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Follow the dark path or use the light
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX Pack Shot

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX



by VinnyVideo

 _____ _            _                              _          __
|_   _| |__   ___  | |    ___  __ _  ___ _ __   __| |   ___  / _|
  | | | '_ \ / _ \ | |   / _ \/ _` |/ _ \ '_ \ / _` |  / _ \| |_
  | | | | | |  __/ | |__|  __/ (_| |  __/ | | | (_| | | (_) |  _|
  |_| |_| |_|\___| |_____\___|\__, |\___|_| |_|\__,_|  \___/|_|
                  _____    _     _
                 |__  /___| | __| | __ _
                   / // _ \ |/ _` |/ _` |   o
                  / /|  __/ | (_| | (_| |   o

 ,         .    /          ,.             .                        __   _   _
 )   . ,-. | ,    ,-.     / |   . , , ,-. | , ,-. ,-. . ,-. ,-.   |  \   \_/
/    | | | |<     `-.    /~~|-. |/|/  ,-| |<  |-' | | | | | | |   |   |  / \
`--' ' ' ' ' `    `-'  ,'   `-' ' '   `-^ ' ` `-' ' ' ' ' ' `-|   |__/ _/   \_
Table of Contents
[INTRO] Introduction
[BASIC] The Basics
[WALKT] The Walkthrough
[COLOR] The Color Dungeon
[ENEMY] Bestiary
[HEART] Pieces of Heart
[SHELL] Secret Seashells
[PHOTO] Photo List
[CHEAT] Glitches and Tricks
[REFER] References to Other Games
[QUEST] Frequently Asked Questions
[VERSN] Version History
[COPYR] Copyright
[CONTC] Contact Information

Navigation tip: Use the Find feature (Ctrl-F) to find what you're looking for.
For example, search for [SHELL] to jump to the section with the list of Secret

Introduction                                                         [INTRO]
After an epic 11-month bout with procrastination and apathy, I finally
completed my Link's Awakening guide. In contrast, it took less than two weeks
to write this guide for the DX sequel!

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening is a truly excellent game. It was the
first Zelda game I ever played, and I still think it's one of the three or four
best games in a really great series, even though it doesn't have the astounding
graphics of Twilight Princess or the great storyline of Ocarina of Time. The
graphics, music, and sound are all good despite the Game Boy's limited
capabilities. The play control is the best I've seen in any game (Game Boy or
otherwise). The storyline contrasts greatly from other Zelda games; both the
plot and characters are surreal and slightly absurd in a "Lost" or "Myst" kind
of way. Link's Awakening does have its critics who don't like the constant
Mario references, but I think they're kind of neat. There's a good number of
dungeons (I won't say how many), and they're just right on the difficulty
scale. Most of the bosses, unfortunately, are too easy. This game introduces us
to the Trading Game, the Fishing Pond, and many other familiar elements of
newer Zelda games. One more nice thing about Link's Awakening is it has the
biggest variety of enemies in a Zelda game or any other game I know of (even
Super Mario Bros. 3) - and none of them are Wall Masters! Link's Awakening DX
is very similar to the original game, but it adds a new dungeon and a few other
new things.

Before we get to the interesting stuff, here's an environmental tip: This guide
is very long - 59 pages, to be precise. You can help save a tree, save ink, and
save time by not printing out this entire guide. I suggest that you just
highlight the sections that you need (for example, the strategy to a specific
dungeon) and print that selection. The Pieces of Heart and Secret Seashells
sections are two that are very helpful to use as a checklist.

One note for the sake of avoiding needless offense: Certain references to the
masculine gender are intended simply to promote clarity; there is no way of
clearly identifying the gender of most enemies and even a few friends.

And lastly: This guide is designed to be free of spoilers when possible. Still,
if you read ahead in the guide, you're probably going to reduce your enjoyment
of the game.

Anyway, let's get this boring introduction over with and get the walkthrough

The Basics                                                           [BASIC]
Link's Awakening has simple but very effective play control. It shouldn't take
much explanation to learn how to play, but I'll include the controls just for
those who bought the game secondhand (or used a ROM) and don't have a manual.

Control Pad: Move Link
A: Use the item equipped to the A button (usually your sword); talk to people
B: Use the item equipped to the B button; speed up conversations
Start: Go to Subscreen, where you can change equipped items and view the items
  you've collected
Select: View map screen/change view on Subscreen

Whirling Blade Attack: Hold down your sword button and release once your sword
starts flashing. This powerful attack covers a wide area.

To save your game, press A, B, START, and SELECT at the same time. It's a
little tricky to do. The next time you play, you'll start from the last door
you entered.

Note: You can use my guide without using the Link's Awakening dungeon maps I've
produced, or even the simple ASCII maps found at the end of each of my dungeon

Here's how to interpret the ASCII maps found in this guide:

| or -      Normal entry
|| or =     Locked
o           Bombable wall
^           One-way door

Room 1 is always the dungeon entrance. The other room numbers specify the
recommended order in which you should first enter the rooms. You can't use
these numbers as a substitute for the guide, though, since many dungeons
require backtracking, and some rooms have multiple levels or passages. Also,
I produced these ASCII maps back in 2002, and my guides sometimes use a better
order. These numbers are for reference only.

The Walkthrough                                                      [WALKT]
Here's the exciting part.

Getting Started
First, turn on your Game Boy and watch the opening sequence. Begin a save file
and give your character a name (many people, but not all, pick "Link").

The game begins in Mabe Village, at Marin and Tarin's House. Marin found you on
the beach and took you to their house. Talk to Tarin to get your shield
(officially known as the Wooden Shield) back. Then exit the house. Walk around
Mabe Village and talk to all the people. Every time you finish a dungeon, go
back and talk to everybody in Mabe Village. Most of the characters will have
new things to say. Some characters are helpful, while some are just goofy. Visit
the Phone Booth if you want to talk to Grandpa Ulrira, who provides vague hints
that might be just helpful enough to get un-stuck in the game. Check the books
in the library for hints on how to perform basic gameplay operations. When
you've talked to everybody and read the signposts, you might not know what to
do next.

The Wooden Sword
Your first objective is to go down to the shores and retrieve your trusty
sword. To get down there, go to the library and head as far south as you can,
jumping down a few hills and climbing down some steps. Avoid the rock-spitting
Octoroks in the area. When you can't go south any more, start heading east.
Hold down the shield button (B) to push the sea urchin out of the way. On the
shore is the sword. This item is the most useful in the game. You can swing
your sword to attack meanies or cut tall grass. I almost always have it as my
A-button item.

Mabe Village Sidequests
Now that you have your sword, you can advance quite a bit farther into the
game. Cut some tall grass just north of the library and jump off the cliff into
the well. You'll be in a room with a Piece of Heart. There are twelve of these
in Link's Awakening, and every time you collect four Pieces of Heart, you get a
new Heart Container. Pieces of Heart aren't easy to find, though. Make sure you
go to the Trendy Game once you have 10 Rupees. At the crane game, you can win
Magic Powder, which you'll need later, but there's a free way to earn it. You
can also win Rupees or a Shield (useless since you have one). But what you
really want is the Yoshi Doll - the object in the middle. It's very important
later on in the game. Talk to the storekeeper to begin playing. Hold B to move
the crane horizontally until it's directly above the Yoshi Doll. Then hold A
for a brief time to lower the crane so it's just a little above the doll. If
you do it right, the crane will pick it up and you'll be the winner of a Yoshi
Doll! There's a fishing pond two screens north of Madam MeowMeow's House where
you can go fishing. Each round costs 10 Rupees, but don't play until you have
at least 20-40 Rupees. If you catch one of the two big fish, you'll get 20
Rupees and a Piece of Heart. A turbo button makes it a bit easier to reel it
in. You'll probably have to catch a couple of the smaller fish before you can
get the big one to bite. In the grassy field in eastern Mabe Village, chop the
grass with your sword until you find a Secret Seashell. If you collect a lot of
these, something good is bound to happen! Before you leave Mabe Village, you
might want to check out the Tool Shop. You can buy 3 Recovery Hearts for 10
Rupees, a Deluxe Shovel for 200 Rupees, and a shield for 20 Rupees. Buying a
shield is only useful if it gets eaten by a Like Like.

The Mysterious Woods
The Mysterious Woods are, well, mysterious! This area is located to the north
of Mabe Village. Chop the bush at the northwest corner of Mabe Village to enter
the forest. The Owl will brief you on what to do next as soon as you enter.
You'll find that the woods are full of enemies called Moblins. Some wield
swords, while others attack using their bow and arrows. These troublemakers
can be defeated easily with a couple of whacks from your sword. You'll notice
that there's an endless loop in the western part of the woods. If you can't
figure it out by yourself, check the next paragraph.

Magic Powder
Enter the cave in the central part of the Mysterious Woods (also known as the
Mysterious Forest). Defeat the Keese (bats), bash the crystals with your sword,
push the rock to the side, and open the chest for 50 Rupees. Go through the
passage until you find that the road is blocked. You can't access the Piece of
Heart yet, but you can push two of the boulders to the left to open a path
through the other side of the cave. You'll be in another part of the Mysterious
Woods, where you'll find a Sleepy Mushroom, an item that's useless for now. Now
return to the entrance of the cave and follow the trail leading from the
northeast part of the Mysterious Woods. Go south and east to find the Witch's
Hut. Use the Sleepy Mushroom in front of the witch to get some Magic Powder.
This item has sundry applications, such as lighting lamps, burning enemies (a
cumbersome attack strategy), and even irritating noses. In real life, it's
generally wise to limit your contact with strange forest mushrooms and witches.

Tail Key
To get the Tail Key, find the raccoon in the western part of the forest and
sprinkle some Magic Powder on him. He'll have an allergic reaction and you'll
find out who he really is. Just say no to drugs. You can then proceed north,
where there's a treasure chest. Open it for the Tail Key! This allows you to
gain entry into the first dungeon.

Tail Cave
Now that you have the Tail Key, you can access the Tail Cave. The Tail Cave is
located southeast of Mabe Village; simply head east from the screen south of
the library, and then follow the zig-zagging trail. Insert your key in the
keyhole and you'll open the entrance to the dank, dreary dungeon.

When you first enter the Tail Cave, go left. Use your sword to swoosh the two
Hardhat Beetles into the pit, making a Small Key drop down. Take it, as it
allows you to open a locked door. From here, go left to a room with a treasure
chest and some Zols, who pop up when you come near. Get rid of them all and
open the chest. You will get the Compass! This will show you the locations of
the treasure chests in this dungeon, and it also plays a tone whenever you
enter a room that has a key in it.

Then go back to the first room and go up one screen. Defeat the Zols and knock
the Hardhat Beetle into the pit. Step on the switch and open the chest for your
second Small Key. Now go east one screen. You'll find a room with two Stalfoses
and two bats. Defeat them all to reveal a treasure chest. Inside is the Map.
The Map will show you all the rooms of the dungeon on the Subscreen, and will
distinguish rooms you've entered from those you haven't. It also shows you
where the Nightmare's Lair is. You're already well on your way to getting
through the Tail Cave.

Return to Room 4. Go west and defeat all the Keese to open the doors. Head
north and defeat the Mini-Moldorm to reveal a treasure chest containing 20
Rupees. From here, go east to Room 8, where you'll find a treasure chest.
Inside is the third and final Small Key. Watch out for the Mini-Moldorm and

Now that we've got our keys, we can insert the remaining pieces of the puzzle.
In Room 9, go through the locked door, but look out for the Razor Trap. Go east
and around the blocks. Push the western block to open the door. Then you'll be
in a room with some Spiked Beetles. Push them over with your shield and slash
them to beat them, revealing a stairway. Go down and you'll be in a side-
scrolling room with some Super Mario-style Goombas. These can be slashed
easily. Go left and climb up the ladder to reach Room 13. Go up the hall to a
chest, avoiding the Razor Traps. Inside is the dungeon prize - the Roc's
Feather. This enables you to jump over pits and enemies. This is the item I
have equipped to the B button most of the time. You'll need Roc's Feather to
get the Nightmare's Key.

Go back to Room 5 and go through the one-way door. This is Room 16. Go up
(return to the west room to reach this door) to find a room with a Lock Block.
Jump across the pit and use your key to unlock it. Go up the stairs and west
to find the Nightmare's Key!

Return to Room 16 and unlock the eastern door with your final Small Key. From
here, go north, where you'll find a vexing trio of enemies called Three of a
Kind. Slash them with your sword to stun them. If you stop all of them when
they're all displaying the same card suit, a chest appears. Open it to get the
Stone Beak, which allows you to read the tablets on the wall (these usually
show vague hints about where to find the Nightmare's Key). Go south to the
previous room. Jump across the gap and enter the east door.

You'll encounter a tough bad guy called Rolling Bones. Well, he's tough if you
don't know what to do. Jump over his spiked barrier, then start pounding him
with your sword. The north door opens, and a portal appears that warps you back
to the first room of the dungeon. Ignore it and go north. Avoid the Razor Traps
(use Roc's Feather to jump over them) and ignore the staircase. Open the
Nightmare Door to the north and face the Nightmare!

King of Worms MOLDORM
I couldn't resist trying to give the Link's Awakening bosses cool subtitles
like the Ocarina of Time bosses (such as Bio-Electric Anemone BARINADE or Evil
Spirit from Beyond PHANTOM GANON). Anyway, this Nightmare is pretty easy.
Before entering his room, power up your sword to begin a Whirling Blade Attack.
Then slash the Nightmare's tail. After each hit he frantically runs around at
high speed. Use Roc's Feather to help avoid his rampages. Hit him again after
he calms down and repeat. If he knocks you into the pit, you'll wind up in a
basement (climb the ladder back to the room before the Nightmare). Once you
defeat Moldorm, take the Heart Container that drops down and go forward to get
the Full Moon Cello, your first Instrument of the Sirens!

     [12]-[10]-[11]           [23]
           ||                   |
[15]      [ 9]-[18]=[17] [20] [22]
 |          |         |    |    |
[14] [ A]o[ 7]-[ 8]-[16]=[19]=[21]
  |         |         ^
[13]      [ 6]-[ 4]-[ 5]
     [ 3]-[ 2]-[ 1]

20 Rupees: 7
Compass: 3
Key: 2, 4, 8
Map: 5
Nightmare's Key: 18
Secret Seashell: A
Stone Beak: 20
Roc's Feather: 15

Stairs: 12-13, 22-23
Nightmare: 23

One More Goodie
In Room 7, you'll find a Mini-Moldorm. Defeat him to win a treasure chest with
20 Rupees if you haven't done so already. If you've found some bombs on your
journey, you can then bomb the cracked wall to find a Secret Seashell. Bombs
can be found by defeating the Ghinis in the Cemetery, among other places. You
can also buy some at the item shop once you've purchased the Shovel.

After the Dungeon
After you obtain the first instrument, a message appears. "...SWAMP... A path
opens... in the blooms..." it reads. The owl will talk to you and will tell you
to go to Goponga Swamp in the north. Go back to the village and a couple of
kids will tell you that some Moblins "dognapped" BowWow. You'll have to rescue
him, but not right now. First, you should talk to everybody in the town. If you
go to the Quadruplets' House, you can give the Yoshi Doll to their mother and
she'll give you a Ribbon. Take the Ribbon to BowWow's House. Give it to the
small dog in the doghouse and she'll give you some Dog Food. It's full of juicy
beef. Then, go down south to Toronbo Shores and visit Sale, the eccentric
alligator who lives at the House o' Bananas. He'll exchange the Dog Food for
Bananas. Yes, an alligator that craves pet food. This is a goofy video game.
You can't do any more trading for a while, though.

Heartfelt Advice
If you're lucky, you've found two heart pieces so far. One more can be found in
Koholint Prairie (east of the woods, just up the trail from the witch). Hop
over the hole using Roc's Feather and you can get it. Then, from the nearby
Witch's Hut, go east to the cemetery. You might want to attack the Ghinis
(ghosts), who occasionally drop bombs when defeated. On the southwest graveyard
screen, push the lower-right tombstone forward to discover a cave. Inside, push
the stone right, then make a tricky jump to the tiny ledge. From there, jump
over to the Piece of Heart! This should get you your fifth Heart Container. It
will come in handy very, very soon.

The Moblins
When you're ready to face the Moblins, go north from where you got the Heart
Piece around the holes, or take the long way by going north through the
cemetery and the Tabahl Wasteland. Beware the highly damaging crows in this
area. Look around for a small cave with an owl statue in front. Inside are the
Moblins. Equip your shield and sword, and get ready to battle. The first Moblin
is all alone. Let him run into your drawn sword. Defeat him to enter the next
room, which has four Moblins with bows and arrows. Use Whirling Blade Attacks
to get rid of them quickly so you won't have to face a barrage of arrows. The
final room contains the Great Moblin. After a great quote ("You came here to
get me, but it is I who will get you!!"), he'll start shooting arrows at you,
and then charge into the wall like a bull. He'll be dazed for a few seconds,
and this is your chance to hit him with your sword. Move up and down along the
wall to dodge the arrows. Repeat this process until you KO him. Then enter the
next room and free BowWow! This dog will tag along with you, and he can defeat
most enemies.

The Picture Shop
Exit the cave, listen to the owl, and go east to the Picture Shop. This feature
is new to Link's Awakening DX. At certain moments in the game, a photographer
will come to take your picture. Can you collect all 12 of them? To get the
first one, visit the Picture Shop and talk to the mouse. Normally you'll get
"Here Stands a Brave Man," but if you keep telling him no, you'll get "Game
Over" instead (you can't collect both, and it won't count as a game over). You
can go back here at any time to see your photo album.

Entering the Bottle Grotto
Now go west and south to the Mysterious Woods. At the northwest exit lives an
eccentric gentleman named Mr. Write. He is a reference to Dr. Wright of the
Super NES SimCity game, who is himself a caricature of Will Wright, the creator
of the SimCity series. That's why he's supposed to look a little bit familiar.
Talk to him if you want, and then go north to a cave. Inside is a 20-Rupee
chest that can be reached using Roc's Feather. Then go east to Goponga Swamp.
BowWow will destroy the "indigestible" Goponga Flowers, which can't be defeated
any other way at this time. Isn't BowWow helpful? Clear away some of the blooms
to the southeast to reveal a 50-Rupee chest. Then head northeast and let BowWow
gobble up the flowers blocking the cave. This is the entrance to the Bottle

Bottle Grotto
The Bottle Grotto is the second dungeon. BowWow is happy to eat the Goponga
Flowers that block off the entrance to the Bottle Grotto dungeon.
Unfortunately, you can't take him into the dungeon (you'll leave him at the
gate, like Yoshi in a Super Mario World Ghost House). This dungeon is loaded
with pots, some of which hide Rupees, hearts, bombs, and arrows underneath.

From the start, go north to the dark Room 2. Sprinkle Magic Powder on the two
lamps at the top of the steps to open the eastern door. You'll then meet two
Stalfoses. Defeat them both for a Small Key. Open the locked door in the same
room to find a Shy Guy. If you own the Bow & Arrows, you can beat the Shy Guy
with arrows. Otherwise, it's easy just to use a Whirling Blade Attack on the
enemy's unprotected backside. When you beat him, a chest appears. Open it for
the Compass. You'll find it to be helpful.

Go north and then east to Room 5, where you'll find a crystal ball. Slashing it
makes some blocks rise and others sink into the ground. Keep in mind that when
you hit the crystal, you change the position of every block in the dungeon. Hit
the crystal ball once and go south to Room 6. Get the Shrouded Stalfos out of
the way and hit the crystal ball once, allowing you to access the Small Key in
the chest.

Backtrack to Room 2 and open the locked door to the west. In Room 7, watch out
for the Razor Traps. Light the torches with Magic Powder if you want to be able
to be able to see better. Beat the bats to open the door. Light the torches,
jump across the gap, and push the Hardhat Beetle into the pit using your sword.
Open the chest for the Stone Beak. It lets you read messages like "First,
defeat the imprisoned Pols Voice. Last, Stalfos..." Return to Room 6 (the one
with the Shrouded Stalfos).

Go right to the next room. Jump across the platforms, collect the floating
Magic Powder refill, and step on the floor switch to reveal a chest. Inside is
a key. Go north and defeat the duo of Shy Guys to make a key fall down on the
other side of the room. You'll have to circle all the way around to get it (go
east from Room 5), although you could use bombs from that side of the room). Be
patient, and hit crystal switches needed to get past the blocks that are in
your way. After getting your key (you should have two in your inventory), use
it in Room 11 to open a door. Ignore the Spiked Beetles. Room 12 requires you
to push the two blocks together to reveal a staircase.

It leads to a 2-D tunnel with some lifts. Equip Roc's Feather and let the
platforms ferry you over the spikes. Climb the ladder to Room 13. Watch out for
the pit, the Keese, and the Spark. Leap to the floating heart if you need it.
Then enter the one-way door to the north and battle a mini-boss.

This is Hinox, a Cyclops kind of guy who tosses an endless stream of bombs at
you. When he stops throwing, he'll charge at you and try to throw you, WWE-
style. Avoid standing on the unsteady parts of the floor. Use a few Whirling
Blade Attacks on Hinox and you'll win quickly, revealing the warp portal to the
beginning of the level.

Room 15 has some stairs that take you to Room 22, although you can't reach them
yet. For your reference, they lead to a connecting tunnel full of Piranha
Plants. Go north to Room 16, which has a unique enemy called an Eye Vacuum.
While it's active, it sucks enemies - and you - toward it. Wait for it to stop,
and then open the chest for the Map. Finally! In Room 17, open the chest for 20
Rupees. Then unlock the door, where you'll find some ghosts. Sprinkle Magic
Powder on the lamps and they'll go away and leave behind a chest. Open it for
the Power Bracelet! This item is highly important, as it allows you to lift
pots, boulders, and other heavy objects. You can now access most of the
locations in the overworld.

Back in the previous room, lift the pots and take the upper right fork. Go
right and keep hitting the switch and going right until you reach the treasure
chest, which has a Small Key inside. Hit the switch once more and head right to
the next room. Jump over the Hardhat Beetle and keep going east. Turn south at
the crystal switch to Room 22.

Push one of the upper blocks down and another one to the side to allow access
to the Pols Voice. Beat it by throwing a pot at it. Then defeat the Keese, and
finally the Shrouded Stalfos. If done in the proper order, you'll reveal the
chest containing the Nightmare's Key.

Go north and unlock the Room 21 door to enter Room 23. Beat the Pols Voices
with pots. Then defeat the Zol to open up a staircase. It leads to another 2-D
section. On the second screen, pick up a pot and ascend the ladder. Stand on
the platform while carrying the pot and you'll be heavy enough to weigh down
the lift and reach the lower level. Climb the ladder up to the room before the
Nightmare. Then hop on across the pits, put on your Power Bracelet, and battle
the Nightmare.

Phantom Bottle Being GENIE
Looks more like some psychotic clown or a baby with a bib. Dodge his fireballs
by running left to right. When he starts pursuing you, slash him and throw his
bottle at the wall. Repeat two more times to break his pot. At this point,
Genie will turn invisible for a short time and then reappear. Use a Whirling
Blade Attack on him before he has a chance to throw fireballs at you. Three
more hits will bop him out. Then get your fifth (or sixth) Heart Container and
go into Room 26 and get your Conch Horn! By the way, if you find this boss to
be difficult, buy a Secret Medicine from Crazy Tracy's (I discuss this after
the dungeon).

Don't forget to get your 50 Rupees in the chest at the start of the dungeon.
This loot will come in handy for sure.

       |              |
     [16]           [22]
[14]-[15]           [26]-[25]
  ^                        |
[13]                     [24]

[ 8]                     [12]
  |                       ||
[ 7]-[ 2]-[ 3]-[ 5]-[10]-[11]
       |   ||    |    |
     [ 1] [ 4] [ 6]-[ 9]

20 Rupees: 17
50 Rupees: 1
Compass: 4
Key: 3, 6, 9, 10
Map: 16
Nightmare's Key: 22
Stone Beak: 8
Power Bracelet: 18

Crystal Balls: 5, 6, 9, 19, 21
Nightmare: 25
Stairs: 12-13, 23-24, 15-22

A Truckload of Sidequests
You'll see a message reading "...PRAIRIE... ...PRAIRIE... The Prairie is
waiting..." However, before we get to that, there's a lot to be done outside
the prairie. You might want to go east and north from Goponga Swamp to Mt.
Tamaranch, where the owl will appear. Go to the cave one screen east of Mt.
Tamaranch. Inside, push the rocks and smash the crystals to get to the
staircase in the second screen (use Roc's Feather to avoid standing on the soft
spots too long). The torches will shoot fireballs at you constantly; oddly,
this will not happen later on in the game. Go through the Keese-infested tunnel
and head through the cave exit, where you'll find a chest with 50 Rupees. From
Mt. Tamaranch, I recommend that you go east and explore the Tal Tal Heights
region. Make sure to find the Warp Hole. Climb the steps and fall into the hole
to activate it. It's not useful yet, but when you find some more Warp Holes,
you can use them to warp quickly around the island.

Definitely visit Crazy Tracy's House (west of Tabahl Wasteland, north of the
Witch's Hut), which you can reach now that you have the Power Bracelet. Talk to
her twice and she'll sell you Secret Medicine for a low cost of either 28 or 42
Rupees. This will refill all your life energy if you run out, effectively
doubling your number of Heart Containers. If you use it, though, you'll have to
buy it again from her.

Go to the area southwest of the Witch's Hut (where the zombies live) to find a
Secret Seashell. Slash the lone piece of grass and dig under it. North of Mr.
Write's house, there's a small cave. Lift up the skull to find a chest with 50
Rupees inside.

In the Mysterious Woods, go in the cave from either entrance and head to the
screen with the movable rocks. Pick up the skulls with the Power Bracelet to
get to the Piece of Heart.

In the Mysterious Woods, you'll find a rock in the middle of nowhere. Pick it
up to reveal a staircase leading to a strange cavern. Inside, sprinkle some
Magic Powder in the hole and a strange character, the Mad Batter, will appear.
He'll increase the amount of stuff you can carry. I'd choose bombs; keep saying
"No" until he says "I'll let you carry more bombs..."; then say "Yes." Now the
maximum number of bombs you can carry is 60 instead of 20! Note: Don't do this
if you haven't found any bombs yet.

There's a treasure chest near the Mabe Village entrance to the Mysterious
Woods. Open it for a Secret Seashell. Then go back to Mabe Village and talk to
everybody. You can return BowWow to his owner, among other things (you can't
advance in the game if you don't). Talk to Madam MeowMeow and you'll be
rewarded in an unconventional way! Then go outside and stand near BowWow, where
you'll get another photo. Stand near the window of Grandpa Ulrira's house to
add another new photo to your collection. If you want to, go inside the Dream
Shrine and climb into bed. Inside, you can find 100 Rupees and many meanies.
It's easier to do this later in the game. At Toronbo Shores, go all the way
east to find a treasure chest blocked by some boulders. Open it for 50 Rupees.

If you haven't gotten the Photo Album yet, make sure to do so (although you
can't go there until you've returned BowWow). In addition, the Color Dungeon is
now accessible. If you want to challenge it, check the section after the

The Shovel
By now, you should have enough money to buy yourself a Deluxe Shovel at the
shop in Mabe Village. Buy some more Bombs, too, unless you picked some up in
the graveyard (the ghosts occasionally give up bombs when defeated). The Deluxe
Shovel is fairly useful. If you ever get low on life, you can start digging
around to find money and hearts. Although slow, this will help build up your
energy and pocketbook. Also, try going to BowWow's house and digging for a
Secret Seashell in the doghouse. Go back to the shop when you have 980 Rupees
so you can buy the Bow & Arrow Set. It's also possible to steal things (usually
the Bow) from the store, and while I do not advise such immoral practices, even
in a video game, you need to do so if you want to get all of the photos in your
album. Keep in mind, however, that the shopkeeper will kill you if you ever
return to the store, and everyone will start calling you THIEF. Also, it may
take several tries to succeed in your shoplifting.

Lots of New Territory
East of Mabe Village is Ukuku Prairie. Use your Power Bracelet to lift the
rocks blocking the entrance. Fall into the Warp Hole one screen east to
activate it. It's not useful unless you've activated another Warp Hole. You
can use them to warp quickly. Just north is a cave with 50 Rupees inside. Keep
jumping to push the rock without falling into the crack in the floor.

Explore the prairie and you'll find some stuff. Keep following the trail to the
east, but you won't be able to get very far unless you've got some Bombs (buy
some at the item shop after you get the shovel, or take some the ghosts
occasionally drop in the cemetery). Use them to implode the massive boulder
blocking the path, as well as the two fragile caves. Watch out for the enemy-
inhabited holes. Turn south at the fork if you want to reach Richard's Villa.

If you have precisely five seashells, go to the Seashell Mansion to earn
another one. Another shell is under grass one screen east of the Seashell
Mansion. A few more Secret Seashells are now available in the Martha's Bay area
to the south, but it often makes sense to get those later.

A little south of the prairie, you'll find Martha's Bay. In the maze of rocks,
you can lift one to reveal a Secret Seashell. Then go into the cave. Look out
for the Spiny Beetles under the skulls, and poke at the western wall. When you
hear a "Ping!" sound, drop a bomb to open a secret passage. It eventually takes
you outside, where there's a Secret Seashell if you dig at the owl statue. In
south-central Martha's Bay, there's also a weird bush in the middle of nowhere.
Slash it to find a Secret Seashell.

Kanalet Castle
Richard lives in the southern part of Ukuku Prairie. Talk to him and he'll ask
you to find his five Golden Leaves at Kanalet Castle. Go north along the trail
to Kanalet Castle, and you'll find there's no way through the gate. Approach
the gate and you'll get another picture in your album. Then go east to Kiki the
monkey. Assuming you've been following the Trading Game, talk to him and give
him your bananas. He and his friends will construct a bridge leading into
Kanalet Castle. Pick up the stick they leave behind and cross the bridge. Go
north to the Phone Booth and turn west. Slash the grass to reveal a tunnel
under the wall. This leads to a rare 2-D scene outside of a true dungeon. Go
west through it and climb the ladder. Now that you're inside the castle walls,
you can start looking for leaves.

1. On the west part of the castle, throw a rock at the suspicious crow and
he'll fly at you. Slash him twice to defeat him and win your first Golden Leaf.

2. The other outdoor leaf is guarded a bomb-tossing enemy known as Mad Bomber.
Look on the eastern courtyard. Keep slashing him when he pops out of the
ground, avoiding the bombs he throws (sort of like Whack-A-Mole or Zelda 64's
Volvagia). After a few hits, you'll receive a Golden Leaf. Go inside the castle
for the remaining three.

3. In the second room inside the castle, you must defeat all the enemies. Watch
out for the irksome Bubble, which can optionally be defeated. The Kanalet
Soldier enemies aren't incredibly dangerous; they're identical to Moblins and
other enemies you've already faced. In the fourth room, don't forget to step on
the switch to open the gate outside.

4. On the first room in the second floor, bomb the left crack to reveal a
Kanalet knight. Crunch him for another Golden Leaf.

5. Follow the walkway until you're back outside on the upper level. Go through
the other door and you'll be in an odd room. Throw a pot at the door to open it
(someone on a GameFAQs "Top Ten" feature said this was one of the ten toughest
puzzles in video game history, although I figured it out in ten seconds without
using a guide). The final leaf is obtained by defeating a tough meanie who
wields a ball 'n' chain. Deliver a Whirling Blade move to him between attacks,
but get out of his way when he swings the chain. Arrows also work well. After
beating the Ball and Chain Soldier, you receive the last Golden Leaf.

Slime Key
After collecting all five of the Golden Leaves, go back to Richard and give
them to him. He'll move aside, allowing access to an underground tunnel. Watch
out for the Zols and take the left fork, where you can get a Secret Seashell.
Then go up the stairs and head outside. When you come out, you'll be in the
Pothole Field. Slash the grass to clear a path, but be careful not to fall into
the holes that appear when you destroy most of the bushes. The easiest route:
Head south to the wall, then head east. Turn north when you reach the wall, and
then make your way west once you reach the northeast corner of Pothole Field.
When you make it through the maze, you'll reach an owl marker. Slash the bush
and dig to excavate the Slime Key.

Key Cavern
Key Cavern, the third dungeon, is located near the lake on the prairie. Go
north and slightly west from Richard's to get to the keyhole. However, once you
open the lock, you'll have to circle around Richard's Villa and cross the
islands on the lake to reach the dungeon entrance. That's inconvenient.

In the opening room, throw a pot at the door to open it. Go north to Room 2,
where you must beat all the meanies for a Small Key. That's the first of nine -
yes, nine - keys. The Bob-Omb will, after being hit, bounce around the room and
eventually explode, so watch out. In Room 3, there's a fake chest with a meanie
inside. I'd open it anyway, though. Keep going north past some Stalfoses and
Zols until you reach the staircase. Go downstairs to the second floor.

No 2-D tunnel here. You'll be surrounded by Zols and locks in Room 6. Use a
Whirling Blade Attack to defeat them all. Spend your key to open up Room 7 at
the top. Bop the two different flavors of Stalfos for a key, and don't forget
to slash the crystal ball once. Go back up the steps to Room 5. You can now
access the chest, wherein is the Stone Beak. Go south back to Room 3, beat the
Zols, and go right. In Room 8, you can now defeat the Stalfos and open the
chest, which contains the Map. Woo-hoo! Go back downstairs to Room 6.

The western and southern doors are both locked, and both reward you with Small
Keys (and nothing else of value) for beating all of the enemies inside. For
this reason, you can skip these rooms unless you want to be able to say you've
entered every room in the game (I like to). For your reference, both rooms
contain a rare enemy called Pairodd that fires laser beams at you and
disappears if you come too close. Use a Whirling Blade Attack while jumping to
beat them. Also, make sure to circle around the entire room to lure out the
hidden Zols.

At the four-way fork room, use your key to enter the eastern door. Go up the
stairs to Room 12. Circle around the room and beat all the Zols to make a Small
Key drop down. Only four to go! Go north and then west to Room 14. Defeat the
Zol and Gels to open the doors. Go west to Room 15. Defeat the Zols and
Pairodds to reveal a Small Key, your second. Head through the one-way door to
Room 16. Topple the bad guys to make a chest appear. To access it, go through
the one-way door and around the staircase. Your reward is 50 Rupees.

Take the walkway back to Room 14 and push the block to return to the main part
of the floor. Take the left northern door up to find "THE BOSS!" These are
Dodongo Snakes. Drop three bombs into their mouths to KO them. This reveals the
warp portal to the start of the dungeon and opens the door to Room 19. Go
through to a really easy block puzzle. Two spaces right of the chest, push the
lower block left and the upper block down. Open the chest for the Pegasus
Boots! When you use these, they let you run with super speed, enabling you to
cross large gaps and smash certain obstacles.

Use the warp portal to return to the start of the dungeon. From here, head
east. When the Eye Vacuum stops, dash (hold the Pegasus Boots button and also
Right) over to the chest, which holds a Small Key. You don't normally need to
use the Control Pad when dashing, though. Go north to Room 2 and take the left
passage. Use the Pegasus Boots to smash through the crystals. In Room 4, defeat
the Zol on the left side of the room (you couldn't access it without the
Pegasus Boots). Then circle around to the right side of the room and dispose of
the Stalfoses. You'll produce a treasure chest, which contains 200 Rupees.

Step into the warp portal at the start of the dungeon to return to the "upper"
part of Key Cavern. Go back to Room 13 (one north of the room with the
staircase). Go north, east, and north to Room 22. Bop all the bombs and Zols to
open the western door. Enter for a Compass in plain sight! You could've gotten
this a little earlier on, but my plan is the fastest possible. From here, bomb
the western wall and beat the Bob-Ombs for a Small Key.

To reach the southeast room (Room 25), bomb the south wall in Room 21 (look
where the arrow's pointing) or the east wall of Room 13. Go through and crunch
the Shrouded Stalfoses. Then began dashing with the Pegasus Boots, and use
Roc's Feather just as you reach the gap. If done properly, you'll clear the
gap. This technique is used fairly often later in the game. After making the
leap, climb the steps and cross the gaps (use a normal Roc's Feather jump).
Open the chest for the Nightmare's Key. If you have four Small Keys and the
Nightmare's Key, you have everything you need to reach the boss.

Open the locked block in Room 14 to reach a passage full of locks. Keep
unlocking them until you reach the staircase, which takes you to the only side-
scrolling section in the dungeon. Use your Pegasus Boots to slam into the
Thwomp to knock it down, and then in the next screen, make a long Pegasus Jump
to the ladder. When you exit, you'll be in Room 26. Use your boots with the
sword equipped to defeat the Pairodds and crunch the crystals. When the enemies
are all gone, the door opens. In Room 27, you can earn a Small Key if you
defeat all the Keese, but it's basically useless. Then head into the
Nightmare's Lair!

Evil Optic Receptor SLIME EYES
Open the Nightmare's Lair and you'll be faced with a few Zols. Ignore them and
dash into the wall to knock down a giant eyeball. Keep slashing the eye until
the two eyes are about to separate. Then use your Pegasus Boots to charge into
it, splitting it into two smaller eyeballs. Once they divide, go for the
individual eyes. After hitting them with your sword, they'll jump high into the
air and try to squash you. Use the Roc's Feather to jump when they land so you
won't get stunned (Roy Koopa-style). Then quickly Whirling Blade them until
they can't take it any longer. When that happens, you win another Heart
Container and the Sea Lily's Bell, the third Instrument!

 ^|              |
[16] [18]=[20]-[21]
 ^|   ||   ||    o
[15]-[14]-[13]o[25]           [ 7]
            |                  ||     [ 5] [12]           [ 9]=[ 6]=[11]
       |                       ||
     [ 4]                     [10]
     [ 3]-[ 8]                [29]
       |                        |
     [ 2]                     [28]
       |                        |
     [ 1]-[19]                [27]-[26]

50 Rupees: 16
200 Rupees: 4
Compass: 23
Empty (Zol): 3
Key: 2, 7, 9, 10, 12, 15, 19, 24, 27
Map: 8
Nightmare's Key: 21
Stone Beak: 5
Pegasus Boots: 20

Crystal Balls: 7
Stairs: 5-6, 11-12, 13-26
Nightmare: 28

Post-Dungeon Sidequests
You've found the first three instruments, but things aren't getting easier. The
Owl will give you a message and instruct you on where to go next. I'll cover
the main sidequests that are now available.

Just north of the dungeon is a buried Secret Seashell (dig where the four
pieces of grass come together). You can get here by crossing the pond near
Richard's Villa. Here's another shell in the same neighborhood: Southwest of
the Warp Hole, head to the Phone Booth and use your Pegasus Boots to charge
into the tree and knock down an often-missed Secret Seashell.

Go to the small cave in Ukuku Prairie (just south of the cemetery) and bomb it
if you haven't done so already. You'll reveal an entrance. Crush the crystals,
go north, and then head south down the middle passage. Break the single crystal
and push the rock left to access a chest with 50 Rupees. Go north and poke at
the walls. When you hear a pinging sound (near the bottom of the north screen),
drop a bomb and you'll reveal a secret room! Inside is a Piece of Heart. From
outside the cave, go east one screen and you'll meet Tarin. Give him your stick
and he'll poke at the honeycomb. After a funny cutscene, you'll win a

From the Kanalet Castle gate, go three screens south and one east. Slash the
bush to reveal a staircase. It leads to an underground cave with some crystals.
Smash them and you'll be outside at a fork along a river. North takes you to
the highly hazardous Face Shrine (keep out for now); south leads to Martha's
Bay and Animal Village. Go two screens south and one east to Animal Village -
yes, a village inhabited by talking animals - and talk to everyone. Marin is a
very popular figure here. You'll need her help to wake up the snoozing walrus
to the south. Make sure to activate the Warp Hole just south of the village at
the pond.

From the entrance to Animal Village, go west, south twice, west, and north
across the bridge. Dig to the left of the owl statue to uncover a Secret

The Ocarina
Warp to Mabe Village and talk to everybody (as usual). While you're in the
area, go one screen west of the Tail Cave and use the Pegasus Boots to ram into
the tree and knock down a Secret Seashell. Return to Mabe Village. Pick up the
rocks in front and enter the Dream Shrine. Climb into bed to enter a bizarre
dream world. Use the Pegasus Boots to crash through the Arm-Mimics with ease.
Climb the steps and open the first chest for 100 Rupees (unless you collected
it earlier). Then dash through the crystal to find another chest. Inside is the
Ocarina! You'll find it to be very helpful later on. When I first got this item
(way back in 1999), I was really surprised - I though ocarinas were only in the
title of Zelda 64 (I hadn't played the other Zelda games at that time)!

Head to the Weathercock in the center of Mabe Village, where you'll find Marin.
Talk to her and she'll teach you how to play the Ballad of the Wind Fish on
your Ocarina. Say it sticks in your mind when asked. By the way, you won't
forget it even if you don't play it very often. Also, it should be noted that
you can play the song to defeat Pols Voices.

Go back to Animal Village and trade your Honeycomb to Chef Bear in the
southeastern house for the Pineapple. Talk to him and return to Mabe Village.
Marin is gone! Talk to the lad who appears in her place. Go to the southeast
corner of Toronbo Shores and you'll find Marin. Talk to her for a while (yes,
this is a very strange sequence) and she'll come with you. Try playing the
Ocarina, digging, playing the Trendy Game, slashing chickens, talking to
villagers (and Tarin), checking drawers in houses, throwing pots, and going
inside dungeons. Going inside the Dream Shrine disappoints, however.

When Marin is with you, you can also earn three new photos:
1. Fall down the well in Mabe Village
2. Visiting the Weathercock in Mabe Village
3. Stand on the cliff at the southwest corner of Toronbo Shores

Warp back to Animal Village, and use her to awaken the snoozy walrus to the
south. He'll hop into the water and get out of your way.

The Angler's Key
You can then enter the Yarna Desert. Look out for the Pokeys and Leevers that
inhabit this barren, parched land. Pick up the rock to the east and you'll find
a Secret Seashell. You can access the path to it from the northeast corner of
the desert. Then head to the northwest screen, where you'll find a boss called
Lanmola. Deliver a Whirling Blade Attack when he pops out of the sand, and stay
away from the middle of the quicksand so you won't be sucked in. Arrows make it
even easier. After a few hits, you'll win the Angler's Key. It'll fall into a
hole, though. Let the quicksand in the center swallow you and you'll be able to
pick up the key at the bottom of an underground Pincer-laden cave. Before
leaving, bomb the northern wall to find another Piece of Heart! Back outside,
the Owl will talk with you again and tell you where to go (how bossy!). In
Animal Village, Marin will teach you her song, the Ballad of the Wind Fish, if
you haven't learned it already. Otherwise, head to the Tal Tal Heights area,
preferably using the Warp Hole.

Tal Tal Mountain
If you haven't activated the Warp Hole in Tal Tal Heights yet, please do so.
This way, you can reach Mabe Village and Animal Village from here with ease.
You can get to the Warp Hole by going east from Goponga Swamp. One screen west
of the Warp Hole is a keyhole. Insert the Angler's Key to reveal the dungeon
entrance and drain some of the deep water near the top of the mountain. Getting
to the dungeon, however, is a rather complicated process. To get to the Tal Tal
Mountain Range area, go through the small cave next to Mt. Tamaranch. You'll
need to use the Roc's Feather to keep yourself from falling through the soft
spots in the cave when pushing the boulders. Use the Pegasus Boots to break the
crystals later in the cave. Open the chest if you didn't earlier in the game.
Outside, wade through a damp outdoor path. Enter the nearest cave and head
through the tunnel (the chest only contains an enemy) to reach a high bluff.
Here you'll meet up with Papahl, a character who's "bonked" (should've brought
a Power Bar). Give him a pineapple and he'll reward you with a hibiscus. Notice
how "victuals" is misspelled as "vittles" (as is the un-capitalized "nellie,"
which appears later in the game, and the consistently misspelled "Cemetary").
From here, go one screen north and jump back down to the damp trail. Head east
until you reach a spot you can jump down from (before you used the Angler's
Key, this area was full of impassible deep water). Now go inside the dungeon!

Angler's Tunnel
The Angler's Tunnel dungeon is very, very wet! I suppose it's designed to look
like a fish. 

Go north to Room 2 and take the walkway as far east as possible. Open the
treasure chest for your Stone Beak. Then go north along the high path until you
reach a chest. Open it for the Map! Pegasus jump across the huge pit to Room
10. Here we have a wonderful combination of Bubble and Peahat. Bomb the cracked
rock and push the other block to access a chest. It holds a Small Key. Go north
twice to Room 12 and bomb the cracked block. Open the chest for another Small
Key, your second. At this point, go back to Room 2, unless you want to go north
at the gap you had to use your Pegasus Boots to cross (it's possible to go
north or south from the east or west fork, but it's very tough).

In Room 2, flip over the Spiked Beetles with your shield and slash them to open
a door to the east. Go through to Room 3, which has the Compass. Defeat all the
enemies to open the south door. Go down to Room 4. Inside a chest is another
Small Key, which should be your third. Defeat the Water Tektites to open the
door leading back to the previous room.

In there, unlock the door to the east. Go inside Room 5 and open the other
locked door. Go north as far as possible, again using the Pegasus Jump at the
gap (it's much easier going straight across). You'll pass through rooms 5, 13,
8 and 9 before you reach the lock block. Open it, push the block forward, and
beat the enemies. Head west to Room 14. Beat the twin Zols to drop a key
downstairs. However, you can't get it for a while.

If you took the tricky shortcut mentioned earlier, you can open the locked door
to the north and save a lot of time. Otherwise, go south twice, west twice, and
north. Open the chest for a Zol (yuck). Then go north and east to the chest,
which has a Small Key. Yay! Return to Room 14.

Open the locked door to find a boss, Cue Ball (also called Big Octo). Use the
Pegasus Boots to slam into his back. Alternatively, wait for him to come near,
and then jump over him with Roc's Feather. Then you can get in a Whirling Blade
Attack. Remember that he usually changes direction after a hit or if you go too
long without hitting him. After beating him, you reveal a warp to the beginning
of the dungeon. In Room 21, use the Power Bracelet to pull a switch and open a
door. Quickly enter before it closes. If you're fast, you won't need to use the
lever. In Room 22, bop the pair of Zols and open the treasure chest. It's the
Flippers! These make it possible for you to swim in deep water. Press B to dive
and A to swim more quickly.

South of the Flippers room, you'll find a room with five shiny floor tiles.
Step on them in the right order (use trial and error; correct ones will shine
when you stand on them) to reopen the door. You don't need to enter it, but you
do need to remember the order in which you stepped on the tiles.

In Room 9, go down the stairs to find a key underwater in the side-scrolling
section. This is the key I said you'd be able to retrieve a little later. Now
you know why! You couldn't swim here without the Flippers. Now head to Room 24
(west of the nearby room with the Spiked Beetles), where you can now reach the
chest. It holds 50 Rupees. Return to Room 18 and get rid of the Water Tektites.
Then step on the tiles in a special order.

Do it properly to reveal a staircase. Go down to a side-scrolling section with
Thwomps. Stand near them to activate them, then run under them as they reset.
You'll have to jump on the second one as it rises in order to reach the ladder.
When you exit, go south and you'll get yourself the Nightmare's Key!

Then go north and east to Room 15, and step on the switch to open a door.
Unlock the Lock Block and go down the stairs. There are a few Cheep-Cheeps to
deal with, but these are easy to beat with your aquatic fencing skills. When
you exit the tunnel, go west and unlock the big door. When you unlock the
Nightmare's Lair, you'll notice that he isn't home! Actually, he is. Go down
the stairs to face him underwater.

Gargantuan Masked Fish ANGLER FISH
So I ripped the boss's subtitle straight out of Majora's Mask. What's wrong
with that? Float above Angler Fish and use your sword to attack him rapidly.
This fishy Nightmare will occasionally charge at you, causing rocks to come
crashing down. His charge attacks are damaging, but if you have at least seven
Heart Containers, it's easiest just to keep whacking the sword button until the
fight ends; don't bother trying to dodge the attacks. After beating him, you
win another Heart Container and another musical instrument, the Surf Harp.

By the way, there's one chest I didn't cover (it really didn't fit into a
natural order). Take the warp portal to the mini-boss room and make your way to
Room 13, where the Flippers enable access to a 50-Rupee chest.

            |    |
[28]      [23] [20]      [12]
  |         |   ||         |
[27] [18]-[19]-[14]-[ 9] [11]
  |    |         |   ||    |
[26]-[17] [24]-[ 7]-[ 8]-[10]
       |   ||    |    |
     [16]-[15]-[ 6] [13]
       |    |    |   ||
     [25]-[ 2]-[ 3]=[ 5]
            |    |
          [ 1] [ 4]

50 Rupees: 13, 24
Compass: 3
Empty (Zol): 17
Key: 4, 10, 12, 19
Map: 9
Nightmare's Key: 25
Stone Beak: 5
Flippers: 22

Stairs: 16-18
Nightmare: 27

Manbo's Mambo and Fun with the Flippers
Those Flippers are great. They facilitate access to a lot of important things.
Your first priority is one screen west of the previous dungeon, where there's a
small cave along the river. Inside lives a fish named Manbo. He'll teach you a
new song for your Ocarina, Manbo's Mambo. This tune is very useful because it
warps you to Manbo's Pond (near the cemetery) whenever you play it. If used in
a dungeon, it'll take you back to its entrance. You can switch songs on the
Subscreen. Also in the river (three screens east of Angler's Tunnel) is a small
wet cave. Dive down inside to find a Heart Piece! Another Heart Piece can be
found in the moat of Kanalet Castle, near the southwest corner.

The Ghost
Chances are, you're going to get haunted by a ghost soon. He's a little
annoying, and he prevents you from entering dungeons. To get him off your back,
take him to his house, the House by the Bay, which is located a little east of
Toronbo Shores. I've always though this scene was kind of pitiful... Then take
him to the cemetery. His grave is the lone tombstone just west of the Witch's
Hut. After you get him out of your way, you'll get a message from a certain
nocturnal bird of prey. He'll tell you to go to Martha's Bay. First, try
sprinkling a little Magic Powder on the ghost's grave. You'll get a silly
message and fill in another spot in your photo album. Lastly, don't forget to
take the Secret Seashell under the pot at the House by the Bay. One time I was
able to get this seashell before meeting the ghost, but I wasn't able to repeat

More Stuff to Do
In Ukuku Prairie, in the pond next to the third dungeon, there's a lone piece
of grass. Slash it to reveal a Secret Seashell. If it lands in the water, just
leave the screen and come back.

In Animal Village, give your Hibiscus to Christine the goat, who lives in the
third house from the left. She'll trade it for a Letter. Great!? Take it to Mr.
Write, who lives just north of the Mysterious Woods, and he'll give you a
Broom. Mr. Write is sure going to be in for a surprise about that pen pal/lover
if he finds out who she really is. In real life, many people have gotten
tangled up in dangerous relationships with individuals far worse than animals
when they have arranged in-person meetings with "lovers" they met in Internet
chat rooms - with sometimes tragic consequences. That's my morality/safety tip
for my readers (especially young female ones). Usually I save this kind of
thing for the end of my guides. Also, I should note that the real-life Mr.
Wright says he likes buying "funny things off the Internet, like uranium" and
relics from the Soviet space program. I really got off topic.

You might want to talk to everybody in Mabe Village, and if you've been playing
normally, you now have enough money to buy the Bow & Arrows Set from the store.
It costs a whopping 980 Rupees. You almost have to have it by Level Six.
However, there's a way you can prevent this expenditure from making a huge dent
in your wallet. Immediately after buying it, as your Rupee total is going down,
save your game. If you're lucky and fast, your Rupee total will not have
plummeted to 0.

Afterwards, warp to Animal Village, and go west and south to Martha's Bay. 
There's a small island in the middle of nowhere, in the southwest corner of
Martha's Bay. Smash the grass to find a Secret Seashell. Go one screen east to
find a huge patch of grass, some holes, and a cave. Use a Whirling Blade Attack
while jumping to slash the grass nearest the gap. Then cross over the pit with
Roc's Feather and the Pegasus Boots. Go down the stairs to an underground area.
Swim up the tunnel, avoiding the enemies, and you'll be back outside. Go west
and enter the other cave to reach a special chamber. Sprinkle Magic Powder in
the central hole to summon that goofy bat, the Mad Batter. He'll upgrade your
Magic Powder, bombs, or arrows. I'd choose arrows, unless you didn't boost your
bomb capacity the last time you saw him.

The L-2 Sword
Have you been paying attention? If so, you should now have 20 Secret Seashells.
Go to the Seashell Mansion in Ukuku Prairie for a big surprise! It's the Level-
2 Sword! This sword is twice as powerful as your old one, and it can fire a
beam when you're at full health. Having it makes the last four dungeons much
easier. Once you have it, treasure chests that would have held Secret Seashells
now contain 20 Rupees, and other shells are no longer accessible. If you
haven't collected 20 Secret Seashells yet, check my appendix to see which ones
you've missed.

Catfish's Maw
To get to the fifth dungeon, swim to the center of Martha's Bay. At the west
end of the dungeon, near the rocks, press B to dive, where you'll be taken to a
2-D section. You can then go inside. This dungeon is a little wet in places,
and it's crawling with Stalfoses, including a large-scale skull guy. "Maw"
means stomach, for those who lack dictionaries. I'm not sure what the dungeon
map is supposed to resemble - maybe a wiggling fish, or perhaps an intestine or

From the start, go west directly to Room 3. Beat the enemies to open the
western door. The Iron Masks are frustrating. To defeat them, you must slash
their unprotected backsides. When they're gone, go west to Room 4. Inside is
the Compass! That's a nice way to start, isn't it? Then take the stairs to a
2-D tunnel with some Super Mario Bros.-style balance lifts. When you stand on
one, it falls while another corresponding platform rises.

When you exit the side-scrolling area, you'll be in Room 5. Defeat the
Stalfoses and shatter the crystal-like objects. Push the blocks together for a
Small Key! Go back to Room 3 and open the locked door with it. Go west and beat
the Iron Masks to open the door. Watch out for the Razor Traps. Go west to Room
8. Inside, dispose of the twin Iron Masks using the pots and you'll make a
chest appear. Open it for the Stone Beak.

Head east twice to return to Room 6. From there, go north twice to Room 10.
What's this bully here? It's Master Stalfos! This massive Stalfos meanie
requires you to stun him by slashing his side. Then drop a bomb when he's down.
Repeat twice to send him to his next room.

Go east to Room 11, which has a chest with a note inside. In Room 12, push the
block up, go west, and return to reset the room, push the block east, go north
to reset the puzzle, go back, and push the block. Then step on the switch to
open the Skull Master's door. This is the second battle (you can tell the order
by looking at the number of blocks in the corners of the room). He'll take two
bombs before moving on.

From the block room, go north, north, and west to Room 16. To unlock the door,
you'll have to beat all three of the Zols in the room. Break the pots and push
the blocks to reach the Zol on other side of the room. After beating them, head
north to Room 17, where you'll do battle with Master Stalfos for a third time.
Use the same tactics as before. Two hits do the trick.

Go west to find the Map and a trio of Stalfoses. The final battle is on the
other side of the dungeon. Play Manbo's Mambo to warp to the beginning of the
level. Head back to Room 5 (use the staircase in Room 4). Go left to face
Master Stalfos one more time. He'll take three bombs. After beating this
persistent skull meanie, you win the Hook Shot, which lets you pull yourself
toward blocks and chests and stuff like that. It also removes the helmets of
Iron Masks. Tip: For most of the remainder of this dungeon, assign the Hookshot
to one Button (for me, A) and Roc's Feather to B. Also, I spell it as one word,
as it is known in other Zelda games.

Warp back to the start of the dungeon. Use the Hookshot in Room 2 to reach a
chest with 200 Rupees. From here, go west, north, and west to Room 7. Beat the
Iron Masks with your Hookshot to open the doors. Go north to Room 20 and then
west to Room 21. Hookshot to a block to glide across the traps and to safety.
In the next room, Hookshot to the chest, which holds a Small Key. Then Hookshot
back to Room 20. Hookshot the hook across the gap to form a ladder. Pick up the
pot if you need a fairy, and then go north to Room 23 and unlock the door.

Here you'll face a pair of Gohmas. When their eyes open, quickly slap them with
the Hookshot before they shoot you. Each one requires six hits. It's best to
deal with the lower spider first. If a Gohma begins shaking, move away before
it charges at you. For the impatient, you can play the Ballad of the Wind Fish
to make them open their eyes. After beating them, the warp portal appears and
the upper door opens. There's no need to enter it yet, though. 

In Rooms 14 and 15, you can use your Hookshot to get 50 Rupees each from the
chests (keep using your Hookshot to grapple to the blocks and chests). Then in
Room 25, you can get a Small Key with your Hookshot. It's working overtime,
isn't it? Return to Room 12 and go west to Room 29 and then north to Room 30.
Dive down in the center of the water to discover a watery 2-D passage full of
Bloopers. This tunnel takes you to the Nightmare's Key, where you need to use
your Hookshot to form a bridge.

You can take the stairs in Room 23 (near the warp portal) or 11, and both will
eventually lead to the Nightmare, but not without a lot of help from your
trusty Hookshot!

If you took the Room 23 route, go east to reach a staircase. It takes you to a
side-scrolling area where you must Hookshot to the Bowser statues (I'm not
making this up). Skip the next paragraph.

If you went through the tunnel in Room 11, hop across the SMB-style bridge,
which has several weak jumping Cheep-Cheeps. Back in the dungeon, keep
traveling east to the owl, where you'll need to beat the Stars. This section
was not covered earlier in my guide, by the way. Keep going east, push the
block, and move to the next paragraph.

Unlock the Lock Block. Then Hookshot across the gap to the block, and unlock
the door to the Nightmare's Lair.

Giant Masked Insect SLIME EEL
OK, I came up with another recycled subtitle. Equip the Sword and Hookshot.
Your goal is to shoot your Hook Shot into the Nightmare's mouth. When you pull
him out of his hole, slash his heart until you KO the tough meanie. He could
pop up in any of four holes, so be patient. It's easiest if you Hookshot Slime
Eel's mouth from near the middle of the room. Either stay in the edge of the
room or use Roc's Feather to avoid the boss's spiked tail, whose speed (but not
motion) is unpredictable. Also keep in mind that one of the eels is fake; when
you Hookshot it, it will leave its hole and blow up in a few seconds. After
beating the fifth Nightmare, you win the Wind Marimba and another Heart

[19]-[ 5] [34] [18]-[17]            |         |
          [33] [31] [16]-[15]
            |         |    |
[26]-[27]-[28]=[32] [30] [14]-[25]
                      |    |
          [24]=[23] [10]-[11]
                 |    |
     [22]-[21]-[20] [ 9]
                 |    |
          [ 8]-[ 7]-[ 6]
               [ 4]-[ 3]-[ 2]-[ 1]

50 Rupees: 14, 15
200 Rupees: 2
Compass: 4
Empty (Note): 11
Key: 22, 25, 34
Map: 18
Nightmare's Key: 31
Stone Beak: 8
Hook Shot: 19

Stairs: 4-5, 11-26, 30-31, 23-32
Nightmare: 33

The Magnifying Lens and Other Goodies
After completing the fifth dungeon, you'll receive a message. "...SHRINE... An
island secret in the shrine..." Your next destination is the Face Shrine. But
first, go to the cave in Animal Village. You can reach it by going north from
where the walrus once slumbered. Bomb the entrance and go inside. Push the
rocks into the holes and jump across to where the Hardhat Beetle is. Knock it
into the hole using your Hookshot and jump over to where it was. Bomb the north
wall and go through the corridor. Drop a bomb and pick it up and throw it at
the cracked block across from you, or use a Bomb Arrow. Then circle around,
Hookshot to the block, and collect the Piece of Heart. Are you paying your
little item overtime?

You'll also find Grandpa Ulrira's wife in Animal Village. She loves to sweep,
but her broom's broken. So give her your Broom and she'll present you with a
Fishing Hook. Go to the southeastern part of Martha's Bay and dive off the
right side of the bridge, where you'll meet a fisherman. Give him the hook,
which he'll use to fish up a Necklace. Leave this screen and return. Then talk
to the fisherman again to get a new photo. Give the Necklace to Martha, the
mermaid in the north-central screen of Martha's Bay. She'll then allow you to
take a scale from her tail. Now visit the mermaid statue, which can be accessed
by using your Hookshot just south of the bridge. After inserting the scale
(press A), you'll be able to push the statue, revealing a staircase! Go forward
to the pedestal with the Magnifying Lens! It'll come in handy someday (OK, four
times). One of those times is in the previous room, where you'll be able to see
the formerly invisible enemies (these are the only invisible enemies in the
Now that you have the Magnifying Lens, visit the northeastern house in Animal
Village and head to the little pool inside. You'll get your picture taken with
a hidden Zora. Also, if you so desire, you can sell an item (probably the
Shovel) at a special shop in a cave at Toronbo Shores. In return, you'll get
the Boomerang, which allows you to defeat Sparks and Bubbles with ease, among
other things. These enemies are everywhere in the next couple of dungeons, so
consider acquiring this optional item now.
In the Mysterious Woods, look for 50 Rupees in the cave blocked by boulders.
Pick them up and go inside. Use your Hookshot to reach the chest.

The Frog's Song of Soul
If you have at least 300 Rupees, make sure to do this necessary side quest
(although you can wait until after getting the sixth instrument). Exit Mabe
Village to Ukuku Prairie. Head south until you come to several holes and a
well-armed Moblin. Defeat it and use the Roc's Feather/Pegasus Boots
combination to jump the gap, although it's possible (but tough) to cross it
with just the Roc's Feather. You are now in the Signpost Maze. Read the sign
and go straight south to the next sign. Watch out for the Zols and Spiny
Beetles in the area, and use the Hookshot when necessary. If you mess up,
you'll have to start over. Follow the signs until you open a secret passage. It
leads to Mamu - the Japanese name for Wart, Mario's nemesis in Super Mario
Bros. 2. Yes, this is a very odd character to appear here. Pay him 300 Rupees
to learn the Frog's Song of Soul. I wish they had included this groovy music in
Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, and Twilight Princess! This song is used only
twice, but it's very important.

Adventures in the Mountains
I recommend that you go to the Tal Tal Mountains if you need more Rupees or
Secret Seashells. Go through the cave next to Mt. Tamaranch. In the third
chamber of the cavern, use the Hookshot to zip across the gap to the chest,
which has 50 Rupees. Go outside and east past the deep water to the easternmost
cave. Go inside and bomb the dry spot in the water to reveal an entrance. Go up
the stairs to find some Rupees and rocks. You'll have only one chance to open
the chests, so be careful here. Each rock can be pushed only once. If you're
good, you should collect 80 Rupees; the westernmost chest can't be opened. Then
go south, leave the cave, and grab a Secret Seashell from the chest.

Go back to the high stream above Angler's Tunnel that I mentioned earlier.
Climb up the stairs, go west, and you'll reach the Hen House. Go inside to meet
Ingo (I think that's him) and hear some of the best music in the game! Go east
along the bridge to reach a photo spot. From the Hen House, cross the bridge to
the right and lift the rock for a Secret Seashell (assuming you still have the
L-1 sword). West of the Hen House, Hookshot across the gap and slash the bush
to reveal a cave. As soon as you enter it, you'll find a Spiny Beetle hiding
under a skull. Bomb the indentation below the skull to find a tunnel. It leads
to a Heart Piece. Keep heading west and use your Hookshot to cross the chasm.
Eventually you'll reach a hazardous section where boulders are falling from the
mountain. Climb the mountain to reach a 50-Rupee chest. Right next to it is a
rock that hides a staircase. Go inside to reach another one of those strange
rooms. Sprinkle a little Magic Powder in the hole and the Mad Batter will be
back. He's my personal all-time favorite Zelda character (even beating out
Saria, who starred in my terrible political fan game Darunia-Saria 2008, and
Richard, who's just so goofy). He'll power up the item of your choice. If
you've followed by guide, the only thing left to upgrade will be Magic Powder. 

Rapids Ride
It's possible to play through the entire game without going to the Rapids Ride.
In fact, you won't miss anything great if you don't go here. However, this is
one of the most fun mini-games in any Zelda game, and it's got great music!
Also, you must play it a couple of times if you want to be able to say you've
seen every screen on the map. To get here, go east in the Tal Tal Heights area
until you come to a river. Hookshot across to the other side and go around to
the Raft Shop. Pay 100 Rupees to borrow the raft. Get aboard and start going.
Use the Roc's Feather to jump and get the floating items. The Control Pad
steers, although it's often hard to move against the current. The best Rupees
are the ones that are the toughest to reach. Usually you won't be able to
recoup the 100 Rupees by the end, although you can easily get 80 or so.

At the end, you'll wind up in the north Face Shrine area. Play Manbo's Mambo,
or go through the nearby cave to return to Tal Tal Heights.

The Face Key
Head on over to the Face Shrine area, which is north of Animal Village. The
Face Shrine area on the map is not the same as the Face Shrine dungeon (Level
6). When you enter the area, the Owl will tell you to go to the south shrine.
However, to get there, you'll have to make your way through a dangerous ruin.
Keep going east past the boulders and Tektites until you can turn south into
the main ruin section. The Zols are a problem, but an even bigger problem are
the Armos Statues, which come to life if you push them. You have to, though, to
get them out of your way. When you push them, quickly slap them with your
Hookshot. This will stun them so you can walk through them safely. Go south,
west, west, and north. From here, go east to find a secret passage under the
Armos Statue. It's a secret cave with a Secret Seashell. If you don't need it,
keep going south (from the west end of the screen), west, and north. After a
while, you'll get to the southern temple. Go inside and you'll find an enormous
Armos Statue! Approach the Armos Knight and it'll come to life. Slam it with a
Whirling Blade Attack, and use the Roc's Feather to jump when it does. If
you're on the ground when it lands, you'll be stunned. If it's stunned after
landing and you're not, you'll have a head start on your Whirling Blade Attack.
After a few hits, it will shed its armor and become faster. By the way, it's
slower - but much easier - to beat the Armos Knight with a dozen arrows. After
you defeat this bully, you win the Face Key. You can also go into the next
room, light it up with some Magic Powder, and read a message on the wall (which
I won't spoil, but you really need to see it). When you exit, the Owl will
speak to you and tell you to go to the north shrine.

Face Shrine
Like the past few dungeons, the Face Shrine is hard to access. Swim east
through the river into the Face Shrine area and you'll come to an island with
two Armos Statues. Activate the left one and stun it with your Hookshot. It was
hiding a secret passage. Pass the fish, Hookshot across the abyss, and you'll
be outside. Insert the Face Key in the keyhole to make the dungeon rise from
the ground.

The Face Shrine is the sixth dungeon. It is massive and intricate, and
completing it requires you to use of a truckload of bombs. Blowing stuff up is
fun, but the same cannot be said of the Wizzrobes, the dungeon's layout, and
the somber music. You'll find that this dungeon is very challenging and quite
frustrating without a guide. You definitely want to have the Bow, the L-2
Sword, and at least two capacity upgrades by now. Room 2 is to the left of the
entrance. There's a trio of enemies who keep disappearing and reappearing in
the same place - Wizzrobes. They shoot beams at you. You can slash them to push
them to the same area, and then you can take them all out with one bomb. Drop
it when they become invisible. Alternatively, defeat them with a Bomb Arrow -
equip Bombs and the Bow and press A and B at the same time. You'll use this
tactic many times in the Face Shrine.

After beating them, the upper door opens. It leads to a 50-Rupee chest. Go back
to the previous room and take the left upper path. Go north and west to a room
with a Shy-Guy and a crystal ball. Drop a bomb by the crystal and stand on the
upper-left block. Wait for the bomb to explode and activate the crystal. Then
go north to Room 6. Beat the Zol and lift the northwestern pot to find a
switch. Step on it to open the door. In Room 7, bop the Wizzrobes with the
method of your choice to win the Map. Use the Hookshot if you need to activate
the crystal ball if you hit it by mistake. Go up to the next room and turn
right. There you'll find the Stone Beak. Back in the previous room, throw a pot
at the door to open it, and then go up to Room 10. Make a right turn to find
the Compass and a 10-bomb refill, both of which are very helpful. Hit the
crystal in the corner and follow the walkway from Room 11 to Room 14. A
valuable Small Key will drop down when you beat the Wizzrobes. Watch out for
the irritating Bubble, however.

Go back to Room 6, but this time you want to be on the right side of the room.
If the blocks are up, just launch an arrow at the crystal in Room 7. This
allows you to reach the right side of the room. Make sure to bomb the crystal
again in Room 5, though (you'll see why soon). Follow the walkway if you want
to see the owl statue. Otherwise, drop a bomb next to the wall to blow open a
passage. You'll reach a dark room full of Zols. Beat them (you might want to
light the torches first) to reveal a staircase.
This takes you to a 2-D tunnel full of weird giant Bubbles that bounce around
the room. When you come out, you'll find yourself in a room with two Wizzrobes.
However, you may have to go back to Room 5 and toggle the crystal ball if you
didn't follow my directions. If the blocks are down, simply beat the Wizzrobes
and Mini-Moldorm to open the door. In Room 17, there's a fairy under the pot -
and the More Powerful Bracelet! This upgraded item will come in handy. You can
now lift those weird elephant-like statues in the dungeon.

Go through the one-way door to Room 5. Pick up the statue and smash it at the
wall. You'll open the door, which leads to a 100-Rupee chest. Go back up to
Room 10 and throw that statue at the door. You'll reach a room with 100 more
Rupees, and you'll also be taken to the Rapids Ride, where there's a Secret
Seashell (or 20 Rupees, if you have the L-2 Sword). Go back into the dungeon
and play Manbo's Mambo to return to the start of the dungeon (alternatively,
you can throw the Horsehead Puppets around until they both land right side up,
and then go back the way you came).

We've finished up the left half of the Face Shrine. Let's take care of the
other side. First make sure the blocks are up in Room 5. From the dungeon
entrance, go east. Throw away the weird statues on the conveyor belts, and
watch out for the Razor Traps. In Room 20, you'll be slammed by a barrage of
tiles that come flying at you. Stand in the northwest corner and defend
yourself with your shield or sword. After they finish, the door opens. Go up
and throw a statue at the eastern door to open it. Beat the Wizzrobes and go
south. In here, beat the Stars, go up the west staircase, jump onto the blocks,
activate the Razor Trap, jump over it, and head up the walkway. Open the chest
for a Secret Medicine - the hard way. If you already have one, you may want to
save this chest for a later time. Then jump down and head north until you come
to a damp tunnel with a Small Key.

Head back to Room 21 and unlock the door. In Room 24, eliminate the Zols so the
lamps won't shoot flames at you. Then bomb the upper wall to reveal Room 25.
Inside is a boss, Smasher. Throw his little black ball back at him to defeat
him. If you're good, you can throw the orb at him several times without giving
him a chance to pick it up again. Four hits will beat the boss, creating the
warp portal. 

In Room 26, don't go up. If you do, you'll find yourself back in Room 21 (a lot
like the raccoon's trick in the Mysterious Forest). Instead, pick up the big
statue, which hides a staircase. The tunnel is full of Sparks and requires you
to jump across some ladders. You'll wind up in Room 27. Here, you'll be faced
with a salvo of tiles that come up from the floor. Hold out your shield while
standing in the northeast corner and you'll win a Small Key. You can use it to
open the locked door in the same room! Go north and throw the statue at the
door. In this new part of an old room, throw the Horsehead Puppets until both
are standing up (it will take many tries); that's when the door will open. Go
through to a staircase. In the side-scrolling section, use the Pegasus Boots to
sprint under the Thwimps and avoid damage. 

This takes you to Room 28. Play the Ballad of the Wind Fish to dispose of the
Pols Voices, opening the doors. Go north and equip Roc's Feather and the Power
Bracelet so you can jump the Sparks and lift the pots. Go up to Room 30 to find
200 Rupees. Use the Hookshot to activate the crystal, and keep tossing the
horses until they're both up.

Go back south to find a familiar boss: Dodongo Snakes. Feed 'em some bombs and
they'll go bye-bye. Go west into the newly-opened door and Hookshot across to
the other side of the room. Open the Lock Block and head north to Room 34.
Here's a chest... but it won't open! Actually, you can open it. Throw a pot to
break the lock and obtain the Nightmare's Key!

Go back to the loop part of the stage (play Manbo's Mambo, enter the warp
portal, and go north). Take the stairs again to Room 27. Go south to Room 36
and let the eye suck up all the Zols (one in each cardinal direction) into the
pit, opening the door. In Room 37, you'll have to beat a single Wizzrobe.
However, there's also a nasty (and indestructible) Beamos, which fires a laser
beam if its eye sees you. Be very careful! Push the block into the pit and go
north. In Room 38, you can turn the Sparks into fairies by sprinkling Magic
Powder in the lights. This could turn out to be a good energy recharge before
entering the Nightmare's Lair.

Face of Evil FACADE
This is the only boss that you don't use the corresponding dungeon prize
against. When the battle starts, you'll be attacked by a barrage of floor tiles
(again)! Stand in the corner and hold out your shield to defend yourself. Try
to pick up the pots so they won't fly into you. After that, look out for the
holes that appear. To score a hit, drop bombs on the face when you it becomes
visible. This is actually a very easy Nightmare - a good thing after this
difficult dungeon. After just five bombs, you'll have another heart and a Coral

[18]                               [30]
  |                                  |
[10]-[11]      [14] [40]      [34] [29]
  |    |         |    |    |    |    |
[ 8]-[ 9]-[12]-[13] [39] [26] [33] [28]
  |    |        ||    |    |   ||    |
[ 7]-[ 6]o[15] [27] [38] [25] [32]-[31]
       |         |    |    o    |
     [ 5]-[ 4] [36]-[37] [24] [35]
       ^    |             ||    |
     [17] [ 3]           [21]-[22]
       |    |              |    |
     [16] [ 2]-[ 1]-[19]-[20] [23]

50 Rupees: 3
100 Rupees: 4, 18
200 Rupees: 30
Compass: 11
Key: 14, 27, 33
Map: 7
Nightmare's Key: 34
Secret Medicine: 22
Stone Beak: 11
L-2 Power Bracelet: 17

Crystal Balls: 5, 7, 11, 18, 29, 34
Endless Loop: Top of 26
Stairs: 15-16, 26-27, 9-28, 18-Rapids Ride
Nightmare: 39

Reviving the Flying Rooster
After beating the sixth Nightmare, you'll receive a message (again). Then the
Owl will talk to you and tell you what to do next (sort of). Your next stop is
Mabe Village, where there's some stuff to do. You may wish to replenish your
bomb and arrow supply and talk to some people. The main location this time,
however, is directly north of Marin and Tarin's House. Do you see the
Weathercock? Push it forward and you'll find a cave! Inside are some old bones.
But if you play the Frog's Song of Soul, you may be able to revive those dry
bones. Look! It's the Flying Rooster! With the Power Bracelet, you can hold
onto him and fly for as long as you want to, enabling you to cross massive gaps
- for example, the one in the southwest corner of Kanalet Castle (a Secret
Seashell is your reward).

The Bird Key
The owl will give you a message when you approach the cave that leads to the
main Tal Tal Mountain area. On the same screen as the Hen House, go in the
small cave on the east side. Go inside and use the Flying Rooster to fly to the
north passage. In the next room, use the rooster to circle around the wall. You
can then get yourself the Bird Key! Dungeon keys are seldom located in the open
air, but this one is.

Eagle's Tower
The seventh dungeon is located east of the waterfall above Angler's Tunnel. Go
through a series of caves (use your Hookshot to cross the gap, and make sure to
bomb the wall to reveal a Fairy Fountain) and you'll eventually reach the
tower. Put your Bird Key in the rock to open up the level.

By now, you've probably realized that each dungeon has gotten progressively
harder, and this dungeon's no exception. While each dungeon has its own
personality, this stage has quite a few new elements, as well as some old
features we haven't seen in a while. Most notably, this dungeon has three or
four stories. Three or four? You'll find out later. It's also the only dungeon
that isn't supposed to be shaped like something. Too bad you can't use the
Flying Rooster in here.

One more important note: I've hoped that my guide would primarily be used as a
reference to help you through the harder spots in the game. With this dungeon,
however, I recommend that you follow my guide to the letter. If you don't know
what you're doing, the dungeon will be quite frustrating, and it's possible to
get yourself in a real jam.

At the start, go east and jump over the spikes and Razor Traps. Go east again
to Room 3, where there are two Like Likes. Vanquish them and you'll receive a
Small Key. To make things more fun, the lamp shoots at you, and there's a
Bubble bouncing around. Use the key to open the locked door in the same room.
Go north to the staircase, which takes you to the corresponding room on the
second floor (Room 5 on my map).

In Room 6, use the Power Bracelet to pull the lever and (temporarily) open the
gate. See that little black ball? It's called the Orb. You can pick it up using
the Power Bracelet and use it to smash enemies or pillars. If it falls in a
hole, you'll find it back at this pedestal. Take it west. The first pillar is
in Room 7. Toss the Orb at the column and it collapses. That was simple enough.
Throw the Orb over the blocks and jump diagonally across the gap. Go south,
circle around, retrieve the Orb, and eliminate the second pillar. Go south to
Room 9 and hit the crystal ball. VERY IMPORTANT: Throw the Orb over the wall
near the crystal. You'll need it later. Then go all the way north to Room 10.
Throw the horse heads until they're standing up. Then you'll earn the Map.
Beware of the Bubble in the room; if you have the Boomerang, use it to defeat
the Bubble.

In Room 7, push the block and go west through Room 11 and then north into Room
12. Slash the weird Three of a Kind guys so the card suits are the same, and
you'll win the Compass. Usually, you're in good shape now, but you actually
need patience, hours, and a good strategy guide (like this one).

Jump into the pit on the left side of Room 8 (make sure the blocks are down)
and you'll be in Room 13. Climb the stairs and jump onto the block to the
north. Take the blocks west and then south to Room 17. Open the treasure chest
for the Stone Beak. Take the staircase in this room up to Room 20. Go down to
Room 21 and you'll find the bomb-tossing meanie, Hinox. Defeat him for a Small
Key. Two arrows end the fight really quickly. The flames from the torches make
it a little tougher, but not much. 

Go east to Room 22, which has more of those card suit baddies. Beat them all to
reveal a chest on the other side of the room. Go right to Room 9. If you
followed my directions, the Orb will be waiting for you. Shoot the crystal ball
to make the blocks in this room high (this'll save some time). Go back west to
Room 22 and throw the Orb across the pit. Then return to Room 20 (the room with
the staircase and the one-way door). Go through the revolving door and you'll
be barraged by flying floor tiles. Equip the Shield and Roc's Feather, and
change corners if the Bubble comes near. Afterwards, go east through the door
and place a bomb between the torches, imploding the wall. Go south down the
corridor and bomb the other wall. Then Hookshot across the room to get your
hard-earned bomb from the chest. What a lame prize. Now go north with your Orb
to smash down a pillar. Just one more! Throw your Orb across the pit (again)
and jump down the pit, returning you to the first room of the dungeon. It'll
take a while to get back, though (there's no way to avoid doing this).

Go all the way east and then north to the staircase. Now you can reach the
treasure chest. Inside is the Mirror Shield! This is a souped-up shield that
reflects beams and many other things you couldn't block before. Also, it can't
be eaten by Like Likes. Then fall into the adjacent hole and you'll be on a
walkway in Room 4. Go north for a while and you'll discover a Small Key! Return
to the room where you found the Mirror Shield.

Go south and unlock the gate, allowing you to reach the stairs to the upper
level of the room. Go west to Room 9. Head west again and the Orb will be
waiting for you, assuming you followed my directions. Go west and north and
take your Orb through the one-way door between Rooms 20 and 23. Drop the Orb in
a safe place and prepare for some attacking tiles. After that, go right and
smash down that pillar! That's the last one. When it collapses, the fourth
floor will collapse and will merge with the third (maybe killing a whole bunch
of Philistines). Now you can reach the door to the Nightmare's Lair.

First, though, return to the tile room. When the tiles finish, drop through the
westernmost hole and go north to the treasure chest on the first floor. It
contains a Secret Seashell or 20 Rupees, depending on whether or not you have
the L-2 Sword in your possession. Just for fun, you might want to explore the
upper reaches of the first floor (which I didn't cover, although they don't
contain anything useful). Then you will have finished the first two floors
(whew!). That's the hard part. Give yourself a pat on the back!

If you don't want to enter every room in the dungeon, go south and jump down
from the high walkway. Head north to the staircase, which returns you to Room
20. Go south and east twice to the familiar Room 9. Shoot an arrow at the
crystal and go up the stairs.

You'll be in Room 31 on the third floor. Go north and east to Room 33 and
you'll be faced with a bunch of flying baddies, Battle Bats. Defeat EVERY ONE
of them in one squad and you'll open a door and create a warp portal. Stand
near the corner and slash rapidly. Inside the next room is the Nightmare's Key.
Simply push the blocks together to make the chest appear. If you have the
Boomerang, use it to get rid of the Sparks beforehand.

Go south and west twice to the Nightmare Door. Open it and you won't find the
Nightmare yet. Stomp the Goombas if you need heart refills. If you want, you
can go north and east to Room 41, where you can get a Secret Medicine. However,
it's extremely difficult to earn it. A particularly annoying Beamos is on a
conveyor belt and you must throw the horse head statues until they're standing
right side up. It's NOT worth the effort. By the way, if you followed by guide,
you'll finish this guide with an extra Small Key. You won't be allowed to carry
it over to a future dungeon, like in the original Legend of Zelda.

To get to the Nightmare, climb the stairs in Room 39 and Hookshot across the
room. Go around and climb the staircase.

Giant Bird of Prey EVIL EAGLE
You'll find the same guy who saw earlier in Room 34, but this time Grim
Creeper's got a new henchman, a giant eagle. I think this is the hardest boss
in the game, especially if you only have a Level 1 sword. At first, he soars
back and forth across the screen. Simply jump up and slash him, preferably
using the Whirling Blade Attack. Later on, he adopts two new strategies. When
he shoots a barrage of arrows at you, use your shield to deflect them, being
careful to stay on the tower. When he swoops down at you, slash him or get out
of the way. Note that you can also use the Hookshot or arrows against him (the
Hookshot is better than arrows). Always stand near the middle of the tower.
Don't fall off the screen, or you'll have to start the battle all over again -
even if you fall while the boss is exploding!. After beating him, your life
energy is extended by another segment (of course). Descend the ladder and jump
down and get your Organ of Evening Calm.

F1                          F2                          F3
[30]-[29]-[28]-[27]              [12] [10]                   [40]-[41]
  |    |         |                 |    |                      |
[16]-[15]-[14]-[26]         [23]-[11]-[ 7]-[ 6]         [38]-[39] [42] [34]
  |    |    |    |            ^    o    |    |           ||   ||    |    |
[17] [19]-[13]-[ 4]         [20]-[24] [ 8]-[ 5]         [37]-[36]-[32]-[33]
  |         |   ||            |    o    |    |                 |    |
[18]-[ 1]-[ 2]-[ 3]         [21]-[22]-[ 9]=[25]              [35]-[31]

1 Bomb: 22
Compass: 12
Key: 3, 21, 27
Map: 10
Nightmare's Key: 34
Secret Medicine: 41
Secret Seashell: 30
Stone Beak: 17
Mirror Shield: 5

Crystal Balls: 5, 9, 26, 34
Stairs: 4-5 (F1-F2), 29-12 (F1-F2), 17-20 (F1-F2), 28-10 (F1-F2), 9-31 (F2-F3)
Nightmare: 32 (up the stairs)

Although you can go to the fourth floor if you want to, I don't include it on
the map because it disappears after crushing the four pillars.

Opening the Final Dungeon
You've now collected seven Instruments of the Sirens, but you still need one
more. You'll receive a message (as usual). It says "...OCARINA... The music of
the Ocarina leads..." The Flying Rooster has gone to the Hen House, in case
you're wondering what happened to him. There's not much to do now except go to
the next dungeon. You'll find Marin in the mountains, stranded on a broken
bridge just west of the Hen House. Use the Hookshot to rescue her. Afterwards,
the Owl tell you to go to the final dungeon. Keep going west, following the
same route you used to reach the capacity upgrade mentioned before my Face
Shrine guide. Avoid the rolling boulders, go west, and jump down to a cracked
wall. Blow it open to reveal a cave. Inside, hold out the Mirror Shield to
protect yourself from the fire cannon. Back outside, go west to the dungeon
entrance. Defeat the crows, then play the Frog's Song of Soul to revive the
turtle blockading the dungeon entrance. This is a really easy "boss" - just
keep slashing it, and watch out when it lunges at you. Eight regular hits or
four Whirling Blade Attacks do the trick. When it's gone, enter the final

Turtle Rock
The Turtle Rock dungeon is big and eventful, boasting seven keys, six breakable
walls, and six bosses. Lava also abounds, and falling in makes you lose half a
heart. At the start, go north twice and east once to Room 4. Touch the strange
block and it'll start moving, forming a bridge over the lava. You can control
the direction it travels in by using the Control Pad. Steer the rolling rock to
the left part of the room and you'll be able to reach the treasure chest in
Room 3 (simply push the first and third blocks from the top to the side, and
the middle block up or down). Inside is the Map. Boy, will it come in handy!
Then bomb the cracked wall at the top of the screen to enter Room 5. Take the
stairs to a 2-D section.

Here, simply jump across the lava pits while avoiding the Podoboos. You emerge
in Room 6, which has a few pits and pots. There's also a new enemy - Ropes.
This snake enemy (I thought it looked like a rubber ducky when I first saw it)
charges at you when it sees you, but it's not too dangerous. Open the treasure
chest and you'll get a Stone Beak. Room 7 has a familiar mini-boss, Smasher.
Pick up the black ball and give him a taste of his own medicine. In Room 8 to
the north, you can read the owl's inscription and take a shortcut to Room 12.
For now, though, take the western door to Room 9, where there's a rolling rock.
Steer it in a zig-zag pattern so it covers all the holes and you'll win a Small
Key. This isn't the last time you'll be practicing this maneuver in this
dungeon. Room 10 to the west has a chest, but your reward for opening it is
just a meanie. Go west to Room 11. Beat the Sparks if you have a Boomerang, and
step on the floor switch under the northwestern pot to open the south door. In
there, defeat the Arm-Mimics if you want to create a shortcut to Room 8. Go
west from Room 11 and then you'll be back in Room 2.

It's easiest to defeat the bashful Vire with the Boomerang or beams from the
L-2 Sword. When you beat it, you'll be able to enter the left door (or the
other one where we came from, for that matter). In Room 13, stand behind the
blocks to protect yourself from the Beamos while beating the Ropes. Once you
dispose of the snakes, you can head north to Room 14, which has the old bomb-
throwing mini-boss, Hinox. You remember him. Just slash him with your sword. In
Room 15, use the rolling rock to cover all the gaps and produce a 20-Rupee
chest. Go south to Room 16, where you can get 50 Rupees from a chest guarded by
Sparks. Room 17 to the west has a guy with a spiked roller - Rolling Bones. You
remember this fella, too. Jump over the barbed hurdle and smash him. Go south
and collect the Compass from the chest. Don't let the Eye Vacuum suck you in,
though, or you'll be sent to the dungeon entrance. Go north twice to Room 19
and defeat the Vire to make a Small Key drop down (your second). You've now
finished most of the lower part of Turtle Rock.

Go back to Room 4 and push the rolling block so it stops in the middle of the
five northern blocks. Push the fourth block from the left into the lava and go
forward. Open the locked door and turn east. There's another locked door
between Rooms 21 and 22. In Room 22, watch out for the Razor Traps and take the
stairs. In the side-scrolling screen, use the Hookshot to grapple to the Bowser
statues. At the end, go through Room 23 to Room 24, which has heart, arrow,
bomb, and Magic Powder replenishments.

Go back to Room 22 and head through the one-way door to Room 25. Slash the Zols
to open the north door. Make sure to grab the floating bombs; you'll need 'em.
In the next room, we meet a pair of rare enemies, Gibdos. These mummies take a
lot of hits, even with the L-2 Sword. And for more difficulty, you're fighting
them on a floor that crumbles if you stand on any one spot for more than second
or so. For that reason, keep moving. Defeat both Gibdos to win a Small Key.
Head west from here and ignore the Dodongo Snakes for now; they must be
defeated from the balcony. Go west to Room 28 and then up to Room 24. In that
room, you can get a Secret Medicine if you Hookshot to the chest. If you do
this, however, you'll have to take the staircase back to Room 22.

Retrace your steps to Room 28. Unlock the door that separates rooms 28 and 29
and go west twice. Beat the Ropes and the Vire to open the western door. Go
through and head up the stairs. This allows you to Hookshot to the chest, which
has 50 Rupees. Take the staircase on the main level and you'll find yourself
outside. There's a Warp Hole (the fourth and final) and a Piece of Heart. This
should be your twelfth and final heart piece, so it should give you a new Heart
Container. Go east to the other door, which takes you back to the dungeon.

See those enemies down there? Those are Dodongo Snakes. Toss some bombs into
their big mouths and you'll win a Small Key. Now that you're on the high level,
you can reach the chest that appears when you defeat them.

From Room 30, go south to Room 32. Notice the statue that's surrounded by lava.
Shoot an arrow at it and you will win a Small Key. I still can't believe I
found that on my own without using a walkthrough or even having played A Link
to the Past (the original version of Link's Awakening didn't have the explicit
clue provided by the nearby owl statue). Watch out for the Sparks in the room;
Boomerang them if possible. Room 33 to the south has some helpful power-ups.
Return to Room 32 and go west. Push the blocks to access a chest with a Small
Key, but watch out for the vexing Beamos.
At this point, you can't do anything else in this part of the dungeon. You
should have three Small Keys in your possession. Play Mambo's Manbo and return
to Room 4. Use the rolling rock to go right to Room 35. Shatter the bombable
wall and you'll find a Crystal Ball. This is the only one in the dungeon, and
it controls only three blocks - very important blocks! Hit it ONCE. You can
also bomb the wall below you.

Return to Room 25 (the one reached through a one-way door, where there are many
cracked blocks). Bomb the left wall to reveal Room 37. It's dark in here, so
light the lamp with Magic Powder. Jump across the pit and open the locked door.
In the next room, simply beat the Rope to open the door. Optionally, you can
bomb the wall in the southwest corner of the room to form another shortcut. In
Room 39, bomb the western and southern walls to create two more passages. Then
unlock the locked door at the walkway. Take it back in Room 38 and Hookshot
across the room to the ledge with the stairs. Open yet another Lock Block and
you'll be able to access the staircase.

We're in another side-scrolling area with lava, Podoboos, and lifts. Mario
experience helps here. Go down from Room 40 to Room 41. Here we challenge a
boxer boss named Blaino. Two L-2 Whirling Blade Attacks will be sufficient to
beat him. Just don't let him get in one of his super punches, or you'll wind up
at the start of the dungeon. It can often be difficult to penetrate his little
jabs. When he's defeated, the door opens and a useless warp portal appears.
Take the northern door to the right to the chest (assuming you hit the crystal
ball like I told you to). Then you can receive the Magic Rod! This fun item
lets you burn things, including the ice cubes that block a couple of important
passages in this level. You can use it as many times as you want; it won't
deplete your Magic Meter like in A Link to the Past. Burn, baby burn! Also,
the maxed-out inventory screen looks nice. 

Go to Room 34 on the west end of the dungeon (you can use the shortcut you made
earlier to speed things up) and go south a screen. This is Room 42. Light the
twin lamps with your Fire Rod to reveal a treasure chest. Inside is the final
Small Key in the game. Kind of sad if you think about it...

Head back to Room 4 (with the rolling rock) and ascend the staircase nearest
you. Now that you have the Fire Rod (this is the name I use for the rest of the
guide), you can dissolve the ice blocking your way in the 2-D section. On the
second screen, melt only the top layer of ice; you need the bottom layer to
reach the staircase.

You'll be on the LEFT side of Room 31. Open the locked door to fight the old
Cue Ball boss again! Jump over him and bash him on his rear while staying away
from the magma. After defeating him, the door to Room 44 opens. Inside is the
final Nightmare's Key. Just roll the rock to cover up all the holes. It's pretty
easy to figure out, although has a chart that shows you how to do
this in detail (look under the maps section for the Link's Awakening DX
version of the game).

Now go back to Room 35 (go east from the early rolling rock room). Head up the
stairs to a tunnel. In the first screen, melt all the ice and jump from the
high rock to the passage. You'll have to burn some of the ice while jumping.
The second half also has an abundance of ice cubes, but you should burn them
carefully, since some must remain in place to serve as stepping stones. Burn
the bottom row and the fourth column from the left. At the end of the passage,
you'll be in a new part of Room 29. Go up and open the door to the Nightmare!

Infernal Rock Monster HOT HEAD
I find this Nightmare to be extremely easy. Watch out for the lava he splashes
everywhere and simply blast him with a barrage of fireballs. Stand near the
entrance door and mash the button you have the Fire Rod equipped to. Use a
turbo button if you're playing on a Super Game Boy or an emulator. The splashes
of fire cost four hearts of damage, but you have to go out of your way to get
hit by them. After several hits, Hot Head sheds his armor and starts moving
more quickly, but simply continue as you were doing. Sometimes he starts
bouncing around the room. When he does, just keep attacking, sidestepping him
if he comes close. You should have your final Heart Container and the Thunder
Drum in a hurry.

               [46] [23]
                 |    |
[44]           [45] [24]           [40]
  |              |    |              |
[43]=[31]-[30]-[29]=[28]-[27]-[26] [41]
            |                   |
       |    |         o         ^
     [42] [33]-[ 5]-[20]-[21]=[22]
       |         o   ||    |
[19] [15]-[14] [ 3]-[ 4]-[35]o[36] [ 8]
  |    |    |    |    |    |    o    |
[17]-[16] [13]-[ 2]-[11]-[10]-[ 9]-[ 7]
  |              |    |              |
[18]           [ 1] [12]           [ 6]

20 Rupees: 15
50 Rupees: 16, 30
Compass: 18
Empty (Zol): 10
Key: 9, 19, 26, 27, 32, 34, 42
Map: 3
Nightmare's Key: 44
Secret Medicine: 24
Stone Beak: 6
Magic Rod: 41
Crystal Ball: 36
Stairs: 8-12, 4-31, 30-outside, 27-outside, 22-23, 38-40
Nightmare: 45

The Wind Fish's Egg
You'll receive one more message now. "...EGG... The egg at the mountain calls."
Your final destination is Mt. Tamaranch. Before you can battle the final
Nightmares, however, you're going to have to make a trip to the Library in Mabe
Village. The book on the lower-right corner of the room, "Dark Secrets and
Mysteries of Koholint," will show you the route you need to follow to reach the
final boss (write it down). This pattern is random and varies for every save
slot. You must have the Magnifying Lens in order to read the book. In addition,
make sure you go to the cave at the beach (blow open the cracked wall with a
bomb). Inside, you'll find a guy (a Goriya, an enemy who used boomerangs in
older Zelda games) with an item you'll need to defeat the final Nightmare. I
recommend that you trade him the Shovel or Pegasus Boots. You're going to have
a tough time against the final bad guy if you don't buy his Boomerang.

Once you've down all these things, you're ready to face the final Nightmares.
Use the Ocarina (song #1) to crank out a little tune in front of the Wind
Fish's Egg. After playing the Ballad of the Wind Fish, the Owl will appear and
a hole will open in the egg. Make sure to save now, as this is the furthest
point in the game where you can save. Enter and fall into the hole. You'll then
be in a maze. Follow the route you learned at the library and you'll reach the
final boss. These guys aren't incredibly tough, but they are not pieces of
cake. You'll have to use a whole assortment of items, including Magic Powder
and the Boomerang, although most of them require sword attacks.

The Final Nightmare
The final fight occurs in six stages, as follows:

Giant Gel: Also known as Shadow Bot or Black ChuChu, this phase is extremely
easy. A black blob bounces around, and you must sprinkle Magic Powder on it
three times.

Agahnim's Shadow: Zelda veterans will know what to do with this guy. Use your
sword to reflect the magic waves back at him. Watch out, though; a certain
magic beam can't be hit back (there's no way to tell when this attack will

Moldorm's Shadow: You'll quickly realize this bad guy is just like the boss you
faced in the first dungeon. When you hit its weak spot (the tail), it starts
scrambling around at high speed. Use your shield to protect yourself until it
slows down and you can hit it again.

Ganon's Shadow: This is the most difficult sector of the fight. Keep using
slashing the boss with Whirling Blade Attacks until he starts shooting flames
from his trident. Keep moving around the edges of the room to avoid them. When
he throws his trident at you, move out of the way and prepare to attack with a
Whirling Blade move. Repeat until the next phase begins.

Lanmola's Shadow: The boss moves quickly at you, but it's not difficult if
you're quick. A single Fire Rod, Hookshot, or Whirling Blade Attack topples
Lanmola's Shadow.

Dethl: Notice how the music has changed. This is it - the final battle! Assign
Roc's Feather to one button so you can jump over the swinging arms. When the
eye opens, attack. Either use 15-20 arrows or one quick strike with the
Boomerang. I'm choosing the latter to get to the ending credits.
Congratulations! You've completed The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. Now
grab a cold nonalcoholic beverage and watch the ending and the credits! Be sure
to salute Shigeru Miyamoto, Koji Kondo, and everyone else at Nintendo for
making a great game.

The Color Dungeon                                                    [COLOR]
Perhaps the best addition to the DX update of Link's Awakening is the addition
of a ninth dungeon, the Color Dungeon (Level 0). You only need to have
completed the second dungeon to go reach it. Inside you'll receive a decent
(but optional) reward.

First, though, I need to tell you something: You can't enter the Color Dungeon
unless you're playing on a Game Boy that displays color (like a Game Boy Color
or Game Boy Advance). A Game Boy or Super Game Boy won't work. If you're
playing on an emulator, you can probably just tinker with certain options and
get it to work.

This first step isn't necessary with this guide, but it's the way most players
will find the dungeon. Go to the library in Mabe Village, where you'll notice a
strange book high on a shelf. Use the Pegasus Boots to ram into the bookcase
and knock the book down, allowing you to read it. It says:

3 Up        4 Right      5 Up
2 Left      1 Down

Go to the southeastern screen of the cemetery. Push the tombstones in the
direction and order prescribed in the note. For example, start by pushing the
south-center grave southwards. Repeat with the other stones to open a staircase
leading to the dungeon.

Notice the retro music (from the original Zelda dungeons). Two skull guys
blockade the door in the first room. Talk to both of them and tell them what
color they are. Answer correctly and you'll be able to advance to Room 2. What
a hard, hard puzzle.

We meet a new enemy in this room. These Color Monsters blend in with the tiles
in the room and will attack when you approach. Step away and defeat them by
sprinkling Magic Powder on them or by using your sword. When all three of them
are gone, the eastern door opens.

In Room 3, you're trying to turn all the statues blue. Slash the one in the
upper-left corner, and then the one in the lower-right. This reveals a treasure
chest, which holds the Compass. Some things about this dungeon are normal. Now
bomb the south wall to reveal a secret room full of special Rupees. Each one is
worth five each! Better yet, you can exit and re-enter the dungeon and collect
them again!

Go back to Room 3 and go east. This room is full of bouncy tiles that can only
be touched a certain number of times. Each time you stand on one, it changes
colors from green to yellow to red before finally disappearing. The Flying
Stalfos isn't too dangerous, though. Bounce east to another new obstacle. These
shelled monsters spin slowly and can be stunned by slashing them. Then use the
Power Bracelet to throw one into the hole that matches its color. Repeat with
the other one to receive the Stone Beak.

Head south to a room with four Color Monsters and a pit in the center. Dispose
of the meanies to open the western door. In here, beat the pair of Bouncing
Stalfoses and bounce across the tiles to the chest. It contains a Small Key. Go
north through the one-way door back to Room 5.
Go east to Room 6 and then north to the new Room 9. Defeat the Flying Stalfos
and hop across the tiles to Room 10. Another colored statue puzzle. Again we
want all of them to turn blue. Hit the statue in the upper-left corner twice,
and then hit the lower-right statue once to drop down a Small Key. Go east to
Room 11, which has more of those Color Monsters. Ignore them and unlock the
door on the north end of the room.

Here's a puny mini-boss - Giant Buzz Blob. It occasionally pauses to shoot
waves of electricity in four directions, alternating between straight and
diagonal shots. Sprinkle Magic Powder on the bad guy to turn it into a helpless
blob. This is your chance to slash away. If it turns back into a Buzz Blob,
just repeat until you've won.

Go through the western door to the world's easiest block puzzle. Push the top
and bottom blocks to the side, and the middle block up or down. Now you can
open the chest for the Nightmare's Key. And we haven't even found the Map yet!

Make your way back to Room 5 and open the locked door. Room 14 introduces us to
a new mini-boss: Stone Hinox. This guy jumps up and stuns everything on the
ground when it lands. It also sends a few boulders bouncing toward you. Use
Roc's Feather to jump when it lands, and watch out for the spikes on the floor.
Your sword or arrows will defeat it in no time.

Once you've toppled Stone Hinox, the western door opens. Defeat the Flying
Stalfos and Bouncing Stalfos, then bounce over to the pot in the northwest
corner. Pick it up to reveal a floor switch, which opens the doors in this
room. Go north to Room 16, which has a truckload of Zols. Defeat all of them to
produce a chest. Open it to obtain the Map. Go east to another room with those
spinning turtle-like things. Again, throw each one into the hole that
corresponds to its color, although it's a little more dangerous this time. Your
prize is a Small Key.

Return to Room 15 (with the bouncy colored tiles) and go west to a more
difficult puzzle. Hit each statue in the following order: Center, middle-left,
middle-right, center-top, center-bottom, and center. This turns all the statues
blue and opens the door to the next room. Here, defeat the Zols and break the
pots in the corners if you want some power-ups. Otherwise, just unlock the
western door.

The final puzzle is REALLY easy. Proceed to the crystal ball and slash it. Then
walk along the blocks and open the door to the boss.

Well-Protected Mammoth Beetle GIANT HARDHAT BEETLE
This boss is not difficult if you know what to do. Stand across from it and
pummel it with arrows. If you don't have the Bow, slashing it will also work.
As it sustains damage, its color will change from blue to green, yellow,
orange, and red before being defeated. If you're not fast, though, it will
start recovering its energy, causing its shell to change color in the wrong
direction. It occasionally shoots a beam at you, but this can be sidestepped
with ease. Also, if you're not fast, it'll start summoning Stalfoses midway
through the fight.

Anyway, once you've beaten it, you won't win a Piece of Heart and an Instrument
of the Sirens. Instead, you'll meet up with the Fairy Queen. She'll give you a
new tunic! The red one doubles attack power (similar to a never-ending Piece of
Power, minus the speed boost), while the blue tunic halves the damage you take
from enemies (like having a Guardian Acorn all the time). You can always go
back if you want to change to the other.

[21]-[22]           [13]-[12]
  |                       ||
[20]=[19] [16]-[17] [10]-[11]
       |    |         |
     [18]-[15]-[14] [ 9]
                ||    |
     [ 2]-[ 3]-[ 5]-[ 6]
       |    o    ^    |
     [ 1] [ 4] [ 8]-[ 7]

140 Rupees: 4
Compass: 3
Key: 8, 10, 17Map: 16
Nightmare's Key: 13
Stone Beak: 6

Boss: 21
Crystal Ball: 20

Bestiary                                                             [ENEMY]
Link's Awakening has a LOT of enemies. It's conceivable that I might have
missed a meanie or two, so please tell me if I did. I do not include inanimate
obstacles that can nonetheless inflict damage, including Razor Traps, the
fireball cannon on Tal Tal Mountain, and holes in the ground.

By the way, Zelda IV's motley crew of bosses include Armos Knight, Blaino, Cue
Ball (a.k.a. Big Octo), Dodongo Snake, Giant Buzz Blob, Gohma, Great Moblin,
Grim Creeper & Battle Bats, Hinox, Lanmola, Mad Bomber, Master Stalfos, Rolling
Bones, Smasher, Stone Hinox, and Turtle Rock. Check my guide for tips on
defeating those.

Found: Eagle's Tower
This enemy, based on Nintendo's Kirby character, will attempt to inhale you,
but it's rare and fairly easy to avoid. You can use your Boomerang, Fire Rod,
or bombs to defeat it.

Found: Dream Shrine, Turtle Rock
These enemies move opposite your direction. If you move left, it moves right!
If you go up, it goes down. The Whirling Blade Attack is the best way to defeat
it. If there are large groups of them, the Pegasus Boots may be of assistance.

--Armored Turtle
Found: Color Dungeon
These shelled creatures spin slowly and can be stunned using your sword. When
they're stopped, use the Power Bracelet to pick them up and toss them into the
pit matching its color.

--Armos Statue
Found: Face Shrine Area
These look like ordinary statues, but if you push against them, they'll come to
life! They can only be defeated using arrows, bombs, or the Boomerang, but it's
best just to stun them with the Hookshot or shove them out of your way using
the sword. Or, if possible, don't activate them in the first place.
--Ball and Chain Soldier
Found: Kanalet Castle
You fight only one Ball and Chain Soldier in Link's Awakening, and winning
earns you a Golden Leaf. Stay away when it flings its mace at you, and then
give it a couple of whacks with your sword. Drop back and repeat until it's

Found: Face Shrine, Eagle's Tower, Turtle Rock
This enemy remains tough - just like it was in A Link to the Past. Beamos spins
around and fires a laser at you when it sees you. Try to stay on the side
opposite the eye, and use Roc's Feather or the Mirror Shield to avoid the beam.
There's no way to defeat Beamos.

Found: Ukuku Prairie
These spider-like bugs emerge from certain holes of Ukuku Prairie. A feeble
Enemy, it can be defeated with your sword or almost anything else.

Found: Catfish's Maw
If you've played Super Mario Bros. or Super Mario Bros. 3, you know how
Bloopers work. These squids are able to hurt you even if you're on the sea
floor, however.

Found: Key Cavern
Also known as Bombites. These come in two forms. One kind will, when slashed,
start bouncing around the room, eventually exploding. The other kind will start 
a countdown if you hit it with your sword. When the timer reaches 0, it'll blow
up, so stay away.

Found: Ukuku Prairie, Martha's Bay, Tal Tal Heights, Face Shrine Area
This enemy goes by many names, including Flying Bomber and Zirro. These weird
flying mushrooms, which slightly resemble Super Mario Bros. 3's Para-Goombas,
fly slowly and toss bombs everywhere. When you try to hit them with your sword,
they usually fly away. They're very difficult to defeat if you don't have the
Boomerang, so it's best just to ignore or avoid them.

--Boo Buddy
Found: Bottle Grotto
Only found in the second dungeon, these Mario-based meanies are best defeated
by lighting the torches, which makes them fly away, leaving behind the Power
Bracelet. You can also beat them with your sword once you've lit a lamp. They
really don't look that much like the Mario Boo Buddies.

--Bouncing Stalfos
Found: Color Dungeon
A really weak enemy that just bounces around in a couple of rooms in the Color

Found: Kanalet Castle, Angler's Tunnel, Face Shrine, Eagle's Tower
These skull-like balls ricochet around the room and can only be defeated using
the Boomerang or Magic Powder, often producing a fairy. At least they don't
subtract from your Magic Meter like in other Zelda games.

--Buzz Blob
Found: Koholint Prairie, Ukuku Prairie, Martha's Bay
These enemies return from A Link to the Past. Buzz Blobs are best ignored, as
they move slowly and are easy to avoid. If you hit one with your sword, you'll
get electrocuted. If you sprinkle Magic Powder on a Buzz Blob, it will become a

Found: Angler's Tunnel, Catfish's Maw, caves
The fish found in side-scrolling sections are very similar to the Super Mario
Bros. 3 versions of Cheep-Cheeps. They sometimes jump straight out of the
water, but they can easily be beaten with your sword. When underwater, however,
they cannot be touched safely. A different, non-stompable version of this
meanie appears in some underground streams, and yet another form (Angler Fry)
harasses you during the fourth Big Boss.

--Colored Shadow Monster
Found: Color Dungeon
Exclusive to the Color Dungeon, these guys blend in with tiles and try to
attack you when you come near. Step away and sprinkle Magic Powder on them to
dispose of them, although sword attacks also work sometimes. I like to just
call them Mr. Goo.

Found: Tabahl Wasteland, Kanalet Castle
In the gloomy Tabahl Wasteland, these annoying birds stay in trees and swoop to
attack you when you approach. A rarer form of this enemy appears in the Kanalet
Castle courtyard and won't attack unless you throw a boulder at it. You can
then defeat it before it leaves the screen for a Golden Leaf.

Found: Mabe Village
I don't think these can really be classified as enemies, but these famous
chickens will react if you slash them 20 times or so. Why not find out what
happens on your own? Be prepared to leave the screen or take cover in a
building, however.

Found: By sprinkling Magic Powder on a Buzz Blob
Most players will never see this enemy. This goofy cucumber-like character will
appear if you sprinkle Magic Powder on a Buzz Blob. Press A to talk to it and
it'll give you a series of messages advertising the Nintendo 64, which was in
the beginning stages of development under the name Ultra 64.

--Eye Vacuum
Found: Bottle Grotto, Key Cavern, Turtle Rock
These rare enemies try to draw in both heroes and enemies. If you fall into the
eye, you'll be sent to the beginning of the dungeon. When it stops sucking
things in, bash it with your sword.

--Flying Octorok
Found: Ukuku Prairie
Weird. These are basically the same as regular Octoroks, but these can jump to
avoid attack. They would be called Para-Octoroks in a Mario game.

--Flying Stalfos
Found: Color Dungeon
Another enemy found only in Level 0. It flies slowly, dropping an occasional
bomb, and can be avoided without difficulty. If you slash it, it will turn into
a Bouncing Stalfos. It looks a little like Leecher from Yoshi's Island.

Found: Tail Cave, Bottle Grotto, Key Cavern; by hitting red Zols
Gels are smaller versions of Zols that appear when you hit them with your
sword. They can't harm you directly, but they will latch onto you and prevent
you from moving quickly or using your sword. Press the sword button quickly to
escape. They share many qualities of the Mugger Micro-Goombas found in Super
Mario Bros. 3.

Found: Cemetery
These ghosts reside in the Cemetery. If you push against certain tombstones, a
Ghini might just emerge from the grave! They fly around the screen fairly
quickly and take a huge number of hits to defeat, but when defeated they
usually drop a nice item like bombs, arrows, or a fairy.

--Giant Bubble
Found: Face Shrine
Two larger-than-usual (and completely indestructible) Bubbles appear in a side-
scrolling room in the Face Shrine dungeon. Its appearance, however, is more
like that of an overgrown Spark.

--Giant Ghini
Found: Cemetery
The same as regular Ghini, only bigger. This ghost appears if you push against
a certain grave in the northeast part of the Cemetery.

--Giant Goponga Flower
Found: Goponga Swamp
The same as Goponga Flowers, only bigger.

Found: Eagle's Tower, Turtle Rock
Gibdos are tough mummy enemies. They take many hits to defeat and are
insensitive to pain. They have no "kickback" - they don't bounce backwards or
recoil after being hit. At least these Gibdos don't make you scream and freeze
in fright like in Ocarina of Time. One blast from the Fire Rod will burn a
Gibdo's bandages off and turn it into a Stalfos.

Found: Many dungeon 2-D sequences, Kanalet Castle underground, Eagle's Tower
These classic mushroom meanies from the Super Mario Bros. series make their
first Zelda appearance in Link's Awakening. They most often appear in side-
scrolling sections, although a small number appear inside dungeons. Wherever
they appear, the easiest way to beat them is by hitting them with your sword
or stomping them using Roc's Feather. Stomping them is the preferred method,
since it will always yield a Recovery Heart.

--Goponga Flower
Found: Goponga Swamp
These flowers block your way through Goponga Swamp. Occasionally they shoot
unidentified projectiles (maybe fireballs) at you, as well. Initially, only
BowWow can get rid of them, but later on you can defeat them using your
Hookshot, Fire Rod, or your L-2 Sword.

Found: Toronbo Shores
Sea urchins appear exclusively on the beach. A sword will beat them with ease,
but those who don't have a sword will have to push them using a shield. They
resemble the Urchins that appeared in Super Mario World, but I think these are
supposed to be the urchins from Kirby's Dream Land.

--Hardhat Beetle
Found: Caves, Tail Cave, Bottle Grotto
These enemies, which look a little like Lowders from the Adventure of Link,
can't be defeated. However, you can knock them into a pit to get them out of
your way.

--Iron Mask
Found: Catfish's Maw
These enemies wear helmet-like masks, so you can only defeat them from the
back. They're slow, but they change direction frequently enough to make it hard
for you to hit their backsides. If possible, use the Hookshot to remove their
masks. Bomb Arrows also work well.

--Kanalet Soldier
Found: Kanalet Castle
Identical to Moblins.

Found: Tail Cave, Bottle Grotto, Key Cavern, most caves
These bats reside in most caverns. They fly in clockwise patterns, but they're
very easy to beat using the sword or almost any other weapon.

Found: Toronbo Shores, Yarna Desert, Tal Tal Mountain Range
These familiar enemies continually pop up out of the ground in sandy areas.
Your sword can take care of them with ease, but their sheer quantity may cause

--Like Like
Found: Goponga Swamp, Tal Tal Heights, Eagle's Tower
Few video game enemies inspire the same kind of hatred among players that Like
Likes do. However, the Koholint species of Like Likes is comparatively weak. If
you get snatched by a Like Like, it will swallow you and (if it's equipped and
of the L-1 variety) your shield. Tap the A button to escape. If you do lose
your shield, you can sometimes recover it if you defeat the Like Like. You can
also buy a new one at the Mabe Village Item Shop. Like Likes take a few hits
with the sword. At five years of age, I thought it was fun to get eaten by Like
Likes on purpose. I enjoyed buying shields at the Item Shop!

Found: Tail Cave, Face Shrine, caves
Mini-Moldorms are miniature forms of the Tail Cave boss. They move in rather
quick circular paths and take two hits with the L-1 sword.

Found: Mysterious Woods, Ukuku Prairie, Tal Tal Heights
These common enemies come in two different sprites and employ two different
attack strategies. Some Moblins have swords and shields and will fight you
hand-to-hand if they see you. Others shoot arrows (some say they throw spears,
but Moblins in Minish Cap and Twilight Princess carry bows). Moblins living in
the Mysterious Woods look slightly different from those who dwell in the Tal
Tal Heights and Ukuku Prairie areas, but they behave identically.

Found: Toronbo Shores
A forgettable enemy that appears only once. This primate lives in a tree and
knocks coconuts down at you. It can't be beaten, but you can slam into the tree
using the Pegasus Boots if you really want it to go away. The coconuts can be
slashed with your sword - a good source of Rupees.

Found: Mabe Village
These dogs aren't real enemies, but they'll bite if you hit them with your
sword. You can burn them up with Magic Powder or your Fire Rod, but that's not
very nice.

Found: Toronbo Shores
These have appeared in every one of the first dozen Zelda games. Koholint
Island's Octoroks stay on the ground and move slowly. They spit rocks at Link,
although these projectiles can easily be avoided or blocked using your shield.
One slash with the sword will put an Octorok down for the count.

Found: Key Cavern
These duck-like baddies are some of the rarest enemies in Zelda history. Use
the Pegasus Boots, arrows, bombs, or a Whirling Blade Attack to beat them
before they have a chance to teleport across the room.

Found: Angler's Tunnel
These spinning things can't decide whether they want to live in the grout
outdoors or inside gloomy caves. They don't appear very frequently in Link's
Awakening, although they're everywhere in Angler's Tunnel. These windmill-like
meanies spin around randomly, and they can be damaged when they've stopped

Found: Ukuku Prairie, one cave in Yarna Desert
Pincers live in holes in the ground found throughout Ukuku Prairie. They pop up
out of the ground whenever someone wearing a green tunic comes near. Take a
step back and slash them a couple of times. Whenever you see eyes in a hole,
move away.

--Piranha Plant
Found: Bottle Grotto
Another enemy familiar to Mario fans. Two sword slashes and that's it for them.
As in Mario games, Piranha Plants stay in their pipes if Link stands on top or
next to their pipes.

Found: Turtle Rock
These balls of fire work exactly like their Mario counterparts. They fly
vertically out of lava pits and can't be beaten, although you can jump over
them with relative ease.

Found: Yarna Desert
Also known as Geldarms, these cacti from the Mario series must be defeated
segment by segment unless you use a Whirling Blade Attack. When you hit a
Pokey, one of its segment will go bouncing around the area.

--Pols Voice
Found: Bottle Grotto, Face Shrine
These rabbit-like enemies are supposedly ghosts with sensitive ears. Defeat
them using bombs or arrows, or by throwing a pot. The easiest solution is to
play the Ballad of the Wind Fish using your Ocarina.

Found: Tal Tal Mountain Range
Also known as Takkuri, this enemy is identical to the Crows, except it looks
slightly different and is only found around Turtle Rock.

Found: Eagle's Tower, Turtle Rock
Ropes are snakes. When they see you, they'll start charging in your direction,
so take out your sword and let them run into it. Ropes are only dangerous in
large doses. Also, for those of you who have ever played a "real" RPG, Zelda
snakes will never poison you.

--Sand Crab
Found: Toronbo Shores
These weak enemies are found exclusively in the Toronbo Shores area.

--Shrouded Stalfos
Found: Tail Cave, Bottle Grotto, Key Cavern, Tal Tal Mountain Range
These are just like Kanalet Soldiers or Moblins.

Found: Bottle Grotto, Face Shrine
Their official name is Mask-Mimic, but they look just like the Shy-Guys that
debuted in Super Mario Bros. 2. These masked enemies move in the opposite
direction as you. To beat them, charge up a Whirling Blade Attack and slash
their unprotected backsides. Arrows and bombs are also effective.

Found: Tail Cave, Bottle Grotto, Face Shrine, Eagle's Tower, Turtle Rock
Yet another Mario enemy. This one hails from Super Mario Bros. 2. Sparks travel
around solid objects or the edges of the room. You can use the Boomerang to
defeat them and earn a fairy. If you don't have the Boomerang, you can't defeat

--Spiked Beetle
Found: Tail Cave, Bottle Grotto, Angler's Tunnel
These spiked enemies move slowly, but they quickly spin toward you if you're on
the same rank or file (that's chess talk) as them. To get rid of Spiked
Beetles, flip them using your sword, and then slash them a few times while
they're lying on their backs.

--Spiny Beetle
Found: Caves, Martha's Bay
Not to be confused with the Spiked Beetle, these irritating enemies sometimes
hide under rocks, bushes, and skulls, and when you come near, they charge
toward you, rock and all. These enemies, who are also known as Hoarder, are
surprisingly quick and sneaky. You can use the Power Bracelet to lift up the
rock when it stops, and then slash the enemy itself, but it's best to ignore

Found: Tail Cave, Bottle Grotto, Key Cavern, Catfish's Maw
These fragile skeletal warriors are very common. They jump around and try to
stomp you, and the green ones knock bones around. Slash it right after it
lands. Ranged weapons also work well.

Found: Angler's Tunnel, Catfish's Maw, Face Shrine
These infrequently-seen enemies bounce around the room like Bubbles, but these
can be defeated with a sword attack.

Found: Tal Tal Heights, Face Shrine Area
The familiar one-eyed spiders jump around erratically, but they're pretty easy
to beat using your sword.

--Three of a Kind
Found: Tail Cave, Eagle's Tower
A particularly vexing enemy, Three of a Kind appears in a couple of dungeons.
They rotate through the four card suits and stop when you hit them with your
sword. If you stop all of them on the same suit, a treasure chest will appear.
The suits appear in a predictable pattern, but they scroll through very
quickly. As a footnote, if you stop them all on the diamond suit, they'll give
up Rupees; on hearts, they leave behind recovery hearts.

Found: Face Shrine
In Super Mario World, Thwimps were quite different from Thwomps, but in Link's
Awakening, Thwimps are simply smaller versions of Thwomps.

Found: Key Cavern, Angler's Tunnel
These stone blocks appear in the Mario series, although this incarnation has
only eye. When you come near, it'll crash down, trying to squash you, and will
then reset. You can't touch its spined side, but you can (and sometimes must)
jump onto its top.

Found: Turtle Rock
These bat-like enemies float around in a few rooms in the final dungeon and are
quite tough to beat. If you come close they'll zoom off screen for a little
while. Try a Whirling Blade Attack while you're in the air after jumping with
the Roc's Feather. The Boomerang, Fire Rod, and beams from the L-2 Sword work
really well. After you hit it, two little bats will rush towards you with high
speed, but those are easy to beat with your sword.

--Water Tektite
Found: Angler's Tunnel, Catfish's Maw, Face Shrine
These rare enemies don't stray from water and are easily beaten with sword
attacks. They behave just like the Skeeters from Super Mario 64 (and Super
Mario Sunshine, although those work a little differently).

Found: Face Shrine, Eagle's Tower
I hate these! The Wizzrobes in Link's Awakening keep disappearing and
reappearing, shooting a beam at Link when they turn visible. Use your sword to
shove all of them into one corner. Then place a bomb right after they
disappear, and you should be able to wipe them out easily. Alternatively, you
can defeat a Wizzrobe using four arrows. Best is to use a Bomb Arrow.

Found: Caves, Mysterious Woods, most dungeons (especially Key Cavern)
Among the most common enemies in the game, Zols are little blobs that move
slowly and then jump at you. Some pop out of the ground when you approach.
When you hit red Zols with a standard sword, they'll turn into Gels, while
green Zols are marginally weaker.

Found: Koholint Prairie, Martha's Bay
Zolas are aggressive versions of the friendly Zoras from newer Zelda games.
Zolas occasionally pop out of the water to spit a fireball at you. They're
usually tough to defeat, so it's best just to ignore them. You can use your
shield to defend yourself against the fireballs, especially in places like
Martha's Bay where Zolas are everywhere.

Found: Graveyard
Zombies endlessly rise up out of the ground in the area just south of the
Witch's Hut. Hit them once to defeat them. I don't think these are the same as
the ReDeads from newer Zelda games like Ocarina of Time.

Pieces of Heart                                                      [HEART]
Like every other Zelda game, this one has several Pieces of Heart for players
to find and collect. Collect four of them to get a new Heart Container.

1. Mabe Village Fishing Game
Required Item: Sword
Visit the Fishing Pond just north of Madam MeowMeow's House. Pay 10 Rupees to
play. Catch one of the big fish to earn a Piece of Heart. It's easiest if you
catch the highest small fish first, and then aim for the big one directly below
you. A turbo controller helps when reeling a fish in.

2. Mabe Village
Required Item: Sword
Just north of the library is a well. Cut the grass above the well and jump off
the ledge into it. You'll land near a Piece of Heart.

3. Koholint Prairie
Required Item: Roc's Feather
A little north of the Witch's Hut is a Piece of Heart surrounded by holes. Use
Roc's Feather to jump over the holes and reach it.

4. Koholint Prairie
Required Item: Roc's Feather
Simply push one of the tombstones in the southwest part of the Cemetery to
reach a cave. Alternatively, near the area that's infested with zombies, lift
the boulder that blocks the staircase. On the eastern side of this cave, push
the lower rock east and make a tricky jump to the ledge, from which you can
reach the Piece of Heart. I think the game was designed so that you were
supposed to not be able to get this Heart Piece until you owned the Hookshot.

5. Mysterious Woods
Required Item: Power Bracelet
Go in the cave and head to the section with the movable boulders. Lift the
skulls using the Power Bracelet to gain access to the Heart Piece.

6. Ukuku Prairie
Required Items: Pegasus Boots, Bombs
Go to the small cave in Ukuku Prairie (just south of the cemetery) and bomb it
to reveal an entrance. Crush the crystals, go north, and turn south down the
middle. Poke at the eastern walls with your sword, and when you hear a clanking
sound (near the bottom of the northern screen), drop a bomb and you'll open a
tunnel! Go through to find a Piece of Heart.

7. Yarna Desert
Required Items: Marin
In the cavern at the north end of the desert, bomb the north wall of the
western screen to find it.

8. Tal Tal Heights
Required Items: Flippers
Swim into the flooded cave in the river in Tal Tal Heights. Dive down near the
middle of the screen to find it.

9. Kanalet Castle
Required Items: Flippers
Dive near the southwest corner of the moat until you find the Piece of Heart.

10. Animal Village
Required Items: Hookshot, Bombs
Go inside the cave in Animal Village. In the first room, push the rocks into
the holes, beat the Hardhat Beetle, and bomb the north wall. Follow the path
until you can't go any farther. Drop a bomb and throw it over to the cracked
rock, destroying it. Then circle around to the other side of the cave, Hookshot
to the rock, and collect the Piece of Heart.

11. Tal Tal Mountain Range
Required Items: Hookshot, Bombs
Left of the Hen House, Hookshot across the gaps and slash the bush to reveal a
cave. Go inside and bomb the indentation below the skull to find a tunnel. It
leads to the Heart Piece you could see but couldn't get to.

12. Tal Tal Mountain Range (near Turtle Rock dungeon)
Required Items: Access to Turtle Rock, several Small Keys
This is found in a secret area reached by exiting the Turtle Rock dungeon, near
the fourth Warp Hole. It's difficult to not get this one.

Secret Seashells                                                     [SHELL]
Yes, if you collect enough of these (20), something good really will happen.

1. Mabe Village
Required Items: Sword
Slash through the grassy field to find your first Secret Seashell.

2. Tail Cave
Required Items: Tail Key, Bombs
In Room 7, bomb the cracked western wall to reach the room between the
dungeon's "eyes," which has a Secret Seashell. 

3. Mabe Village 
Required Items: Shovel
Go in the doghouse at BowWow's house. Dig in the lower-right corner to find the

4. Koholint Prairie
Required Items: Shovel, Power Bracelet
Southwest of the Witch's Hut, slash the lone piece of grass and dig under it to
reveal a Secret Seashell.

5. Mysterious Woods
Required Items: Power Bracelet
Near the entrance from Mabe Village, pick up the boulder and open the chest for
a Secret Seashell.

6. Ukuku Prairie 
Required Items: Power Bracelet, 5 Secret Seashells
Go to the Seashell Mansion if you have five Secret Seashells. Inside, step
forward and receive another shell! If you collect more than five, you won't be
able to get this one. 

7. Ukuku Prairie
Required Items: Power Bracelet
From the Key Cavern dungeon, go east, north, and then west, where you'll find a
spot surrounded by grass on each side. Dig at the center to find the shell.

8. Ukuku Prairie
Required Items: Power Bracelet
East of Seashell Mansion. Simply chop the bushes.

9. Ukuku Prairie (Richard's Villa)
Required Items: 5 Golden Leaves
Once you have five Golden Leaves, talk to Richard to access the staircase
leading to the tunnel under his villa. Take the left fork and push the rock
into the hole to get to the chest.

10. Ukuku Prairie
Required Items: Power Bracelet
Under a rock in the maze that connects Ukuku Prairie with Martha's Bay.

11. Ukuku Prairie
Required Items: 10 Secret Seashells
Once you have 10 Secret Seashells, go to the Seashell Mansion to earn another

12. Ukuku Prairie
Required Items: Power Bracelet, Shovel, Bombs
Bomb the indented western wall in a cave near #10. Push the rocks (near the
end, push the third from the bottom to the side, and the one above that up) in
the passageway. Then go outside and dig near the owl statue.

13. Martha's Bay
Required Items: Power Bracelet
An isolated piece of grass in south-central Martha's Bay.

14. Ukuku Prairie
Required Items: Pegasus Boots
Charge into the tree by the Phone Booth near the Mabe Village entrance to Ukuku

15. South of the Village
Required Items: Pegasus Boots
One screen west of the Tail Cave, use the Pegasus Boots to ram into the tree
and knock down a Secret Seashell. Very easy to miss.

16. Martha's Bay
Required Items: Pegasus Boots
From the entrance to Animal Village, south twice, west, and north across the
bridge. Dig to the left of the owl statue to uncover a Secret Seashell.

17. Yarna Desert
Required Items: Marin
From the northeast corner of the desert, follow the eastern path south until
you reach two rocks. Lift one up to reveal a Secret Seashell.

18. Toronbo Shores
Required Items: Flippers
Once you return the ghost to his grave, look in the House by the Bay and pick
up the pots. One hides a Secret Seashell. This shell usually doesn't appear
until you've finished the ghost sidequest.

19. Ukuku Prairie
Required Items: Flippers
On an island near the Key Cavern dungeon. If it falls in the water, don't
worry. Just leave the screen and it'll be back.

20. Martha's Bay
Required Items: Flippers
In the southwest screen of Martha's Bay, swim around to the small island with
the single bush. Slash it for a Secret Seashell.

21. Tal Tal Mountain Range
Required Items: Flippers
From where you jumped off to reach Angler's Tunnel, go north to the Hen House.
From there, cross the bridge to the east and lift the rock for a Secret

22. Tal Tal Mountain Range
Required Items: Flippers
From the deep water near where you jumped down to Level 4, go east to the cave.
Bomb the dry spot in the water and go up the stairs. Go south past the puzzle
with the movable boulders and go outside to find the chest with the shell.

23. Face Shrine Area
Required Items: Pegasus Boots
Very difficult to find. From the entrance to the ruins area, go south, west
twice, north, and east. Push the southeastern Armos Statue to find a secret
cave with nothing but a chest containing a Secret Seashell.

24. Rapids Ride (connected to Face Shrine dungeon)
Required Items: L-2 Power Bracelet
From the entrance of the Face Shrine dungeon, go left and make your way to the
northernmost room. The staircase takes you to an island in Rapids Ride, where
you can get a shell from the treasure chest.

25. Kanalet Castle
Required Items: Flying Rooster
This can only be collected when you have the Flying Rooster with you. In the
southwest corner of Kanalet Castle, pick up the Flying Rooster and float over
to the staircase. It leads to a chest containing a Secret Seashell.

26. Eagle's Tower
Required Items: Eagle Key
In the room on the second floor where the tiles fly at you (accessed through
the one-way door), drop through the western hole and go north to the chest,
which has a Secret Seashell.

Photo List                                                           [PHOTO]
One of the most prominent features added in the GBC update of Link's Awakening
is a photo album feature that takes pictures of you at certain places, not
unlike the photographer in EarthBound.

1. "Here Stands a Brave Man"/"Game Over"
Location: Tal Tal Heights
Required Items: Roc's Feather
Visit the Photo Shop in Tal Tal Heights (a little east of the Moblins' lair) to
get your first photo. Normally you'll get "Here Stands a Brave Man," but a
different picture ("Game Over") will be taken if you keep saying no. It won't
be counted as losing a life, though.

2. "Ocean View"
Location: Toronbo Shores
Required Items: Marin
When Marin is following you, stand on the cliff in the southwestern part of the
Toronbo Shores.

3. "Heads Up!"
Location: Mabe Village
Required Items: Marin
Jump down the well north of the library while Marin is with you to see this
goofy picture.

4. "Camera Hog"
Location: Mabe Village
Required Items: Marin
The last of the Marin pictures, this one will be snapped if you stand near the

5. "<name> Discovers Ulrira's Secret!"
Location: Mabe Village
Required Items: First Photo
Approach one of the windows at Grandpa Ulrira's house.

6. "<name> Plays with BowWow!"
Location: Mabe Village
Required Items: First Photo
Stand near BowWow at Madam MeowMeow's House.

7. "THIEF!"
Location: Mabe Village
Required Items: First Photo
Steal something from the shop - probably the Bow. Remember that if you get this
picture, you'll lose a life if you return to the item shop. Keep this in mind
if you're trying to collect all 12 pictures while trying to record a perfect

8. "Can't Swim?"
Location: Martha's Bay
Required Items: Flippers
To get this picture, you must have collected at least the Mermaid's Necklace in
the Trading Game. Dive down at the bridge where you met the fisherman. Talk to
him again to earn this amusing photo.

9. "I Found Zora"
Location: Animal Village
Required Items: Magnifying Lens
Once you've obtained the Magnifying Lens, enter the fourth house from the left
in Animal Village. Walk to the pond to meet a friendly Zora.
10. "A Regal Home"
Location: Kanalet Castle
Required Items: Power Bracelet
When you first reach Kanalet Castle, approach the castle gate to have a picture
taken with Richard.

11. "I Was Very Afraid"
Location: Koholint Prairie
Required Items: First four Instruments
After you return the ghost to his grave, approach the tombstone and the
photographer will appear.

12. "Close Call"
Location: Tal Tal Mountain Range
Required Items:
On the bridge three screens east of the Hen House.

Glitches and Tricks                                                  [CHEAT]
For purposes of being complete and comprehensive, I feel obliged to inform my
readers of the two main glitches of Link's Awakening. Be warned: Using these
glitches can make weird things happen to your game - like erasing your save
files. Use them at your own risk.

---The Secret Doghouse World---
This glitch can be risky. First go to screen B-11 (Madam MeowMeow's House).
Walk to the right side of the house (the back of the doghouse). Hold Down on
the Control Pad and tap Right slowly. Eventually you'll be walking toward the
fence. Press Left and you should be in a crazy world with messed-up graphics.
You'll be able to walk through walls and visit most of the rooms of the
dungeons and caverns. The world will work differently depending on the number
of enemies you've beaten since you last turned the game on. This glitch works
in all versions of the game, including the DX version. Jelly Soup's excellent
Glitch FAQ, available at, explains this much more thoroughly.

---The Wrong Dungeon Order---
At certain points in the game, you can complete dungeons out of order. For
example, you can complete Turtle Rock before even entering the seventh dungeon
if you have the Secret Medicine. Enter the cave with the fireball blaster and
run into the fire. You'll run out of energy, but the Secret Medicine will give
you just enough time to get through; you're invincible and invisible while the
hearts are being refilled. If you just get the main item of a dungeon, you can
sometimes move on to the next dungeon without obtaining the Instrument.

References to Other Games                                            [REFER]

  *** WARNING ***

This section may contain explicit spoilers.

Almost everything in Link's Awakening is an allusion to something else, with
most of its themes being derived from another Zelda game or from the Super
Mario series. This section has little to do with gameplay, but it is a unique
feature that will help increase many players' enjoyment and understanding of
the game.

Hen House man    = Ingo (Ocarina of Time)
Grandma Ulrira   = Sahasrahla's wife (A Link to the Past)
Grandpa Ulrira   = Sahasrahla (A Link to the Past)
Grim Creeper     = Skull Kid (Ocarina of Time)
Madam MeowMeow   = Mamamu Yan (Ocarina of Time)
Marin            = Malon (Ocarina of Time), Zelda (various)
Mr. Write        = Dr. Wright (SimCity), Dr. Left (Minish Cap)
Owl              = Kaepora Gebora (Ocarina of Time)
Tarin            = Talon (Ocarina of Time)
Wind Fish        = Jabu-Jabu (Ocarina of Time)

Playing themselves: Kiki (A Link to the Past), the Mad Batter (A Link to the
Past), Richard (For Frogs the Bell Tolls, an obscure Japanese game), Wart/Mamu
(Super Mario Bros. 2), 

Blooper, Boo Buddy, Cheep-Cheep, Goomba, Piranha Plant, Podoboo, Pokey, Shy-
Guy, Spark, Thwimp, and Thwomp all appear in Mario games. Gordo is from Kirby's
Dream Land.

Bomb arrows appear in Twilight Princess.

Magic Rod     = Magic Wand (The Legend of Zelda), Fire Rod (A Link to the Past)
Ocarina       = Fairy Ocarina/Ocarina of Time (Ocarina of Time)

---The World Map---
The world map is very similar to that of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the
Past, although some people might argue that Pothole Field refers to Lon Lon

Eagle's Tower    = Tower of Hera
Face Shrine      = Eastern Palace
Mabe Village     = Kakariko Village
Martha's Bay     = Lake Hylia
Mt. Tamaranch    = Death Mountain
Mysterious Woods = Lost Woods
Rapids Ride      = Zora's Domain
Turtle Rock      = Turtle Rock
Ukuku Prairie    = Hyrule Field
Yarna Desert     = Desert of Mystery

---Other Stuff---
 * Blaino (a boxer in Oracle of Seasons)
 * BowWow (an SMB3-style Chain Chomp)
 * Christine's fake Princess Peach photo (Super Mario series)
 * Crazy Tracy (She appears in a new Japanese video game called Captain Rainbow)
 * Fishing Pond (Ocarina of Time)
 * Goriya (A boomerang-using enemy in the first Zelda game)
 * Great Moblin (the Oracle games)
 * Horsehead Puppets (one of the bosses in Zelda II)
 * Mad Bomber (Ocarina of Time's castle courtyard)
 * Marin's song in Animal Village (A Link to the Past's Flute Boy)
 * Owl statues (Majora's Mask)
 * Sale the alligator (He's a crocodile and wears a fedora; maybe a reference
   to the movie "Crocodile Dundee," or possibly Croco from Super Mario RPG)
 * Secret Seashells (Minish Cap)
 * Sleepy Mushroom (Ocarina of Time's trade sequence with Grog)
 * Trading Game (various Zelda games)
 * Weathercock (A Link to the Past)
 * The witch (A Link to the Past)
 * The Yoshi Doll item (Yoshi from Super Mario World)

Frequently Asked Questions                                           [QUEST]
Q: Are there any items I have only chance to collect?
A: Yes. One Secret Seashell near Kanalet Castle, which can only be earned while
you have the Flying Rooster. Also, two Secret Seashells require you to enter
the Seashell Mansion when you have a certain number of shells. However, you
don't have to find every Secret Seashell in the game to earn the associated
reward. Also, there's a certain point in the game where you have only one
chance to hear certain amusing pieces of dialogue and collect three photos for
your album (I'll tell you when that is). Lastly, there's only one chance to
collect the Richard picture.

Q: How many exchanges are there in the Trading Game?
A: Fourteen. Here's the full list, although my guide discusses each one in
greater depth:
  1. Go to the Trendy Game and win the Yoshi Doll.
  2. Give the Yoshi Doll to the Quadruplets' Mother in Mabe Village. She gives
you a Ribbon.
  3. Go to Madam MeowMeow's House in Mabe Village and enter the doghouse in the
side. Talk to the little Chomp and trade the Ribbon for Dog Food.
  4. Visit Sale's House o' Bananas at the beach and give the alligator the Dog
Food. He'll give you Bananas.
  5. At Kanalet Castle, give Kiki the monkey the Bananas and he'll construct a
bridge and leave a Stick behind. Take it!
  6. In Ukuku Prairie, you'll spot Tarin fooling with a beehive. Give him the
Stick and he'll leave a Honeycomb behind.
  7. In Animal Village, talk to Chef Bear and swap the Honeycomb for a
  8. In the Tal Tal Mountain Range area, just east of Mt. Tamaranch, talk to
Papahl and exchange your Pineapple for a Hibiscus. To get here, go through the
cave east of Mt. Tamaranch to the damp outdoor path. Then make your way through
the nearest cave on the damp outdoor trail to reach him.
  9. Go to the third house from the left in Animal Village. The goat will trade
a Hibiscus for a Letter.
 10. Go to Mr. Write's house near the Mysterious Woods and Goponga Swamp. Give
him his letter from that less-than-snazzy gal pal and he'll reward you with a
 11. Give the broom to Grandpa Ulrira's wife and you'll receive a Fishing Hook.
Depending on the number of dungeons you've completed, she may be found in Mabe
Village or Animal Village.
 12. Dive down to the right of the bridge in south-central Martha's Bay to find
a hidden scene with a fisherman on a boat. Speak with him and exchange the
Fishing Hook for the Necklace.
 13. Talk to Martha, the mermaid who's floating around in Martha's Bay. Give
her back her missing necklace and she'll let you take a scale from her tail.
 14. Take the scale to the mermaid statue, which can be accessed by using your
Hookshot to cross a gap just south of the bridge at the south end of Martha's
Bay. After inserting the scale, you'll be able to push the statue, revealing a
staircase! Inside, go forward to the pedestal with the Magnifying Lens.

Q: What are Guardian Acorns and Pieces of Power?
A: Unique to Link's Awakening, these are occasionally dropped by enemies and
temporarily boost your abilities. The Guardian Acorn halves the damage taken
when you're hit by an enemy, while a Piece of Power doubles the attack power
of your L-1 sword and makes you walk a little faster. Their effects wear off
after a few hits by an enemy. Also, you can't have a Guardian Acorn and a Piece
of Power active at the same time.

Q: Does anything special happen if I complete the game without losing a single
A: At the very end of the game, you'll see Marin flying instead of a sea gull.
In other words, not much. The number of times you've lost a life is recorded on
the file select screen.

Q: Is it a good idea to give your player the same name as a character in the
A: Do you really think it would be?

Q: What are Bomb Arrows and how can I use them?
A: Equip the Bow and the Bombs. Press A and B at the same time and you'll
launch an arrow that explodes when it hits something. This works well against
clusters of enemies. This feature didn't appear again in a Zelda game until
Twilight Princess.

Q: What's the best way to accumulate Rupees quickly?
A: Let's face it: Rupees are useful. You can collect money by defeating
enemies, digging, chopping tall grass, and opening certain treasure chests. The
best way: Once you have access to the Color Dungeon, enter the third room and
bomb the south wall, revealing a special room where you can collect 140 Rupees.
Exit and repeat this process until you have enough Rupees to buy the Bow or
other pricey goodies.

Q: What happens if you play the Ballad of the Wind Fish in front of the Egg
before you've gotten all the Instruments of the Sirens?
A: You'll play your song, but nothing will happen. Each time you get a new
Instrument, the song will sound a little different when played in front of the
Egg. Try it every time you get a new instrument.

Q: Is there something in this game I don't know about?
A: Well, it's very possible that you've missed a Secret Seashell or Piece of
Heart. Also, after your "date" with Marin (when she follows you), try playing
your Ocarina, digging, playing the Trendy Game, slashing chickens, falling down
the well in Mabe Village, talking to villagers (and Tarin), checking drawers in
houses, throwing pots, and entering dungeons.

Q: What happens if you keep slashing the Cuccoos in Mabe Village?
A: You'll get attacked by a great multitude of chickens. Evacuate the area or
take shelter inside an interior room of a sturdy building (away from windows,
please). This is a dangerous storm. Report any damage to your nearest law-
enforcement agency. This is what your local hurricane warning would tell you.

Q: Who is the Bucket Mouse?
A: If you use the telephone in Grandpa Ulrira's house, you'll talk to the
Bucket Mouse. A Google search seems to reveal that the Bucket Mouse is a
fictitious character who only appears in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.

Q: Why do always say "beat" or "defeated" instead of "killed"?
A: I have a soft spot in my heart for Moblins, Stalfoses, and video game
enemies in general. Also, it sounds less violent. And most of all, defeated
enemies (except for the stronger bosses) always return to their old locations
the next time you go back to that screen.

Q: Why can't I enter the Secret Dungeon?
A: You must be playing on a Game Boy Color or Game Boy Advance. Also, make sure
BowWow (or the ghost) isn't with you.

Q: How many different versions of the game are there?
A: Basically three, excluding different translations and regions. The first
version, released in 1993 for the old Game Boy, has the Screen Warp Glitch.
This glitch was removed in the next printing. In November 1998, the game was
re-released for the Game Boy Color in a new version called Link's Awakening DX.
Here's what's new in Link's Awakening DX:
 * The game has been colorized (if you're playing on a GBC or GBA)
 * The Photo Album feature has been added
 * There's a bonus dungeon with a new tunic
 * Stone Slabs are now Stone Beaks, and they now provide more clues (making the
game significantly easier for new players)
 * The Subscreen fades in when it appears instead of appearing from the bottom
 * You can press SELECT on the Subscreen to see your current Pieces of Heart,
tunic (useful for GB players), and pictures
 * The list of Instruments of the Sirens on the Subscreen now flashes
 * Can't fast-scroll through the messages you receive after getting a Piece of
Power or Guardian Acorn any more
 * Dark rooms in dungeons are less dark, while the Mysterious Woods are darker
 * Some treasure chests have different contents (such as Secret Medicines)
 * There's a new book in the library that tells you how to access the Color
 * The description for your Shield when you first receive it is slightly
 * At the beginning of the game, your map will no longer say you're in the
 * Added dialogue during the boss of Level 2
 * Seashell Mansion has new dialogue
 * Kiki now calls for "Monkeys," not "Monkees"
 * Room 15 in Angler's Tunnel has been adjusted so you can't make the game
impossible to complete
 * Thwimps now change color when they're about to strike
 * The Screen Warp glitch is removed
 * The perfect ending is different

By the way, I'm not counting the Link's Awakening ROM hack where all the
dialogue is now spiced with wall-to-wall obscenity and icky sex jokes, and the
Power Bracelet and Shield have been replaced by the Mega Steroids and a birth-
control apparatus. I've heard such a game exists, but I'm not recommending that
you actually play it.

Q: What does DX stand for?
A: "Deluxe." I'm pretty sure about that.

Q: I've beaten the final boss. What can I do now?
A: Link's Awakening doesn't have a second quest, but the game's replay value is
still very high.
 * There's probably some Pieces of Heart and Secret Seashells you've missed.
Use my guide to help you find them.
 * Play the Three-Heart Challenge - play through the game without getting any
additional Heart Containers.
 * Try manipulating your game using the Select Glitch. This enables you to
complete the dungeons in a weird order and obtain useless items like the L-3
Power Bracelet.
 * Play another Zelda game (like A Link to the Past, the game Link's Awakening
is modeled after, or Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons, which use the same
engine), or the original version of Link's Awakening for the Game Boy.

Q: How many times have you played through this game?
A: Ten. I'm not kidding. I never used a guide of any type when I first played
this game, except for a review in GamePro magazine that had a couple of two
useful tips (one helped me past the second room in the Bottle Grotto). In

September 1999: Finished my first two save files.
March 2001: Finished my third save file.
January 2002: Played through the game again while making my original strategy
  guide for the game.
July 2006: Felt the urge to play some Link's Awakening - my fifth playthrough.
April 2007: Played through again after the release of Twilight Princess.
  Completed the game in probably five hours.
September 2007: Completed the Game Boy Color re-release, Link's Awakening DX.
February 2008: Played through the game while making maps for the dungeons.
December 2008: Beat Link's Awakening again while making a guide for it. Then
  played the DX version while writing this guide.

Q: How long did it take you to finish the first time you played?
A: It might have been 80 hours or something. I got stuck several times. I got
the game for Christmas in 1994 and finished the Tail Cave in a few days. I
stopped playing (I was playing Donkey Kong Country more) for a while but got to
the Bottle Grotto in summer 1995 and got stumped at the second room. In July
1997 I completed the Bottle Grotto and got stuck again. In late July and August
1999, I got through Kanalet Castle and most of the rest of the dungeons in the
game. After bogging down again around Turtle Rock, I defeated the final
Nightmare on September 11, 1999. Yeah, it took me five years to beat this game.

Q: In what order do the Zelda games take place?
A: I might write a separate guide for this someday, but here's my current
opinion. Ocarina of Time comes first. In Timeline 1, Majora's Mask, Twilight
Princess, Wind Waker, and Phantom Hourglass. In Timeline 2, A Link to the Past,
Zelda I, Link's Awakening, Zelda II, Oracle of Seasons, and Oracle of Ages. I'm
not sure where the Vaati games fit in, especially Four Swords Adventures.

If you don't like the Split Timeline idea, this also works pretty well: Ocarina
of Time, Majora's Mask, Minish Cap, Four Swords, A Link to the Past, Zelda I,
Link's Awakening, Zelda II, Oracle of Seasons, Oracle of Ages, Four Swords
Adventures, Twilight Princess, Wind Waker, and Phantom Hourglass.

Q: What other notes and tips do you have for the game?
A: Here are a few miscellaneous tidbits that don't fit anywhere else:
 * If you ever run out of life energy, press A, B, START, and SELECT (or turn
the game off if you've saved lately) before the Game Over screen appears and
your lost life won't be recorded on the File Select screen.
 * If you name your character ZELDA (all caps), the music on the title screen
will (temporarily) sound different. It'll be a cool remix of the traditional
overworld theme.
 * If you want a really powerful attack, throw your Boomerang and then
immediately pick up the Flying Rooster. The Boomerang will hang under you and
defeat any enemies in your path. It's not very useful, though, since you don't
keep the Flying Rooster for very long.
 * The Boomerang is the only weapon in the game that can be used diagonally.
 * It's possible to talk to the trees by the Seashell Mansion.
 * Play the Ballad of the Wind Fish twice at the entrance to Yarna Desert to
make the walrus pop his head out of the water.
 * In Level 5, when the Master Stalfos boss is leaving the room, you can throw
a Bomb Arrow at him and make him explode, leaving a Small Key behind. This
trick has no practical application.
 * The Fairy Fountains can be used as an unlimited number of times, although
the fairy won't appear if your energy gauge is full. Fairy Fountains can be
very helpful, so remember where they're located (often behind bombable walls in
the overworld).
 * You can print photos from your album using the Game Boy Camera and Printer.
If you're playing on an emulator, you can save a screenshot and print that.
 * The Link's Awakening font is used throughout Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, the
Game Boy Color remake of Super Mario Bros.
 * I thank Red Shifter for telling me about the western bombable wall in Room
39 of Turtle Rock.

Version History                                                      [VERSN]
Oh great, the version history! As if anybody actually cared...

 Date    | Version | Size |
12- 9-08 |   0.3   | 163KB| Completed guide for the original Link's Awakening.
12-10-08 |   0.45  | 162KB| Verified data for first two dungeons.
12-15-08 |   0.48  | 164KB| Began photo guide and did some other stuff.
12-16-08 |   0.52  | 164KB| Completed Key Cavern.
12-17-08 |   0.63  | 166KB| Verified Angler's Tunnel and Catfish's Maw.
12-18-08 |   0.83  | 175KB| Completed Color Dungeon, Face Shrine, and Eagle's
         |         |      | Tower.
12-19-08 |   0.93  | 175KB| Finished Turtle Rock and final battle.
12-20-08 |   1.0   | 178KB| Proofread Color Dungeon guide and confirmed notes.
 9-14-09 |   1.1   | 178KB| Fixed a mistake no one will notice.

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