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Follow the dark path or use the light
Elmo in Grouchland Pack Shot

Elmo in Grouchland



by bodo_parkour

                       |                        |
                       |   ELMO IN GROUCHLAND   |
                       |                        |

  |                                                               |
  |                   FAQ Type - FAQ/Walkthrough                  |
  |                 Start Date - December 7th 2006                |
  |                     Author - Bodo_parkour                     |
  |                     System - Nintendo Gameboy Colour          |
  |                FAQ Version - Version 1.00                     |
  |              Latest Update - December 7th 2006                |
  |                                                               |


 1. Introducion
 2. Controls
 3. Story
 4. Walkthrough
 5. Conclusion

 1. Introducion

You've all seen this film right? What... you haven't? Don't worry,
you can re-live (most of) your favourite moments of the film in this
game, with the same name. It was released for the Gameboy Colour in
1999 (or 2001 if you are in the UK like me) and it was made by
NewKidCo, who also make many of the Muppet and Sesame Street games.

So, lets begin.

 2. Controls

Game controls

 START button - Pause the game
 A button - Jump
 B button - Performs various in-game tasks.
 D-pad - Move Elmo about

Menu controls

 D pad up/down - Switch option
 D pad left/right - Change statistic for that option
 START button - Confirm choices and proceed

 3. Story
Elmo loves his favourite blanket. He is never seen without it. One
day in Sesame Street, Elmo's blanket falls down a hole in the ground
into the horrible world of Grouchland, where the blanket is stolen.

Elmo must chase after his blanket, before it is too late!

 4. Walkthrough

Starting a New Game

When you boot up the game, you are taken to a menu. On this menu
you can turn the music and sound effects on or off, and you can also
select the difficulty mode. After you pick either Easy or Hard mode,
you get to see a cutscene outlining your task in the game, then it
begins proper...

Sesame Street

You'll see a fire hydrant in front of you and there is water coming
out of it. So wait for the water to stop, then quickly jump over it
before the water starts again. Take a running jump and clear the man
hole afterwards. Then there is another fire hydrant, the same as the
last one, except the gap between the water bursts is slightly
shorter. Jump over it, then another man hole. Do the same for the
next two and at the last one, you will automatically trip over it
and fall down a dustbin into Grouchland.

Journey to Grouchland

In this level, you are falling downwards and you have to dodge the
strange things that are flying about. As soon as you start falling,
turn left to avoid the fire truck and what looks like a TV. See that
cross thing? That gives you points, so fall through it. Watch out
for the flashing elephant as it moves towards you. There is another
one so dodge that as well. Next up there is a set of moving 
fishbones which move and stab you. Pick up the cross, while trying
not to get impaled on the end of one of the spikes and continue 

Look out for the airship thing as it moves up and down as well as
sideways. Keep falling, and pick up all the crosses you can see.
Eventually, you will find a fire truck with a pink heart beside it.
This is an extra life, so if you want it, fall through it.

There is not much else to say about this level except watch out near
the bottom, because the number of obstacles increases, so you need
to look on all sides. When you reach the bottom, you will land on a
road, and the level will end.

Foggy Grouchland

In the third level, you are back to moving along a street, so the
first thing you'll want is something to defend yourself with. Move
Elmo left and pick up the fan lying on the ground (walk over it to
pick it up) and turn to face the garbage bin to your right. Press the
B button to use the fan. Stand close to the bin and use the fan to
clear the smoke fumes. After you've done this, you can jump over
the bin and continue. However, after the fog has cleared from each
bin. a troll will constantly pop up from within, much like the water
from the first level.

Repeat the same for the next three bins to clear the level.

Huxley's Helicopter

Finally, you get to see a glimpse of that blanket you are chasing
after. Just as you think you can walk over and get it, it's grabbed
by a helicopter, which zooms above you. There are two fire hydrants
on the ground which aren't spitting out water. You have to use these
to hit the helicopter.

Jump over the first hydrant and go over to the second. This will
draw the helicopter towards you. When the helicopter is above you,
stand next to the hydrant and press B to release a srop of water.
This will fly up and hit the helicopter, making it drop your blanket.

After you do this, run back over to the first hydrant and repeat. You
need to hit the helicopter three times before you clear the level.

Mine Games

First of all, move a little to your left and jump straight up to
reach the extra life. Move to your right and jump in the mie cart.
The cart will start rolling to the right, and the object of this
level is to navigate it to the end of the mine tunnel. Press A to
speed up, B to slow down, and the down button to duck to avoid spikes
in the tunnel roof. Pressing the down button only keeps the cart down
fora couple of seconds, so always press it at the last second, to get
the maximum length of time possible.

The first spike is dead ahead, so duck to avoid it. Continue along
the path and duck under the next two spikes as well. Keep going and
then watch out for the two spikes near each other. Duck under the 
first one then REPRESS the down button for the 2nd one. If you just
hold the button down once, you will not get through. Now the spikes
start coming one after the other, so remember to press down at the
last moment.

Now you need to watch out for the hanging lights. These are low, so
you need to duck them as well. When you come to a tunnel cave in,
this marks the end of the level, so jump out of the cart to continue.

Jumpin' in the Dump

Here you have to make it to the end of the room, while avoiding the
gaps in the floor. Start off by jumping over the gap and taking the
extra life. Take a running jump and clear the next big gap. The areas
between the gaps are slow moving conveyor belts so don't stay on
each one for too long or you could be pushed into a gap. Keep running
to the right and jump over any floor spaces. Eventually, you will
reach an exit sign, and that marks the end of the level.

Flowers, Bugs, and Bugs

In this level, you have to make it to the end without getting hit
by a butterfly or venus fly trap. Start off by jumping over the log
and the pebbles while avoiding the butterfly above you. After you 
get past the stones, there is a fly trap so carefully jump that too.

Get past the next butterfly and venus fly trap, then stand on the
log and jump to reach the cross in the sky. Do the same except this
time watch out for the butterfly. You've now completed the level.

Huxley's House

You start out next to a building that looks chinese. There is a blue
blob above you with a laser gun firing multicolour plasma things, so
dodge them and continue right. To his right is a cross, so grab that.

Watch out for the next blob, who hides behind a platform before
coming out and zapping you. Grab the next cross, then proceed. The
next blob is peeping out of a window. Hop up onto the ledge and take
the extra life, and be extra careful. The final blob is close to
ground level, so the plasma balls move faster. Go right past him,
take the cross, and start jumping the small platforms up to the next
floor of the house.

When you reach the top of the house, jump of the final platform, and
you'll see the helicopter you fought earlier. Next to this is your
blanket. Just go and take it! That's how simple it is.


Well done! You've helped Elmo take back his blanket and journey
through Grouchland. The pair of you can now return back to Sesame

5. Conclusion

The only sites with permission to host this FAQ are:
and if you see this on another site, email me at:

  bodo_parkour [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk

This Guide is Copyright (c) 2006 Bodo_parkour and it may not be
reproduced under any circumstances without my express permission.

This FAQ was written free of charge and no profit has been made for
it, except the satisfaction of knowing there is one less game without
an FAQ.