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Follow the dark path or use the light
Dragon Warrior Monsters Pack Shot

Dragon Warrior Monsters

Dragon Warrior Monsters Cheats for GameBoy

We have 3 cheats on GameBoy

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Mostly best cheats everAdded 17 Mar 2011, ID #5310
Name Monsters who have this skill
Ahhh Lipsy
Antidote Dracky,FloraMan,Pixy,Unicorn
Bang Akubar,ArcDemon,Balzak,Baramos,BoneSlave,
Barrier AmberWeed,KingSlime,MistyWing,WeedBug,WindMerge
BazooCall [ Upgraded skill of TatsuCall ]
BeastCut Florajay,GiantWorm,
Beat DeadNoble,Blizzardy,EvilPot,Gophecada,
BeDragon Crestpent,DracoLord1,DrakSlime
Berserker Almiraj,Gasgon,Spikerous,Trumpeter
BiAttack Jamirus,KingLeo,Orochi,Pizzaro
BigBang Deathmore1,Deathmore3,Divinegon,GoldGolem,
BigTrip [ Upgraded skill of LegSweep ]
BirdBlow ArcDemon,BoneSlave,Durran,MadGopher,Orc,Skeletor
BladeD Rosevine,SlimeBorg,Swordgon
Blaze 1EyeClown,BoxSlime,Demonite,FireWeed,GateGuard,Jamirus
BlazeAir [ Upgraded skill of FireAir ]
BlazeMore [ Upgraded skill of Blaze ]
BlazeMost [ Upgraded skill of Blaze ]
Blizzard [ Upgraded skill of IceBolt ]
Bolt Balzak,Darkdrium,MetalKing,Mirudraas1,WhiteKing
BoltSlash ArcDemon,BoneSlave,Coatol,EvilArmor,HornBeet,LandOwl
Boom [ Upgraded skill of Bang ]
Bounce [ Upgraded skill of MagicBack ]
Branching BullBird,Droll,MedusaEye
CallHelp ArmyAnt,ArmyCrab,ButterFly,FangSlime,GoHopper,Goopi,Snaily
Chance GoldSlime,Watabou,WhiteKing
ChargeUP Almiraj,BullBird,FangSlime,Gigantes,GoHopper,Golem,HammerMan
CleanCut EvilSeed,GateGuard,SpotKing,Swordgon
Cover Grendal,IronTurt,LavaMan,StoneMan
Curse ButterFly,DuckKite,FaceTree,HerbMan,KingCobra,Reaper
CurseOff FloraMan,DeadNite,TreeBoy,Windmerge
DanceShut HerbMan
DeChaos CoilBird,EvilWand,FireWeed,Shadow
Defeat [ Upgraded skill of Beat ]
Defence [ Upgraded skill of Sap ]
DeMagic DeathMore3,Esterk,Mirudraas2,Zoma
DevilCut HornBeet,Rayburn,Reaper,SabreMan
DiagoCall [ Upgraded skill of TatsuCall ]
Dodge BigRoost,DragonKid,GiantSlug,Goopi
DrakSlash Florajay,GiantWorm,LizardMan,MadKnight,SlimeNite
EerieLite Babble,Hork,MistyWing,Reaper
EvilSlash Armorpion,BattleRex,Coatol,Gigantes,HammerMan,LizardMan,MadDragon
Explodet [ Upgraded skill of Bang ]
FareWell BombCrag,Digster,Gasgon,WingTree
FireAir BattleRex,DarkDrium,DeathMore2,DracoLord2,Dragon,DragonKid
Firebal 1EyeClown,AgDevil,DracoLord1,EvilBeast,Eyeder,FloraMan,Goategon
Firebane [ Upgraded skill of FireBal ]
Firebolt [ Upgraded skill of FireBal ]
FireSlash Centasaur,Demonite,Dragon,EvilArmor,Grendal,Orochi,SkulRider
Focus Akubar,DeathMore3,HerbMan,Servant
FrigidAir Akubar,BigEye,Blizzardy,DarkDrium,Demonite,Divinegon,EvilBeast
GigaSlash Esterk,LizardMan,MadKnight
Guardian [ Upgraded skill of Cover ]
Heal BigEye,DeadNite,Eyeder,Gremlin,Healer,KingSlime,Mudron,RogueNite
Heal SlimeNite,TreeBoy,Unicorn,Wyvern
HealMore [ Upgraded skill of Heal ]
HealAll [ Upgraded skill of Heal ]
HealUs DeadNoble,Healer,Lionex,MadCondor
HealUsAll [ Upgraded skill of HealUs ]
HellBlast Baramos,DeathMore1,MetalKing,Pizzaro,Sidoh,ZapBird
HighJump CactiBall,MadRaven,RockSlime,SpikyBoy,WingSnake
Hustle FunkyBird,MudDoll,SuperTen
IceAir [ Upgraded skill of FrigidAir ]
IceBolt 1EyeClown,BigEye,GoatHorn,IceMan,Metaly,Mommonja,Servant,Snaily
IceSlash Blizzardy,GreatDrak,Skullgon,TailEater,Yeti
IceStorm [ Upgraded skill of FrigidAir ]
Imitate CopyCat,SpotSlime,SuperTen,Watabou
Increase [ Upgraded skill of Upper ]
Infernos Andreal,Facer,GoatHorn,Gulpple,LandOwl,Lionex,MadPecker,WhiteKing
Infermore [ Upgraded skill of Infernos ]
Infermost [ Upgraded skill of Infernos ]
Ironize DarkCrab,EvilBeast,EyeBall,MetalKing,Tortragon,WhipBird
Kamikaze ArmyAnt,HammerMan,RotRaven,Spikerous
K.O.Dance DanceVegi,KingCobra,Shadow,SuperTen
LegSweep Goopi,Grizzly,MadCat,SkulRider,Slabbit,StagBug,WildApe
LifeDance FunkyBird
LifeSong Facer,Florajay
Lightning NiteWhip,RotRaven,SlimeBorg,Tortragon,ZapBird
LureDance DanceVegi,MadDragon,MadGoose,Mommonja
LushLicks Anteater,FairyDrak,GiantSlug,Hork,Lipsy,Poisongon,Spooky
MagicBack EyeBall,Gophecada,IronTurt,MadMirror,Putrepup,Tortragon
MagicWall AmberWeed,DarkCrab,WeedBug
MapMagic BeanMan,EvilWand,Eyeder,MadMirror
Massacre DracoLord2,EvilPot,GulpBeast,MadDragon,MadKnight,MetalDrak,Ogre
Meditate BombCrag,Divinegon,DracoLord1,StoneMan
MegaMagic RainHawk,Slime
MetalCut Anteater,ArmyCrab,BattleRex,DarkEye,Ogre,RogueNite
MouthShut Mommonja,Spooky,SpotKing,Toadstool
MultiCut Balzak,SkyDragon,MadCondor
NapAttack ArmyAnt,Gulpple,Lipsy,SpotKing,Toadstool,Tognuella
NumbOff CoilBird,MadPlant,Snaily
OddDance CactiBall,CatFly,CopyCat,FaceTree,GiantWorm,MadGoose,MudDoll
PalsyAir Chamelgon,DarkEye,FireWeed,Saccer
PanicAll Chamelgon,DuckKite,JewelBag,MadGoose,Voodoll
PaniDance FunkyBird,Skullroo
Paralyze CactiBall,Chamelgon,EvilSeed,GiantMoth,MadHornet,Mummy,SabreMan
PoisonAir [ Upgraded skill of PoisonGas ]
PoisonGas Andreal,Catapila,Hork,Mudou,Poisongon,TailEater,WingSnake
PoisonHit Babble,Crestpent,KingCobra,MadHornet,Poisongon,Rayburn
PsycheUp DarkHorn,Golem,MadCandle,ManEater,Saccer
QuadHits [ Upgraded skill of BiAttack ]
Radiant DarkEye,EvilSeed,GiantMoth,MadSpirit,Slime,Spooky,TailEater
RainSlash Armorpion,Centasaur,Esterk,Ogre,Roboster,SlimeBorg,SkulRider
Ramming BoxSlime,BullBird,Deathmore2,GulpBeast,MiniDrak,PillowRat
Revive [ Upgraded skill of Vivify ]
RobDance [ Upgraded skill of OddDance ]
RobMagic BeanMan,Dracky,GoHopper,Oniono,SabreMan,WeedBug
RockThrow Baramos,HornBeet,MetalDrak,RockSlime,Spikerous
Sacrifice AgDevil,BombCrag,Facer,Gasgon,Metabble,SpikyBoy
SamsiCall [ Upgraded skill of TatsuCall ]
SandStorm BigRoost,MetalDrak,MiniDrak,Trumpeter
Sap MadPecker,MadPlant,MedusaEye,Orc,Picky,Putrepup,Skeletor
Scorching [ Upgraded skill of FireAir ]
Sheldodge Picky,StubBird
SickLick [ Upgraded skill of LushLicks ]
SideStep DanceVegi,LandOwl,MudDoll,Slabbit,PillowRat
Sleep Almiraj,DarkHorn,Dracky,DuckKite,EvilPot,Gulpple,StagBug,Stubsuck
SleepAll [ Upgraded skill of Sleep ]
SleepAir AgDevil,DragonKid,FairyDrak,Goategon,ManEater,MadSpirit,Oniono
Slow CatFly,Droll,FairyRat,Goategon,MadPlant,Putrepup
SlowAll [ Upgraded skill of Slow ]
Smashlime FairyRat,SpikyBoy
SnowStorm [ Upgraded skill of IceBolt ]
Speed CurseLamp,Florajay,Pixy
SpeedUp [ Upgraded skill of Speed ]
SquallHit Anteater,ChopClown,Grizzly,MadCat,Phoenix,Roboster,WingSlime
StepGuard DarkCrab,Droll,GiantWorm,Mimic,StubSuck,WingTree
StopSpell CatFly,Centasaur,Crestpent,DarkHorn,FaceTree,Gremlin,JewelBag
StormWind [ Upgraded skill of TailWind ]
StrongD Digster,Golem,IceMan,IronTurt,RainHawk,RockSlime
SuckAir DrakSlime,Gismo,Mirudraas2,SkyDragon
SuckAll CoilBird,Digster,Dragon,GreatDrak,StoneMan
Surge DracoLord2,GoldGolem,GoldSlime,RainHawk
Surround Andreal,Babble,ButterFly,FairyDrak,FairyRat,Picky,MedusaEye
TailWind Jamirus,MadHornet,MadRaven,Phoenix,Pteranod,WingSlime
TakeMagic [ Upgraded skill of RobMagic ]
TatsuCall Deathmore1,DeadNoble,GoldGolem,Hargon,WhipBird
ThickFog Catapila,GateGuard,MadSpirit,Shadow,WhipBird
Thordain [ Upgraded skill of Bolt ]
Transform CopyCat,MadMirror
TwinHits AmberWeed,ArmorPede,BeanMan,ChopClown,CurseLamp,Pixy,StubBird
TwinSlash ArmorPede,Grizzly,Skullgon,WildApe
UltraDown DeathMore2,Rosevine
Upper ArmorPede,ArmyCrab,BoxSlime,Catapila,CurseLamp,Healer,Saccer
VacuSlash BigRoost,ChopClown,Lionex,MadCat,MadPecker,Rayburn,WindBeast
Vacuum [ Upgraded skill of WindBeast ]
Vivify KingSlime,Mudron,Orc,Unicorn
WarCry EyeBall,FangSlime,GulpBeast,Trumpeter,Yeti
Whistle GiantSlug,MadCandle,Slabbit,Watabou
WhiteAir [ Upgraded skill of FrigidAir ]
WhiteFire [ Upgraded skill of FireAir ]
WindBeast Durran,GiantMoth,LizardFly,NiteWhip,Pteranod,WingSlime
YellHelp [ Upgraded skill of CallHelp ]
Zap [ Upgraded skill of Bolt ]
ZombieCut Armorpion,Gigantes,MadGopher,StubSuck,WingTree

Hint: Goldgolem:
Breed Iceman with Lavaman.

Hint: Gold Slime:
Breed a GoldGolem with a Kingslime or Metalking.

Hint: Metalking:
Breed a Kingslime with a Metaldrak or Metable with a Metable.

Hint: Whiteking:

Breed a Skelator with a Zapbird.

Breed a Deadnoble (pedigree) with a Whipbird.

Breed a Skeletor and a Blizzardy.

Pedigree with Parent 2
Skullgon with Spotking
Deadnoble with Kingslime
Boneslave with Great Drak
Skeletor with Whip bird, Zapbird, Metalking, or KingLeo

Hint: Ultimate monster:
Breed a monster with Thordian and another monster with Lightning.
You can choose Whiteking and Tortagon. The out coming monster will have these two skills.
Train it until it learns Hell Blast at level 34.
After that, breed the monster with a Great Drak which knows White Fire and White Air.
The out coming monster will have Hell Blast, White Fire, White Air, Thordian, Lightning and other skills it inherited.
For the last few steps, you will need to find someone with Explodet and breed them.
The out coming monster should learn Big Bang at level 36. You can now breed the monster until it change to the monster you like.
After so many breedings, your monster should be overpowered. Train your monsters by defeating Metable.
Make sure all monsters you breed are at full level to breed or or else they will not be strong. HealUsAll is also a good technique.

Hint: Best monster of any family:
To get the best monster of each family, breed a monster from a family you want the best monster to be in with a DracoLord.

Plant Family and DracoLord for RoseVine
Slime Family and DracoLord for KingSlime
Bird Family and DracoLord for ZapBird
Dragon Family and DracoLord =? GreatDrak
Material Family and DracoLord for Balzak
Demon Family and DracoLord for ArcDemon
Zombie Family and DracoLord =? Servant
Bug Family and DracoLord for Digster
Beast Family and DracoLord for DarkHorn

Hint: Breeding opportunities:

Catfly, the fighter in the resturante, after E class/before clearing the gate of anger.
Iceman, Teto, after E class/before clearing the gate of anger.
Lizardman, Mick, after E class/before D class.
Deadnite, Mick, after D class/before clearing the gate of anger.
Eyder, Teto, after C class/before A class.
Rayburn, May, after clearing the gate of anger/before the A class.
Fangslime, MedalMan, after clearing the gate of anger/before the S class.
Yeti, Teto, after A class/before clearing the gate of reflection.
Metaly, MedalMan, after S class/before clearing the starry night tournament.?
Skeletor, Milayou, after clearing the starry night tournament.

Hint: Special monsters with special skills:

Divinegon: HellBlast
RainHawk: MegaMagic
GoldSlime: BigBang
RoseVine: Surge
Hargon: BazooCall, HellBlast
Sidoh: HellBlast

Hint: Recommended skills:

HellBlast: level 34
BigBang: level 36
Surge: level 23
GigaSlash: level 33
BazooCall: level 35
HealUsAll: level 28
MegaMagic: level 38
MultiCut: level 28
UltraDown: level 21

Hint: Get Servant to join you:
Give him a Sirloin, then give him a Rib and he should join you.


ID #102

Easy Money (Dragon worrior 1):

Find a place that sells repellent for 12 gold.

They will pay you 19 gold if yousell it to them,or anyone else that buys items from you.

Buy as many repellents as yo can then sell them to someone.You can do that over and over

Go to the place that sells keys for 16 gold, then exit re-enter.

Sell them at a werpons shop for 26 gold, witch is larger profit then the repellent trick.

ID #97
After you win s tornament go to the medal man in the queens and he will trade with his metaly.

If you trade a slime you might get a metaly if you can't catch one in the gate at the bottom of the well. they are hard to get.

To get one use ironize use 2 sirloins and 1 rib

sent in by sean d. hey was^? timo?


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