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Follow the dark path or use the light
Baseball Pack Shot




by NintendoGames

Game Boy Baseball
Version 1.0
Last Updated: 06/17/2012

Copyright 2012, NintendoGames

Email: <[email protected]>

Legal Stuff: This guide is intended for personal use only.  It may not
reproduced in any form for the purpose of profit or promotion.  This guide is
not to be published as part of a printed work and may only be used in printed
form for personal use.  Similarly, do not use any part of this guide in another
work without my express written consent.  At this time, the only site that I
will allow to post this guide is  Please do not email me with
requests to post it elsewhere, because the answer will be no.

Version History

[Version 1.0]

Everything you see here.


1. Introduction
2. Basic Controls
3. Starting Out
4. Batting
5. Pitching
6. Player List/Info
7. Miscellaneous
8. Credits & Other Stuff

1. Introduction

This game was released in 1989, the same year the GameBoy console itself was
released.  Given that, the graphics in this game are a step above line art and
the gameplay is really nothing like the real game of Baseball.  I got this game
for free from a friend who couldn't stand it because he thought it to be
"impossible to beat."  From the reviews of this game, others also seem to
believe this.  Well, I don't think this game is entirely terrible, and I've been
know to play it when I'm quite bored; having played it enough times, I can say
that you CAN beat this game and it's rather easy at that.  A little manipulation
of the horrible AI does the trick :).  So, without further ado, here's my guide.

2. Basic Controls

Here are the controls for the different modes of the game (there are a lot of
these since the GameBoy has such a limited control pad >_<):

*Outside of Gameplay*

[start] - Ends demo

[start]/[A] - Select an option

[select]/[arrows] - Toggle between options

[B] - Nothing

*Gameplay - Pitching*

[start] - Time out; press again for pitching change (the current pitcher must
have thrown at least one pitch to change)

[select]/[up]/[down] - Toggle between pitchers (only used on pitching change

[left]/[right] - Moves position of the pitcher

[A] - begins pitching stance; press a second time to throw the pitch; also,
select a pitcher (only used on pitching change screen)

[B] - View the entire field (you can also throw the ball from the pitcher to the
bases in case you want to do this for some reason)

[B] + [up] - Do this while pitching to throw a slow pitch (there are varying
degrees of speed depending on how many times/how fast you tap the [up] arrow)

[B] + [down] - Do this while pitching to throw a fast pitch (there are varying
degrees of speed depending on how many times/how fast you tap the [down] arrow)

[B] + [left] - Do this while pitching to curve the ball to the left (there are
varying degrees of curvature depending on how long you hold the [left] arrow)

[B] + [right] - Do this while pitching to curve the ball to the right (there are
varying degrees of curvature depending on how long you hold the [right] arrow)

*Gameplay - Fielding*

[A] + [down] - Throw the ball to home plate

[A] + [right] - Throw the ball to first base

[A] + [up] - Throw the ball to second base

[A] + [left] - Throw the ball to third base

*Gameplay - Batting*

[start] - Time out; press again for batting change

[select]/[up]/[down] - Toggle between batters (only used on batting change

[arrows] - Move batter's position in the box

[A] - Tap once for bunt; tap twice for 3/4 swing; press for full swing; select a
batter (only needed for batting change screen)

[B] - Field view

[B] + [up] - Runner on first attempts to steal second (stealing will only work
if the pitcher is in his stance)

[B] + [left] - Runner on second attempts to steal third

[B] + [down] - Runner on third attempts to steal home (NEVER doe this, you will
always be thrown out)

*Gameplay - Baserunning*

[B] + [up] - Runner on first goes to second

[B] + [left] - Runner on second goes to third

[B] + [down] - Runner on third goes home

3. Starting Out

Ok, so now you hopefully have some idea what that mess of controls is; don't
worry, you get the hang of it really quick.  After turning on the console, you
can select one or two player.  For two player, all you need to know are the
controls since the computer is not a factor.  Also, two player mode can only be
accessed if you have the link inserted in the GameBoy.  Anyway, after selecting
one player, you will be taken to another screen which allows you to select the
game mode: USA Mode or Japan Mode and at the bottom is a selection of ON or OFF
for Background Music.  Choose whatever you like and know that USA and Japan Mode
differ only in player names and music.  Use the [left] and [right] arrows to
select whether you want the music on or off.  Okay, now it's onto selecting

The W-Bears and the R-Eagles are your only options (creative names, no?
-_-).  The W-Bears bat first and the R-Eagles pitch first.  From what I have
observed, both perform the same, so your preference is the only deciding factor
there.  Also, even though the players are assigned batting averages, they all
seem to perform the same regardless.  After picking the teams, you need to pick
a starting pitcher.  Performance is a factor for these guys so choose and use
them wisely.  Mario and Luigi (and their Japanese counterparts) are the "power"
pitchers of their respective teams and  as you go down the list, the power of
the pitcher decreases.  As you go up the list, however, endurance decreases, so
Mario and Luigi tire faster.  I usually pick the last pitcher on the list to
start out with because steady endurance will carry you through a considerable
amount of the game.  Great, so you've picked all your options; now it's onto

4. Batting

First of all, directly contrary to what most people who have played this game
believe, it's incredibly easy to manipulate/beat.  Being such an old game, the
AI leaves something to desire and there are many ways to take advantage of it.
Tack onto that a limited number of ways in which the ball can be hit and you
have a very simple game.  These ways are:

Type                                     Results in
--------------------------               -------------------------------------
Bunt pop up*                             Out
Bunt to the left*                        Base hit
Bunt to the right*                       Out
Bunt foul (both sides)*                  Foul
Deep foul fly (both sides)               Foul
Line foul (both sides)                   Foul/Out (only you can get the out and
you must do it manually as
the computer is not
programmed to run far enough
to do so)
Foul pop up                              Out
Infield pop up (both sides)              Out
Infield grounder (both sides)            Out
Infield grounder to the left             Base hit
Grounder to the outfield (both sides)    Base hit
Grounder down the line (both sides)      Base hit
Blooper (both sides)                     Base hit (on the right side, it's
possible to get the computer out on
this, much like the line foul)
Fly out (both sides/center)              Out
Deep hit (both sides/center)             Out
Home run (2 places on both sides/center) Home run

That said, I'll now cover batting and refer back to this a little later.  First,
as I said before, batting averages aren't a factor so pay no mind to them.  Now,
believe it or not, there is some technique to batting in this game and though
it's partly random, some skill is involved.  For example, if a left-handed
hitter hits the ball at the end of the bat, it will go to any of the
predetermined right places I listed.  If he hits it near the bottom of the bat,
it will go to any of the left places.  Now, just invert that for a right-handed
batter.  Also, hitting a fast pitch at the very center of the bat gives you the
best chance of a homerun (albeit still a very small one).  Now, offense in this
game is mostly baserunning, though, and once you get on base, if you follow this
strategy, you'll have a good chance of staying on for a while.  This is where
the manipulation comes into play.  First, if there is a runner on base, you
should always try to steal the next base (save for home).  This is because the
computer is so unintelligent, if the batter accidentally gets a strike, the
computer will only throw it to the base you are trying to steal and you can
return to the previous one without getting caught in a "pickle."  Beware,
though, there is a risk.  If it appears you're going to pop out, get back
quickly because the fielder who catches it will throw you out at the original

The key to manipulating the AI, however, is attempting to run to bases
when you'll certainly be thrown out of you reach them.  No, I'm not crazy, this
is actually very useful.  Take this scenario, for example: A runner is on second
base and the batter is up.  The batter hits a ground ball which will almost
certainly mean an out at first; but wait.  Try advancing the runner on second to
third and instead of throwing the ball to first for the sure out, the computer
will try to get you at third.  The runner at first will get there safely, and
you can simply walk back to second because again, the computer will only throw
to the base you're trying to steal.  In this same manner, if there are runners
at first and third, just try advancing the runner at third to home and walk back
to third immediately.  Then, you can steal second uncontested.  Using these
tactics will prolong your innings and is vital in winning.  Finally, pinch
hitting (substituting batters) is essentially useless since averages don't
matter, unless you want to change the batting hand (lefty or righty) to better
fit the pitching hand of the pitcher.

5. Pitching

Now this is a different story, as it requires a bit more skill.  Use your
pitchers wisely, as games can many times last all 9 innings, and if you tire
them out, you're toast.  What you'll generally want to do is hit the corners and
curve the ball so that the computer can't get a decent hit.  Sorry, there's no
way to manipulate pitching :(.  I've noticed that in same-hand matchups (lefty
v.s. lefty and righty v.s. right) if you rapidly tap the A button, you'll strike
out the batter many times, dealing three straight pitches down the middle; an
interesting quirk, although I have no idea why it works that way.  And that's
about it for pitching, the computer doesn't steal so you don't have to worry
about that; pitching is a lot more simple than batting, but it's not as random.

6. Player List/Info



Number in lineup   Name/USA   Name/Japan   Batting Average   Batting Hand
----------------- ---------- ------------ ----------------- ---------------
1                  Mike       Waka         .301              Left
2                  Tom        Michi        .278              Right
3                  Jim        Wan          .333              Right
4                  John       Cho          .341              Right
5                  Bob        Khoji        .326              Left
6                  Rick       Buchi        .291              Right
7                  David      Isao         .270              Right
8                  Eddie      Yoshi        .248              Right
9                  Pitcher    Pitcher      .150              [see pitchers]
Pinch              Jack       Kake         .292              Right
Pinch              Alan       Morio        .280              Left
Pinch              Fred       Dai          .266              Left


Name/USA   Name/Japan   Throwing Hand
--------- ------------ ---------------
Mario      Igawa        Right
Paul       Mura         Right
Eric       Kane         Left
Jimmy      Natsu        Left



Number in lineup   Name/USA   Name/Japan   Batting Average   Batting Hand
----------------- ---------- ------------ ----------------- ---------------
1                  Joe        Fuku         .295              Left
2                  Louis      Jiroh        .286              Right
3                  Teddy      Hario        .323              Left
4                  Steve      Futo         .358              Left
5                  Peter      Kado         .301              Left
6                  Scott      Ochi         .282              Right
7                  Brian      Nomu         .264              Left
8                  Jeff       Toyo         .247              Right
9                  Pitcher    Pitcher      .150              [see pitchers]
Pinch              Duke       Hide         .290              Right
Pinch              Jason      Erito        .285              Left
Pinch              Mac        Irose        .271              Left


Name/USA   Name/Japan   Throwing Hand
--------- ------------ ---------------
Luigi      Tonbi        Right
Phil       Yama         Right
Randy      Keshi        Left
Sam        Inaho        Left

7. Miscellaneous

- If the any team leads by 10 runs or more at the end of an inning, that team
automatically wins.

- Some hits that aren't automatic outs can be manually caught.  I've listed a
couple of these in the list of types of hits.

- Matching up certain hitters/pitchers with certain batting/throwing hands can
be useful sometimes.  Use this to your advantage if you feel like using a pinch

- The computer gives itself way too many home runs and hits >_<.

8. Credits & Other Stuff

First, credit goes to Nintendo for making this game.  Please note the GameBoy
console and Nintendo Baseball are both copyrights of Nintendo

Also, a big thanks to Dennis for making it possible for me to post my guides on
this excellent site

If you find any errors in the guide or have any constructive comments, please
do not hesitate to email me.  Any emails lacking a constructive or otherwise
civil tone will be instantly annihilated by my mighty Zeus bolt =).  Also, if
you see this guide posted anywhere other than SuperCheats, please notify me
immediately.  My email address again is [email protected]
End of File