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Hints and tip for Pokemon Gold

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Have A Scyther or Scizor with

Bright Powder

1.cut/slash (HM 1/ LV 36)

2.agility (LV 24)

3.double team (Celadon game corner)

4.false swipe (LV 19)

(Should be at least level 30)

Have a Haunter or Gengar with

Quick Claw

1. spite


3.mean look

4.night shade

(all are learnt)

(Should be at least level 30)


Lead with Haunter/Gengar and use mean look.Then hypnosis, night shade and throw a pokeball, fastball or heavyball(they are the best).


Lead with Scyther/Scizor and use double team a few times. Then False Swipe the pokemon to 1 HP and use the pokeball, fastball or heavyball.

Explanations for pokemon selected and moves chosen.


Haunter/Gengar is hardly weak against any types except Dark and Psychic which are rare anyway.

1.SPITE is for pokemon with annoying moves like RECOVER and SAFEGUARD.It reduces the PowerPoints of the move.

2.HYPNOSIS puts them to sleep so they are easier to catch;useful against Rock/Ground types.

3.MEAN LOOK stops fleeing from battle unless the wild pokemon knows ROAR like the legendary beasts, so you might wanna use HYPNOSIS first.

4.NIGHT SHADE is a level move like SEISMIC TOSS so you always know how much damage is done/going to be done.


The speed and attack power of these guys makes them one of my top 3 choices(Tyranitar and Dragonite are the others)

1.CUT/SLASH is to make sure he can do a killing blow and to lower high-defense guys like Shuckle.

2.AGILITY is for when you get paralysed and can't heal like in the BUG-CATCHING CONTEST.

3.DOUBLE TEAM is for pokemon that can kill you in one hit like Ponyta or Rapidash.

4.FALSE SWIPE is one of the coolest moves ever. It adjusts attack so the foe always remains with 1 HP.

So if I took out SLASH/CUT, SCYTHER/SCIZOR would not be able to defeat any wild pokemon.

Always have two of the same pokemon, one for good moves and one for other purposes.

I caught 132 pokemon with these two alone all over Johto/Kanto including Mt. Silver.

I hpoe this stuff is useful.


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Added by: Datta
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