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Follow the dark path or use the light
Kirby's Dream Land 2 Pack Shot

Kirby's Dream Land 2


Ability/Friend FAQ

by Jelly Soup

Kirby's Dream Land 2 Ability/Friend FAQ
By Christopher Marsh
E-mail: jelly__soup (jellysoup at gmail dot com)
GameFAQs: jelly soup
GameSpot: Jelly_Soup
NeoSeeker: Jelly Soup
Copyright 2005 Christopher Marsh

Table of Contents

1. Copyright Info
2. The Abilities
3. The Friends


1. - Copyright Info

This FAQ cannot be duplicated, in any way, with out the permission of the
author. Only the following sites are allowed to post this FAQ:

GameFAQs -
Neoseeker -
GameSpot - (via linking from GameFAQs)

No other sites and/or individuals will be given permission. EVER.


2. - The Abilities

Basic information on Abilities:
Gaining an ability is simple enough. Inhale an enemy with the B Button, then
swallow it by pressing D-Pad Down. If the enemy has an ability that can be
copied, then Kirby will gain it.

To ditch an ability, press the Select button.


|  |\   |
|   \\  |
|    \\ |   - Cutter
|    // |
|   //  |
|  |/   |
First seen in: Stage 2-1
Enemies that have this ability:
Sir Kibble (small, kinght-like guy that throws Cutter at you)
Waiyu (mini-boss, also uses Cutter against you)

One of the games cooler abilities and one of the most useful. While Kirby has
this ability, pressing the B Button will make him throw a sharp
Boomerang-like blade. The blade doesnít go very far before returning (only a
bit past the edge of the screen), but itís normally strong enough to handle
most monsters you run into.


- Good for taking care of bosses/mini-bosses, as is will shoot all the way
  across the screen (boss/mini-boss screens are only one screen long).
- You can keep moving while firing.
- Looks awesome.
- Can be used underwater (much slower).

- Can only shoot to the left or right of current position (no up, down or
- If throws to close to the edge of the screen, it wonít come back. While
  this wonít affect your ability to use this...ability, it is a pain when
  trying to hit things behind you.
- Not very effective against bosses (mainly due to the need to aim where it
- There can only be 3 blades on the screen at any one time.

NOTE: This isnít like the Kirbyís Super Star cutter. There are no combo


|  /\  |
| //\\ |
|//  \\| - Fire
|||  |||
|||  |||
First seen in: Stage 1-2
Enemies that have this ability: 
Fire Wheel (little wheel-like enemy that clings to walls and will use Fire
            against you if you cross itís line of sight.)
Ferrite (mini-boss, also uses Fire against you)

One of those kinds of powers that could be a lot more useful than it is.
Pressing the B Button turns Kirby into a ball of fire that shoot across
the screen (about the same distance as Cutter). It can handle most
enemies without much problem, but itís dangerous to use. See, after using
it, there is a split second where youíre open to attack. Say youíre on top
of an enemy when the fire quits. See the problem? Not something you want
to use in close spaces (such as mini-boss fights).

- Can be used to crash through multiple monsters at once.
- Can be used to clear stages in quickly (fly to the upper corner, mash
  the B Button. Only works in particular levels.).
- Fun to use.
- Can be used underwater (distance reduced by half).
- Needed to break Ice Blocks.

- Open to attack after using.
- Not good in close spaces.
- Not very good on bosses (again, the aiming thing). This has more to
  due with it's disadvantage in close spaces.


||  // || - Ice
|| //  ||
First seen in: Stage 4-1
Enemies that have this ability:
Mr. Frosty (mini-boss, also uses Ice against you)

This is what Fire should have been like. Using this little ability, Kirby
will shoot a stream of never ending ice from his word hole. This can defeat
virtually every enemy you come across and is very effective against
mini-bosses (and bosses in general). Now, you canít actually freeze these
types of enemies, but you can freeze the stuff they throw at you. Once and
enemy/object is frozen, it can be kicked back. Problem is, it doesnít have
a very long range and can only be used to the left or right for Kirbyís
current position.

- Can create additional weapons by freezing enemies and there attacks (not
  all attacks can be frozen).
- Great against most bosses/mini-bosses.
- Can be used underwater (distance reduced by half, ice stream not

- Short range.
- Can only be shot to the left or right. And, in effect...
- ...aiming becomes necessary for air born monsters.
- Canít move while using.


||\  |\    /||
|| \ | \  / || - Needle (also called Spike or Thorn)
||  \|  \/  ||

First seen in: Stage 2-2
Enemies that have this ability:
Captain Stitch (mini-boss, also uses Needle against you)

So much potential, none of it used. When Kirby uses Needle, he turns into
a spike ball. Unfortunately, itís not that strong, and it has a very short
range. Now, itís nice to be protected on all sides (including up), and
itís good if youíre being attacked on all sides...but there are only
specific stages where situations like this come up and most of these
situations can be handled with other powers much more simply. However,
it is one of the few abilities that functions at full power while

- Protects on all sides.
- Can be used underwater (full power).
- Needed to break Hole Blocks (blocks with five pin holes in them).

- Not that strong.
- VERY short range.
- Canít move while using.


|  _   _  |
| | | | | | 
| | | | | | - Normal
| |_| |_| | 
||_______|| <---That's...uh...Kirby's face.

First seen in: Right from the start.

Ah, yes. Nothing like the original. This is Kirby without the aid of any
abilities. The running, the jumping, the sucking, the swallowing....
yeah. What makes normal Kirby so interesting is, unlike later in
carnations of Kirby, you can beat the game without any abilities (except
for the Dark Matter) if you really want. Adds an interesting challenge
for those adventurous types out there.

- Ready for coping abilities.
- Despite what people may think, you can beat the game with just Normal.
- Itís.....Kirby! You donít need another reason.

- None that I can think of.


|   ----   |
|  /|  |\  |
| / |  | \ | - Parasol
|   | |    |
|   | |    |  <---Worst. ASCII. Ever. ;_;

First seen in: Stage 1-1
Enemies that have this ability:
Parasol Waddle Dee
Jumper Shoot (mini-boss, also uses Parasol against you)

One of the first abilities in the game proves to be one of the best.
Longer range than Needle, longer attack duration than Needle and the
ability to float down while falling. I know, I know, Kirby can do
that anyway, but itís just so much cooler with the Parasol. For
those who donít know, a parasol is a small, light umbrella used to
keep the light off of you. The top of the parasol can also be used
as a weapon. Just run into monsters with it.

- Attack range longer than Needle.
- Attack duration longer than Needle.
- Can float while falling.
- Top can be used as an attack from beneath.
- Needed to break Cloud Blocks.

- Wide open to attack from the back.
- Attacks are slower than Needle.


Rainbow Sword (doesnít have a symbol)

First seen in: Final Battle (Stage 7 Boss Room, need all Rainbow Drops)

The Rainbow Sword is a special ability that can only be used in the
final battle against the Dark Matter. It can only be used after
beating King DeDeDe IF you have found all the Rainbow Drops. Itís an
ability and this is an ability FAQ, so I figured Iíd include it here.
Over all, the rainbow sword is an amazing tool and very cool to have.
But...youíd think the ultimate power of love and light would be, I
donít know, a hell of a lot stronger than what it is. Why canít this
thing shoot some laser beams or something?

- Looks really freaken cool.
- Only power that can harm the Dark Matter.
- Needed to finish the game 100%.

- Short range. Shorter than Needle.
- WEAK. Yeah, itís the only thing that can hurt the Dark Matter,
  but, hell, it could do more than what it does.
- Can only be used in final battle.
- Need to have all the Rainbow Drops to use it.


| ---|
|/  /|
|-- -| - Spark
| / /|
|//  |

First seen in: Stage 3-2
Enemies that have this ability:
Shock Blob (blob like character that fires Spark when near)
Big Spark (mini-boss, also uses Spark against you)

And so we have arrived at the second most useful ability in the game.
When Kirby uses this ability, he is surrounded by a field of electric
sparks. Not only can it be used continuously, there is very little
that canít be damaged by it. On top of that, moat attacks stop dead in
front of it. Youíll be using this one a lot.

- Makes a field of electricity to surround Kirby.
- Stops attacks.
- Works underwater (slower, protection isnít as good).

- Canít move while using.
- Doesn't have a very wide range.


| ____ |
|/    \|
||    || - Stone
||    ||

First seen in: Stage 5-1
Enemies that have this ability:
Blocky (mini-boss, also uses Stone against you)

Why is it that what should be the coolest power is actually one of the
lamest? Itís too hard to use to be useful in any place than stages
designed to handle it (and only is a few areas within those few stages).
When Kirby uses Stone, he turns into, you guessed it, a stone. And what
can this stone do? Well, it can sit there. Yep. Now, if youíre one a
hill, then youíre in business. Otherwise....not so much.

- While in stone mode, Kirby is invincible.

- Not that useful outside of certain stages.
- Hard to use in any situation that doesnít involve a hill of some kind.

Note: This isnít like the Kirbyís Super Star Stone. You can't stay as
      a stone forever. After sitting still for 3 seconds, Kirby will
      change back.


3. - The Friends

Basic information on Friends:
Friends are furry creatures that help Kirby in his adventure. Other than
transport, they can also combine their powers with Kirbyís copy abilities to
create all new powers. Further more, they double Kirbyís life bar. First
things first, to gain a friend, find a bag. Yes, a bag. The bad guys
kidnapped Kirbyís pals stuffedíem into sacks. You will almost always find one
after beating a mini-boss.

If Kirby has no abilities when he combines with a friend, the combo will have
the same powers of Normal Kirby.

Too dump a friend, press the Select button (when you are not carrying an

Note: Only Kirby can use the Rainbow Sword.


Coo the Owl
First seen in: Stage 2-1

THE most useful friend. Flying, one of Kirbys natural abilities, is a useful
way of getting around and avoiding problems. But, he canít attack while
flying. Thatís where Coo comes in. This guy can fly, he can attack, he just
flat out rocks.

Combo Attacks:

Cutter + Coo = Tri-Blades
Get used to this one. If youíre smart, youíll be using this A LOT. It sends
cutters out in three directions (diagonal up/down and forward) and they
donít come back. These babies will slice through most things with little
problem. Problem is, you have no protection from the back. Still, the
attack moves so fast, this wonít be a problem. Also, it can be used under
water, but the distance will be cut in half.

Fire + Coo = Fireball Thrust
Not much difference from the normal Fire ability. Instead of going left
to right, it runs at diagonals. Really, there are only a few situations
where youíll need it (most of which are passing ice walls). It can be
used under water, but the distance is severally reduced.

Ice + Coo = Directional Ice Breath
Kinda cool to use (no pun intended), but not that useful. You can move
the stream around like a gun turret, BUT, as you do, youíll start to
slowly drop to the ground, at which point youíre left with the normal
Ice ability.

Needle + Coo = Downward Poker
Creates a spike ball in Coos talons. It looks nice and is a bit more
useful that the normal Needle (you can move around while using it).
Unfortunately, it doesnít last that long and you have to get close
to hit anything.

Parasol + Coo = Whirlwind 
Another highly useful ability that youíll be using a lot.
Basically, they spin around and destroy anything they touch. Great
for protecting from above attacks and crashing through blocks. A
bit slow to start, though. 

Spark + Coo = Lighting Bolt
Lots of fun, lots of fun. Coo will be suspended in air as he drops
bolts straight down. It would be better if it could go in other
directions or, at least, aim it. But, the attack is continuous.
Plus, it works under water, but a highly reduced range.

Stone + Coo = Falling Stone
No difference from the normal stone ability. Really, none. does look rather cool when you sit still. Like a bird
perched on a shaped rock.


Kine the Fish
First seen in: Stage 3-2

Good underwater, bad on land. One of the best things about his is
the ability to use Kirbyís normal sucking power underwater (it
may not sound like much, but, try it. Youíll change your tune in
due time.). On land....well, heís to damn slow.

Cutter + Kine = Sonic Attack
Not bad, not bad. Has a nice range, does decent damage. A bit to
slow, though. There can only be 3 waves on the screen at any one
time. There are better choices out there.

Fire + Kine = Fireball
Also not so hot. Slow, and not just to shoot, but slow moving too.
Plus, there can only be 3 fireballs on screen at any time, which
greatly reduces the usefulness of a flame attack.

Ice + Kine = Ice Shield
Absolute crap. A wave of ice covers Kine and will freeze anything
that touches it. BUT, if you hold the shield up for too long,
Kine will be frozen in a block of ice and open to attack.

Needle + Kine = Spike Shield
Also worthless. Covers Kine with a coat of spikes, but it doesn't
last long enough to do any damage worth messing with.

Parasol + Kine = Parasol Poker
Kine sure gets the short end of the stick in this game. All this
thing does is make a parasol pop out of his mouth. Can only
attack in one direction, lasts for a few seconds. Bleh.

Spark + Kine = Light Bulb
Ah, put my foot in my mouth. A light bulb pops out of him mouth.
Yes, a light bulb. Now, this has a few different ways it can be
used. Firstly, if you hold down the button, it can be used
as a ramming weapon. Secondly, the same attack can be used to
light dark paths, and reveal hidden doorways. Lastly, releasing
the button makes if fire off like a missile. Creating a new light
bulb before the old one hits something causes an explosion.
An excellent weapon, even better underwater. 

Stone + Kine = Stone Fish
Shoot, just when I thought it might get better, this gets tossed
in my path. This is just hte normal stone ability, but with a


Rick the Hamster
First seen in: Stage 1-2

Ah, yes. Everyone loves a giant hamster. He may not be able to
swim like Kine or fly like Coo, but he can run with the best
of them. Plus, he doesnít slip on ice and can stand up to
strong winds better than Coo can. And his ability combos are
the most interesting of the group.

Cutter + Rick = Boomerang
What a wacky power. Rick grabs Kirby and flings him like a
boomerang, which then comes back. Fun to mess around with,
but not that useful. The problem is you canít aim it, even
by jumping. Plus, your back and bottom front are exposed
to attack. There are better choices.

Fire + Rick = Flamethrower
The best use of the Fire ability in the game. This is how
it should have been from square one. The range isnít that
great, you canít move around while using it, and it leaves
you open for attack from the back. But, the attack is
continuous and looks pretty damn cool.

Ice + Rick = Ice Shield
See, this is what Kines ice Shield should have been like.
Works the same way, covers you with ice, freezes whatever
it touches. And none of this turning to a block of ice

Needle + Rick = Porcupine
Short range, doesn't last but a moment. Man, Needle
really bites in this game. But Rick makes it look good,
even if it still sucks.

Parasol + Rick = Balancing Attack
Rick will stand on his toes, balance a parasol on his
nose with Kirby, as a ball, on top. Nice for enemies
who attack from the air, but doesn't do much for the
ground. Still, it has it's merit and is rather
effective against mini-bosses.

Spark + Rick = Shock Stream
Better than it looks. Rick will let loose a stream
of sparks that will cover a wide area, but a short
range. Nice, as it hits everything in front of you,
from the ground up. Leaves you open from the back,

Stone + Rick = Rock Roller
This is the most awesome ability in the game. Rick
turns into a boulder, and Kirby stands on his back,
controlling were he goes. It looks cool, is fun to play
with, you can roll over just about anything (including
spikes). However, there really isnít anyplace where you
can take full advantage of it. It seems like it was meant
to be a novelty power. All the other abilities (Needle,
much as I loath it, included), but the Rick/Stone combo
seems to have been thrown in as an after thought.


End of Document.