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Follow the dark path or use the light
NHL Blades of Steel Pack Shot

NHL Blades of Steel



by PeTeRL90

       ____  _           _                    __   ____  _            _ 
      | __ )| | __ _  __| | ___  ___    ___  / _| / ___|| |_ ___  ___| |
      |  _ \| |/ _` |/ _` |/ _ \/ __|  / _ \| |_  \___ \| __/ _ \/ _ \ |
      | |_) | | (_| | (_| |  __/\__ \ | (_) |  _|  ___) | ||  __/  __/ |
      |____/|_|\__,_|\__,_|\___||___/  \___/|_|   |____/ \__\___|\___|_|

                                VERSION 1.0
                               By: PeTeRL90
                E-mail: thebestskylight[at]gmail[dot]com
                          Copyright: 2007-2008
                       Date Started: March 12, 2007
                      Date Finished: March 12, 2007

Please check out my YouTube page to see the video walkthroughs that I currently
have up and make sure to subscribe to me to see my future video walkthroughs.

Version History

Version 1.0 - March 12, 2007 - Finished the guide.

Table of Contents

1.) Introduction
2.) Legal Stuff
3.) Controls
4.) Game Basics
5.) Credits/Thanks

1.) Introduction

Howdy and welcome to my guide for Blades of Steel for the Gameboy.  I'm a huge
hockey fan.  I've loved it for years now, with the Carolina Hurricanes being my
favorite team.  No, I'm not a bandwagoner.  I live in North Carolina.  Blades
of Steel is one of my favorite hockey games to this day, and I thought I'd
contribue for it.

2.) Legal Stuff

The latest version of this guide will always be posted at GameFAQs first.

This FAQ is copyrighted by me, and may be used for personal use.  This FAQ may
NOT be used for any kind of profit, or be put in any kind of magazine.  I
write these on my spare time for free, and you shouldn't be able to get money
from ripping this, claiming it as your own, and selling it off.  You may NOT
use this on your website.  You may NOT copy and paste part of any part of my
work, as that is still plagiarising.

I am no longer allowing any more sites to use any of my present or future
FAQs any longer.  The only sites that are allowed to use my present and future
FAQs are the sites listed below.


3.) Controls

D-Pad - Move your character around, aim your penalty shot

A - Shoot

B - Pass


A - Block

B - Punch (hold down to do aim lower)

4.) Game Basics

Once you turn on your power, you'll have three options:


Practice will let you practice either your penalty shots or let you practice
fighting.  This will give you a feel of how both of those aspects work.  If
you're new to the game, I'd suggest giving those a shot so you know what to
expect if any of those do occur.

Exhibition lets you play an exhibition game.  Each game lasts 3 periods.  If
you choose to play this, you'll get to choose one of the following difficulty


Junior is the easiest level, with College being normal, and Pro of course being
hard.  After choosing your difficulty, you'll get to choose one of the
following teams:

-New York
-Los Angeles

After selecting your team, the game will start.  Keep in mind that the only
difference between the teams is their names.  There are no advantages or
disadvantages between them.

Tournament will allow you to play a tournament based game.  You'll get to
choose from either the Junior, College, or Pro difficulties again.  After that,
you can choose your team from the same list as above.  Once you do, the format
will look like this:

-Your Team
-Random Team

-Random Team
-Random Team

-Random Team
-Random Team

-Random Team
-Random Team

It's single elimination, meaning once a team loses, that team is out for good
until you start a new tournament.


Playing the game is pretty simple.  You play three periods that consist of 20
minutes each.  The point of the game is to hit the puck into the other teams
net as many times as you can.  Whoever has the highest amount of goals in the
end wins.

Hockey is all about being a team, which means passing the puck when needed.  No
matter what difficulty you're playing on, the opposing team will always swarm
the player with the puck, so make sure to pass often and know when to pass.
Never pass it when someone is in front of you, as that will just lead to an
interception on your part.  Once you get close enough, there will be an arrow
in the net going up and down.  Once you choose to shoot the puck, the arrow
will stop moving.  Whereever the arrow is pointing is where the puck will go,
so make sure to try to get an opening before shooting.

When a face off occurs, holding the direction your team is on and pushing B
will give you a better chance of taking the puck from the center.

When you're playing defense, keep in mind that you can push around the opposing
team as well.  When you're on defense, you can check into opponents by simply
running into them a couple of times.  Checking is basically a term for knocking
a player on his ass.  Whenever you do this to someone who has the puck, they'll
cough it up, allowing you to pick it up and take it the other way.

Whenever an opponent gets past you and is on their way to the goal, that same
arrow will be going up and down around your net.  However, you get manual
control of your goalie, so you're free to move it around along with the arrow.
Once the arrow stops, make sure to position your goalie correctly over the
arrow, as sometimes an angled shot will bounce off you and into the goal.  So
if a goal occurs, it's your own damn fault since you're the one controlling the
goalie and where he goes.  Also keep in mind that the goalie is able to knock
down players in only one hit, so if someone gets too close to your territory,
knock them down and clear the puck.

Just repeat all of that until 60 minutes of hockey is up.


Every once in awhile, when you check a person too much, they'll start to fight
back.  This will happen when two of the characters start punching back and
forth.  If it's an even match, two heads will appear on the screen, which will
signal that it's time for a fight.

The best way to win a fight is to either go berserk on the player.  What I do
is hold down and start punching them in the stomach while mashing B as fast as
I can.  I win about 95% of the time doing that.  Your health regenerates over
time, too, so if you feel the need to guard, do so and go back to punching them

Oddly enough, only the loser of the fight will sit out a set number of minutes.
Not exactly sure why it's only the loser, but whoever the loser is, the other
team will get a Power Play.  A Power Play, though not mentioned in the game, is
when a team has more players on the ice than the other team because one of
their players are in the penalty box.  If the team with the Power Play scores,
the penalty for the player is automatically up, and they're allowed to return
to the ice.

Penalty Shot/Shootout

If no one has scored by the end of regulation, the game will go into a shootout
in which each team will get 5 penalty shots.  This is actually a lot more
tricky than it seems.

Use A and the D-Pad to aim your puck and shoot it in that direction.  If you
hit the right shot, the goalie will miss it.

Whenever you're on defense, you need to use the D-Pad and push in the direction
the puck is going.  For example, if the puck is high and right, simply hold
right and push A and you'll move to the right.

Whoever has the most goals by the end of the shootout wins.

5.) Credits/Thanks

GameFAQs and the hosting sites: For hosting this guide.

Konami/Ultra: For this wonderful game, as well as the NES version. For the ASCII.

And a huge thanks to you, the readers.  Without you guys, I wouldn't be making
these in the first place.