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Ok here are my many questions; (anyone who answers..

uspokemarine asks:
Added Jan 5th 2006, ID #46085

Question for Pokemon Blue

Ok here are my many questions; (anyone who answers these are true legendary heroes!!!)

1) What is "M" aka, missing no??
2) How do I get Mew?
3) What and how do I get to Glitch City
4) Is it possible to get Pokemon over lv 100? (if so please tell....)

That is all my questions, if getting something in my questions requires a cheat device please mention that as well.

P.S Good luck Legendary Heroes!



Kenny 2x4 answered:
Added 5th Jan 2006, ID #94586

1) "M" or Missingno is basically a programming or "chip" int he game as someone previously said that is part of the famous Rare candy cheat or Duplicat items cheat.
2) You can get a Mew by a cheat or by getting all 150 Pokemon and go to the guy in Celadon Mansion, but this still has to be confirmed...
3) Glitch city says it all actually: it's a glitch, but to get to there it has got something to do with going in and out of the Safari Zone and the Rare candy cheat.
4) Yes it is possible via 2 ways: 1 way is the Rare candy cheat again *moan*. I'll post in the second way into the cheats page though.

darkboarder_77 answered:
Added 17th Jan 2006, ID #96780

1. The earliest Pokemon games, Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow, have a reputation for harboring large amounts of unstable and very odd glitches. One amongst these glitches, the most dangerous and strange is a glitch Pokemon referred to as “Missingno.”. It is typically spelled with a period at the end of it, but I will leave the period out during explanation to prevent confusion.
Missingno, short for “Missing Number”, has a brother glitch named “M”. M tends to come with strange sorts of hex appearing around it’s name, giving it the common dub as “++M++” simply to stand for the glitch blocks. Both of these Pokemon are tied to the game in more ways than I ever thought possible when I started researching Missingno and M. Of the two, however, Missingno arises apparently as the most important one. For example... Missingno handles all of the Save data, Pokemon stats data and control, and some other minor things dealing with the Pokemon, such as DVs. M, meanwhile, supposedly controls the majority of the minor things in the game, such as designs and textures and other such graphical elements. So, whenever you are screwing around with Missingno, be careful with whatever it is, for whatever reason it is, that you are doing. Luckily, I demented my Pokemon Gold Version file and screwed around with my Pokemon Blue file to discover this so that you don’t have to take such risks. Now then... To finish with the minor data of Missingno. Besides controlling the major parts of the game, Missingno is also shown in battle as a distorted hex mess that is pretty random as it is. However, it has been told that if you can rearrange Missingno’s pixels, you can uncover an odd image- I can only imagine the possibilities, for they could be any of those Pokemon that were supposed to appear in Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow, but turned out appearing in later versions instead. Another rumor tells that if you zoom into Missingno’s image far enough, you can see a secret image... I don’t not believe in this rumor, however. Zooming into Missingno will only bring an up-close blocky view of the pixels creating Missingno, and being a 16-bit image, zooming doesn’t help much. As for the other rumor, I do not know if it is true.
Speaking of pixels, what does Missingno look like? Well, it looks like an “L” shaped block of messy hex data slapped in together randomly. The L shape may be forward or backwards, depending on how you encountered Missingno, but Missingno takes a nearly-infinite amount of forms, sometimes appearing like a small square block or even a large messy block of pixels spread about the whole screen. Here’s to give you an idea of how it appears most commonly:


^Of course, it isn’t composed of percentage marks like shown above. But if you’ve never seen Missingno, then know this- it looks like no other Pokemon ever created. It doesn’t even resemble anything... Well... Maybe... A data chip?... Didn’t I say earlier Missingno controls the biggest parts of the game? I am relating Missingno’s shape, believe it or not, to the Game Pak and the data chip within. I simply did notice that the Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow Game Paks are all L-shaped like Missingno, though. They were created L-shaped to fit in the original GameBoy, the Game Paks, but Missingno’s shape and the shape of the data chip inside of the Game Pak coincide slightly. Perhaps the data chip inside the Game Pak is shaped like Missingno? Very unlikely. Unlikely they’d do that... But it is a hypothesis, you see. Nonetheless, I am not too concerned about this coincidence. Still, Missingno’s origin is well known- Nintendo placed it into the game as a final debugger tester code to be used by the programs to make sure that the codes in the game are stable and sealed properly. They programmed Missingno in the game to be encountered the way it is because, hypothetically, to test the encounter codes as well. Perhaps they wanted to see if an odd hex mass like Missingno was sealed by the final sealant code correctly so that encountering a Pokemon won’t release an ugly flow of hex into an unstable interception with the stable realm of the game. I don’t know anything about the existence about “stabilizer codes” as I call them, but I’m pretty sure that if data were allowed to flow everywhere once it alters, the game would be a disaster. The programmers would have to put something in the game to prevent this, something to keep the data within it’s realm of trajectory. So, there’s stabilizer codes for you. But, you see, Nintendo made the mistake of taking Missingno out of the game- thus, the games were published with Missingno held tightly within it. Nintendo realized this fault in time and altered this glitch in Pokemon Yellow Version, which is why you can’t find Missingno by typical means there. But then, there is one thing... The Mew Glitch.
Other small things about Missingno is the fact that once you catch it, typically, it will appear on it’s status screen as a blank image- you usually can’t see anything at all. I have no theoretical hypothesis to explain this, however. Missingno often appears as number 000, though this possibly could alter depending on the type of Missingno caught. More likely than not, by a great portion, however, it will bear the numbers 000. Missingno, in case you’re wondering, has not been found to appear in the PokeDex. Missingno is rumored to incapacitate your game upon capture- this is not theoretically completely true. In fact, all games are ever so slightly different in the form which Missingno decides to take, however small the hex difference is. Whether precisely it is the Game Paks or Missingno’s radical alterings, or both, that cause this, I do not know, but more likely than not it is by Missingno’s doings. It doesn’t always appear in battle the exact same way as you have always seen it- some pixel may be changed, or some unseen form of hex hiding behind Missingno’s physical form could have happened without affecting the graphics. Now that I have covered all fo the simple material about Missingno, it’s time to move on to capturing Missingno. There are several different ways to encounter Missingno, but if you count all of the possible variables involved, there could be millions of ways to encounter it. So, for now, I will just stick with the simple stuff and give you what I know. Follow the steps beyond to encounter Missingno in the best known and easiest way in Pokemon Red and Blue Versions:

1. Chat with the old man in Vermilion City, and answer “No” in response to his question of whether you are hurried or not.
2. He will now show you how to capture Pokemon, a Weedle.
3. After displaying his utter stupid-luck of capturing the thing without injuring it, Fly to Fuscia City, and walk south.
4. Surf in the water until you see the barriers at the left side of the screen disappear, which at that point you want to head west. 5. You will end up at Seafoam Islands, but instead of hopping off your Pokemon, Surf up and down along the shoreline so that you appear to be Surfing half on land and half on water.

Eventually, you should either encounter a wild Trainer, a regular Pokemon, an Error Pokemon, or ++M++. Some people may not encounter a wild Trainer in the water, but rather encounter a typical Missingno. I have never encountered a lone Missingno, though, so you will see things through my eyes for a while now. When you encounter the wild Trainer, it may be Professor Oak, it may be a Rocket, it could be anyone. The first Pokemon that is sent out is a large block of static pixels, massively infesting the screen. It is mostly impossible to tell what this Pokemon is, however, since it displays no cry, it’s name shows up as a mass of messy hex, and has no stable image, though it may be possible to tell via the amount of experience you receive from defeating it by the level it is on. But there is another strange thing about this Pokemon- the instant it is sent out, strange music starts to play It’s very strange and void-like... But, if you listen carefully, you may begin to realize that it is actually the music that plays while you are battling your rival when he becomes champion... I have many hypotheses about why this occurs. Perhaps... The first Pokemon is the data necessary to start the music going during the battle against you rival as he is champ? Or maybe the Pokemon is your rival... Maybe, the first Pokemon is actually the first Pokemon your rival sends out into battle during the champion battle?... I cannot be sure about any of these hypotheses, but they do seem logical. If you defeat this Pokemon, the Trainer will then send out another Pokemon, usually a Nidorino. If you have a good memory, then you might suddenly realize that this particular Nidorino... Is backwards. Physically. Literally, it’s image looks like someone just put it up to a mirror and programmed it the way it looked from the mirror to your eyes. The strangest part, however, is the fact that it is on the brink of image instability. It is corrupted from the back-end, or if not that it’s hex confinement zoning has broken loose thanks to a weakened stabilizer code, or some other worm or parasite that unraveled or burned through the hex confinement zone somehow. 2.The six ways to get Mew...

1. First, find a Trainer, any Trainer at all, and battle him/her.

After defeating that Trainer, find a Pokemon of yours that has a Special stat of 21 or 277. Now, put it first in your party.

Go where ever you can find a Ditto and battle it. Let it transform into your Pokemon with the 21 Special stat. After it transforms, defeat it. It is safe to switch out to a different Pokemon now to beat it, if desired.

Fly to Lavender Town and walk off the west end of town. Mew should appear...

2. Walk past Nugget Bridge and left at the end of it. See that grassy bridge right there? Well, go in there, but DO NOT VERSUS THE TRAINER. Now, walk around in the grass until you find an Abra. Catch it when you see it, a simple PokeBall without dealing damage should do the trick. SAVE THE GAME. Now, if the Abra was sent to the PC, store 2 of your Pokemon and withdraw Abra. Why deposite 2 Pokemon? Because you need an extra space in your party to staore Mew. With Abra and 4 other Pokemon in your party, Save the game again, if you want. Head up Nugget Bridge, then swing to the right. You will see a Trainer facing the right, he's one of the first Trainers that will enter your screen. Well, you're going to have to battle him. After doing so, walk into Cerulean City again, then walk back out onto Nugget bridge and head a left where the Trainer in the grass is (I'll explain later why you need to do this). What you'll want to do now is position yourself to be directly above the Trainer, but have him still be one step-square below the screen's view. To give you a feeling of what I mean, position yourself on the left side on the grassy bridge, just down far enough so that you can see 4 grass squares in a square formation below you. Got that? Now SAVE. When you're ready, step down one square and press Start really fast. If done correctly, your manu should pop up, and the Trainer should be to the left of the menu. Now go to your Abra and tell it to Teleport to the Cerulean Pokemon Center. Once you arrive, your A, B, and Start button will not function.

Now, you can battle one of two Trainers now.

You can either battle the first Trainer in Misty's Gym (This way is easier) or you can battle the Trainer on the Route to the right of Nugget Bridge with the Slowpoke. Let's go with the Gym Trainer now, though.

When you walk into the Gym, walk in front of the swimming Trainer and defeat him. Now walk out side of the Gym. Save the game, buy PokeBalls, heal your Pokemon, whatever you need. When you're ready, walk up Nugget Bridge. While walking, your menu should suddenly pop up. Simply press B, and... MEW!

3. You can do the above obtainable, but instead of using Teleport, you can use Fly, if you have it.

4. Find a Trainer, any Trainer, and battle him/her. After the battle, fight a wild Pokemon that might have a spacial stat of 21 or 277. If that Pokemon does have a special stat of 21 or 277, then you should be able to find Mew by either going into the route where the Trainer was that you battled before the Pokemon battle or be able to walk off the west end of Lavender and be able to encounter Mew.

5. Through a GameShark.

6. Through encountering Error Pokemon on the east shore of Cinnabar Island or Seafoam Islands. To encounter Mew as an Error Pokemon, try starting the game with your name as "Xavier" (without the quotes), you may be able to find high level Mews, but I cannot promise this.

3. Steps to Getting to Glitch City
1. Go to the Safari Zone in Fuscia City and enter it for $500.
2. Once inside the Safari Zone, exit through the door you just came through, and say 'No' to the clerk's offer to leave the zone.
3. Once back in the zone again, save the game ans shut the GameBoy system off.
4. Turn the system back off and exit the Safari Zone. The clerk will, strangely, introduce you to the Safari Zone as you do; just don't take his offer to enter the Safari Zone and exit back to Fuscia City again.
5. Fly to Cinnabar Island and Surf half-land half-water along the shoreline of the island- in other words, surf along the shoreline as close as you can get without hopping onto land again- this creates the visual effect that you are surfing on half-land and half-water.
6. After surfing for a while (500 steps), you will suddenly get the message "PA: Ding-dong!" and you will be quoted that your time is up.
7. You will be teleported back to the Safari Zone building. Leave the building at once through the doorway in which you would use to return to Fuscia City- to find you are in Glitch City instead.

4. Alongside Seafoam Islands (where you would surf to find Missingno) Pokemon above level 100, called 'Error Pokemon', can sometimes appear. The Pokemon that appear depends on the letter placement of your character's name- Mewtwo, for example, will appear if the letter 'R' is in the 3rd, 5th, or 7th place of your character's name, i.e., 'Red'. Apparently, naming yourself 'Xavier' will earn you Error Mews, but this is not a proven fact. And in some cases, your name won't produce any Error Pokemon at all, so don't count on them being there whenever you need them.


mewrocks answered:
Added 1st Jul 2008, ID #265779

1)"M" is a glitch Pokemon that was used in the creation of the game. If you find him please, I beg of you, DO NOT CATCH IT. It will totally wreck your game. If you find it though and you run, you will have an infinite amount of the 6th item in your bag so I suggest you put a master ball or rare candy in the 6th slot. If you are stuck on doing that all you do is you press select on the item and press select on the item that you are switching with. Missingno looks freakishly like the lavender tower ghost when "m" looks like a backwards L made up of pixels.

2)You will find the Mew glitch just about everywhere on the cheat section so I suggest you look there

3)Glitch city is just a stupid glitch that I suggest you don't try if you like the game that you are currently on and want to keep the Pokemon that you have. What you will see is parts of everything and trees that you can cut but there is no point in cutting them because they just grow back. The reason for this is that glitch city is just the game flashing throug every town in the game and because if you cut a tree down then go to a different town the tree will grow back. Again you will find this on the cheat section.

4)Yes you can get Pokemon over lv 100. They are in the same area as Missingo and can be caught with little consequences (I say little but I'm not too sure)
I myself caught a lv 177 rapidash. If you put these supermon in a battle they will go back to lv 100 but if you do the rare candy cheat you can raise them up to lv 250

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze rate this long, boring answer

Thx :-D

Guest answered:
Added 26th Nov 2011, ID #459062

Misingno. Is a glitch Pokemon sometimes if it uses watergun (either one) it makes the wild (Pokemon name here) a bit glitched also known as m and apears in many forms purple ghost form l shape form yellow l form(only in Pokemon yellow) aerodactyl skeleton form and dabutotops skeleton form (or something like that?) it is possible to make lvl 100 or over if you're names mxmydvd (d on the end if you want mewtwo lvl 182?) maybye lower and go to cinnibar island across the east shore using surf and keep going till you ecounter a Pokemon looking like this li shorten top of l and then it's called m thats missingno. Causes glitches like making the Pokemon trainer face backwards it can be found lvl 80 but low stats for lvl 80 it has 1?? Attack about 27 defence the other I don't know and catch it if you want it messes with you're hall of fame.....


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