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Follow the dark path or use the light
Tamagotchi Pack Shot




by dancinkayley

  ___________                                                                |
 |____   ____|__          __   ______ ________________ ____  _   _  _        |
      |  |   /  \ |\  /| /  \  | ___| |    ||___  ___|| ___|| |_| || |       |
      |  |  /_|_ \| \/ |/ _|_\ | |__  |  | |    | |   | |__ |  _  || |       |
      |__| |_| |_||_\/_||_| |_||__/\_\|____|    |_|   |____||_| |_||_|       |
FAQ             | Welcome to my FAQ on the Tamagotchi game for Gameboy! I 
by Dancinkayley | know it is a while since its release, I still like the old 
Version 1.2     | Tamagotchi. (What are you laughing at?) This game isn't so 
----------------* bad as you may think. I do know many of you out there don't 
like these virtual pets...

Enough of the rambling. Better get on to the Version History, then the 

/                 \

Version 1.2- 4/6/'07- Completed contents (lol I had forgotten about it), 
added this version history section, edited discipline, edited the 
Tamagotchi checklist so it said "Gaijintchi" instead of "Gajintchi" and 
added "Strange Occurences" section.

/          \

1. Controls and Basics
2. The Game
3. Tamagotchi Characters
4. Tamagotchi Checklist
5. Strange Occurences
6. End

/                        \

The controls are very hard *coughs loudly*. They are as follows:

Control Pad: Highlight options (if you can really call it highlighting)
Button A: Choose options.
Button B: Cancel options.
Start/Select: Make your Tamagotchi spontaneously jump out of the screen and 
begin dancing. (Sorry, joking!)

Now for some basic tips:

-When you load up the game you have "Continue", "New Game" and "Options". All 
are self explanatory. The options menu has text speed and memory (view past 
Tamagotchi that have returned to Tamagotchi planet).
-If you feed a snack (ice cream/cake) only feed one at a time! It will make 
your Tamagotchi heavier and possibly give it a stomachache. Try to play the 
Smile game instead.
-Work off weight using the Sports game, and make happier by playing the Smile 

Now we can go onto the next section!

/             \
| 2. THE GAME |

When you start, you go to the egg room where you can choose an egg. Half are 
black Babitchi and half are white Shirobabitchi.

Now, you proceed to the actual game. Wait a few seconds for the egg to hatch, 
and now you can play!

Here are the icons, in order. I'll start with the bottom row first since 
those icons are more important:

| Feeding Time |

You have 5 food choices, three meals, two snacks.
The meals are bread, meat and carrot.
The snacks are ice cream and cake.

Each Tamagotchi has a favourite and least favourite meal. Try to give it its 
favourite meal! (Note: Some Tamagotchi don't have a least favourite meal.)

BEBI-CHI part 1
Babitchi: Likes bread, dislikes carrot
Shirobabitchi: Likes bread, dislikes meat

BEBI-CHI part 2
Marutchi: Likes bread, dislikes meat
Tonmarutchi: Likes bread, dislikes meat

Tamatchi: Likes bread, dislikes carrot
Tongaritchi: Likes carrot, dislikes meat
Kuchitamatchi: Likes bread, dislikes meat
Hashitamatchi: Likes meat, dislikes bread

Mametchi: Likes bread
Mimitchi: Likes bread
Ginjirotchi: Likes bread, dislikes carrot
Pochitchi: Likes meat, dislikes carrot
Masukutchi: Likes bread
Zukitchi: Likes meat
Kuchipatchi: Likes bread, dislikes meat
Hashizotchi: Likes meat, dislikes carrot
Nyorotchi: Likes meat, dislikes carrot
Takotchi: Likes meat, dislikes bread
Tarakotchi: Likes meat, dislikes carrot
Kusatchi: Likes bread, dislikes carrot

Gaijintchi/Ketotchi: Unknown
Zatchi: Unknown

| Lights Out |

Even easier than the keychain version. Select and the lights go out straight 
away, or on straight away! Do it when Tamagotchi goes to sleep, they like to 
sleep in the dark.

| Play Time |

There are three games, the Smile game, the Study game and the Sports game.

In the smile game you need to guess whether Tamagotchi is going to face left 
or right. Press the direction you think. Best to stick with one direction, or 
try another strategy.

In the study game you need to help Tamagotchi solve the maths problem. Let it 
pace back a few times (just don't press any buttons) then press A when 
Tamagotchi is near the correct answer. You need to solve 3 questions, and get 
at least 2 right. This game comes in three levels- A, B and C, and so does 
the sports game.

In the sports game the Tamagotchi needs to catch balls falling from the sky. 
Move Tamagotchi using left and right, and A to jump. Tamagotchi does fight 
over the controls though, that makes it hard! In level A you need to catch 5 
out of 10 balls, level B, 7 out of 10 balls, level C, 9 out of 10 balls.

The Study and Sports game raise the intelligence and body meters of your 
Tamagotchi, respectively. (More on that later.) After you've filled the bar 
for whatever game halfway, you need to play level B. After you've beaten 
level B once, and gotten the bar 3/4 full, you need to play level C.

Note that the next day the bar goes down from full to 3/4 full.

If your Tamagotchi refuses to play a game, see Discipline.

| Medicine |

There are three illnesses in Tamagotchi. Each is denoted by a skull floating 
above your Tamagotchi.

One is from forgetting to clean up after your Tamagotchi. This is called 
nappy rash. Another is from feeding too many snacks, one mistake many make 
with their Tamagotchi Connection keychain pet. This is called stomachache. 
Finally, the flu is from total bad care.  Here is a cure list. You may need 
to give medicine more than once, maybe three times!

BEBI-CHI part 1

Nappy rash: Shot. Stomachache: Pill. Flu: Shot.
Nappy rash: Shot. Stomachache: Pill. Flu: Shot.

BEBI-CHI part 2

Nappy rash: Shot. Stomachache: Pill. Flu: Shot.
Nappy rash: Shot. Stomachache: Pill. Flu: Shot.


Nappy rash: Pill. Stomachache: Pill. Flu: Shot.
Nappy rash: Pill. Stomachache: Pill. Flu: Shot.
Nappy rash: Shot. Stomachache: Pill. Flu: Shot.
Nappy rash: Shot. Stomachache: Pill. Flu: Shot.


Nappy rash: Pill. Stomachache: Pill. Flu: Shot.
Nappy rash: Pill. Stomachache: Pill. Flu: Shot.
Nappy rash: Pill. Stomachache: Pill. Flu: Shot.
Nappy rash: Shot. Stomachache: Pill. Flu: Shot.
Nappy rash: Shot. Stomachache: Pill. Flu: Shot.
Nappy rash: Shot. Stomachache: Pill. Flu: Shot.
Nappy rash: Shot. Stomachache: Pill. Flu: Shot.
Nappy rash: Pill. Stomachache: Pill. Flu: Shot.
Nappy rash: Shot. Stomachache: Pill. Flu: Shot.
Nappy rash: Shot. Stomachache: Pill. Flu: Shot.
Nappy rash: Pill. Stomachache: Pill. Flu: Shot.
Nappy rash: Pill. Stomachache: Pill. Flu: Shot.

Sorry, I don't know secret characters. So when I do know, I'll definitely 
write it down!

| Flush |

Cleans up your Tamagotchi's waste. Simple.
Well, when your Tamagotchi is in the Kodomo-chi (Child) or Adult-chi (Adult) 
stage, when they are about to go select this and they will use the toilet!

| Health Check |

You can see the status of your Tamagotchi here.
Here's all of the meters and what they are for:

Life (how full your Tamagotchi is)
Fun (how happy your Tamagotchi is)
IQ (intelligence of your Tamagotchi)
Body (strength of your Tamagotchi)
Deed (the behaviour level of your Tamagotchi)

More meters than any keychain Tamagotchi I've seen!

And also, if you have won any contests, you'll get a mark above your 
Tamagotchi's picture:

Foot print: Race
Star: Beauty
(I'm not sure of this one): Intelligence

| Discipline |

When Tamagotchi has the flashing smile above its picture at the top of the 
screen and is pulling funny faces, this is which screen you go to!

Now, I'm not so good at this. Okay this is my tactic:

If it shows the little black circles with a white + symbol, you need to 
select "scold".

Also, if Tamagotchi refuses to play the Smile game and is unhappy, scold it.

| The Lab |

Talk to the Professor. Wanna hatch a new egg? Want intentionally useless 
advice? Want to send your Tamagotchi back home? Or do you want your 
Tamagotchi to compete in various contests (only at adulthood)?

Most of the stuff here is self explanatory.
"Pick Test" is for tournaments, between 12pm and 6pm (virtual time in the 
game, obviously). You have a race, beauty and knowledge tests, but can only 
enter once!

And, "Home" is to send your Tamagotchi home. Also known as, deleting your 

Well that's all. Now on to the top of the screen:

| Sun |

See if it's morning, afternoon or night. Simple.

| Clock |

Use this to fast forward the clock when Tamagotchi is asleep.
It says a number and the word "Day" above the clock to show how long you've 
been a Tamagotchi caretaker.

| Name |

Your Tamagotchi's name.

| Tamagotchi Switch |

Switch between your Tamagotchi's home screens so you can care for each one. 
Only if you have 2 or more Tamagotchi will this really work.

/                          \

Here's a list of the Tamagotchi characters.
Note: I'm not completely sure if Gaijintchi and Zatchi are actually on this 
game. I'm PRESUMING they are, since they are characters of Generation 1 and 
2 Tamagotchi.

Apart from Bebi-chi part 1 and secret characters, characters are listed from 
best to worst.

BEBI-CHI part 1 (Baby)

Cute little baby. Needs constant care and attention so it can start its life 
at a good footing.
Looks like a black blob with white eyes and mouth.

Sweet little baby. Needs strong parent!
Looks like a small white blob with black eyes (that look like dots) and mouth.

BEBI-CHI part 2 (Baby)

Spoiled brat that loves to roll around. You must now start disciplining your 
Tamagotchi or else it will become spoilt!
Looks like Shirobabitchi, but bigger.

Likes to mess up his hair.
Looks like Marutchi but has a bump at the top of its head.


Well done, you love your Tamagotchi and must start carefully preparing it for 
Looks like a round ball with arms and legs.

Good natured kid.
Looks like Tonmarutchi with legs.

Neglect is already starting to come! You should give more care to stop your 
Tamagotchi from becoming a delinquent!
Looks like a ball with lips.

Lacks attention and love.
Looks like Kuchitamatchi, but lips look like rectangles.

ADULT-CHI (Adult, how hard to guess!)

Sincere, brilliant and polite. You've raised a very healthy Tamagotchi. 
Should live a very long and happy life with few complaints!
Looks? Well... hard to describe... It has small black ears, a big head and 
big eyes with a body like Tamatchi's.

Well cared for genius! Sincere and polite, with an IQ of 200!
Has a round body with big ears (Mimi meaning Ear in Japanese) and has arms 
and feet.

Happy, content, but can be very naughty when s/he wants!
Usually stands sideways and has hair, a large nose and arms.

Good natured and rare!
Looks like a dog.

Very lazy... gets up late, goes to bed late.
Looks like a walking Pokeball (for those who have played Pokemon, you'd know 
what I mean)

Dreams of becoming a champion of justice!
Floats and has four legs. Has antennae-like ears. May look like s/he is 
wearing a mask.

This fellow is not very well and will only live a short life.
Looks like Kuchitamatchi, but has a tail.

Does not like water, but loves baths!
Looks like Kuchitamatchi, with four legs and ears.

Very selfish, very ugly! You've got your work cut out right here!
S/he is bean shaped with lips like Hashitamatchi's. S/he also has legs.

Loves heavy metal music but sickly.
Looks like flowers in a flowerpot.

SECRET CHARACTERS (if they are on this game)

Secret character from Generation 1.
Looks like a head with legs.

Secret character from Generation 2.
Looks like an alien.
/                         \

Here's a list of the Tamagotchi, with check boxes. Feel free to copy this 
section and print it out for checking off the boxes(ONLY this section, 

BEBI-CHI part 1
[] Babitchi
[] Shirobabitchi

BEBI-CHI part 2
[] Marutchi
[] Tonmarutchi

[] Tamatchi
[] Tongaritchi
[] Kuchitamatchi
[] Hashitamatchi

[] Mametchi
[] Mimitchi
[] Ginjirotchi
[] Pochitchi
[] Masukutchi
[] Zukitchi
[] Nyorotchi
[] Takotchi
[] Tarakotchi
[] Kusatchi

[] Gaijintchi
[] Zatchi

/                       \

Anything strange happen to your game? Email me at [email protected] 
and I'll add it here!

1. Mirablu reports that, while playing this game on a Super GameBoy, had a 
child Tamagotchi in the third room. Then a Masukutchi appeared at the window. 
Mirablu then switched to another Tamagotchi, then the third Tamagotchi began 
bleeping. Mirablu switched back to the Tamagotchi and it had died a sudden 

/        \
| 6. END |

Well thanks for reading this guide! It went a whole lot longer than I 
expected. And another thing I should have said earlier... please don't copy 
any part of this guide except for the checklist, unless I said you could.

Anyway that ends my first FAQ ever, I hope to do another one for Tamagotchi