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Pokemon Silver Walkthrough (most same as gold)

by gamercon

Pokemon gold/silver walkthrough Badges 1 - 8

When you start the game Prof. Oak will ask you the time. You can put any time in and even if you put 4.00am in he will still say (even if you put 10.00pm) that he overslept. (He gets up early).  I would recommend the real time. He will then lecture you about pokemon and ask you your name, you get a list of names you can pick or you can pick your own.

The game starts in your room. You have to go down the stairs in the top right of the room and your mom will give you your pokegear and ask the day. Come out of the house and go to the building to the left (don’t talk to the boy it wastes time). Go inside and go all the way to the top and talk to Prof. Elm and you pick a pokemon. My personal favourite is Cyndaquil the fire type pokemon. One of the aides will give you a potion before you leave.

Now you head for Cherrygrove city. Come out of the lab and head west into the grass until you see a gap north. Walk through it and take the first north up the grass and head straight west. Follow the route until you get to an old man. Answer yes to his question and follow him. Now head north in route 30 (heal your pokemon first). Keep going north (DON’T HEAD WEST YET) until you get to a house, go in a talk to the people.

When you come out Elm will ring you – ‘a pokemon has been stolen get back to the lab’. Go all the way back now and go to the pokemon centre because you now have your first trainer battle with ??? the person who stole the pokemon (your rival). When you get back to the lab you name him.

Talk to Elm and he will tell you to talk to your mom and set off to get badge 1 in Violet city. You will get five pokeballs off of the aide. Talk to your mom and answer (yes and you will have some spare money, no and you will EASILY RUN OUT).  A man will talk to you west of New Bark answer what you wish. Now head to route 30 and NOW you turn WEST NOT NORTH! You have to fight a few people but no matter when you get to next city there’s a pokemon centre. To get to violet city head north (after turning west) and battle the people keeping heading north. When you get out of this route you see a cave DON’T go in it turn west and when you see a gap turn south battle the person turn west then north and turn into a building on your left through the other side and your in violet city. Heal your pokemon and head for the gym.

Violet city – Gym
I recommend you get a few potions now before you go to the gym. Save before every battle in a gym.
Bird keeper Abe has – Spearow lv.9

Bird keeper rod has – Pidgey lv.7
		        -  Pidgey lv.7

Falkner has – Pidgey lv.7
		Pidgeotto lv.9

You now have the Zephyerbadge. When you win and walk out Elm will ring you and you must go to the pokemon centre (heal at same time) and get the Mystery Egg off the aide. Now go to sprout tower (in the gap east of the gym). Work your way to the top and defeat all the trainers on the way. On the top floor you defeat three trainers and then you have to battle the elder. When you win get the escape rope from the right of the screen in a pokeball. You will have HM05 flash.your starter pokemon should have evolved either Cyndaquil Quilava / Totodile Crockanaw / Chikorita Bayleaf. If not you need to train. They evolve at lv.14.

Now go to the pokemon centre. Then head down the road south of the gym. Go as far south as you can until you get to a cave. If you like fishing talk to the man in the pokemon centre before entering the cave. To get out of the cave turn left as you enter as far as possible go down as far as possible turn right then down, left and second (on the left) down, turn right second (on the right) down. You are out of the cave.

Turn right when your out of the cava and keep going until your at Azalea town where you get your second badge. Go to Kurt next door to the pokemon centre and follow him to the well (a rocket was guarding it when you came into Azalea). Defeat all the rockets and you will then go to Kurt’s house. Talk to him to get a lure ball. Now go to the south of the city and into the gym.

Azalea Town Gym
A fire pokemon is best here. I also recommend you go up the left handside.

Amy and May have – Spinarak lv.10
			Ledyba lv.10

Bug Catcher Josh has – Paras lv.13

Bug Catcher Benny has – Weedle lv.7
			       Kakuna lv.9
			       Beedrill lv.12

Bugsy has – Metapod lv.14
		Scyther lv.16
		Kakuna lv.14

Congratulations! You have won the Hivebadge. Come out of the gym and go to the left and you will battle (???) your rival again. Now go through the building into Ilex forest. Walk round until you find a bird pokemon and press ‘A’ until you get it back to some people (you saw one of them when you came in near a tree). Talk to the one that looks like a karate man and you will get cut (HM01) teach it to a pokemon and use it to cut the tree next to them.  When you are through turn left, up, right and when you get to a gap go through it and turn left, down and left. Go through the building and you are at Goldenrod city. Go straight to the gym and try to get the third badge.

I again chose to go to the left.
Beauty Victoria has – Sentret lv.9
			 Sentret lv.13
			 Sentret lv.17

Lass Carrie has – Snubbull lv.18

Lass Bridget has – Jigglypuff lv.15
		       Jigglypuff lv.15
		       Jigglypuff lv.15

I would recommend pokemon centre now then come back and verse Whitney because she’s quite hard.
Whitney has – Clefairy lv.18
		   Miltank lv.20

Whitney will cry and Lass Bridget will talk to you. Go back and talk to Whitney and she will give you the Plainbadge. Now come out of the gym and go behind the mart and follow the route to the bottom and talk to the man in the shop. He will give you a bike to advertise for him. (you get to keep it later in the game). Press ‘start’ and go to ‘pack’, press ‘right’ ‘right’ on bicycle press ‘A’ ‘down’ ‘A’. Now you can press select anywhere to ride your bike. Now go to the radio tower opposite you behind the mart. Talk to the woman on the far end and answer the quiz (the answers are A, A, B, A, B.) and you will get the radio card. Now go to the house near the gym (covered in flowers) and talk to the lady. You will get squirtbottle. Talk to the man on the right to get TM08 you’ll need it later.

Head north and go through the building and national park (if it is Tuesday or Saturday talk to the man and you will enter the competition) and follow the path (after defeating two trainers) you will see a funny-looking tree called Sudowoodo. Press ‘A’ and you will battle it. (Now would be a good time for infinite masterballs if you have a cheat system.) Try and catch it as you only have one chance to do so. Now turn west and head north again to get to Ecruteak City. Go to the pokemon centre to heal your pokemon and talk to Bill. Tomorrow you can trade to the past (red, blue, yellow or green). Go to the house behind the pokemon centre and defeat everyone. Talk to the man watching the show to get HM03 (surf). Now heal your pokemon and go to the gym.

Ecruteak City Gym
To get through the maze go straight in front of Sage Ping then two spaces right, four up, three left, two up, three right and four up.

Sage Ping has – Gastly lv.16
		    Gastly lv.16
		    Gastly lv.16
		    Gastly lv.16
		    Gastly lv.16

Medium Grace has – Haunter lv.20
   			Haunter lv.20

Sage Jeffery - Haunter lv.22

Medium Martha has – Gastly lv.18
			 Haunter lv.20
			 Gastly lv.20

Morty has – Gastly lv.21
		Haunter lv.21
		Gengar lv.25
		Haunter lv.23
Now walk anywhere on the black and come out of the gym.

Heal your pokemon and go to the burned tower in the north. Beat your rival and teach a pokemon TM08. smash the rocks and work your way to the middle of the room. Fall down the hole and the three legendary dogs will flee. Now jump the ledges and go up the stairs and out of the door. You can catch the dogs later in the game if you find them. When you attack them in battle and they flee they will keep the same HP as the last battle you had with them. I can also tell you where Suicone is, but you have to do something when you get back to Kanto first.

Turn in and through the building on the left of Ecruteak City and follow the TOP path to the end. Follow the road downwards until you get to Olivine City. Your rival will come (AGAIN!? No!!) he will only talk to you and tell you Jasmine is in the lighthouse. Climb the lighthouse (bottom right of the island) to the top and you will talk to Jasmine. She will ask you to go to Cainwood Island, but before you do check the houses left of the pokemon centre to get HM04 Strength and the house above it for Good Rod. Catch a krabby and teach it surf if you haven’t got a pkemon that knows it already. Now surf to Cianwood. Go to the house at the bottom and you will get the Secret Potion.

Go to the house to the left of the pokemon centre to get a Shuckle. Now go to the gym and battle all the people until you have the badge.

Blackbelt Yoshi has – Hitmonlee lv.27

Blackbelt Lao has – Hitmonchan lv.27

Blackbelt Nob has – Machop lv.25
		        Machoke lv.25

Now teach HM04 Strength to a pokemon and move the two side boulders up and the middle to the left.

Blackbelt Lung has – Mankey lv.23
			Mankey lv.23
			Primeape lv.25

Chuck has – Primeape lv.27
        Poliwrath lv.30

Now talk to the lady outside the gym to get Fly. Teach it to a pokemon and take the Secret Potion to Jasmine in the lighthouse.

Now go and verse Jasmine at the gym.

Jasmine has – Magnemite lv.30
		   Steelix lv.35
		   Magnemite lv.30

Now go back to Ecruteak city and go in the building to the right. Teach HM05 Flash to a pokemon. Go in the cave and make the pokemon use Flash. Go to the top of the cave and through a dark arch. Turn right and come out of the door. Go down and come out of the other door. Turn right and you are in Mahogany Town. Head north to the lake of rage and surf to the red Garydos (defeat it don’t catch it) and then come back to the route sign. Lance will be there. Talk to him and fly back to mahogany and go into the house above the gym Lance will be there. Go down the stairs and do the work/battling underground. I can’t help you here. When your done heal your pokemon and go to the gym. There is too many people to right down so ill just tell you the leaders pokemon/lv on this.

Pryce has – Seel lv.27
	         Dewgong lv.29
		Piloswine lv.31

Now you will have to heal your pokemon and get about 10 super potions (if your money short fly home and get some money off your mum). Now head right to the cave. You have to find your own way. I can’t help you here either. Sorry! There is one bit I can help you on. When you get past the boulders on the ice don’t go up the gap. Go on the ice in front on you and get the pokeball. HM07. Then carry on. 

Once you are out of the cave you must have a dragon pokemon. If you do not have one I would suggest you trade for one because the only part of the game you can get one is in dragons den but you need a dragon to get in. Once in go down the ladder and through the door. Go down and surf (teach whirlpool to a pokemon) and follow the wall round to the left and go all the way round until you get dragon fang. You will be given the badge for free. Now go all the way out and talk to Elm. You will get a master ball. If you already have one in your BALL POCKET you will get an Everstone.