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Follow the dark path or use the light

Disney's DuckTales 2



by The Lost Gamer

Version 1.6     $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
9/5/09         $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
            $$$$    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
           $$$$$     $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
         $$$$$$$$     $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
       $$$$$$$$$$$     $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
      $$$$$$$$$$$$$     $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
     $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$     $$$$$$$$$$$$$
       $$$$$$$$$$$$$$    $$$$$$$$$$$$$
           $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$      $$$$$$ 
            $$$$$$$$$$$$          $$$$   $$$$   $$$
          $$$$$$$                  $$    $$$$    $$$
      $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$          $$$$$$$$   $$$$  $
   $$$$               $$$$$$$$$$$$$       $$$$$$$$$$
 $$$$    $$$$$$$$$$                   $$$$$$$$$$$$
 $$   $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$
$  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$                   $$$$$$
$  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$                       $$$$
$  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$                       $$$$$
 $$  $$$$$$$$$$           $$$$$       $$$    $$
   $$$$$$$$$$$$         $$$   $$$     $$$    $$
     $$$$$$$$           $      $$$$     $      $$
    $$  $$$$$           $        $      $$$$   $$
      $$  $$$  $$$$     $        $$$    $$$$$  $$ $$$$
   $$$$$$$   $$         $  $$$$  $$$    $$$$$  $$$$   $$
 $$$       $$$   $$$    $$$$$$$$  $$  $$$$$$$  $$$    $$
 $$   $$   $$  $$$$$$$  $$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$    $$
 $$ $$$        $$   $$  $$$$$$$$$   $$     $$    $$$$$$$$$
  $$$$  $$     $$   $$    $$$$$$$ $$$$     $$$$$$$$$     $$
  $$$ $$   $$$$$$ $$$$$$   $$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$    $$$  $$
  $$  $$  $$$$$$$ $$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$      $$$   $$$$
   $$$$$$$$    $$$$ $$  $$$$$$$$$$$          $$$$ $$$$$$$
               $$$$   $$                   $$$$$$$$$
                 $$$   $$$$$            $$$$$$$ $$$
                  $$$$  $$$$$$$     $$$$$$$$$$$$$
                   $$$$$   $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$  $$
                    $$$$$$   $$$$$$$$$$$$$$  $$
                      $$$$$     $$$$$$$$$$$  $$
                        $$$$$$$        $$$$$$$$
                          $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$

Duck Tales Two Walkthrough
by The Lost Gamer ([email protected])
Copyright 2009

Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Story
003.  Characters
004.  Video Walkthrough
005.  Walkthrough
  005a. Bermuda Triangle
  005b. Niagara Falls
  005c. Mu
  005d. Scotland
  005e. Egypt
  005f. Basement
  005g. Afterwards
006.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the Gameboy game called Duck
Tales Two.  This is different, although similar to, the NES
game called Duck Tales Two.

If you want to use this guide for some reason, ask permission
by e-mailing me at [email protected]  Make the
subject blank, so I know it's not spam.


Huey, Dewey, and Louie wake up Uncle Scrooge in the middle
of the night.  They just found a mysterious piece of paper.
Scrooge realizes the paper is a piece of a map.  Uncle
Fergus must have made the map, ripped it up into pieces,
and then hidden the pieces all over the world!

The map, when all the pieces are put together, should
reveal the location of the lost treasure of McDuck!  Looks
like Scrooge is off on a treasure/map hunt!


Scrooge McDuck: Scrooge is the richest duck in the world,
and he's also very stingy.  He's Scottish, if you couldn't
tell.  He lives in Duckburg and you get to take him all
over the world in search of treasure.

Huey, Dewey, and Louie: These three guys are the nephews of
Scrooge, Donald, and Fergus and you don't know who their
parents are.  Huey wears red, Dewey blue, and Louie green.
These guys help Scrooge along the way by giving him some

Great, great Fergus: Uncle Fergus is the duck who ripped
up his treasure map and hid the pieces all over the world.
You never see him in this game.
Webby: Webby is Mrs. Beakley (Scrooge's maid)'s daughter,
and she is dressed in pink.  She carries a doll that looks
just like her everywhere, and is rather useless.

Launchpad: Launchpad is a pilot that flies Scrooge to all
of the places he goes to.  When Scrooge is in a place, he
can always get Launchpad to take him back to Duckberg,
either by walking up to Launchpad or using a walkie-talkie.

Gyro: Gyro is an inventor, and he makes useful inventions
to help Uncle Scrooge.

Flintheart Glomgold: He's the second richest duck in the
world, and he wants to get more money than Scrooge so he
can become the richest duck in the world. 

005-Video Walkthrough

Hey! Want to see how to beat the game instead of reading about it? Well, 
I've got a video walkthrough, and you can see it at...

Sometimes, it's more helpful to see the puzzles solved than to read 
about them. Plus, you get to hear the comments I say while playing the 

I will also include links to the videos at the start of their respective 


005a-Bermuda Triangle

Watch the video here:

You land on a pirate ship.  Walk right into a hidden
diamond.  Jump over the step, and kill the crab.  Walk
right off the platform to land on a hidden diamond.

Keep going right and kill the frog and the crab.  A bird
flies at you; pogo off of it.  Go right past the cannon to
a wall which cannot be passed.  Be left of it and pogo up
for three diamonds.

Go back left to the cannon.  Golf swing against the trigger
and pull it left to shoot out a cannonball.  Go left
through the now-accessible area.  Go past the rope for two
treasure chests.

The first treasure chest has a diamond, and the other one
is a sign pointing at hidden treasure.  These signs are
meant to be helpful, but in reality, they don't help all
that much.  Go down the rope.

There are two treasure chests here.  Pogo off them to open
them, and to get the hidden diamonds that are above the
treasure chests.  That makes four diamonds in all.

Go right.  Yar, there's a pirate!  Pogo off of the pirate
to get a diamond in midair (pogo off it twice to kill it)
and then jump to the hook.  Jump right off of it onto the

There appears to be some sort of lever on this platform.
Pull it right, and it moves a treasure chest right so it
is now accessible.  Open it for a diamond.

Go right to find a rope by a barrel.  Pogo on top of the
barrel to get two diamonds there, and then go down the

Fall down to the bottom, and go left.  Go past Launchpad
and open the chest for some X-ray glasses.  Go back to
the rope, go up a screen, and drop off to the left.

You find another lever.  Pull this one left, and it moves
a treasure chest all the way left.  Pogo off it to the left
and you get over barrels.  Continue left, and open the
chest for an extra life.

Go back left.  Before going off the barrels, aim your jump
so you get the two diamonds in midair.  Then go back to the
rope and fall down.

Walk right, and you find a raft.  Golf swing against it so
it falls into the water at the right.  Open the chest right
of the raft, then get back on the raft and golf swing
against the wall to send the raft right (sort of like the
logs you saw earlier).

Once the raft goes right, go over the platform the chest
was on.  Pogo on the raft as it goes right; fish hide
nearby hooks (the first one is right of the hook, the
second one is underneath the hook).

The raft stops at a mast thing that holds a treasure chest.
Open it for a clock that makes your enemies freeze in time
for a little while.

As soon as you get the clock, pogo left to reach a hook.
Jump from hook to hook, going right (the hooks fall down as
you go).  A big diamond is hidden in the air as you do so.

Here's how to get the diamond.  Jump right off a hook to
hit it, and fall back left to the hook.  Immediately jump
right again to catch it as it falls.

At the last hook, a fish is underneath.  This fish is a
nasty surprise, but you shouldn't see it because it is
frozen in time.

Once you're past the water, kill the crab.  Continue right,
and get the two diamonds on top of the barrel.  Go up the
rope, and climb it to the top.  Jump off to the left.

Go let, and pull the hook to allow you access to the left.
Kill the pirate, and pull down the next hook.  Pogo off the
newly lifted weights so you can go over the mast to the

Past the mast are two mice, so land with your pogo stick
operating.  Kill the mice, and continue left.  You find
another lever; pull it right so two barrels land by you.

Pogo off the barrels onto a conveyor belt (it's not moving
because no one is touching the lever).  Jump off it to the
left onto a platform with a treasure chest on it.  The
treasure chest contains a map piece.

Jump off this platform to the left, and pull down on the
hook to allow you to go left.  Kill the crab and fall down
the rope.

You have to go right across the raft area again, which is
unfortunate.  Look out for the nasty surprise of a fish at
the end of the hook area.  When you reach the rope, climb
up to the top of it, and fall off to the right.

Kill the pirate to the right, and get to the barrel.  Open
the chest on the barrel to see how many treasures remain.
Then go up the rope that is nearby, and jump off it to the

Pogo right to get to a lever.  Pull it right to make a
treasure chest move right along a conveyor belt.  As soon
as it falls down for the first time, start pulling the
lever left, or else the treasure chest will be gone.

Once you've pulled the box to the left, open the treasure
chest for an ice cream cone.  Go left.

Past the rope is a rat that jumps out at you; try to avoid
it.  You come to another rope.  Climb it all the way to the
top (without hitting the bird along the way), then jump off
it to the right to meet Gyro.  Gyro gives you his new
invention: the hammer adapter.  Your golf swing is now more

Go down one screen, and jump to the right (again, don't hit
the bird).  Break the two blocks with your enhanced golf
swing, and continue right.

This place isn't cool; there are a bunch of low-flying
birds and a bunch of barrels.  You must jump over each
barrel without hitting a bird.

Actually, there's a trick to this place.  You don't have to
jump at all; you can just golf swing the barrels out of the
way.  Do that until you reach two treasure chests and golf
swing them open.

Go back left.  Before you go back to the rope, jump to the
platform with the cannon on it.  Go left across this
platform and get the treasure chest.  Then go back to the
rope and climb up.

Okay, this next area is tricky.  Basically, you have to go
left and jump from hook to hook.  The hooks are of the
falling hook variety, so don't waste time.  Factor in two
low-flying birds and a hard jump, and it can be difficult.
You might want to try pogoing off a bird and using that to
get to the next hook instead of jumping yourself.

On the far side of the room is another rope.  Fall down to
the bottom of the rope (don't climb down) and go right.

You have two levers here.  Pull the first one right, and a
treasure chest will go right, along with a crate.  Pull the
lever until the treasure chest/crate are level with Uncle
Scrooge (vertically thinking).

Go to the other lever (the treasure chest must be in sight.
Pull the lever right so the treasure chest/crate are level
with Scrooge again.  Let go of the lever, go right, and
break the two crates there.

Go back to the second lever and pull it right until the
treasure chest and the crate falls.  Golf swing them to get
the diamond in the treasure chest.  From there, go left
until you reach the boss fight with the Pirate Cap'n.

Pirate Cap'n can be hard or easy.  The idea is that there
are a bunch of hooks, and Pirate Cap'n jumps off them.  You
need to jump off the hooks and pogo on Pirate Cap'n.

Basically, because you can't control when Scrooge hangs
onto a hook (he automatically does this), you might find
yourself hanging on a hook if you don't want to, which can
really cost you during this fight.  Just be careful while
jumping, and maybe you can use a cake to help you.

Once the Pirate Cap'n is dead, open the treasure chest for
the Mermaid's Tear, a famed jewel.

On the way home, you can use the money you found to buy
things: lives (gold mojo dolls), cake (life refillers),
safes (money savers) and a continue globe.  At any time
during a level, press start and select the cake to fill
your life meter to its maximum.

005b-Niagra Falls

Watch the video here:

You fall down into the falls.  Head right, and you'll meet
a frog.  Use your pogo stick (press A + B) and pogo off of
the frog's head when it is at the top of its jump, and you
may find a hidden diamond that is there (the diamond is
above the last break of land between waterfalls in the

Right of that is another frog.  Go past it, and jump to the
hook on the wall.  Scrooge hangs on with his cane.  Jump
right off it onto the ledge with the treasure chest on it.

While on the left side on the chest, press B + right, and
you golf swing the chest open.  Do the same with the block
right of where the chest was; the block falls off and kills
a flower enemy that was below you.  Go down to where the
flower enemy was and walk left into a hidden diamond.

Right of that area is a small groove in the floor.  In the
left and right hand corners of this groove are diamonds.
Get them.  Right of that are some unbreakable blocks (you
can break them, but I'll talk about that later).

Go all the way right, and you'll see Huey hanging out by a
rope.  Talk to Huey and he tells you about floating logs
which you'll find later on.  Open the chest above the rope
to find a sign, which gives a clue about hidden treasure.
The sign is clearly pointing out the fact that you should
go right over a wall for the treasure.

The sign is a liar, so go down the rope.  There's a
treasure box here; it allows you to kill crabs by touching
them (this only happens for a short period of time).

Go right.  You'll have to jump across three platforms, and
each one has a crab on it.  Also, hidden in the air above
each platform, is a diamond.  Go right, kill the three
crabs and get the three diamonds.

Go right (jump over a hole if needed) and you'll find a
barrel.  Get to the right side of the barrel, golf swing
against it, and then pull it right.  Bounce off the barrel
onto the platform in the air (above the rope).

Go right and golf swing the treasure chest to get some
X-ray glasses, which lets you see hidden diamonds.  That's

Stand where the chest was (against the right wall) and golf
swing the wall.  You hit a block you couldn't see.  This
allows you to go over the wall and continue right.

You meet two moles.  Moles dig around the ground, and
occasionally jump up.  Kill the moles, and pogo off one to
get the diamond there (you can see the diamond with your
new glasses).

Keep going right, and you find a treasure chest, out there
in the open.  The treasure chest has a map piece inside.
Unfortunately, after getting the map piece, Scrooge gets
trapped inside.

A caveman (caveduck, to be exact) saves Scrooge, and warns
him to be careful.  Go back left, killing the moles and
using the hook to get to the ledge.  The block you hit
earlier returns; golf swing it out of the way.

When you're back where the rope is, break the blocks and
talk to Webby.  She tells you about Gyro, who got trapped
in the landslide (the one that trapped you).  Looks like
you'll have to save Gyro.  Go down the rope.

Walk left and go onto the log.  Golf swing against the wall
to the right of the log to make the log go left.  Pogo jump
on the log while going left.

An ugly fish lives it the water, try to kill it when it
jumps (from out of the water) at you.  Past the fish is a
platform (get to the top of it, as you can fit underneath
and there are three diamonds at the top).

Past the platform is another fish and another platform.
Once you get past the second fish, you can simply stay on
the log without fear of being hurt.

Go left.  You find Gyro, trapped by some blocks.  Golf
swing the blocks, and talk to Gyro.  He gives you his
latest invention: the iron adapter.  Now you have a more
powerful pogo jump!

Use the log to go right, back to the rope.  You can now
break the things directly below the rope; do so and you
get access to two treasure chests.

Climb up the rope.  Go left across the crab platforms, and
climb up the rope at the end.  Go left a bit, and you'll
see the blocks I talked about earlier.  Break them and fall
through the hole.

You land on a platform with two treasure chests.  Pogo jump
on them to open them.  They contain diamonds.

This is a little tricky.  You want to jump to the platform
to the right (which has a crab on it).  Notice there is a
diamond in the air.  Jump to the platform that has a crab
on it, touching the diamond as you go.

The diamond becomes real and then falls.  You need to catch
it before it falls.  In order to do so, you must pogo off
the crab to the left, and back right onto the platform.
You don't have a lot of time, so when you touch the crab
platform for the first time, you want to touch it by
pogoing off of the crab.

Hopefully, you'll get the diamond and live through it.
You've already been through the area right of this platform,
so go right across the three crab platforms and go down the

Go right.  Instead of riding the log right, jump to the
platform in midair.  Go on top of the treasure box; you'll
notice a fish jumps up.  When the fish is under the water,
open the chest and get what's inside.  What is inside is a
timer, which will freeze time for the fish.  Since the
fish is below the water when you get it, he will be frozen
below the water.

Go back left to the log, and sail right.  Press down to
duck below the low wall.  Immediately past the wall is a
small diamond, so after ducking you'll have to jump to get
it.  This is a tricky jump.

Past where the log ends up is another rope.  Get the small
diamond, open the chest, and then go up the rope.

Climb up the rope past a screen with three treasure chests.
Jump left off the rope, and you fall to the screen with the
three chests.  Jump (don't pogo) right onto the chests, and
then pogo off them to open them.

Once you get the chests, climb up the rope to the top.
Launchpad is there, so you can talk to him and go home if
you need to.  Otherwise, jump to the hook and go right.

Open the chest, and it tells you how many treasures remain
to be collected.  Pogo right across the bridge.

The bridge is made of some bad material, and breaks off as
you go across.  Pogo right across it quickly.  A bird
attacks as you do so; pogo off the bird while pogoing right
across the bridge.

Two chests are right of here.  One holds the clock item,
and the other holds the kill-enemies item.  Get them, and
pogo right across falling logs (be careful while jumping;
try to jump off of the logs while they are at the top of
the waterfalls).  Birds attack you while you do so.

Open the treasure chest along the way (it has ice cream,
which fills up your life meter).  You'll know you're at the
end of the logs when you see a frog.  Pogo to kill the
frog, but land on the ground, or else you hit a low-flying

Open the chest for a diamond, and jump on the ledge.
There's another one of those bad bridges; this one has
diamonds all over it.  You can try to get the diamonds
while going right across the bridge, but it's hard, so
you really shouldn't.

As one point, there is a gap in the bridge.  Pogo off a
bird and across the gap, then continue on.

As the end of the bridge is a cave.  Get the diamond in
the air, and enter the cave for a boss fight.

The boss is a firequacker.  He does two things: move
from right to left (or left to right) in a W formation,
and goes to a lower left/right corner, throw a fireball
at Scrooge, and go up.

You want to pogo off the head of the firequacker four
times to kill it.  The fight isn't that hard.  Once it's
done, open the treasure chest for a crystal flower.  Then
you've beaten the level and fly home!


Watch the video here:

Start pogoing right.  You meet two statues that bounce up
and down.  You must pogo off the head of one of these
statues three times to kill it.  That's a bit boring, so
just open of the treasure chest between the statues and
get the gift inside to kill them instantly.

Go right, and hey, there's a big flower in a groove on the
floor!  Isn't that weird?  Well, there's a reason for this:
the flower is evil and tries to eat anything that is above

Pogo over the flower, trying to be as high as possible
while over the flower.  It snaps at you, but misses.  Go
past another flower, and keep going right.

Hey, it's another flower, except this one is small.  Golf
swing against the flower, pull it left, and let go.  The
flower flings you over a pit.  Go right past a frog to find
a rope.

Before getting the rope, open up the chest there.  It's
another sign pointing the way to treasure.  Unlike the sign
in Bermuda, this one is legitimate.  The treasure is to the
right, on this level.  Unfortunately, you can't get it now,
so go down the rope.

Get the two treasure chests to the left.  Kill the crab
with a pogo jump and go right.  You'll come across a row of
rock/blocks.  Break all of them except for the one on the
far right.  Golf swing against it so it flies up and to the
right.  It breaks a treasure chest; pogo up to get the
treasure (an ice cream).

Walk right through the wall of that upper ledge where the
ice-cream chest was, and you find another treasure chest.
Open it for a diamond.  Go back left and fall off the

Go right across the spiked floor (pogo off of the spikes so
you don't get hurt).  Two diamonds are hidden here (over
the spikes).

Past the spikes, I'd like you to walk right (don't break
anything) and observe the settings.  There's a weird thing
lodged in the ceiling.  Stand under it and jump up (don't
pogo-jump) for a diamond.  Continue going right.

You'll see a small rope leading down, but it appears you
can go over the area that has the rope.  See if you can
pogo over it. You can't, but you get a diamond for trying.
Remember this rope; it will become important later.

Go back left.  Left of the thing lodged in the ceiling is
a row of rocks/blocks.  You'll want to do what you did last
time; break all of the rocks except for the one on the
right, and golf swing it right.

It hits the thing lodged in the ceiling, which is actually
a giant rolling ball (Indiana Jones, beware!).  Follow
after it, and when it is near the rope, pogo off of it to
get to the area over the rope (this a platform with a crab
on it).

Kill the crab if you want to.  Go right, and pogo off the
first block you see for a diamond.  Keep going right, but
don't break and blocks (this = important).  You'll find
another rolling ball, trapped between four blocks.  Break
the two blocks on the left, and run left so the ball
doesn't fall on you.

If you look above, you'll notice there is a place where the
ceiling ends.  Pogo off the giant ball to the right so you
are above the ceiling.  Walk right leisurely.

Eventually, you'll find a rope near a chest.  Open up the
treasure chest.

Now, remember the sign that pointed to hidden treasure to
the right?  That sign was one level above this one, so
climb up the rope to get back to the level, and logically,
the treasure should be to the right.

At the top of the rope, open the chest for X-ray glasses.
Go right, past the frog.  Use the flower like last time to
propel yourself over a gap, and then open the treasure

In the treasure chest is the item that makes you
invincible.  Go right, and touch the flowers as you go to
kill them.  The second flower contains a well-hidden
diamond; get it.

Past the flowers is a statue.  Pogo off it to the right,
and get the chest there.  It's the map piece!  Yay!

Go back left to the rope.  Note that when you use the
flower to propel yourself left over a gap, you must press
A + B in midair so you pogo jump the instant you land, or
else you hit the frog that is there.

Once you get to the rope, fall down to the bottom.  Get the
three small diamonds, and open the treasure chests.  One
has a walkie-talkie, which lets you communicate with
Launchpad.  Have him take you back home, and go right back
to Mu once you get home.

Now, remember the rope I told you to remember?  The one you
used the rolling ball in the ceiling to pogo over?  This
time, go down the rope.  You meet Gyro, who has a new
invention for you.  It's a power adapter, making your cane
even more powerful in its pulling abilities.

Pull the big thing to your left to the right, if you can
understand that (it makes sense, trust me).  Then go over
it and fall down to the ground below.

You want to pogo left.  Merducks attack you as you go
along; they throw spears at you.  Pogo off of the head of
the first one and you may get a hidden diamond up there.

Eventually you reach a chain rope.  Left of it is a statue;
kill the statue.  Left of that are three treasure chests;
each one on a pillar.

Get to the pillar on the far left, then open the treasure
chest.  Go to the pillar right of it and open the treasure
chest.  Go to the last pillar and get the treasure chest
(if you had gone right to left, not left to right, you
couldn't have made it).  Go down the chain.

You land near Launchpad and a treasure chest.  Before
getting the treasure chest, break the two blocks and pull
the barrel left.  Then you can get an ice cream inside the

Go left (a merduck waits for you) to find another chain.
Before going down it, enter the small area left of it for
three small diamonds.  Then go down the chain.

One of your nephews is here.  He tells you how to get the
city to appear, by sinking stones.  What?

Take a look at the floor.  There's a pattern; two outside
things are the same, and different from an inside thing.

Walk right (you walk into a jewel).  Pull on the flower to
be flung right (you land on a hook).  Jump right onto safe
ground.  Go right and find a crab (kill it) by a chain.

You can't go down the chain because there are spikes.  If
only there was some way to lower the water level...

Pogo to the hook, and jump off it.  There's a chain by a
wall.  Stand at the left edge of the wall, and pogo jump,
while pressing right.

You go through the wall.  You end up in a strange area
with two barrels, and three holes.  Sort of like the weird
floor pattern earlier.

Let's emulate that pattern.  Break the block on the left,
and pull the left barrel left so it falls to the floor
through the hole you made.  Break the block on the right,
and pull the rightmost barrel into the hole you just made.

The ground starts to shake, and the island gets pulled out
of the sea.  Go back left to the chain that had spikes
below it (the spikes are gone now) and fall down to the

Use a golf swing to break the blocks to the right (you must
have gotten the adapter from Gyro in Bermuda in order to do
so).  Go on the log, and golf swing against the wall to get
the log to start going right.

Pogo on the log as it goes (a fish is in the waters, just
before the platform with the treasure chest on it).  Open
the treasure chest, and jump to the stopped log.

There's a wall with a treasure chest at the bottom.  Pogo
off the treasure chest to the top of the wall.  Fall down
the right edge of the wall to get three diamonds.  Open the
treasure chest there for...a hidden treasure!

Climb up the chain to the top.  Go left.  You can see
another rolling ball, hit a block to get it loose.

Pogo off the rolling ball to the treasure chests on the
right for an extra life and a jewel.  You'll also want to
pogo off of the ball on the far left to get on a statue
(not the enemy kind).  The treasure chest/statue jumps
don't have to be at the same time; you can go down the
chain and up again to reset the room.

Once you get on the statue to the left, open the treasure
chest on it.  Then continue left to get to the boss fight
with RoboDuck.

RoboDuck is a tough cookie.  Pogo off him all you want; it
won't hurt him.  He has two attacks: stepping on the ground
(causing an avalanche of blocks) and shooting his arm at

When he causes an avalanche of blocks (two block, really),
one will break upon impact with the ground, and the other
won't.  Of the block that doesn't break, golf swing it into
RoboDuck.  He collapses for a while.

Pogo off of the collapsed RoboDuck to hurt him.  Do this
five times to get the stone tablet of Mu.


Watch the video here:

Aw, it's good for Scrooge to be back in Scotland.  All of
the McDucks are Scottish, in case you didn't know.  All of
them except for Ludwig Von Drake, who is German, but
technically he isn't a McDuck (all he did was marry
Scrooge's sister).  That's a fun, totally useless fact for you.

Anyway, go right.  You'll see a new enemy, which is a
floating hand that is holding a lantern.  They show up
constantly in this level.  They're annoying.

Past the floating hands, you have mine cart things.  If
you touch one, it starts going right.  Jump on the first
one, ride it right, and jump to the second one.  Ride that
one right.

This is tricky: jump off it onto some spikes.  You must
pogo off the spikes so you aren't hurt, but you can't pogo
off the spikes, or you hit spikes on the ceiling.  So, you
must pogo off the spikes on the bottom, but let go of the
buttons so you don't hit the ceiling.  This is really
freaking hard.

Get to the chain and climb up it.  See the block with a
down arrow on it (to your right).  Stand on it to push the
block down.

Platforms will now appear, each one appearing for a short
time.  Pogo from platform to platform (there are three),
and jump off the third one to a platform in midair with two
treasure chests on it.

Go right past that, and you reach a wall.  Stand against it
and jump up; a treasure chest appears.  Pogo off it to get
over the wall.  Walk right across some blocks to get to a
treasure chest.

Open the treasure chest for an energy star!  It makes it so
you must be hit four, not three, times to die.  Yay!

Break the blocks to the left, and get the two jewels above
the spears.  You can go through the wall at the right, but
only at the bottom, so pogo along the wall and press right
to go through it.

Walk through the wall and you find a treasure chest.  The
floor underneath it is faulty, so the treasure will fall
through when you open the chest.  Try to pogo off the chest
on its top/left corner and immediately don't press anything
once the chest is open, and you may get the diamond.

Once you fall through the floor, press A + B quick or else
you land on a knight!  That hurts!  Right of that is
another block with a down arrow on it.  Stand on it to push
it down.

Platforms appear and disappear; there are three of these.
A lantern-holding hand comes at you during this time.  You
can pogo off the hand to reach the chain.  Whatever you do,
get to the chain, and climb up.

You can see a treasure chest.  It contains the map piece,
so open it (you must have the adapter from Niagara to do
so).  Once you do so, go left over a high wall, and fall
through the hole in the ground again.

Remember to press A + B so you pogo off the knight.  Head
left this time.  You'll find a weird cylinder; golf swing
it left.  It helps you pogo over a wall, which is helpful.

Go left across this wall.  If you've gotten the adapter
Bermuda, break the blocks against to get a treasure chest.
Then go left and pogo to go over another wall, and walk
left off it.

You land near two treasure chests.  Jump (don't pogo) off
each one to get a diamond.  Then open the chests and get
their treasures, but do each chest separately.  The one on
the right points out where the treasure is (that's useless;
we got the map piece already) and the one on the left has
X-ray goggles.

Jump into the left wall.  Walk through it, and you end up
in the spiked floor/ceiling room.  Get to the chain and
climb up.

Jump off the chain to the left.  More mine cart fun!  Pogo
off the first one and follow it left.  The cart falls down
at the end, you'll have to pogo off it while it is falling
to reach the next mine cart.

Pogo off this mine cart when it is under a wall.  You pogo
through a gap in the ceiling, but if you don't press left,
you land back on the mine cart.  Hurry left and golf swing
against a treasure chest.  Two of them open, and diamonds
come out.  Get the diamonds, land on the mine cart, and
pogo off it to another mine cart in one, swift motion.
This is somewhat hard, so you might want to simply hang on
the mine cart the whole time and jump to the next one when
you see it, which is easier.

The last mine cart takes you to a chain.  Pogo off the left
part of the mine cart to reach the chain.  Climb up it, and
the treasure chest to your left lets you know how many
treasures remain to be found.

Go right.  The second knight you see comes alive, beware of
that.  Continue on, and you'll find Launchpad on a
platform.  Jump off that platform to get the diamond there.

You'll reach a gap in the floor.  Jump right to a platform
with a diamond on it, and jump right again to a second
platform.  Pogo off this one; a hand with a lantern comes
and hits you if you don't.

Jump off this platform onto a block that has a down arrow
on it.  Just like the other times, three platforms appear.
Follow along them, and jump off the last one onto another
block with a down arrow on it.  Beware of flying hands all
throughout this.

Jump off the arrow block to a platform.  Pogo off the
platform onto an arrow block; pogo off that to a platform
with a treasure chest on it.  Get the treasure (ice cream).

Stand on the arrow block (the one that is more to the
right).  Many platforms appear, follow along them.  They
go through another spiked ceiling/floor area, and lead to
a chain.

Climb up the chain.  Jump off it through the wall to the
right.  There's a big gap here.  You must pogo off of
floating hands to get on top of the wall to the right.  If
you make it, walk right off the wall to land in an area
full of treasure chests.

Open the chests, and pogo over the wall to the left.  Keep
going left.  You get stopped by a block you can't see.
Golf swing it to the left, and jump to the down arrow
block.  Press it down, and use the platform to get to the
chain.  Climb up it.

Jump off to the left.  A frog attacks, because frogs are
everywhere in this game.  Kill the frog and go on left.

You'll see a mine cart surrounded by blocks.  Go left past
that and open the three treasure chests.  Then go back and
break the blocks.  Pogo off the mine cart, and go left
(Not on the mine cart, but on the platform that had the
treasure chests).  Jump off this platform to the mine cart,
getting the diamond in mid-jump.

At the end of the mine cart, pogo left to safe ground.  You
may have to do this as the cart is falling.  The knight you
see comes alive.  Keep going left and you're at another
spiked ceiling/floor place.

In this room, you can pogo without fear of hitting the
ceiling.  Get the diamonds in the corner.  When the
floating hand attacks, pogo over it (don't pogo on it or
you will hit the ceiling).

The two knights past that both come alive.  Past them are
some blocks, which surround a diamond and an ice cream.
Get them, and go right to the boss fight.

The boss is a wizard.  He can summon lightning and throw
tornadoes at you.

Two wizards will appear; one will disappear.  The one that
doesn't disappear will either throw a tornado at Scrooge or
make lightning come down on you.  Pogo off the wizard's
head when he's visible.

Keep moving the whole time because the lightning doesn't
hit you if you're moving.  The wizard isn't hard to beat;
it would be harder if there was more distance between the
two wizards that appear (like in the NES version).

Hit the wizard five times and you get the treasure.


I have two videos for this level, as it is long:

I forgot to get the energy upgrade in my video walkthrough, but 
fortunately, there is another video walkthrough you can consult:


Go right.  The sand is sinking sand; if you stand in it,
you sink down and drown.  If you land in it, jump quickly
and repeatedly to get out.

All throughout this area are dragonflies.  They fly to the
left/right, but do so in a zigzag manner.  You can pogo off
of them.

Past the sand is a pyramid.  Pogo up as high as you can;
you get a diamond for this.  Then go in the temple

Woah!  You fall through a fake floor!  Jump out of the sand
and talk to your nephew, who warns you that there are a lot
of traps here.

You can try to golf swing the treasure chests to the left,
but you'll have to be on top of the sand to do so, which
makes it a bit harder.  You will also have to get rid of
the blocks above the treasure chests.

Go right, past your nephew.  Open the treasure chest; it
is a sign saying the treasure is to...your right!  Que

Go right, and a mummy attacks.  Pogo off its head twice to
kill it.  Try pogoing off its head onto the treasure chest,
so you can open the chest.  If you don't do so, you can
always use the dragonfly to the right.

NOTE: From here, you can go after the treasure map, or
complete the level.  If you want to go straight to the
treasure map, skip ahead to the section that starts with
PICK UP HERE.  If you'd rather finish the level (and get
all of the treasure, I might add), continue reading.

Go right.  You end up in what appears to be a dead end.
Jump to the hook above you; you pull a platform down.

Use this platform to continue going right.  You have to
push two more platforms down (one by standing on it, the
other by pulling it down).

Get the two treasure chests at the end of this area.  You
find a rope; get the chests right of the rope for an ice
cream and X-ray glasses.

Climb down the rope and jump off it to the right to get the
two diamonds there.  Then climb all the way up the rope.

Jump off the rope to the left.  It's another sinking sand
area; be careful for snakes and dragonflies.  Go left
across this area.  You'll find four hidden chests; jump
into them to make them real, go right, break the block with
a golf swing, and go back left to get the chests by pogoing
off of them.

You end up at a wall.  Sink into the sand, and go under the
wall to the left.  You'll have to jump constantly because
you're close to the bottom of the sand.  You get two chests
with diamonds.  Go back to the rope.

Go right past the rope.  You find Launchpad by another
rope.  Pogo over the stone he's in front of, and break the
blocks over the sand.  Sink into the sand.

This is interesting.  There's a treasure chest.  You can't
pogo off it; you must golf swing to break it.  The problem
is that you're behind sand.  You can somewhat see Uncle
Scrooge through the sand.

If you can't, hold onto the right button, end eventually
Scrooge will be in the lower/right corner, so then you can
know where Scrooge is.

Open the treasure chest, and sink down another level.  This
level has more treasure chests.  Be careful; if you sink to
the bottom of this level, you die.

After you get the treasure (or if you decide to get it),
jump over the wall to the upper left and then climb up the
rope to the top.  Go right, and up the rope there.

Jump off to the right.  Scrooge's nephew (the one who is
fluent in Egyptian) says that light has something to do
with finding the treasure.

Go left.  Go across a pit of sand (with blocks and a snake
inside) to reach an area with two mummies and a hook.  Pull
down on the hook to give yourself access to a rope.  Get
the two jewels (one by the rope, one by the sand) before
going up the rope.

Go left.  See the two blocks?  Break them and go left
through the part of the wall that they were blocking.  Open
the treasure chest there, and go back to the rope.  Go down
it, then up it again.

Go back to the two blocks.  Pogo left off the top one to go
over the wall.  Get the jewels in the corners of this room,
and then pull the mirror right.

Pulling the mirror right allows you to go down into another
room.  Open the treasure chest in the room for a hidden
treasure!  Cool!

Get the diamonds (jewels) in the far left/right parts of
this room, and then go down through the floor.  Get the
ice cream on the right edge of this platform, but don't go
off this platform; go to the left edge of it.

Open the treasure chest on this platform and the two
treasure chests left of it.  Walk left, and you fall
through the floor (it's the same floor trap that you fell
through at the beginning of this level).  Go right; you've
been in this area before.

PICK UP HERE if you want a treasure map piece.  As you walk
right, note that two breakable blocks are part of the floor
(you can see sand underneath).  Break the blocks and drown
in the sand.

Instead of drowning, you are taken to the basement.  Jump
off to the right to see a nephew.  Luckily, he is fluent
in Egyptian, and can read the hieroglyphics.  They say:
three is two, one is four, two is one.  What's that
supposed to mean?

I wonder why "what's that supposed to mean?" is part of the

Go left, jumping from block to block.  Open the treasure
chest, but ignore Launchpad's walkie-talkie).  You seem
to end up at a stop, but if you stand on the leftmost
block, sand waterfalls appear.

Go left, jumping from sand waterfall to sand waterfall.
You'll have to constantly jump; you don't want to sink to
the bottom of a sand waterfall.  You can use passing
dragonflies to pogo off of, which gives you extra height.

In between the sand waterfalls are diamonds, and if you
have the X-ray glasses, you should try to get them.  The
idea is to pogo off a dragonfly to help you do this.

At the end of the sand waterfalls, walk left.  Get the
diamond in the air above the entrance to the small niche.
In the niche, you'll find the letters 1 2 and 3 on the
floor.  Pogo on the #3 block twice, pogo on the #1 block
four times, and pogo on the #2 block once.

Having solved the puzzle, go left and get the map piece.
If you already got the map piece, open it for some treasure
and go back right to the nephew who read the hieroglyphics
on the wall.

Go right over the wall.  Pogo from platform to platform
right (pogo all the time; if you stand on the platforms
they will sink).

You'll make it to a rope.  Climb up the rope all the way to
the top.  Go right, and go all the way up that rope.  Go
left to the rope under the hook (you've been through this
area before).

Go right through this area.  Pull the barrel to the right,
and pogo off it to the two treasure chests there.  Open
them and pogo over the wall to the right.

There are four blocks here.  Pogo off one block to get to
the treasure chest to the right.  Open it, and then pogo
the blocks and fall through them.

You land on a snake; so land with a pogo jump.  Go left,
up the rope, then head right, and pogo off the barrel to
reach the rope.  Climb up the rope to the top.

Notice the background.  See the rock pattern behind the
rope?  Go left, and there will be a "pillar" of this rock
background (it is in the middle of the room).

The mummy in this room jumps left.  Wait until it is in
front of the pillar.  When it is in mid-jump, pogo off its
head to reach the top of the screen.  Press up to grab onto
a rope that you can't see.  Climb up it.

Get the two treasure chests in this area.  One has a life,
and the other is an energy star, which gives you more
energy.  Go down the rope, to the right, and down a screen.

Open the treasure chest to see how much more treasure you
need to collect.

Go left and you'll make it to the boss fight.  The boss is
a mummy.  He jumps out of the sand, shoots a laser-like
bolt of energy at you and sinks back into the sand.

Pogo off the mummy's head whenever you can (after you hit
him, he flashes, which means he is temporarily invincible).
Jump to avoid the laser he shoots.  After five hits, he
dies.  Easy.

After he dies, a treasure chest appears.  That's the one
treasure you failed to collect.  Open the chest for King
Khufu's Knife.


Watch the video here:

You get dropped off at the basement.  Go right, and jump
to the treasure chest.  Open it for another lame hint about
finding secret treasure.  Then break the blocks to free the
frog, kill the frog, and keep going right.  Go down the

Continue holding onto the chain, and wait until the
floating hands are gone before you fall down.  Then break
the block, and pull the barrel right so you can open the
treasure chest.

Walk right, and you find yourself at a set of "stairs".  A
jewel is in the corner of each step, get the jewels while
going up the stairs.

At the end of stairs are a bunch of falling platforms; they
fall shortly after being touched.  Pogo to the first one,
and you need to pogo off the first one again to get to the
second one (you touch the first one twice).  From there,
go from platform to platform until you reach a chain.
Climb up.

Jump off to the left, and pogo to reach the upper left
corner of this area here.  It contains a diamond.  Go right,
past the chain, and open the treasure chest for the very
cool super pogo attachment.  You can now jump higher than

Go right across the spiked floor/ceiling area, and you come
to a chain with a frog nearby, because frogs are everywhere
in this game.  Open the treasure chests to the right of the
chain and go down.

You fall down.  Avoid the floating hand that comes at you.
From here, there are two ways to beat the level: the right
way and the left way.


Go right, past the chain.  You reach a wall.  Stand next to
the wall and jump; a treasure chest appears.  Pogo off the
treasure chest over the wall.

There's a jewel in the corner of both of the stairs here.
Grab the chain, and drop down.

You land on two treasure chests; open them.  Get the jewel
in the upper/left corner of this area, then grab the chain.
Fall down, and press A + B so you land with a pogo jump.
If not, you land on a frog.

Go left, and open the three treasure chests while going up
the stairs.  Jump past the stairs to find three blocks in a
corner.  Break the blocks with a pogo jump and get the
diamonds the blocks were protecting.

Go left across some spikes (a floating hand attacks, so you
may want to do a minor retreat, and then continue).  Open
the treasure chest to see how many treasures remain to be
found in this level (lots).

Go down the chain.  Get the treasure chests in the right
corner, then pull the barrel left so you can reach the
chain again.  Climb up it, and go left into the boss fight.

Hey!  There's no boss here!  Cool!  Open the treasure chest
for the treasure of McDuck!


See the treasure chests to the left?  Pogo off the top one
to get over the wall to the left.  Climb up the chain to
enter a small room with three treasure chests.  Go back
down the chain.

Break the treasure chest (right where you land) for...the
super pogo attachment!  You can now jump higher than ever!
Cool!  We already got that!

Go left (the second knight comes alive).  Open the treasure
chest by the chain, and go down the chain.

Break the two blocks to your right, and walk right to find
two treasure chests.  Open them with a golf swing, and go
back left to the chain.  Continue left, and you'll see a
rope thing.

On the rope is a hook.  Jump to the hook, and it will take
you along the rope.  Jump to the hook, then instantly jump
up/right to get a hidden jewel.  Go back up the chain and
down again to reset the rope hook.

Jump to the hook, and it'll take you left.  It'll stop when
it hits a wall, and then go back right.  In the upper/left
corner of this wall is a jewel, so jump to get it and land
on the hook again.

Then drop off so you land on the other hook at the bottom
of the screen (or wall it is connected to).  Ride that hook
left, and jump to the top of the wall it stops at.  Go left
(the knight is real), get the treasure chest, and go down
the chain.

Get the two treasure chests to your left and go right.
Pogo off the frog to continue right.

There is a super long spiked floor/ceiling area, so unless
you're good at that sort of thing, I would recommend not
going.  The reward for doing so is two diamonds and two
frogs.  Do it if you want to.

Go back left.  Break the block and go down the chain.  Open
the treasure chest and kill the frog.  Pogo over the wall
to your right.

There's a pit of water here.  Land on the down arrow and
platforms appear.  You must go right across the water,
using the platforms and falling hooks to do so.  It isn't
that difficult.

Your reward is four treasure chests.  Go over the wall.
Get the treasure chests in the right corner, then pull the
barrel left so you can reach the chain again.  Climb up it,
and go left into the boss fight.

Hey!  There's no boss here!  Cool!  Open the treasure chest
for the treasure of McDuck!


Watch the video here:

Once you get all five treasures (it doesn't matter if you
get all of the map pieces), a pirate ship appears.  It's
Flintheart Glomgold!  He's kidnapped Webby, and wants your

There's nothing else to do; Scrooge goes to Flintheart's
pirate ship.  Go right, and up the rope (there is no other
way to go).  Jump right off the rope into a room.
Flintheart takes Scrooge's treasures, and proceeds to
attack Scrooge.

Flintheart's machine is tough.  The limbs are retractable.
Pogo off his head when the limbs retract.

A good strategy is to let Flintheart walk at you.  Walk at
him, but stop when you are underneath the right part of the
window.  Flintheart should now be unable to attack you, as
long as you are under one of the windows.

Flintheart likes to be in one spot, jump to the ceiling,
and kick.  If you're close to where he was standing on the
ground, his kick misses, so that's where you want to be
when he attacks.

Using the above paragraph to avoid being hit, pogo off of
Flintheart when he is on the ground.  After a while, he
dies, and you win the game.

If you have the treasure of McDuck, the ending is extended.
If you have no money whatsoever, the ending is also


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2009.  If you want
to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions under
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