner.  Ride it around and jump 
north when you can to open the chest for this dungeon's prize.  Yep, 
it's Roc's Cape!  This item rules!  With it, you can press and hold the 
item button to jump three spaces!  When used with a Pegasus Seed, it is 
more than doubled by letting you practically fly SEVEN spaces!  It is 

Go south and hover across the pit to the right.  Fall down the pit to 
the lower-left to the trampolines.  Ignore them and jump south across 
the pit.  Here, defeat both Kanalet Soldiers, use a Pegasus Seed, soar 
across the gap, and kill the other.  A bridge forms as a shortcut.  Go 
right and take the stairs back to B1F.  Head east to a room with a 
trampoline.  Here, push the rightmost column of blocks to open the way 
for the trampoline (upper/lower ones left, middle one down).  Now hop 
over the trampoline and push it so that it's too the lower-left of the 
northwest torch.  Bounce on it through the ceiling and to 1F.  Go left, 
avoid the Whisp, defeat the Stalfos, and open the treasure chest for 
the Dungeon Map.  As you can see, the floors gradually become more 
skull-like as you go down.

Fall back down to B1F and go north.  Take this staircase down again, go 
north again, and soar over the bridge.  Go right, leap over these small 
gaps, and go east.  Oh, shoot!  We've got to fight a few Magnites in 
this room, those annoying enemies from Level 5.  Luckily, they take 
only two hits thanks to the Noble Sword.  Pin them against a wall, 
preferably a corner, and slash them twice to rid yourself of them.  
Push the trampoline forward three times, bounce on it, and hold up on 
the D-Pad slightly to land on a platform hovering over the pit.  Take 
the stairs up at the end and push the magnetic orb to the far left.  
Then move it down so that it hops off the ledge.  After that, go left 
and jump off the ledge yourself.  Direct the magnetic orb onto the 
switch to the southeast and a chest appears.  Open it for a Small Key.  
Now we can truly explore this dungeon.

Go west, south twice (using the Armos switch maneuver we used earlier), 
and west.  Take the stairs down to B2F and unlock the block to the 
right.  Wait for the tiles to stop launching themselves as you and jump 
across the platforms here to go south.  Head south again, walk across 
the rails to go north.  Hop over the ledge and jump south to the door.  
Defeat the Moldorms from this standpoint (three hits) before going 
south.  Use a Pegasus Seed to jump right and press the switch.  Now 
jump left, push the block south, and go east.

                       Mini-Boss: Amy & Margaret

These Poe sisters, just half of the fearsome foursome from Ocarina of 
Time's Forest Temple, are the mini-boss of Explorer's Crypt.  This 
would be an easy battle, but the torches slowly go out.  If all four 
are extinguished, you are sent back to the first room of the dungeon.  
So, it's in your best interest to stand between them and Slingshot them 
throughout the battle.  Amy, the one with the sword, will appear and 
slash you, while Margaret, the one with the lantern, rushes in to leave 
trails of fire.  Stand around the torches, wait for them to appear, and 
slash them.  After a few hits, one of them will wimp out and explode.  
Defeat the other one with a few slashes and it will promise to haunt 
you, and then explodes.  Take the Fairy and note the portal here.  Now 
exit to the east.


It's a staircase maze, just like in the Black Tower in Oracle of Ages.  
Here's a guide through this room.

1) Note that Wizzrobes will be moving all throughout the room.  Take 
the right set of stairs.

2) You appear in a similar room in B1F.  This time, take the 
easternmost staircase.

3) Take the staircase directly to the right.

4) Take the lowest staircase available to you this time.  You'll come 
to a treasure chest containing one rupee.  Take the stairs you came by 
back up a floor and use the uppermost set.

5) Take the stairs to the northwest.

6) Now head right to go down a flight of stairs.  From here, go north a 

In here, use the Magnetic Gloves to pull yourself to the uppermost 
magnet.  When you're back is to the west, push off against the magnet 
and switch to the leftmost magnet in mid-air.  Now repel yourself north 
to the platform here.  Get off quickly and jump south with Roc's Cape.  
Now hop onto the platform and jump right.  Push the upper-right block 
into the hole to make a shortcut for future use.  Then jump back onto 
the platform and jump north.  Enter this new room and defeat both 
Wizzrobes and Stalfos to make a Small Key fall to you.  Take it, go 
south, and go north through the right opening.  Use your Small Key to 
go right.

In here, just hop north a room.  Take the steps down and go south.  
Here, you must hit the switches in the correct order as indicated by 
the number of statues.  Use a Pegasus Seed and jump south all the way 
to the southernmost switch.  Press it and jump north to the uppermost 
one.  Then hit the middle.  This creates a mini-bridge.  Jump off of it 
and go north to a switch.  Press it to make a red trampoline form.  Hop 
off the ledge and jump onto it.  Hold the D-Pad down and you'll land on 
a platform.  Jump right when you can and take the stairs to two crystal 
switches.  Hit only the lower one so that both are red.  Now take the 
stairs back up and ride the platform to the left side of the room.  
Take the stairs down and hit both switches so that the upper one is 
blue but the lower red.  The door opens; go north.  Here, defeat four 
Stalfos as fireballs are shot at from the torches to make a chest 
appear.  Open it for the Boss Key.

Now, return to the mini-boss room and go east.  Here goes the steps.

1) Take the easternmost staircase available.  Note that since you want 
to save as much health as possible before the boss, it's wise to jump 
over Wizzrobes with Roc's Cape.

2) Take the easternmost staircase again.

3) Go directly right.

4) Take the upper staircase this time.

5) Take the lowest staircase available.  Now walk left along this 
passage to find the Boss Door.  Open it with the Boss Key and prepare 
yourself for the...

                        |    Boss: Gleeok    |

No, wait.  You're kidding me, right?  This boss, hailing all the way 
from The Legend of Zelda for NES, finally makes a return appearance.  
And in its debut game (also the debut of the Zelda series), Gleeok was 
the toughest boss in the game, even (way) stronger than Ganon himself.  
However, Gleeok hasn't changed much since our last fight, but there are 
two new twists.  First, there are spikes in the northern corners, and 
Gleeok is in between them.  Second, Gleeok is a giant dragon with two 
heads that spit fire.  To beat him, you must knock off both heads AT 
THE SAME TIME.  In the original Zelda, that would've been hard to do 
(Gleeok had anywhere from two to four heads.  Luckily, he has only two 
in this game).  Still, the heads move around in a small area and use a 
variety of fire-based attacks.  They either shoot a wall of it forward 
in a narrow spaces, a spread attack with more range, or a scatter 
attack that splits into tiny fireballs and separates.  And all of them 
deal heavy damage.

Just jump around charging spin attacks and hit both heads at once if 
possible.  Jump to avoid flame attacks and, after many hits, the heads 
explode.  It looks you've won but the battle, but the war's still on.  
The battle's considerably easier from here on out.  With its head 
destroyed and skeleton revealed, it runs around like a headless chicken.  
If it touches you, you'll lose a heart.  It attacks by jumping, causing 
the ground to rumble.  Then it tackles you.  Jump when it does and 
slash it a few times before it jumps again.  After a few hits, Gleeok 
explodes, this time for good.

Take the Heart Container that results and advance into the last room of 
the dungeon to the west.  Take the seventh Essence of Nature, Seed of 
Life, from the pedestal.  "Life begins anew when birds carry this, the 
Seed of Life, to new lands!"  The Maku Tree is quite strong thanks to 
the Seed of Life.  But this time, the Maku Tree had a dreamless slumber.  
He has no earthly (pun!) clue as to where the eighth one might be.  Of 
course, there's only one region of the map we haven't explored so far...  
I'd say it's there.

=========================Sword & Shield Maze*==========================

                  |    Graveyard Piece of Heart    |

Aside from advancing in the game and getting the best ring in it, there 
is only one thing to do as an optional side quest.  First, change the 
season to autumn.  Then go south of Explorer's Crypt twice.  Enter the 
cave to the east and leap over the pit with Roc's Cape.  Push the 
rightmost block up and the one to the left to the left.  Take these 
stairs up to be in the graveyard in fall.  Go north and west, lift the 
mushrooms to reach the upper path, and go east to a Piece of Heart.  
Congratulations!  Now, let's move onto the next dungeon.

                        |    The Red Ring    |

Go to the stump in North Horon where you met Din and call forth summer.  
Now go west twice to Gnarled Root Dungeon and then go south to find a 
staircase in the dried riverbed.  Here is an Old Man clothed in gold, 
and he will give you true power if you slay the four golden beasts.  
Let us find and destroy them!

Golden Kanalet Soldier: This fellow is found in spring.  Go to the 
Piratian's ship in Western Coast and go north of it to an abandoned 
house.  Call forth spring and go east of Hero's Cave to find this 
legendary beast.  First, I suggest defeating both Octoroks present, and 
then turn your attention to his powerful foe.  It takes 18 hits of the 
Noble Sword to defeat, and it does one heart's damage per hit.  A real 
toughie, that one.

Golden Octorok: Go south of Poison Moth's Lair to a stump; change the 
season to summer.  Now go south of the portal to Subrosia in Spool 
Swamp and you'll encounter god of Octoroks, the chosen one of gold.  
Defend yourself well with your shield, and slash it a total of 18 times 
to kill it.  Do not knock it down a hole; that will not kill it.  If 
you do, return to the screen to find it still alive and kicking.  Try 
to keep it in a corner if possible.

Golden Moblin: Go to the screen right of Snake's Remains.  You may have 
to use Snake's Remains to reach the top of it.  Change the season to 
autumn, drop off the cliff, and enter the cave after picking the 
mushrooms.  Open the chest here for a ring and exit.  Go west from here 
to the entrance to Level 2.  If it's fall, you can find the Golden 
Moblin here.  Like the others, he requires 18 hits.  He throws spears 
or shoots arrows (can't tell, really), but then you've got three down.

Golden Lynel: Winter is the most unforgiving of seasons, and it has the 
strongest monster.  Go to Tarm Ruins from the southern Spool Swamp 
entrance and turn the season to winter.  Go west, use the snow to take 
the stairs up, and go east across the pond to find the Golden Lynel.  
It is the most powerful of the golden beasts, and while it takes 18 
slashes like the others, it does lots of damage itself, one heart per 
touch.  But, rejoice afterward, for it is the final beast!

Return to the Old Man of gold.  You have slain the four golden beasts!  
Sir, you are worthy of true power.  Take it!  How you use the power is 
up to you, but do not be tempted to abuse it...  The Old Man then 
disappears.  Go to Vasu and appraise the ring you received.  It is the 
Red Ring, and you can now do twice the sword damage while wearing it.  
Of course, for the purposes of this guide, I'll assume you're not 
wearing it, just using the Noble Sword, for the rest of the guide.  It 
is certainly the best ring in the game, though.  Do not abuse it!

                     |    The Temple Remains    |

As you've probably noticed, there's only one chunk of the map we 
haven't visited.  Coincidentally, the same goes for Subrosia.  And 
they're both in the same relative position on their maps (northwest 
corner region).  Okay, so maybe it's not just a coincidence.  Either 
way, LET'S ROCK!

Warp to the Scent Seed tree in North Horon.  Go south, west, north, 
west, north, and west.  Tada!  We're in Temple Remains, what used to be 
the location of the Temple of Seasons on Northern Peak, but now the 
site of Onox's Castle.  Defeat the two Kanalet Soldiers here and go 
north to find a Ball & Chain Soldier.  Fly over its attacks with Roc's 
Cape (the most useful item ever!) and then slash it as you're coming 
down, preferably at its right shoulder.  Also, you can try to knock it 
into the hole, too, but it probably won't work.  Go east after 
defeating it, utilizing your cape once again, and you'll find two 
Lynels at the bridge that once led to the Temple of Seasons.

You might've experienced two blue Lynels atop the Goron Mountains 
before Level 4.  Red ones like this take three hits, but they can still 
hurt you badly with their arrow attacks, which go through walls.  
Defeat them quickly and move on to the east.  If you continue to the 
east, you'll eventually reach that impassable pit in Goron Mountains.  
After getting these screens on your map, return to where you fought the 
Ball & Chain Soldier.  Go west and north to find... darkness.  It keeps 
us out of Northern Peak!  I guess we really do need the Essences of 
Nature to get through...  Return east to screens and go north into the 
Temple Remains.

First, go west.  Dig through these piles of dirt and go north past the 
shrubs to reach a seemingly impassible pit.  But don't worry; it can be 
cleared with some practice.  Use a Pegasus Seed on yourself and fly 
forward with Roc's Cape.  Maneuver around the rocks and you'll land on 
the ground, able to go north, if you're good.  If you can't seem to do 
this, you can always change the season to autumn to the east and then 
walk over leaves for that part.  Go north afterward and go south after 
rounding the bend.  Kill these Tektites and go south again to a stump.  
Instead of using it, though, let's go back north and then east.  Jump 
the gap and walk across the snow to go south into a portal to Subrosia.

Go north of where you come to and open the cave.  Oh my gosh!  This 
crazy Subrosian is throwing all sorts of great items in a pool of lava!  
And we can't get them!  He says he's trying to set off the huge 
fireworks inside.  Throw a bomb in.  Disregard the fact that the bomb 
would be melted in the heat; it just works, okay?  The Subrosian 
Volcanoes all start exploding in unison, and the flames are so intense 
that they rise through Subrosia and rain down on the Temple Remains, 
transforming it into a land full of lava and fire.  Now we can navigate 
it more easily.

Return to Holodrum (use the portal to leave Subrosia) and go north.  
Leap over the lava with Roc's Feather and bomb the weak wall to reveal 
a doorway.  Use it and jump across the lava here to reach a Piece of 
Heart.  Exit that cave and jump east a screen.  Defeat the Kanalet 
Soldiers and accompanying Crows before heading down the steps to go 
south.  Destroy these Tektites and change the season to summer.  Go 
east from there to find two Lynels, one of each color.  Stun them with 
Pegasus Seeds from the Slingshot and then knock them into the lava.  
After that, climb the vines that have somehow grown in this lake of 
lava to go north.  Jump across the pieces of land in this screen to 
reach the southwest end; head left a screen after doing that.  Jump 
north from there and take the door.

Use the Magnetic Gloves to pull yourself between the rocks ahead.  Stop 
when you reach land, reverse polarity back to N, and go right a bit.  
Pull yourself down across the pit this time, and then walk along the 
path to a staircase.  Take it up to a room full of Keese.  Defeat them 
as you go.  Now, push the rightmost block down, the upper-left one over, 
and the lower-left one down.  Walk across this "bridge" to the left 
side of the room; push the lowest block up and the highest one right.  
You'll be able to reach a staircase that you can take out of the cave.

Defeat these Lynels and go west.  Take the right staircase down, as 
it's our only option at this point.  Here, walk down, beating Moldorms 
and Zols as you come to them, to go west (upper route).  Jump over the 
ground here, brimming with Zols, and take the staircase up and out of 
here.  Now head west a screen, defeating this Lynel, and go west one 
more time to reach the tallest tower of the Temple Remains.  Inside are 
two Fairies and a portal to Subrosia.  Enter, young hero.  Go north of 
here twice to reach a funny-looking volcano with eyes.  Believe it or 
not, it's the site of Level 8.  It's the first and only dungeon in 

                     |    Sword & Shield Maze    |

The last dungeon!  You stoked?  What?  No?  How could you not be?  Well, 
what do I have to do to get people excited in this guide, huh?  Say 
"IT'S GO TIME!" all the time, right?  Fine!  I will!  Well, here goes 
nothing...  IT'S GO TIME!

The room's floor is iced over, making you slide when you walk.  If you 
have it, I strongly recommend wearing the Snowshoe Ring (see the 
"Magical Rings" section for details on that).  Go north to a room with 
Whisp and Wizzrobes included.  Skip them for now and go east.  Get in 
the block alley and shoot the eye statue ahead with the Slingshot (use 
an expendable seed, like Scent Seeds).  A Small Key falls down; slash 
your way through the jars and take it.  Now return to the previous room 
and go north twice.  Well, look what the Subrosians dragged in.  We 
have a few Magnites to deal with here.  Either reel those suckers in 
with the Magnetic Gloves, pin them against the wall, or chase them with 
Roc's Cape until you get a good slash in.  Either way, head north after 
owning them.

Two Zols are easily beaten in this room, while the Hardhat Beetle can 
present some difficulty.  Blast your way into the upper row (against 
the north wall), and then blow up two blocks to the left to access the 
magnetic orb.  Drag it out of there and push it into the Hardhat Beetle 
to defeat it, netting you another Small Key.  From there, let's exit 
east.  If you're low on health, this is the place to be.  Boomerang the 
Keese and Sparks, earning yourself one Fairy for each ball of light you 
hit, and then head east, refreshed and relaxed.  Well, for a dungeon 
based in the lava-filled land of Subrosia, this is strangely icy.  
Slice up the Zols here and spend a Small Key on the locked block to go 

This is just a filler room.  Walk through it, knocking Keese/Ropes into 
the hole, and go south.  Keep alert and moving in this room, as a Wall 
Master is present.  They're like Floor Masters, and they attack in the 
same way, but they fall from the ceiling and are unlimited in number.  
Jump south over the rolling spiky cylinders to reach a staircase 
leading down as swiftly as possible.  Ah, never fear, fans of Subrosia.  
We have a lava-filled 2-D screen to get through.  From the ladder, jump 
left along the ceiling so that you fall between the flames and onto the 
platform.  Then take a deep breath and hope you don't get hit as you 
leap left a screen.  In here, we "meet" Podoboos, the living flame 
enemies that jump from lava (also Super Mario Bros. enemies).  There 
are three, one before and after the platform and one jumping down the 
center of it.  Jump over them as quickly as possible and take the 
ladder up.

We're in a new room of B1F (don't worry; there are only two floors), 
and the dungeon truly is Subrosian in its roots (get it?  Roots?  We're 
in the basement!  Ha, it's a pun... because trees have roots under 
them...  I'll stop now).  Hover left over the rolling cylinder when 
it's coming at you and then quickly jump upward to land on the tile 
here, away from the cylinder.  When it's rolling right, jump back to 
the previous tile pair and jump left and down a few times (using normal 
hops, not soaring leaps from the cape) to safe ground.  Go south of it 
to a giant Razor Trap room.  Ah, but don't worry.  They're nothing but 
petty obstacles with Roc's Cape.  Jump over them to hit the high-flying 
Fire Keese, a variation of your typical bat, and make your way to the 
switch in the upper-right corner.  Hit it, jump south, and go east.

Defeat both Magnites and the other minor enemies.  Clear the jars here 
for recovery items (if you need more, you can switch between the first 
and second floors to raid the jars again, but the enemies will still be 
dead), and then take the stairs back up to 1F.  It's a room full of two 
things: spikes and ice.  To make matters worse, Hardhat Beetles launch 
themselves at you.  Remember, kickback is greater on ice, which means 
you might be forced into spikes (use Roc's Cape to get out them) or 
back down the stairs.  Use the Iron Shield to flip them over, slash 
them, and make your way right to this chest.  Open it for the Compass.  
Oh, shoot.  There are many more chests to open in this dungeon.  We've 
barely scratched the surface.

Go back downstairs and use your other Small Key to go east into a dial 
room.  You can manipulate it to go north or south, and we want to go 
south.  Go left from the steps you reach, drop off the ledge, and 
reenter the dial to the east.  This time, you go to the south.  Just 
skip right into the room to the east.  There's naught but Wizzrobes and 
other enemies here for us now.  In here, hop the lava and use the 
stairs to return to 1F.  Slap on the Magnetic Gloves and repel the 
magnetic orb.  Walk down suddenly to push the orb down, and then get 
above it and push it down against the southern line of blocks.  Now 
repel it away from you to the right a bit and leave it there, two 
spaces south of the staircase.  We'll be returning to this room later 
to complete the puzzle.

Head west a screen and you'll find two Whisps, the real jinxing deal, 
and four Armos.  Trigger the bottom two, defeat them both with the 
Magical Boomerang, and push the block they were surrounding over.  Open 
the chest for... the Hyper Slingshot!  It's this dungeon's prize, and 
quite the improvement over the Slingshot (but still no Seed Shooter, 
the awesome seed-shooting item from Oracle of Ages).  At the price of 
one seed, you can shoot three seeds at a time in three directions!  Now 
you can really sock it to those enemies.  Now, on with the dungeon!

Head back downstairs to the east and then go west.  Stand three spaces 
north of the solitary Armos and it eventually moves.  Let the Magical 
Boomerang soar.  After beating it, use the staircase it was guarding to 
go back up to 1F.  Walk east to be back in the magnet room; open the 
chest here for the Dungeon Map.  As you'd guess, the first floor is 
shaped like a shield, the basement a sword.  Now, if you moved the 
magnetic orb as directed earlier (if not, you can still pull it down to 
you), then you can push it right (that is, repel) two spaces.  It will 
rise and hit a block.  Move it left now and it hits the switch, causing 
a bridge to form.

Return to 1F and go east.  Use the stairs here to go back to the orb 
room.  From the upper row, jump to the bridge and use the stairs to go 
down.  Head north from here and then go west to the dial.  It should 
still be orange.  Enter it and you'll be deposited to the east.  Go 
right a room and open the chest for a Small Key.  Go back to the dial, 
use it to go north, and go east.  Take the steps down and pull yourself 
across the lava with the Magnetic Gloves.  Now go east, slash the pots 
along the south wall, and then enter the upper-right alcove.

Stand four spaces left of the middle eye statue and use the Hyper 
Slingshot to hit all three at once, which makes a staircase appear.  
Take it up a room full of breakable blocks complemented by two Kanalet 
Soldiers (of both colors) and two Whisps.  Bomb your way through, but 
be careful around the last block before the Kanalet Soldiers.  Be sure 
you're not going to be jinxed and blow the blocks up, defeating the 
soldiers quickly.  Bomb the lower blocks around the chest and push the 
southern block over to obtain the contents of the treasure chest - a 
Small Key.  Now go back downstairs, using a Small Key on the locked 
door, to go east.

                          Mini-Boss: Frypolar

Get it?  It's a fiery/icy mini-boss that also controls ice, making it 
both fry/polar and bipolar, which makes him Frypolar!  Oh, these puns 
are hilarious!  Back on topic, Frypolar really reflects the theme of 
the dungeon: ice and fire offense and defense.  Frypolar can transform 
into a red flame, his fiery side, and a blue flame, his icy side.  He's 
only vulnerable while blue, and Frypolar changes periodically on his 
own.  To force him into the blue flame color from the red flame color, 
launch a Mystery Seed at it from the Hyper Slingshot (with three seeds 
fired, it's hard to miss).  Then, while blue, shoot it with an Ember 
Seed to deal it damage.  Although hitting it is easy, Frypolar has one 
trump card; it has lots of health.  It takes somewhere around 15 hits 
to end Frypolar's reign of terror in the dungeon.  The key is to keep 
as far away from him as possible, as he often charges you after 
becoming red, and to keep moving while he's blue.  If you run low on 
seeds, slash the shrubs for refills.  He also attacks by creating fire 
walls.  In any case, you'll receive a shortcut and a Fairy.


Go north of the mini-boss room to reach a room of torches.  Stand left 
of the central torch, use the Hyper Slingshot to hit the torches to the 
left, hit the central torch, and hit the right three torches.  A 
staircase forms when all are lit.  Take the stairs up and go north.  
It's the ice block room!  Push the lowest ice block right, the middle 
ice block down, right, and up, the upper ice block left, down, and 
right, the middle block (now middle) up, the left block right, up and 
right, and the middle block right.  This makes a staircase form.  Take 
it down to a 2-D screen.  Jump across the ice blocks, soar to the left, 
and go left a screen.  This is one of those rare occasions where Roc's 
Feather would be better than Roc's Cape, but we can get around it.  Use 
a Pegasus Seed on yourself and leap across the platforms to the upper 
route.   Although easier said than done, it must be.  Fly across the 
Thwomps and climb the ladder to a new room.  First, hit the switch to 
the lower-right.  A shortcut bridge is now made so that we can avoid 
using that 2-D screen (to the left is the room we first descended the 
stairwell in).

Go east of this room to a Razor Trap/Wizzrobe combination, and jump 
across it to go east again.  Use the Magical Boomerang to hit the 
crystal switch and extend the bridge south.  Go south a room and play 
your Flute to defeat the Pols Voices to the left.  Now go south (left 
door) and open the chest for the Boss Key!  We now have all the dungeon 
gear!  Go south and flip down into the ice block room.  Go back south 
to the mini-boss room and warp to the first room of the dungeon.  Go 
north twice, hit all three statues at once using the Hyper Slingshot 
(fire from the upper tier).  A chest containing an un-appraised ring 
appears.  Open it and return to the ice room.  This time, we're 
continuing by using a Small Key to go west.

Go west again past these Sparks to another new room.  Bomb the 
northeast wall and go north.  This Armos will move through the room in 
a certain way, and you must mimic it.  I entered and exited several 
times, and it is limited to a few alternate paths, which means you'll 
have to memorize the path the Armos takes over the tiles.  When you 
imitate it exactly, a Small Key falls down to you.  Take it and go back 
south.  Lift an icy rock (1) and go south.  Throw it into the fiery pit 
to the right and it will cool the lava in B1F.  Take the stairs down to 
it and walk across the cooled rock to reach a chest.  Open it for a 
Small Key.  Go west, open the chest for ten Bombs, and go back upstairs 
utilizing the staircase in the room to the east.

Go north and lift an icy rock (2).  Hop into the mine cart and you'll 
ride to a new room.  Use a Small Key on the lock block and throw the 
crystals into the fiery pit to cool the lava below.  Now ride back in 
the mine cart, pick up another icy rock (3), and get back into the mine 
cart.  Drop the rock here, hit the switch, lift the rock back up, and 
take the cart to the intermediary room.  Toss the icy rock into the 
fiery pit and we'll have almost cooled all the lava we need to on B1F.  
Take the cart back to the room to the west and use your Small Key to go 
south into a new room.  Defend yourself from the Beamos and Spiked 
Beetles by jumping.  Just take the stairwell to the right back to B1F.

Go east from here and walk across the cooled lava to a staircase.  Use 
it to reach a new part of the icy rock room.  Go east twice, south once, 
and into the Spark-side of an old room.  Boomerang your foes and open 
the chest for another Small Key.  Now that we have all the treasures of 
the dungeon, it's time to get the last ones: the Heart Container and 
the final Essence of Nature.  Yes, that's right.  We're boss-ward bound 

Return to the normal part of the crystal rock room and go south.  Use 
the stairs, go west, and take this set of stairs up to a new room.  
Take this mine cart north into the Beamos room.  From here, take the 
stairs down, go east, south, up the stairs, and north back to the ice 
rock room.  Grab one (4) and hop into the mine cart.  Go south of where 
you end up, carrying the ice rock, and you'll reach the Beamos room.  
Drop the crystal, take down the Spiked Beetles, grab it, and take the 
mine cart south.  Chuck the ice rock into the fiery pit, completing the 
lava cooling, and go back downstairs.  Go north twice.  Unlock the 
block here with your Small Key, the last one of the dungeon, and go 
east.  Unlock the Boss Door and let's-a get-a ready for a rumble!

                      |    Boss: Medusa Head    |

Pull out Roc's Cape and get in for a fight.  For those who don't figure 
out how to best hurt Medusa Head, this scuffle can be moderately hard.  
For those who know, it's still no cakewalk, but it's easy enough 
(easier than Manhandla, anyways).  Medusa Head uses several tactics to 
tear you apart.  First, she has very strange patterns of movement.  She 
veers around the room rather unpredictably and uses attacks at 
seemingly random intervals.  Roc's Cape is your best defense.  Medusa 
Head has three variations of the fireball attack.  She either fires 
five fireballs, all of which can be jumped, or many blue fireballs in a 
circle that turn you to stone.  As a statue (you're only stunned, not 
gray), you're vulnerable to her attacks.  Jump to avoid them and keep 
your eyes peeled for when she turns gray briefly.  She'll then warp to 
the north wall and run her laser beams through the room.  Jump over 
them to avoid this attack and all others.

Now, how do you deal damage to Medusa Head?  Well, it's not exactly 
obvious.  Fire a trio of Pegasus Seeds from the Hyper Slingshot at her 
and she'll be stunned very briefly.  Slash her quickly and resume the 
battle.  You can also slash Medusa Head without using Pegasus Seeds, 
but it's harder to do.  You could just jump around with Roc's Cape and 
slash her, but the Pegasus Seed stunning might be safer.  Remember that 
she always appears in the center of the room after using the laser 
attack or after being hit, which sets her up for two good slashes 
before you jump.  If you're comfortable with Roc's Cape, then use it to 
deal lots of damage to her quickly.  After many hits, Medusa Head 

Take the Heart Container and go north into the tip of the sword on the 
map.  Walk forward and take the eighth and final Essence of Nature, 
Changing Seasons, from the pedestal.  "Scattered seeds sprout in spring, 
grow in summer, bear fruit in fall and sleep through winter.  It is an 
endless cycle of life... the Changing Seasons!"  Outside, the Maku Tree 
contacts us even though we're in Subrosia.  He already has all eight 
Essences of Nature!  The Changing Seasons have filled him with his 
former power!  He has something to give you now, and so let us return 
to him in Horon Village...

============================Onox's Castle*=============================

                        |    The Maku Seed    |

If you've ever visited the Maku Tree after clearing the Gnarled Root 
Dungeon, you'll have noticed that the big guy has been going through a 
bit of a growth spurt.  With all eight Essences of Nature back in 
effect, he's restored to his former glory.  You'll find the Hall of 
Secrets where you can use passwords from Oracle of Ages, as well as a 
slew of Gasha Seeds along the path to the top of the tree.

In any case, the Maku Tree no longer needs to sleep constantly to 
maintain high energy levels.  He's awake when you arrive, and he 
congratulates you on gathering all the Essence of Nature.  You are a 
true hero, understanding of the essences.  You are the hope for all who 
live!  He gives you a seed reflecting his powers, the Maku Seed.  It 
penetrates evil forces!  With it, we can easily defeat Onox, General of 
Darkness (well, it isn't as easy I say), and free Din, Oracle of 
Seasons.  But suddenly, an evil voice breaks your conversation by 
saying "Some hero!!!" sarcastically.  Onox is watching you from his 
castle, and he marches into the room he's keeping Din in.  He just 
dares you to come!  If you are their so-called hero, then they are 

                          |    Pit Stop    |

I'm not kidding here, the final boss of this game is the hardest you'll 
ever face in this game, and probably up there as one of the hardest 
Zelda bosses ever.  I highly suggest that you purchase a Magic Potion 
from Syrup, get one from a Gasha Seed, or steal one from Maple.  Either 
way, you're going to need one in all likelihood.  Furthermore, stop at 
Vasu's and pick up the Green Holy Ring, which makes you resistant to 
electricity.  It seems pointless right now, but just wait until you're 
duel to the death with the General of Darkness.

                    |    Breaking the Barrier    |

Go north when you enter Temple Remains from North Horon.  Slash the 
Ball & Chain Soldier quickly from the slight lower-left of it to defeat 
it, and then go west and north.  The Maku Seed and the Essences of 
Nature combine their powers to dispel the dark force surrounding 
Northern Peak, and then the same hooded figure we saw before the 
Ancient Ruins appears.  It says that all will be for naught, and it 
then splits into the twin Geurdo witches, Kotate Twinrova and Koume 
Twinrova.  They claim that soon the Flame of Destruction shall burn, 
and then their rites will be completed!  Despite our valiant efforts, 
the Evil King will return to spread darkness across the world.  They 
depart, and the Maku Tree contacts us.  He figures that Twinrova must 
be controlling Onox!  We must save Din before their dark designs are 
realized!  Go north and defeat two Lynels, and then enter the final 

                        |    Onox's Castle    |

Unlike the Black Tower in Oracle of Ages, Onox's Castle is actually a 
dungeon, like a Level 9.  Of course, it's very short, even if it does 
have a Dungeon Map and all that jazz.  Right now, you have three 
options - west, north, and east.  Two of them are dead-ends, but I'll 
explain them for those foolish enough to travel down these lonely roads.

EAST: A tantalizing Fairy lures you in, but the door then slams shut.  
Get in a corner, hold out the Iron Shield, and wait for the tiles to 
crumble when they hit it.  Afterward, take the Fairy and go west to the 
first room, 'cause you just took a wrong turn.

WEST: We have a new setup for the tiles, but it's the same deal as 
above.  The Fairy entices you in, and the tiles are meant to lay the 
hurt on you.  Get in a corner, hold out the Iron Shield, and wait for 
the enemy to run out of fighters.  Now take your Fairy as a prize and 
go east to the first room.  Yeah, you should've made a north at 

As you can see, the correct path lies to the north.  Defeat these 
Wizzrobes and you'll be faced with another three paths.  The eastern 
and western doorways lead to the same rooms as mentioned above; go 
north again (after killing all Wizzrobes).  You'll come to a tricky 
room afterward, full of Floor Masters (three in all) and Kanalet 
Soldiers).  Pull out the Magical Boomerang, get into the center of the 
room, and stun any Floor Masters that come at you in pairs to make 
things much easier.  After destroying all of them, go north yet again.

It's Facade!  He's not really the mini-boss, but he might as well be.  
Yep, we're fighting this old-timer from Snake's Remains again, only 
this time he's gotten a big promotion.  His attacks are the same as 
before; it creates holes for you to fall into (just keep walking to 
avoid them), it spits fireballs to rain down on you, and it can summon 
Beetles to attack you.  After several hits, it explodes, releasing a 
Fairy.  Go north again, and slash the pots in this room, the quiet 
before the storm.  Go north one more time...

Link walks forward to find Din, but the crystal is just an illusion!  
Link jumps backward to avoid a gigantic spiky ball thrown at him, and 
it retracts to its source, Onox, General of Darkness.  He has 
imprisoned Din, thrown the seasons into chaos, and now he will crush 
you.  The battle to decide the fate of all Holodrum begins.

                         |    BOSS: ONOX    |

This is the most difficult battle of the game, and there are two phases 
to this fight.  If you use the Red Ring, though, this battle can be 
much easier.  It all starts simply enough, anyways.  The General of 
Darkness swings his ball and chain around wildly, and he's so large 
that a few steps will put you in range of it.  Use a Pegasus Seed on 
yourself and hold out your sword (it's a good idea to face south when 
holding it out) to charge up a spin attack.  While he's swinging the 
ball and chain, it's best to keep as far away from Onox as possible, 
although he is vulnerable to attack while he's doing this (somewhat).  
He will either smash it into the ground to hit you with it, and he's 
completely vulnerable as he's pulling it back to him, or he will jump 
and cause boulders to fall from the ceiling, at which point he's 
vulnerable.  But how does one hurt this behemoth?

Onox is heavily armored, and only spin attacks can hurt the titan.  
Face south, charge up your sword, and run around with the Pegasus Seeds 
until you've got a good chance to swoop in and let him taste steel.  He 
has surprisingly low health, and will throw in the tower after seven 
spin attacks.  Or does he?  He groans and then tells you not to think 
he's been beaten.  He drops in a new defense mechanism, Din.

The second phase of the battle is much harder.  The jewel Din is 
encased in emits electricity, which means that Onox is now able to 
defend himself with the crystal and hurt you when you try to attack him.  
If you have it, equip the Green Holy Ring now.  It makes you unaffected 
by electricity, making it ideal for this portion of the fight.  If you 
use the ring, you can attack Onox just as before.  If not, you have to 
juke out the crystal.  Use a Pegasus Seed and run to the south wall.  
Let Onox close in on you and then run from one side of him to the other 
with the Pegasus Seeds, spin attacking his body before the crystal can 
move to defend it.  Onox has only one new attack, one where he sends 
gale attacks at you.  Just avoid these as best you can.  After four 
successful spin attacks, Onox explodes.  Walk up to Din's crystal and 
it vanishes!  The floor begins to crumble, and we reach a 2-D screen, 
the site of the final showdown!

Onox is done toying with you.  He was summoned from the Dark Realm by 
Twinrova, and this is his true form.  Feel the might of Dark Dragon!

The second incarnation is what makes this battle so incredibly hard.  I 
hope you haven't used your Magic Potion yet, as you're going to wish 
you had it.  The dragon is vulnerable on the crystal on its head, but 
the challenge lies in reaching it.  After reviewing how to avoid its 
attacks, we'll get right into finding a way up to that gem.

Dark Dragon has a few attacks, and I'll discuss how to avoid them first.  
The Dark Dragon's primary means of offense is its claws.  It can slam a 
claw down at you with its chain-like arms.  Try to run away from it 
(Pegasus Seed) to avoid being struck by this powerful attack.  Dark 
Dragon may also use a sweeping claw move.  With it, he places his claw 
on the floor and drags it quickly across the floor to hit us.  You 
cannot jump over it, forcing you to outrun it.  Use a Pegasus Seed to 
outrun the claw and hope it stops before he smacks you.

Dark Dragon may also use one of two fire attacks.  Neither is very easy 
to avoid, but blue is the worst.  He fires blue flames a few at a time, 
which burn above jumping level, meaning that you're limited to one side 
of the screen, and you must avoid all of them that he fires without 
jumping (they remain on the screen, which is why they're annoying).  To 
avoid them easily, walk in one direction until the flame comes out of 
its mouth, and then turn around and walk in the opposite direction.  
Red flames are fired down at you and pass through the floor, which 
means you can just dodge them normally.  All attacks Dark Dragon has do 
heavy damage, and the Magic Potion is your best friend down here.

To hurt Dark Dragon, jump onto its claw after it tries to press you 
down with it.  Ride it up and jump upward to slash the gem on its head.  
Using a spin attack can be tricky here, but it can be done.  If you 
board the claw and it slams, face the opposite claw, and jump at the 
gem when it raises the claw to do another slam attack, you can spin 
attack the head.  In any case, it takes between three to five spin 
attacks, but it takes about 15 normal attacks!  Definitely use spin 
attacks if you can.  If you're good at the spin attack strategy, this 
boss's difficulty is drastically reduced.  If not, good luck surviving 
through 15 rounds of Dark Dragon mayhem.

After striking Onox in his true form for the last time, he speaks his 
last.  Though you may kill him, you have failed!  His orders were to 
capture Din and deliver the destructive power of a season-less land to 
Twinrova.  Now, as the Flame of Destruction, that power is set to 
devour this land!  He dies laughing, and his body sinks below the 
ground in that hideous pose of death.  Din's crystal drops down to you; 
walk to it and Din is finally freed!  HUZZAH!  She thanks you, and 
points out that the seasons should return to normal now that she is 
free.  We see the lands change to the normal season.  Bipin & Blossom 
and the painter can now admire spring.  Blaino and Ricky are fighting, 
Ghinis of the Graveyard are now happy, and all is back to normal.  The 
trials you have faced to collect the Essences of Nature have made you a 
true hero!  Soon, new trials will sweep up away, but the Oracles shall 
always watch over you in secret.  And so, you return to Horon Village.

Meanwhile, we see a red flame with the image of Link and Din in it, and 
we see it is Twinrova.  Onox has fallen, but the damage he has done to 
this land burns on in the Flame of Destruction!  Soon, their dreams 
will be realized.  Now let the credits roll!

We see Din return to Horon Village to meet with the Maku Tree, and Impa 
finally leaving the refuge.  Everyone comes from all over to see Din 
back, even Subrosians, Gorons, and Talon.  And in the last scene, we 
see the sun setting behind the Maku Tree.  After that, you receive the 
Secret to Labrynna, which can be used to continue this quest in Oracle 
of Ages, and you get to save the game.  Impa has left for Labrynna 
after receiving a letter from a homing pigeon.  Perhaps all is not well 

CONGRATULATIONS!  You beat the game.  But, there's still plenty to do 
in Oracle of Seasons, and you can also explore post-Onox Holodrum.  If 
you have Oracle of Ages, you still have lots of secrets to get, and you 
haven't truly beaten the game until you foil Twinrova's plot.  As the 
game says: "To be continued in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages."


4.18.1 Onox (Part 1)

Kind of Boss: Final Boss Stage 1
Difficulty Rating: **********
Found In: Onox's Castle
Attacks: Mace Crusher - This is the only attack that Onox uses with the mace
                        that he carries around.  He basically just raises it up
                        and tries to hit Link.  This is a powerful attack and
                        it hurts you plenty.  This attack actually does go
                        pretty fast, and using Pegasus seeds are recommended.
                        Dodging this is essential in your fight against Onox,
                        because otherwise you are done for.  Jump out of the
                        way or move so that he doesn't hit you with this
                        devastating attack.
         Ground Stomp - This is an attack that can be hurtful if you are kind
                        of standing back.  With this attack he stomps the
                        ground, causing debris to fall down from the ceiling.
                        This is another attack where it is essential to dodge
                        this attack.  Just keep moving back and forth to avoid
                        the debris that fall down and jumping can help you get
                        away faster.  This attack is the easier of the three to
                        avoid, and you probably won't need Pegasus seeds, but
                        it is a good idea.
         Tornado Storm - This attack is exactly as it says.  Onox will fire
                         several tornados aimed directly at Link.  These are
                         pretty hard to dodge without some sort of aid, and
                         jumping/moving doesn't really get you past the first 2
                         tornados.  Using Pegasus seeds to dodge this attack is
                         highly recommended because it will quickly get you out
                         of harm's way and maybe able to attack Onox.
Strategies: Ooh boy here she be!  This boss is definitely worthy of the final
boss.  To defeat this monster of a boss you can only spin attack him to hurt
him.  You can't regularly slash him, it must be a spin attack.  Once you spin
attack him 6 or 7 times, he will take out a shield.  He is using Din trapped in
a crystal as a shield.  Uh oh!  Wait, don't worry!  All you have to do is knock
the shield away with the rod of seasons, then you can spin attack him 6 or 7
more times until this form is dead.  This is a defensive battle, so be cautious
and don't take any unnecessary hits.  You will find ways to spin attack him for
sure, and use Pegasus seeds as much as you need to so that you can get out of
danger.  Eventually, and thankfully, this form of the final boss will fall
revealing the hardest form and the last fight of the entire game.

4.18.2 Dark Dragon (Part 2)

Kind of Boss: Final Boss Stage 2
Difficulty Rating: ***********
Found In: Onox's Castle
Attacks: Splat - This is one of the most important attacks by this boss.  This
                 attack is basically just the Dark Dragon raises his arm or
                 claw and trying to flatten you like a bug, SPLAT. Obviously
                 you don't want that to happen so you must either use Pegasus
                 seeds or something to get away, but don't stray too far
                 because when he tries to squish you, that is your queue for
                 attacking him.  Read more about that in the strategies.
         Swipe - This is the hardest attack, in my opinion, to dodge.  Because
                 Dark Dragon is so huge, his swipe really is effective.  What
                 happens is that he will start on one side of the screen and
                 try to swipe at you across the screen.  The best and only way
                 to dodge it is to QUICKLY run towards the other side of the
                 screen.  This way his swipe will stop just short of you and
                 you will be safe.  Beware of this attack, it is pretty deadly.
         Blue Breath - This is one of the two breath attacks that the Dark
                       Dragon has.  Being a dragon he is obviously going to do
                       that.  For this attack the Dragon will breath out blue
                       fire in a straight line in your direction.  He will home
                       in on you, so it isn't very hard to dodge.  The best way
                       to dodge it and stay with the Dark Dragon is to hold
                       your ground until just before he breathes out, then
                       sidestep it a little bit and watch it go past you.  The
                       other thing you could do is keep on moving so that when
                       he does breathe out you are still moving so it will not
                       hit you.
         Red Breath - This is the other breath attack by the big dragon, and
                      this time it isn't necessarily aimed right at Link.  What
                      happens is that he starts breathing fire into the middle
                      of the screen, then it radiates out to the sides and then
                      it comes back to the middle.  There is no set way to
                      dodge this except use them Pegasus Seeds.  Jump, run
                      away, stand in a corner, whatever it takes to get away \
                      from the red breath.
Strategies: Man, is this guy humongous or what?  Definitely the largest monster
in the game, as usual, and he is definitely the toughest.  Yes I did give him
11 stars out of 10, just to show that he is harder than Onox.  To defeat this
final monster, you must wait till he does his splat attack and make him miss.
Then jump on the back of his hand, jump up again and slash at the big red ruby
in the middle of his forehead.  You must do this many, many times, probably
around 20 times.  Other than that the strategy for this is to simply hold out
until he does the splat attack.  You must dodge attack, after attack, after
attack, and that is where the real test is.  Keep at it, this could be a very,
very long battle and you must keep your concentration if you want to beat this
guy.  After 15-20 slashes of his ruby, he will perish and you will be
victorious.  Congratulations!  You have beaten the final boss and the entire