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by Gold Mage


Version: Final
For: GameBoy
By: Gold Mage

 1. Game Setup
 2. Game Explanation
 3. How to Play
 4. Tips
 5. My High Scores
 6. Legal Notice
 7. Contact Me

3. Game Setup
1 Player - 1 player game

2 Player - See below

2 Player Alternate - Play with 2 players and alternate between each level.

2 Player Compete - Compete against friend (Link-cable required)

2 Player Team - Team up and fight together (Link-cable required)

Credits - See credits for the game.

Novice, Standard, Advanced, Expert - Make the game suited to you. You change
                                     your difficulty level by pressing left and
2. Game Explanation
You are out to destroy a killer giant centipede that is on the loose. Your job
is to kill it off so you can save yourself. To do this you will need to shoot at
it while it slowly comes closer to you from the top of the screen. there will be
many different obsitcles that you will encounter and it is up to you to destroy
them all and kill the centipede before it's too late.

The Centipede has many big friends who will also appear on the screen while you
play, it's a good idea to kill them so you can get to the Centipede quicker and
by killing other bugs it will give you a boost in your score.

3. How to Play
As the game starts you will see the centipede appear on the top of the screen. 
Now keep pressing A to shoot at it and kill it off as best and as quick as you 
can. You go up levels by destroying the whole centipede. But wait, that's not 
the only thing in the game. Though that sounds easy, it sometimes isn't because 
there are many things that will try to get in your way to stop you from 
destroying the centipede. Including bombs being dropped from the top of the 
screen, quick moving spiders and scorpions. Also in this game there are trees 
that stand in the way of you shooting the centipede. You can shoot them out of 
the way if you wish and you will get more points for it too.

Lets go over on how this works. When the game starts you will be at the bottom 
of the screen. You can press the A Button and shoot at the things that are in 
front of you. You will rank up points depending on what you shoot. The 
centipede will appear on the top half of the screen and his long body will be 
right behind him. These is where you will need to find an area and shoot so you 
can get a clear shot at him and kill him. It only takes one shoot to take out 1 
section of the centipede but then he will split into several parts, so you will 
have to shoot those as well. Sometimes even at the start of the game he will be 
in pieces, so you have to keep and eye out for it.

Now we look at the moving. You are only aloud to move in a certain section of 
the playing field. There is a section where trees will rarely be this is your 
area. You can move in all directions. So if you want to kill off the centipede 
quicker you can move forward if you wish. This is a good idea to kill the 
centipede quicker.

There are other obstacles on the playing screen. There are bugs that will 
appear from the sides of the screen every so often that want to annoy you. So 
shoot them down for some more points. There are also bombs that will start to 
drop from the top of the screen, stay away from these. So this is your 
objective of the game.

It only takes one hit for you to die. So you will have to be paying attention 
to the playing field at all times. It really helps is you have the sound on 
because different obstacles make different sounds and you will know that 
something new has arrived when you hear it. It saves you from having to look at 
everything on the screen at the same time.

You can also shoot down the trees, this is so you can get to the back end of 
the stage so you can reach the centipede better and quicker. Trees do grow back 
as well. But when you die you will get points for the trees that you have shot 
down, so it helps to get rid of the trees in 2 ways.

As you already know, as you destroy different things you will obtain a different
amount of points. So have a look at the score board below so you know how many 
points you will get when you shoot a specific enemy.

Spider - 300/600
Centipede Body Part - 100
Scorpian - 0
Parts of Destroyed Tree - 30 Each

4. Tips and Strategies
Though you can destroy the tees, I don't highly recommend that you destroy them 
for the sake of points, unless you want too. I only destroy the trees if I need 
to get to the centipede quicker. But you can if you want to and as the game 
gets further into the levels there will be more and more trees, so you will 
need to shoot them down anyway.

Also, having the sound on when you play is a good idea because each enemy makes 
its own sound, and if you can't watch all of the screen at once, it's good to 
hear when something new is coming so you are ready for it and not surprised. 
When you see one of these shoot them down quickly because these bugs have a 
better chance of killing you than anything else. Plus they're annoying.

Moving forward and back to be able to kill things quicker is also a good tip.
Because this willgive you a much larger ground to get away from the enemies that
are getting too close to you and could kill you.

5. My High Scores
These are my high scores within the game. My top score was one the hardest
things i've done in a game but it was worth it. I can't get any better than it
now, it was just a fluke.

12 834
 8 540
 6 839
 5 386
 5 163
 4 868
 3 876
 3 443
 3 112

6. Legal Notice
This document is the hard work of me. This document cannot be changed or altered
in any way, You are welcome to ask my permission if you would like this 
guide posted on your website. This document is for private use only. If you wish
to contact me about this guide please check the Contact Me section at the
bottom of the guide on details for emailing me.

7. Contact Me
If you have a question or you would like to correct a mistake you have found in 
my FAQ, please feel free to email me at the address below.

Gold Mage's Email: [email protected]

Thanks for reading!