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The health, magic power, and stamina you possess in Fae Farm are determined by how you decorate your home. This Fae Farm House Guide will help you upgrade your homestead to make your character more powerful.

During your time in Azoria you won't just be running around catching Critters and diving into Dungeons. You will also be decorating your house in order to increase your characters stats. This is done by entering 'Build' mode and heading to the 'Decor' section to bring up the 'Construction' section.

Fae Farm 'Construction' Menu

You will find that the items in the 'Construction' section are grouped into Cozy Furniture, Crafting, Decor, & Paths. You will notice that each piece of furniture in the 'Decor' section is tagged as a 'Comforting Cozy Item', an 'Inspiring Cozy Item', or a 'Relaxing Cozy Item'. These items work the following way:

  • Comforting Cozy Items

    These items will increase your health

  • Inspiring Cozy Items

    These items add to your MP pool

  • Relaxing Cozy Items

    These items build up your stamina

How to Upgrade Your Fae Farm House

You need to speak to a Carpenter NPC to upgrade your Fae Farm house. The two carpenters are listed below along with where you can find them. Either of the Carpenter NPCs can upgrade all four of your Houses so it doesn't matter which one you go to. You will find Aspen in Town Center and Lorimdal can be found in the Elven Village.

Below is a list of the upgrades in Fae Farm along with how much they each cost and how they will effect you home.


  • First Upgrade

    Cost: 2,000 Gold Florin, 25 Copper Ore, 25 Beech Log

    Effect: Upgrades first floor to 14x12

  • Second Upgrade

    Cost: 4,000 Gold Florin, 25 Iron Ore, 25 Oak Log

    Effect: Adds second floor with 8x8 space

  • Third Upgrade

    Cost: 6,000 Gold Florin, 3 Copper Ingot, 3 Beech Lumber

    Effect: Upgrades first floor to 16x2 and upgrades second floor to 10x10

  • Fourth Upgrade

    Cost: 8,000 Gold Florin, 3 Iron Ingot, 3 Oak Lumber

    Effect: Adds two 8x8 rooms to the left and right of the first floor

  • Fifth Upgrade (Final Upgrade)

    Cost: 10,000 Gold Florin, 15 Feyrite Ore, 15 Flutterwood Log

    Effect: Upgrades first-floor side rooms to 10x10 and upgrades second floor to 12x10

Hazy Haven

  • First Upgrade

    Cost: 4,000 Florin, 3 Copper Ingot, 3 Beech Lumber

Fae Acres

  • First Upgrade

    Cost: 6,000 Gold Florin, 25 Feyrite Ore, 25 Flutterwood Log

Frozen Farm

  • First Upgrade

    Cost: 8,000 Gold Florin, 25 Orichalcum Ore, 25 Ancient Log

Cozy Furniture

Coziness is a mechanic in Fae Farm that enables you to increase your characters Health, Stamina, or Mana by placing 'Cozy Furniture' in your home. The stat that is boosted depends on the piece of furniture. In addition, the cumulative total of your Cozy Furniture will provide a regeneration boost to those stats whenever you're on your homestead.

Listed below are the crafting costs for all of the Fae Farm Cozy Furniture.

Comforting (Increases Max Health)

  • Armchair

    Cost: 2 Oak Lumber, 3 Wool Fabric, 3 Cotton Fabric

  • Bathtub

    Cost: 5 Gold Ingot, 2 Frostwood Lumber

  • Chaise

    Cost: 3 Ancient Lumber, 3 Silk

  • Fireplace

    Cost: 5 Fireweed, 5 Flame Salts, 2 Polished Obsidian, 3 Gold Ingot

  • Floor Pillow

    Cost: 3 Cotton Fabric

  • Rustic Stool

    Cost: 6 Beech Log

  • Small Bench

    Cost: 2 Oak Lumber, 1 Copper Ingot

  • Stack of Pillows

    Cost: 6 Silk

  • Sofa

    Cost: 2 Ancient Lumber, 5 SIlk

  • Tall Clock

    Cost: 3 Flutterwood Lumber, 1 Feyrite Ingot, 1 Polished Rose Quartz

Relaxing (Increase Max Energy)

  • Carved Large Table

    Cost: 3 Gold Ingot, 5 Frostwood Lumber

  • Cute Bed

    Cost: 1 Copper Ingot, 5 Oak Lumber

  • Cute Chair

    Cost: 3 Beech Lumber, 2 Cotton Fabric

  • Desk

    Cost: 4 Frostwood Lumber, 2 Gold Ingot

  • Floor Lamp

    Cost: 2 Sporewood Lumber, 5 Silver Ingot

  • Round Table

    Cost: 4 Sporewood Lumber, 2 Silver Ingot

  • Round Woven Stool

    Cost: 10 Plant Fibers

  • Sideboard

    Cost: 4 Flutterwood Lumber, 1 Feyrite Ingot

  • Tall Cabinet

    Cost: 5 Ancient Lumber, 2 Orichalcum Ingot

  • Washbasin

    Cost: 3 Ancient Lumber, 3 Orichalcum Ingot, 1 Polished Garnet

Inspiring (Increases Max Mana)

  • Crystal Ball

    Cost: 2 Orichalcum Ingot, 2 Polished Ruby

  • Display Stand

    Cost: 2 Feyrite Ingot, 2 Polished Amethyst

  • Fae Harp

    Cost: 3 Silver Ingot, 3 Silk

  • Gramophone

    Cost: 3 Silver Ingot, 1 Polished Sapphire, 1 Polished Emerald

  • Grimoire

    Cost: 2 Polished Obsidian, 5 Gold Ingot

  • Large Bookshelf

    Cost: 4 Ancient Lumber, 2 Orichalcum Ingot

  • Painting Easel

    Cost: 1 Copper Ingot, 2 Beech Lumber

  • Small Bookshelf

    Cost: 3 Oak Lumber, 1 Copper Ingot

  • Stack of Books

    Cost: 5 Paper

  • Tall Vase

    Cost: 1 Gold Ingot, 2 Polished Diamond

The Market in Town Center

Listed below are the different shopkeepers in Town Center and where their market stalls are. Visit them to get the items you need for your homestead. From the top right, as you enter the market:

  • Willow:

    Treemendous Trees sells tree saplings and wallpaper.

  • Holly:

    Holly's Seed Shop sells vegetable seeds and fertiliser.

  • Aspen:

    Aspen's Cozy Construction Town carpenter sells upgrades for your home.

  • Emily:

    Emily's Eccentric Extra sells storage and wallpapers.

  • Charles:

    Charles Comfy Creations sells books, bookshelves and wallpaper.

  • Millie:

    Wonderful Wearables, sells clothes and hats.

  • Skye:

    Supplies and Sundrys, sells wallpaper, extra storage for your bag and small furniture items.

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