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Kid Dracula



by retrobloke

Kid Dracula (1993)

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Guide by Retrobloke
[email protected]
Copyright Terry Shew 2009

Version 1.00 - Posted on GameFaqs 04 March 2009. 

I post and update on GameFaqs. If you are in any doubt, then the latest version
can be found there. 

I have given permission for the following sites to host my FAQs: / /



04 - ITEMS



Kid Dracula was released for the original Game Boy by Konami in 1993. It is the
sequel to a Famicom/NES game released for the Japanese market in 1991. Konami 
also make the Castlevania series, and the chief villian here, Garamoth, also 
appeared in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. This game is a sort of parody 
of the Castlevania series, but actually plays more like the early Mega Man 
games for the Game Boy and NES.

I do not have a copy of the manual for this game, nor could I trace an English
language manual online the last time I looked. The cart is something of a 
rarity in the UK and I am lucky to have that much. The last time I looked on 
eBay I didn't see any for sale. I have pieced together the controls by trial 
and error and from snippets of information in reviews. The same reviews gave 
up some of the character names, etc. 

I did find a copy of the Italian manual online. I cannot read Italian, but 
I got some character names from there as well. You can view it, along with 
scans of the Japanese Game Boy and Famicom manuals, at

The original greyscale graphics are excellent throughout. There is some little
colour to be had by playing the game on a GBA. All in all I would say that this
is one of the better platformers for the original Game Boy. 

The game is set across eight levels. Some levels start with a cut scene and all
end with a boss, before moving on to the mini games where you can play for more
coins or extra lives. It is possible to amass a lot of extra lives in this 

This game isn't just for kids, as the title may imply. It's actually quite 
challenging. Fortunately, for idiots like me, there is a continue option. 
Using a continue will take you back to the beginning of the current level. 
There are also passcodes for each level and I give them at the start of each 
level in the walkthrough section. 

Continues and starts from a passcode will not preserve any extra lives, etc. 
Nor will you keep any extra heart containers picked up in earlier levels. So 
it's probably best just to start a new game back at the beginning, unless you 
like a challenge.



BUTTON A - Jump.

BUTTON B - Shoot fireball. Hold then release to shoot a bigger charged 
fireball. You can shoot in other directions by holding UP or DOWN on the D-PAD.
You can only shoot down when in the air. Button B also activates other spells 
where they have been selected. 

D-PAD: LEFT - Move left. RIGHT - Move right. UP - Climb ladders. 
DOWN - Duck/Crouch. You can shoot when crouching. Climb down ladders. 

START - Start a new game at the title screen. Pause / Restart.

SELECT - Switch spells.



SPELL - Press SELECT to move through available options. This can cause problems
if you forget to switch back to NOR (for 'normal') where you can shoot enemies,
from BAT, where you can fly, for example. (I'm always making this mistake.)

HEALTH - Three hearts. KD will lose one heart for every hit he takes. Hearts 
can be found in the game to replenish health. There are also extra heart 
containers to be found in the levels.

TIMER - In the middle of the game data there is the head of Kid Dracula. When 
using a spell which is time-limited (BAT and UPD) you will see the seconds 
count down in the think bubble.

LIVES - Given as P=03, etc. Why 'P'?

COINS - Left behind by enemies when destroyed by a charged fireball. You will 
need 10 coins if you want to play the mini games for extra lives at the end of
each level. 


04 - ITEMS

COINS - Defeat an enemy with a charged fireball and it leaves a coin behind. 
Coins can be used to gamble in one of the five mini games between levels for 
extra lives or coins. 
TIP: You can amass a lot of coins quickly and easily in some areas. Where you 
start the game, for example, a zombie will walk up to you. Zap him and move 
back to the left. Move right and zap him again. Repeat until you have enough 
coins to play the mini games at the end of the level. That way you won't have 
to worry about how you kill the other enemies in the rest of the level.

SMALL HEART - Replenish hearts by one.

BIG HEART - Replenish hearts to current max. That is three, unless you have 
found the next item...

HEART CONTAINER - Adds an extra heart. You can now take another hit before 
dying. This item will also replenish your hearts to their current max. There 
are an additional three containers in the game, but the max is five.



At the end of a level, or cut scene if there is one, a fortune teller will 
invite you to play for more coins or lives. You will need at least 2 coins to 
gamble for more, and 10 coins to play for extra lives. If you don't have enough
coins to play for lives then choose COINS, otherwise choose LIVES, or NONE if 
you don't want to do either. 

If playing for lives, you will be presented with four crystal balls marked 
A, B, C and D. The letters disappear, then the fortune teller moves the crystal
balls around. You will need to keep an eye on the one you want (if you have a 
preference). Make your choice (D-PAD to move the cursor and BUTTON A to 
confirm) when they stop moving. Games A and D are more skill based, and 
C and D involve an element of of luck.

ROULETTE - Earn more coins or lose what you have. You can choose more than one
number to bet on. The more you bet on a single number the greater the reward if
it comes up.

A - GRAB BAT - You have thirty seconds to catch as many bats as you can using 
a net. Use BUTTON A to jump and BUTTON B to swing the net. 5=1, 10=2, 15=4 
extra lives. This is probably the best one to go for.

B - STICK 'EM - Earn extra lives. Stick swords into the barrel containing a 
skeleton until its head pops off. 4=1, 7=2, 9=4 extra lives. There is no skill
whatsoever in this one.

C - RPS (ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS) - Earn extra lives.
Use the D-Pad to choose between rock, paper or scissors. Then press A. If you 
beat your opponent press A again. Press left to defend yourself if you lose. 
Do not attack unless you actually win the round, or else you will lose a point
to your opponent. As soon as he gets two points the game is over. You will win
an extra life for every point you get to a max of five.

D - JUMP + POP - Earn extra lives. KD has been given a pogo stick and a helmet
with a spike sticking out of the top. The object of the game is to burst the 
light coloured balloons with the spike. You must time pressing Button A with 
the pogo stick landing on the ground to gain the height necessary to burst the
higher balloons.



A new spell is acquired at the end of each of the first four levels. Move 
through available spells by pressing SELECT until you see the one you want. 
The spells only move in one direction. The game is not paused when you are 
changing abilities, but you can pause the game (START) then change (SELECT). 
Alternatively, you will need to wait until you know you're not about to be 
attacked. Hold then release BUTTON B to use new spell. 

The level where an ability can first be used is given in brackets below. Each 
spell has its own abbreviation when shown in the IN GAME DATA. 

FIREBALL (Level 01) - Hold and release BUTTON B for a more powerful shot. 
Available from the start of the game. (NOR). It is worth noting that you will 
always fire off a shot when you first hold down Button B to cast the new spell.

BAT - (Level 01) - You also start the game with this ability. Turn into a bat 
for a short time (5 seconds). Useful for getting across large gaps, and flying
over enemies. If you need to drop at any time just press select again. (BAT)

BAT ATTACK (Level 02)- Shoot multiple bats in a protective arc. Useful when 
enemies are attacking from above. (ATT)

HOMING FIREBALLS (Level 03)- Shoot multiple fireballs that home in on enemies.

UPSIDE DOWN (Level 04)- Allows KD to walk on the ceiling for a short time. 

BOMB (Level 05) - Use this ability to break through walls. (BOMB)

UMBRELLA (Level 05) - A defensive item which deflects attacks. Press UP or DOWN
to raise the umbrella above your head. At other times it's out in front of you.

There are no new spells to be had in the final four levels.


If you have built up a number of extra lives and coins you will not have them 
when starting a new game from a passcode. Neither will you have the extra 
heart containers found in previous levels. This game really wants you to finish
it in a single session. 

At the title screen select passcodes. Use D-PAD to enter number and BUTTON A 
to confirm.

5613 - Level 2 
3272 - Level 3 
7283 - Level 4 
5346 - Level 5 
7225 - Level 6 
5539 - Level 7 
7158 - Level 8




Grim Reaper tells KD that Garamoth is back. KD thought he'd beaten him for 
good (in the NES game). This time he's recruited most of KD's army to his 
side. KD has also forgotten most of his spells. The only one he can recall is 
the bat spell. He'll have to remember the rest as he goes along.


Start by going right. Kill the zombie. If you zap him with a charged fireball 
he'll leave a coin behind. 

TIP: Move back to the left. Move right and zap him again. Repeat until you have
enough coins to play the mini games at the end of the level. You'll need ten 
coins for each game you play. Doing this means you won't have to worry about 
how you kill the other enemies in the rest of the level. You need not stop at 
ten either. You can play as many mini games as you have coins to pay for. If 
you have a favourite mini game that you play well then you can easily come 
away with a whole bunch of extra lives. Of course. it'll all be a complete 
waste of time if you fail to get through the first level. In short, many 
enemies reappear to be shot again and again - if you want them to.

Go under the mashers when safe. Watch out for the bat hanging from the ceiling.
Another zombie, two more bats overhead, then the final zombie. Exit right.



TIP: You do not necessarily have to climb up to the same level as enemies. You
may be able to shoot them by firing upwards through platforms. Obviously, this
is much safer where it is possible.

The knights will walk back and forth and throw lances. Kill them and keep 
moving up. You will see a heart. It is possible to jump for it if you balance 
one-footed on the ledge like Mega Man, but the knight you just killed will 
reappear as you try to get back. Best to use the bat spell to collect the heart
and fly over to the ladder.

At the top, jump and shoot the bat. Go right. Exit.


Shoot up at the frankenpunk. They're a lot tougher than the zombies. One 
charged fireball is enough, but you'll need three standard fireballs to put 
them down. Go up two ladders. At the top go left, there are two bats overhead,
and pick up the heart if you need it.

Go right, shooting a frankenpunk, a zombie, three overhead bats, and another 
frankenpunk as you go. Shoot up at the zombie on the platform above. Go up two
ladders. At the top jump and shoot the frankenpunk on the opposite ledge. 
Select the bat spell to get across. Exit.


Watch out for flying bats. You'll need to shoot them or duck out of the way. 
Go right across the balance beams. There's a heart on the way. Exit.


Go left until you see the Ghost of the Future. Move back to the right. He will
start jumping towards you. Shoot him as he lands. Walk under his final jump. 
He will fire off two shots. Fire back and jump over his shots. He'll then run 
towards you. Shoot and jump over him. Then jump again as he turns. He will keep
repeating this pattern. Once he's had enough he will exit crying.

The Ghost of the Present appears. He's bigger, but no tougher. His attack 
pattern is the same, except that he fires three times. He too will exit crying
when he's had enough.

The Ghost of the Past appears. He will run at you. Just jump over him a couple
of times. He will fall down exhausted.


The bats apologise for going over to Galamoth's side. They want to reallign 
with KD. Grudgingly he accepts. 

You now have the BAT ATTACK (ATT).


LEVEL 2 / Passcode: 5613


The tree zombies (my name for them) throw knives, but there aim is terrible. 
The owls are more of a menace. You can avoid them by learning where to stand. 
They tend to sweep down and up from left to right, or from right to left. Make
your way up the tree using the ladders. You can shoot from the ladders, which 
helps when dealing with owls.

Try not to get sucked in by the trees - they have several mouths up the length
of their trunks. This isn't too much of a problem as they will spit you out 
again further down the trunk. 

On your way to the top you will need to use the bat spell to fly to a heart 


Avoid contact with the seeds they spit out. Shoot the plant's head and it will
retreat. Follow it along its stem. Shoot any owl that attacks the plant's head,
otherwise you will drop once the owl has flown off with it. 

The bat attack spell is useful at this point in the game, as it can take out 
any combination of owl, beetle or seed, with one volley. You would do well to 
crouch as you let go a bat attack, otherwise the owls may still get a piece 
of you. The beetles and owls drop from above. You can shoot up at the owls as 
soon as you see their eyes appear. But be careful when shooting up at beetles 
with standard fireballs as they will simply drop on you. When the beetles are 
on the stem of the plant you will need to crouch and fire to hit them. 

When the plant stops you will see a heart. Grab it and exit right.


The dark ones sink as you land on them. Watch out for logs coming down the 
screen from the waterfall. The fish take a couple of standard fireballs, so 
best use the bat attack in a crouched position.

The floor gives way as you walk on them. Just keep jumping when on the shorter
bridge. Fly using the bat spell over the longer bridge. As you fall after 5 
seconds, reactivate spell to continue flying. You should only need to do this 


As you approach the log cabin Jason bursts through the door. Jump over him. He
will run to the bridge  and struggle at first to pull his axe from the fence 
post. Shoot him repeatedly. Wait until he moves towards you before you attempt
to jump over him. Keep jumping and shooting.

Defeat him once and he will return with a shot gun which fires projectiles at 
three angles. He will shoot from the roof of his cabin. By standing at the far
left of the screen you can duck under the first volley, and jump to avoid the 
second. When he comes down from the roof jump over him. He will return to the 
roof and fire again. This pattern repeats until he surrenders.


KD remembers the spell for Homing Fireballs (HMG). This weapon is relatively 
weak compared to charged fireballs and bat attacks. 


LEVEL 3 / Passcode: 3272

There aren't as many opportunities to amass coins on this level, so hopefully 
you will have some extra lives to spare going into it.


Move right across the clouds. As you do so birds will fly overhead. You can 
shoot them or duck out of the way. Shoot up at or avoid the crystal balls 
dropped by the witches flying by on their broomsticks. Use the clouds that go 
up to get across the gap. Don't dwell on the small clouds that drop away.


Zeus is your biggest headache here. When he appears he will chuck rods of 
lightning. As KD has amazing balance you should shift right and left on the 
car to keep away from the rods. Stay on the front car as Zeus will destroy the
one behind. 

Jump over turtles. Duck under flying saucers. Towards the end of the ride there
are gaps in the track. Look out for another car and jump onto it. 
(I noticed that the bat spell isn't available once you get on the roller 
coaster. I had been hoping to use it to make the jump between cars easier. 
Oh well.)


She will drop chicks on you. Hit her with the homing fireball as you jump over
the chicks. Some of the chicks will get hit by the homing fireball - it splits
into four. If you get under the ultra chicken you can just keep firing normal 
fireballs up at her. Eventually she dies. But be careful - she will lay an egg
just as you think you've finished her off. Avoid the egg and the chicks that 
hatch from it.


KD remembers how to walk upside down (UPD).


LEVEL 4 / Passcode: 7283


Go right avoiding the cannon fire from below you. Stay to the left of the 
witchie wench and charge up your bat attack. Let her have it when she swoops 
down. Two hits should do it. Treat others in the same way. Get across the gap 
using the ferris wheel. Use the bat attack on the pirate ghost (my name for 
the floating heads carrying a sword and shield). One hit is enough with ATT, 
whereas fireballs just bounce off their shields. Exit. 


Switch to NOR. Go left. Hit skeleton with fireball, then big fireball 
immediately afterwards. He will leave a coin. If you try it another way you may
find that he rolls his head at you then charges with his body. 

Wait for the masher to go up, then go under it quickly. Don't try and go over 
it. Get the big heart. Under another masher. Kill skeleton as before. 

Switch to BAT*. Fly under next two mashers and over skeleton. Go back right 
after skeleton has thrown his head and drop to raised area. Go left over 
barrels. Watch out for the ones that drop from above. Exit.

*Alternatively, you could try out your new UPD spell.


Switch to NOR. Certain areas of the floor will give way when you jump on them 
allowing you to drop through them to the level below. Conversely, using UPD 
you can jump through them the other way. 

Go right. Drop through floor. Hit walking cannon with charged fireball. Go 
right. You can kill the cannon above you with ATT. Select UPD. Jump up through
gap. Go right. Jump through floor. Right. Kill pirate ghost with ATT. Use UPD 
to get across to a heart container. You should now have five hearts. 

Go back the way you came. Jump up through the floor. Kill pirate ghost to your
right. UPD again to get across the spikes. Jump through floor. Kill pirate 
ghost or avoid. Exit.


She will throw her scythe like a boomerang. My preferred method is to stand 
fairly central and concentrate on jumping over the scythe. then fire rapidly 
upwards. Repeat until she's killed. There are probably quicker and esier ways 
for the more dexterous among us. I'm not one of them!

You will need to hit him in the head with fireballs. That's his weak spot. So 
that means using UPD to get onto the ceiling. Be prepared to jump when he uses
his laser beam. He will also try to punch you when you drop to the floor. He 
is surprisingly easy to beat.


KD remembers the bomb spell (BOMB).


KD is watching Grim Reaper on a tv who tells him he's sending over his Father's
umbrella. KD can use it to deflect bullets (UMB). The picture goes fuzzy and 
Garamoth appears. He boasts that this time he will defeat KD.


LEVEL 5 / Passcode: 5346


Jump on the platform. As it rises keep jumping to the next one above it to the
left or right. Near the top there are robots on some of the platforms. You'll 
need to shoot them before you can use the platform they're standing on. There 
are also some astronauts that get in the way. They'll take two fireballs or 
one of something more powerful. 


At the top you'll be attacked by flying saucers. Switch to HMG. Take them out 
by firing upwards. They'll be joined after a while by 'trance fusions' (that's
what the Italian manual calls them). They look like humans which have been 
hypnotised. They're easy enough to kill. You should pick up a lot of coins 

Garamoth appears. He's carrying some sort of laser weapon which emits a wide 
beam. He walks towards KD. Hit him with ATT. He jumps back. Duck as he fires 
his weapon. Hit him with ATT again. He'll stagger back then jump forward. Run 
under his jumps. He'll fire again, so duck again, and so on. 

It turns out it wasn't Garamoth at all, but some little alien in a Garamoth 
suit. A lot of the time he'll be hiding inside the suit. Stand to the far 
right. He'll throw three bombs out of the suit. The first two will fall short.
Jump left over the third. He'll walk towards you, but stay where you are. Once
he has retreated back to the left, he'll stick his head out. This is your 
chance to shoot him. Continue like this until his suit explodes, then shoot 
the alien once to collect a big coin worth 20 ordinary ones. 


LEVEL 6 / Passcode: 7225


It's worth noting straight off that you can shoot the two types of lava 
globules as they are spat out from the lava flow. The first type just go up 
and down and are replaced by others when you shoot them. The second type 
attack KD directly and are not replaced when shot. 

Select UPD. I imagine that it would be very difficult to get across this area 
without taking any hits at all. But you should by now - if you've played from 
through to here from Level 1 - have five heart containers. There is also a 
heart pick up here. When you are upside down you can duck by pressing up.

At certain points there are eruptions of lava which arc up and right. It is 
possible to stand under the arcs. They always erupt in threes.

You will need to select BAT at one point where there is no ceiling towards the
end of this section. In fact, you could use BAT instead of UPD for the whole 
of this section. 


This area is very easy. UMB is selected for you. When the volcanoes erupt put 
the umbrella above your head. When attacked by the small horses keep it out in
front of you. The will fall away on contact. Exit.


Go right killing two small horses. The screen goes all swirly. You are standing
on five blocks. A big horse appears. The middle block descends. Crouch in the 
hole and use ATT as it runs over the top of you. The block ascends. Shoot any 
small horses that appear. Now the second block from the left descends. Again 
use ATT on the horse as it passes over you. 

Keep going until the big horse splits into four small horses. Shoot the small 
ones if they come near. There is an order as to which block descends. Counting
from the left, it goes 3-2-4-2-3. It is never 1 or 5.


LEVEL 7 / Passcode: 5539


Select BOMB. Go right. You'll meet miners. They're tough.  It'll take two hits
to put them away. Make holes in the wall where you have to. You can't blast 
the dark blocks, only the light ones. Watch out for falling ceilings. The 
robots also take two hits with BOMB. Sometimes there's a single block you can 
stand on where they can't get to you. From these blocks you can shoot them with

You will see two hearts above you. Fire BOMB up to clear the blocks out of the
way and the hearts will drop. Exit.


Now you come to an area with columns of blocks ascending, descending or static. 
You'll need to clear two adjacent blocks to get through the gap. 

Let's take each scenario in turn...

Stand and face the column. Clear two adjacent blocks. Jump through the gap.

Jump and shoot. Jump and shoot again. When you've cleared two go through the 

Blast blocks at ground level. As the blocks rise, jump and shoot holes in the 
static column behind through the gap you made. When you've got two adjacent 
blocks in the static column, make another KD-sized hole in the ascending 
column. Jump into the gap and ride up to the gap in the static column and walk

This is much more difficult. You need to clear the bottom two blocks in the 
static column. So first you'll need to jump and make gap in the descending 
columns so that you've got gaps to shoot through. Once you've cleared the two 
lowest blocks in the static column you will need to start jumping to make a 
gap to jump into in the descending column. Jump into the gap then move quickly
through the gap in the static column.

This isn't as bad as it sounds. Blast away at the ascending column at ground 
level. Then jump up and shoot through to the static column. When you have two 
or three missing blocks in the static column, shoot at the base of the 
ascending column to remove two more blocks. Ride them up and drop into the gap
in the static column. You will now need to ensure that you can jump and shoot.
So shoot bombs up. Now you can jump and shoot two blocks away in the descending
column. Jump up and through the gap.

I'm glad that bit's over!


Go right and shoot two robots. Get to the hollow before the ceiling crushes 
you. Go right as the ceiling ascends. Clear the two light blocks above you. 
When the ceiling goes up again move quickly right to another hollow. Keep 
going right using the safe areas. You will see some hearts in the blocks above
you. Grab as many as you need. 


You drop into a room with a wall down the middle. Metal Man (my name for him) 
is on the other side holding a hammer. He uses the hammer to hit the blocks in
the wall so that they fly towards you. You can do the same to him using BOMB.

Duck under the blocks or jump over them depending on how high or low he strikes
the wall. I think it best to concentrate on avoiding getting hit in first 
instance, and only then releasing the B Button to send a block towards your 
opponent. If you crouch as far left as you can go you will avoid all but the 
bottom blocks. If he hits the bottom block then jump.

After a while two ladders appear. Now you will need to climg up and down firing
as you do so. Eventually you should prevail. 


LEVEL 8 / Passcode: 7158


Go right and jump onto a small platform. Keep moving down as the screen 
descends. Don't let it overtake you. Keep firing off HMGs to clear the screen 
of aliens. Some you will have to take out individually. Watch where they are 
likely to go and make sure they don't land on you. Remember that you can shoot
up through the platforms. Don't be anxious to get ahead of them. You don't want
to hang about too much, but there is often time to stop for a moment.

Some of the platforms have spikes on their underside so you will need to look 
ahead to avoid getting boxed in. That's easier said than done. You will 
probably have to take a few hits on the way down from the spikes, but if you 
have the five heart containers then you've most likely got enough.

Also make sure that you can see the next platform, even if there is logically 
one below you. You will still die if it has yet to come into view. You may get
away with it to some extent, but often you won't.

Go right when the screen stops moving down. Move into the corridor. Select NOR
and shoot the robots. Exit.


You will need the BAT spell for this section. You will see some grey strips 
with arrows pointing up. Walk into one and it will carry you up. Use BAT to 
fly in the white areas so you can look at what's above you. The strips will 
often carry you into spikes.

It's difficult, but there are a few hearts in this area. There is also a heart
container near the top, but if you've already got five then you'll just 
replenish your health to it's max.

The section finishes with a long central strip. Go right at the top. Exit.


Above you there is a line of large drill bits. Some of them drop, but before 
they do they spin around. Get out of the way and keep moving right. The gaps 
between the drills and the area above those that have already fallen are safe.

They go up and down and fire at a right angle. HMG is useful here. Initially 
in this area portions of the the floor jut upwards and bits of the ceiling 
suddenly drop. Further right portions of the floor drop away altogether. 

There are less of them than previously, but now they move back and forth. If 
you move in the opposite direction you should be safe. Jump over them once they
have fallen. Collect the big heart. 

Select BOMB. Go right and shoot the alien. Jump over his fireball and shoot 
again. He's finished. I would've expected more from him to be honest.

Select UMB and keep walking right. The umbrella will deflect the shots of the 
other aliens you meet here. The ceiling is dropping behind you. These aliens 
are even more pathetic than the first one. 


You can only hurt him when his mouth is open. Keep away from his attacks until
he shoots a beam at an angle from either the left or right. His next move is to
shoot a fireball from his mouth. Jump up and hit him with ATT. You may even get
two shots in. Repeat until he's done for. Except of course that he isn't 
finished just yet.

He will lose his wings and fall down to the floor. Now he jumps left then 
right. Stay close and move under him. Every third jump is higher. It's then 
that he opens his mouth. Move in the opposite direction, turn and jump up to 
hit him with the bat attack. 





The author's observations from playing the game. 

Various reviews, incuding one at 

A copy of the Italian manual posted online.

The Walkthrough by R0CKv1LLAN here on GameFaqs. 



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