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Follow the dark path or use the light
Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe Pack Shot

Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe



by IceQueenZer0

---------------------------------- [ SPEEDBALL 2 ] ----------------------------
---------------------------------[by Ice Queen Zero]---------------------------
----------------------------- [ Master System/Gameboy ]------------------------


Speedball 2 is the direct sequel to the violent sports game Speedball and was 
released in 1990, two years after its predecessor. The game represents a violent
futuristic sport called Speedball, with characteristics similar to handball,
in which the contestants must play with a metal ball to score points and where
there are no limits to the attacks, so that players use to thrust away or stop
the opponent.

This title presents a completely revamped version of Speedball about the first
part, keeping the basic features but adding a large number of elements and new
rules. At first glance, one can see that the playing field is much larger and 
the number of players from five to nine. It also emphasized that scoring goals
is no longer the only way to score points, it is now possible to increase the
score by throwing the ball against special parts of the stadium and even 
injuring the opponent.

One feature that was removed from the original is the option to bribe the judges
using coins earned in order to take advantage of cheaters, now the money can 
only be used to buy upgrades for gamers. Also much improved game physics, the
ball behaves much more realistic and longer bounces style "Arkanoid" as happened
in the original Speedball, players are also better animated sprites bigger and
detailed. Also differences are eliminated between stages so that all stages are


Speedball 2 and its characters are trademarks of Bitmap Bros. and all copyrights
belong to them.

This FAQ/Walkthrough is the sole copyright of Andrea "Azul Fria" Castillo aka
IceQueenZer0 and can't be put on other sites or posted without given permission
nor can it be reproduced w/o proper consent.


In 2095 comes the first Speedball league history, but corruption and violence
end up degrading the game to the underworld. Free of regulations and controls,
the game degenerates and becomes a fiasco.

In 2100 there was another attempt to regain the public's attention. Sport is
reorganized and Speedball 2 is born.

Five years later, a new team is formed, its name is Brutal Deluxe.


D-pad = move player
1 button/B button = pass/shoot (hold to throw high)


There are several modes of play, all player always controls the Brutal Deluxe.

The Knockout is a challenge mode where Brutal Deluxe faces one by one to each
of the teams in the game, these are sorted by ascending difficulty. Win a match
can advance, while a loss eliminates the player directly without possibility of
continuing. Before each match you can access the gym to increase player attri-


The player enters a tournament style league where Brutal Deluxe plus seven par-
ticipating teams and face rivals robin. The player faces each team twice total-
ing 14 games to finish the league. After each game you can see the position of
the teams according to their number of victories and their goal difference. At
the end of the season if the player manages to enter the league rank higher 
category and will face a new season with the toughest teams. The order is random
teams so the difficulty is very variable. In League mode the player can access
the gym and Transfer of Players. This mode also allows you to save your game.


This mode has a typical elimination tournament where they face eight teams 
chosen randomly until only two reach the final. The difference in this mode is
that each match consists of two games in a row against the same team, and the
winner is decided by the sum of points of both results. Cup mode the player can
access the gym and Transfer of Players. This mode also allows you to save your


Mode Manager is a special option available modes League and Cup that specific-
ally allows the player to become the administrator of the computer and can make
adjustments and transfers the gym before every game, but no ability to control
the team. In this mode, the player has no control over the parties and Brutal
Deluxe is controlled automatically, if the player made ??the appropriate changes
are more likely to take the victory.

~2 player~

In this game mode, two people may face in a game of speedball. You can choose a
single party, the best of three or best of five.


Speedball is a futuristic sports game with a style of play similar to handball.
The player takes control of the team Brutal Deluxe and its mission is to carry
him to victory in the various championships and coach the team in order to
strengthen it go after each match.

The action takes place in a huge field with overhead view , two teams face off
in a game about 3 minutes long. Each team consists of nine players, tactically
distributed in two defenders, three leaflets, three forwards and a goalkeeper.
The player controls the character who is in possession of the ball or who is 
closer to this, this is clearly indicated by a letter on his head. The rest of
the characters automatically move helping the player. The playing field's comp-
letely surrounded by high walls so that the ball never goes out.

The object of the game is to use the metal ball to score more points than the
opponent. The player can run with the ball and throw it in all directions by
pressing the action button, holding down the button can also make a high pass.
If an opponent has the ball, the player must try to bring him down and take the
ball with the action button. Like the game there are no violations, the player
can abuse the attacks, including the goalkeeper.

There are many ways to score points, the more effective is to make a goal of
goal, totaling 10 points. You can also get 2 extra points by throwing the ball
against star-shaped panels on the walls of the stadium and throwing the ball
against bouncers domes located within the field. On both sides, in the middle
of the field multipliers are also special shaped door where the player must
throw the ball vertically to activate a light. If the player manages to turn
this light, all points get hereinafter be multiplied by 1.5, and if he can turn
on two lights all points are doubled. There is also the possibility of injury to
an opponent to gain 10 points, although this requires the player to increase
much the strength of his team.

During the game you can also use various traps and items to gain advantage.
Among the traps are special black domes in the walls, if the player hits the
ball dome, you get a red ball being thrown knock any opponent in its path, 
including the goalkeeper. There are also holes in the walls which teleport the
ball to the opposite side. The items are objects that appear randomly anywhere
in the sand and give great benefits to touch time the team. Some of the effects
you can get the items are: speed, freeze all opposites, invulnerable to the 
blows and steal the ball automatically. The most important items are coins, 
because these serve to increase the player's money. The money can be used before
each game to buy upgrades to your computer and make it more powerful.

The artificial intelligence of the enemy is very well made ??and it will try to
use all the tactics mentioned against the player, including alternative ways to
score points, multiply points, brutal aggression and use of items. The diffi-
culty is very severe on computers mainly high attributes, which easily defeat
the player if it has failed to improve his team decently.

Brutal Deluxe is a very weak team and has many disadvantages physically and 
skill with other groups in the league. To succeed in the game, the player must
focus on enhancing the attributes of his team after every match using the money
raised from the coins.

Fitness mode (GYM) is presented as an option before each game. Here the player
can invest your money to buy all sorts of improvements, but must do so strate-
gically considering that money is very limited, it is best to decide which play-
ers should further improve before the rest.

Improvements can be purchased separately or all together, including attributes
such as energy, strength, intelligence and firepower. Similarly, the player can
purchase upgrades for single player, for a group or for the whole team.

In modes League and Cup also presents the option to transfer (ART), which allows
the player to buy a star player with all the attributes very high. In this case
it is more convenient to save money to buy powerful players rather than slowly
increase the attributes of each player.


Each port has differences between each other. The differences are based from the
original port.


The graphs have been changed based on the limitations of the console. The
sprites are extremely tiny and pixelated and colors are not displayed when
using the Super Game Boy.

The game runs at a rate somewhat slower than the original.

Removed replays of goals.

The sounds are simple "beeps", includes the main music presentation and victory.

Removed the two-player mode.

The game saves progress using password .

Includes the same game modes as the original, except for the multiplayer.

The artificial intelligence of opponent has fallen, now rivals are not as smart
as in previous versions and the game becomes easy, even against the strongest

~Master System~

The graphics have been converted to the 8-bit console, it shows in more 
saturated colors and some flashes of sprites, but still similar to the
original result. It presents the same playing field with the grid floor
Atari ST version. The pace of the game is somewhat slower.

Removed the bottom bar of the screen where the indicators showed the party,
in place indicators is scattered on both sides indicating the energy and goals.

The sound quality has been degraded depending on the capabilities of the 
console. They kept the original music. It kept the sound effects but all 
voices were lost.

Includes competitive two-player mode.

The game saves progress using password . It has been discovered that the 
password system is unreliable and often not retrieve all the necessary data.

Includes the same modes as the original game.

The difficulty of the game remains the same.


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Bitmap Brothers for making the game
Imageworks for publishing the game


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