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Follow the dark path or use the light
Super Mario Land Pack Shot

Super Mario Land



by NintendoGames

Super Mario Land

Copyright 2012 NintendoGames

Author: NintendoGames
E-mail: [email protected]
Most Recent Update: June 18, 2012
Originally Created: June 18, 2012
Version 1.0

---------------------------Table of Contents---------------------------

Section 1*

Items and Vehicles*
Game Play*

Section 2*

Birabuto Kingdom*
Muda Kingdom*
Easton Kingdom*
Chai Kingdom*

Section 3*

Hard Mode*
Bonus Rooms*

Section 4*

Credits and Legal Information*
  /                                                                 \
 /                                                                   \
||----------------------------Section 1*-----------------------------||
 \                                                                   /


Ah, Mario games. The start of booming video games right now. Let's not
forget them before they will eventually die out sooner or later, so 
just remember to do that, okay? :)


This guide is not long (it’s one of my shorter ones, really), but it 
would be annoying to have to constantly scroll down, right?  Never fear, 
for a navigation system is in place.  I have asterisks by the names of 
each section.  This distinguishes them from times I’d use those words 
in text (navigation, ahem, navigation).  So, that way you can press 
CTRL and F (it’s Apple and F if you have a Mac) and then type in the 
name of the section.  From there, just click the Search/Find button.  
It will take you to each place that phrase is used (in this case, the 
Table of Contents and then the beginning of that section in the 
walkthrough).  Hope that helps.


I admit it; the storyline is REALLY awful by itself.  However, I will 
also include the plot of Super Mario Land 2 beneath it.  SML 2’s 
storyline throws a ton of light on this one’s – it illuminates it 
completely.  Also, below is a list of important characters.  First, 
though, a brief summary of this game’s plot.

Sarasaland is a far-off desert kingdom consisting of smaller states or 
provinces called the Birabuto, Muda, Easton, and Chai Kingdoms.  There, 
the reigning princess is Princess Daisy, who looks remarkably like 
Princess Peach Toadstool of the Mushroom Kingdom (where Mario’s from).  
To the point, “Tatanga, the Mysterious Spaceman,” has kidnapped Daisy 
in hopes of marrying her and becoming king of the kingdom.  From there, 
he somehow hopes to rule the world, although Sarasaland is so small and 
insignificant that I don’t see how he could.  I mean, really, Mario 
could travel through one fourth of the kingdom in just three short 
levels on foot…  Okay, I admit that there was no actual reference to 
ruling the world…  Anyways, Mario takes it upon himself to search each 
kingdom until he finds Daisy and defeats that alien.

Pretty nifty, eh?  Yeah, I thought so, too.  Anyways, below is the 
storyline of Super Mario Land 2.  I think it will show you a lot about 
this game.

When Mario returned to Mario Land, some made-up-in-five-minutes country 
that Mario supposedly owns and built a castle on, after rescuing 
Princess Daisy of Sarasaland, he found that everything was disorderly.  
In fact, the iconic M Emblem on his castle had been flipped upside-down 
to form a W.  Oh, no.  Wario has stolen Mario’s castle and Mario Land 
itself!  Gasp!  He hired Tatanga, an alien, to kidnap Princess Daisy.  
Wario knew that Mario could not resist such a tempting rescue, and 
Wario took over when Mario was out.  Now Mario must reclaim his castle 
from Wario by collecting six golden coins to open it!

As you can see, this entire game is just one big decoy to the real 
trouble – namely, Mario’s imaginary country being invaded by his 
overweight impersonator.  Now, although I could do a bio for Wario 
below, I won’t because this is a guide for Super Mario Land, not SML 2.  
Look below for descriptions of all the many characters.

Mario: Mr. Nintendo was created by Shigeru Miyamoto (the brilliant man 
who brought us numerous characters, including DK and Link), and Mario 
first appeared in the arcade classic, Donkey Kong.  In it, he was named 
Jumpman, and he was rescuing the Lady (a.k.a Pauline, named so because 
Pauline was a popular movie-era name for damsels in distress) from a 
gigantic ape (Donkey Kong).  Because of poor graphics in arcade games, 
Mario had to look a certain way to animate him easily.  Hair was hard 
to show, so they gave him a hat (the same goes for his mouth and 
mustache).  To give the illusion that his arms moved when he walked, he 
wore overalls.  And, red is one of the easiest colors to generate, so 
his clothes happened to be that color.  Because Jumpman looked so much 
like Mario Segali, the landlord of the Nintendo of America building, he 
was named Mario.  Nintendo put two and two together – Mario was 
rescuing Pauline at a construction site.  It must be in Brooklyn, New 
York, they decided, so that is why Mario is Italian-American (also 
because Mario is an Italian/Latin name).  Originally, Mario’s overalls 
were red and his undershirt blue.  The new Mario’s look (the one that 
has stuck for so many years now) was first introduced in Super Mario 
World – red undershirt with blue overalls.  And, since Mario went on to 
star in Mario Bros. (apparently in the sewers of Brooklyn) for arcade 
systems, he became a plumber.  Mario has very strong legs, allowing him 
to jump very high.  He made use of this on his NES debut – Super Mario 
Bros. – in which he rescued Princess Toadstool from Bowser.  Ever since, 
he’s been a household name.

Daisy: Princess Daisy of Sarasaland must have political ambitions in 
the Mushroom Kingdom.  Why else would she dress and look exactly like 
Princess Toadstool of the Mushroom Kingdom?  To impersonate her, no 
doubt.  Well, Princess Toadstool is a blonde in a pink dress.  Daisy 
has red hair and wears a yellow dress (though now she is usually 
depicted with brown hair).  Her trouble: she has been kidnapped by a 
loser alien too chicken to abduct Toadstool and that alien wants to 
marry her and rule the world.  Mario, her savior, then proceeds to 
rescue her and kick some alien behind, and the two then speed away in 
Mario’s plane.  For eleven years, Daisy was in obscurity.  That is, 
until she appeared in Mario Tennis for the N64.  She got her match in 
Luigi, Mario’s brother, or so we are led to believe.  And, she went on 
to appear in party games as Peach’s partner in future games.  At first, 
she sported a tan (she lives in a desert), but she dropped the flower 
in her hair.  Eventually, she became much paler from hanging out in the 
Mushroom Kingdom and her face was changed from that of Peach.  With 
shorter hair and a streak of tomboyish behavior, Daisy has become a 
regular in Mario’s gang of racing, partying, golfing, tennis-playing, 
and so on friends.

Tatanga: He’s an alien, and some people might find him mysterious, I 
guess.  With intent to make Daisy his queen, Tatanga kidnaps the 
reluctant princess and then guards his new territory with his gang of 
monster underlings.  Also, he hypnotizes the citizens of Sarasaland so 
that they do his bidding.  However, Tatanga is just one gigantic joke, 
and I’m not talking about his cheesy sprite or his title – “Tatanga, 
the Mysterious Spaceman.”  No, I’m referring to the fact that Tatanga 
was hired to lure Mario out of his home (Nintendo never actually 
explains how Mario came into possession of Mario Land, or does it ever 
reoccur.  Hooray for that) so that Wario, who Mario bullied when the 
two were youths, could steal Mario’s property.  And, as you’d imagine, 
Tatanga must be greedy to risk his neck for cash, at least as little as 
Wario would dish out.  In fact, he must be immensely so, because the 
boss of Space Zone in Super Mario Land 2 is a little purple spaceman.  
Well, if Tatanga would work for Wario once, maybe he was hired again.  
In any event, Tatanga gets beat up by Mario and he comes back for more.  
You got to give him credit for that.

What a cast!  Man, if they made movies after Nintendo games…  Now that 
we know why we’re attacking the 8-bit spaceman, let’s head on down to 
the items section of the guide.

==========================Items and Vehicles*==========================

Super Mario Land varies things up a bit by giving Mario a submarine, a 
plane, and a new item, though the “Super Flower” is a blatant copy of 
the Fire Flower.  Below I will discuss the items.

Super Mushroom: Called Magic Mushrooms in the original Super Mario 
Bros., these transform Mario into Super Mario.  In super form, Mario is 
twice his normal height and he can break bricks.  Also, he can afford 
two hits before losing a life in this state (one hit reverts him back 
to regular Mario state).

Super Flower: Also called a Flower, this is an inexcusable copy of the 
classic Fire Flower.  Anyways, when Mario picks up a Super Flower, he 
becomes “Superball Mario,” and he can throw “superballs,” which can 
hurt most enemies.  As Superball Mario, Mario can break bricks and, if 
he takes a hit, revert back to regular Mario.

Star: In the original Super Mario Bros., this was a Starman.  Now it’s 
a Star.  Either way, it temporarily transforms Mario into Invincible 
Mario.  In that form, he can defeat any enemy just by running into them.  
However, he’ll still lose a life if he falls into a pit.

1UP Heart: These Super Mario Bros. 2 (American version) items give 
Mario and extra life when he touches them.  Why not stick to the usual 
1-Up Mushroom?  Remember, the Game Boy is a colorless system; there 
could be no distinction between a Super Mushroom and a 1-Up Mushroom.

Coin: Like any Mario game, collect 100 coins and you get an extra life.

Mystery Block: I will call these ? Blocks throughout the guide.  These 
contain other items.  Ooh, what could they be?

Sky Pop: This is the name of Mario’s personal airplane that must crash 
after this game (it never makes a reappearance).  With it, Mario can 
fire torpedoes, and it is how Mario fights a boss and gets through a 
level.  Apparently, Mario is very cheap.  After all, he wouldn’t spring 
for enough fuel to fly straight to Chai Kingdom and rescue the real 
Princess Daisy.

Marine Pop: This is Mario’s submarine.  Essentially the same as the Sky 
Pop only underwater, Mario uses it once in the Muda Kingdom.  It can 
fire torpedoes and make us wonder why Mario didn’t use it earlier – or 
later, for that matter.

Note: At the end of every level, Mario can jump into the upper door of 
the finish marker to play a bonus game in which he may get a Flower, a 
1UP, a 2UP, or a 3UP.  Aim up, my friends.

Mario will make use of all these items and vehicles to beat the many 
enemies found in this game.  Speaking of items, did I tell you about…?


Aside from bragging rights, points actually do serve a purpose in this 
game.  If you get a Game Over by losing all your lives but have 100,000 
points, you can continue from where you died.  There are several ways 
to get points, and you’ll want to make the most of them.  They are 
listed below.

1) Defeating enemies earns you points.  To see how much for each enemy, 
look at the below section.

2) Getting items earns you points.  Coins give 100, smashing brick 
blocks gives you 50, Stars/Super Mushrooms/Super Flowers give 1000.

3) In each world, a timer goes to see how fast you can finish the level.  
Multiply the number of seconds you had left over by 10 and add it to 
your point count.

4) You get extra points for bouncing off enemies onto other enemies.  
They increase for each time you hit a new enemy.

5) Not a real tip for getting points, but note that you do not get 
points in bonus rounds.

There you go!  Now, for specifics on # 1 and to inform you on beating 
certain enemies, I have a section devoted to the little critters below.


Mario faces myriad foes in his quest to rescue Daisy, all of whom are 
Tatanga’s minions.  It is here that I will list how to beat enemies and 
how many points you get for doing so.  There are a lot of creative 
enemies in this game, and I include bosses at the very end.  Enemies 
are listed in the order that they appear in the manual.

Enemy Name




Each entry is set up as shown above.  Now then, to the list!

Upside Down (Headstand) Pakkun

Level: 4-1, 4-2

Notes: These are Piranha Plants from classic Mario games that come down 
from above.  Annoying as they may be, superballs can take care of them.

PTS: 400
Pakkun Flower

Level: 1-3, 2-1, 2-2, 3-1, 3-2, 4-1

Notes: It’s a Piranha Plant!  Oh no, wait, it’s a Pakkun Flower, 
Tatanga’s version of it.  In case you weren’t aware, “Pakkun” is 
Japanese for “Piranha.”  Superballs can defeat them, and they won’t 
come up if you’re standing on the pipe.

PTS: 100
Pompon Flower

Level: 4-2

Notes: A pathetic flower that dawdles about and shoots vertical 
fireballs, which can go through platforms.  Jumps and superballs will 
deal it death.

PTS: 800

Level: 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 2-1, 2-2, 3-1, 3-2, 3-3, 4-1, 4-2

Notes: “Noko” is the Japanese name for Koopas, Mario’s original turtle 
enemies.  This is the most common enemy in the game.  It is a turtle 
with a bomb on its back.  Jump on it and it will die, but the bomb 
explodes a few seconds later to take out stragglers.  Use superballs, 
though, and it won’t explode.

PTS: 100

Level: 1-1, 1-2, 2-1, 2-2, 4-1, 4-2

Notes: A little mushroom creature that is laughably easy to beat.  Jump 
or superball it.  In Hard Mode, it is also in 1-3.

PTS: 100

Level: 3-2

Notes: Essentially the same as Flies, these are hairy spiders that jump 
around to hit you.  They can be beaten with two superballs or with a 
well-placed jump.

PTS: 400

Level: 3-1, 3-3

Notes: It’s a stone statue that charges you as it is punching.  Jump on 
it or superball it.

PTS: 400

Level: 4-2

Notes: Quite the advanced enemy, it’s a sitting snake that spits 
fireballs in all directions and through all platforms.  Jumps or two 
superballs can defeat it.

PTS: 800

Level: 3-1, 3-3

Notes: This is a flying stone statue that always comes from above.  
Depending on your position relative to it, it can bounce on or pass 
through platforms.  Jump on it or land three superballs on it.

PTS: 800

Level: 2-2

Notes: This is a robot that attacks with its head in a boomerang motion.  
Jump on its head in mid-air for 100 points, and then crush the body to 
beat it.  Crushing its heads may be good for your point count as it 
will regenerate it afterward.

PTS: 400

Level: 3-2

Notes: Like a Kumo except this hangs from the cave ceiling.  It comes 
down when you get close, and it can be jumped on or you can superball 
it twice.

PTS: 400

Level: 1-3

Notes: This also appears in 1-1 in Hard Mode.  It’s a fire-spitting 
sphinx that can aim up or down.  It can also shoot behind itself.  It 
bears some resemblance to King Totomesu.  Jump on it or superball it.

PTS: 800

Level: 3-1, 3-2, 3-3

Notes: These are rocks that fall from the sky, and for some reason they 
bounce on spikes.  They cannot be beaten, but you can hitch a ride from 
them by jumping onto their tops.


Level: 3-3

Notes: This evolved from a Tokotoko, and it is the boss of Easton 
Kingdom.  It throws Ganchans and can be defeated only with ten 

PTS: 5,000
King Totomesu

Level: 1-3

Notes: This is the boss of the Birabuto Kingdom.  It’s a giant Bowser-
wannabe sphinx that spits fireballs at different elevations.  Five 
superballs take it down.

PTS: 5,000

Level: 2-3

Notes: This is a menacing seahorse.  Launch two torpedoes at it and it 
is history.

PTS: 400

Level: 2-3

Notes: This is a fish that always travels in schools of three.  They 
simply swim into you, and they will come back for a second strike if 
you don’t beat them on their first assault, which can be done by firing 
a single torpedo at it.

PTS: 100

Level: 2-1, 2-3

Notes: According to the manual, this is the skeletal remains of a 
Torion after Tatanga has eaten it.  It swims out of the water in 
vertical motions, and you can either jump on it or fire a torpedo.

PTS: 100
Yurarin Boo

Level: 2-1, 2-2, 2-3

Notes: The big brother of Yurarin, it is a big seahorse.  It emerges 
from underwater pits (or jumps from the water) to spit fireballs at odd 
angles.  A jump or two torpedoes can defeat it.

PTS: 400

Level: 2-3

Notes: It’s an octopus that will split into two balls when hit.  The 
balls come at you, but the octopus never misses.  Three torpedoes does 
the trick.

PTS: 800

Level: 2-3

Notes: This is the boss of the Muda Kingdom.  Tamao protects it 
protects it as Dragonzamazu swims up and down while spitting fire.  20 
torpedoes will beat it.

PTS: 5000

Level: 2-3

Notes: Found in the boss fight with Dragonzamazu, it shields the beast.  
Also, it is invincible.


Level: 1-1

Notes: A creatively named fly that jumps around to hurt you.  Two 
superballs or one jump (fight fire with fire) will beat it.

PTS: 400

Level: 1-2

Notes: These are bees that drop arrows down on those below them.  They 
are easily avoided, and Bunbuns can be beaten with jumps or superballs.

PTS: 800

Level: 3-1, 3-2, 4-1, 4-2

Notes: These missiles are fired by cannons.  Cannons come from pipes, 
and they usually come in groups.  Also, the cannons can be used as 
stepping stools.  Beat Giras via jumping.

PTS: 400

Level: 4-3

Notes: This is a plane that shoots missiles forward and backward.  They 
won’t come alone, so be prepared to fight your way through them.  One 
missile and that sucker’s down.

PTS: 400

Level: 4-1

Notes: Superballs will defeat these instantly, but these are zombies 
that come back to life if you jump on them.

PTS: 800

Level: 4-3

Notes: A bird that flies toward you and then circles in if it missed on 
the first hit.  One missile should do the trick, though.

PTS: 400
Chikako (Glitter)

Level: 4-3

Notes: A slightly moving mine meant for you to run into.  10 missiles 
will defeat it.

PTS: 800

Level: 4-3

Notes: The boss of Chai Kingdom, this guy hides in a cloud, and no one 
knows what he actually looks like.  It flies around throwing Chickens 
at you.  20 missiles do the trick.

PTS: 5,000
Tatanga the Mysterious Spaceman

Level: 4-3

Notes: Tatanga fights you in the comfort of his spaceship, named Pagosu.  
He fires “rockets,” though they look like rocks.  Land 25 hits with the 
Sky Pop on him and he crashes.  So long, Tatanga!

PTS: 5,000

For a game with less than half the levels of Super Mario Bros., it sure 
has a ton of enemies in it (many more than Super Mairo Bros.).  Still, 
you won’t be able to beat enemies if you don’t know the controls of the 
game.  Let’s read up on that, shall we?  But first, a look into the 
game’s mechanics is in order.

==============================Game Play*===============================

Levels in this game have formulas.  Here, I’ll list their elements and 
notes on playing the game.  Section 1 is designed for all you out there 
who don’t want to use the walkthrough for everything but still can’t 
get by without it.

                       |    The Bare Basics    |

1) Each kingdom is treated as a world (1, 2, 3, or 4).  Each world is 
divided into three areas, and there is a boss at the end of each world 
in the third area (each area is a level).

2) Each level has an exit that looks like a doorway.  However, there 
are always two such exits – an upper one and a lower one.  The lower 
one leads to the next level, while the upper lets you play a bonus game 
before the next level.  The bonus game looks like this below (the 
position of the prizes actually varies).

Mario       Ladders       Prize

Mario and the ladder flash on the screen randomly and you must press A 
or B to stop them.  Mario will then walk forward from where he stopped, 
taking the ladder if he can, and then he will walk forward again to 
claim a prize.  All of them are good, but some are better than others.  
SF is a Super Flower, and the others are 1Ups in groups.

3) You always play the bonus stage after beating a boss, except in 4-3 
(it’s the last level).

4) All levels have checkpoints between the endpoint and the starting 
point.  If you reach one of these unmarked checkpoints, you will 
restart there if you die in that level.  When you come back to a 
checkpoint, there will be no enemies around you in that screen.  

5) You can take certain pipes down by pressing down while standing on 
them to bonus rooms.  There are ten different types (please see that 
section for the specifics), and there are two bonus rooms per level 
(except for 1-2, 2-3, and 4-3).  When you emerge from the pipe you took 
down to the bonus room, all enemies outside will be gone (for the 
screen the pipe is in).

6) 100 coins get you an extra life.  Get as many lives as you can or 
you’ll get a Game Over when you lose them all, causing you to either 
pay 100,000 of your points to restart from where you were or to start 
back in Level 1-1.

7) Mario can’t reach all coins, but he can use superballs to ricochet 
off walls and collect them for him.

8) 2-3 and 4-3 scroll right automatically.  If your vehicle gets stuck 
between the ship and the wall, you will lose a life.

9) Each level has a 400 second time limit.  It actually ticks down 
faster than one second per actual second, and you will lose a life if 
it runs out on you (hits 0).  The timer resets if you lose a life.

10) If Mario is hit by an enemy, he dies instantly.  If he is Super 
Mario or Superball Mario, he turns into his smaller self if he gets hit 
(not just losing a life automatically).

11) Sometimes, there are areas and coins that Mario can only reach when 
small.  Also, there are occasionally invisible objects that can be hit 
to access new heights and areas in levels.

12) There are some obstacles not specified as enemies in the game.  
These include stalactites and falling blocks, among other flames and 
the like.  Hitting them will hurt you.

Those are all the tips for playing the game.  The guide will be more 
specific, however.


This game is nearly exactly like Super Mario Bros. in controls, but it 
has a few new additions.  Here’s what each button can do.

D-Pad: The Direction Pad is used to move Mario left and right in the 
game.  It can also be used to move down to make Super/Superball Mario 
duck or to take pipes down.  Up has no use.

Select: This is used to select options before playing the game.

Start: This pauses the game.  It also un-pauses it, and it can be used 
to select an item.

A Button: Press this to jump.  The longer you hold it, the higher you 
go (there is a limit to this, however.  Also, note that large Mario and 
wimpy regular Mario jump equal distances).  Also, when in the Sky Pop 
or the Marine Pop, press this to shoot a torpedo.  Hold it for 
continuous fire.

B Button: Hold this to run.  When running, you can pass over gaps the 
width of Mario without jumping.  It is also much faster.  If you’re 
Superball Mario, press this to shoot superballs.  You can also use 
these to fire torpedoes.

Start + Select + A + B: This combination resets your game.

And that’s it.  Now that you know pretty much everything else, let’s 
get to the meat of the story – actually playing through the levels.  By 
authors of them like myself, they are called walkthroughs.  Neat-o, huh?
  /                                                                 \
 /                                                                   \
||----------------------------Section 2*-----------------------------||
 \                                                                   /

===========================Birabuto Kingdom*===========================

This kingdom is Egyptian-themed, and Princess Daisy is said to be held 
captive inside a pyramid at the end of the world.  With some easy 
enemies and simple jumps, it won’t pose much of a problem.

                          |    Level 1-1    |

When you start, jump for the coin block.  Head right to find a Chibibo, 
which looks strangely like a Goomba.  Jump on it for 100 points.  Now, 
hit the coin block for a Super Mushroom, which I will just call 
Mushrooms.  Touch it to become large, and then jump right to a stack of 
blocks.  Hit the ? Block for a coin and jump right to a pipe.  Duck 
down on it to enter a bonus room.  Collect the coins and exit via the 
pipe.  Hit the ? Block to the right and run right.  Jump up the ledge, 
kill the Chibibo, and then hit the ? Blocks to the right.  Crush it and 
its friend and then jump right from the pipe to the blocks.  Drop 
through the line of coins and hit the ? Block for another coin.  Stand 
on the block and hit the fourth block from the left for a 1UP Heart.

Now go right and hit that ? Block.  This is a Super Flower (assuming 
you haven’t been hit yet), and it makes you Superball Mario.  With it, 
you can fire superballs with B, which bounce off surfaces at 90 degree 
angles.  Practice it to the right.  First, hit the ? Block for a coin, 
and then notice the Koopa Troopa-looking Nokobon.  Jump on them and 
they explode afterward.  Use a superball on them, though, and they do 
not explode.  From there, hit the blocks to the right for a bunch of 
coins and jump to the pipe to the right.  Take it down to another bonus 
room.  In here, you can practice using superballs by firing them.  They 
collect coins for you.  Take the pipe out of the room and hit the ? 
Block (right) for a coin when you emerge.  Head right and you’ll meet 
yet another new enemy – a Fly.  They jump around, but can be beaten 
with superballs or jumps.  Defeat it, hit the ? Block, and drop over 
the pipe to the right (crushing a Chibibo as you do).  Hit the ? Block 
for… a Star!  With it, the music turns different (recognize the song?) 
and you become Invincible Mario.

Run right, hitting the blocks for coins as you go, dropping to a 
Chibibo and another mystery block, and then jump right to hit another 
Chibibo.  Jump for the coin in the ? Block, proceed right for another 
coin and to decommission two Flies, and then jump across the gap to 
some blocks.  Notice that the right block has coins in it.  Now jump 
the gap to some stairs.  If you’re small, you can run in for the coins 
(or you can use superballs if you have a Super Flower).  Once you have 
them, climb up the stairs, drop through the line of coins, and you’ll 
see some elevator platforms.  Take it up, jumping to the second, and 
then jump to the upper exit to finish the level and play a bonus level.

                          |    Level 1-2    |

This level really tests your jumping abilities.  Jump right twice to a 
tree platform and collect the coins on the ground, around the ? Block, 
and then hit the ? Block for a power-up (a Mushroom or Super Flower, 
depending on your status).  Now head right, defeating a Chibibo and 
meeting a brand new enemy – a Bunbun.  These bee enemies appear in this 
level only and they drop arrows.  They’re weak to both jumps and 
superballs, and they are exclusive to this level.  Take the coin, head 
right, and defeat a Bunbun on the way.  Hit the ? Block at the end for 
a total of three coins and then drop right, defeating the Nokobon there.  
Defeat another to the right and then jump right, collecting coins as 
you fall.

Now head right, beating a Chibibo and a Nokobon (if you jump and hit 
the block the Nokobon is on, it will die instantly), before dropping 
right to hit a ? Block for a coin.  Jump back onto it and then to the 
platforms, from where you should jump to the elevator platform.  Jump 
to a second one to the right and then through a row of three coins onto 
some blocks.  Head right, defeating four Bunbuns on the way, and then 
drop to another platform after jumping for two coins.  Jump right to 
some stairs on which you should stomp two Chibibos and afterward on 
which you should hit the ? Block for a power-up.  Jump right to some 
elevator platforms (three in all), and then drop through two coins.

After avoiding the fire of a Bunbun and defeating a Nokobon, and then 
hit the blocks to the right.  Out of one comes a 1UP Heart.  It raises 
your life count by one.  Drop to the ? Block below, hit it for a coin, 
jump back up to the platforms, and then jump to the elevator platform 
to the right.  Jump next to sturdy ground to the right and avoid two 
arrows by two Bunbuns.  Jump these platforms to an elevator platform, 
ride it up, jump to the falling platforms to the right, and then jump 
to the upper door for a bonus game and a level clear.

fulana31 makes this comment about the level: “In the first section 
where you fall through three coins onto a low platform with a platform 
on the top-right with three ? Blocks on top, the lower platform below 
the one ?: the platform with just one ?, if you walk to the left and 
jump, there is a 1-Up.

                          |    Level 1-3    |

Note: If you hit the block on the left wall in here, an elevator 
appears.  Jump to it and ride it up to get coins on the roof if you’d 
like.  You’ll rejoin the rest of us in this guide when I mention the 
bonus room in here.

Your first boss level.  Tatanga apparently set up his stronghold inside 
a pyramid.  Notice the fancy hieroglyphs.  Hit the blocks to the right 
for some coins and then jump right.  Here are pipes with Pakkun Flowers 
coming out of them.  Pakkun Flowers are Piranha Plants of this game.  
You can defeat them only with superballs.  Wait for it to lower, jump 
to the pipe, and then jump right to more pipes and then to solid land.  
There are more pipes ahead, and a bonus room is found through the 
second pipe before the pipe.  When you’re done there, take the pipe out 
and jump right over the gap.

Approach cautiously, as the low brick here will fall.  After four pipes 
of Pakkun Flowers, you’ll reach ground again.  Head right from there, 
avoiding falling bricks, and hit the blocks.  Go right again to see a 
Gao, a fire-breathing Sphinx.  Superballs can defeat it, but jumps are 
even easier.  If you don’t beat them quickly, you’ll get hit by their 
accursed flames.  They are only found in this level (except in Hard 
Mode).  Now, hit the blocks for coins and break the right brick block 
(assuming you’re Super/Superball Mario) to unveil an elevator.  Jump 
onto it and ride it up to the roof, on which you should go right to a 
pipe.  Take it down to a bonus room.  To get the coins, break the 
blocks, jump around, and then jump over the pipe for a few.  Now exit 
and fall to earth to the right.

Now, if you are Super or Superball Mario, break the blocks and get hit 
by the Nokobon.  Just do it.  Then take the lowest path to a TON, 
including a power-up, of coins.  You’ll be so sorry if you don’t.  If 
you don’t think your Super Flower is worth that many coins and points, 
then just proceed past the Nokobon and watch for falling ledges.  
(fulana31 comments that running and ducking can get you to slide under 
the ledge and get the coins and power-up without taking the hit, but 
this is considerably difficult to do.)  To the right, you’ll see a 
group of blocks.  Hit one of the upper ones for a Super Flower (if 
you’re Super/Superball Mario), and then go right.  Defeat the Gao ahead 
and continue right to the boss.

                     |    Boss: King Totomesu    |

The first boss of the game is a giant fire-breathing Sphinx.  It shoots 
fire and it almost exactly like Bowser in Super Mario Bros.  There are 
two ways to defeat it.  First, if you are Superball Mario, hit it five 
times with superballs.  It will die, you get 5,000 points, and you can 
hit the switch to the right to continue.  If not, wait for King 
Totomesu to be down and then leap over it to that switch.  The king 
explodes (you get no points, though) and the gate opens.  Mario walks 
through to find Princess Daisy!  She speaks:

“Thank you Mario.  Oh!  Daisy”

The Daisy here transforms into a Fly.  It was a decoy meant to throw 
Mario off his track!  Stupid Tatanga…  In any case, he have now 
liberated the desert region of Sarasaland – Birabuto Kingdom.  Let us 
make haste and search for Daisy in Muda Kingdom.  First, though, play a 
bonus game.  Ah, free stuff.

=============================Muda Kingdom*=============================

Muda is a kingdom built over the watery ruins of an ancient city, 
inside of which Daisy is being held captive.  Mario must pass over 
obstacles to avoid meeting a watery grave, and he also employs the 
Marine Pop here for the first and only time in any of his games.

                          |    Level 2-1    |

Apparently, Mario was transported here by an alien ship of some sort.  
In any case, head right and jump onto the ledges.  After some ? Blocks, 
you’ll notice enemies called Honens.  Honens are, according to the 
manual, the skeletal remains of Torions (we’ll meet them a bit later) 
that Tatanga has eaten.  In any case, they jump straight up and will be 
dogging us for the rest of our stay in Muda Kingdom.  They can be 
defeated by jumping on them.  Jump right, collect the coins, and then 
proceed right to an elevator platform.  After them, you’ll reach a pipe.  
Now, stop.  Take it down and you’ll reach a bonus room.  This one has 
77 coins in it, but it is VERY easy to get robbed of all but two of 

If you are small, enter the lower area and collect those coins.  There 
is a power-up in one of the left blocks.  If you are Super/Superball 
Mario, you can get most of the coins.  First, bust into the upper coin 
area and get all of them that you can without falling from this upper 
area.  Then drop back through the hole that was once a brick (on the 
left side), break the bricks around here, and then drop into the lower 
coin pit.  On your way out, jump for two more coins, and you’ll have 
gotten 75 of them (the other two can be gotten; see the bonus section 
for details).  Now exit.  When you emerge, go right (collecting coins 
as you go) and hit the ? Block for a power-up.  Go right now onto a 
bridge, collecting coins and avoiding Honens (be sure to defeat a 
Nokobon along the way) and you’ll reach a ledge.  Jump right of it, 
defeating oncoming Chibidos, and then hit the ? Blocks.

Hit the right one for a Star.  Wahoo!  Run right, defeating Yurarin 
Boos (seahorse enemies that launch fireballs, much like Gaos) and other 
enemies instantly, to reach a pipe with a Pakkun Flower in it. Take it 
down to a bonus room.  In here, there’s an invisible block on the 
ground.  You can run across one-space gaps by running, by the way.  
When you emerge, hit the ? Block, collect other coins, and go right.  
Hit more ? Blocks for a power-up and then proceed right to a bridge.  
Pass a series of Yurarin Boos to see an elevator platform.  The ? Block 
here contains a 1UP Heart that you can reach if you’re Super/Superball 
Mario.  Now jump right, taking coins, and then jump right to an 
elevator platform.  Ride it up, jump right to some falling platforms, 
and jump to the upper exit of this place for a bonus game.

fulana31 sent me this tip: “In the beginning after you get the first ? 
Block and the three coins on the highest platform, if you go on the 
short platform below the one with the three coins, to the left there is 
a power-up.”

                          |    Level 2-2    |

I like this level better than the last one. Mario is just dawning on 
the underwater city, and he’s on the ceiling of it.  Run right to see a 
new enemy – a Mekabon.  It only appears here, and it is a robot that 
launches its head like a boomerang.  Just jump on its body and head to 
defeat it.  Now, run right over the gaps (Mario can run over one-space 
gaps, remember) and jump to the ? Block.  Out comes a power-up just for 
you.  Now go right to the pipe and take it down for that 77-coin bonus 
room we discussed in 1-3.

When you emerge, jump onto the hit ? Block (it contained a coin) and 
then onto the elevator platform.  From there, jump down to the pipe and 
then to the right.  Take the upper or lower path and you’ll reach an 
outside area.  Run by it, jumping when appropriate, to come to a 
Yurarin Boo and a Nokobon.  Defeat both and hit the ? Blocks for the 
coins.  When it is defeated, continue to two pipes of Pakkun Flowers.  
Down the second is a bonus room.  From there, jump right and follow the 
path down to the exit.  To reach the upper door, jump up the platforms 
and onto the elevator platform before leaping right.

eltharion_doa notes that, “The upper path of the split path indoors bit 
about halfway through the level contains both a power up block (end of 
the second string of breakable blocks) and an invincible star block 
(end of first string of breakable blocks).”

                          |    Level 2-3    |

Mario is now inside the city, and he is using his personal submarine 
(not exactly fancy.  It’s a glass case over a torpedo launcher with a 
propeller), the Marine Pop.  Hold A throughout this entire level to 
continuously fire torpedoes.  Because no real guide is needed for this 
shooter level (here it goes: shoot enemies and break block), I’ll just 
describe enemies and the like.  First, the Marine Pop operates very 
much like Mario does.  Mario takes hits from enemies as if he weren’t 
in his submarine, and he can find Mushrooms and Stars by blasting 
blocks open.  There are coins spread out all over the level and, 
although I recommend staying in the back, you can go forward and up or 
down to collect them.  Most are in the “1” formation, but one group 
toward the end shows “MARIO.”  Anyways, you won’t go unchallenged.

A whole fleet of enemies are assembled, and they will put up a halfway 
descent fight.  But, your foremost danger is that this level scrolls 
automatically; if you are too slow, the screen scrolls forward into 
walls, and you’ll get crushed between the walls and the screen.  
Anyways, there are several enemies present.  Yurarins, the little 
brothers of Yurarin Boos, cannot launch fireballs, but they do swim 
into you.  Yurarin Boos also make an appearance.  Both of these brother 
enemies take two torpedoes to beat.  Torions also appear.

They are fish that are, once eaten by Tatanga, Honens.  They come in 
schools of three and take one torpedo apiece.  Their ghastly 
counterparts – Honens – will also make an appearance (one torpedo each).  
Lastly, you’ll fight stationary octopuses called Gunions in this level.  
They fire two balls of energy at you if you attack them, and they take 
three torpedoes to beat. Just leave them alone.  Shortly after the 
coins spell Mario’s name, he faces the boss, Daisy’s captor.

                     |    Boss: Dragonzamazu    |

It’s a giant seahorse.  A bubble, Tamao, also joins in the festivities.  
It is invincible, and it is there to shield Dragonzamazu.  Now, there 
are two ways to beat this overgrown seahorse that baas like a lamb when 
hit.  First, you could launch twenty torpedoes at.  Easy enough, right?  
Just stay in the lower corner, do rapid-fire A, and you’ll win easily.  
You may have to dive down a bit from time to time, but it is just 
laughably easy.  It’s like a novelty battle.  After twenty hits, the 
seahorse explodes into 5,000 points.  Press the switch and continue.  
Or, if you’re feeling less adventurous, just get below Dragonzamazu and 
break the bricks there.  Then swim up to the switch.  Tamao and 
Dragonzamazu explode, giving no points, and you may proceed.  It’s 
Princess Daisy!

“Thank you Mario.  Oh!  Daisy”

And then the princess decoy transforms into a Gunion, the octopus 
enemies from earlier.  Ah, shucks.  I didn’t expect that to happen at 
all.  Well, at least we emancipated the poor residents of Muda Kingdom 
from Tatanga’s evil hypnosis, and now we may proceed to the new Easton 
Kingdom.  But first, to the bonus game!

============================Easton Kingdom*============================

Obviously a take on Easter Island, this place has many large eared and 
nosed statues in the background.  There is a noticeable increase in 
difficulty between this and Birabuto or Muda Kingdom, and it has the 
hardest boss in the game as its guardian.  Like Birabuto Kingdom, there 
is no vehicle to use here.

                          |    Level 3-1    |

Head right and you’ll see one of the most annoying enemies in the game: 
the winged Batadon.  It will bounce at you in whichever direction you 
are in and it can ascend to higher or descend to lower platforms if 
needed.  In groups, they are extremely irritating.  Defeat this by 
jumping or wasting three superballs on it.  Afterward, hit the mystery 
block for a coin and then jump right to repeat the process.  Get onto 
the ledge above the Nokobon and hit the right brick block for a power-
up.  Now, go right to defeat a Nokobon and then jump into the pit after 
hitting the ? Block for a coin.  In here, there are coins guarded by 
spikes (get them at your own risk).

When you emerge, it will not be there, but out of pipes can come 
cannons that fire missiles called Giras.  They can be jumped on (they 
are basically Bullet Bill), but they are very fast and very annoying.  
When you pass it, go right and hit the ? Block way up there.  Now 
defeat the Batadon and Nokobon to the right.  Jump across the elevator 
platforms and land on a Pakkun Flower pipe.  Jump right, collect the 
coins with superballs if you have any, and do the same for the next pit.  
Then, drop into the thin hole to collect coins, holding right on the D-
Pad all the way.  That way, Mario will fall onto land safely.  After 
that, go right to a Pakkun Flower and a Gira cannon combo followed by a 
Nokobon (the three ? Blocks in the area contains coins, by the way).  
When you go right, an enemy called a Tokotoko charges you.  These 
things are stone statues that are lightning swift that punch forward.  
Jump on them immediately upon seeing them to beat them.

Fight a Nokobon after that, hit the ? Block up there, and then defeat 
another Tokotoko and Batadon.  To the right, on the lower platform left 
of the pit, jump for a 1UP Heart previously hidden.  A Batadon and 
Nokobon them come at you.  Below, jump to an elevator platform and take 
them across to two Gira cannons.  It is rather hard to jump here 
because missiles fill two spaces at once, but you want to jump right 
past the cannons (taking coins as you go).  When you land, three 
Tokotokos (bounce on them for extra points) and a Batadon lunge at you.  
Defeat them if you’d like and then jump right.  Here, you’ll find a 
similar setup but with a Gira cannon (which is in a pipe with a bonus 
room in it, mind you).  After it, you’ll reach spikes on the ground.  
You cannot pass them by yourself, so you’ll have to hitch a ride on a 
Ganchan, enemies that cannot be destroyed.

These rocks fall from the sky and bounce on spikes, and they are your 
only way to cross this obstacle.  Walk onto one and ride it until you 
reach the coin ledge.  Collect the gold and then get onto a new Ganchan.  
Continue riding this one until it is about to fall into a pit.  Jump 
from it, hit the ? Blocks, and then go right for another Ganchan ride.  
If you take it to the end, you can jump to an elevator platform and 
then jump up falling platforms to the upper exit of this long level.

                          |    Level 3-2    |

We seem to be in a cave now (with the same foreboding music as 1-3).  
Go right to find a Suu, a hairy spider that comes down (just like 
Thwomps…) on you when you get near.  Jump on it when it comes down 
(bait it down by standing close to it).  After it is a Nokobon and some 
blocks with coins in them.  Now, stand on the top row and on the 
rightmost lip of the row.  Jump to hit a hidden block that you can use 
as a steppingstone to reach the roof.  Head right on it, jumping when 
appropriate, and you’ll get four coins, avoid a Pakkun, and fall down 
to some blocks.  An enemy is near – a Kumo.  These are like Suus, but 
they jump more like flies.  Crush the spider and then hit the ? Blocks 
for a power-up and coin.  Now, jump right, waiting for a Suu to be low 
enough to jump and defeat, and then jump right.

Here, continue right until you see a row of blocks.  If you’re 
Super/Superball Mario, you can hit the middle blocks to form an 
elevator that leads to the upper pipe here (a bonus room, my friends).  
When that’s done, jump right to the narrow platform.  A stalactite will 
now fall, so it may be safer to jump clear over that narrow platform.  
Defeat the Kumo and Nokobon here before jumping right.  Wait for the 
Suu to lower, jump over it, and repeat with the next (only you want to 
kill the second one).  From there, jump right to defeat a Kumo, but 
stay low; Giras are being fired overhead.  Jump to the next platform, 
taking the coins, and then jump to the next.

The ? Block contains a power-up, by the way.  Jump over the Gira cannon, 
lure the Suu down to its death, and then hit the blocks to the right 
(and a Nokobon).  Continue right, defeating the Kumo, and you’ll reach 
some spikes.  It’s Ganchan time!  Ride one across the spike pit and hop 
off of it before the two of you plummet to your doom.  Repeat this here 
and you’ll reach a Gira cannon by a Kumo and Suu.  Let’s defeat them 
indirectly!  Take the Gira cannon’s pipe down to a bonus room – the 
same spike one as before.  Head right, jumping to the elevator platform, 
and then drop onto the Nokobon.  Jump to the elevator platform and then 
to the falling platforms.  Follow these all the way up to the upper 
door and exit to this level.

                          |    Level 3-3    |

With totem poles in the background and the same dungeon music as before, 
you’ll be completely ready to take down that boss.  Jump right to some 
coins and then you’ll reach some elevator platforms, including new 
diagonally-moving ones (gee golly gosh!  That’s so neat-o!).  When you 
reach the end, jump to the pipe to the right and watch out for a 
Ganchan coming at you.  Now, use the elevator platform to the right to 
ride up to some falling platforms to a Pakkun Flower pipe.  Down this 
pipe is the best type of bonus room in the game – 129 coins and a 
power-up in the lower-right corner.

Exit contently and run right to jump a gap.  Try to reach the upper 
path.  It has six coins, a Nokobon, and a 1UP Heart in one block, while 
the lower one has two Kumos and four coins, and you can hit the lower 
path after the high one.  And then, after some platforms to the right, 
you’ll reach a pipe.  Take it down to a bonus room (the spike one) and 
then take the warp pipe out of it.  Now jump to the platforms to your 
upper-right and then down to the lower-right, eventually falling to an 
elevator platform.  Jump onto the ledges afterward and then continue 
alternating between the ledges and elevator platforms until you’re 
inside the stone structure here.  Go right, defeating a Batadon, a 
Tokotoko, and then seeing a Ganchan, hit the ? Blocks for two coins and 
a power-up.  Proceed to face a Batadon and three ? Blocks with coins in 
them, followed up by the boss.

                       |    Boss: Hiyoihoi    |

An evolved Tokotoko, this beast can throw Ganchans.  It is probably the 
toughest boss in the game, resembling quite well an Easter Island head.  
The best way to beat it, though, is to hop onto a Ganchan and jump onto 
the arch above him.  Then simply fall to the switch behind him, 
defeating him for no points.  Alternately, use ten superballs to beat 
it for 5,000 points (this is much harder, though).  When you win, Mario 
passes through the gate to find Princess Daisy.

“Thank you Mario.  Oh!  Daisy”

And so a Kumo disguised as Daisy hops off.  I don’t see why Mario 
doesn’t crush it…  In any event, at least we freed Easton Kingdom from 
Tatanga’s death grip, and at least we corned the alien.  Now he only 
has Chai Kingdom to hide in, and he can be assured that Mairo is only 
three levels away from beating him!  Four, actually, if you would 
really consider bonus games to be levels!

=============================Chai Kingdom*=============================

The Asian-themed Chai Kingdom is the last of the diverse states that 
make up Sarasaland.  Daisy must be at the end of these levels, as there 
is nowhere in Sarasaland left to hide.  Now, if Tatanga was really 
smart, he’d go to Birabuto Kingdom and never be seen again, but alas; 
he is stupid.

                          |    Level 4-1    |

Enter the first pipe to your left and hold right as you enter.  This 
way, you’ll fall into a wealth of coins.  Now take the pipe at the top 
out and then head right, hitting the right brick block for a power-up.  
And also to the right is a Headstand Pakkun, the name for upside-down 
Pakkun Flowers (the concept was introduced in Super Mario Bros. 3).  
Now go right to see your first Pionpi.  If you have superballs, I urge 
you to use them.  They die instantly to them, but they come back to 
life if jumped on (darn annoying if you ask me).  Jump to the elevator 
platform right of them and then to the horizontally moving one.  From 
there, get onto land.  Ahead, Giras and a Pionpi complicate matters, 
but you still need to continue right.

Here, you’ll face a Pionpi and a Nokobon with a coin block above.  The 
next ledge has the same thing on it except that there are two Nokobons.  
Next, there are two Pionpis followed by several Pakkun Flowers and Gira 
cannons.  From the highest pipe, jump and hit the block in the ceiling 
for a Star.  With it, you can defeat quite easily the Pionpis and other 
enemies opposing you.  Afterwards, you’ll reach three ? Blocks plus a 
Pionpi followed by a Pakkun Flower pipe and then elevator platforms.  
Take them across to a series of Headstand Pakkuns and Pakkun Flowers.  
As always, just wait for the next one to retreat into its pipe before 
moving on.  Hit the bricks at the end of each tunnel for coins and a 
power-up, respectively.  Also, be wary of the Gira cannons here.  The 
last brick block contains coins (with a falling brick above it), and 
after them are elevator platforms.

They lead to falling platforms that lead to dry ground.  Or so you 
think.  They’re actually pipes with a Gira cannon and a Pionpi on them.  
Jump right of them to find a ? Block in the air with Nokobons and 
Pionpis below.  The Mystery Block contains a power-up.  Continue right 
and jump along the brick wall’s left side by the elevator platform for 
a 1UP Heart.  Take it, go back for some coins, and then jump to the 
next series of pipes.  The first one is a bonus room, the same as the 
last (remember to hold right when you take it down).  When you emerge, 
you have the added bonus of defeating all the Giras out here indirectly.  
Go right to face three Pionpis.  Run past them, now!  After a few more 
Giras, jump to an elevator platform and run straight forward on the 
adjacent blocks to the upper exit.  Finally, this level is over!

                          |    Level 4-2    |

Go forward, jumping across the gaps and reaching a Nokobon.  Defeat it 
and then hit the ? Block for a coin.  After that, you’ll meet two more 
Nokobons, two ? Blocks, and a new enemy.  These are Pompon Flowers, 
which launch fireballs straight up.  Drop onto it to beat it, and then 
defeat the Nokobons.  Hit the ? Blocks, one of which yields a power-up, 
and head right to find the source of the Giras – a cannon.  You can 
take its pipe down for the best bonus room in the game.  You can get 
the most coins here with superballs (it’s just sheer coins!).  Now, 
head up and head right.  Here, you’ll meet a snake that breathes fire.  
It must be a Nyololin!  It’s similar to a Gao, and you should beat it 
with a jump.  If you’re big, hit the bricks to reach the upper path.  
If you don’t, you’ll miss many coins and have to face lots of Heastand 
Pakkuns and Pakkun Flowers.

At the end, you’ll reach another fork in the road.  Like before, hit 
the brick blocks to reach the upper path if you can to reach coins and 
a 1UP Heart in one of the blocks.  If not, head right under and over a 
bunch of ferocious flowers.  Right of them, defeat the Chibido, Nokobon, 
and Pompon Flower.  Hit the ? Blocks here for a power-up from the left 
one and then head right to see a slight variation on flame chains, the 
long rotating Podoboo chains in Bowser’s Castles in Super Mario Bros.  
These are fireballs rotating around blocks.  Avoid them carefully and 
head right to a pit.  Hit it for a Star!

Now run right, over watery pits on elevator platforms, and you’ll reach 
a Nokobon and a power-up.  Take it and continue right to some new 
terrain.  After many fireballs and elevator platforms, you’ll reach a 
pipe.  It leads to a bonus room (the same one as before).  When you 
emerge from the pipe, go right to defeat a Nyololin and a Nokobon.  Now 
continue right and you’ll fall to a low tunnel.  Run across the bricks 
and stop to avoid being devoured by a Headstand Pakkun.  Take an 
elevator up after it and head right.  You’ll fall down (hold right as 
you do so) and you can reach the exit.  To reach the upper exit, jump 
up the falling platforms and run across the one-space blocks.

                          |    Level 4-3    |

Mario is now in aerial pursuit of the enemy, and as such he has taken 
to the skies in the Sky Pop, his plane.  It operates just like the 
Marine Pop.  The only differences lie in the fact that it is in the air, 
it is a plane, and its propeller is in the front, not the back.  Other 
than that, this level is just 2-3 with a different background.  Hold A 
to fire continuously (I suggest you do this throughout the entire 
level).  The first brick block has a Mushroom in it.  Mario can only 
become Super Mario now (not Superball Mario), and he can be hit to 
become regular Mario and die.

Like before, if you get crushed between the screen and a block or wall 
(this level scrolls like 2-3), you will die instantly.  And finally, 
you can destroy brick blocks with missiles.  Now, there are some new 
enemies to fight here.  Roketons are planes manned by enemies that will 
try to shoot you down. They always come in groups, and each one takes 
one missile.  Then there are Chickens.  They are birds that fly at you 
in semi-circular patterns.  One missile and that chicken’s fried (ha!).  
Chikako (Glitter) is a mine.  I will call them Chikakos from here on 
out.  They take ten hits, and they are bright mines (therefore 
immobile).  Don’t try to hit them; just avoid them.  After that, you’ll 
find no more enemies.

The first block contains a Mushroom, by the way, but others contain 
Stars and 1UP Hearts (first brick after the area with Chikakos).  
You’ll enter a room with 99 coins in it, and you must break some blocks 
to move on.  After a hallway where you must be quick to not be crushed, 
you’ll pass some of those flame chains from 4-2, then a sort of 
Headstand Pakkun (it’s actually a duo of fists coming out of pipes), 
and then the boss.

                       |    Boss: Biokinton    |

Biokinton is a strange creature that inhabits a cloud.  No one knows 
who or what is actually inside (no one’s ever seen inside), but it 
seems to have an endless supply of Chickens (it throws at you to 
attack).  Hold A, fire continuously at it, and evade its Chickens or 
shoot through them.  Make sure that it does not push you against the 
screen.  This extremely easy boss is beaten with 20 of the Sky Pop’s 
missiles, and it will leave 5,000 points behind when it dies.  But, 
it’s not over yet.  New music starts playing, and an alien ship flies 

            |    BOSS: Tatanga the Mysterious Spaceman    |

With his war spaceship Pagosu, Tatanga has plenty of armor.  You can 
really see, but it has a bulbous head with triangular ears at the side, 
an eye on the side of its face, and a small nose protruding forward.  
Not exactly the picture of mysterious.  And, if you play with a Game 
Boy Color or GBA (like me, so I can expand the screen and actually see 
the game), you’ll notice that Tatanga is either black or very dark 
purple.  At any rate, Pagosu fires large rockets that split into three 
smaller ones (they look more like rocks).  He does this quite quickly, 
too.  The best strategy is to move up and down, firing all the way.  
You can blast through the upper and lower rockets, so you will be 
somewhat safe.  After 25 hits on Tatanga, you win.  Just focus on his 
rockets and avoiding them.  The arena shakes, and the walls are 
incinerated as the Pagosu explodes.  Huzzah!  He runs forward afterward 
to Daisy, the real one, and she speaks:

“Oh!  Daisy.  Daisy.  Thank you Mario!  Your quest is over.”

Not a gifted speaker, but now the two can run forward to a spaceship, 
which may or may not be the Sky Pop.  They fly off as the credits roll, 
and “THE END” is written on the screen.

CONGRATULATIONS!  You beat the game.  But, don’t stop yet.  There are 
always high scores to beat, and you can now play through a harder mode 
of the game (Hard Mode).
  /                                                                 \
 /                                                                   \
||----------------------------Section 3*-----------------------------||
 \                                                                   /

==============================Hard Mode*===============================

After rescuing Princess Daisy, a new Hard Mode is unlocked.  Instead of 
a mushroom cursor on the start screen there is a Mario cursor, and the 
game is considerably harder.  The level setup is exactly the same in 
each level, and I will not make a new guide for it (this would be 
pointless; the only difference between the first and second quest are 
enemy placements).  I will list differences below.

                       |    The Differences    |

-Some monsters are in levels that they did not previously occupy.  For 
instance, Gaos appear in 1-1 and Chibidos appear in 1-3.

-There are many more enemies all around, especially Nokobons.  
Basically, no inch is left unoccupied.

-There a good deal more falling bricks and stalactites.

-There are more of the rotating flame chains in 4-2 than there were 

-The boss of Muda Kingdom, the seahorse Dragonzamazu, has the 
protection of two Tamaos now, not just one.

If you beat Hard Mode, you will be able to select which level to begin 
your quest with the A Button.  However, because this game has no save 
feature, you must beat the game in regular mode every time to unlock 
Hard Mode.

=============================Bonus Rooms*==============================

In each level, except for 1-2, 2-3, and 4-3, there are two bonus rooms 
to be found.  Bonus rooms are pipe-accessed screens filled with coins, 
and I mention how to reach each one in the guide.  But, below I will 
make diagrams and discuss what the best course of action is for a 
particular bonus room.  There are ten types of bonus room in the game.

|       BONUS ROOMS KEY       |
|C = Coin                     |
|_ = Platform or Border       |
|B = Brick                    |
|^ = Spike                    |
|() = Invisible               |
|P = Pipe                     |

Note: The “Platform or Border” symbol represents bordering bricks in a 
screen and bricks that cannot be broken.  B represents bricks that can 
be broken by Super/Superball Mario.

1) This is a real straightforward bonus room.  Jump onto the pedestal, 
collect the coins, and take the warp pipe out of here.  Easy, right?  
There are 18 coins in this bonus room.

                       |                       |
                       |                       |
                       |                       |
                       |                       |
                       |         CCCCCC        |
                       |         CCCCCC        |
                       |         CCCCCC        |
                       |        ________       |
                       |       |        |     _|

2) Simple enough.  Run along the path, collecting the 21 coins as you 
go, and take the exit.

                       |  |                    |
                       |  |                    |
                       |  |   C C C C C C     _|
                       |  |   _______________|P|
                       |  |                    |
                       |  |_                   |
                       |    | C C C C C C      |
                       |    |_______________   |
                       |  C C C C C C C C C    |

3) Just run along the ledges for the coins and then take the pipe out.  
There are 18 coins inside.

                       |   |                  _|
                       |   | C C C C         |P|
                       |   |__B_B_B_    _______|
                       |   |                   |
                       |   |   C C C C C C C   |
                       |   |   _B_B____B_______|
                       |   |                   |
                       |   |  C C C C C C C    |
                       |    ___B_B_B_B_B_B_B   |

4) To access the majority of the coins, you must be Super or Superball 
Mario.  Break the bricks, collect them all within the bricked off area, 
and then take the other nine ones.  There are 33 coins in all.  
eltharion_doa points out that “if you break all the blocks in the right 
hand wall you can get a 1-up heart from the top block.”

                       |                       |
                       |     B          B      |
                       |     B          B      |
                       |     B  CCCCCC  B      |
                       |     B  CCCCCC  B      |
                       |     B  CCCCCC  B      |
                       |     B  CCCCCC  B    CC|
                       |     BBBBBBBBBBBB    CC|
                       |       C C C C C      _|

5) A very interesting bonus room to say the least.  Your best off if 
you have superballs.  Break the bricks in here and then launch 
superballs in appropriate places to reach nooks and crannies, 
collecting coins on your behalf.  If you are small, collect the coins 
in the lower area, go left and hit one of those blocks for a power-up, 
and then exit this place.  If you are large, break into the upper area 
and collect all the coins you can without dropping from the upper area.  
Then drop down (through the hole you entered by) and go right, hitting 
the lower area, and then jump over the pipe before leaving.

fulana31 figured out how to collect all the coins in the bonus room: 
“If you go to the very left corner and jump, you can get a power-up.  
You then get the coins at the top portion and the 2 (or 4 if you use a 
superball) at the very top right corner by jumping on the blocks and 
getting them without falling off or by using a superball.  You then get 
out of the top portion from the place in which you came from and break 
the bricks, one of which will be a power-up.  You get the power-up on 
your way to the bottom portion and break the bricks on top.  Carefully, 
you jump up, in front of the exit without going in, jump on the tunnel 
thing, and get the 2 coins.”

                       |     |CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC|
                       |     |CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC|
                       |     | CCCCCCCCCCCCCCC |
                       |      __B_____________ |
                       |                       |
                       |        B              |
                       |          B_CCCCC_B   _|
                       |        B_ |CCCCCCB  |P|
                       |        ___|CCCCCCBB___|

6) Collect the coins on the ground and hit the right or left side of 
the room (jump there.  Sometimes, it is below the leftmost one-space 
gap, and at other times below the rightmost one-space gap) to make an 
invisible block appear.  Use it to reach the blocks above, run across 
them for coins, and then jump up for more coins before exiting.  There 
are twenty coins in all for this bonus room.

                       |   |                  _|
                       |   |     C C C C C   |P|
                       |   |     ____________BB|
                       |   |      C C C C C C  |
                       |   |  ______ _ _ _ ___ |
                       |   |                   |
                       |   |                   |
                       |    (_)              (_)
                       |  C C C C C C C C C    |

7) This one has a bunch of coins over some spikes.  Also, the upper-
left block may or may not be a coin block (sometimes it is, at other 
times it isn’t).  You can thank eltharion_doa for earning you some 
extra coins: “The block immediately below and to the left of this block 
is sometimes a coin block also.”  To reach the other coins, jump the 
spikes, collect them, and then exit via the pipe.  Superballs are a 
safer alternative, or you could bust through the blocks below the coins 
to reach them without the leap of faith over the spikes.

                       |                       |
                       |                      _|
                       |                 ____|P|
                       |                    CCC|
                       |                    CCC|
                       |         B    _     CCC|
                       |   __B_B__|        |CCC|
                       |          |        |CCC|
                       |           ^^^^^^^^|BBB|

8) What’s to say?  Collect all the coins on the upper level, drop to 
the lower level, collect all the coins there, and then drop to the 
lowest level.  Hit the ? Block before the warp pipe for a power-up and 
then leave.

                       |  CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC   |
                       |  CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC   |
                       |  CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC   |
                       |  CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC   |
                       |  CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC   |
                       |  CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC   |
                       |  CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC   |

9) Hold right as you enter to land in the pile of coins.  Then jump out 
and exit.  If you don’t hold right, you’ll just be wasting time.

                       |               |       |
                       |               |      _|
                       |               |  ___|P|
                       |               |       |
                       |   |CCCCCCCCCCC|       |
                       |   |CCCCCCCCCCC|___    |
                       |   |CCCCCCCCCCC|       |
                       |   |CCCCCCCCCCC|    ___|
                       |   |___________|       |

10) It’s a sheer mass of coins!  251 in total!  Jump around for them, 
but note that only with superballs can you collect all of them.

                        CCC ___________________
                       |          Coins        |
                       |  Coins     More Coins |
                       |                       |
                       |                       |
                       |                       |
                       |     Sheer Coins       |
                       |                       |
                       |                       |
                       |                      _|

Now you know!  So, if you ever fall into a bonus room and you need more 
than my descriptions, you can refer here.  Hmm, I’m not quite sure what 
to say now that we’re at the end of this section…  Yeah…  So, uh, I got 
to go, uh, now.


FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions.  You see, when one writes a 
guide, one takes on a lot of responsibility – namely, they get swamped 
with e-mails asking a billion questions answered in the guide.  To that 
point, we guide-writers tend to make these sections.  That way, people 
hopefully (but not always do, trust me) get their questions answered 
here without making me explain it to them for the ninth time that day.  
So, in short, read this section COMPLETELY before you e-mail me.  I 
don’t expect to get much e-mail for this rather old game, but still 
read it all before sending me e-mail.  I can’t stand those e-mails from 
people who obviously didn’t read a word of my guide but my address 
(“how do you beat the game?”).  Read, punk!

Question: I beat the game to unlock Hard Mode/set a high score, turned 
it off, and I lost Hard Mode/my high score.  What happened?
Answer: This particular game does not have a save system.  This game 
was released in 1989, sure, but it was early in the Game Boy’s lifespan.  
So, save features hadn’t been implemented on it yet.  In other words, 
you lose high scores and Hard Mode.

Question: How do you beat Level ______?
Answer: Ahem, see the walkthrough.  Come on, people!  What do you think 
it’s for, anyways?

Question: Is it Super Flower or Fire Flower?
Answer: Normally, I’d say Fire Flower, but this is Super Mario Land, 
and the correct term is Super Flower (that’s the name of the item).  It 
is basically a copy of the Fire Flower, though.  The only difference is 
that superballs bounce at 90 degree angles.

Question: a/s/l?
Answer: Age: 893, Sex: ?, Location: Antarctica.  Seriously, though, do 
not send me these e-mails.  I will not respond.  By the way, in case 
you actually took that seriously, I was kidding just now.

Question: Can I use your guide on my site?
Answer: No.  That’s it.  Just no.  No, no, no, NEVER!

Question: How can I contact you?
Answer: By e-mail only.  My e-mail address - [email protected] (caps 
don't matter) - is listed here and at the top of the screen.  My IM 
name is the same, but I do not accept IM's.  If you still want to try 
your luck that way, then you're in for a ton of frustration.  I'm 
frequently away from my computer and I don't respond to IM's even if I 
am on it.  Furthermore, please put "Super Mario Land" in the title so 
that I know what game you need help with.  Please spell things as 
correctly as you can and do not write in slang (I can handle most of it, 
but writing things like IAALTRFTS, for example, are not understandable 
by any human being, including myself).  Furthermore, do NOT send me 
Spam, chain letters, "tags," which are essentially the same thing as 
chain letters, or any personal e-mails (like a/s/l and that sort of 
thing).  I don't have the time to get to know everyone, I'm afraid.

  /                                                                 \
 /                                                                   \
||----------------------------Section 4*-----------------------------||
 \                                                                   /

====================Credits and Legal Information*=====================

I admit, I absolutely loath making these sections.  Yeah, I joke about 
it being great in every guide I write, but let’s get serious here.  You 
can’t see me, but I have so got my poker face on right now.  I will 
simply copy and paste the legal section of a previous guide right here.  
If you are a stalker (admit it) or if you have a lot of time on your 
hands, you can figure out which guide it comes from.

Reading legal sections is about as fun as watching a slow-motion 
foreign-language film about the making of boxes in black and white.  
First, though, the credits.  Yes, I know that everybody is dying to 
know who helped me write this.  Let's get started, shall we?

First, I'd like to thank myself for writing the guide, playing the
game, and for posting it.  The man!  The myth!  The legend!

Second, a big round of applause for Nintendo.  They made Mario and this
game, and this guide wouldn't be around without them.

Third, let's all thank SuperCheats, the great site that is the only place
where you can find my guides.  Without them, you wouldn't be reading

Recently, some more people have helped me out.  Here's a list of who
they are and what they did.

- XXFIBOXX, a contributor here on SuperCheats.  I admit to being a 
great fan of his Mario Series Character Guide, and I write him with 
various tidbits.  Anyways, I learned a bit about Mario’s origins, 
mostly name origins, from his guide.  It was this guide that I started 
using some of his information for Mario bios, as well as other 
characters’ bios, like “ruiji” that evolved into Luigi’s name and so on.  
Also, for creating a truly entertaining guide.  Check it out if you 
haven’t, because it is great.  It is nearly impossible to find an 
encyclopedia of Mario characters that goes as in-depth as his guide 
does, and for that I thank him.

- E0rizzonte, whose SML guide contained some bonus room diagrams that I 
used as models for my own.

- fulana31, for giving me a tip regarding a coin room and several other 
tips found in 1-2, 1-3, and 2-1.

- eltharion_doa, who sent in several tips.  They’re marked as they 
occur in the guide.

That's it for now, but I'm sure that list will grow.  Now for the legal
section.  If you're really obsessed with my guides, you'll know which
one I copied the legal boilerplates out of.

First of all, I take no credit for the creation, distribution,
production, idealizing, or in any way making this game.  That honor
goes to Nintendo, not me, and I do not deny this.

Second, this document is Copyright 2012 NintendoGames.
Third, this may not be reproduced in part of in full under any
circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on
any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written
permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any
public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

To phrase that first item legally, all trademarks and copyrights
contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and
copyright holders.

To make it clear for those of you who might having problems absorbing
information, no one but the website SuperCheats may use my guides on their
sites, books, magazines, etc.

And that’s a wrap.  Now, I am good at writing legal sections, but did 
you read THAT?  I mean, did you really READ it?  Oh, it just blew me 
away.  Now, it is time that I must leave you.  It’s not been one of my 
longer walkthroughs, but I was attached to it for a few days all the 
same, and so I admit that Super Mario Land is a lot better of a game 
than I give it credit for.  I had a great time writing this (I say that 
about all games I write guides for, but I actually do mean it.  Really, 
do you think I write guides for games I hate?), and I hope reading it 
wasn’t half-bad, either.  And now!  Gather round, ladies and gents, for 
my amazing act, my stupendous Houdini, my astounding escape!  Gasp!  I 
shall now make my great escape, exit on the right, and an all around 
cool good-bye catchphrase.  It’s my classic slogan, ultimate motto – it 
is it!  Okay now, hold your breath.  Drum roll, please.  Now, go!  
Adios.  No, seriously, here it comes.  See ya later.