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Follow the dark path or use the light
Pinball Dreams Pack Shot

Pinball Dreams



by KeyBlade999

     _____  _       _           _ _     ____
    |  __ \(_)     | |         | | |   |  _ \
    | |__) |_ _ __ | |__   __ _| | |   | | | |_ ______  __ _ _ __ ___  ___
    |  ___/| | '_ \|  _ \ / _` | | |   | | | | '__/ _ \/ _` | '_ ` _ \/ __|
    | |    | | | | | |_) | (_| | | |   | |_| | | |  __/ (_| | | | | | \__ \
    |_|    |_|_| |_|____/ \__,_|_|_|   |____/|_|  \___|\__,_|_| |_| |_|___/

                   |             Pinball Dreams            |
                   |                 An FAQ                |
                   |             By KeyBlade999            |
                   |                                       |
                   |           File Size: 14.6 KB          |
                   |         Current Version: Final        |
                   |  Previous Update: 10:30 PM 5/24/2012  |

                        Section Negative One: Donations          **PINBALL_-1**

While I do write all of my guides for free, it does take a lot of time and
effort to put them together. If you're feeling generous and want to show your
appreciation, I am gladly accepting donations. I don't know exactly what the
donations will be used for, but just know that you would definitely be helping
me make more quality FAQs! Even the smallest donation amounts are appreciated,
and are a great way to say how much you appreciate the work I do. If you do
decide you'd like to donate, please send the donations through PayPal at the
e-mail address listed below. Thank you so very much for considering this!!

                          [email protected]

By the way, this is also my contact e-mail, so if you want to contribute
something to this or any of my other FAQs, or have a question to ask about one
of them, go ahead and use this e-mail.

                        Section Zero: Table of Contents           **PINBALL_0**

  [Section Title] ............................................. [CTRL+F Tag]

  -1. Donations ............................................... **PINBALL_-1**
   0. Table of Contents ....................................... **PINBALL_0**
   1. Intro ................................................... **PINBALL_1**
   2. Version History ......................................... **PINBALL_2**
   3. Legalities .............................................. **PINBALL_3**

   4. Basics of the Game ...................................... **PINBALL_4**

                              Section One: Intro                  **PINBALL_1**

Welcome to another FAQ of mine. This one covers the GameBoy game Pinball
Dreams. Obviously, it's about pinball, one of the most basic and fun games ever
made. So, yeah, I'll shut up and leave it at that.

                         Section Two: Version History             **PINBALL_2**

Final - First and likely only version of this FAQ completed.
        10:30 PM 5/24/2012

                           Section Three: Legalities              **PINBALL_3**

This FAQ may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any website or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
website or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

 2012 Daniel Chaviers (a.k.a. KeyBlade999).

If you would wish to contact me concerning this or my other FAQs, use this
e-mail: [email protected], or PM (Private Message) me on the GameFAQs
message boards.

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                       Section Four: Basics of the Game           **PINBALL_4**

We'll simply go over the controls and each game mode, as listed in the game
menu from top to bottom.


~~ D-Pad: - Hold and release to initally launch ball.
          - Control left flipper.
          - Cycle through menu options.

~~ A Button: - Hold and release to initally launch ball.
             - Control right flipper.
             - Confirm menu choice.

~~ B Button: - Shake the table.

~~ Start Button: - Pause/unpause game.

~~ Select Button: - End game whilst paused.
                  - Shake the table when not paused.
                  - See high scores from the main menu.

~~ L/R Buttons: - These only have functions on the GBA SP and GameBoy Player
                  ways of playing the game. They will widen/narrow the screen,
                  respectively. Otherwise, N/A.

General Gameplay

~~ You launch the ball.
~~ You get points for bumping into things and other tasks.
~~ You bat it back up the table with the flippers.
~~ You get more points for bumping into things and other tasks.
~~ You eventually fail and have to use another ball. Loop from the top.
~~ Game ends when you use all three balls, assuming you aren't given extra

Yeah, seriously, that's it.

Game-Specific Details


-- At the top of the screen, you'll find four lights at the top. If the ball is
   launched and runs over it, you'll get a x2 multiplier.

-- If you light all four of them by rolling over them, you can get another
   multiplier bonus. It can be x2, x3, x4, x6, and x8.

-- These aforementioned lights can be messed with by triggering the flippers

-- There are three lights above the "Ignition" logo. Trigger them enough times
   to light up the logo itself to make a jackpot available in the ball trap.

-- Mushroom bumpers get you 500 points per hit.

-- On the table are three drop targets. Each time you knock all three down, you
   get progressive bonuses of one extra ball, 5,000,000 points, and 10,000,000
   points. They loop from there. The extra ball is collected on the left
   passage; the points in the ball trap.

-- The drop target in the top-left corner is worth 50,000 points. FYI.

-- If you drop all four left drop targets and go through the left passage, you
   will "go to another planet" and be able to collect higher bonuses.

-- The ball trap can be entered multiple times. You'll first gain 100,000
   points, then 250,000 points, then 500,000 points, then a loop from there.

-- The left passage can be gone through for bonus points. If you manage to
   repeat the task in twenty seconds, you'll get progressive bonuses of 50,000
   points, 100,000 points, 250,000 points, 500,000 points, and 750,000 points,
   at which you'll just continue to get 750,000 points.

-- The Sun Run is a passage on the right. Go through it three times to light
   all of the lights and get a bonus. Each time, it differs. You'll first get a
   Hold Bonus (go through the Sun Run again), a Score Bonus (go to the ball
   trap), and a Double Bonus (go through the Sun Run again). After getting all
   three, the last two reset and can be gotten again.

-- Also note each run in the Sun Run is 10,000 points.

"Steel Wheel":

-- When the ball is launched, an Arrow Light is lit. Roll it over to get a
   bonus of 10,000 points through the sixth time, and 1,000,000 points on the

-- Each time all three Arrow Lights are lit, you'll get a multipler bonus equal
   to the time it's lit up plus one. So, you'll progressively get x2, x3, x4,
   x5, x6, and x7 (where it stops).

-- All of the Arrow Lights are on a cycle you can mess with via the flippers.

-- Mushroom bumpers get you 500 points per hit.

-- Each time you go through the left passage, you progressively get bonuses of
   10,000 points, 25,000 points, 50,000 points, 75,000 points, and 100,000

-- Each time you light the word "STEAM" by lighting up the proper switches, you
   will let the above value skip to the next one.

-- If you go through the left passage, then do it again in under eight seconds,
   you'll get 1,000,000 points.

-- Each time going through the middle passage will net you 50,000 points.

-- The middle passage will let you activate the "Spin the Wheel" challenge
   upon going through; it's featured in the top ball trap.

-- This "Spin the Wheel" challenge, once activated, simply makes a wheel spin
   around. You can get an extra ball, the jackpot, the next entrance bonus for
   the left passage, 1,000,000 points, 2,000,000 points, or 3,000,000 points.

-- Also in the top ball trap, you can get a Double Bonus, Hold Bonus, or Score
   Bonus, depending on the lights lit.

-- Lighting the right drop targets influences the top ball trap and middle
   passage. Lighting them all once gets them the Hold Bonus; twice, the Double
   Bonus; thrice, the Score Bonus; four times, the Jackpot. You'll also set up 
   the next award for the right ball trap.

-- The right ball trap will give either 1,000,000 points and the next entrance
   value for the left passage, or 5,000,000 points and an extra ball, all
   depending on the lights flashing. (Or an increase in the jackpot if nothing
   is flashing.)


-- The top-left ball trap will give bonuses when hit: a Score Bonus, an extra
   ball, or the jackpot.

-- Hit it three times to activate ball-lock. Once the ball lands in one of the
   lower-left ball traps, it'll stay there. Launch the new ball into the
   top-left ball trap for a Multi-Jackpot bonus (jackpot doubled).

-- Using the lights to spell "DIE" will award you the next multiplier bonus:
   x2, x4, x6, x8, or x10. If you already have x10, you'll get the Double Bonus
   and an extra ball.

-- Using the lights to spell "RIP" will add a letter to the "GRAVEYARD". Once
   it is spelled, you'll set up the Jackpot. Spelling "RIP" once will put the
   Mystery Spin in the lower-left ball trap.

-- Mushroom bumpers get you 1,000 points per hit.

-- There are drop targets (three) under the mushroom. You get progressive
   rewards for lighting them: a "GRAVEYARD" letter, upped jackpot, Double
   Bonus, Score Bonus, an extra ball, then 3,000,000 points.

-- The middle-left ball trap can award the Double Bonus when lit, or add a
   random score to the jackpot.

-- Using the lower-left ball trap starts up Mystery Spin in the "SP" light is
   lit. You can get 100,000 points, 3,000,000 points, 10,000,000 points, an
   extra ball, the Hold Bonus, or get your score doubled (or more; in a
   multiplayer game, the highest person's score is added to yours). If the
   light is not lit, some points get added to the jackpot.

-- Going through the left or right passages nets you 50,000 points.

-- If you go through the right passage, then left passage less than eight
   seconds later, or vice versa, you'll get 1,000,000 points. 

-- If you go through the left passage up and over the "DIE" roll-over switches
   and then down the right passage, or vice versa, you'll get 1,000,000 points.

-- If all of the Roman numerals around the left or right passage are lit,
   Midnight is activated. You'll then get 5,000,000 points each time you run
   through the left or right passage, whichever has all Roman numerals lit.

-- If you reach Midnight, you'll activate Hurry-Up for the right passage. If
   you hit it, you can gain points. It initially is 20,000,000, but goes down
   as time goes by.

|                      This is the end of KeyBlade999's                       |
|                          FAQ for the GameBoy game                           |
|                               Pinball Dreams.                               |
          |  ____________  |
          | |            | |
          | |            | |
          | |____________| |________________________________________
          | |____________| |_________________________               |
          | |            | |                         | |\   /\   /| |
          | |            | |                         | | \ /  \ / | |
          | |____________| |                         | | (_)  (_) | |
          |________________|                         |_|          |_|
                          ___       ___       ___
                         /'__`\    /'__`\    /'__`\
                        /\ \_\ \  /\ \_\ \  /\ \_\ \
                        \ \___, \ \ \___, \ \ \___, \
                         \/__,/\ \ \/__,/\ \ \/__,/\ \
                              \ \_\     \ \_\     \ \_\
                               \/_/      \/_/      \/_/